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Along with the development of economy and society, life quality has also improved.

However, the environment was much more seriously polluted. Protecting the
environment is the essential duty of not only individuals but also the human race.
Vietnam is a developing country, therefore protecting the environment is more
difficult because we must develop our economy while protecting the environment.
ISO 14000 is a series of environmental standards, which help nations and
organization conduct environmental management effectively. Many countries
applied ISO 14000 effectively. However, the application of these standards was not
popular. Nowadays, Vietnam is a member of WTO, therefore it must follow common
regulations which include environment and resources protection. Therefore, ISO
14000 is the best solution for the conflict of economy and environment.
Green Tech Vietnam Joint Stock Company is a tannery, which produce cow leather.
Established more than 10 years ago, Green Tech Vietnam was always trying to build
an environment-friendly factory and accommodate the quality requirement from the
much more meticulous market.
Being aware that our business may cause pollution to the environment, we take
effort to manage our activity closely to minimize environmental pollution, risks and
sources that can pollute the environment. Besides, we follow law strictly, enhancing
our image to increase our competitiveness.
1.2 target
Estimate the environmental management of Green Tech Vietnam
Build the environmental management system following ISO 14000:2004 (base on
BLC) for Green Tech Vietnam
Propose measures to control and prevent pollution, audit and examine the
2.1 Introduce the environmental management system, which follow ISO 14000
The appearance of ISO 14000
In 1991, International standardization organization (ISO) created SAGE with the
participation of 25 nations
At the summit of the United nation about environment and development in Rio
1992, ISO commited to established international environmental management
standards with essential tools to apply this system

2. products or services. ISO 14000 standards was issued officially in Sep 1996 and was updated and amended in Nov 2004 2.ISO establish Technological Committee 207 (TC207) to build environmental management standards. In 5 year editing. ISO 14000 do not create or require to follow specifically. ISO 14000 tries to achieve this by providing organization factors of and effective environmental management system. Organisation that follow ISO can be sure that their environmental activities are and will be legal. to help organization prevent harmful effects caused by their activities. These functions are of organizations and bodies which are in charge of law ISO standards include 6 areas: EMS EA EPE EL LCA EAPS 2.1. Particularly.1 the Environmental management system ISO 14001 Environmental management standards_ISO 14001 .2 Purpose of ISO 14000 standards. a series of standards was gathered related to environmental management system (such as ISO 14001 and 14004) and other related documents related to other environmental management tools.2Introduce about the Environmental management system ISO 14001 2. ISO 14000 Standards was created based on the international agreement to establish an environmental management system which can continuously improve its organization with below purposes: Support organization in environment protection and control pollution to accommodate the need of economy and society. The specific duty of TC207 is to build an environmental management system and tools to apply this system.

EMS –ISO 14001 is the system: Is applied for every type of products Is applied voluntarily Whose effectiveness depends on the commitment of every related department. This standards do not have detailed standards and results.1 The area of EMS of Green Tech VN . EMS is a part of an organization ‘s general management system which refer to environmental___ which was caused by the organization activities. EMS helps an organization to manage the environment effectively and improve there system continuously.ISO 14001 set regulations for EMS.1. Chapter 3: Build EMS with ISO 14001-2004 at Green Tech Viet Nam Joint Stock Company 3. maintain and improve EMS Ensure every activities will be in accordance with published environmental policies Prove the compatibility for other organization An organisation’s EMS is approved to be compatible with an external organization Identify and declare to be compatible with this standards. individual Help protect the environment and prevent pollution The standards are applied for every organization that wants: To establish. This standards are applied for environmental ____ that an organization can control and have authority on. conduct. with reference on law and information about significant environmental effects. help an organization create environmental policies and targets. 1 The area of EMS and establish the environmental committee 3.