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Jacqueline Baird - Bought by a tycoon

Bought by a tycoon
Jacqueline Baird

Bought by a tycoon (31.5.2006)
Original title: Bought by the Greek Tycoon (2005)
Editorial: Harlequin Ibérica
Stamp / Collection: Bianca 1672
Gender: Contemporary
Starring: Luke Devetzi and Jemma Barnes

Why settle for one night if I could buy many more?
The Greek billionaire Devetzi Luke was willing to do anything to share another night of
passion with Jemma Barnes ...

It was then that he discovered Jemma's father was in serious financial trouble and
needed urgent help. Luke was willing to help ... but only if Jemma agreed to become his
Scan Mariquiña and runs Gido by Joany

Jacqueline Baird - Bought by a tycoon

Chapter 1
EMMA BARNES, made cartoons on a notebook without paying attention to the
conversation kept around. His father, company manager Vanity Flair, had insisted he
should attend this meeting as participation had inherited her aunt Mary had in this and
had gone on to become one of the main shareholders partners. The truth was that she
did not understand anything about market fluctuations or bag, and already it hard
enough to deal with the financial part of your florist Chelsea as Liz, her best friend and
partner, could confirm.
- Jemma - heard from his father, interrupting his reverie -. Are you okay?
Looking up, he noticed that a dozen people staring at her. Her amber eyes met brown
man who sat opposite her, Mr. Devetzi, Greek, his father had submitted earlier.
Apparently the older man he had met his aunt Mary on the island of Zante, where she
had a house. Jemma had spent the previous summer, but had no fond memories of that
vacation, inter alia, that his aunt had died shortly after.
The man smiled and she deduced that terrified expression indicated that he had no
idea what answer the question. With a nod and a wink, gave the answer.
- Yes, of course - accepted Jemma, and thus ended the meeting.
- Why did not you call me? - Asked Luke Devetzi in Greek his grandfather, who sat in
an armchair with a bandaged ankle and leaning on a stool -. You know it would come
soon. Also, what do you come to London? After the last fright gave your heart,
thought the doctor had recommended will not fly.
- I came for business - Theo Devetzi said tersely.
- But years ago that stopped being wholesale fish - reminded Luke.
- I do not mean that business. The truth is that I called six days ago, and a woman of
your office in New York told me you were gone a few days away and you could not
bother unless it were an emergency - the old man raised an eyebrow -. Since only called
you to tell you that I would stay at your flat in London a few days, I saw no reason to
Luke grimaced. He could not say anything; was true that he had left those instructions
to his secretary, and she felt very guilty about it.
His grandparents had given everything for him. For thirty-eight, Anna, his only
daughter got pregnant the yachtsman who was visiting the island. To protect his
daughter and grandson of censorship of the small community in which they lived,

moved to Athens, where nobody knew. When Anna died in childbirth, they started to
deal with Luke.
He never knew his biological father until he finished his university studies in business
administration. He refused to succeed his grandfather in the business of selling
wholesale fish and it had accepted a job on a cruise. In a fit of anger, Theo had
compared to his father, a Frenchman who called for a peerage and harbor life spent in
port seducing young girls.
Luke did not take a second to go in search of his father, even though he had never
bothered too the circumstances of his birth, and found him living in a mansion in
France with his wife and two children, both older than it. When Luke was identified, he
made a gesture of contempt and said goodbye to him, saying:
- I've been to dozens of women and even if I had been single when I met the Greek
small-town was your mother, never have I married her - and then, aided by his equally
derogatory children, threw Luke from home.
Luke continued with their plans and embarked on the cruise, where he befriended a
wealthy New York banker who hired him as an assistant for their operations Exchange.
When the ship arrived in New York, the man offered him a position Luke in his
company, since this was especially prominent in his work, and four years later he
started his own company: Devetzi International.
Luke looked at his grandfather with a mixture of frustration and affection.
- Nothing will do or want me never a problem, Theo. Just say what you want and
you'll have, you should know that.
Theo was getting old. At seventy-seven years old his face furrowed by a thousand
wrinkles, but his eyes still betrayed the determination that had pushed him to establish
his business years ago with his friend Milo. Luke owed his life to the man who actually
was his only family.
- Do not try to coax, Lycurgus.
Luke stiffened. He knew the old man was angry or had something in mind, for
otherwise there would have used his full name; his grandmother had wanted to call to
see his gray eyes that reminded a wolf hunter nificaba sig because this animal.
- What I want is to see you married with children; see the continuation of the family,
but given your apparent aversion to marriage and women you choose, we hardly left
me hope - showed him a magazine Luke -. Check out your last choice, the woman he
has spent the last few days probably - said the center pages -. Davinia Lovejoy is not
exactly the portrait of a mother and wife.
Theo was right; Luke had been dating Davinia recent weeks, but had no intention of
marrying her. Why should I? He did not like Theo poking their noses into your sex life
... And, as to marriage, Luke did not trust women long term. Experience told him that
married women were so eager to get into his bed and single, if not more, although he

When I asked him to sell the house he flatly refused. . Over the did not tell her was that while teaching the apartment had noticed that almost a year since I was sleeping with a woman and thought it was time to do something about it -. David Sutherland. on that beach I was conceived.. When we went to Athens I sold the village butcher. Furthermore. Since the death of your grandmother I have been researching how to get the house we had in Zante. Do you not know that your nose at nineteen was operated? That can tolerate.. but the latter . Rumour who gave it to her lover.I could not agree more . like your mother and your grandmother there courted. Luke could not suppress a very descriptive appellation in Greek. Most aftermarket companies that were risky business.. In a couple of weeks when decorating the apartment was finished. so I bought shares in the hope that me near Miss James so we can convince me to sell the house.Luke commented softly. and article detailing all aesthetic operations that had been submitted and spoke of the new man she had seen him lately. More I took I learned that his company had gone public in the alternative market to raise sufficient funding to bring the company to America. the only thing left one are the memories. Her sister ended up marrying the accounting of the company. I have no intention of marrying her. .. One of the photos showed her leaving a restaurant with him.I thought you had better taste. If that makes you feel better.How Come? Let me see . and breast augmentation.. and the happiest of my life happened there . . so would their relationship with Davinia.I did not realize . but the house had been in my family for generations.he said -. He sat on the couch next to Theo and smiled . an English botanical named Mary James. I met her years in Zante. The butcher died eight years ago. a fake ass! I had not heard anything like it in life. but before that he sold the house to a businessman from Athens. . Luke frowned. . you'll do me a favor . Luke's grandfather continued his heated speech in Greek: . I met Davinia because it is decorator and my secretary hired to redecorate my apartment in New York . It was a lovely woman and I talked about his work and homeopathic cosmetics company that had created with her sister. even though she was a beautiful and intelligent woman.said Theo -.. The only exception to that rule had still tormented him at night. .I'm glad! In that case.always had avoided getting involved with married.Luke jumped.Theo said with a slight smile . I want it back . Theo was right. which was almost a confession for a man who was defined as an expert in women.Theo sighed -. who promoted the expansion of the brand throughout Europe. taking the magazine from his grandfather. and an experienced lover. for some reason he had stayed with a strange sense of dissatisfaction.

.. but said he did not think that was possible. Milo is so eager as he regains the house of my family. It is a lovely woman who knows nothing of the family business.You got that right . .Do what I suggest: sell your shares as soon as possible.I will not do it..Last week I received a notice of a shareholders' meeting. . Then she has agreed to sell and want me to pay the house. When I heard that Mary James had died.Well.raised a hand -. right? . but I assure you Zante is not like when you were young. noting decoration bachelor apartment of his grandson. If the company was sinking those actions he would come face. . but also the house of Zante.said the old man with sparkling eyes -. Theo. for I am one of the biggest investors .Sure. I bought more shares . You never come. thought Luke. . forget it. I tell you that I bought cheap. . but that does not explain how you sprained ankle Milo and if I had not called to New York. but Milo beat me.. revealed that little attention had been devoted to his grandfather in recent years -. but since your grandmother died. there was not only inherited his actions. but declined to discuss further.Theo said. We talked and he told me that he had come to the meeting because he was the heir to his aunt. I want you to use all your charms with this woman and that soft. .You are wrong . but you .Theo said with a broad smile -. I tripped on the steps of the hall . Now it is full of tourists . but you go to dinner at my place tonight.Good . I need you to help me pay the rent. We met in Zante and always stayed at home with your grandma and me when his ship docked there. but . but how can you get the house .. . I feel a little lonely. I asked if I sell the house. I always thought he had a weakness for your mother..continued Theo -. And the house . It is a very nice house. .urged Luke.. I met the daughter of Sutherland on the board. . had spent only one night.Luke admitted.Very interesting..I was going to call as soon leave the hospital. I was on the board and then invited me to dinner Sutherland home tonight and birthday of his daughter weekend. but the truth was that bothered him not to have known that Theo intended to buy the home of Zante.Luke went to the liquor cabinet and a glass of whiskey and water poured -. I would not have heard anything.No. I'm glad that Milo was with you . Before you protest. Is it that you are not comfortable in the house that sent build? Never before have you had complained. I finally found a way to recover my family's house. Then when I go to her birthday party on .Do Not. but has its own. I try to go home. .Well. Also.Luke knew because he had gone there with his yacht the previous year and although the place was beautiful.

I'll explain how much it means to me that house and I want to leave it to my grandson.answered Luke . Now.Jem . And I suggest you do the same. . Luke went to the bathroom to take a shower thinking about the mess they had gotten and hoping at least that such Jan was presentable. His mother had died when she was only twelve years after a long . Luke laughed. I deal with this in person. if you do not mind. You have nothing to worry about.Luke said. although I do not think it was a great sacrifice for you. . considering how much you criticize me for womanizer. will be ready to access everything you ask him. Jan.You're incorrigible. .What's happened? Did you see her? Did you like? Would you she liked you . .I stood up and said -. I promise. Okay. . already knew.No need to get so far. It's your stepmother. I'm going to bed. . . How is it called? Theo was already dialing the Sutherland on the phone: . Tell me what happened! Luke slumped on the sofa and loosened his tie.That does not matter. I met her in New York for years.Tell me.. If I were forty years younger.. Jemma took off his gloves and left the basket that was filling with summer flowers to go to answer the phone.. You surprise me. Leanne. When I asked the band. .Sutherland introduced me to his daughter Jan. Tomorrow I will go to dinner with her and by Sunday I'll eat my hand .That the know? Are you sure? . Jemma listened to the instructions of his father's wife for several minutes without saying anything.Saturday. Luke returned after midnight. Grandpa. the matter is in the pot. Jan was delighted to see me and almost lunged at me when he saw me. or .Theo asked as he crossed the threshold.Believe me.Yes to all . I think.Liz shouted -. She was a model and went a few times.Jemma. something. .Theo smiled a mischievous smile -. tell Sutherland I'll go to dinner at your place and do their best to love this woman.Want to seduce . tired but with a smirk on his face. call you by phone ..but I did not have to have waited awake. because it is a lovely girl . and by a strange coincidence. looking at Theo with a raised eyebrow -. .

How bad are .I'm going. .Do you have any questions. You know that only the beautiful Janine stand in small doses. . but his father sold his house in the country with its stunning garden to buy an apartment in the city.No Thanks . Luckily. It is time that you go out to have some fun again. Hey. they never were like sisters. Then Jemma studying at a boarding school and although his father adopted Janine and gave him his name. Jan wants to catch. Janine.. Jemma? . It is time for you to go to lunch. Once Liz was gone. Patty will be here any moment.she said -. How many birthday? ¿Twenty-fourth year? . .Well. apparently Jan met an old boyfriend at dinner yesterday.Jemma said smiling. but Jemma. everything is clear .Patty Ray was an apprentice and an employee who. Are you sure you do not want us to close the store on Saturday afternoon and you come with me? . I'm serious.Jemma hung up and asked Liz -. although entitled florist. spent most of the time taking care of the deals. Aunt Mary gave full freedom to practice their hobby in your garden. She loved gardening.Liz scoffed. a single mother of a girl of sixteen. so can not indicate any reason your true age. To the great shame of Jemma.replied Liz -. which always fascinated Jemma. you go planteándotelo instead of staying petrified face any cute guy. Alan died two years ago and. as much as you want. but dared not confess or your best friend.Yes . celibacy is not good for health. but as distant friends. Jemma said to herself that she had already met your soul mate and I had lost. His father married six months with his secretary. . apparently he is still single and is extremely rich.she said when she could finally say something -.Does the dinner you were not a dummy head pain . I'm going to the party on Saturday ..Do not be a witch! But the truth is that you're absolutely right. . and Ray too . . or at least. I've already ordered the flowers you want and I'll be there Saturday early so that the house is decorated for the birthday of Jan . She was a professor of botany at Imperial College London. . Apart from being bored. but . it's time for you to go out with men. who had left school to be a model. It all started when Jemma's mother died and she began spending more time with his aunt Mary.illness.Liz sighed -. He'd made a huge mistake he had sworn not to repeat.I'm not surprised at all. she had not been strictly that celibacy in the past two years. .No. like your good wife.I wish you were a bit poor at times .

Fate did we became to find. He had given his birthday the day before. approaching him -. but it quickly recognized his face.she laughed. Please call me Theo. Jemma went downstairs watching pleased flower arrangement on the table. What surprised him was that Theo considered attractive at that very thin model almost six feet tall.he said. is his heart sink sad. had passed the stage of tears and could now face the world. Jan was leaning his head back asking for a kiss that was denied.and nodded for him to kiss.Luke greeted upon entering the house Sutherland.. Since the death of Alan had gone to very few parties.Jan gave him a radiant smile -. Nice to see you again . So he enrolled in a course Florist two years. . His life was wonderful.Oh. It was there he met Liz. but thanks to the support of Liz the last two years. She did not let him finish.the young researcher who worked with her aunt. He fell in love with him and he eventually became her friend and confidant.Mr Devetzi . right. blonde At that time. darling . I believe you know my grandfather . had the broad shoulders and black hair. as Alan died four years later in a plane crash. at eighteen. Theo .. of course I know . and it was he who encouraged the two friends to open his shop. She threw her shoulders back. .said. and looked around to find the birthday girl. By then the relationship with Alan had become a deep love.Happy birthday. and did not cost him kiss her lightly on the lips.and raised his hand to shake. The truth is that I can not deny that I loved that Luke came to dinner at his place . . Luke knew many women like her. Every time I thought about it. She had a look of fury and seemed to feel so out of place as Jemma. . Jan . He was nearly two meters. Alan Barnes. . I feel hurt himself in the ankle. . taking her hand and kissed the back -. he had no desire to do so.Sure. When he finished school.he looked at Luke -. sophisticated and aware of her charms. nothing too personal -. a Prada bag. but could not be excused to attend to it. Connaugh Square. fascinated further. They both liked gliding.The pleasure is mine . Their happiness was short. Jemma noticed the older man standing next to them and rested on a silver-headed cane. but had some artistic talent. and it was even better when twenty-two she married Alan in a fairy tale wedding. and Jemma always felt guilty about not being with him that day for staying finishing a job. and was a perfect match for the Jan. Jemma realized I had no academic brains to go to college.

. When he had left the restaurant to get some fresh air. . and went into the bathroom. Then he turned and left without another word.For me. a couple who crashed out of the bar with table and pitcher and glass of wine fell on her. Luke had dated lots of women. . He had not had a one-night as a teenager and his rule was out at least three times with a woman before bed her. As he watched... but never married. fully dressed. well-drawn face. She looked at him in horror.he said. especially one guest in particular. but this time he had broken all the rules .Jemma. said: . but only took the name: Jemma? What happened to Mimie? Sure it was the pseudonym he used when he deceived her husband. darling. she got out of bed. he saw her. The sexual encounter that took after that was the best of his life. his body still suffered from passion for it.Luke felt Theo tugging his jacket and at that moment recognized that female voice. sipping a glass of wine. . was putting an alliance finger.she replied -. And this has been a big mistake. honey. But despite being an unfaithful wife. leaving him naked. When was back. It was good. a juicy lips and pink and brown hair cascaded down her back. but it was lovely as fresh out of a box Rossetti. she had poisoned her dreams throughout the last year and. Luke got up from the bed. and with a married woman. and a certain part of his anatomy awoke to remember. picked up her clothes and her bag. Jan grabbed his arm and spoke to the woman. each and every muscle in his body tensed instantly. So furious with himself and with her. Luke heard the voice of Jan. She jumped up and ran to her rescue Luke. The first and only time I had ever seen was when he made a cruise on his yacht with several friends for some Greek islands. although despised by their lack of morality. had an even more fantastic than I remembered appearance. as he did every summer. S and turned slowly and saw . furious and disgusted with both.. It was the birthday of one of his companions and had fallen to eat on the island of Zante. but he angrily recalled what happened next. Before giving a proper greeting. married . ..You promised . sitting on the terrace of a waterfront bar. realizing what he meant. meet Luke. She was alone. but you better go. and had slept with quite a few of them. not wanting to understand the obvious. My guests return at any time and would rather you not see. the man so wonderful that you had spoken. It was not made up.. Without looking into his eyes. He had a fine.No . She had accepted his offer without hesitation to go to the yacht to clean stains tiny top and white shorts she wore. I knew this woman in the most intimate way possible.

Had fabulous legs accentuated by high heels sandals and nails painted pink feet. had had illicit sex and nothing more than that. and could not forget the image of her naked body under that dress. revealing the perfection of his neck. no. Jemma could not believe a mistake in your life. For the first time was jealous of her grandfather to have all the attention of the woman. Luke gasped. his eyes widened. Do Not! I was married! Jemma heard the name of Luke. his dark skin and that aura of arrogance and virility that was impossible to ignore. She hated herself and him for being unfaithful to his girlfriend. With a sinking stomach and a terrible effort. so elegant.... Lying . turned his attention to Theo. It was absolute perfection from head to toe. He was pale and looked down slowly while the heart was pounding as if he wanted to leave the chest. . that cost remind the passionate woman who had shared his bed. . He smiled at Jan and when looked politely at the man beside her. The thin fabric to fit the curves of her body and reached a couple of inches above her knees. But that was what she did. He had slept with him without knowing his name.almost without looking at him.Watching her at that moment he saw her so serene. muttered Jemma. he should not be far behind.. I had to call things by their name: sex. but he said nothing. She had her hair in an intricate bun. Luke stood out above the crowd. her beautiful smile .Nice to meet you . with his black tuxedo. and stood before her. She wore a simple but fantastic black dress and a square neckline under which her beautiful breasts guessed.

His eyes were the first thing he noticed him a year ago. .said. and David wants to talk business with Luke.but I think his grandson can handle.she murmured. it was clear that the man was not very good. We say hello to many people. When they moved away from the crowd. with gray eyes that contrasted sharply with her olive skin.Jan is very beautiful and has an amazing effect on men .Can you do me a favor. .Jemma Barnes . He was determined to get her attention. his unusual touch -. . stocky and black eyes. Jemma felt the seductive tone of his voice and froze. . Jemma was relieved. let me . and not entirely pleasant to ignore it that way.No problem. right? . He could not leave. but I would not let that promiscuous cat is away with it.Hello . It made him remember his rule: do not get involved with married women. He lowered somewhat dazed look. He turned to Theo to apologize and saw him staring at Jan with amazed expression.look again and divided. but still shaky.said. He made an indescribable sound and started coughing violently. for the first time on the yacht. when they met. Hey .. Luke and Theo did not look. reassuring . She returned to him reluctantly. The unpleasant coincidence meet you there at the time turned his stomach and wanted to leave. could not avoid a wave of sexual excitement he had not felt since his encounter with Jemma. Jan interrupted the scene. Jemma. but her gray eyes flashed a seductive glow and she quickly removed her hand. which was not surprised. and caring grandfather of Luke? He had an accident a few days ago and can not walk very well .Chapter 2 FOR LUKE Devetzi was a completely new experience.As we have not been formally introduced.. .. I'll be happy. Jemma thanked interruption Jan: . Your worst nightmare had come true. despite continuing with Jan on his arm. . but when he felt the softness of her skin. or Mimie. while Luke was tall and lanky. . and saw the wedding ring in his hand. Grandpa was short. Jemma. and offered his hand..Yup. And also make a nice couple.Provocative voice murmured. Looked like challenging her. and one of the reasons why he acted so strangely given its character. She looked at him with cold eyes. Nevertheless. But that siren had not told him she was until after you've taken to bed. My name is Luke Devetzi.

joked. .. Did you know him before? . For a second. Luke had put a hand on his back and Jan walked together through the crowd.Much better . But Jan yes . I hardly know . sitting in a chair while muttering something that sounded like Greek oath.The truth is that it does not say anything . But can you tell me who the woman he is my grandson . . It was a lucky man.I think I need that cup . but seeing Jemma offer you a glass of brandy. seriously. Apparently there had been a capital. or good. .Asked concerned to note that stumbled. He looked around trying to find her husband among all those men. .he replied. Meanwhile.Jemma lied through gritted teeth. . he said.Jemma starting to worry about the man.Wait and I will bring a brandy. He smiled when Jan appreciated the birthday wishes of his friends as they headed toward their parents at the other end of the room. pointing to the couple with the handle of his cane. . smiling -.Theo started coughing again -. The sexual chemistry.Theo said. .He asked. .It's my sister. his eyes instantly met. But I had to focus on Jan and helping his grandfather. but tonight I needed something that would calm the nerves. Luke could act as the perfect couple but his thoughts were centered on the lovely Jemma. It seems to have caught a cold. I'm fine .No .No. Luke said. but he will not say no to money. Your sister Jan Luke seems to know either.Theo soothed after taking a sip of brandy -.Your sister? I did not know you had a sister. No I'm good with numbers and I know nothing about finance. sitting beside him with a glass of champagne in hand.Sure. Luke thought he saw the look of panic on his grandfather. not so much. which I think will do better than champagne . Sit for a moment and let go for a glass of champagne .Of course . . . So can you tell me about your accident and how I agreed to the meeting on Friday .Are you sure you're okay? . Theo. One husband was an object of pity than envy. Do not want anyone to know what had been between one man and she -. wild passion that between Jemma and he could not have been misinterpreted. .Jemma asked to give the cup.he insisted. . Normally not drink.he said.she replied as he drove the man into a corner of the elegant lounge -. Are you okay? . and changed the subject to explain what had voted at the meeting. the man's face turned smiling. Jan .It is not right. He glanced around the room and saw him sitting in a chair.she suggested taking his arm -.she said -.she laughed.

experienced in the art of seduction. When the old man was looking at him. Call me sentimental. I have lived long enough to understand that you do not get everything you want in this life.again lie -. but Theo would not tell the whole story.This is easily solved .It seems .but I think my grandfather needs me . You can sell your aunt's house in Zante.Luke suddenly said . but the truth is that I would recover and am willing to pay above the market price. He had kept their relationship to a level of flirting. it's all good legally bound. and had been content not to mention the issue of inheritance. nice .the man squinted thoughtfully -. his grandfather laid on him a torrent Greek declaring the dumbest of Christianity. .and with an apologetic smile Jan and his parents. What was he doing grabbed the blond broom stick? He was dating the wrong daughter.. My aunt left me in usufruct. but with what he had done away with all possibilities for Theo to get home. that's your decision . At that moment he remembered his grandfather and looked to where he was sitting still next to the infidel Jemma Barnes. In addition. it had hinted at dinner on Wednesday when he realized it was the owner of Devetzi International." thought Jemma. he left them to get together with Theo.Sorry . . for me and for my children. beckoned with his cane calling him to come closer. At the other end of the room. As he approached. What happened? .I find it normal to want to recover it. or I would recommend to investors to fund its expansion plans. and my children's children .said Theo.I see . and raised his hands in surrender -. I understand. David wanted invested in Vanity Flair. but said nothing. Luke had no intention of doing neither one nor the other. it can be done.Maybe someday . she thought sadly. and sell it if I could.Of course. tell me honestly what you think of Luke. And have you thought of breaking those bonds? Legally. leaving his glass on a side table -.. but it really was thinking about the report that had happened to his office in London that morning about David Sutherland: a troubled man trying to hide them. he owed his aunt trying to meet your wishes. .Theo said. And Jan has a very high concept him. . "It is a sexual predator.. That house belonged to my family until I had to sell. Was he mad? It was with Jemma who should be dating. but had to be discreet yet. which takes advantage of the weaknesses of women. . but I can not do .when was so old he could not have children. Luke Sutherland knew what he wanted from him. Now. . Luke seemed to focus all their attention on Sutherland.. Jan had invited to dinner a couple of times that week.Jemma saw the face of astonishment and Theo explained better -. but go no further..

but little had suffered a mild dyslexia and was accustomed to the laughter of others. he felt compassion for Theo. I understand perfectly. At that moment he thought he had to have been mad to let Theo poking into this mess.implying that Luke was calling him a liar -. but was within reach . For beautiful it was. I know exactly what Theo needs . And it would not be easy. and you should not let badly on his grandfather . . Theo told him the name of Jan. And yes. and fast. did not care when her husband had died.Amazed by so much information. sir Devetzi.Theo speaks English very well . except for the fact that he was dating her sister. looking at his grandfather. so he prepared to defend himself.and looked alliance -. his amber eyes gray hitting him -. their English is not very good . I deeply feel the loss of your husband. Now he had to leave a relationship with Jan who had never wanted to start. looking at the old man and smiling -. Apparently. I have a partner and is called Liz. . No offense intended. Also.. Well. nor Theo. Rising. feeling indeed the dumbest.he looked at his grandfather and was smiling. though not said anything like that to Theo when we met . you've caused very good impression. The Greeks are very passionate when talking and everything else .. I was enjoying this! But Luke was determined not to look like the bad guy to the woman who slept with the first plundering. but his grandfather is well and shouting will not help. Is your husband here? I would like to know .he added. .I was not crying . staring at her with those eyes of steel.she said.Excuse me. After feeling he was replaced by a sudden anger and replied to his grandfather how the hell was I to know he had two daughters. . I said you had a business but failed you had a partner . Jemma could not avoid being tiñeran red cheeks before him such a direct question.said. almost insultingly. . as unsubtle reminder of the moments they had shared -. but he wanted to come to the party to see you again. my best friend. Jemma Luke said -.I insisted to stay home.said. Needed damage control. cut long speech in Greek calm voice. who had just realized that the woman was married -. Jemma saw clearly that the two men were arguing and although he did not like the idea of dealing with Luke. He has not stopped talking about you since the shareholders.Sorry. In addition. Luke did not know what to say.said.Luke said as he recovered from the surprise -. The beautiful Jemma was free again. catching his eyes a gleam of sadness that made him feel like an idiot -. And regarding my husband died long ago. Luke looked at Jemma and then Theo. Jemma .he added. He began to tell Theo in no uncertain terms. . Are you satisfied? For the second time in a few minutes. Jemma was giving a lesson! A Luke left him amazed how dare this woman give lessons.

But Jemma's right.No. without looking at him in disbelief. . do more than talk to her. I wanted to talk to Jemma. just at the time that Jan appeared beside them.he said softly. .My grandfather is not very good. .I will not let him go alone . but let me assure you that eventually you'll feel better . Luke was not feeling too well. He opened his mouth to say something that will not compromise too much. had been overtaken by events.told Theo. Luke has not been able to talk to David.. Theo. D espídeme your father. Also. . The brash Jan never failed to surprise her. Jemma.. and that night. and while Jan monopolized the attention of Luke. but we have to go . the sooner she left there. Can you do us a favor and accompany Mr.after devoting a sweet smile.Protested Jan -. Luke.Oh really? . Jemma? You know I do not like parties. I'm not feeling very well and maybe I should not have been . is everything all right? Jemma looked at the two men and had the impression that they had just exchanged a silent message. Are not you can stay even your grandfather go? We can call a taxi to take you home. Now we have to leave . surely we turn to see. .But it is not necessary for you to leave you . I feel a little weak.he replied. but Theo interrupted." she thought.she replied curtly.. . But now was not the time or place. I was too shocked: Luke Devetzi had so angry that he had publicly admitted the death of Alan. He always liked to control the situation. and he will be well with you. Jemma felt her sister had made a mistake with him. "Not if I see you first. I would not feel comfortable committing his sister that way.Sorry. I know exactly how you feel . You'll love later. . hardening the tone and Jan's hand away from his chest..stood with much more agility Jemma had imagined it. I feel that we have to leave so soon. Devetzi home.and turned to Jemma -. honey. but it is necessary . Jan placed him possessively Luke's hand on his chest. which rarely had the strength to do.Thank you .Take care. I also lost my wife.Luke. ladies. thank you. or . looked at his grandson -. Jan.and took the arm of her grandson -. she turned to her grandfather. Miss Sutherland. Moreover. . the better. .Sorry for my nephew for being so abrupt. .. and she thanked her speech -. Jemma was about to laugh.Luke said -. so I'll take him home. .

Tomorrow can not . Luke missed the spark of joy that always shone in his eyes and the expression on his face was resignation. He had already lied to Theo once.Thanks .she replied was as far as he could get warning Jan -. a designer from New York. . I guess it will do the same with women. thank you.Luke said -. I hope you know what you get. Luke got up from his jump.said Jan -. she did not and I did. There was a touch of hysteria in his laughter. . It is known for the number of women he has slept and for his prowess as a lover. . preferring not to do -.Maybe . glad to have a real excuse. he was in the house he had bought with Alan in Bayswater. and he must be thinking the same.Maybe. .But these conditions can break . Jemma was relieved when he saw them leave the room. The man had said nothing all the way back home.. I still have not managed to get into anything and I'm frustrated. In his apartment. That however much I try.Jan said sarcastically when he returned after accompanying the men at the door -. but I have realized that it is impossible .Then. You could have accompanied the old man to his house so that Luke and I spend more time together.said. and although I live long enough . You can still keep fighting for the house. I would like to thank you for your kindness taking you to lunch tomorrow before returning to Greece. but Jan did not notice. Two hours later. but it seems to me the kind of man who does what he wants at all times. Jemma was not married when she was with him! . and I do not see very true . but it may be years before we get our purpose. Have you ever stopped to look at Jemma? Can you believe that a woman like her follow widow long? He is young and her husband died two years ago. are you telling me that you do not care? .. . Luke watched his grandfather unfinished understand the situation. . Sitting on the couch in front of him. and the sooner the Devetzi leave your life better.I will. Alan died two years ago. but still keep in touch and I will see them every month .That's the problem .told the terms of the will. and although I am upset because I can not get the house of Zante. after everything you've done to try to recover the house of Zante. Luke You know better than me. . The magazines say is dating Davinia Lovejoy. but he's here now. You have been very kind to me.she said.Of course I care. and only when they arrived stated that the house was not for sale and would not think about it again. Jemma could not stand it and laughed.. As much as he liked the old man wanted nothing to do with his grandson. I've been to eat with my inlaws in Eastbourne.

Luke saw the gesture defeated his grandfather to leave the room. and that his grandfather would suffice to realize their desires. . but the thing was not funny: his grandfather was out of the house he wanted and he was lying and then insulted the sexiest woman he had known. because. I had to think of something. he got up and went to bed. And if the plan A failed. apart from having thrown his yacht last year. He sat down on the sofa and frowning. which he doubted. and was not willing to commit any more. and he always got what he wanted. had never met a woman who did not like the money.he said... would be the grandson Theo who inherit the house. he was officially dating his sister. Milo and I return to Greece tomorrow morning.Two years? Are you sure? . the softness of her nipples and burning passion that had consumed. He reminded the lovely Jemma. and his body stiffened as she remembered her naked body . which was that Jemma would not do him any attention.. It was so wrong with her that she almost laughed. but maybe it was time to decide. If Jemma married and had a child with her. Luke wanted to have Jemma in his bed. look for a plan B. he reviewed what that day and the information he had collected it happened. His gray eyes shone with excitement at the challenge it presented itself. so sweet and so cold Theo him. the softness of her skin. and rose with the help of his cane -. No solution and go to bed . but the old man was right: it was impossible to get the house. I stood up. He was thirty-seven and had passed the age when most people are home.Yes. I told him just before we left. apart from her grandmother.Whether it had made too many mistakes with it. she agreed. Good night. Also. He had taken a decision and knew how to make his idea came to fruition. He did not like to admit it. Maybe if Jemma offered a lot of money for breaking the terms of the will. . There was only one flaw in the plan B.

realized that option was not feasible. despite how far it was. He had helped his father. maliciously -. just behind her -. Or perhaps I should call Mimie? With wide eyes.I do not want you to call me anything. Her amber eyes met Luke grays and wondered again how he could think they were the same blue as Alan. I had to keep calm. Much taller than her. looking at her with a male air and decidedly menacing. stood straight and lifted her chin. The slacks him were equally well. he was furious. That was so out of character that almost seemed like a hallucination. . and was then slowly .I do not know how you find out where I live. He wished he had never met Luke Devetzi. I have nothing to say and what I want is for you to leave. but I will not leave until you have answered me some questions .Luke Devetzi stood in the doorway. The June sun illuminated everything and she was glad she had gone to East . He had gone very well. . tried to think clearly. Sid. took a bag full of vegetables passenger seat and went to the door. Jemma. We need to talk. refusing to feel threatened at home. The kindness of her in-laws had managed to relegate the wrong time of the night before the back of his mind. He stared at his face. making a tremendous effort. She shivered slightly. What's wrong with two friends from being unexpectedly and have an informal chat? . . says a lot. screamed. Ignoring the sport black parked on the street. The aggressiveness with which reacted seeing him.raised an eyebrow. In the afternoon they had gone for a walk along the beach and then visited the grave of Alan. . Jemma . told him to Luke that she was not as immune to his presence and wanted to see. Get out of my house immediately! . and sorry to bother you.Chapter 3 JEMMA parked his car outside his home.He said cynically. Jemma. the result of depression and wine. and pushed the memory of his mind. Jemma.Jan told me. Luke Devetzi was for her a terrible mistake. He put the bag down and when he turned to close. Jemma took from his bag house key and opened the door. where it should be. He wore a light brown leather jacket that perfectly fit his broad shoulders and a slightly open white shirt that contrasted with her tanned skin and black curly hair that grew on his chest. but it's funny that you present in my house by surprise. and what he wanted most at that time was to cast your home. in fact. in his garden until Mavis called them to eat. surprised by his presence in the house.he said softly.bourne.What temperament! Wow. he was the boyfriend of his sister and had nothing to do with it. you surprise me.Can I come in? . but just see his gesture of determination.

he said. tall and beautiful. Looking up.follow me into the kitchen and tell me what I have to say while I keep it .Maybe I had been too good to me .Then I'll give you a soda . I want you to explain why you said you were married when we met on the island a year ago . And I want you . I did not want Luke was in his room. . and the kitchen does not seem so big. Jemma Barnes had good reason to be frightened: had lied about her name and marital status. stooping to pick up the bag of vegetables .he said. for example. determined to be reasonable even though their most basic instincts told her to take her in his arms and kiss her senseless -. She had taken it very well. bright eyes and the smell of his cologne brought back memories of other times. What I want is to talk about the possibility of breaking the bonds of the will of your aunt. but the kitchen was enough impersonal.rejected Luke. She was the first to look away. encontrándoselo front. especially when he offered to invest in your modeling agency. . Jemma . joking. a stateroom yacht.. . that my grandfather could buy the house. . I had to stop thinking about that. Jemma said as the two were staring silently. when did had developed this fixation with feet ?. Also.down her body. he had always set first in the breasts and legs of women . To rely Jan. .In this case . He had been eating with Jan that day to let you know tactfully that he considered a friend and nothing more... and the conversation they had after he had discovered the love of Jemma by plants and had spent two years living as a nun. he said: . But no. but she left the bag on the counter next to the window..I do not want a soda. Her hair was tied back with yellow ribbon falling on his back and wearing a pretty knit sweater that clung to her breasts. other places . trying to control the tension of his body and his overactive libido . or the rest of your house. but not necessarily in that order. That meant or Jemma was a great liar. The top showed off some of her belly before meeting with white pants that fit his thin hips and legs. he thought he saw something he identified as fear in his eyes when he looked. Since then..said sarcastically and raising an eyebrow. The kitchen was spacious and was headed for a table in the center. A Jemma was not impressed his wordplay and while I was doing. and turned to go to the fridge. or a great actress or both.. He was too close. On her feet were flat sandals to match her pink painted nails yet.and started down the hallway.stopped and smiled -. At their presence felt after she bristled the hair on the neck.said. and revealed that not wearing a bra to mark the nipples whose memory haunted him for the nights.I have to put this in the fridge . he asked.he said. next to the stairs to the bottom of the house.

because you're dating my sister. And not to break the will of my aunt. Jemma . Listening to call Luke Mimie. . pinning her against her lips.Then ask you to marry me. . as you call it. is misplaced. he kissed her more gently. I do not owe you a minute. She could feel his body tense and hardness of your erection.. Red and trembling. A sweet warmth nestled in her pelvis and.Luke said. I wish madly . Then he put his hands on the counter. Or Mimie. she had no escape. In fact.Luke kept smiling as he removed lettuce she had in her hands and left on the counter behind them. Hearing the name of mouth Luke seemed the worst betrayals. . but he quickly grabbed from behind and put his hand on his neck. but could not help crying: . grabbed the back of a chair to steady himself.Never mind that. He tried his head. picked her up and kissed her with a more dominant than the fruit of desire passion. Then by surprise when his tongue got her way through her lips. Jemma felt in her body tingle of response snatched breath. . unable to control his traitorous body was carried away.God. And I do not owe you any explanation. trapping his arms and body.. and I want to be with you again. I could not forget the last time I had in my arms. . or to support per palm on his chest he realized he'd made a big mistake. when his Aunt Mary introduced her as "Jemima" he declared that the name was too long and had called Mimie until the day of his death.he whispered against her lips while he ran a hand over her breasts. Luke's face smile faded and his gray eyes turned to ice.Is that the opinion you have of me? Then I have nothing to lose. . I guess .cried Jemma. Caught between her arms and her body. she said. but if you're worried about me to tell Jan what our brief and unfortunate encounter. going directly to plan B. Feeling that she surrendered.You guess right. and lifted his head to look into his eyes -.. Jemma out of her reverie and realized how embarrassing for his behavior. but was tempted. Stay calm.He took her in his arms tightly. I would not marry a womanizing pig like you if you were the last man on the face of the earth .He cried. I admit have touched you. the complete seduction of the senses .Do not you dare call me that! . almost funny. right? . This was what he had been trying to remove from his mind a whole year . stopping on the hard nipples -. Say yes. you can stay quiet. what had frightened .said. appealing to their erotic expertise to caress and lick with his tongue to make her feel her heart to explode. Before tongue cut me... and shook until he got rid of his arms and ran to hide behind a round table in the middle of the kitchen. The house is not for sale. Only Alan called her Mimie. He raised his hand to push him away..

and Jemma dropped the back of the chair and squared his shoulders. Luke's contempt for their feelings.Jemma did not know where he was going. I should not have jumped on it so abruptly. something very unlike him. determined to discover why he did not want to call her Mimie said. Ten . like almost everyone believes're one step of holiness and have lived as a nun since your husband died. . . . I've never forced anyone to lie down with me and do not pretend you do.With "no" would have sufficed. I do not drink. he said -. Without waiting for an answer. Now! . so you can drop that chair. and was careful not to get your fingers brushed by passing the glass. his love.said. She missed her husband all the time. . .My father? Jan? . .Swallow I have offered? .Luke turned and leaned on the counter. like you. swore. his conversation and the feeling of absolute love and security that Alan had brought him. But that idiot who probably had not loved anyone in his life.said. shaking his head. His pain was not feigned. Follow me and I will serve this drink.Thanks . He left the kitchen without checking whether the continued and entered the room. I accept the drink that you offered me before.Jan. and had lost control. He opened an antique cabinet and she took a glass of fine glass filled with whiskey. as you pointed out before . Are you crazy? I want you out of my house. That harsh comment Jemma deeply wounded.he said. tell me what is so urgent that you had to tell me to . . lacked his kindness. but she had angered the call womanizer.I'm afraid I have only whiskey . Jemma . but maybe that spoil your reputation widow perfect. but had the uncomfortable feeling that this was a threat .he.Is that a way to treat guests? .She repeated in disbelief tone -.It is of Irish stout. and I think is very good. But this was not the best -. was to sit on a couch by the great Victorian fireplace presiding over the room -. I'd be happy to tell everyone you slept with me last year.answered him and raised an eyebrow in a way that only served to remind her that she had to get rid of it asap.Luke stepped forward -. And the truth is that I would not let me cut his tongue than admit have touched you. he had the nerve to mock his loss. digging her gray eyes on his face.and turned to see that Luke was behind her. In fact. looking concerned about him -. but Alan knew enough of whiskey . transformed his pain into anger. Now. What would your father think if he knew that his daughter was well behaved grandson of one of its largest shareholders? Then there is Jan.he said. It was his favorite. Seeing how hard she grabbed the chair and her frightened eyes.Do you really do that? Would you do damage to Jan that? The truth is that not surprise me .

Was a passionate lover? . and in another. without really knowing why.she said. He frowned and took a sip of the drink. Luke had realized that this was the sanctuary of the late Alan Barnes . The image of a nearly naked Jemma with that tiny bikini Luke's feelings soured further. She nodded her head. and then my boyfriend when I left school. so your opinion is irrelevant.Do not met. . was true that it was good. but drinking whiskey and desire another man's wife dead he left a bitter taste in the mouth.Do you want a summary of my life story? . The tender but triumphant boyfriend's face said it all. yes .and watched him walk down the hall. thank you . Jemma beside her husband. You can sit. Serena beautiful on the outside.Luke asked. and she looked at her husband with a smile of worship. He encouraged me to become a florist and helped me start my business with Liz. There was a group photo of the wedding. Jemma started talking at full speed. sexy and passionate woman at home . .She asked coldly. He was kind. with curly hair and blue eyes. he knew he kept a burning passion inside. but also a bit stupid to risk getting killed by gliding a beautiful.I'd rather stand.. beside a pool. Were very pretty on your wedding day . glass in hand -.he replied. would you go? . A Jemma did not like what the 'sexy and passionate ". It was the wedding of Alan and Jemma.That's none of your business . or in his life. . He went to her. . and sat on the couch opposite her. offended by his audacity -.Maybe it was a model of virtue. but said nothing. . When did you meet? . he died in an accident by gliding. But Jemma had fascinated him as no other woman in years. loving and always on my side. . was clear that he had not been a single bond. He took a framed photograph of among many that adorned a console and grimaced. looking at her. suddenly dwarfed by his presence.Your husband was attractive. The fact that he was quite handsome. In another photo the happy couple was at a barbecue with friends. that had nothing to do with it. And as I told you what you wanted to know. .. did not help the mood of Luke -.he murmured.. cheerful.If that's what you want me . He was a research fellow at my Aunt Mary. He became my best friend. Luke left the picture on your site and looked at the others.come to my house . We got married when I was twenty-four later..accepted it. but did not change his expression.she snapped.I met Alan when he was twelve and twenty. . looking at him with cold eyes.

Have you slept with another man apart from me after the death of your husband? .Ya. And why me? . but that did not affect him Jemma.. I must say that your husband had exquisite taste with whiskey. according to his father. of course . They had shared a brief moment of passionate intimacy Jemma tried to forget the whole thing. make love and then she alliance is placed on the finger while declaring that she is married.she replied without thinking.Of course not . annoyed by such personal questions. . and was not a virgin..Luke replied. . . among other things . From what I remember fell into my bed willingly.said with a wry smile -. She was raised in a middle class family. She sat there so timid and cold ..He asked. but forced a smile and said sweetly. and it was after the death of his mother and the marriage of his father with his secretary when they changed their comfortable cottage by modern apartment in the center and the company began to grow after consulting with the new stepmother. I could not be more defensive.. . That's when the family became very rich.she said. twenty-eight.. showing his glass and took a sip. and he knew it was not any of those things. She lived for his work.Unfortunately. arms folded beneath those breasts with lust and knees together.. and he wondered why. Rarely have I been with a woman that has pervaded me as well. that's not an option.If you have to do . I have a right to know. crossing his body with eyes on a very masculine gesture.Also one could say that decent women do not do that . . And as to the compatibility . It had nothing in common with that sophisticated millionaire who was Luke Devetzi. even though his skin was lit at the memory. so why lies with the names and what your marriage? They looked in the midst of a long silence loaded with tension.I would finish my first whiskey . do not you think? Jemma flushed at the insulting comment.Decent men do not do that . staring into her eyes -. It was no longer a girl. .. Jemma thought it was too naive to believe when he agreed to leave so quickly. and his golden eyes flashed with anger.he said. other than for my undoubted charms. .he snapped sharply -. He wished choked with whiskey.Thank You. Then he stretched his legs lazily. .I'd rather not be here talking to you. so why trying to deny the sexual chemistry between them? . and what followed was a successful meeting wild passion for both. That makes us equal. It does not happen every day that you choose a beautiful woman. his stomach shrugged and looked away from him to direct it to the window. I have no intention of leaving until I know why you slept with me. . His back straight.said.

but I ordered a glass of wine on the terrace of a bar while waiting for the bus.she said. because my aunt had insisted much. . thinking that anger would prey on him. but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.he said. .OK. I went to the bathroom.. Thinking about the past did not help to overcome this situation. He looked at the picture a moment. who had a blank expression -. I admit that my behavior was deplorable. But you have to promise that after you left and you'll never bother me again.. . So I said my name was Mimie. She did not quite convince his word. He had come to Zante two weeks before. She wanted to see me for several reasons. they were not being the happiest holiday ever . From his expression she guessed that his thoughts had flown away from him and he did not like -.he continued . but the waiter brought a jug. and she died a few months after pulmonary fibrosis . and my aunt had to get it years ago when the fire of the laboratories were walls and ceilings of that material.Luke exclaimed.I asked you a question . Maybe it was the reflection of the water. Working in the garden.he obeyed. you know.looked at Luke. Why did you lie? The tone of her voice caught the attention of Jemma. looked up. Jemma crossed the room. Well.Jemma amber eyes filled with shadows -.he raised eyebrows -. but does not really had no choice to get rid of him. I was very upset. You do not understand. Seeing the grin that made him. the doctor told him that he had little time to live. got dressed and got the ring. took his favorite photo of Alan console and returned to the couch. and common sense told him that Luke would not leave until a response. I took it to a jeweler of town for repairs and tried to put it on quickly.The day I met you had to have been my fourth wedding anniversary . maybe more..Fair enough . well. This disease is usually associated with asbestos industry.he stopped and offered her picture with every intention -. seeing that he was frowning. Then the confusion and sadness. It was the first time I went and did not even know that my aunt had a house there. because you've never been married. including the previous month. with the rest . You know the rest. .God! . Well. I followed. Normally I do not drink.his sincerity pushed him to tell the truth -. he realized that he was deviating from the topic -. knew he had scored a -. I found so blue and loving as his.accepted it. because your eyes are nothing like those of Alan. And you showed . but still had swollen fingers and did not fit me.but try to have fun. and when I regained my sanity was horrified . I'll tell you what you want to know . He got up and looked at him. but an accumulation of . but gray as granite . I took a couple of glasses. We'll make a deal. But not only that. but said nothing -.. Check out . and was thought Alan and our wedding when . and when I looked into the eyes that day. but was very upset. It's my favorite picture of Alan. Hear him say that he had been horrified after making love with him was already pretty terrible. disaster.Luke said. which is how he called me.. saw that Luke was staring at her. I dropped a stone in the hand and fingers were swollen so much that I had to cut the alliance .

. . and for a moment Jemma thought it was over everything -. But that does not matter. Jemma saw her burning cheeks and cold look and said he might not have been a good idea to tell the man so arrogant whole truth. Then he remembered his reputation as a womanizer and smiled. He had never been so insulted in his life and he would not let his pride Jemma trampled thereby..Left photo and rose to approach it -. Surprised by his anger.he said. . because I promised you marcharías as I told the truth. Her sensual mouth caught hers with a punitive ferocity. He looked down. -.and before she could react as offensive statement. The cotton top to her breasts fit without leaving air between them. You want me to believe you slept with me because you remembered your husband? .. . In his ego would not want to discover that they had used. Jemma had respected his part of the bargain.I have not told you parecieras him.Of course I'm leaving . I do not look anything like that man. But first I will show that not fooling anyone but yourself . he hugged her and pressed his body. and that I have done. trying to appease -. but what I found your eyes and blue-said.

"Not again. thrashing.he said -.whispered. It infuriated by his comment.Basta . first the lips. .She screamed.said with a smile. He clenched his fist and tried to hit him while knee up hard in order to achieve the weakest part of his anatomy. As if the signal that Luke was waiting. Before I knew what had happened. She fought the desire to deliver his lips to the caresses of her tongue. He repeated the process with the other while his mouth devoured with passion.. He lifted his head and she moaned slightly. When Jemma opened his eyes.but not like it. I will not tolerate further violence of a devil like you. not your husband. and perhaps would have succeeded if he had not been such an experienced lover.You know I'm right .And you call this? . and kissed him asking accessed and abandon the desire that had arisen between them from the moment they met. but in response to their movement. but only for a second. when he slid his hand down the top to caress his chest. Luke caught her chin and forced him to look. who broke with an eroticism that ignited his passion uncontrollably. I'm your last lover. . Her lips opened involuntarily into the language of Luke. throat and tongue down . then lick and nibble. he no longer had his jacket on and watched with hungry eyes. with him on it. and she knew he was going to kiss her. Jemma was lying on the couch. The last thing he needed was Luke sexually excited. a wave of excitement swept through her body to get her belly." Jemma pleaded angrily against the man with manners caveman who respected their promise to leave. but he caught her hands and held them above his head. Luke found the pink tip of her nipples and stroked to harden pleasure. Then he lowered his head and kissed her again.. dragging her with him. his familiar smell and the weight of his body on she brought a multitude of memories that had tried by all means to disappear. but lost his balance and fell to the couch.Chapter 4 FOR A SECOND. took the top. She turned her head to the side to avoid it. Giving an example of reflexes. . . his back. He tried to escape from him again. but that gave him access to his neck.he added . . he avoided the blow. she froze in surprise and tried to get rid of him. .Because . started drawing circles around her swollen nipples. noticed his growing erection against his thigh and was aware of his error. struggled to break free. but the warmth of her breath on his neck. She moaned as his lips rose for her skin to her ear.A lesson in how to greet your lover .

harshly immediately -. Say my name. Luke looked up. He closed his eyes to completely surrender to the physical sensation. . closed.All Right. She pulled him closer to his body putting his hand behind his head while stroking his black hair.and then. He did not mind feel his fingers slip under her panties and lacy look at center of sex. and somehow gave him strength.Luke . His gaze fell on the photograph of Alan. She obeyed and looked at him with fiery eyes of desire -. Luke groaned and pulled away. Something had gone wrong. while trying to push his shirt shoulders. She was just as I remembered and maybe more. She looked at him unable to believe it.Luke . but the coldness was not comparable to that of his eyes at her. since he had felt the exquisite pleasure of sexual arousal and Luke had seduced.Jemma arched her back in response to excitation through her body.she moaned -.she whispered breathlessly. The next time you make love to be at the time and place of my choosing. .he reached out and brushed a strand of hair from her forehead .We have to stop because although you say my name forward. but could not remember when he had unzipped his pants. . Luke. Then he felt that he put his hand on the belly.. sat. Had he done that just to feed his huge ego? How could she have been so stupid? Inside. Jemma trembled at his implacable voice. Jemma . He acknowledged the cynical triumphant gleam in his eyes gray.he insisted. .Open your eyes. desire and disgust he felt for this man fought a hard battle. . He took a breath and decided she did not give him the satisfaction of beating the game. and was to explode at her beautiful face flushed with passion. Jemma. It had been a long time since I was in the arms of the man for the last time. on the other sofa. his burning eyes on the naked body of Jemma. gritting his teeth and with a superhuman effort. pulled away from her and stood up. and feel it. then the other. Jemma asked again. He felt the cold air against her bare breasts. . and back to his lips. Very good .asked firmly. Jemma looked bleary-eyed passion and involuntarily raised a hand toward him. My name. then lean to lick her breast. .Again .I have no intention to make love in this place dedicated to the memory of your dead husband . . desire that his pupils enlarged and turned his head. I do not want to confuse me again with your husband or any other man again. do not stop.And beautiful you are and willing you are . would play his game..her silky voice was like a bucket of cold water to the senses reheated Jemma -. She felt she was moving and wanted to enter it. her beautiful eyes .

And maybe no choice you have left.After all.. not bothering to hide the contempt he divined in her tone. He took a breath and struggled to control his temper. .. amazed -. It was time that this arrogant heard a few truths. He started toward the door.Good thinking .over. . To be honest. How the hell had gotten out to the curb? Jemma saw him stretched rage and did not care.She shrugged and pushing her hand on his arm to open the door replied. I guess it's normal. Thanks for reminding me. we both know that will never happen.Unable? .said. You're right. Luke wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shake her until her teeth rattled. but because it is the truth . . Where did you get that idea? Do not tell me .I do not say this out of frustration.. . With all the courage he could muster.why was this woman insulting his sexual capacity when melted in his arms whenever he wanted? He shook his head..said dryly -. . Jemma was the most annoying woman who had known and did not need someone like her in her ordered life when I could choose from dozens of much more willing women. He put the garment and took his time to regain control of the situation before returning to him. lando moments . but before taking three steps. forcing a smile and got up to find his top -. and has b . considering your wealth. just sex. he looked into her eyes. He was behind her.he said.Suddenly are very reasonable . though he was still trembling with rage and humiliation. You do not make love. Jemma. He was enraged by the brutal dissection she had made of his character.There is always a choice . She left home.. you're frustrated because I do not want to do it now . and much.he said quietly.. he grabbed her by the arm.and smiled uncomfortably -.she said. with many women. I think it's time for you to go. And since I know what love really is. he had not expected her to agree with him -. but "never" is a long time . Because you are incapable of making love . . Of course. If you do not feel so embarrassed. I must admit that seems to know what buttons you have to push he said .Why would not it be? .You say that now..He repeated. he would have laughed at the expression on her face. I will not settle for less than that . crossed the small garden and reach the sidewalk stopped. but partly also was angry with himself because he could not completely deny what Jemma said. This is not the most appropriate place -.but you need a lot of sensitivity. . and was about to add "and never choose thee" but saw a menacing glint in his eyes and held his tongue as he felt a chill run down his spine. .

take a shower and put on the gown. The death of her beloved husband last year. they had no such effect. Jemma sat on the couch and looked around. but lasted only ten minutes. The ghosts of the past had returned to haunt her in the body of Luke Devetzi. as no doubt you will learn. but sometimes you can not choose between good and evil. Jemma watched him put his jacket.You can take your clothes. I'll have your clothes cleaned while. He said something in Greek that she could not understand. and had to have felt good... Then he got up and walked around the room unfinished feel comfortable. in another bed and elsewhere.. Then Luke had accompanied his luxury yacht and offered him a silk robe from her closet. Like an automaton. He had escaped him. had not yet reconciled sleep. He groaned and buried his head in the pillow to stifle the memories. Jemma agreed and ten minutes later emerged from the bathroom wearing only her panties silk and all his clothes stained in hand. the illness of his aunt and distaste for the alliance had left in a pretty sorry state. He had been surprised to meet face to face with his handsome face at the party the day before. The photos and other objects that had hitherto made him feel safe there. but the brightness of her eyes had a paralyzing effect on her. but to no avail. all I could think was in his expression just before turning around. What did he mean by not having choice? Half an hour later with a cup of tea in hand. So he thought he saw in it the blue eyes of her husband.True . but then he began to imagine kneeling between her thighs. but went into the house. He went to his sports black parked a few meters away and not look back even once. right and wrong he kept looking at her -. Often you have to choose the lesser evil. Finally he decided to go up to shower and go to bed early. he dedicated a superior look and turned away. No. . Just then a knock on the cabin door and Luke leaned out the door. It was as if the presence of Luke Devetzi had altered the balance of the place irretrievably. So . Two hours later. At last! Seeing him leave. in bed she had shared with Alan. The next day was her turn to go to the flower market at five o'clock. He tried to distract watching a little TV. and started getting hot. he could breathe relieved. The thought coldly realized it had been a strange twist of fate that had brought them to her and Luke to know. He could still taste on the lips kisses Luke and could not take his mind images of their chance encounter. The stupidity of these people hitting your table and pour the wine bottle had been the straw that broke the camel and made him see Luke as her knight to the rescue. they were imagining.

If Jemma cross him again at his father. Jemma shifted in the bed and groaned again. and for a few minutes his world was the man who held her in his arms. he wanted her. Luke had taken arms whispering loving words ear and taken her to bed. No man had seen her naked than Alan. . Mimie" she did not flinch. and with a few more strokes. fascinated to see her naked body. The passion between them exploded when he kissed her again. "You're beautiful. And since Jan was the boyfriend would be harmless. Luke Devetzi was gone and probably never come back. They touched and tasted each other amid a frenzy that ended in a wonderful climax that left sweaty. she went into a state of wild eroticism from which there was no turning back. Returning to the facts. Before he could regain consciousness. and no one else had ever told her she was beautiful and had called Mimie. In the morning would see what a different light. As much as is bent on denying what had happened afterwards in bed with Luke. When he pulled away from her was to take her clothes at full speed as she trembled violently. she would have responded the same way. considering how he had insulted. Luke had caressed her whole body and kissed him in a way that lit a fire in her body that had never known before. he said. Remember that was too much for Jemma and lost all hope of sleep. to talk with him a few polite comments would suffice. had nothing to do with what I experienced with her husband.when he went to her and put his hand on the cheek saying. Jemma realized that he must be in shock. down to the kitchen to make a cup of hot milk. breathless and satisfied. So it was not surprising that when Luke kissed her with an almost painful tenderness. He had closed his eyes to everything around him.

Asked interested Liz -. . . but . for the world. not old . End of story. had not slept almost nothing that night. I've seen hundreds of times in magazines and increasingly impressive was a different woman on his arm.. . I thought of those every day with one. I doubt it. and Luke was out of it. . must have been a birthday party as crazy . Have you met Luke Devetzi? Does the banker? Does the magician business? And you say does not look bad! Do they're blind.Tall.There's nothing to tell. for two years. is not one to settle and form a family. He had his home. When you are a mother. Jemma knew that Liz and her husband Peter would not change his son Tom. Jan is nevertheless a lucky girl to have such a man in bed on her birthday. trying to joke distract her friend all the questions that would follow. he said things did not seem so bad to daylight. meeting Jan. and left about ten.Chapter 5 JEMMA DOWNLOADED last flower box van and went to make coffee at the back..Liz laughed -. not bad. looking at her friend . .Luke something .. . life returned to normal.? ..did not want to give the impression of being very safe.Liz said.. I guess.How to End of History? At least tell me how was the boyfriend of Jan. Jemma knew that Liz not be silent until all the details. after a disastrous weekend.. Devetzi. For when Liz came at nine.And your name is . I think . but Jan likes men with money and he is rich.. his friends. but ..This looks excellent .Oh my God! . . Were the same guests from all parties of David and Leanne. . but this time did not intend to tell her everything. these are the only opportunities that remain fun. . Once sitting with cup of hot coffee in his hands. and sleep began to overcome.Liz exclaimed -. But you're right about womanizer. dark. I would not mind to receive it. I do not think Jan has many options to bring it before the altar. thirties. getting up at five o'clock was not the ideal start to the day. . Jemma? That man is more than a catch. Liz was like a bloodhound to detect the secrets of others.he winked -. Is one of many womanizing or end up marrying? . Besides.. As for the prospects of marriage. and smiled. ¿Guapo.. As much as he liked to go to the flower market. new flowers were ready.I know you said it was time for you to start living the life. Come on.Thanks . tell me everything.but yours is deplorable.Jemma replied. showcase Store arranged and ready to open. his garden and. thin or fat old? Sure that money is an important factor.

. okay . When parking in Connaught Square grimaced.said her friend.. shrugging. I had not seen since Jan.. but this time it was necessary. . he's upstairs in the lounge. women constantly surrounded. because normally Maggie was most friendly and went upstairs. waiting. who was beginning to feel ill. but not worried. with bright eyes -.said. . had been a complete disaster for her. That would mean that Ray would have to devote more time to work at the florist and would have to hire another driver. and left. Trying to forget the past. Will the sixties has won responsibility? .. The morning sun shone over the Thames while Jemma crossing the Tower Bridge. which he did to Jemma feel the greatest liar in history. Jemma wondered what would happen. watching her face circumstances -. Maggie .Say no more . I remind you that you are a married woman . although she had already passed. .Yes. . He had reservations at a nice restaurant for a birthday and had been picked up at noon on. Where's Dad? Are you still in your study? .Good morning. .interrupted Jemma.He asked. You sure you're okay? . and so was that Liz had told him. ran up the stairs to the entrance.Smiled at Maggie. How could it be that Liz knew Luke's lifetime Devetzi? She did not know him at all and ended up in his bed. who smiled back.Liz hugged her to comfort her.No. . Jemma looked at his watch.Liz. But I had to look on the bright side. You were the parents of Alan to visit his grave . Usually not much managed. A man with both attractive and so much money. cream silk jacket and tight skirt she wore was arranged. sure Luke did not come back for her. I just work here . Okay.. The Jan birthday party two months ago.I just can not dream a little? . but it was the best news. That says it all.the maid greeted upon entering -. and the answer was a look of the most bizarre by women. but yesterday I went to Eastbourne and the early start this morning . Then should appear at the party had organized Leanne. Business was good and Jemma wanted to eat with his father alone.I can not believe Dad is ready on time for once in his life. but that was not unusual and Jemma was not one to maintain contact with family by phone. . and with bag in hand. nobody would notice if he left early.said. He was happy because he had just signed a contract with a department store to become suppliers of flower arrangements. I was confident because I knew I looked good.. August was coming to an end and it was the birthday of his father.Do not ask. would not bother to think about Jemma again.Liz replied. It was only half past eleven.

Make yourself at home. but I'll go with my father to eat. Jemma looked nervously to his father. . should not let your imagination play tricks.It is a pleasure to see you .. but he squeezed hard. white shirt and blue tie. He could not see his face clearly.Jemma not know. I'm here to see you. but did not need to. and in any case would not understand.I have not had the strength.she repeated. among other things . . Her amber eyes widened in surprise. and not having an unpleasant scene in front of his father left him lead her to another chair in front of the fireplace. Jemma. . Luke Devetzi was no threat to her. She looked at him smiling back. and went to him. So. Luke. Jemma looked at Luke. confused.he said. His confidence was completely gone. . Dad .Bu . surprised and hurt that his father despised his intelligence in that way in front of Luke. Did not you say? . looking first at one and then the other.At his name. They had realized they were not alone.he replied with a faint smile. but wished not remember. do Sutherland? . He wore a gray suit. it was Luke Devetzi. Sutherland? . He was looking coffee as if your life depended on it. knowing that Luke Devetzi could only mean danger for your peace. . Jemma .Good morning. or is that something had to go really bad. so we will not be able to speak said. No. Luke.he said softly. By the window the figure of a man silhouetted against the light. but still just as handsome he remembered it.What do you not understand? .Congratulations. . he saw the look that the two men exchanged.I'm not here by Jan . Jemma regained confidence and said: . Now I have told you: Jemma knows nothing of business.She said. .Tell me what? . carefree -. but he did not fare very helpful. and smiled.congratulating herself for how she addressed the situation. Was longer than the last time they saw hair. .His father was sitting in his favorite chair by the fireplace with a cup of coffee in hand. was the boyfriend of Jan and had already rid of it at other times.. his eyes granite -. good morning .Do Not! .She asked. . .Jemma said.I think you'd better sit.Luke said before turning to his father -.Luke grabbed her arm and she flinched at the contact.For me too. Jemma was amazed at the coldness of the reception. and then stopped with a shiver. Jan sure does not take long .She asked. . as he advanced in his direction. who looked at her father with a look of disgust -.Thanks . and tried to escape.

Jemma.Sit . Dad? . nervous. and would never do anything that would harm you. I never imagined that something would happen. triumphantly face -.. This has nothing to do with you. Luke has come to tell you something. Unless your father end up in jail for fraud. and there may be a way to get out of it all. A Jemma had not cared. It made no sense. and wanted to agree with it to prevent it. the villa in Mallorca . pale.mumbled his father. shareholders began to question the accounts and an auditor is hired. You know I love you.? .Lucky for you.He turned to his father waiting for him to deny the offending comment Luke -. go to dinner with Luke.A second . Jemma. I'm here . Luke sat beside her -.. and to make matters worse. His father could end up in jail. .. but they had run out of time and eventually confessed that the last issue of shares had not been to support expansion in America from the company but to plug holes in the accounts . but neither knew that money was not entirely clean.But look around I knew the answer. If you do not mind. pale and dejected.Do not be angry. .he ordered -. He will beat me explain the situation.tried to appease his father. well. you'll need it . .said. his father had financed Jan modeling agency last year. while felt his warm breath on her skin.Jemma jumped.Dad? What is it . Say it is not possible! . Leanne had very expensive tastes. Jemma knew that Luke was telling the truth -. How could you. Jemma's father had hoped to return the money on time..whispered close to the ear. and rose.I can not believe it. You should not even be here. She heard her father with increasing terror.. his appearance away from of that dynamic and cheerful man she loved so much. Apparently he had not only made a bad choice. When it went public. That was when she became aware of the true extent of the situation. well.. the company no longer makes a profit and . That house. Believe me. because I fear the time to tell this to Leanne . stared.In prison! .. .she obeyed. . and can be the perfect solution . Need more answers from his father. any more involving her when she had not said anything to his wife. I'll see you tonight at the party. sarcastic.Do what Luke tells you and sit down. Jemma. . sending a glare Luke -. I hope so. but he was going and out the door. He let out a hollow laugh. and when he finished. but had borrowed money from the company for years. When he went to raise a strong hand kept in place.patted him on the shoulder and said -. I have something to tell you . But I made a couple of bad choices over the years in the business and .. .I'm sorry ..

He grabbed her harder and came very close to it. then he let go right away and stepped back. . .Surprisingly.. but he had blamed his imagination.she answered and tried to pull away -. . "Choose".No one asked your opinion . The only person reprehensible here is you .Luke could feel his confusion -. . the better. Soon the thin silk of her dress seemed thicker wool heat that gave him. but forget you said that because I know this has been a surprise for you . and the sooner rid of the dominating presence of Luke.No.Luke said. and began to be afraid. Jemma had no idea of the extent of the betrayal of his father.But he did the opposite.You . so who do you have to worry. Déjame! . it's for me. but those fingers on her skin caused a sensation that was bound to remember.He asked. You heard your father: let us eat and you will know everything. If you want to save your father and the company from ruin. The jacket. but up to you to choose . I 'd suggest we go out to eat. let see the curve of her breasts. Luke looked challenger and she . It would be more logical for you to accuse you of stealing. . it was your father who decided to start stealing .Will she screamed. He had endured too much of this woman. .. . but I had to work hard.Oh my goodness! Theo must have lost a fortune. mocking.I've never stolen anything in my life. . and looked down with determination.he cynically while rose said. opening her eyes -.My father is not a thief.she said. This is all your fault! .she snapped -.he informed her. He felt angry and confused. which had escaped a few strands. and for a moment doubted which way to go at that time. The word echoed in the minds of Jemma and recalled the last time he had seen Luke. well-defined waist and skirt clung to her hips to end a few inches above the knees. Her hair in a bun.He has not lost anything because I bought her shares two months ago. She was tired. I do not think. Now he knew he was not mistaken. for a few minutes he had forgotten the presence of Luke.Why you go behind your father to ask questions that are not physically able to answer? . Damn! He wanted and would. Any doubt that Luke might have had vanished with their insults.Your father is a good piece . .As a shareholder of Vanity Flair. . but saw fear in those beautiful golden eyes and felt the need to protect it. he felt the threat implicit in the word. everything . raising an veja -. I'm hungry and I'm much more genres or with appetite appeased.What does this have to do with you? . He tried to escape. I was so worried about her father who had not stopped to think shareholders. tight. At that time.

spilled the world at your feet. What options did? Even his father had told him to go with Luke. . Shall we? .he told her. Luke stepped forward and cupped her shoulders with his arm.she said -.I understand your concern . fearing that his legs failed him.he sat down. And I do not want to go to a restaurant to talk about private matters of my family. smiling and staring into her eyes . .I'm not hungry . She stiffened as his protective instinct told him he had to run away.but I'm hungry and I know a place where the food is great and privacy is assured. and this seems like a good place . but the image of her father stopped. but I'm ready to hear what you want to tell me.

with the other members of your family. Then you become a member. so're the most to lose in this.She cried -. Luke floor. and the place had the mark of a bachelor.He offered. I sold my father's actions left me to pay my mother's house I bought with Alan. . but she put her hand over her crown. He had asked Cantonese food home from the car and that was when she realized she'd made another mistake. but if I'm here is because I am one of the largest shareholders of the company and need my approval to act in the company of my father. Lived comfortably in your florist benefits and life insurance Alan. so I'm here . on black leather sofa floor Luke. along with your aunt and your father until you sold the shares he had left you. I never thought to get dividends on shares of the family business.Me? . so you were also responsible for the management of the company. You're the largest shareholder. Never been in a shareholders until this summer. black and with the latest technology at their disposal. I've never had anything to do with the company. and would not repeat the same mistake twice. . but the feeling was short lived.she said -. possessing a good part of the shares.No thanks. when your father made the greatest excesses. your mother.You're not wrong at all . who intended to use to expand their business. A Jemma was not surprised by anything cool and modern white decor. at the insistence of my father. the problems of your father go much further back in time. you can not do anything without your consent . looking circumstances. your father was responsible for managing yourself ten percent of the shares your mother left you. Correct me if I'm wrong. Are you crazy? That's impossible. steel. She had inherited from her aunt third of the shares of Vanity Flair and the house of Zante. . Legally. It was clear that he wanted to recover money from the actions that had bought from Theo.that made Jemma breathe relieved.he paused -.Chapter 6 Jemma WAS WELL AS ended half an hour later with a glass of wine in hand. . your father. Unfortunately. Luke relaxed on the couch and smiled a half smile. It seemed a householder. his father resorted to it to find a solution with Luke. Luckily you were not a shareholder at the time of IPO of the company. but technically. According to my information. And you can not decide what to do with it without my approval. When he got to calm down a bit and started thinking about what had happened. but she also had something to say about the future of the company. although not likely. but it was normal. interrupting her thoughts. glass. he felt better. . Was the wine that had gotten him into trouble with Luke the first time.More wine? . you could also be charged with fraud along with your father. as Luke went on -. We have business issues to speak of. until you turned eighteen.

. If you want to save your father..A woman face and a lifestyle beyond their means .Jan is nothing more than an old friend. You're dating my sister! . It really is a good man. If someone told you something else. and went to sit beside her. he almost laughed. certain that mention a figure that would have trouble writing.she murmured -. but sure when your father taught accounts. putting his hand under her chin to make her look -. You can ask her. but that does not alter the fact that the only way to prevent the closure of the company of your father and the weight of the law falls on him.your sensual look began to have some effect on the color of the cheeks Jemma -. has . You have the choice. .clenched eyelids back tears. I can spend all the money your father needs to spend out of that mess and make the company profitable again. This was such barbarity.his fingers slid from her chin to place a lock of hair behind her ear. which made Jemma leave the state of despair that threatened by consuming it. but I want something in return. as I know you .. but you. the house of Greece too.I'm sure my father will do whatever it takes . Forget Jan. but he knew that Luke was telling the truth. well . was the most conclusive evidence. The culpable expression and defeated his father to leave and leave it to Luke. But I have the solution. but seeing the brightness decision had eyes.We can announce our commitment birthday party your father tonight. Pale. I want to marry you.And then I saw the perfect solution -. and was not so sure. . he lied to you. But it's not your father who interests me. . and eventually. Jemma. . . And I've seen your signature on documents long ago.when I inherited the actions of my aunt.he replied. . I figured he signed as a mere witness.Are you crazy? . Is it true you were young. .. It was too much to think that his father took over ten years to commit crimes. but. The man had lost common sense. and she trembled -. . So that's not a problem . . getting up from the couch -. I swear I do not know her in the biblical sense of the word. at least to gather -. marry me. thou verificabas before signing. was first thought it. I guess . . a huge infusion of cash.She said -.he scoffed.I never read them. By imagining the face of Jan. looked at Luke. . and let me know your decision now. Beginning to understand the enormity of the situation.She asked.Your father was the one who told me .I believe you.Luke finished for her -.How much? . I can sell my house. nothing more. Sure is wishing for.That would be but a drop in the ocean .

Accurate . and we do not love. and that's where you come in. He shook his head and looked into his eyes for some sign that this was just a terrible joke.Why? . she thought bitterly.Again the word "choice". Jemma. possessive. and for a man accustomed to buying everything I wanted.Good idea. and to make sure you put your hand. the thought of having a child of Luke stirred an instinct that lay dormant within him.he said -. There is one condition: I want you to be the mother of my child.whispered. And something had to be that for him. you may access and within six months for divorce.Cried at him. . In addition. and then it was too late. .he said. over the shoulders -. To legally marry you come to join the family. while maintaining its position.I still do not see what do you get out of this. I will bring the company back to the stock market and make it a family business in which the shares may only be transferred between family members. . Jemma .she said -. I will buy the shares of small shareholders. Jemma had wanted a child. She pulled away from him and stood feet. I'll contributing money to the company over the next three years. that would make me richer and more ruined you.You really have to ask? . And it has nothing to do with my proposition. as if he were in the middle of a meeting of shareholders. part of an unhappy woman . that would not be anything different. but Alan wanted to wait.. but not so simple. I'll put one of my henchmen forward to your father. It's just another excuse for desire . wondering how a day that had started so well could have become the nightmare. no deal. Love. . Jemma swallowed the lump of fear began to formársele throat. . It is clear that in return for all that money I will invest. From the day we got married. getting up to get their hands. and in his character was continuing to appreciate life in all its forms. It was too arrogant. and this time was no doubt that the threat was real.Love does not exist.Him looking at her with lust said. need security. In the happiest memories of his childhood his mother was always present. And I know what is most important in a marriage.. except this time was buying a marriage. He was comfortable sitting and relaxing while her legs were trembling. "Mother of my child 'words had a special effect on Jemma. Sorry to upset you. I'll take care of the debts of Vanity Flair. too powerful and too rich for her. .. . you're not so innocent. She did not even like him. .But that's blackmail . For a moment. Otherwise.she jumped -. But the austere features of Luke did not reflect any expression. can not redraw again. You've been married before. but at least had the good sense not to say all that to her face. .

and almost more your father Theo. . and after the death of Alan thought that no longer have a chance to realize his dream. told me that he had spoken with you and had abandoned the idea of recovering the house..Of course I do.he shrugged said. But it is true that never before had raised me to marry. He is an older man after all.So.Asked Luke. After Party Jan. For the first time since she met him. . . Although he did not like to have anything in common with Luke..Shouted -. for such a lovely woman like you would not single and childless long. No .No. No wonder you. but between the two have hatched ruining my father just to get the house of Zante. She had always wanted a son. . Theo has nothing to do with this.It will really matter . I have human feelings. I'm afraid. Jemma? Yes or no? . .. So do not let this spoil your opinion Theo. You know we merge well .he said -. and put his hand on his neck to look at him -.No . to assure that getting your son.Jemma chose his words carefully.If I marry you. the worst that can happen is you end up in jail. . If I do it now is because you told Theo that your children would be the heirs of the house. and felt a bit of respect for him. the truth was that Jemma knew how he felt. Was I crazy? .he said . I do not know for how long . and if I can give Theo assured that his grandson will inherit the house that is worth all the money necessary for me.Yes. Yes. but Luke was trying to force her to marry ..he lowered his head . it seems that things will go well.he said -.A pity . In the best case. I thought your grandfather was a lovely man. and the shameful need to re-taste her lips.When it comes to light . he would kiss her. because the rest of the shareholders end up finding.and it will happen without me saying anything. Jemma beginning to see the real man was in Luke Devetzi..she murmured. surprised. despite what you might think. I had not thought Devetzi Luke was able to worry about anyone.she pushed him from him and walked away. and since you have rejected my proposal.. but I would never have imagined something like Theo . does not have to learn that this conversation took place.Two men are going to be very disappointed.Is Theo your only family? . Jemma saw it all very clear at that time. what will happen to my father? . His father was the only family he had left. .. For a moment he was seduced by his proposal. Or at least. Why so are the Devetzi? Is that your mission is life is destroy me? .Oh my God! Now I understand! . .bitterly accused -. . . you will be completely ruined.

. For the rest. I want a guarantee that I can continue my work and my life in London. Luke looked at her enigmatic eyes. Now I had another chance. and she had rejected him twice. and I expect you to come with me everywhere.Jemma knew he would never fall in love.he said. . Marry me and I know the mother of my child. hesitated a second.Really? . but a deal to save his father and have the child who craved. but perhaps it work. was not the perfect opportunity. With a lump in the stomach by stress. could not understand why he had chosen her. the idea is not entirely made him happy. . Which was worse? A daughter who refused to marry a man and condemned his father to jail or woman who married a man she has never loved to save his father and have the child you wanted? . and gestured toward the table -. and I hope to come with me to Greece when I go to visit Theo.And if I agree. We will collect this. . but with some conditions . that made it easier to move forward.You're in no position to put conditions. since he encapricharía another woman and she could continue her life and a son who love. No more men in your life. first on the yacht and then at home two months ago. Luke told him once that sometimes had to choose the lesser evil. That is not me at all. but his face was no expression.said at last. I will accept your terms . If she married Luke.Yes . do not betray the love he felt for Alan. until he knew what house Zante.Well . and even had considered artificial insemination to have a child.wondered if she would realize that offered the best option: get on with life. that's clear. Somehow. Did he really do that? I was not sure at all. but I hear you. lifting her chin with a finger -. and knew he was right. as you say. is that a yes or a no? Deal? . Knowing that he could have any woman he wanted. .but live in my flat and you will sell your home. let alone when you have our son.Jemma. But now believed see other reasons: a man with Luke's ego could not handle the rejection.? .If you agree to marry me. and wanted to delay the moment everything you need. because hers would be a loving relationship. Is it necessary? .. she told herself. and have a wife and child to wait for him at home . . You know it's reasonable.Just realize the dimension of what he had agreed to do and instinctively reached into the finger and stroked his alliance -. .He said. my job takes me all over the world.I know you travel a lot for your work and spend much time in America and Asia.. He studied her face for a moment.. A Jemma words "our son" we were very seductive.I had not thought he had to remove his ring Alan. We have to choose an engagement ring before tonight.

but still. What was done accepting marry Luke? -. . When he finally looked up. Luke was a businessman.. Jemma stroked nice ring. The tension in the air you could almost cut.And with this kiss. It was because of Luke. what was on top of her protesting to a kiss.. not to mention Jan . After he had taken home with the excuse that they had things to do. it was still worse. He had to have imagined when dragged Bulgari in New Bond Street and paid a fortune for a ring with a stunning diamond and emeralds.Said. which gave way to a smile at not seeing his alliance finger. . while you follow me current and say nothing. she was ready to leave. and Luke's hand. The meaning of an engagement ring is to declare that this woman already has an owner.Whenever I know I'm going to drink alcohol in limousine . Ignoring the comment about her widowhood.he said. . . His tongue called step to find the moisture from your mouth. Angry and sad at the same time.Good girl. Jemma. Jemma wolf saw her eyes shine triumphant and wanted to hit him.he said -. .Luke mocked . and seeing her.Yes they will.He looked and Jemma shivered. and stepped closer to her. If Jemma had gone wrong in the party Jan. And the ring is necessary as all the traditions of a conventional marriage. I'm your future . and had just signed a deal on a marriage.Is all this necessary? . baby. After all you are no longer a widow in mourning . looking sideways and trying not to think about how handsome he was with the black suit. Jemma asked: . I imagine that many toasts were made tonight for our commitment and your father's birthday. but remind me to buy more cheerful clothing. became increasingly upset. Nothing more than that. Luke gave him a disapproving look.and escorted to a limousine.reached into his pocket and pulled out the stunning engagement ring -. did not help.Much . Jemma tried to catch his breath.And how is that going limousine? . but before he could do anything. because I talked to your dad an hour ago. the pact is sealed. . Shame they do not have time for more . Your husband has been dead for two years. when Luke knocked on the door. and it is time that you assume. Then he could not help but shed a few tears. It was a bunch of ner v ios. because that's what will be in the eyes of the people. Jemma.. and that would collect at half past seven.but we are waiting jewelry. and hated him for it. always at her waist. What will people think? My father and Leanne will not understand this wedding so fast. She was wearing the same black classic dress she had worn on the feast of Jan. She had showered and dressed without being aware of what he was doing until it was time to take his alliance. Jemma watched it clear the table. Even without having recovered from the kiss.

Jan was the one most surprised to appear the arm of a handsome young model and whisper in his ear: "Well done. The commitment is already public and have been here a long time . I'm going home . and Jemma had a habit of escaping to a world itself. She was tired of everything said before her disappear among the people. You can do whatever you want. girl. It was a terrible day and night the situation did not improve anything.You're right. who came to congratulate her radiant saying: . . but restrained his anger and did not.What are you having fun. He could have stopped easily. To have been married. Luke smiled naughty. crestfallen. to look at people. but to see her staring and playing with hanging saw that it was boring.told him. Jemma looked at him and did not want to lie. something that he knew a reward -. especially when I'm the center of all attentions you put the ring on my finger . I give you ten minutes and then I'll pick you . .said. Jemma was still thinking about what his father had meant when Leanne. which irritated him. . Jemma was very innocent. Luke felt he was more relaxed and thought Jemma was getting used to the situation.He murmured softly.I'm so glad you two ye overcome your differences. hugged and wished him much happiness. but after talking with him. That seemed a mockery of everything I had believed and hoped it off. everyone at the party seemed happy. should imagine that he preferred to be alone with her than surrounded by all these people.said defiantly. in a surprising show of affection. today is your birthday and you've already sabotaged his party. .Looking jewel. hand to brilliant pendant around his neck and was reassured. reading in thought.after he kissed her gently on the lips and she blushed. sweetheart? . Slightly squeezed her waist and looked angry. and before she could say anything. The situation worsened when they arrived in Connaught Square. in fact.I do not much like parties. so I could imagine the headache that was coming. Of course. she rushed to kiss her senseless. Without thinking. I have to talk to him. with love. Jemma thought about the last time a man had put a ring on his finger. and he removed his hand from her waist. home of his father. I think I'm going to find my father. well. .Forget it ." His family was glad it was something obvious and. The blood burned in her veins when thinking about the night ahead. He was not used to being with women who did not lend his full attention. except her.

I would call you soon . she thought bitterly. Luke had orchestrated everything to look attentive and generous lover. and I could not be happier. Jan. but before he could follow. and hopefully marry you.Can I join the party? . Luke took me to eat after my birthday and told me he only considered me a friend. You know Luke insisted that he tell Leanne about the company. but seeing his father leave the room.she replied..Luke told you that we already knew? . but now he wanted to resolve differences. And what had he mean that if Luke and she had resolved their differences? She came into the hall just in time to see him disappear into his study. . I have to admit. but inside rage consumed. You do not have to pretend to be surprised. Jemma . although my future son had offered to save my business. My mother told me as your arrived this afternoon.Thank you .Jan said -. slightly drunk. Neither relieved. .. And see what was right? With only eat together. but I never thought you knew him so well . ..You can help make the modest widow. He had to have imagined when I offered to invest in my company while insisting that we were just friends.. honey. He wanted to know if he was aware of the plans of Luke from the beginning. appearing out of nowhere to grab the arm of her smiling husband -. staying white as a sheet.Jemma could not understand the proud expression of his father -. I said I did not have to interfere. you have decided to make peace. Luke must have told everything to Jan about his encounter in Zante. Then he asked me about you.I knew it! . .. Well done. forgot to Luke. Jemma. She would not let David get away from it: he wanted to hear the truth from his lips. Jemma . hugging -. caught. .That was getting worse by the minute and Jemma did not realize that his father had returned until he was beside her. decided to bite his tongue. How could he be so cruel? . but seeing their smiling faces. He was a little surprised at first.the man said.Leanne told you? .It's okay. Jemma.Jemma.Do not act surprised. meanwhile.Jemma. I always knew there was something special about you. I would have never imagined .He asked. . But I do not hold any grudges: Maybe after a rich husband is a rich brother. Jemma was unable to speak. but when I told you two had some knowledge from one year to you You had separated after a small argument ago. .. You had to have told the party that you had known in Greece and you'd been on his yacht instead of making me look like a fool trying to take him to bed. could not help blushing. until .Leanne said. It had to be a joke! For a moment he was about to tell the whole truth.Said Jemma. . .

. He had a mocking gesture that made him want to do bits. Luke kept his hand firmly. this is your party. and smiled at his father. but collided directly with Luke.. turned to leave he.. We have already taken up enough prominence to your father today. David .. Aware that he was furious.If you'll excuse us . Was she the only one who noticed the emphasis that was placed on the word "stolen"? Jemma silent as Luke said goodbye to the other . and she looked into his eyes.he looked Jemma -. He put his arm around her waist to balance. after all.Not knowing if I could hold much longer. ..

.Jemma replied to feel her body leaning over her alterándole nerves in a way that had nothing to do with fear.he removed his hand from her breasts and dropped on his thighs -. Angry Luke was an impressive specimen of primitive male and.was inches from her. Then we had a fight. He had to be crazy to believe that this could work.. Appearing this night promised. ..hissed. . . Jemma. And you can sleep .he said softly.he said quietly -.Poor Jemma . and another kind of desire made him blush.Do not give me orders . to Jemma's heart stopped when he found attractive as ever: his chest heaving under the suit. which should not be that hard . And to convince everyone that our marriage is serious. Jemma.Chapter 7 BASTARD! How dare you . but I do not fool me .So finally we agree . went to push his hand. I Save it and get in the car . And how could you tell my father that we were . with all the irony -.You're a pig.So you're lucky to be a man content . . Actually I have done a favor.she snapped -.he said.? . which is true . inexplicably. He had lost the will to argue with him. your father has heard what he wanted. She was confused.she whispered. You've been so long with his head in a hole you do not know recognize the truth when you forward. but really wanted more. Jemma melted against his lips. . I say.added. then kiss her deeper and possessively. and began to slide his hand over the curve of her breasts and stroking center them with the thumb on her dress -. we've released a great weight . very reluctantly -. Your family is convinced that this is a love and can now sleep peacefully without financial worries . his eyes sent a shiver. . What? ¿Lovers? . . and she was aware that it was not wise to do so infuriating. They went into the car and he grabbed her by the shoulders. and maybe you've cheated on my father. .If you say so . the strong column of his neck and his jaw clenched. The pressure on her shoulder made her turn her head toward him. .he looked away from him and shook his head -. what more heated.Yes. Jemma.he murmured softly as he watched her lips. On the other.Yes .. . I suggest we united front.Stopped..and touched her lips with his mouth. and kill the man who insulted me as you have done . his hand stroking his chest did not help to think more clearly. and almost pushed.Jemma..Le her as they left the house screamed. only you delude itself you.No.? . I do not lie. So I told your father we met a year ago and you were in my yacht.

Jemma was about to run in the opposite direction when he opened the door of his home. She paused. I'm leaving tomorrow. about to refuse.Jemma.Very good . . The wedding will be when he returns. the better for both.he said.Here's the glass of water you asked me . but could not. I thought we might settle for a simple civil ceremony on Saturday in two weeks. . It will be perfect because I can organize the wedding in Greece in a week. I have two weeks vacation and I go to Greece next Saturday. but I do not expect you to admit. . but it will come to be installed next week. . . . nothing else close the elevator doors. What do you think? Did that was a conversation? Luke had everything decided.she is Jemma. And do not pretend to do it at home on your deceased husband. I've been in Zante with the man who takes care of my aunt's house to see what repairs need. bringing you a nice cup of cut glass -.. The car stopped and he came out first. I'm off to New York tomorrow and we have to decide the details of the wedding before I leave.he said. As you had a big wedding with all your family the first time. we have much to talk about tonight.told the uniformed doorman .It will not be possible . with all the serenity that could -.Is that necessary? . Jemma. Jemma said nothing. but she had her own plans and would not let it's ruined.In Greece? . Her slightly open shirt and seeing his dark skin and black hair.he replied. accompanying the entry said. .She asked. he realized that they were not in their street. have been learning about and have found out that England need at least sixteen days to get married. But I know I'll end aciendo h. .peacefully in my bed. When she followed him. . so I would like to submit it to other workers and to help you with anything you need. but he knew the version that Luke had given their relationship had seemed all good. and the sooner you accept that.OK. anticipating her question. Shortly after he was sitting on the couch while Luke was preparing drinks. she began to feel as heated as in the car -. my fiancee. already a big girl and you know as well as I played the game.What? Did you preferred to wait to be married to settle? Jemma.le him. Sam .she said. why we are here . but Luke felt his fear and circled her shoulders with his arm.No need . We have a deal. You want me almost as much as I love you. Jemma.

whispered before kissing her. I do not care. . I had to restrain himself not to take it right there on the couch.Okay.Yes. all tenderness disappeared. and had forbidden to be spoken of Zante in his presence. The house is not habitable. In fact.. She insisted that Theo sold the house and moved to Athens. but my grandmother did. Theo monitor can handle repairs. with desire and passion. and my mother was not married.Jemma said with a wry smile . If I had known. looking lips. Theo himself was born there. exploring the inside of his mouth.Why not tried before? . .I suspect you may already know them . but when his breath mingled and their tongues touched.No.Do not dare . . Wanted to apologize. wanting to start exploring the rest of his body so well remembered. Luke gasped and took her face in his hands.I would have liked to know . .Luke emptied his glass and set it on the table with a frown -. But the truth is I can not wait to see the house that is costing me a fortune and my freedom. She circled his neck with her arms and Luke groaned as he felt his touch in the neck. we can not stay in the house . .they shone eyes -. but I had no idea that Theo felt that something was missing and had tried to buy the house after the death of my grandmother. He unzipped the dress and discovered to her waist. I was born in Athens. we'll stay in a hotel and Theo have to wait to see his old home . And Theo either. I am the bastard you said. but he would not let her. We spend the first week honeymoon in Zante and then we can go somewhere else. . And he actually smiled for the first time since they had met. At first he felt his strength.No. where nobody knew. I am ashamed to admit it. .She asked.and learn its secrets. Jemma said. My grandmother was a lovely but stubborn little woman as a mu.Luke smiled -. Her amber eyes shining with desire and her pink nipples were screaming that saboreasen.I replied it -. He kissed her deeply. but my grandmother did.Leave it. My mother died a few days after my birth and my grandparents were responsible for raising me. Jemma blushed at his lack of tact. like my mother . It would have taken a more courageous than Theo and I to defeat man. . so you see. and never interested me there. Could humans. I would have never insulted like that. . Theo spoke of Zante from time to time. . We're getting married in my house and so Theo will not have to fly.Do not you know the house? I thought you were born there. trying to imagine the woman who had the power to intimidate Luke Devetzi.

her cheeks -. and the other on the bed. folded his arms. I want to explore you out. and tried to draw him to her. He wanted to kiss her again. She moaned. Jemma .Are you going to make me wait until the wedding. Had a wonderful woman in his arms and stopped to ask -.No to both . but did not want to stop stroking a way so delicious. Jemma last thing he cared about was his hair. He wanted Luke and pulled him.She added.he muttered. And do you have to hide your precious body . Jemma is further blushed at the sight package to be divined beneath the thin fabric. making her arquease to him -.he said. her eyelids. with broad shoulders and muscular chest covered with fine black hair that disappeared beneath the waistband of his boxers black silk. Are You take the pill? . . This time I want you to erase any doubts of who you belong. with a smile touched her lips to his.Patience. surrendering to the dictates of his body. You have perfect breasts .and stroked from her breasts to her thighs. lying next to her said. I want to see your extended hair on my pillow .him. but was unable to take his eyes off her. Jemma suddenly opened his eyes at that.. Then he bent to lick one nipple and then the other. She growled disappointed. but it was so I was not naked in the arms of a man and that he felt the fierce pleasure of excitement.Said. remembering the taste of Luke. What are you doing? . It trembling with excitement. . revealing her beautiful breasts in his eyes -. This time the kiss did not disappoint. Jemma? . I want to taste you whole . laughing at his surprise. and licked his swollen lips. Luke felt his chest with one hand while stroking his fingers over the sensitive tip.she replied. The hand slid down until you find the warm center of her femininity and her moans of pleasure were increased. I want to see you naked . She groaned. . Jemma's body was taut as a bow and eager to feel the most of their possession. Jemma .I take you to bed .it took one hand and placed it on his shoulders. as she trailed kisses her lips. and turned to catch her mouth in a savage kiss as he positioned himself between her legs. Jemma was in the room. but still look at it. but he looked at her with an almost savage fury and said: . fascinated. Luke buttons of his shirt unbuttoned triumphantly as she is aware of her undress. He knew what he wanted and Jemma. Jemma. I was burning with desire for him. but he went no further. He was a fine man.Open for me.. while he clawed back.murmured. as if that would be justified.and released her bun. She felt his hard erection against his thighs. and immediately cursed himself for his stupidity. desperate for more. What was happening? .No need to blush. He lifted her up and she immediately screamed -. and she shivered inside. and seconds later.dress and lace panties hit the floor -.

he stepped aside and looked into her face.and turned away from him -. But now I have to leave .he muttered.she replied. with wild hair and his head resting on his hand. that you come to bed again? I do not go to New York until nine. He was still lying in bed. surprised by the intensity of the act. I want you to remember this all your life.Please. . . .I appreciate . His tormented breaths was the only sound in the room. so you have nothing to worry about. He kissed her and introduced her fingers between her legs to drive her crazy with pleasure. Jemma felt that Luke was with her and spilled his seed inside just before falling on it. His tone of male satisfaction was angering Jemma.. Jemma could not take it anymore and begged: . Dress stood without bothering with underwear before daring to look at Luke. no . . She was trapped in a game in which only he knew the rules.No.. I will continue with my work. . remember our deal. As if in doubt. and I am completely healthy. For the first time in twenty years he was making love without protection.. She. Jemma . it is the first time I do it without protection as a teenager.moaned. showing that they were not matched in the sexual arena. and stopped to maintain control of a situation that threatened to blow up every atom of your body.I could not if I wanted to . as he was the opposite.she screamed.. do not stop . She clung to him instinctively. he lifted her hips and deeply penetrated with a force that made him grunt of delirium. her body convulsed into a brutal climax. with the exception of Luke for a year. . On Fridays there is always a lot of work and also I have to go to the market at five o'clock. Then he returned to lick her breasts and she clung to his shoulders with one hand while the other looked between her thighs his hard erection. and started to enter her again and again to a primitive rhythm that corresponded Jemma until a few seconds later.Not yet. Jemma knew he would be able to tempt a saint. Luke. had only been with Alan.Luke .It was fantastic. A few minutes later. ironic -.Are you sure I can not tempt you. feeling retire -.he said with a big smile -. Listening to her. so he took his hand and held it against the mattress while still exploring her body and giving it a pleasure she had not imagined I could feel. .. Luke . No.

it was impossible. The truth was that he not only let him make love to her.. No. Twenty minutes later. When he left the bathroom... What I had driven to marry Luke? How to let a man she did not want and which did not trust him to make love? He closed his eyes. Give me five minutes and I'll take you home. But remember you have to move you before I get back from New York .he kissed her hard on the mouth up from the bed naked wonderfully -. It is no longer recognized . she was fully dressed again trying hair up. but she had been active as his aching body kept reminding. he left her at her door with a kiss..Okay .. and I knew it was not like that. That would mean that she cared. embarrassed. . Jemma wondered if Luke would be jealous of her husband and the life he had taken with him . physically exhausted but unable to stop their thoughts.

Great. Do they think I do not know dress myself? . Looks like I'm going shopping tomorrow with Jan because he has it so decided.Of course.Liz laughed -. Strap blue silk dress she wore again on the shoulder and entered the hall was placed. I'll take the rest of the week off. Was running out of time.Cursed Jemma hanging up the phone while looking at Liz -. her friend had swallowed the whole story and was delighted by it. He did not want to tell her inlaws was going to marry again. he must have thought that will help you liméis Jan and harshness.Yes . In fact. The previous Friday had told Liz that she was engaged and had told Luke's version of the facts.And what will you do? . Luke back the next day and had not packed up and had organized the house. as if she cared much. An hour later he closed the door behind her leaving her house as it was. Tell him I've gone to make the move. but said nothing. Did you actually do it? He took the photo of your wedding in his hand and smiled.Liz asked. In the trunk of his car carrying three suitcases with things necessary for the following days. and that Alan would have said the same . Also. was exhausted.No . . Sid and Mavis were very happy for her and told her she was too young to stay single the rest of his life. . The phone rang and Jemma winced. and if he is. If called again and again was to keep it informed the minute wedding preparations. A Jemma did not seem to be anything romantic in everything. .and hurried out of the store before Liz could change her mind. tell him I've gone .Chapter 8 DEMONS! Luke was again! . When he got home the next afternoon after being out all day shopping with Jan. He passed home to change and then went to Eastbourne. . As good man that he is. Surprisingly. but he had already made a decision. as you suggested. you would take the rest of the week off and you dedicarías to pamper yourself for when you return. and Luke not return until Thursday. If you had a little head.Jemma said -. Are you sure you can apañártelas? . and then left in place. Then I'll see you at the wedding on Saturday . start screaming. had to pay a visit he could not delay longer. If you hear one more comment about how lucky I was to marry a handsome billionaire.Answer you. Clearly that's crazy about you and I think of the most romantic thing you call several times a day.he released -. It was Tuesday. . reaching to answer the phone. but surprisingly. Liz. On Friday would leave Greece with her family to attend the wedding the next day.

Well. .. although the study.Luke's body full of men responded enthusiastically to see the back of Jemma barely covered by blue silk dress.I'm sorry . laughing but still watching her lovely hair. angry -. He quickly looked away and decided to explore where the two doors gave the wall opposite the bed. mocking. silk conforming to the curves of her body and roundness of her breasts. and a pleasant surprise.he said. Ignoring his hand. The living room of the apartment of Luke was just as I remembered: cold and soulless.Shrieked.Jemma. .Well. which made her even more angry. He recognized that ass with joy. with its high shelves full of books and antique desk.. The curtains concealed a window overlooking a furnished with a sofa. was determined to help her with things and she thanked him with a smile and a generous tip. and I could not resist . .he said. . . and that along with the fact Jemma find on your floor.Sam. Looking at the huge bed. Not very polite clapping on the back of a woman. Jemma rose without elegance. The rooms were not very different. The overall atmosphere was much more welcoming than the rest of the house. armchair and coffee table terrace. but did not calculate the distance and the box well and ended enough content in the soil. Jemma. and laughed. . He looked up quickly and hit the edge of the table. and crawled to where he was. which clearly confirmed that spent little time there. Jemma took a suitcase and brought it to the master bedroom. it's time for you to try. like the kitchen and dining room. while the next door was a little busy for some costumes Luke cabinet.What the hell . Five minutes later. he slapped. put euphoric. she had begun to think the same. was a change for the better. He went to leave your jewelry on the dresser. She heard the familiar voice a moment before I felt his hand on her butt. Surprised by his appearance and aware of her male scrutiny. What little delicacy. which made her pulse quicken a point -. Jemma still looking knees under the table. with a rug with Greek motifs on the floor. But you have a delicious ass. the latest gem he needed to find: pendant diamond and platinum. Jemma blushed. It was decorated in cream and indigo color. The truth was that in all those nights alone with the memory of his encounter fresh in the memory. Unable to resist.? . however. bolted her heart. Then he discovered a luxurious bathroom with two showers and a jacuzzi. maybe your sex life so far has been too wealthy .he offered a hand to help her to her feet. that's what I call a friendly welcome . Jemma dumped our bags quickly while he was glad latter. The last time I had been there did not notice too much decoration.

whereupon. . Luke withdrew from his body. He took his hand and she moaned.. Then. dress huddled around the waist. rise to a comfortable. To see you . Luke swore. I had never experienced animal lust as well . he grabbed the back and pulled him to penetrate hard. Luke muttered something she could not understand and placed it on the dresser.he said.and stepped toward her. changing the subject -.He smiled. already on the verge of climax. Each penetration. never had excited so much and so fast.. Jemma had never experienced anything like it. and the instinct of Jemma was away from him -. When he stopped. Never in his life had he felt so desire.Is that a hint? . He slid his fingers under the thin fabric and returned to catch his chest with his mouth to keep giving the sweet torture she wanted. I think you're right and I'm a little naive about sex.Are you okay? She was too shocked to say anything and too ashamed to face him. After he left her on the floor and smoothed her dress. She looked at him.I'm fine .. . and began to slide his tongue between her parted lips. but I think I prefer the bed.I finished earlier than expected . .he said sincerely -. had not removed and tie. With the mouth down her neck and licked the soft skin with a fierce intensity.Said. At that time. The taste of her tongue Jemma led to a turnaround in the heart and forgot all past intention to get rid of that pleasure. and spread her legs instinctively. Holding it with one hand. Seeing the surprise in his eyes and how tight dress standing. brushing a few strands of the face. Then he laughed -.said when she could finally speak. stood up and removed her panties with incredible speed. And do this . she moaned in protest. . .. He was fully dressed. It is assumed that did not come back until tomorrow. and the last thing I wanted was to frighten Jemma before the wedding. She grabbed his legs and surrounding it with their mouths met again. but he covered her nipple with his lips to drive her crazy with his tongue and teeth. She melted against him. She groaned and looked up. He had not taken a woman so quickly since I was a boy. intoxicated with its aroma and the power of his embrace. he stopped. Then she lifted her skirt to stroke between the legs above the silk of her panties. but stopped comfortable -.What are you doing here? . When he lowered the strap of her dress and covered her chest with one hand. . I could not wait any longer . so when he left. eager. . nipple stood almost immediately into his palm. and she had been completely exposed. in a frenzy of passion. Their eyes met and it was not necessary to ask or answer anything. their bodies rose and rose until a simultaneous climax of fire and liquid heat.. Jemma back.he bowed his head.he put his hands on her waist and then patted her back to the neck -. I guess I can get used. he was placed clothes and zipped up. while the zipper down.

I go to prepare coffee . and ran to the kitchen. I like a cup of coffee. looking at the last physical link that bound her to Alan. In three days they would be husband and wife.. but do not bother to prepare anything to eat. so intense sex to her husband died so quickly. it was not flattering to his male ego.Luke asked. my pendant is not under the table . but he could not meet her eyes and felt Jemma had broken hanging on purpose -. well.. .No . would have to ignore the pleas of his marriage and maintain a civil relationship.Whatever . in a nice restaurant. but ultimately refrained. . but the sad smile Jemma angered him even more. .said starting to unbutton his shirt. I do not want to break.he said. I had not thought about how it would be to live with Luke.he bent down and took the pendant spoiled soil to give it to her -. . not what was going so well -.. . . In her fragile state. Maybe it was becoming a sophisticated woman. Alan gave it to me when I turned twenty-one.Before you came. Well.. You must have bounced around. Jemma allowed himself a smile. taking a sip of brandy in his glass. That she could change log so quickly. . and if he would make his life hell.she replied... stepped and stepped -. so be careful where you step. Love? Where the hell had left that word? Love was not a word that was in their vocabulary . did not need to see him naked. Jemma .said. feeling suddenly drowned -.she replied. Oh. Later. I have to shower and change . Until then I was more than satisfied. I'll buy another pendant. He closed his fist on the pendant .OK. How could irritate her so much! She had not meant to cook for him and was about to say. Luke turned to look at her like that. but all worth in war and in love.she replied. but was obliged to do so. and she already knew about his sexual prowess.and left the room.I'll help you find .was not proud of his actions. I seem to have found .Well. the end of an era . . I still had the house and did not want to feel guilty for lying to Luke. so he pulled back and squared his shoulders. He looked around and then saw the pendant. but it was not time to think about that . enjoying a delicious cup of coffee after a delicious dinner... I have to work a while and then we can go out to dinner . trying to restore a sophisticated smile.he said. Jemma answered him sexually and had agreed to marry.So you were crouching and saw your ass in that position so provocative . . I'm sorry..Not required . What surprised him was being able to match it and enjoy it even without any emotional attachment to the person I was having sex.What amuses you? .he laughed. Luke was stunned by the revelation of Jemma. Luke was all masculinity. . As usual. but I was not so happy. I was looking for something.

I had just decided to leave when Luke appeared spectacular in his gray suit and had to fight not to blush.he left his glass on the table and covered her hand with his -. I got everything under control . I know what I need: You're a beautiful and sexy woman. Everything is ready for the wedding. She brushed her hair and tied with a colorful ribbon. . That's a plus in any marriage. my people can deal with it for you.went to her.. I ended up with you and within a few days we will be married. The next morning. We have a lifetime to get to know. . it will not be necessary. I will not be an absentee father. but did not know what else to say. put on a khaki pants. . Then Luke got up and left several bills on the table and reached out to take his and leave. A night of passionate sex had no effect on him than put a smirk on his face. A Jemma her cheeks. he left the room. smiling. The sexual tension between them installed again and she sighed with relief when he fell.I replied him -.We both want the same thing: have one or two children and raise a family while we make our own happy families. but now I travel a lot.. Luke? The dinner was wonderful and Jemma had discovered that Luke was a nice fellow and witty conversationalist when not trying to drag her to bed . .. By the way. and when he left the bathroom.. I know we're sexually compatible. but soon took the floor: . sore areas of your body that did not know I had until that time. if you have not put your home up for sale. Luke was nowhere.No. and kissed her frete -. I melt when I touch you. The floor seemed empty and Jemma coffee prepared without really knowing what to do. but I see you're already dressed. Your comment surprised and could not tell if he was reassuring or not. He was relaxed and happy. the day before had taken clothes. but this is our first date. People have children without giving more importance to the decision to buy a coat. . All Right. where he had thought to bring my father to eat his birthday.she lied.He came to wake you.. when we have a son reajustaré my schedule to spend time with him. There is an undeniable chemistry between us. Do not you know nothing bothers me.It is much more than what people aspire to get these days . and I feel the same. In the end. Jemma. Fortunately. After and with all his determination. a matching blouse and suede loafers.Does that seem enough? . and quickly jumped out of bed to get into the shower.I was thinking it ironic end to this restaurant. My lawyer will come in a quarter of an hour for us to sign the prenuptial agreement . and therefore free of responsibility with the same ease with which a garment is removed he leaned forward -. As for the rest . Jemma woke up in the bed of Luke.Not at all .

. incredulous.Remember his name because when he had seen in the row of guests who came to congratulate the couple. Jemma had been glad to have their own space after having spent the previous two nights in bed with Luke. Luke and she had sat together to preside over the stunning banquet and then opened the floor in the center of the terrace. more or less. he should say. A group of men had dragged to the center of the dance floor. Jemma reassured him and apologized for lying in London. the two kept what they had separately. the excuse they gave was that Luke was currently dating Theo p Jan. try not to be around when they organize a large. remembering the joy of old when he received the day before. Then Luke went with the lawyer saying he would return at six. She wore a ivory dress with bodice of a famous designer. But he also knew that he could be too aggressive when he wanted something. In the morning and to his surprise. a normal thing. but Jemma has no right to anything Luke if they divorced in the first three years of marriage. but she was so sexy that his head began to spin. Last night despite protests from Luke.Luke's attorney was most efficient and insisted on reading the entire prenup. I was wondering if I could talk to you. in a wheelchair. There were about two hundred people. He turned his head and saw the balcony of the upper level. Arecio accept the story. The cold marble suited him. Theo was radiant. It was over there and leaned against one of the columns. had done much to calm the nerves I felt about marrying Luke. Luke's attractive and abundant white hair old man in front of her -. had removed their jackets and were dancing a traditional Greek dance.. whose marble columns were surrounded by an old vine. . but she knew that the man looked far beyond what Luke thought. and Jemma could finally go home. he seemed very surprised to see it. Jemma looked at the crowd around her. Karadis. .. The music and the deafening screams.. his gentleness. You're Mr. In those moments. and if Jemma had doubts about marrying him. the man was accompanied by his wife and someone from the age of Luke. He had done: she was married and everyone was happy. He smiled. Take the sophisticated attitude towards sex of Luke was much harder than I thought. Basically. Had just been married in the gardens of his house in Greece. since he would be entering Vanity Flair money during that time. and if that was what he thought was a simple party. Theo brought her breakfast to the room and he basically said that Luke was a good man and he was sure he loved her. Jemma looked for a moment at her and husband. .Sorry . right? . had been given a room to herself..Of course . Without the presence of Luke at his side for hours.

So this is where you were hiding . with Luke.Where are we? .Soulful. Jemma's eyes filled with tears as he grabbed the man's hands in hers. how do you say? Niece? My beautiful Mary.Luke growled. . In recent days. who was walking toward the house. immediately stopped. Jemma down the helicopter had landed on the roof of a building.. I hope we meet again soon.I enjoyed meeting you. . He had been the lover of his Aunt Mary for forty years. call me. .He asked..he said. .If you say it ... led her to the rest of the people. Jemma Sutherland. Apparently the two shared the same passion for Greek men and plants. but now I know you will keep his memory alive in you and will keep our secret . or was . holding hands as he kissed him on the cheek.Yes. but must go. Soon after. and if he had not left his wife. right? Five minutes later. .In our hotel . . What was Jemma for older men? Theo had fallen prey to her spell just by looking and Karadis. who was probably the only one in Greece as rich as Luke. .You is . but why do you have to hide and flirt with all older men with whom you come across? .. Jemma. .I was not flirting and I was hiding. If you ever need anything.Sorry this old.she answered and watched him. Jemma wondered if he should talk to a stranger .. Only intended to take some fresh air . a conservative man had imitated. You can take all the air you want in the helicopter.and taking her hand. .he bent and kissed her on the cheek -. Where the hell was she? Luke. Jemma looked up at the voice of Luke. but she knew he was still angry -. Hell.I replied him and shrugged.he said. Jemma spoke to man the will of her aunt's house Zante. why? . had been for her sick child. . she had learned to better understand her aunt. smiling.Same here . and her eyes filled with tears.To see how the man's eyes filled with emotion.but see Luke with open neck shirt does not help at all to cool. he had just met that man.. Karadis answered and then laughed before turning to Jemma.You are . . He said something to Karadis in Greek. It is time that we say goodbye to the guests and march us to Zante ... His wife for a few hours was on the balcony with Karadis. thought. right? .

would not have interfered. . .he said.Really? I did not know .What have you done what? . Only alternating shifts with you because you are friends. smiling wanly..he joked . . . as well could feel his erection against her thigh. and always said no .Did he say that? . . stroking her breast. but I know that Liz does not like too much. . . gives you exactly what to get his head in a hole and see only what you want to see.Probably because they want to take advantage of his situation married with a son. and returned to stroke as before.You insatiable .Maybe.she said. . Beginning to think I would have to start without you. Which reminds me . Jemma had no doubt of her arousal.But I have asked hundreds of times if he minded. He has never told me anything. . but it sure has spent many sleepless nights with the child and then had to get up at dawn to work.she murmured.she saw his eyes shine with passion before the kiss slowly and sensually.Swore Jemma.kissed him softly on the lips stroking her nipple with his fingers. smiling and rolling over it -.I was distracted playing with her breasts -. I have no problem with shifts just as we have established.As usual . . and both agreed it would be best for everyone that your employee will deal with such a shift. And I know you love . like Liz until you said nothing. No need to talk about my business with anyone behind me.Jemma was amazed -. .but no more fights . Jemma.Chapter 9 A STRANGE tingling in the back was what brought Jemma from a deep sleep. Why he would not have insisted more Liz? The truth was that she did not like this turn -.admitted embarrassed. When he opened his eyes he saw a male chest against her and sighed before turning around. As a consolation.Finally you wake up .Like I said before. but all men have erections in the mornings. It is terrible to endure as we can he said mockingly.Then you must have been very unobservant with men who have gone through your life.Damn! .. . . She relaxed and allowed overcome by pleasure -. A Luke were his eyes lit up..If I had believed that the two were you happy with the way things how you carried. . I'll tell you too were right in that I'm insatiable. and sighed at the delicious sensation that began to flood your entire body. I had a chat with Liz about what to get up at five o'clock.Jemma stiffened at that statement -. You're right .. .

Restless. . did not care because they knew loved. the womanizer he considered marriage as a business. wait . I'm meeting with an architect to come to see her on Wednesday. The towel that covered it and went to the shower with Luke took off. That will smile faded Jemma. But Luke did not cause these emotions. The Aunt Mary in Zante was a typical construction of the island.she said. Do not want anyone to see her aunt's house. She answered herself going to the bathroom: was probably the perfect wife for Luke.Luke said to see the original front door. they were barely out of bed. she refused his offer to go to shower with him. They made love frequently.No. She had loved Alan. she went to look out the window wondering if she would have approved what he had done.Is the only way to lose? . .There is ruinous for accessible by boat dock. He heard the sound of water from the shower and Luke pictured naked in the jet. but the only emotion that caused it was a carnal outburst devour whole. but love did not enter the equation. A Jemma did not seem bad at all. He had driven all the mysteries of eroticism to drive her crazy with desire. It was situated on a narrow tongue of a little higher than the beach land. and remember crying after the first night together with excitement. .Half an hour later. and decided never to go through something like that. .Jemma a chuckle thinking about the surprise that awaited allowed. Luke had shown him a new dimension of sexuality showing something she knows nothing about. she lay in bed a little longer. what a gentleman .Not as bad as I thought . Luke looked at the steps cut into the rock and looked at Jemma. His death had caused horrible pain that almost could not overcome. Jemma knew the old furniture and outdated decor. and no desire to mourn. I hope you're in shape. smiling -. . and although she did not always reach orgasm.Luke grabbed her arm -. but I knew that the spirit of her aunt was there.Oh. . much less in his presence. They both wanted to get something out of this union. With the body still tembloso by the steamy sexual encounter she had just had. It was Monday morning and since I arrived on Saturday night. Let me first down so you can grab if you stumble had no intention of losing his wife in those rocks. single floor and about eight by sixteen meters. but that's it .she joked. What does that make her? Jemma rose and covered with a towel to go to the window overlooking the sea. thought embarrassed while Luke went into the parlor. It had been renovated a decade ago adding another fifty feet to create a living room with windows that take advantage of the wonderful views.

. He looked a little path leading to ground garden behind the house. And I know why Theo wanted to return: the view is spectacular.said Luke. .Come on. and ran into the hallway. But only for a moment.Jemma nodded. and hugged him. and getting rid of all his clothes. . went to join her in bed. opened the door and turned on the light. but fine for a holiday.. . let's room.but he covered her mouth with her mouth before she could say anything else. you want us to stay a while? . smiling. squinting . The atmosphere of the room sparkled with the accumulated sexual tension. He picked her up and carried her to the bed while she got rid of sandals on the road. Theo said there were two.he suggested. . I . She. the mattress was round. Jemma was abandoned to physical pleasure that only Luke could produce it. . .Oh yeah. Then I had a better idea. Then he laughed -.Now I understand why you did not want Theo came to visit the house . watching the cliff small bay protected from the elements.Now that you know me better. and put his arms. It is a bit small. The two original rooms and the bathroom had become a luxury suite.confessed Luke.Luke was behind her and put his arm around her waist.chán! .but do not know why I did not seem appropriate for us. The familiar excitement almost caught her by surprise. A Jemma went dry mouth and a sudden ardor was fitted in the womb. For a moment. . .Luke exclaimed.Maybe because I did not know so well when I said . She leaned against him.Do not know why you said it was not habitable. .Ta .Yes . surprising herself by her sincerity.she said. Three of the four walls were decorated with murals depicting ancient Greek nude erotic figures in unexplained positions. His expression was priceless.. . turning in his arms and kissed her. wanting his touch. A canopy with mirror! This keeps getting more interesting! . but certainly this distribution changed when they made the reform . with four snakes carved into the bedposts.Oh my God! . glad for once to have your support. Luke looked astonished and followed. and Jemma laughed with all the enthusiasm. pressing hard against him.Said. The roof was covered in raw silk and in the center was a golden canopy bed.Every time I look at you makes me want to get naked .Did not you want to see the room? . laughing.He suggested.

Jemma dropped his head back and was lost in balancing their bodies together. . Trembling with desire.I love to caress me. When she raised her arms to hug him. . With the rhythmic penetrations.Do you like it? . But now I look at me. wicked and incredibly seductive at the same time -. but we have to go slowly . this time with his mouth.Quiet.she whispered as he began to slide his hands under the soft golden curls.kissed -.moaned. He saw the sweat running on the muscular body of Luke and powerful erection. . and feel the hardness of his muscles.he told her. But still not .Do not stop . He turned to put it on him.You can not touch me . feeling your body burn. . need the seized. . and began to tickle her mouth with his lips and tongue before deepening the kiss with a passion that made his blood flowed hot and viscous like lava from a volcano . trembling like a leaf in the wind.She ran her hand over the biceps and chest. His fingers sought the wet folds to caress them wisely. he saw his reflection in the mirror and gasped.she moaned. . . And he began to play with her breasts. Jemma gasped as she felt the ferocity of his erection.said. Then he opened his eyes. After stroked her hard nipples until she could no longer contain a moan of pure pleasure.. In a mixture of arms and legs. .Yes . he returned to putting them on the bed.she pleaded.It's for you . she lost control.. riding him with silver eyes burning like coals.he said -. taking the tie that bound her hair. watching her. Not yet. Then he lay down on the bed and undressed slowly.Right? .Not a chance . Jemma. She dug her nails into his back and core muscles clung to him throughout its length. when a torn roar came from his throat and around the world exploded around Jemma .he said. Jemma clung to the silk sheets. I take this fantastic room . as he took her breasts in his hands. It was open under him prisoner's torment inflicted on her caresses. yes . further opened his eyes to see Luke withdrawn slightly and then sink into the velvety depths of her body. as he looked down from her pink breasts to the soft golden hair between her legs.Oh. . retiring. sucking hard while stroking her whole body sexually until she screamed his name.Jemma .. he turned in bed to penetrate strongly in the final took both hands and put them on the sides of the body -.he smiled. . Stay well .

and yes it would be news to him -. And now she's dead. It was normal that two naked lovers see.And that? Your aunt did not give you any clues? . Maybe it was a subliminal message or something . but having spent ten days sleeping in this room with my aunt .he turned to look at him -. .Do You Know? Maybe it was not the wine that dragged me to your yacht that afternoon. but his amber eyes refused to look at him and he knew she was lying. stepping aside. his butt tight and closed his eyes.Luke said .No . he saw Luke on her back quivering.No. Just knowing he was sobbing his name. . Shortly after he heard the voice of Luke in his ear: . He could appreciate pure lust as surely so did the man who had paid him love nest. . but realized that she was also naked and no longer felt so comfortable.said. . Only had to touch to respond immediately.He asked without much interest. but that did not stop him wonder what secrets hide him. .at that time was set at a painting on the wall that was about to blush .No "to the right" or "upside down" in a round bed . but there was a point voyeuristic look into a mirror...Your aunt must have been a woman of the most special .Do you know who was the lover of your aunt? . Do you realize that we ended upside down on this bed? . At the end of the day. but poorly suited him know that Jemma had lied and had not confided the secret. . When he opened his eyes. A Luke seemed that option much better than she would have used as a substitute for her dead husband. What did it matter? She had married him. She had liked to contemplate him in the mirror. her skin beaded with sweat.he smiled. giving a second chance to get a good start on that. Her hair spread around the head and adorably flushed face. Luke was about her and even inside your body. does not matter . In the mirror he saw his gorgeous tanned body. knowing she was trying to change the subject. and sexual compatibility was amazing.Weight too much and do not want to crush you .and with an erotic imagination of the most interesting . .. and her mind slipped into a state of semi-consciousness. and decided to let it go. Although it might be thought of her lover. and rose waves of sublime ecstasy he thought he was going to die of pleasure.Insisted. Jemma opened her eyes and their eyes met in the mirror. Luke looked at her with a frown..she said. this was not his business. I have no idea.she river -.

Yes . Recalling her laugh by showing the room and the passion with which he had come to him. when as a teenager had not spent two months in a row without a woman.. He loved his feet . but I think Theo should not live here... . So had spent almost a year of celibacy. You were right it will be a nice holiday. Additionally. You've seen the place. but she was eager to catch up. . why it bothered him so much? That was not like him. He had tried to deny himself from the day they met. Her gaze flew to the beautiful neckline as she torments buttons buttoned blouse. Do you regret what they did in that bed or be remembering her husband. it could not be that.. It had started out with Davinia out of desperation. access is too complicated . enraptured. Luke knew Jemma make happy in bed was not the most important thing for him: he wanted more. the man who did not believe in love. and a shiver ran through her.. and that should be the most important . He had not been wearing a bra not once. but when he turned to see Jemma and knew it was free. the room was claustrophobic and he felt a terrible urge to leave. Wanted her to be unable to leave. He loved everything about her and all she wanted was to make love again and again. shy lover.I guess . He had seen her look of astonishment when he searched his tongue curls and led to an incredible climax. I wanted to be the center of the universe. and he never spoke of women from his past. Luke had learned in recent days that his beautiful wife.. Again the child curious to know what kind of lover had been her husband. after he confessed that he had never experienced anything like this and did not know that those feelings were possible. looking over his shoulder -. But he had been with another man. but increasingly confident. A Luke reassured her smile until he saw the shadow crossed his eyes and anxiety with which he dressed. but did not need it. right? At that moment he saw her toward the door. The stand looked sandals. She was as natural as the flowers you liked so much and even more exquisite. you had not heard of morning erections . He knew he was a good lover and Jemma was satisfied.and without waiting for an answer.she smiled. he again aroused.Are you going so soon? . he went outside for some fresh air. so we will return after tomorrow with the architect. drew up a plan and spent a fortune on making her his. Damn..she said. He picked up his clothes and dressed quickly at full speed. maybe her husband was not a beast in bed. had been captive in their networks. wishing he shared that with him? No. had little experience in the affairs of alcove. Suddenly. then he must have realized that something was wrong. Seeing her out. Until Enton c is not never worried about former colleagues from her friends. despite being married... but only because he thought she was married. Jemma had proved to be an amazing . Devetzi Luke.

Jemma was hers. not theirs. Demons .Luke said after her with amusement. Instead. would do everything I could to keep it. . Luke took her face in his hands.. but not Luke. he looked around. I was not sure I want in life..Have you already finished the party? . she had her hair and shone with light. and that was all I needed to know . he did not care about the house. It was the dream of Theo. How could he expect her to fall for him with that behavior? In fact. Jemma breathed easier at the edge of the water. Now what I want is to return to our comfortable hotel and be pampered from top to bottom.. .said Jemma -. but had used together with the personal tragedy of his father to oblige Jemma to marry him. if the terror that twisted guts love was. She looked at him and Luke wanted to tell him how she felt melancholy to see disappear from their eyes and they shine with excitement. This was a place designed for two lovers.I think so . Actually..Surprised. . he kissed her tenderly. But it did not.

Paul was young and handsome. So not require much maintenance. must be under my consent. and then went to Jemma. You keep yours for you. do not you think? .Chapter 10 BUT ON WEDNESDAY.I am afraid that my husband has confused you. . He knew how much she liked gardening.Jemma note that this is the only usable land. Jemma . or restore the two rooms we had at first. . Sorry.reminded with every intention -. and told Paul -. Luke was amazed and somewhat hurt by her immediate rejection of the plan. the architect's house while Jemma stood outside. Jemma took the role and made pieces. Luke? .Okay . not meeting his eyes.I think you've made enough sun for today. This house is mine and mine alone.He said.told Paul -. With that resolve Theo access to the house.He asked. and you'll like he said. But to his surprise. From what I remember. and offered his hand to help her up. but never before had been jealous .and removed the towel to go to the water. Maybe another apartment in the house. In their eyes I saw she was shocked and realized that he had been very abrupt. was not so sure. after drawing a plane. . Luke realized that he did not like the rest of men share their appreciation for the body of his wife. and if altered in any way. Show him the draft and have to admit how good it is. The sun gives that next afternoon. Is it clear. I'm going to bathe . looking furious -. The house will have the form of "L". In addition. but instead. The architect did a sketch. It's very logical. after Luke will teach Paul.You mean we will have to cover the garden and rocks? . accompanied the architect at the entrance to the property.she steadfastly refused..Yes.For me yes it is . -. . so we signed the prenup . The rest will be a paved courtyard to dine out. but you have to make other plans.. In addition. Paul. or that the Greek architect comment if you really wanted to get rid of the room. . Then he took the towel and covered her with it.No . but that bordered on ridiculous. . and Jemma found in bikinis sunbathing. and could build a porch along the building to give shade. the garden is not necessary with the natural beauty of the bay around. his arm around her.she said. and I do the same with mine. By the time he got off the cliff.he said. . with four rooms. . Luke had wanted to strangle her. more and more excited -. Now if you'll excuse me. He looked at him so that he wiped the smile of a blow. possessive -. You can have potted plants and everything you want. and seeing the room's eyes lit up. we will make a boat shed and will condition the dock. Luke had time to think and his temper had subsided. but nothing like when they came out.

. I have to get dressed.It was a clever name that had made a fortune playing the stock fluctuations. As they could not put . He could see her stiffen as he saw it.You're not going anywhere until you tell me why it is so important not to solarlo garden. . . but I felt the need to trust him. the strength of their feelings almost frightened him. she stood up and hair sided.. inhibition have had ignored until Luke was her lover. Luke. and not get enough of it. he stayed in swimsuit and went into the water. she believed it. . .Twenty years ago. but neither had done much. that itself was a new concept that had not taken into account. He loved her and had not felt anything like it in his life. Aphrodite rising from the water. Oddly enough. that daughter was the symbol of a loving bond for life with his lover. Jemma was a sexy woman as a devil. were found was beautiful! But the head shook.That sounds serious . To my aunt. She was five months and went sailing. The aunt told me that at that time there was nothing illegal in this action. Despite its reputation for ruthless businessman and womanizer. Luke trust . . Sexually permeated thereby you never had with another woman. sat down and forced her to imitate -. but started walking slowly toward him. I'm sure you hide something. God. my aunt slipped and fell.Do not even try . so think of a believable lie was unworkable. Perhaps inherited from his grandfather. The baby was a girl.. . She wanted to know what he had done to behave in a way so unlike her. Jemma shuddered. Then he bowed his head and mane slipped. as so often.I promise that your secret is safe with me. Luke was almost naked and although she had lost much of its inhibition in the last week. getting off the boat. began to cost breathe.. The weight of the secret of his aunt was becoming too much for her. Had an abortion after one hour. The water's edge . Everyone adored her and she felt comfortable with everyone. my aunt was pregnant with her lover. and they buried the fetus at the foot of the cliff with a few stones over the grave to mark the spot.she said. In fact. or maybe I was totally mistaken. so he tried to apply their skills to understand his wife.Paul is gone and will not return until you want . This was no time to think about that. Jemma felt there was an incorruptible force inside. but he led to the extended towel on the sand. So I knew it was not like her to react as he had done with the architect.he said -. Try trust me this time. We need to talk. Everything happened very fast and did not have time to ask for help. You were right that I have already taken enough sun. Unfortunately. Your eyes give you away forever. I had with her was not only physical but also mental connection. Why was it so important garden? He took off his clothes. but also sweet and loyal.he put his hand in his -.

It had to be glad that Luke had left. You do not believe in love. I understand .Say no more. I arranged the rocks and planted flowers as a souvenir.I know that look. baby. He stretched.Jemma were her eyes filled with tears as he recalled the pain of her aunt to tell the same story . My aunt always loved a man who could not have and always wanted a family that failed. and also promised to preserve the resting place of the baby . What I was not so sure of was that this were just for Jemma. and I think Theo either. It was six o'clock. . but there may be a serpent hidden here. She saw in her eyes an emotion he did not recognize. But I have to be in New York at noon and already has delayed me once . afraid of having told so many things. Luke got up and looked. because now his only family you.and hugged her tightly while he rubbed her back comfortingly. . Cause too much pain .a tombstone.said disappearing into the dressing room. and maybe that's the best. Is not it tragic? .he said -. Jemma felt much better in the arms of Luke. . I had the night before had left. Instead. . . and rose -.Forget about the house. I had to settle for a few weeks a year shared with her lover. Jemma . and sharing the burden of secrecy was an entire release. . but things had not gone as she had expected. But I have the impression that the house is bad luck.Really? .He murmured softly -.not notice how Luke's hand was pulling her back and saw how pressed her lips -. one of the reasons I had married him was because he expected to spend much time in England.Do not go that far . Your aunt chose his lifestyle and would not have mattered where you were.Jemma looked Bay -. he stroked her hair and kissed her forehead.he said -. Luke was not a sentimental.he said. but at the last moment changed his mind. Then he remembered that it was Monday and that Luke was going to New York. Jemma stretched and sat up. This place looks like paradise.You believe what you want . opened his eyes and looked at the clock. thought Jemma. . He was naked except for a towel around his hips and was two meters of pure male perfection. The bathroom door opened and Jemma turned to look at who was her husband of four months. and then was trying to relax and smile. No luck gave my aunt. and these in their own. You and I are going to leave us in this island to spend the rest of our cruise vacation on my yacht and working on a project to create my little family. The sound of water running in the shower was what woke Jemma. and aching muscles reminded why. Seeing the sad look on his face. but I could understand why the house he had been ceded to Jemma so that I could remove their children.

.Luke said out of the dressing and going to Jemma -.. a friend of Liz and Peter. which she liked but he did not..Just you need in the store now have help . Luke had infiltrated every detail of his life and knew it would do the same with all the children they had. He looked around. He was a very generous man and she began to realize how rich he was. and offered it a position in your company. . so emotional. and quickly pulled the sheet. In the ten days he had spent in London was made before flying to Asia. I do not know if I dare to think it's because you're going to miss you. of course. He sat on the bed and she saw what was left perfectly blue suit. Yet not what I had told Luke. Jemma found a shiny Volvo waiting at the door as a wedding gift.. to distance over the shop and work fewer hours. and later sex.You can come with me to New York if you want . Jemma looked surprised.. as owners. Did considered that apartment as your home? I did not know. Also. Give me like this once. Now the plan to have a child to raise him as he wanted because he would always be out seemed impossible. I fancy the idea to shine in New York. It could be falling for him. but on a personal level. What word home .On returning to London after the honeymoon.I can not. I have to go to work. I just have to make a call and I can wait half an hour to come out and give you time to prepare. Jemma was unable to stop him because he always managed to convince everyone of their plans. The Sunday night Luke had surprised with a diamond bracelet to celebrate its fourth anniversary month. I knew Luke always traveled first and that no company would deny a ticket to Luke Devetzi. All I knew was that Luke did not travel as much as she had thought at first. and the same was applicable to clothing. . He was always buying gifts.Are you frowning? What compliment . which she did not care. with the enthusiastic support of Liz. The only time Jemma achieved its purpose was to Zante house: the house would have four smaller rooms and would be their holiday cottage..he said -. I advised them to hire two more people to work in the store and. She did not care as long as I had enough money to live. shirt covering his muscular torso.offered him -. Then they went to dinner and the opera. as if still give him shame to see her naked. . . Their sex life was great. were not much closer to knowing that the day of her wedding. She froze when she realized she had been about to say yes. could it be that you miss out. but began to have suspicions that he would soon have to worry about someone else. but had a delayed period of three weeks. . Had more jewels than he could get. Also. I would not let that happen. could not be . hands .

Of course .Well . The problem was with him. but apparently had not. going towards her -.. but she did not want anything from him except sex. He had not even put a picture or a plant. and how when he refused. had gone away. I could have stayed at home. traveling was not our deal. Today is his birthday and I forgot to congratulate him before he left. Nothing like the cozy home that Jemma had shared with her husband.. For serv what had fared work.Jemma decided to trust her friend -. What a fool am .Liz laughed and Jemma frowned at the comment. Which wife did not know the birthday of her husband? Luke rose from his office. Since he had told Jemma accompany him and she refused saying it was not part of the deal... Are you missing Luke? . .Something . not to mourn. I had not tried to impose his own personality to the place. and when it did was to smile for the good memories of her marriage.Liz asked. congratulations and have phone sex. But where was home? Wherever his sexy wife was found.The fact that he asked her to travel with him was surprised. .said mockingly. and try not to give me very much . had failed to shake off the bad mood. Is that being married to Alan did not give enough points to enter the club of sexy wives? Suddenly realized that for centuries had not thought about Alan. He remembered how Luke had invited him to accompany him to New York. and left.. Jemma said goodbye next to him. arrogant and confident.his face an unreadable expression was drawn -.Do not know you had such a fevered mind . and it terrified her. He had hoped that Jemma exceeded the circumstances of his marriage.What's the matter? . Well. . . go birthday. I'll be back in two weeks.Do not think that will appreciate until you did not marry a guy like Luke . and the floor was as cold as Theo had said. But the truth was that he could not blame her for sticking to the deal: if someone six months earlier had said he would marry and fall in love with his wife to the point of leaving your job. you can call tonight. Jemma felt guilty. but the problem was that she was seriously tempted to accept. Luke sighed . closed the briefcase and sighed. would have laughed in your face. . Jemma was in the backroom depressed: Theo had called shortly after Luke was out to congratulate him on his thirty-eighth birthday. saying he was late to work. . he adores..bent to pick up a briefcase and gave him a soft kiss on the lips -. He had begun to dislike the London apartment because even though Jemma was there. .No. had tried to please her with expensive gifts. That will be enough.

normally would not last more than two weeks in London in the last four months. Sex was addictive. Sorry to bother you..he replied. but knowing it was all a bit artificial repelled him.. I gave everything. how could I be such a bad mood just because his wife had forgotten her birthday? No. but Theo called this morning to congratulate and I felt terrible about not having bought anything.. She was as beautiful as usual. God .No.. Luke Office Devetzi. Luke's wife . There was nothing "and send the fees" in the proposition that she had just done.. but hearing his voice was a pleasure and previous concerns vanished like smoke. just calling to wish you happy birthday... Maybe I can buy it for when you return . He had neglected his work. he had not forgotten.... Just then the phone rang his office: . Jemma did not know when it was his birthday because he had not bothered to ask. smiling -. Someone knocked on the door and pulled him out of his reverie. Luke. with Jemma . I had to go as it was. He ignored the invitation. -??? Jemma! . Luke had never heard Jemma gibber like now.. but was too gentlemanly to reject the toast. He opened the bottle and fetched two glasses to the bar.Davinia Lovejoy appeared at the door with a bottle of champagne in hand -. . Physically.And Davinia not wait for an answer -.was the answer. Can I help .. Maybe buy a bigger house and settle for what they had . Has something happened? . Anyway. or cut their losses and run.Surprise! .. We will make a toast like old friends and you'll wish happy birthday and send the fees. Davinia speech. . and it was time to make a decision. I did not know it was today. Who would? Everyone had gone home now . but reorganize its work so that was central London.Open this . Who said that is .he said. or whatever you want.. had to have been something -.. a new briefcase. she did know when it was his birthday.Luke took the headset to Davinia. but even that was beginning to desesperarlo.. To love her had made weaker. but he had come to understand that there was a very intimate part of her hiding him..Most men would be happy with an always willing wife.Thanks . How childish. but beginning to understand that love was even more so.I answer? . nothing . . dear! . Congratulations. and he was elated when he heard: -. You can decide for yourself. but he could have told . but the truth was already spent there most of the time.. She did not never called before. only his pride would not let him.

. which fit more with your personality.Not at all.Luke .but already gone . and she heard the smile in his voice.said at speed..he ordered -. but heard it mutter things most sensual phone.he heard how she held her breath and let their imaginations while telling exactly what I wanted. .and hung up. do you prefer that? Look.Maybe want to surprise you . Do not you dare hang up now . but decided not to do so until midnight. and loved the idea. My secretary just surprised with a bottle of champagne me . I wanted them to leave to live in the country.he said. but began to notice that the temperature rose -. you should not say that the phone . putting a hand to the stomach -.she said. .jumped him. He knew that nerves had made babble like a schoolgirl. . . .. I am delighted that you called me to ask me what I want for my birthday .Oh. I guess . . .Luke sat in his chair and saw Davinia out and slamming the door behind him -. He was about to leave.. garden.. With the sound of Jemma's voice still ringing in his ears. Luke a glass of champagne was served and smiled. maybe you could start looking for a home .Okay . While. Sure you're busy at the moment .he looked at Davinia and motioned for it to leave . and I'd like you started to look for something bigger and outside the city.. Good night . remained the most surprised. I'll try again soon. and heard him laugh heartily.To think of me. I'm hanging up. because I think I'm going to spend the night under cold running water. I give it for sure after the explanation you have given me your fantasies .Yes. Jemma had all afternoon thinking about calling Luke. I will not keep you. .she said.. I know you do not like the apartment. .. well. It's late and I have to go to bed. For a moment Jemma froze to the dimension of what he was saying.Well. his birthday had improved one hundred percent.. Across the Atlantic.Of course..

was the straw that broke the camel. preferring to cling to his aunt and Alan. He agreed to marry the hope of having a child with sex as the basis of their relationship. . had made the decision. as Luke had done. and had bothered to ask. and her son a mother who was not so weak emotionally deserved. had feared the pain would continue if she lost him too.She said. like smelling the houses where nobody lives. He no longer was sad. He had not tried to approach her stepmother and her stepsister.What are you doing here? Do not wait until within ten days! . and the footsteps of someone coming up the stairs. The appraiser would go the next day and she had gone to pick up some things that had affection: family photos and Alan to someday show your child his family to see where he came from. He put the box on the coffee table and began to do what he knew he should have done long ago. but something in his slow smile made her very nervous. . Wiping his eyes. When had begun to be afraid to get involved emotionally with people? He realized he had been following the death of his mother saw. he realized that he could not keep looking to the past and refusing a wonderful future with Luke. He had looked at herself and had not liked what he saw. but beautiful memories. and heart gave a return of surprise and pleasure.Chapter 11 THURSDAY afternoon. Maybe she was pregnant. but that did not change his decision. On Tuesday morning. I had not known when it was his birthday. Jemma not heard the front door was open. Luke was there. The previous day he had discovered sadly that was not pregnant. By losing to Alan had been destroyed. She sat on the bed. casually dressed. apart from a few things kept in a drawer in his room. There smelled closed and empty. He had already asked a realtor to buy the house with Luke. and it would be over. He picked up a few things. and some similar things. Jemma went home Bayswater with a cardboard box in his hands. He had feared let near her too. and also to sell finally home. He went to the door and froze. Since then he had not let anyone try to break the barrier that had been built around it. looked around and realized that there was more he wanted to keep. His gray eyes looked intriguing. He was so determined not to get involved in their relationship with Luke beyond a superficial level. crying that he had found a box full of memories of his childhood: a collection of shells that had collected in the last holiday spent with his mother. after a whole night tossing and thinking of Luke. After clean up a little dust and spend the vacuum cleaner. closed the box and stood up. smiling. That morning. and lost her aunt.

Before saying anything else. ..What I pressed? I remember that you get in my bed as soon as you put your eyes on me. Jemma. Jemma looked amazed at how angry he was unable to understand . well .And he picked her -. She gasped and began to get angry I did not know what was done to infuriate both.she tried to correct it.Luke! .. You think I'm an idiot? I am not one second dish. but your body does not feel these limitations. would not let try that.I never . I already know the story .Shut up! .said bitterly -. . you're wrong . Sure you sleep here whenever I'm not. Luke held her head so she was completely still. It could take on that bed in a second. . .his smile was ice cream -. but to take her by surprise. puzzled to see him so angry -. I never decide.It was not a lie. .Yes. is it. I thought that you had sold long ago. she tried to pull away. taking a step toward her and staring insolently -. Got up but he stood over her. called the florist.Really? . .said softly -. You cling to your past as a lame crutches.Luke. pinning her. please . I have come today to pick up some souvenirs because the appraiser will come tomorrow.Yeah. and the second time you needed not much insistence . and not find you on the floor. You can not go back to sleep here without remembering me.Do not bother lying.try to explain it. taking pleasure in being so close to your body. . jealous or not.. . but. Patty told me you went to your house in Bayswater . I want to know who will possess in bed for your beloved memories. .He shouted -..Jemma blushed -. he pushed her on the bed.he grabbed her wrist and pulled her close to him. but you kept pushing me . .I thought I'd surprise you.she moaned.. he remembered that and stay with an appraiser last year.. trembling from head to toe. .she replied. my name . .He asked. .. my little woman? . but I must assume that you did not intend to get rid of this mausoleum of your husband. It was a mistake. his mouth captured hers and kissed her with brutality. Would you be jealous? .No . I can no longer bear your lies.No. When she retired.Well. He raised an eyebrow in a very sarcastic gesture.

the heat of their bodies closer to the filament. He tore her blouse and pants unceremoniously removed. . Jemma began to moan and shake her head. . the lips that had gone mad made few seconds .You have disappointed me .She shouted.Said.she said. the thin line of her lips.How can you say that? . .I was not crying ..What am I doing? Drunk with passion and excitement. Alan never made her feel that way. Luke was placed between his legs and devoured the lips and mouth. crying. I'll send you your stuff off the floor. The pain hurt her deeply.looked contemptuously -. She looked up and saw a deep distaste in his gray eyes. He had wanted to Luke at that time with a craving that embarrassed.She tried to remove him. and finally admitted to herself she knew from day one. He searched her hands. but Jemma did not want him to see the damage he had done to her. Jemma turned and began to put his pants. when suddenly he stopped. could not bear to see him retire and grooming pants and sweater. It took all his decision manage to say: .he grimaced -.he snapped.As you want . He placed what was left of her blouse over her shoulders and stood up. .Your father and the company will continue my financial support as agreed .Luke paused and shook his head . and he looked into her eyes -. ... I was a fool to think that things might work. and Jemma felt a chill -. You're a woman who sells to the highest bidder.and even managed to shrug -.And to think that I came to believe that he could . Keep your board and you can do whatever you want with that money. For a moment he stood over her. .. . . he realized that he loved Luke. trying to catch his breath and staring. Good thing I have learned in time. her hair and chest. . in a tone of pleading in his voice. we will continue to maintain a friendly relationship. His love had emerged friendship and affection. but his chest was a solid wall. to which she responded with equal desire. He was aware that moved erection against her. I want the separation . but he was not listening. I do not want to see you. And if there is any possibility that you are pregnant..Did not you get the picture? I find here in the bed of your deceased husband.. What do you think? . Then he started playing feverishly as she asked him to stop while the familiar feeling of excitement ran through his veins. frantic pleasure. He had spent all his energies on maintaining a barrier between them and now when it was too late. sitting to his feet. but Luke dominated his thoughts and his body exclusively. .

Cheer up. So he had immediately returned to London. I'm not pregnant. without the strength to continue to keep up appearances -. She haunted him to the point of madness. A woman had answered the phone: Davinia. but Jemma had failed.. but before he could reply. Luke should have gone with her and everything said by phone was a hoax. Jemma ate with Liz pretending he enjoyed.. He had yet to be lucky that her marriage had lasted four months.. had lost his nerve.he smiled Liz -. I knew as soon as Patty had told him he was in Bayswater. Sure you have plans for after dinner . to be honest. He had to get away from there as soon as possible. and that was the name of the girl he had dated before marrying her. what womanizer who is. but would not believe it. He had been about to take Jemma without thinking whether she wanted it or not.. I was surprised by her own behavior. dying for your love and. Luke had gone to New York without giving any indication that something was wrong. Upon entering her room and her weeping in bed for her dead husband. . . How could I have been so blind. after three frustrating days in America. Luke again on Saturday . A week later. had realized that the only thing left to do was tell her he loved her. She held her breath. not again . but she was the only one who did not get what he wanted. I'm sure he's with another. irritated that would suggest that. He had never felt rage like that in his life. . . Jemma sat down on the bed. but was unable to hold back tears. Luke loves was ironic. Then Jemma saw it clearly. I had expected from the beginning. He had always been successful in his life. Luke had another woman and. . Love had become a raging idiot. and the night who had called . trying to understand what had happened.No. He had only done with it. Jemma. And Theo does not have to worry: you can stay home from Zante whenever you want .No. before the passion she trashed. He had given everything. but I'll pay rent for the time he is there.. but the truth is I was not happy at all. he was gone.You know what your reputation . He blinked hard. Jemma took him from house to look as if it were for both.No.. .. She looked at him.Thanks. hoping she immediately fell into his arms.declared. but it sure what he wanted her out of his apartment to be with the other woman. I do not think so. He has to know. It's over. glassy eyes. Luke got into his car and slammed the door shut.

are you okay? .Come back and I'll tell you.That I think so .Did you sell? Sounds good to me.. He had come to visit him because she had fainted at work and Liz had insisted that I had to see a doctor. She retired from her arms. . Your position in the company and Luke are guaranteed money said with a cynicism that could only be an instinctive defense. but nothing else happens. . his father appeared at the door.To his surprise. The following weekend. but it happened anyway. could not sleep and was all the fault of Luke Devetzi. Dad.. . . . . not leave that way. You must be very upset . It was good while it lasted. But the following weeks were not marked precisely by laughter. Dad.she protested her friend. I always knew that Luke was a womanizer and will soon be fixed in another . He had tried to avoid the pain of love.Luke was not the only one who could give a version of events -. Luke will probably pay a little more for their freedom.No I can believe me! . I would like to continue talking with you. and had no no. I was three months pregnant and the timing could not be better.. . The doctor had told him he was often be stained in the first months. . There must be a mistake . He had sold his house and moved last week to a lovely cottage in Sussex with a large garden. but will come a couple to see the house. not so much . and rose -. He's tired of me and does not want to see me again..she said. The first day of spring..And Liz elaborated with the super rich and womanizing playboy.I know. Jemma was almost dancing to the car. I saw it on Thursday. Jemma left the doctor's office in shock. You can find something more luxurious. He had come to London to tell me in person we were done.Liz asked upon entering the store. I could not eat.No. It was a miracle . I was pregnant! I did not know what to think. but found that it would not be necessary. . Anyway. when I waited a couple to teach the house.Do not worry. If he had had any doubts before about his decision to live outside London and go to work three days a week. . Luke told me. his father left.Jemma. but I was worried about you.. and she had thought it was the period .I'm not mistaken. Shall we go somewhere else? Jemma dreaded the moment to tell your father. Jemma could not help laughing. . And after that comment. I'm sorry.. I really thought that Luke could make you happy. he hugged her -. denying that he had broken his heart -.Do not do something.What did you doctor? . The Luke tell his re pad he had left was the final humiliation.Jemma said.

.Liz replied dryly. and that was how she wanted to follow things. I just said you were recovering . It told him that repairs had been completed Zante house and hoped that her grandson and she had split. .. ..No. The house was a couple of miles from the nearest town with tree-lined narrow path that led almost to the door. and he would hear arguments from Liz to do the opposite -. and had a sorry sight.said Jemma. She was four months pregnant but still you will not notice. Well.Tell me you did not say anything . with a picture of Luke and Davinia arm in arm. and she kept intact in your account. I even sent my stuff home by mail. Come on. He managed to lock his love for Luke in a corner of his mind. She replied and told him he could use the house at will. Jemma started maternity leave the following weekend telling herself that made it to ensure that the child was fine. I'll tell if I see ." A few weeks later..He asked for you . and then had gone to purchase.. He went straight to the kitchen and left a can of paint he had bought on the table.I did not know.If it makes you feel better. and return my call. . with the life you lead . You have to tell. . He heard the phone and looked for the keys in her purse. . garden and the miracle of having a life growing inside her. He loved his little house.No wonder. He was religiously paying your pension.. . if it was important. but when he opened the door. . had not seen him or heard from him.she asked.Peter and I dined yesterday with Luke and company people.Jemma immediately exclaimed. Jemma received a letter from Theo. and had stopped ringing. In mid-April Jemma had an unpleasant surprise while eating with Liz. He has no desire to see me again. not break their friendship.What will you do with Luke? . but it was too soon and emotions were still very fresh. and thought "when cows fly. and only escaped sometimes at night. He had decided to paint the nursery yellow. Jemma was an expert at hiding their feelings. Liz. . but tried to hide her from me. Had much practice. Liz shook her head.Jemma said dryly. He came alone. The previous owner had built . I saw one of your magazines recently. That morning had been making a routine medical examination six months pregnant. She felt guilty for not saying anything. Only Liz knew. and she wanted to continue that way as long as possible. But the truth was that he was concerned to find Luke in London. Since they had separated. is entitled to know that he will be a father.Liz asked nothing more aware of his status -. What an idiot! But I still think you should tell.Do Not! .

looking defiant and he had suffered enough. but nothing cured him of his need for Jemma.she said. It was very Jemma style. She was pregnant.How could you think you could hide your pregnancy? . But since you said you did not want to see anymore. but did not move as he approached. He lay down on a deck chair facing the fountain. Is that Jemma had no idea what had happened during those months? Sick of love for her. but did not care. it is not uncommon that you do not enteraras of my pregnancy . He knocked unanswered. On reaching the door. He had made a lot of money in the process did not need. It was too big for Jemma. but it was a disaster before starting.mumbled sleepily. He wore chinos and a polo shirt and was . . Luke paused to look at her. Luke! . standing up and going to feel the pain of separation -. The birdsong filled the warm June morning. It had five bedrooms. Jemma went on for the rest of things in the car. had worked tirelessly to push her mind.. The pulse quickened and he followed her with angry eyes. he would have smiled. missing her. the master bedroom and three bathrooms... Jemma wearing a light muslin dress straps that foreshadowed the curve of her breasts. My pregnancy is no secret . Now Jemma was in front of him. For despair had invited Davinia only for dinner one night. happy with life. and closed his eyes.. She was pregnant with him and not what he had said.It was not a dream. He had a hand placed as protection on the belly.. Luke Jemma recognized the car and parked his back. green grass.Luke .So true. -. but had fallen in love site seeing anything else. . She opened her eyes and thought he was dreaming. The bushes were flowery entrance and the house had a tale look. It was red with rage as he approached the house. He watched the beautiful flowerbeds. . Then stepped back and looked at the house.I do not know what you're talking. he heard the phone again and again failed to arrive on time. rang the bell. Picked purchase. and had it not been so angry. . .she snapped. unable to sleep at night . and could not repress a sigh of satisfaction. Even from a distance I could see her swollen belly and anger grew.. was so beautiful she gasped and felt a cold nausea stomach: symptoms of infatuation which had failed to leave behind. . Jemma. a chamomile was prepared and went into the garden. and he impatiently around the house and discovered that consisted of two wings with an intermediate courtyard with a fountain in the center.when he married for fifty years.He asked harshly. She was on a sunbed.

but now that I could see.I never lied. . .Do not worry. it seems the only person who let you get closer to you. No owed nothing! She stepped back and tripped over the chair.I am surprised that Liz did not call you to let you know. . He had to deal with your new home and your baby.Liz told you? I can not believe it! . . .Well. and could make things difficult if he wanted to exercise their rights to the child.You take my wife and my child in your womb .. And she had thought that at certain stages of pregnancy decreased sexual desire! . Jemma felt an earthquake inside.. but not be back to tell me that. Does it hurt? . He released her and smiled sarcastically.he said -. .Are you crazy? Let me down! . Liz has not betrayed you.The child just kicking . . but had to grab him as he carried her into the house. and felt the boy gave a kick at that time against his hand. Luke grabbed her by the waist with both hands. Luke's features softened and anger in his eyes turned in surprise at her.she said with a shrug. although not believed to owe any explanation.Luke said with precision. After nearly five months believed to have achieved convinced that Luke did not want and did not need it. I saw a company party yesterday and told me that as a parent thought it was important for me to know.No.I'm fine .she managed it. .What do you want.He asked quietly. but inside was like a flan. Now was anything but good -. Agile reflexes.she said. . Later I learned that women frequently stained in the early stages of pregnancy . You can let go and tell me how you found me and why you're here.. I'm fine . At that time I thought I had the period. but his sexual magnetism was as powerful as ever. It was still his wife. . His presence had shaken her insides and could not ignore her gorgeous body beside her. Luke? . aroma and intensity of their presence.Then he remembered the two calls that had not arrived in time to respond. Was Peter.she explained. I asked if there was any chance when we parted. . At least he had been well until the arrival of Luke. and I lied saying no. Do not tell me you thought you were pregnant.She shrieked. feel the same attraction to him. and took her in his arms before she could guess his intentions. You know very well what I mean.She asked slowly. He was thinner and had more wrinkles.Do not tempt my patience . you know .

- No. What I want is to protect you and my son - he went to the kitchen and put her
down. He looked around with interest -. It is very nice.
- I need your opinion - Jemma snapped angrily -. I do not know what your game is, but
you're wasting your time. I do not want you here - and turned his back to go for a glass
of water.
He grabbed her by the shoulder and forced her to turn.
- You have no choice - where had she heard that before ?, she wondered, resentful -. I'm
going to stay here as long as it takes. Forever, if necessary. I love you and I will not let
you go again.
Jemma stared at him. It could not have understood.
- Say that again.
- I love you, Jemma. I've always wanted - he said in a deep voice full of emotion.
She heard his words and believed for a moment. Until he felt the baby move inside.
- No, I do not believe you - how could I have forgotten that Luke was a master
manipulator and always got what he wanted? And what I wanted was a child -. You're
lying to stay with my baby.
Then he realized that Luke should have realized that she loved him and so he offered
just that.
- I have no reason to lie, Jemma. I am the father of your son, and he shall be mine no
matter what happens between us. It's you I love you - he insisted, and reached for her -.
It's you I need in my life, and desperately. I have tried to live without you and it was
like being in hell.
The emotion in his voice touched her heart and began to soften. Heavens, so wanted to
love her ...
- You have to believe me, because I will not let you go again.
Your comment was like a cold shower just when I was beginning to believe it.
- You never let me go, Luke. What you did was leave me dry declaring that he wanted
to see me again. And I know why - he snapped -. Do they think I'm stupid? You come
here and declare your unconditional love waiting for fall at your feet. Do they think I do
not know what Davinia? I know you were dating her before we got married, and it was
she who answered the phone when I called the day of your birthday, but you said it
was your secretary. But it was the same Davinia with which you appear in the photos
from a recent magazine.
The released her and blushed slightly.
- Do not bother to deny it. Sure that you both very amused that you talk to me on the
phone when she was the object of your erotic conversation. You make me sick. And
instead of telling me to look for a house because the apartment was not my style, you

could have told me to go home. And to think I had already decided to leave the past
behind and make our marriage work ... What irony of life - looked at him and laughed
with no joy -. Get out, Luke. I'm going to rest - and wanted to leave the kitchen shaking
with the force of his emotional release.
- Do not even happen, Jemma - he told her, pulling her back into his arms -. You're not
going to get away so soon. You are jealous of Davinia, and do not know how happy it
makes me that, knowing that you have felt a hint of trouble that has choked me since I
met you - Jemma opened her mouth to protest -. Do you have any idea what it cost me
break your cold? Does the Times, satisfied with sex in bed, I knew a wall stood between
the two? Do not know what you've done to me, to me, Luke Devetzi, who had never
believed in love - shook his head -. And I've fallen madly in love a woman who is
locked in memory of a love from his past.
Jemma looked into his eyes and saw him vulnerable. I had never seen Luke as then, and
looked at him with an uncertainty that closely resembled hope. She wanted to believe,
but was afraid to suffer again.
- When did you realize? - He asked sarcastically, to protect their feelings.
- The day we visited the house of Zante - he replied with a smile -. While laying in bed
for your aunt. After you told me that I did not believe in love, and decided to wait to
tell you because I found soon - he clenched his arms and stared -. You lied when you
said you did not know who was the lover of your aunt, and that hurt me because they
trust me.
- How can you tell?
- Honey, you're like an open book to me, but forget it. I did not have to say now. I will
do everything in my power to make you trust me.
- You also said that you were disappointed ...
- I think I said too - he murmured -. How I can make you understand? As you saw, I
broke schemes about love. You are the woman of my dreams, but that became a
nightmare when you said you were married. I spent a year trying to forget, a year of
abstinence. In desperation, I started dating Davinia, but I swear I have not returned to
play since. Came as a surprise to my office to wish me a happy birthday, but threw it
away before we talk. Do you think I can speak well and make love to another woman as
I do with you? - He asked harshly -. You are my love, my passion and my life.
She recalled that passion, tenderness and how he made love, and her heart sank. Was
he telling the truth?
- When I forced her to marry me, no matter you followed me in love with Alan. I
wanted you. I knew we were compatible and thought I could base our marriage on that,
but I soon realized my error. I love you and I want more than that from you - he said,
stroking his chin -. Look, Jemma. I am a very possessive man and had some insane
jealousy of your deceased husband.

- You broke my necklace on purpose.
- It would have broken his neck if he had been alive. So I'm negligible, Jemma - he
responded immediately.
Jemma opened her eyes and looked at Luke's face; seemed to be suffering torture.
- You can not be serious ...
- Maybe not, but went back to New York determined to let you know how I felt,
because I discovered after our conversation I was getting somewhere with you.
Especially when you agreed to seek a home.
- I thought we'd get it, but then I thought that was your way of telling me I left - Jemma
- Guessed right the first time - Luke smiled -. But when I arrived and saw you crying in
your old house, something jumped inside me - he closed his anguished eyes and then
opened them again -. Jemma was about to take without your permission. Can you
forgive me?
- Do Not! - She screamed. He could not bear to see the torment in his eyes -. You did
not. You were angry at first, but I wanted you - she said, getting red and feeling
growing hope in your heart every second.
- Thanks, but I've realized that I can not trust myself when you're around. Each time I
was desperate wanting you to love me. I'm so selfish he wanted to be the center of your
universe. I did everything I could to love me, to no avail. There was no longer me hope
and I figured I would have to leave before smashing the few feelings you had for me he removed his hand from his chin -. No wonder they did not tell me about the
pregnancy. Probably you were afraid of me.
Jemma could not bear to hear her proud and untamed Luke speak so humbly.
- Fear of you ... ever - she said with a smile.
- I hope you're serious, Jemma - he told - because it'll be a long time with you and the
Had lasted a long time to humility, she said. She ran her hands down his chest and then
circled his neck. He approached it as much as allowed belly and said,
- Sounds good. I like that the man I love is near me and our son - Jemma saw the
surprise in his eyes, then kissed forward while tenderness.
- Tell me this is real - he asked, stroking her hair -. Tell me again that you love me.
She pulled back slightly.
- I love you, Luke - his lips parted in a smile of great satisfaction.
He kissed her with a burning desire to reach out to the soul. His hands slid from the
neck to caress her breasts, then her belly.

- We should not be doing this - he growled -. You're pregnant.
- Of course we must - she said, feeling her breasts swelled beneath the thin fabric of her
dress -. But not here, but up - he muttered, and he took her in his arms to take her
where she told him.
Once there, left it on the floor and looked as if it were the first time he saw her, making
Jemma be nervous.
- Do you like my room? - She asked.
- You fill my eyes, my heart filled my mind and leave no room for anything else - put
his hands on her shoulders and under the thin straps of her dress, which immediately
fell to the feet of Jemma -. Oh my God! - Cried at her figure -. I used to think you were
perfect, but now, you're like a ripe fruit, you're ... exquisite.
- Luke ... - she said excitedly.
- Jemma, I do not deserve - said, hiding her face in his shoulder - but I love you madly
and always will.
She felt her heart swelled chest. All your doubts and fears were gone to see the love
shining in his silver eyes.
- Luke - repeated, trembling, as he kissed her forehead.
The he lay on the bed as if he took off his clothes outside the more so as crystal, and lay
beside her.
He stroked her breasts until she cried softly in pleasure. He leaned over her and kissed
her while through his body with his hand. Jemma looked for him to feel the passion
ignited inside.
- Jemma, my love - he murmured against her skin, caressing with increasing urgency.
She dug her nails into his skin and he groaned with pleasure at finally possess.
It had nothing to do with what they had known before; It was a total union of body and
soul, which made them know the pleasure and glory of being one in reality.
Later, Luke kissed her hair stroking her belly.
- Well, Theo will by happy end; his great-grandson will keep your home.
- How Come? Are not you happy?
- Content is not enough to describe the depth of my love for you. I love you more than
words can say.
- So show me again - she smiled, and he obeyed.

In all the months he spent alone. . it is not to much .but the helicopter is waiting and want to get before midnight. It was the spitting image of his father... we are waiting .Are you sure Alex will be fine alone? . .. Has the whole service. remember? Jemma had not stopped smiling when he came out of the shower. . with the help of the wife of a farmer. . but Jemma smiled because he had been so long farewell to Alex like her.We're just going to be a night out. The last fourteen months had been pure bliss. more than nine and your suitcase is ready . was not an original surprise. Theo and Milo at his feet.. well what they were there often.. Yesterday was his birthday. Jemma was surprised when the helicopter landed on the roof of Zakynthos hotel where they spent their wedding night. and in the midst of the feast.Luke was so attractive and attentive as ever.. putting an arm around her shoulders .but this is no surprise.Epilogue It was SEPTEMBER and the sun still shone brightly in the Mediterranean.Patience .Luke said. .. after many hugs the child. Athens and the house of Zante. .I know what you're thinking . . He looked blankly Luke .I think I started at midnight and celebrate . the boy had decided to take their first steps.You're right .she said.he said. . It's our second anniversary and we must begin to celebrate . An hour later. we have to keep doing it .Jemma. the day before their first wedding anniversary.she smiled.He laughed -. Sola reported seeing her eyes shine -. Alex was born in the house to the dismay of his father.Single? . Milo and his son Alex playing in the pool. even if a bit impatient at times.Come on. Jemma appeared at the balcony of his room and saw Theo.he murmured. she never imagined such a complete happiness. and kissed him on the cheek -. Had spent the time between the house of Sussex. I'll go take a shower. reaching behind her and holding her by the waist -. I have a surprise for you. Only it will not be a second. Jemma . You are in a hurry. .So where are we going? .. boarded the helicopter had landed in the garden.he promised . . wicked.Well.

Her eyes filled with tears shed without shame. holding her by the waist said. . was to make another confession. where was the tomb of the girl who was never born. Do not cry. Luke. please. Luke blindfolded and led her by the waist until it stopped. .. but this seemed a good substitute and perhaps you liked . Theo was conceived at this beach. Not me I would have thought.. Luke stopped at the bottom of the steps. If you agree.. kissing her neck and caressing her breasts -. was a mosaic niche with a sculpture of a virgin with child .You are not wrong. and she began to get excited too. It's a lovely surprise.I know your aunt would have liked more a tombstone. This is.. . . . She was gorgeous.he said.le him.In his arms as she was. it's a tradition that I want to return . And nine months later. She was next to the garden he had devised for her aunt. Her tears were of joy and a touch of sadness so that virgin represented. Sorry if I was wrong. Jemma looked up with a grin. I'd like our next son to follow the family tradition .We have arrived . I love him. but the sensitivity of that gift came deep inside. End One Scan Mariquiña and runs Gido by Joany . . and on the cliff.and took the band -. two meters high. And I love you . and my mother too. Lucy was born Marie . . I can not stand to see you mourn.I must say I have another reason to bring you here. but it sure Aunt Mary would have liked.Yes. He kissed her tenderly and when he finally raised his head. Jemma it was not hard to notice his erection.Now when you start the surprise: I have to blindfold you. Believed to imagine what he was thinking.But his patience was beginning to wear thin when the taxi dropped them at the foot of the stairs leading to his house. She looked at him with shining eyes.. And I was not wrong at all.she said -. Luke knew he loved her.Really? .