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Telecommunications Cable

Specifying and Installing Product
in Compliance with Fire Safety &
Transmission Performance
Steven Galan
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

• Telecommunications Cable “101”
– Requirements
 General
 Flame
 Transmission Performance
• Cable Markings
– Surface Printing
– Box, Reel, etc. Marks (Holographic Listing Marks)
g Program
• Continuous Monitoring
– Factory Surveillance
– Market Surveillance
– Analytical Screening
• Continued Education and Program Review

General Requirements

Communications Cable – ANSI/UL444
Power Limited Circuit Cable – ANSI/UL13
CATV Cable – ANSI/UL1655
Data Processing Cable – UL1690
Non-Power-Limited Fire Alarm Cable – ANSI/UL1425
Power-Limited Fire Alarm Cable – ANSI/UL1424
I t
t ti Tray
C bl – ANSI/UL2250
Network Powered Broadband Communications Cable – UL
Optical Fiber Cable – ANSI/UL1651

Cable Flame Hierarchy • Plenum .“G” or no suffix / type designation only • Dwelling .“P” • Riser .“X” .“R” R • General Purpose .

Air Handling Space Non Air Handling Space .

and other spaces used for environmental air and shall also be listed as having adequate fire-resistant and low p g characteristics smoke-producing • NFPA 262-2007.Plenum “P” P • Listed as being g suitable for use in ducts. plenums. Standard Method of Test for Flame Travel and Smoke of Wires and Cables for Use in Air-Handling Spaces .

• ANSI / UL 1666-2002.Riser “R” R • Listed as being g suitable for use in a vertical run in a shaft or from floor to floor g fireand shall also be listed as having resistant characteristics capable of preventing p g the carrying y g of fire from floor to floor. Standard for Flame Propagation Height of Electrical and Optical-Fiber Optical Fiber Cable Installed Vertically in Shafts . 1666 2002.

0.General-Purpose “G” G • Listed as being g suitable for g generalpurpose use. 0.3-M-2001. and shall also be listed as and p being resistant to the spread of fire • CSA C22. with the exception of risers plenums.3 M 2001.2 No. . Test Method for Electrical Wires and Cables.

. and shall be listed as being resistant to the spread of fire • UL 1685 -2000 2000 Standard St d d ffor Safety S f t for f Vertical-Tray Fire-Propagation and S k R l Smoke-Release T Testt ffor El Electrical t i l and d Optical-Fiber Cables or CSA C22. Testt M Method th d ffor El Electrical ti l Wires and Cables. with the exception of risers and plenums plenums.2 No.General-Purpose (No Suffix – Type Designation Only) • Listed as being suitable for general generalpurpose use.3-M-2001. 0 3 M 2001 T 0.

Reference Standard for Electrical Wires.Limited-Use “X” X • Listed as being g suitable for use in dwellings and for use in raceway and shall g resistant to flame also be listed as being spread • VW VW-1 1 (vertical-wire) (vertical wire) flame test in ANSI / UL 1581-2001. Cables and Flexible Cords .

Air Handling Space Non Air Handling Space .

000 BaseT TBD .2 • Category Levels & Associated Protocol – CAT 5e (100MHz) – 100 BaseT – CAT 6 (250MHz) – 1000 BaseT – CAT 6A (500MHz) – 10. BaseT – CAT 7A (1000MHz) – 100.000 .Transmission Performance • Standards – ISO/IEC 11801 – NEMA WC 66 – ANSI/TIA-568C.000 BaseT – CAT 7 ((600MHz)) – 40.

• General Safety y Requirements q • Flame Requirements • Performance Requirements .

Questions To Ask Yourself 1 How do I know what I am buying 1. specifying. installing. is what I think it is? 2 Wh 2. etc. buying. Whatt assurance do d I have h th thatt the th products I purchase will perform as i t d d? intended? .

Possible Answers Maybe the answer is “BUYER BUYER BEWARE” BEWARE or more likely lik l iit’s ’ “BUYER BE AWARE” .

So. what S h t should h ld you “BE AWARE” off and d what goes on behind the scenes to provide a reasonable bl llevell off confidence fid th thatt th the product meets applicable safety and performance f standards? t d d ? .

reel. on the attached tag. Services ” . or the smallest unit container in which the product i packaged is k d iis th the only l method th d provided id d b by UL to identify products manufactured under its Listing and Follow-Up Services.Cable Marking • Indicated on the UL p published g guide card for these products “The UL symbol on the product and the Listing Mark of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

2 ONLY” . (UL) Type CMP 4/24 75C VERIFIED (UL) CAT 5e” For cables that are Listed & Verified. have to be p  Verified Only Cables tested to TIA standard – “VERIFIED BY UND LAB INC. IN ACCORDANCE WITH CAT 6 ANSI/TIA568-C. the TIA standard does not part of the surface mark.Surface Mark • Surface Markings: g  Listed and Verified – “E1234 ABC Co.

Holographic Listing Marks • • • • • Introduced for all Telecom Cable Categories Effective October 1. 2010 Higher Level of Security Replaces paper Labels Unique Holographic Label for each of the Telecommunications Cables Categories .

Holographic Listing Marks .



Continuous Monitoring Program • Factory y Surveillance ((Follow-Up p Program) g ) – Audit Production – Test Product From Production • Market Surveillance – Random Sampling of Product in the Market  Analytical Screening  Large Scale Fire Tests • Corrective Action As Deemed Necessary – Consideration of Public Notice – Removal of Listing (File Withdrawal) .

2010 • Four times per year regardless of the production level or the number of Labels used .Factory Surveillance • Change Effective October 1.

Market Surveillance • Permanent element of Follow-Up Program • When requested. requested Subscribers to provide names of distributors • Much broader cross-section of client base and rely on analytical testing to screen for fire / smoke performance of finished cable • Results R lt iindicating di ti non-compliance li with ith LSFT results could require UL to purchase additional cable and conduct the LSFT. • Unacceptable results may result in the suspension of certification for certain cable constructions .

Market Surveillance • Severe non-conformances may result in complete File withdrawal • Subscriber’s cable purchased from distribution with UL Logo “(UL)” in the surface print and no holographic label will f force immediate i di t UL action ti • Action may include the following: – Taking T ki possession i off the h UL M Mark k iinventory – Withdrawal of the Listing – Consideration C id ti off P Public bli N Notice ti .

Riser and Vertical Tray Cables subjected to analytical program on an ongoing basis • Analytical Program consists of Infrared Analysis ((IR)) and Elemental Analysis y of jacket j and insulation from extruded cable • Cone Calorimeter on finished cable .Analytical Screening • All Plenum.

Continued Education and Program Review • • • • • Work with Code Authorities (AHJ’s) ( ) Engage Distributors Articles in Trade Publications Public Notices Speaking Opportunities • Continuous Review and Enhancements as necessary .

Things to Remember • Look for a properly marked cable • Surface S f printing i ti off the th UL symbol b l iis only l permissible when the accompanying reel or smallest unit container is also provided with the UL Listing Mark – If determined that a cable is no longer eligible for UL Certification. it is required that a manufacturer remove any surface printing referencing UL . l .ul.