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your readers can immediately trigger a positive response. The Creator program will analyze these features. add your source create a project. print) . import them accordingly and make available these functions in the viewer. then there is no need to do these again in the Creator. logo and contact information Custom graphics for navigation buttons Interactive Ads next to Covers Colored bookmarks and table of contents for easy navigation Rights (eg. .to allow or restrict PDF Conversion as Basis If useful features such as hyperlinks. internal links or bookmarks can be pre-created during the layout process of the document. which needs to be as simple as possible. you will have more options than other comparable solutions: Background colors.Overview A high-quality publishing solution must take into account two aspects: on one hand it requires a powerful Software. specify the access settings and appearance. So with the FlipBook medium. Done. and publish it. The procedure is very simple . and on the other hand the end product itself. When you customize the access settings and appearance. FlipViewer® Xpress Creator FlipViewer ® Xpress Creator is an appealing application that allows you to create a FlipBook in just a few clicks and without any kind of programming skills. and if fonts are embedded.

custom backgrounds. custom logos. FlipViewer ® Xpress currently offers 21 international languages that you can assign to the viewer interface. that's no problem too. as source to the FlipBook. Zoom and scroll. So every reader can follow his own reading habits and overcome the typical reading barriers seen in most flipbook technology. You can also use your own interactive SWF files. If you like the navigation bar down more than up. Colored bookmarks.Customizing the User Interface During the process. you can embed local flash video files into the FlipBook. for example. you have numerous options to customize the look of your publication to the corporate design of your company or that of your customers.Click and drag the mouse over the page to determine zoom area and size Flip with the cursor keys. or click and drag the page edge to turn Select text and copy or add notes Browse quickly forward. read individual pages or the entire document Incorporate multimedia elements With our video tool. users can also customize the numbering of each page. Reading FlipBooks . in many different ways (some patented and possible only with exclusive FlipViewer ®) are possible. and add external videos (eg from youtube) that can be opened in the FlipBook. and own button graphics are also possible. Use of FlipViewer ® Xpress FlipBooks is very intuitive and easy. On complex publications with nested content. "Click and Drag Zoom" . click the navigation buttons.

you can put together a professional presentation to suit any of your desires and needs. Features: Realistic 3D Flipping Intuitive and fast user interface Smooth zoom. The Entry Level-Edition FlipBooks created with this version are particularly attractive because of ease of use. With the modular design. With added multimedia functionality. magazines can be perfectly adapted and presented with your customer's corporate design. agencies can offer your customers FlipBooks with interactive advertising and presentation ability. high quality representation Full-screen or single-page read mode External and internal links Table of Contents Jump directly to specific pages Multi-lingual Viewer Interface Change FlipBook Background Offline print version Download PDF Defining access rights to the document Bookmarks for easy access Archive Content through a Lightbox call Track FlipBook requests Social Media Integration Features: Use your own logos Your own Page Loading image Menu Button Graphics Move menu bar Interactive Ads Embed Videos Flash-SWF as Source Files ActionScript 2 und 3 Support Webshop integration API Functions . The Corporate Design-Edition This version offers a comprehensive feature set. Standard-Edition This is the most common solution chosen by companies. With advanced personalization features. we offer a solution for small and medium sized companies or freelancers who want to achieve convincing results with little effort. and builds on the functionalities of the Basic Edition.Products Basic Publishing Edition With our Basic Edition.

Server software Automated batch processing. This means you can trigger both standard desktop as well as server side conversions for your various FlipBook projects. Enterprise Publishing-Edition The Professional Edition consists of two components: the FlipViewer Creator software and the Server edition.Professional-Edition Customers of this enterprise solution are publishing and print houses or other customers that need to perform mass creation of publications – i. Your focus is on the optimized usage of functions. The Server Edition allows you to create a variety of publications without major technical effort. The PDF source document can be added through a web interface or unloaded into a hot folder and it will be converted into a FlipBook with your predefined settings.e. to constantly create FlipBooks with similar or different layouts. Version Comparison FlipBook Features General Program Features Personalization Features Multimedia Features Digital Rights Management Automatic Processes Advanced Functionalities Features: Hybrid Production System Hiding of FlipViewer Xpress loading logo Command Line Tool . configuration file Integration Hotfolder .

in order to ensure only your paying readers get an insight into your content. The PDF will be stored in a folder on a server that is continuously monitored by the software. When the user adds a PDF document in the folder. Comments within the group will be made available on our comments servers and the entire management access to the server can be made available. For this. it is essential to provide the publications with a flexible and powerful access control. It can also be configured as a multiple-user hot folder. This function can be setup between publishers. This function is not limited to any number of employees and even across different locations. it is possible to convert PDFs into FlipBooks. Concept . Hotfolder Concept The Hot Folder module allows the automatic conversion of PDF documents. we will prepare a separate quotation for your desired purpose. the conversion starts automatically based on predefined settings of design and reading rights. graphic designers or printers. Each hot folder can be assisgned a unique output path. or access his own notes across computers. Group Comment Function This service is for anyone who is interested to share notes and bookmarks. so that different users and different publications settings can be used as required. You can purchase our DRM server as a package for in-house use or you can use our DRM service. With our DRM server solution you can manage and control the access to your publications. This allows an optimal workflow and ease of use for all employees and a company-wide consistent look-and-feel of FlipBooks can be achieved.Extensions DRM Workflow Digital Rights Management (DRM) For the effective distribution of magazines or books. or within training institutions.

General Features 3D Flipping Interface (in Landscape Mode) Scroll with Swipe gesture (in Portrait Mode) High display quality in any zoom level Table of Contents automatically generated Search Function Image slider for easy navigation Web Links supported Internal Links supported Library und Download History . If you are looking for a customized kiosk or magazine app for your company.Publishing for the iPad Mobile publishing is the market of the future. With the iFlipViewer technology. please contact us for our Branded App solutions. E-Book Systems provides another alternative to your desktop by publishing for the iPad.

CEO.” Masayoshi Son. We’ve seen the numbers for our online subscriptions growing steadily. We’re planning to include video clips to accompany certain articles.” Chris Rosenberg. Our previous system was cumbersome with long download times – so far. “We searched for an easy and economical solution to an electronic flip catalog to post on our website for a new product line. We chose E-Book Systems’ technology because of all the extra elements it has allowed us to incorporate into publishing our digital issues. This integrates especially well with E-Book Systems’ Digital Flip® technology which further enhances the multimedia rich content by packaging it within a 3D realistic page-flipping book interface. On the following pages we would like to give small suggestions. we have received no complaints about the ease of download (a frequent problem in the past!) Some of our vendors have asked for your name – as they would like to offer a similar service to their readers. Operations Manager. periodicals and magazines. Our customers love these catalogs and comment on them often. Agencies can create brochures with multimedia elements for customer presentations. The customer service was excellent and we can get the project up and running quickly. Industrial companies use FlipViewer® to present their products and services in an attractive way during trade fairs. the reader response has been overwhelmingly positive.Testimonials Already Familiar with FlipViewer® Xpress Our customers come from all economic sectors. National Sales & Marketing Manager.” Cheryl Amaya. FlipCity’s website was easy to use and allowed us to sample a flip catalog before we purchased it. This is an economical way for us to keep our customers up to date with our latest products. Publishers publish their excerpts. In addition to the advantages we are able to offer our advertisers with the digital editions. with a 100% increase in online subscriptions since this option was introduced in the beginning of 2007. for example a video of a paintball tournament to go along with a story on that tournament or videos of products being tested to accompany product reviews. SOFTBANK Corp “We wanted to offer something different to our readers. and putting the magazine online in this format enabled us to provide them with a multimedia experience unlike any other paintball magazine. conferences and the internet. Your imagination knows no bounds. We have also received many positive comments regarding the created flipbook from our clients. Breakaway Adventures . Unique Truck Accessories “With high speed broadband we remove the obstacle that has traditionally prevented end users and authors from enjoying and providing multimedia rich content. the possibilities for creating new ways to entertain and educate our readers are endless. We liked the service so much that we produced all three of our catalogs in a flip format and plan to update them often and add more as well. Since introducing the digital issues. I have high expectations that Digital Flip® technology will contribute much to the proliferation of rich media broadband content. Paintball 2Xtremes “We chose FlipViewer Xpress Creator because it’s very user friendly and cost effective. Publisher.” Carol Keskitalo.

Most converters lose quality on digital issues. The FlipBook format is more popular for online viewing but many users still like to have the PDF file on their PCs for some reason. We have also received many positive comments regarding the created flipbook from our clients. So far the readers’ response has been good. thus increasing the amount of online sales. we decided to go for it. Breakaway Adventures “We chose FlipViewer(R) Xpress Creator software because it is easy to use.” Warren Livingstone. We have plans to further extend FlipViewer Xpress to our other publications. We have received great feedback from our readers. We plan to use FlipViewer(R) Xpress for many more publications including our catalogs. The look is great. The customer service was excellent and we can get the project up and running quickly. Frederick Community College “We chose FlipCity because of its price and quality. FlipViewer(R) Xpress Creator has been a great purchase. FlipCity is versatile and with great quality even when zooming.” Justin Grosskurth. The staff at your company was a pleasure to work with as well. Being able to find our Item Numbers. budget books and many others. FlipCity website is very easy to use. foundation newsletters. and it takes me 1 minute to convert my magazine every month. The ability to link is also helpful to our business as we are able to have link pages to our website. Everyone loves the FlipViewer Xpress FlipBook format of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Tour Itineraries and Travel Guides.” Carol Keskitalo. Also. E-Commerce Operations Manager. So. campus master plan. and the pages load very quickly compared to our competitors’. Having reviewed other digital publishing software. We have people travelling with us from around the world so printed brochures don’t work for us. search.“We chose FlipViewer Xpress Creator because it’s very user friendly and cost effective. deeply reliable. They were very patient and answered many of our questions. We certainly look forward to using it for our 2011 Green Gear Line catalogs. E-Book Systems Customer Support Team has been fantastic. and we especially like the search facility. Editorial Director. nothing compared to the great clients’ and readers’ response!” Andrea Montalvo. we have received no complaints about the ease of download (a frequent problem in the past!) Some of our vendors have asked for your name – as they would like to offer a similar service to their readers. student newspapers. Mexigo City The Tourist Magazine “We chose FlipViewer Xpress Creator software because we liked the end product of some of the samples that we saw. Fanatics “We chose FlipViewer(R) Xpress Creator software because it is extremely easy to use. The best feature for our clients is the search box. we found FlipViewer(R) Xpress solution much easier to use and less expensive. We have used PDFs in the past and this FlipBook edition is an extension of that. Founder and Managing Director. We have no complaints or concerns about the software’s functionality or performance. Our previous system was cumbersome with long download times – so far. We will drop the separate view PDF online option at some point since users will be able to get the PDF version from the FlipBook too. Our clients are more impressed with the FlipViewer(R) Xpress FlipBook format of the GNP Virtual Catalogs than anything. making the product research much easier. Operations Manager. The ability to re-brand the FlipViewer(R) logo and host the catalog on our own server also helped make the decision easier. GNP . It produces quality book-like documents.” Cindy Osbon. We are particularly impressed with the speed at which large documents can be viewed and browsed compared to a PDF. Web Services Director. The FlipViewer(R) Xpress Creator software certainly meets our requirements. We wanted to start small and let users get used to the FlipViewer(R) Xpress software. zoom and flipping sound. answering all of our questions in a short period of time. and offers useful end-user options like print. Our readers found the viewer very easy to use. Product Names and Descriptions are perfect for our clients and even our Sales Team.

(Headquarters) Blk 13 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh 06-02.: +65 6258-6100 Fax: +65 6258-7300 E-mail: sales@ebooksys.w w w. Braddell Tech Park. f l i p v i e w e r. c o m E-Book Systems Pte. Ltd. Singapore 319261 .