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FAERIE'S AIRE and DEATH WALTZ (from “A Tribute to Zdenko G. Fibich”) wosssna svsiebs Jobn Stump Arranged by Accident Based on a Cro.magnon skinning chant (aicviaten oe Vian with small fon Adagio cantabile with a rock tempo fee! x 9 i sic @y vite z Sioven mS mtg 5 ore TnL eae oe ‘ Fcrteum 7 ited © tes ro C«; ort # ~) en He ba BiPrys pf OS Mt Mi iit TEED ek Sere more dowmrnge bg: Teer pean YF ip bse 7 jongos tit ligne exprosves POW. aN. [el Git] dee” 1 7 exe for | reve] (PS 7 Vigny and aly" "Commute remove we ge PIB vrcecase eorhing es Pier belt: 2 Have race cry fF a) aoe ters PHERr CRURtS A wis mate out mute in redualy become artes bi ht 22 ries tt cea Ditigible % 2 TD fwd Greate atone E tly |_--Tane ap For f YO Wanye > (op Bee har) z= 12 Cn Temowe eat rom sap Sons ott [yh EFEPPEFPPEE ww 1d bieyele sect a di Cbeein turing lame signtly higher a SSS] Like a New Orleans concertina choir er 5 Tests are naginar) Td Tum peo fet mince bow real an sippaye ney oct J } shen in6 27 DFP yl alatstrdup and walt = ae ® = (Srey by hepa he" z TTS mecmmcthens ewalemeg, J g ppt batence your eheit on 2 ters tavonsion Gevovalty ta AVOID LUMPING Like a minuet Az © yeu thewos mp he = ge | 2 = Srey i 4 Nas, en a | rae LT SS SY ee ——— we OP asa” scyate GERMAN HA tha why don | TST ote eee Asaminuet << =a neve ono Mee ee SS Like a rong sone AUR Rumor Se =’ = Lemjornari || Sears is over othe tog || casted Viinyes Play elie faser aa the overs ven sd out Sen Plas rel cippy lke Cajun-style Gat hone on Like (or as) the Rolling Stones a Sp F nae pos With much passionfrui Shock therapy may be necessary t0 SEF —— LF, ® CODA ret Seon) See Finger with sight hand and bow wth et hand sir the pulps be hand camel? ye ete ee | NOW" | Before leaving rage, |plavrs mast depose |) |iheennroenate barrell semen eee (ores af 7 EMS Bow sideways P- foyer may mot 97 atone Once g fz a hecin coon D.S. al CODA ATUSHI OJISAMA and IGEN WALTZ (from “A Tribute to Yamasaki Atushi™) Wordsand suse vy Yamasaki Atusi Arange by see: Based on a Ceo: maguon atinningeknt Did: Demew ee AVOID LEMPING PGES contenags Lf pp et cae Like a Zudobanvvova 2 AN rynigoe mpd p, = © wane ao — Oa] mmm URED Le ee et jel lutalal se inde ton “95 syou cans oy SS f= & you call’ Atushi Asa Ojisama © There is m0 wena war tne = Likea Ojisama — A\y\4 Senn myromey me ANA Vise Mane ® Vjigen Fuita. Te rough te Like(or as) the Atushi Tjigen-style far aay trom bef Pla real ppylike e °° Beds “Foe it nando and

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