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Teacher Work Sample EDUC 429

Paige Railey

4. Assessment Plan
The teacher uses multiple assessment modes and approaches aligned with learning
goals to asses student learning before, during, and after instruction.
Design an assessment plan to monitor student progress toward learning objectives. Use
multiple assessment modes and approaches aligned with learning objectives to assess
student learning before, during, and after instruction for your showcase lesson. These
assessments should authentically measure student learning and may include
performance based tasks, paper and pencil tasks, or personal communication. Describe
why your assessments are appropriate for measuring learning.
Pre Assessment
As a pre assessment, students completed a lesson a week prior to this lesson where
students had to make design decisions based on an object. Much like the ear of corn
that students had to reference for this lesson, in the pre assessment the students had an
object to reference, too. Ms. Alley taught this lesson with my assistance. Students were
directed to make Mexican Art inspired Suns. Like the ears of corn, students had the
colors already picked out and the shapes already draw. Their task was to color their sun
however they wanted but only use the colors provided to them. In order to keep up with
and record this, I kept a check list indicating if each student was able to complete the
task or not. The table below explains the differences and similarities of what students
were doing in the pre assessment and the actual lesson.
Student 1
Student 2
Student 3
Student 4
Student 5
Student 6
Student 7
Student 8
Student 9
Student 10
Student 11
Student 12
Student 13
Student 14
Student 15
Student 16
Student 17
Student 18
Student 19
Student 20

Completed task (Y) or not (N)


Teacher Work Sample EDUC 429

Assessment Table: Kindergarten Art

Pre Assessment
-using crayons to apply
-given colors to use in
creating their design
-strict use of crayons (to
-other components already
avoid over loading on
decided for them
introduction of totally new

Paige Railey

Actual Lesson
-collage technique to apply
-use of other materials such
as glue sticks and their
ability to tear and fold paper

During Assessment
During the project, my observation and proximity served as the assessment taking place
during the lesson. I was sure to make notes of which students were on task and
following the directions while working on their project and which students were not on
task or following directions. Since the students are only in kindergarten, they wont
receive a grade for their projects outside of a satisfactory but I was still extremely aware
of their progress and assessing their abilities. Students who were not on task were
instructed to get back on task. If they chose to still remain off task, they were asked to
sit by themselves for a few minutes until they were ready to come back to the group and
finish their project. This is a technique that really enforces the importance of following
directions and staying on task. Students who did remain on task were encouraged and
praised for following directions. The objective of the lesson was for students to create an
ear of corn mimicking the actual harvest corn served at the First Thanskgiving. During
the project, students were sure to ask questions and reference the example of harvest
corn which proved that they were engaged and focused on doing their best. This was
also noted as a part of the assessment taking place during the project.
Post Assessment
As a post assessment, students turned in their finished ear of corn showing that they
were able to collage the kernels on properly. Students were assessed on their ability to
put the kernels in rows versus sporadically on the ear. Students were also assessed on if
they used the materials correctly; glue stick and pencil. If students had excess glue on
the finished project, this proved that they did not use the glue stick correctly.

Assessment Plan Table: Harvest Corn Showcase Lesson

Lesson Objectives
Format of Formative
Lesson 1 Objective:
Pre: ChecklistWhen given
During Assessment
including a check or
materials, students
X if students were

Have students follow
directions step by
step and only allow

Teacher Work Sample EDUC 429

should be able to
follow instructions to
create a harvest ear
of corn reflecting the
knowledge gained
from discussing the
corn picked by the
Native Americans.

Paige Railey

able to apply and

create a design
based on color on
their own
During: observation
of progress and
direction following
while working on
assigned project
Post: Observation
and assessment of
final project finished
and turned in

them to move
forward if they have
complete the prior
step correctly
Provide constant
feed back while
walking around
observing students
while working on the
Constant dialogue
with students about
what they are
working on and
relating it to the
original objective.