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Whats Trafficking ????

trade of humans, most commonly for :

Sexual slavery
Forced labor
Forced marriage
Temple prostitutes
Commercial sexual exploitation

Indias Facts & Figures????

India ranks 4th in terms of human trafficking.

75% of the victims are girls and women.
Child as young as 4 are sold into prostitution.
There are 14 millions slaves in India today.
Average age of child sold is 12 years.
50000 girls get trapped every year.
Average cost of a child is 700 Rs.

Prevention , prosecution
Various WC(welfare Committee) and NGO are
working for rescuing the trafficked girls who were
forced into the flesh trade.

Protection ????

Rehabilitation in Sense.

Psychological Rehabilitation
Economical Rehabilitation.
Social Rehabilitation.
Civic Rehabilitation.
Hiv Counseling.

Whats Rehabilitation
A space for recovery, full community
integration, and improved quality of life for
victims through proper living, working,
learning, and social environments.

Rehabilitation Centre For

Trafficked Girls

To create a healing environment for
psychological and economical rehabilitation.

Objective :
1. To create spaces which would support in
self healing process.

2. To use the four senses for positive

psychological impact through architecture.

3. To provide various workshop units for skill


Scope :
1. Research on Architecture of the built ups
that would have psychological effect.
2. A prime focus on the landscaping.

3. Work on different textures of material and

use of it in specific areas.

Research Components:
Psychological effect of lights.

Psychological effects of color.

Psychological interpretation of different forms.
Psychological effect of nature sound.

Research Components:
Psychological effect of aroma.

Study on different visual and tactile properties

of material.

Social and civic Rehabilitation generally
involves different policies.
Taste is to be omitted while considering the
senses involved in design.
Basic common psychological traits are dealt
Complete healing cant be done through
architecture but healing supportive
environments is being provided.

Built ups :

Non Built ups :

Healing Gardens
Agricultural Land

Administrative block
Staff Quarters
Children Home
Adult Home
Workshop units
Community hall

Site Selection:
Macro Level Criteria
States that have higher number of Trafficking
are to be considered.
States that have absence of this kind of
facilities are to be also considered.
Micro Level Criteria:
Site to be selected in isolation from main city.
Site should be such that it is closely
associated with nature.

Economic Viability:
Who will fund the project for development ?
Various/ Single NGO
Government sponsored
Economic Independency:
Cultivation for own food
Products made in the workshops.
Lodging cost to be paid after certain period of

Thank You All