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This set of learning exercises on audio cassettes offers a means whereby the individual can reduce dramatically the common fear
of physical death. The result can be, at the least, greater tolerance of the situation. At most, the GOING HOME Subject may learn to
control calmly the sequence of this critical event, allowing it to be one of peace and dignity.
The GOING HOME system also helps family and friends understand better and accept the reality of the death process so as to
provide badly needed specific support at critical moments for the departing Subject. It also includes methods that can be employed to
help them consistently adjust to and recover from the loss of their loved one.
GOING HOME makes the following identifications: one who is in the last and irreversible stages of a terminal illness or injuries is
called the Subject. Those who are in close loving and family contact with the Subject plus care-givers are called the Support Group.

GOING HOME has been designed to support the deep spiritual principles underlying major religions without favoring any
particular one. Thus any religious group or organization can utilize GOING HOME, and apply their teachings to it such as they may
find appropriate. Still, the Subject does not have to believe in any specific religion to participate in the GOING HOME process.
– First and foremost, the Subject learns how much more the human is than simply a physical body. This is achieved through direct
personal experience rather than merely statements or descriptions.
– The experience of guided tours through states of consciousness beyond time-space is a method of exposing the user to options
available after departure from physical life, specifically including audio patterns symbolic of major religions that offer continued
existence after physical death.
– A quiet effort is made to present the entire program as simply a system of remembering. This is based upon the belief that all
humans have deep knowledge of our origins and destination, even if they have been clouded by the now passing concerns and hurry
of ordinary physical life. Thus much of the experience can become familiar territory, again removing fears created by uncertainties.
Therefore, GOING HOME is phrased in terms of helping the Subject gradually remember this deep knowledge whatever it may be.
– Full use is made of the methods that have been in successful application at the Monroe Institute for the past 17 years. These have
been enhanced greatly through participation and support by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D., and Charles Tart, Ph.D., both adding their
experience to the development of GOING HOME.
GOING HOME takes full advantage of simple labels given states of human consciousness through research by the Monroe
Institute, and the experience by thousands of people who have used them as points of reference. Both the GOING HOME Subject and
Support Group learn successively to experience these various states of consciousness while still possessing a living physical body.
The labels are only a means of neutral identification.
FOCUS ONE is a state of physical waking consciousness in the Here-Now portion of time and space we call the Planet Earth.
FOCUS TEN is where the physical body is deeply relaxed enough so that physical sensory signals to the mind are greatly
reduced, yet the mind remains awake and conscious, the physical body in light sleep.
FOCUS TWELVE is a deepening of body sleep, where the mind begins to perceive in ways ordinarily restricted by physical
signal input. It is the beginning of awareness of the freedom human mind-conscious-ness has from complete dependency on the
physical body.
FOCUS FIFTEEN begins the conscious experience of No-Time with progressively greater states of separation of mind
consciousness from physical body signals very similar to the deeper stages of sleep – except that the mind remains awake.
FOCUS TWENTY ONE is the edge of human perception of time-space, equivalent to very deep sleep, yet the mind is fully
conscious and active.
FOCUS TWENTY TWO is the human mind border between time-space and other non-physical states of being. It is often
experienced as a slight change in vibration.
FOCUS TWENTY THREE is the condition of a human being immediately after physical death. It is a very active area filled with
ex-physical human minds in various states of confusion, stasis, emotion – and sometimes waiting or curious.
FOCUS TWENTY FOUR is the site of nonphysical activity generated by simple or primitive religious belief systems of humans
both past and present. As in all belief systems at the non-physical level, there will be very little perception, only a flash or shadow or
two if one knows nothing about the belief.
FOCUS TWENTY FIVE is the expression of the major organized religious beliefs in recent human physical history. Distinctly
separate in activity, here are Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and others, complete with various denominations
thereof. The visitor touring the area will be attracted only to those which have been and are a strong element in his or her physical life

AA. one of the Group should read them directly to the Subject. preferably AC powered instead of batteries. For recording the comments. and that no interruptions will occur during the exercise. discussions and Subject’s response for family history archives. they include various physical health affirmations that may induce internal conflicts within the Subject due to an inability to conform to them. Some are composed of no more than two or three ex-physical humans. the site of a way-station for rest and recovery from the trauma of physical death. Exceptions are GOING HOME LEADERS (GH-201G. and with selection by the Subject if possible. contains learning exercises (with an “S” suffix to the tape number) that are specifically designed for and should remain with the Subject. Even the “E” Subject exercises can be explored. REMOVE AND RELEASE (GH-203G. with volume and balance controls. should be held to describe and give instructions regarding the GOING HOME methods and application. these learning exercises should be used by the Support Group only and not by the Subject. have the appropriate member of the group (A) conduct a private meeting with the Subject soon thereafter. The second album. individual results. (Two or more are recommended. 3. be sure that all members of the Group have read carefully both the GOING HOME information booklet and this Instruction Manual. and RESTORATIVE SLEEP (GH-206G. Each tape exercise should be used in the recommended sequence. one to remain always with the Subject. If the Subject is not present. Practice the proper use of the cassette tape players. discuss the BASICS and the six SECTIONS as provided in this Manual. one on each side of the Subject’s bed. 8. Others will be flickering patterns much less coherent. 2. It will be this individual’s role to see that the flow of GOING HOME runs smoothly. labeled Subject. If the Subject is unable to attend for any reason. Thus great selectivity is a major factor in both perception and admission into these sectors. labeled Support. When GOING HOME exercises are taken either by Subject or Group member. Here are the main items to be covered: First and foremost. Great care should be taken in the volume and balance of the tape playback to the Subject. and the other for rotation among the Support Group). The first. but not total darkness. only at the appropriate time. Select the one person in the Group that is among the most intimate and most loved by the Subject and with whom the Subject is most apt to confide. Any of them can be reviewed by members of the Support Group if desired. and not too loudly. Side B) can also be used out of sequence. Before beginning the exercises. Although the Support exercises may seem the same as those for the Subject. a simple tape recorder can be invaluable. Side B). They should be stereo. the Subject and the Support Group should each design their own mental Security Repository . 4. 1. FOCUS TWENTY SEVEN is on the edge of human thought capability as it is currently organized. as starting in the middle of an exercise can be confusing. but audio speakers can be used if necessary. This is important because GOING HOME is an evolving learning method. Two GOING HOME albums are provided. The reason for this is quite simple. If the Subject cannot do so. as they will end only in sleep for the individual. including medical helpers and care givers. With the exception of the information cassettes (HEMI-SYNC TECHNOLOGY and GOING HOME LEADERS). 7. Quality headphones are best. 6. Side A). facing the pillow. 5. Those with an “E” added to the tape number suffix are to be played to the Subject. Each tape exercise should be repeated at following sessions until Subject or Support Group member appears cognizant and/or satisfied as to the personal. and by members of the Group. 9.structure. Check that all tapes are fully rewound before using. FOCUS TWENTY SIX identifies narrow postmortal areas few in number that contain the structures and knowledge of various highly individual religious and other beliefs that are each based upon direct experience of self. Very soft lighting is best. be sure to lie down in an isolated area. contains information and exercises to be used by the Support Group. It should be heard equally in both ears. This is the one who will spend significant private time with the Subject. Select one person from the Group who is considered the most capable in terms of a Coordinator. In meetings. Sides A & B) and HEMI-SYNC TECHNOLOGY (GH202G. A. These tapes are identified by a “G” suffix added to the tape number. RECOMMENDED Meetings with Subject and Support Group. varying in degree according to direct individual knowledge. Awareness alone is often the beginning or entry point of most of these unique and exclusive systems. RECHARGE AND REGENERATE (GH-206G. be sure to try and keep the Subject aware that such meetings are taking place. Side A) which are informative rather than actual exercises. experience and interest. switchable Auto Reverse.

If this does not take place. Here is a sample illustration. 15. Side B). and privately with the Subject. 13. In many cases. this is a climaxing opportunity for the Support Group to improvise. and continue to do so during the growth of the Different Overview generated by GOING HOME: – THE FEELING OF EACH ABOUT THE COMING DEATH OF THE SUB JECT. It should be repeated for at least one hour after such notification. To help the process. use the one that relates to the earlier version that brought out the best response in the Subject. – ACTION EACH CAN TAKE ABOUT ANY UNRESOLVED EMOTIONAL OR OTHER CONCERNS THAT MAY BE PRESENT IN THE SUBJECT. with the lid of the box both open and closed. FREEDOM FLIGHT (GH105SE. and that of the Group. as well as the non-ordinary experience of some living people. make a simple sketch on paper. the Subject’s headphones can be loosened and moved slightly to one side. Perhaps a farewell party around the departing Subject’s body may be appropriate. Based upon the personality of the Subject. Side A.Box. Keep a simple diary of each tape exercise as it is used. Gather your Support Group together as often as may be convenient to discuss the response of the Subject. Side B) can be repeated again and again as needed. Many spiritual systems and religions. AND IN THE OPINION OF THE GROUP. If not. Physically touching the Subject’s body does not have any major effect. which is basically music. The only difference in those with the “E” at the end of the number is that these do NOT close with a verbal guidance back to complete physical waking consciousness. GH-203G. Read some of the books and papers by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Use the one or ones selected by the Subject if possible. Most important. This will make it easier to fill out a Completion Form which you will receive later from the Institute that can be of great service to others. RELOCATION THEME (OH-106SE. This is the image of a large and strong box with a heavy lid that each will use during the learning process. Two to three hours are preferred. Identify vocally the Group Member just before the message is spoken. or one you can use if desired: 10. From the very beginning. Sides A and B) is to be played to the Subject’s body immediately after medical diagnosis that the physical body is no longer alive. Most important. HOMECOMING (GH-104SE. To get it firmly in your mind. Exercises RIGHT OF PASSAGE (GH-104SE. You will mentally open and close it during each learning session to insert distracting thoughts. 12. Record such meetings on audio tape if possible – you eventually will be happy that you did! 11. but not too close. – PLAN STEPS TO BE TAKEN BY THE GROUP AFTER THE SUBJECT’S DEATH. the Support Group may be able to give vocal messages to the departing Subject during the playing of this recording. one of the Group can draw one for this purpose. the last physical link appears to be the sense of hearing. It has a long and successful history of adjustment and understanding of emotional traumas that may be latent or dominant in the Subject and the Support Group in attendance. the choice of departure and destination remains solely that of the Subject. discuss candidly the following among the Group. reporting the response of the Subject. If the Subject is unable to think it out alone. The Exercise REMOVE AND RELEASE (GH102S. Side A) and RETURN TO REVELATION (GH-105SE. the Subject will drop off into sleep and eventually wake up physically. Side B) are not to be used until it becomes obvious that the Subject is ready and desires to depart. The one selected may be repeated until the transition takes place. strongly suggest that the disassociation and departure of the non-physical self at death is not as instantaneous as it seems. especially in between the other exercises. available in public and . Speak softly near the ear. Side A). Make such arrangements with the medical authorities long before the actual physical death seems imminent. – CHANGES IN EMOTIONS AND ATTITUDES OF THE SUBJECT AND MEMBERS OF THE GROUP AS THE PROGRAM PROGRESSES. – THE FEELING OF THE SUBJECT ABOUT DEATH. 14. WITH DESIRES OF THE SUBJECT CAREFULLY AND CASUALLY OBTAINED AND INCLUDED. 16. or substituted with other “E” exercises as desired or needed. BOTH CONSCIOUSLY AND UNSPOKEN. Include the Subject when and if it seems appropriate. Charles Tart and Robert Monroe.

Side B): Where the mind learns to let go of anxieties. Subject REMOVE & RELEASE (GH-102S. Side B): The experience of a guided visit to the states of . They will assist greatly in the understanding of GOING HOME.D. M. Side A) A demonstration of the Hemi-Sync process. Subject MIND AWAKE/BODY ASLEEP (GH-101S. worries and concerns that bind and restrain growth and freedom. FLYING FREE (GH-203G.institutional libraries as well as bookstores. if so desired. After departure by the Subject. Side B): First step in knowing that the human mind can operate clearly without physical nerve signals. HEMI-SYNC TECHNOLOGY (GH-202G.D. where time does not exist and space is merely a thought process. EXERCISE SEQUENCE Section One Support Group GOING HOME LEADERS (GH-201G. even to continue use of the exercise tapes including those in the Subject album. Side B) Section Three Support Group REMOVE & RELEASE (GH-203G. If it is material that can be verified. then into short. Side A): Guided steps with full consciousness to Focus 21 along the Freedom Route. Charles Tart. with return to full physical waking consciousness. and Robert Monroe. EDGE OF HERE/NOW (GH-204G. if for no other reason than your own knowledge and satisfaction. normal sleep. Followed by normal sleep. the Group Coordinator should eventually retrieve all tapes and albums. Side A) FLYING FREE (GH-101S. 17. make a serious attempt to do so. 18. Ph. However.. Side A): Guided steps in helping the human mind consciousness soar above the Earth and above the clouds. Side B) Section Four Support Group TOURING INTERSTATE (GH-204G. Record in your diary any specific impressions or “messages” you feel you received from the Subject after his or her departure from this physical reality. including this Manual. to hold in reserve for the next Subject among the Group’s family and friends. Subject (Optional on the above) Section Two Support Group MIND AWAKE/BODY ASLEEP (GH-202G. Sides A & B) Conversation and discussion with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. maintain contacts among the Support Group. Side A) EDGE OF HERE/NOW (GH-102S.

SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU REALIZE ..SOON YOU WILL REALIZE THE LIFE YOU LIVED IS SIMPLY A LEARNING PATTERN. Such information may be important and verifiable only by that particular Member. Side A): A half-hour nap to balance mind and body.. RETURN TO REVELATION (GH-105SE.MOST OF ALL.AND THE HUGE MASS OF EMOTION YOU HAVE GATHERED. emotional and physical.. Continue for at least one hour...YOU TAKE WITH YOU SO MUCH MEMORY YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU HAD.. RELOCATION THEME (GH-106SE. mental....EVERY PARTICLE OF THIS LIFE SPAN YOU HAVE JUST COMPLETED IS OF EXQUISITE VALUE.. Section Six Support Group MESSAGES IN 21 (GH-205G........ Side B) Section Five Subject ((EACH WITHOUT GUIDED RETURN TO FOCUS ONE PHYSICAL WAKING CONSCIOUSNESS)): RIGHT OF PASSAGE (GH-104SE...IT IS THIS KNOWLEDGE THAT RELIEVES THEIR GRIEF..AS YOU ARE IN THEM.BUT SOON YOU WILL BEGIN TO KNOW THIS... THEY ARE WITH YOU NOW. but still should be reported to other Support Members.......... It can do much to alleviate the desolate emotional patterns of others in the Group... Side A) MOMENT OF REVELATION (GH-103S.A PREPARATION FOR A KIND OF GLORY AND JOY AND CREATIVE ACTIVITY THAT CANNOT BE DESCRIBED IN PHYSICAL HUMAN WORDS.. Ends with return to full waking physical consciousness in Focus 1.. Side B): Reunion with those encountered during previous meetings..WHERE YOU GO..OR EVEN THOUGHT.WHEREVER YOU GO. Side A): Touring Interstate. To be used whenever needed at any time during the entire GOING HOME process.. Ends with return to full waking consciousness in Focus 1. Side A): The guided visit to a specific part of the Interstate that held the most attraction for the participant...... Side B): Leisurely Interstate Tour. FREEDOM FLIGHT (OH-105SE. GO NOW... Side A & B): Music and effects to be played continuously (Use Tape Auto-Reverse) to the Subject’s physical body immediately upon medical certification that Subject has officially departed....HOWEVER YOU CHANGE.MOVING INTO ANOTHER STATE OF BEING FOR WHICH YOU ARE BETTER PREPARED AND TRAINED THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED. THEIR VERY ESSENCE FIRMLY AND PERMANENTLY MELDED INTO YOU.BUT YOU WILL.. Side A): Exploration of light-filled archway in clouds.YOU HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH. Side B): A state of perception in Focus 21 whereby a Support Group Member may receive or have communication with Subject for an indeterminate period after his/her Transition.YOU DID NOT REALLY LEAVE YOUR LOVED ONES BEHIND.. Side B): Guidance into normal sleep with emphasis upon healing the total self.WAYS THAT WERE NOT A PART OF THE LIFE YOU JUST DEPARTED .AND REMEMBER!... YOU TAKE MUCH LOVE AND BEAUTY WITH YOU....consciousness just beyond time-space where most humans find themselves after complete release from the physical body.IT CAN ONLY BE HAZILY AND VAGUELY EXPLAINED IN THE SCHOOLROOM TERMS OF PHYSICAL LIFE. RESTORATIVE SLEEP (OH-206G. These are Focus 22 through Focus 27. HOMECOMING (GH-104SE. To be used at any time during and after the learning Series...AND YOU WILL BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND WHY AT BEST. MOMENT OF REVELATION (GH-205G..YOU HEAR AND UNDERSTAND MY VOICE VERY CLEARLY.. YOU SOON WILL KNOW THE IMMENSE TREASURE YOU POSSESS..... YOU ARE GRADUATING... YOU WILL USE IT IN WAYS YOU HAVEN’T EVER CONSIDERED.. THERE IS ONLY A PHYSICAL ..... RECHARGE AND REGENERATE (GH-206G........AND THEY ALWAYS WILL BE.YOU TAKE KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE WITH YOU ..ACTION. Relocation Theme (VOICE TRACK) YOU HEAR MY VOICE CLEARLY... Subject TOURING INTERSTATE (GH-103S. WHATEVER YOU BECOME.


So please. Virginia 22938-9749 Phone 804-361-1252 FAX: 804-361-1237 . for the sake of future GOING HOME users. What works really well? What could be improved or added? Let us know: THE MONROE INSTITUTE Route 1.both the Subject and the Support Group. drop us a line. Box 175 Faber.

They expected more but cannot define what they mean by "more. GOING HOME makes the following identifications: one who is in the last and irreversible stages of a terminal illness or injury is called the Subject. such action can reduce greatly the stress of each before and after the coming critical event. death. guilt. It's only a matter of time. The Primary Purpose is to provide the Subject with an interesting prospect of valuable knowledge achieved through direct experience. in hospitals. without keen knowledge of what "There" really is. family. At most. Participants with profound religious beliefs may easily identify states of being that are familiar. hospices and nursing care facilities. a product of over thirty years research and development by the Monroe Institute. greater tolerance of any present life situation. The Life Span System developed by the Monroe Institute. For clarity. and for their family and loved ones. Included in such tours is a visit to the Park. and explored many times by Monroe Institute research teams. Those who are in close loving and loved contact with the Subject. The result for one who participates in these guided visits and tours via GOING HOME can be. is based upon a determination to provide a learning process for every human need. an interim “way-station” for those just completing the physical death transition. although no particular religious pattern is part of the process. Founder of the Monroe Institute. and one does survive physical death. and care-givers are called the Support Group. Secure in this knowledge. friends. To help the Subject let go of emotions. the learning system then provides the experience of guided visits and tours into states of consciousness just beyond time-space – those that are usually entered upon departure from physical existence. Not Here but There. and the experience of. This is achieved by developing in the Subject the surety that one is more than the physical body. at the least. .D. E. Of those who do. C. D. those who sometimes pause for a moment to reflect what it all means. B. that each of us will eventually be "Going Home. specific states of altered consciousness through the application of sound patterns known as Hemi-Sync.our true identity. Related Secondary Purposes: A. It is appropriately labeled: GOING HOME This is a set of learning exercises on audio cassettes designed for use at a private residence." Then there are among us ordinary people. Ph.D. fewer and fewer physical body nerve signals enter the mind until a basic conclusion is reached: the human mind-consciousness does not require such signals in order to exist and be active. most come away vaguely unsatisfied and unfulfilled. GOING HOME guides the individual through the various physiological states similar to the typical stages of sleep – with a major exception: the mind remains alert and conscious while the body exhibits all the signs of deepening sleep. They are Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. GOING HOME came into being with the participation and support of two long time friends of Robert Monroe. so as to assure their understanding and encouragement for the Subject engaged in the process. To provide the Subject an opportunity to exercise calmly and rationally the option to depart this physical existence when one so desires. As the learning progresses. To provide the Support Group of the Subject with enough exposure to GOING HOME learning exercises." to our original point of origin. To release the Subject from the fear of physical . and Charles Tart. a feeling of remembering may arise during such tours which can alter significantly their mental and emotional set when they return to physical wakefulness. and internationally known for his research into altered states of human consciousness. author. there has been a common yearning and nostalgia for something deep in ourselves -. M.. our origin. In many. rather than simply awaiting a dull and distasteful event. Many thousands of persons have successfully achieved and utilized the states of conscious awareness generated by these methods and techniques. but just for a moment. Many of usinterpret it as a desire to revisit the site of our physical birthplace and childhood. The newest and latest within this system is a special kind of help for those with life-threatening illness or injuries.Bridging The Gap -Throughout human history. yet no specific memory suggestion is provided. These purposes are achieved by introduction to. a point of rest and recuperation if needed. Equally important. university professor. To help the Subject recognize and remember some of the possibilities subsequent to this present physical life experience. long accepted world-wide as the leading authority on human death and dying. and obligations that are no longer needed and bind one to the present physical life experience. A growing number of us finally become astute enough to realize one way or another. the GOING HOME participant may learn to control calmly the sequence of the coming critical event.

So often they are not a part of the system that tries to give care to the person who is dying. each makes a choice as to the next life sojourn from the many options available. Now. many visits were made to verify the experience. But here it is. The GOING HOME training series on audio cassettes is based upon modern scientific and technical discoveries for getting acquainted with and exploring the deeper aspects of your mind. which are dismissed by our too busy. Designed for the skeptical as well as the deeply religious. a shadowy side to it: the way we treat the dying. Very important. I also like that family and loved ones are included. what we begin in our workshops and lectures can be continued wherever our friends are when they leave. The possibilities are hinted at in many life experiences which normally get too little attention. we suppress them and believe all things are material. We are all dying persons. This missing element was brought forcefully into this ‘loved one’ with the death of Nancy. It’s just a matter of time. the way-station they call Focus 27 in the program. You don’t need a medical pronouncement that you are close to death to benefit from the training series. Sedate the patient. what we call altered states of consciousness.even to the point where it becomes interesting and exciting. . All of the care givers in hospices. I would not have believed that something like GOING HOME was possible. Instead of recognizing our natural dignity and spirituality. hospitals and nursing homes can use their knowledge of our work when this program is used in their facilities. When they are calm and rational again. From Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: “Ten years ago. but for the family and loved ones. We did not deal with the emotional and other factors of the death transition itself at the Here-Now level. all of what we have learned and taught through the years can be a part of this program. we realized something was missing. The GOING HOME system also helps care-givers.’ best ignored as much as possible. the psychic flashes of knowing about things at a distance. the dying person.” From Charles Tart: “The tremendous advances in medical treatment in our times has. An uncounted large number of humans suffering post-mortem bewilderment and fright are constantly arriving at the Park and its environs for rest and recuperation. but afterward as well. time to become acquainted with our deeper selves that lie beyond the distractions of everyday life. and the pattern of the program is so simple that almost anyone can benefit from using it. And most important. This program was an attempt to solve a personal problem – the onset of cancer in my wife Nancy. Several times. and these others need help almost as much in other ways. the GOING HOME program is finally a way that we may be able to help our dying friends not only during their transition. Who and what originally created the Park is unknown. family and friends understand better and accept the reality of the death process so as to provide badly needed specific support at critical moments. After several years of successful LIFELINE program experience. unfortunately.” From Robert Monroe: “GOING HOME is most particularly the result of a recent Life Span project titled LIFELINE. add distractions and don’t think about it too much. You don’t have to change your religious or other beliefs to participate. so death often becomes a medical ‘failure. They are an equally important part of the program. we can die in a far more interesting and challenging way. LIFELINE then was developed and became a week-long seminar where individuals learned to go to Focus 27 (modern label for The Park) as visitors and helpers. the fleeting mystical tastes of deeper understanding. I felt I needed ‘death insurance. All our books and papers can be provided to assist in the understanding of the process. Not just for the Subject. work-a-day minds – the peak experiences. GOING HOME invites you. I myself have visited the Park. It is a beautiful place and filled with love and understanding. Yet impending death can be a resolution and culmination of life – a time to embark on a psychological and spiritual adventure. Maybe we will meet there some day. While science can go only so far in thinking about what lies beyond death.’ a guarantee that we could be together whatever took place. Included are methods that can be employed to help them consistently adjust to and recover from the loss of their loved one. to open to and cooperate with a deeper part of you that is beyond ordinary life and death. When our research and exploration team discovered the Park.

remember and hold that which you experienced. dying and transition. Charles Tart. a guided visit along the Freedom Route into those states of being just beyond time and space is offered in the learning exercise Touring Interstate. Thus anyone can participate in GOING HOME learning. the exercise Moment of Revelation is available to verify again and again what you have perceived. as well as among the general public. Two elements perform this function: Hemi-Sync Technology demonstrates the pattern of Hemi-Sync Sound developed for accelerated learning by the Monroe Institute. ON DEATH AND DYING. Return to Revelation – Expand. an audio introduction via recorded interviews and discussions with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. The first is the exercise Mind Awake. including that of Home.GOING HOME SEQUENCE The Series consists of two six-cassette audio albums. a systematic exercise where one learns to detach from binding and restraining anxieties and concerns that prevent full expression of what we truly are. NOTE: There is NO direct or subliminal suggestion in GOING HOME learning exercises that the user terminate physical life existence. which brings recognition that physical body signal input is not necessary to maintain active consciousness. M.D. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Based upon such experience. Charles Tart. Freedom Flight – Reunion with the contacts already made. The second learning exercise is experiencing with full non-physical consciousness the Freedom Route to the Edge of Here-Now. a major key to the effectiveness of the learning series. especially those close to the dying loved one. Her sixteen additional books plus hundreds of lectures and workshops held both in the United States and abroad have benefited millions of people in these matters of intense human interest and concern. The Second Section This provides the beginning of an intensive learning program of differentiation between human mind-consciousness and the physical body. The program does provide a way to resolve any fears or emotional barriers related to this natural process. This is demonstrated fully in the exercise Flying Free. one for the Subject and one for the Support Group. The Fifth Section With extended knowledge based upon personal experience.D. Body Asleep. and space is but a thought. Dr. The second is Going Home Leaders. and Robert Monroe. Although some parts may seem similar. to do and be that which you desire: Right of Passage – return to states of being you know and understand along the Interstate. where time no longer exists. Homecoming – Further selective tours of the Interstate. where one soars high above both Earth and towering clouds. Her first book. Ross has been recognized world-wide as a foremost authority in the field of death. and benefit from the experience. The Third Section Here are key steps in knowing that we are indeed more than our physical bodies. may indeed occur. For over 20 years. Dr. has become a master text on the subject and is required reading in most major medical and nursing schools as well as graduate schools in psychiatry and theology. The decision and resolution to act accordingly based upon this different perspective is left entirely with the individual. the GOING HOME learning series provides the following exercises as ways and means to explore more widely. The first is Remove and Release. each is different in expression The First Section An introduction to the factors and people behind the organization and production of GOING HOME. Tart is a Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Davis and is internationally known for his research in . It is within this exploration that valid memory of who and what you are. The Fourth Section With the knowledge that human consciousness is much more than a physical body and certainly not dependent upon it for continued existence. Ph. Her work in providing help and service to those in the final stages of physical life has been truly unique. She has made singular and ground-breaking contributions to the movement toward greater understanding of these life experiences both within the medical establishment and the community of the helping professions.

These included medical doctors. Reflections on Human Possibilities. As specialists in creating patterns of effective sound. Mr. Also. The Research Team gave it the label. Out-of-Body Experience (OBE). Monroe and his group began work on means and methods of inducing and controlling this and other forms of consciousness in their laboratory. The Monroe Institute was formed out of the original research group. GOING HOME is the newest of these. the Institute has produced several hundred audio learning exercises on tape that have benefited many thousands of individuals and groups in their control of consciousness. The research was designed to determine the feasibility of learning during sleep. Over 6. and attracted international interest among people from all walks of life. see your local representative or call/write: The Monroe Institute P. Another. and to help bring about a refinement and integration of Western and Eastern approaches to personal and social growth. Living the Mindful Life is to be published in 1994. based upon the Monroe Institute activities. psychiatrists. In the ensuing years. and began conducting learning seminars in self-control of human consciousness. Far Journeys. Va. including Ronald Russell’s Using the Whole Brain and Robert Monroe’s trilogy published by Doubleday. Monroe The origin of Mr. 22949 1-800-541-2488. Through the years. Monroe’s interest took place in 1956. A researcher and lecturer. they used this base for their research. there have been many major articles published. In 1958.altered states of consciousness. a key result emerged – a little-known state of consciousness separate and apart from the physical body. . and Ultimate Journey. GUIDELINES.O. when he set up a small research and development program in his New York based company. to name a few. All rights reserved. Box 505 Lovingston. LIFELINES. which has become generic in our culture. These seminars were held at various locations both in the United States and abroad. His books include two that have become classics: Altered States of Consciousness and Trans-personal Psychologies.000 people have attended their GATEWAY.  Copyright 1994 The Monroe Institute. His primary goals are to build bridges between the scientific and spiritual communities. Journeys Out of the Body. and parapsychology. he also has been a student of many diverse meditative states and disciplines. His latest book is Open Mind. For additional information or to place your order for the GOING HOME learning series consisting of two albums of six audio cassettes each (one for the Subject and one for the Support Group) with Instruction Manual. ministers and research engineers. although most are now conducted at the Institute Center in the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge. psychologists. Their efforts gradually produced significant results. Several related books are in publication. Robert A. and eight others dealing with related areas of human consciousness. physicists. and LIFE SPAN 2000 Programs. transpersonal psychology.