Nathan Genetzky

Quality, Passion, and Expertise in Software and Hardware Design, Development, and Architecture | | Brookings, SD | 605-592-6260

Hardware Design at Daktronics
05.2016 – PRESENT / Student Intern
– Developed C++ code for communication with I2C sensors from a Linux system.
– Developed a C++ library that simplifies usage of librrd, a C library for creating,
updating, and using RRDs (Round Robin Databases).
– Used Test Driven Development to implement library, used CxxTest Framework.

Classroom Technology Services at SDSU
08.2013 – 05.2016 / Student Technology Fellow
– Fixed issues with Windows computers related to networking or hardware.
– Installed smartboards, projectors, computers, audio systems and teaching stations.

EECS Department at SDSU
03.2013 – 05.2016 / Research Assistant
– First undergraduate authorized to use the Scanning Electron Microscope.
– Built and helped design a vacuum sputtering deposition system.
– Installed many complex systems: heater with feedback control, gas flow control,
vacuum gauges, rough pump, turbo pump, and magnetron sputtering sources.

Subcontractor for Earth Resources Observation Systems
06.2015 – 12.2015 / Software Developer Resident
– Wrote python code utilized in a production system used by scientists worldwide.
– Member of a small team using agile development methods.
– Researched upcoming technologies and techniques: Hadoop, Docker, map reduce,
Microservices, and distributed processing systems.

Low-level programming
Assembly, C, C++, Verilog HDL

Scripting Languages
MATLAB, Python, Unix Shell / Bash,
App Script, JavaScript, Awk/Sed,

Other Languages
Java, TI-Basic, AutoHotkey, Vimscript

Application Targets
Cloud, Mobile, Embedded, Desktop

Development Tools
Git, Vim, Eclipse, Visual Studios, QT


09.2014 – 02.2015 / Sputtering System Lab Technician

Operated Ion Beam Assisted Deposition System to produce Flyback transformers.
Repaired or installed components on the sputtering system.

Designed, developed and published Android mobile app for Rainbow Play
o Negotiated a $1,500 contract
o Won second place in SDSU’s App Competition (prize $1,250).
– Awarded highest GPA in Phi Chapter of ΣΦΔ, a Professional Engineering
Fraternity, for three consecutive years.
– Managed a team to develop a science application in C++ (Using QT framework).
o Created software development documents: Gantt Chart, Software
Requirement Specifications, Design Document, UML diagrams

Git knowledge leads to well
commented and organized workflow.
Vim experience makes repetitive
actions easy and allows fast
Designing systems with use of
architectural and design patterns
leads to modular and reusable code.
Communication and task
managements skills leads to good
collaboration with peers and mentors.
Quick to learn skills required for the
task at hand.

Hobby Electronics and Software Development
Hobby projects that span all application targets (Cloud, Mobile, Embedded, Desktop)
o Controlled micro controller’s output from custom built mobile
application, Google app script and python desktop application.
o Recorded micro controller analog readings into Google Sheets and
received notifications when certain events occurred.
– Continually learning in my free time.
o Work in embedded Linux environment on my four Raspberry Pi’s.
o Work with Internet of Things on my five Particle Micro controllers.
o Use electronic devices/components from a three cubic foot toolbox.

2017 – South Dakota State University
BS – Electrical Engineering
Minor – Software Engineering
– Special interest in project
management and micro-controllers.
– GPA as of Fall 2016 is 3.50.
– Graduate with honors distinction

My goal is to become a respected name in
my field, a technical lead in a company, and
an asset coveted by other companies.

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