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Secrets Revealed, No. 2302 - April 2014
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Chapter 1
- Signora?
The voice, hesitant but insistent Ava woke from a deep sleep. Disoriented, he departed from the
against a lock of red hair, but the nightmare was wrapping the limits of its
Sorry to bother you, but Signor Di Goia's on the phone again -the hostess, dressed in a suit
emerald green silk, she held the same black phone that had taken him three times
last eight hours since I took off to Bali.
A cluster of emotions swept irritation Ava and the remains of the anguish caused by the
nightmare. The sense of loss that assaulted every time he thought of Cesare was confused with
excitement that these thoughts awakened him.
For a moment he forgot the eerie desolation left behind. The presence of

man across the line occupied his mind entirely. A man who despite being thousands
of miles still had the power of her breathless. The man was losing Ava
'Please tell him I'll talk to him when we land I needed to conserve his strength for
face what lay ahead.
The stewardess looked aghast.
But ... has insisted no doubt, was the first time I was with a woman capable of
contradict Cesare di Goia. Especially when that woman was traveling aboard his private jet,
surrounded by luxury and ostentation representing the wealth and influence of the powerful man
- Signora? nervous hostess insisted.
Guilt made Ava grab hold the phone.
Cesare said while holding his breath.
Now deign to answer my calls ... said a deep voice.
Why should do when you've been avoiding mine for two weeks? You said
you come back to Bali last week-the ease with which he had jilted him tighten
tackles the handset. It was the same attitude he had shown in their marriage during the
last year.
I had a setback in Abu Dhabi ... An unavoidable matter added in a strained voice.
"Inescapable". How many times had he heard that?
Sure ... Is that all?
An exhalation laden anger heard the other side.
No, that's not all. Explain.
You mean why am traveling on your plane?
-Yup. This was not part of the plan.
I know, but my plans have changed ... inevitably he added with feigned naturalness.
In what sense?
If you had bothered to answer the phone the last two weeks, I would have said.
Page 6
We've talked in the past two weeks ...
No, Cesare. You called me a few times to tell me your aplazabas She broke her back
choked, remembering the endless calls he had made to the Secretary of
Precoated to ensure that from clearing the agenda, you buy the most stylish outfits and
Cook the luxurious residence of Bali will prepare your favorite dishes. He had taken care of
every detail in a vain effort to save their marriage. Be that as it may, I'm
saving the trouble of making a long trip or invent another excuse. Goodbye, Cesare.
Ava ...
He hung up and left the phone on the table, not bothering to respond when the apparatus
rang again. The horrified expression stewardess made her smile, despite having the pulse
Easy, is not as fierce as it looks.
The woman coughed awkwardly and quickly retreated.
With trembling hands, Ava a glass of water is served and took a small sip. Yes. Cesare was
used to anyone questioning his authority, but she had never blindly subjected to

orders from anyone. And was this wild and passionate which had so intrigued character, and
Enraged, Cesare. Or so it was until their relationship stalled in at least indifference and
Cesare began to withdraw gradually from it, extending their stays in Rome instead of being with
her residence on Lake Como. Before the devastation caused by an earthquake in the
South Pacific would end Ava hopes to save his family.
The brave decision he had made the previous day in Bali began to cause nervousness and
anxiety. Last month was hell, but had to be strong. He would need all his courage
and courage to face the truth.
Her stomach was remembering the speed and intensity with which it had all started with
Cesare. From the beginning things were wild, and Ava had been overwhelmed by a
passion impossible to contain or comprehend.
But in this whirlwind of frantic and wild sex dating had felt that Cesare was all that
I had always wanted, and that he could take home and family he had ever had.
"This madness has to stop!" Was the confession of Cesare heated when he took her to a closet
during a charity dinner.
Ironically, the next day, Ava discovered she was pregnant with Annabelle.
That's when Cesare started to walk away.
He shook his head and raised the blind for the morning sun to warm her cheek. But
nothing could relieve the pain glacial freezing inside.
No, I could not let precoated affect her much. Annabelle did not deserve to have a father bitter
and resentful. Not a mother who lived mired in misfortune. The family that Ava had believed
find Cesare had been nothing more than a mirage. And the passionate and full of life man
who had married someone had become so cold and indifferent as his father.
And in their desperation to cling to the illusion he had ever had, he had been about
losing her daughter.
Annabelle had already suffered enough and Ava would not consent to her daughter suffered
more rejection.
'What the hell do you think you're playing?
The profound and irresistibly sexy voice Cesare di Goia exerted on it such a powerful effect
Page 7
as their impressive six feet muscles. Impeccably dressed in a white polo and
black jeans that enhanced her slender hips and strong thighs, stood so tall and
proud as any of the hundreds of statues scattered around his hometown.
Her black hair wet from the shower, longer than the last time I had seen Ava. Y,
as always spoke his mind not caring who could hear.
Why do not you cry some more and so you just scare my daughter? 'I suggested she
while trying to reassure a Annabelle that stirred in her sleep.
Cesare's eyes, the color of burnished gold, rested on Annabelle and a grimace crossed his stern
She's asleep.
Not for long if you keep growling like that. It's been pretty bad, Cesare. I will not
allowed to continue suffering.
You Do not talk to me like a stranger, Ava. I know very well what happened There was
softened the tone of his voice, but his eyes burned with fury.

. -This Is not a good time to ... Rita was not the only one who needed to go home. No. ... Cesare nodded.. but you seem to have forgotten. Cesare. because you would think you were trying to avoid me rather than custom-he did not bother to deny it and Ava felt a pang of ice traspasándole the heart. But he made one last effort and managed not show the slightest weakness Cesare. Ava. the next day would be as red as a lobster. You mean that very long text message you sent me to take off from Bali: "We reached 2 pm "? Or to that which had also changed your plans? she asked accusingly. no problem. Notify . believe we failed to Annabelle because he lost sight when tremors began-a pang went through her as she remembered the inconsolable anguish of the babysitter. so do please calm down. Page 8 No. And as to your question. Annabelle is in very fragile situation. You should thank you you have saved the inconvenience. But you did not have to do this trip yet . If not protected from the relentless Italian sun... 'And Rita? I was having nightmares by the earthquake. The doctor gave Annabelle discharged three days ago. I'll make sure you get the proper treatment and compensation due. You had to have returned to Bali two weeks ago. whose imposing figure blocked his path to the villa. It's a relief. I'll take Annabelle to my studio. but managed to stand firm. I thought it would be easier this way. Annabelle grew heavier at times. no move by move away from the door. Thank goodness I'm not paranoid. When he left the hospital I took a ticket to London. Are you going to turn away and pretend to keep the conversation on the door? What are you doing here? Just you come to the villa. believed to have made it very clear what I'm playing. and then I would go after you.. I think you're right and this is not the best. we should have talked about this . You were supposed to wait in Bali to give him the Annabelle high. The blame does not leave live in peace . and fatigue of a twelve-hour journey with a girl almost four years raged in their exhausted limbs. Long ago-that we have a good time. who looked over his shoulder toward Ava car.Excuse me for having to remind you. The strands clung to her neck and afternoon sun burned her bare shoulders. Cesare-a wave of sadness swept over her. The surprise was reflected in the face of Cesare.. I would not want to cause problems. 'What you are doing here does not matter. Are you going to allow us to stay in home or a problem for you? He took a deep breath and looked down at Annabelle. but were in Singapore and then in New York.

causing another wave of tremors throughout the body. Cesare's fury out of the car to survey the damage was quickly replaced by a much more dangerous emotion. -I Give you ten minutes to tell yours these plans. Cesare had nearly run over by car on a zebra crossing because she had been entranced with a historical building that was photographing. combined with stunning appeal the man who was driving. hauntingly familiar but the entirely unexpected. and then . It impacted against a wall fiber and muscle. Making a huge effort. Ava looked up and her heart skipped a beat when he saw the flash of emotion that crossed Cesare eyes briefly. The fact that they were about to die. and this time he let her. For a moment. did you download fist as hard on the hood of Red Maserati. you are very wrong-she tried to pull away. 'What's that? snapped. When we get carried away. staggered her. -Do Not.. managed to look away and crossed the threshold of the palazzo most lavish of Lake Como. but he held. Cesare squeezed hard and put a hand on the back of Annabelle to hold them both. a few hours we met you were losing your virginity on the hood of my car. Without taking her eyes. -¿Civilizada? His breath caressed her ear. Speak for yourself. If you think I'm gonna lose sight after what happened.. like a raptor watching her juicy prey. the becomes uncontrollable passion. And then we have a civilized conversation. Barely gave our names and as we were pulling clothes. -Only I'm remembering that among us can be nothing civilized. Do you remember how we met face? Ava was suddenly transported to their first meeting.. He chuckled. -Disimula All you want. -Do Not. and was immediately enveloped by the scent of Cesare. A scorching heat spread through his veins. Ava was unable to move. The exterior terracotta your yard full of fountains and terraced gardens contrasted strongly with the interior. but I do not have to She tried to lower myself to your level away again.when you leave and then we will come. God . which had been his home for the past four years. Stucco walls and vaulted ceilings were perfectly . He had barely taken a step when a hand grabbed her arm and pulled her back. The feeling. Annabelle stays with me -the tension emanating from her body. stunned by the powerful muscles that Page 9 guessed under the pole and hairs poking out his collar unbuttoned. A mixture of sandalwood and intoxicating virility that shook with the force of a tornado. opened at all the door and stood aside with arms crossed. Flames remember the calcined head to toe. An intense tingling down her spine and had to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat.. face. We both know it's true. The first is Annabelle bed. You might want to act like a caveman.

"Near me" he had said. The doctor is very pleased with his recovery Ava remarked. He wanted me to be near me when back His tone was surly and angry. The Venetian marble and parquet floors shone with the brilliance and opulence that only billionaires could afford. The look of horror on Cesare was barely visible.. pressing against his chest. The tension grew with every step. I suggest you do not waste time admiring the architecture and begin to explain. he would have laughed. Ava heels echoing in the marble floor. Cesare approached her and removed carefully Annabelle.. when she was found after the earthquake . A quick look Ava enough to leave you breathless. Not have changed since the last time you were here. Ava. but Ava will not be overlooked. his eyes following a speedboat that sailed the . The image was so spectacular that Ava missed his camera. The room was painted green and pink Annabelle's favorite colors. as if he wanted to question his actions. Not "us". Had a great canopy bed and all toys and soft toys that a child could want..preserved and provided with a modern ventilation system that cooled the room. Not have breathed so much tension. You get eight minutes -the tension was felt under his apparent serenity.. Have you changed your room site? Yes. bending the arm to relieve cramping. He covered the child with a blanket and put a stuffed horse under his arm. unless you want it It is made mourn. Ava felt another painful twinge in his chest. Since the pieces arranged in the hall to Renaissance paintings and family portraits hanging on the walls. and surprised her by turning east wing. whose glass walls offering a breathtaking view of the gardens and the private dock on Lake. Emotions reflecting continued Cesare's face as she watched her daughter. Cesare Annabelle slept in the large canopy bed and carefully took his shoes and socks. Page 10 Entered the room. Now we can already speak he said. the palazzo remembered the time the Villa di Goia was a famous museum. A Ava's heart sank. -has Said good-looking. Cesare was standing at the window. and walked to the door with a firm and decisive step. Rose quickly followed by Ava. He rubbed sweaty palms on her skirt and tried to quell the anxiety grew inside. Ava needed a crystal ball to guess that he was remembering the last time he'd had in arms. And I suggest you stop watching the clock and help me with Annabelle . which allowed to have open for the four wings of the villa is filled with natural light blinds. How many times had wanted to do this when Cesare Annabelle was small? How many times had imagined leaning down to kiss his daughter on the front and say goodnight in a loving whisper? Cesare turned and stared at him. Ava took a deep breath and faced him. who became heavier and heavier by moments. Ava away with a gesture when she came to help. I changed some things. Cesare turned to the imposing staircase leading to the upper floors.

Right now. They've changed a lot . it will be a very uncomfortable situation for both . Not now. He had only to lift a finger that satisfied my desires.. -I Do not want you here.. A dangerous glint in his eyes burned Cesare. A Ava turned over the heart.. Why did you decided to return earlier than planned? Because it is not just you. she paused and Ava He shivered in the back. -The Wedding Marinello become a media circus. . I will not allow Annabelle display amid. but would not stay there forever .. staff was hired highly qualified.. Of course not.. 'You should have expected him to go to Bali for you.' he said without turning around. who clenched his fists and breathed deeply. I agree that Annabelle has to be home. But Ava knew his mind was locked in that room. Cesare -esbozó a shy smile.. Cesare. -¡Deberías Have told me! -what Is the matter? Does it bother you wanted to go home or I dared question your authority? Cesare took a deep breath. Yes. I have been hired to cover the wedding of Marinello. and I will not do it now. Isn't before you come tell me what Marinello? Consider it a side effect of resentment that you keep for abandoning me.. 'You did not suffer any neglect. I'm going to stay here all summer. But did not your wife? -he did not answer and she gave a shaky espiración-. Yes. gives me show yourself indifferent like me. You do not have speak. or you return to Rome. While she is well. 'You know I was never given me good follow orders... Life goes on and I have to ensure that Annabelle back to normal as soon as possible. Annabelle needed medical attention and could not travel have recovered. His cruel words like knives nailed.glistening turquoise waters. but no . You're a photographer prestige. It was not good for Annabelle and . -and I realize. here we are. Cesare frowned. but the soul fell to the feet when he saw the expression of Cesare disgust. when I told you my plans had changed was serious. Also. But? But did not want to surrounded by a bunch of strangers. I've never let my work affecting in any way. my only priority is Annabelle. I can not take her to the edge of the world. but I think that the solution was to stay half a world away. Page 11 In that case. While beginning to suspect that maybe that was what you had thought. You had everything you needed. And you seemed to have no great hurry bring home. When did you dedicate to cover weddings of celebrities? Annabelle needs goodwill and friendly atmosphere.

We both know that what we do not worked for some time. and do not tempt me to describe your role as a father or husband. Cesare turned pale and swallowed.. do not look so indignant . It is as much mine as yours. It's my daughter. How many times have you abandoned me to cut and run to sign a contract in a remote corner? 'That was different . while I meet with my clients. You preferred to stay in Rome and find yourself a excuse after another for not coming home.. He laughed.. But I did not. too fast for Ava I could analyze it. That way I will not interfere in what think I'm interrupting. Ava. advise you that you measure your words. 'Just like a bull in a china shop. For you will be like he was not. It is logical that want to resume my responsibilities as a parent. -¿La Situation your marriage is a distraction? Especially. dropped her purse on the table and remembered why he was there. I know what I say. so I can not lend. -¿Soportarla? I am your father. 'Really? Just you saw in the last year. What happens come we can not affect our daughter. especially when facing a cold Italian as ice and ravishingly attractive handing out orders like candy at a party.. Ava tried to contain the pain that was eating the entrails and sat as far away from him as he could. If you had stayed in Bali . and I'll stay with her in the evenings. She stood up. I'm back because my daughter needs to be home.-why Not? I'm in the middle of . the situation of our marriage. but now I can not afford any distractions. I do not think you liked the result. but me can not. In that case. -¿Retomar? You can not avoid them whenever you desire! What happens if you get other business in Abu Dhabi or Doha or in Mongolia? Will you return to forget about it? Do you think abandon Annabelle for my business? Oh. O when he had grown up with a father who ignored and a happy brothers emularlo-.. like your daughter. You can be with her in the morning. Ava. My blood. So you have to endure my presence. She ran a hand through his hair. This is your home as much as mine. What is this sudden desire to play the father? A strange expression crossed briefly traits Cesare. Ava took a breath. -Only'm like when I have to be.. A sometimes the only way to be taken seriously.. Like control everything. You expect me to believe that things are going to change just because we are talking about your daughter instead .. Is that why you came back so suddenly? So that take you seriously? he asked in a tone eerily quiet Ava made him goosebumps. Our daughter corrected him with a dangerous glint in his eyes. If you want to maintain a civilized conversation. we must organize.

Lucia live here until he can hire another nanny. unscrupulous capitalist turns to gold everything he touches. I see that you're well informed. -The Family Marinello changed the wedding venue three days ago. Our jobs are very demanding. Tomorrow Later I will meet with them to discuss the preparations. Ava frowned. but I think his decision to hold on Lake Como has more to do with your presence here . puzzled by the change of subject. -God . -How? I would like you to tell me clearly how things have changed. I do not deny it.. With everything that is going on . He shrugged when he frowned. she goes. I think that all guests receive relevant news about the wedding. -The Earthquake made us open our eyes to all... . Ava he warned softly but menacing. I know. When finished. sat down and crossed his legs. And I've made plans. Also. Yes. For some reason unknown to me. Does take a genius to guess her mother's interest in gaining your favor. It is not the time to bring the situation to the limit. talk He went to the intercom. And why have locked your emails this morning he replied impatiently.your wife? Do not antepusiste businesses to take your daughter to Bali? Cesare never did anything Page 12 without having calculated everything in detail. feigning a naturalness that he felt. Where I go. I do not even know why I'm surprised. 'Things have changed. But if you're going to cover the wedding of Marinello have to be in Tuscany the next three weeks. she will be well attended.. Maybe you should forget about playing the father. Cesare. Including Annabelle may address at all times. I agree that Annabelle needs goodwill and safe and familiar environment. But I think you do not understand what trying to say.. Paolo will take you to the airport in an hour. and your company finances reality show Reynaldo Marinello. I will give the order to refuel the plane. It seems that nothing has changed . Cesare di Goia. If emerges some unforeseen. Ava.. but Ava.. Annabelle will stay here with me... Annabelle be four years within a few weeks. Agata Marinello is determined to keep me abreast of the details of the wedding of his son. He looked away. but I can not forget my work. return to Rome and leave us alone. Not throw more fuel on the fire. I have not yet accepted the invitation to the wedding. He stopped and shook head. Annabelle and I are inseparable.. You're the guest of honor. The official explanation is a pest termite in the Tuscan villa. His unexpected decision to spend the summer at the lake and claim parental rights was the least suspicious. First you say that the earthquake opened your eyes and a second later admit that the you leave quietly with a babysitter to go mind your business? I -Sacaré every effort to be with her time. Of course not . Nor even in summer.

Yes. I realize how close we were to lose it. Page 13 No. maybe this is what we need.. Maybe then we can discuss more important issues like custody of my daughter. I went to look for as I found out what happened -the cut him. We removed until every inch of that market with our own hands-until they were both bleeding inside and outside. but thank God she was found 'was another person who had taken his daughter flooded market. The left with Rita and . A Ava will be unleashed a wave of unrest in the stomach. And the day you were earthquake attending a conference where you were supposed to be with her. you're right.. The look with which he traveled up and down put hair on end and raced even beats. When choosing your path had committed an unpardonable error. On second thought. We do not find us. He used all his willpower to stifle it.He leaned against the wall and put his fingers in his pockets... Cesare was never more frightening than when it was calm and serene. For something had built a financial empire. He had failed his daughter when she needed him most. A wild excitement awakening the desire he thought he had repressed long ago. -The Abandoned since birth He kept reproaching her. The simple touch of Ava made him feel more alive than she had in a long. Just like you. More than I deserve to feel after what he had done. It was another person who had taken to the hospital and that He hit his photo on the bulletin desaparecidos-. A stop pretending that it is something a farce. I have not stopped thinking about it since. You know how it feels to know that neither were with her when there was the earthquake? It was the same question that tortured him day and night. Alarms jumped on his head.. but it was useless and inevitably saw swept away by the whirlwind of uncontrolled feelings. remorse and anguish invaded remembering what had allowed happen. Do you really think a judge would grant custody to a parent who has abandoned his daughter for most of his life? Page 14 Chapter 2 Cesare winced at the searing words of Ava. but they found. He had not been able to protect Annabelle . Could not succeed in business if a calculator and ruthless mind is not had.. 'And you think I would let you get close to Annabelle? He stood up and approached him to stick a finger in his chest. long time. I know very well. And . 'What do you mean exactly? -A Submit our marriage to the scrutiny it deserves. But along the torment and guilt made its way quite another emotion . but Ava was not fooled by his apparent calm. A Ava escaped a bitter laugh.

do you think you can just snap your fingers and you're done? 'I like it or not. Lit lit his days and nights as a brief. brilliant comet. Their first encounter was an amazing experience. It had to be repressed or would lose control of the situation . -the so horrible events of recent weeks had made him understand Annabelle was and would be the only daughter would never have. I was so -corroboró Ava. No its Ava changed. Ava. But it was not his.she was alive miraculously. And it was precisely this uncontrollable passion and vehemence first thing he liked it. Ava never know how hard it was for him to contain anxiety believe that he had lost Annabelle. You mean the same as you here now? In the same room as me but wanting to be elsewhere? Cesare's mouth tightened. His wife had the innate tendency to speak first and think later. She turned on the window with his arms crossed. Yes. but he had no will been forced to be. he had a crush on a woman. Where's your wedding ring? -the urgent need for unknowingly erased any other thought. He looked down at her bare fingers.. and noted with satisfaction the flush briefly covered the cheeks of Ava. And he had allowed guard down. And to have her there with him. And so you thought you could get away from it again? A cold serenity froze the pain that was eating the entrails. In Business might not have rival. He never should have been intimate with her. What does it matter? . never should have put a ring on your finger . Ava walked to the window and was surprised Cesare noting the sway of her hips under the filmy skirt colors. Go on dreaming. never should have yielded to the temptation to be her first lover. although it was before Page 15 than anticipated. was not willing to lose. The surprise was reflected in the green eyes of Ava. Again. Her expression hardened and ribs hugged. It had taken years to accept that I was not cut out to be a husband or father. And now that you decide to be a father. I guess. Your level of sexual attraction is lower than the temperatures of the North Pole. Ava was like a potion revitalizing.. 'I was there. He had to protect themselves from the emotions and suppress the desire for what I could not have. I -Guardado in any case. her daughter had survived the devastation that cost tens of thousands of lives. What looked like a cold and unfeeling being.. and Cesare suppressed a smile.. but in personal relationships he had always failed miserably. How can you be so arrogant? Is not it one of the things that excite you about me? 'I asked him. The tigress showed its claws as it looked cornered.

Cesare agreed with him in silence. but suppressed the desire to pour himself a drink. -why? Are you forced to make a pact of silence in this district? It was not a commune. and the Minister of Foreign Affairs is . and she should feel free to be with whomever he wanted. Pressed both arms pushing up the breasts. But I need to pawn your jewelry to contribute to a good cause. Page 16 'I thought it best to stay away. Consider a mistake on my part. and freckles dotting her cleavage him Cesare quicken the pulse. suddenly stiff. That is enough for me with my work. Cesare would have liked everything to be as simple as an infidelity. Cesare.Cesare felt a crazy urge to grab her by the arms and shake her until told by which had removed the ring. But it was not such a strange question. Cesare. Cesare he warned. Nor speak. An infidelity mean that there was nothing and longed so could not have. But he put his fists in his pockets and forced himself to remain calm. It was he who had estranged. seeing Ava in attitude combative not seen in a long time. When we got married not you acquired Italian nationality. 'Just wanted to make sure you had not donated to the town of Bali to both you aficionaste. Annabelle needs me. As much as I hated to admit it. The earthquake had changed things between Ava and he like had altered his relationship with his daughter. as the earthquake victims. The nipples were guessed under white shirt. Answer me. -¿Una Mistake? Ava repeated. In addition. knew there was nothing to do. We'll talk when you get back. I can not go by there no more. after everything that's happened. Forget wedding Marinello and return to your commune in Bali or accept any order in abroad. Let Annabelle summer stay with me. You have a lover? Nothing tongue to speak wished he had bitten. which made no sense. They were professionals who sacrificed their time to help others. I'm glad you have such a good opinion of me. The way he avoided answering what became jealous. And that includes our marriage? Cesare ignored her and went to the liquor cabinet. 'With the hope of finding themselves in the process? Not everyone we find ourselves doing business billionaires. if it makes you feel better. Cesare. Careful what you say. In Just last year they had seen and he did not know which companies frequented. Is there another woman? Would it be easier for you if I told you there another woman? Ava's face contracted briefly in a grimace of pain. Why did you leave your daughter? Cesare's hand went to the nape. making them appear larger and tempting. -¿La There? In a way. He ran his hand through his hair as the face Ava is contorted in a grimace of bewilderment.

-Don't Be fooled. mired in a mental turmoil. After a week. Your innate tendency to proceed crazy and thoughtless manner may take into perdition. situation. Having it as it was so close going crazy. He had lost count of the times that Cesare had left to go to sign any contract. She gasped.. .. Cesare addressed toward the door. Do you understand? She took a deep breath and nodded. He went to the window and watched the sparkling waters of the pool. Like the rest of it. Cesare was locked in the studio at night and was working until morning.' she said. It will not be easy for either of them. as had happened Roberto and Valentina . But if I leave led me to Annabelle with me.... Ironically. desperate to find a way exhaust. He shivered and blinked hard to hold back tears. Only I have to make a call to throw you out of the country. The stomach clenched as he remembered the three days spent looking for Annabelle and Rita the wreckage of the market where the two had been walking in the time of disaster. 'Are you calling stupid? 'I am inviting you to prove me wrong. before squinting. But I needed to be near her daughter and begin to repair the damage he had caused.. Pleased to have regained control. do not you see? 'Yes. It could be dominated by the dangerous attraction that Ava had always provoked. -OK.friend of mine. 'That seems too easy. It was silly. but his mind was still a mess. Something did not fit Page 17 to the situation that presented itself Cesare. What I can guarantee is that you Annabelle will not be affected by our . He could not allow the situation is out of hand. and inhaled the fragrance of lemon and rose bushes to try to clear it. And suddenly he had decided to take the summer off to spend there . His appearance was so soft and succulent as he remembered. Cesare was right about one thing . sun-drenched afternoon. Nothing wedding had discovered that Cesare was business first. Ava left the village armed with his camera and started taking pictures of the native fauna.. From day one. face . without flinching as minimum-. I know what you want and I can assure I can not give it.. Stay away from me over the next six weeks and so will not have to plead the war. but had failed miserably. Ava. it had been more near Cesare during those anxious moments than she had in a long time. Does that mean we have a truce and there will be no backstabbing? That depends on you. Cesare noticed his lips involuntarily. That was when the earthquake struck. Holidays in Bali had been his last attempt to reconnect with Cesare. He went to the terrace. Ava stared at the closed door with a frown. The two spend the summer here.

I can not save distances if you insist on not you save me. smiled because I thought Annabelle is safe and sound at home and surrounded by . but remember that the same rule applies to you. I advise you to go with care said a deep voice behind her. face . And just so you know. 'You were thinking only of our daughter. instead of occupying the suite they had shared in the past. to be invaded by the flood of memories. Cesare was leaning against a dresser Luis XVI which had belonged to his family for four generations. He ignored the lump was formed in the stomach and undressed. in which only left the room to swim in the pool or to teach him Cesare to water-ski on the lake. that was.. I'll leave you alone in your domains. It had been two weeks idyllic. The golden muslin curtains surrounding the bed had been removed with a string of white velvet. After a while underwater. He shook his head angrily to shake the thoughts. Above him hung a portrait of another Di Goia. A fool in love. Were remembering what our She said it in a tone as quiet and safe Ava shivered in the back. It does not matter. And when Ava crossed the threshold into the arms of Cesare and he was so enthralled with the luxury residence as his own. who died long ago but as imposing as the Di Goia live watched in silence.. It cost about assimilate moments that Cesare had moved to another room across the bedroom Annabelle. He found peacefully asleep. but for a girl from a poor family that I had never left England. Do I have to remind you who were here before? 'I was here before. .The staff was waste your luggage and had kept her clothes in the master suite.. What I do not want you to think you've won. If that's a triumphant smile. with its views of the lush gardens.. Lake Como was already a pretty exotic destination at the end of a hot summer. The first time I stepped on the Villa di Goia was on his honeymoon. But in the hallway stopped. Through the window. grabbed the laptop and went downstairs with the intention of going to lounge occupying the western part of the town. he was not the slightest desire to go anywhere else. I had always found it very cozy that room. of So put on a white slippers. I saw the Flash Pool and smiled to think how happy would Annabelle when he saw her. He grabbed his brown silk kimono and went into the bathroom. he passed the marble bathtub flush ground and stepped into the shower. but I will not hide Page 18 just to please nor will I stop smiling for no offense. 'I have no problem with you smile. Poor Cesare . She stopped when he realized that he owed to Cesare no explanation. A Cesare would have liked to take her to an exotic place. donned a white tank top and long skirt with printed flowers and went to Annabelle. I understand that my presence will cause a deep malaise. He straightened and moved toward her. Not occur to me to think that.

They are not for you to analyze dont Have fun with them. Cesare narrowed his eyes. Cesare his jaw and stopped smiling. In that case. Part of Ava wanted to make a gesture of victory. And one more thing . -¡Cesare! A current of electricity. and pressed harder against his torso. With breathtaking ease. causing violent tremors throughout the body. heat intense and dangerous. And yet he had rejected. As far as I'm concerned. but you're still an open book. The rose up around his neck and Cesare moaned that lit a Page 19 wild fire among them. Why. He did not respond. He accepted the offering with a groan and began to stroke her nipple with his thumb. Or at least he did with words.. Because if it was as transparent as Cesare said. She gave a groan and put his hands on his chest to feel his powerful musculature through the pole. Because you could not be more wrong with your assumptions.. Without thinking about what he was doing. 'Of course I answered him. In recent months we have just seen. When had enough fence. but his body reacted with free will and sought full contact with Cesare muscles and mouth coming down relentlessly toward his. Do not lie. face ? he asked her quietly.. The rational part of your brain nagged to turn away and run the inexorable doom. What are you doing? she yelled as he held a hand over his neck. you're so sensitive as a wooden board. he awoke the senses with a force compelling that made him gasp. learn to hide them better. as you do? You think I do not have emotions. grabbed the hand that Cesare had in his neck and placed on a chest. 'Then do not understand the language in which it is written. My memories do not incumbent at all.. but the pleasure that burned in his veins swept with any questions or shame. The fire in his eyes and pressure his fingers and said it all. Their tongues entwined in a frenzied dance that fueled further flame.You're wrong. he took the laptop to leave aside and grabbed her by the arms. he pulled her toward him. took his hands from his pockets. Ava heard the screech of soles against the floor as he dragged into his body. In a corner of his mind awareness reproached little resistance was offered. . but another part felt like mourn. Her lips parted to welcome the relentless Cesare language. his desire to receive the consolation and love of the family who had never must be embarrassingly obvious. A Ava was painfully hardened nipples and began to pound furiously crotch. -Do Not . perhaps make you feel uncomfortable? Do you prefer to strip me of all human emotion. Not in regard to me. grabbed the buttocks.

But I never let it control my life. His body shuddered again when Cesare retired fingers and introduced him leg between her thighs as to prevent collapse. embarrassed by the ease with which he had fallen into the trap. The chasm between the two did nothing but intensify the desire. He tried both hands and managed to unbuckle. Was slowly regaining consciousness. He winced when he touched the bulge crotch. and then looked down at his lips. The last thing he expected was that he stop. Page 20 Chapter 3 A pang of ice pierced the drowsiness that had engulfed the orgasm. He turned away from her. face . there could be been more wrong. But Ava did not care. He felt Cesare lifted her up and felt the cold wall at the back. Introduced even more tongue in her mouth and he pinched her nipples hard until Ava thought he would die of pleasure. The which was very likely. at that time. -Do Not. for the moment. as if to be around when she collapsed. She looked down.If you had believed that the distance and indifference mitigate the attraction Cesare. considering how her legs were shaking. Increased Cesare pressure of the fingers and mouth captured a nipple. Any member of the domestic staff could see them. . was alien to everything but the storm that was raging inside. Just remember the incomparable pleasure that only Cesare could give. and gladly give anything just to feel his power and virility. He licked and bit mercilessly. burning. He heard background noise and the smell of precoated mixed with the smell of excitement in the air. -Only Wanted to humiliate me. before returning to kiss her mouth and prevent screams and orgasmic gasps. His senses had returned to life and his body was ready for him to penetrate. 'I said touching. He looked into her eyes. found the clitoris through her panties and belt Ava forgot to grab their arms and not fall. slightly dazed because Cesare dared to deny their feelings.... Cesare slid a hand between her legs. 'I have not done so took another step back. half hidden behind a bow at the receiver the villa. Seeing them swollen and He punished for their kisses trembled with desire. but. even through clothing. because it was the smell of his weakness. The tests were unmistakable. Passion is an emotion that can be enjoyed in the appropriate circumstances. 'You want me . He heard more noises and stood. but. Deep down I knew that those flames would be his undoing. He tried to undo her belt. He lost track of reality and was not even aware of what was doing. disheveled and broken. hungry. but the harder I tried the harder it was. Ava felt nauseated by the smell of what had just done . kneeling before him and get the erection jeans to shove it in your mouth. I know you stammered. grabbing the back. but not too much. Suddenly.. Just wanted to show you one thing.

what have you had so much trouble for me? I hope you're proud. She found him sitting behind his huge desk. Just try to find the best for her. Very bad. we have to set some ground rules. If you will analyze what happened . 'I scared him reckless and thoughtless that can become He reached down and picked up the portátil-. and had already lost sight when Ava he gathered the strength to follow. And therefore my responsibility. But you proved me be so cold that you can control your life to the point that nothing bother you unless you want. 'I just what to prove. He reached out and stroked her swollen lip with a finger. I am. For a moment it seemed unarmed. I am a woman hot blood.. -Intentas Rile me the man who was not looked Cesare who had kissed madly moments before. I deal with it. I am glad that I still have power over you. Was again the Cesare that it had full control over their passions and feelings. she would have suspected that was protected behind the table to avoid it. That time did not bite. So excuse me if I do not think why you're here. Without waiting for a reply. And how are you waiting care of her if you get to work? He noticed the laptop Ava. Ava. fingers glued to the mouth.. 'Now salts me with stupid technicalities? -he ignored his icy gaze.You mean I allow my monitor? I wanted to run away. You are my wife. -Also Has said it is more sensitive than before. he started toward the study. without responderle-. it's true that you can dominate with your manly gifts and I just had an orgasm amazing you. You left your job when we got married. I'm telling the truth.. If it had been any man. All you need is to surround a family that cares and wants. but Ava just felt a terrible emptiness. but could not give satisfaction that Cesare. Yes. Ava.. but . They were very close Page 21 it passed with such intense look like a laser beam. They both knew that he had won the round. and I'll be with her every day. Adivinalo. But I want to talk about Annabelle and impact this may have on it. Yes. He released her as if suddenly had a contagious disease. who had left on the table. 'And you think it's my fault? I'm not blaming anyone. 'I happened -the analysis needs no cut him. Ven. as is logical. Why should affect it? How Rita progress was made? he asked in turn. You can not . -HA Come home. after all. I need something more. Why this sudden desire to I retake it? Because I've found that I do not like the role of wife abandoned. Yes want to maintain the truce. Why. 'What do you mean? 'You're the genius.

An hour later. Ava shivered inside remembering orgasm. You also can have both. and Annabelle is beginning to realize that her friends have daycare parents who live together. -The Sexual desire just fading away when not fed a true feeling. You can still maintain your daughter. Last month. Dad woke me she explained the little girl. as if he had ceased to exist. -Many Couples live apart. Say I'm your wife only when you suits you or when you want to wash Your consciousness is itself a selfish and hypocritical person. He grabbed the laptop and left the study before giving in to the temptation to smash it against the head of Cesare. Well I'm impatient because that time comes. I've asked to serve us dinner early. -¿Para Show Mom and Dad do not hate. I had a nightmare. But before I could ask him anything. . because they are around the corner. He turned on the laptop and put iPod headphones to listen to music while preparing the photographic reportage. the phone rang Cesare table and prepared to respond. I wondered why you did not live with us. I think I made clear just now. before we went to Bali. We began to distance ourselves from birth Annabelle.. who in turn embraced a red horse Teddy. at half past six. The Reynaldo compromise between Marinello and Tina Sanchez had caused a furore in the media. His father and mother do not hate. but the earthquake of Bali's nagged to make use of the photos to get money to help the victims. overlooking the lake. He looked at the gold ring and a strange expression crossed his features briefly. why did you come to take the alliance? Last month wore no.have both. That means that we will eat together and present a united front at all times. In the last year We have just seen . do not you dare to question mine. We will have to decide more convenient for all routine. because I want some answers. -A Nice speech. Page 22 He entered the room and sat in his favorite chair. throw it out the window and require him answer. but I perfectly able to support myself. For example. the headphones are removed when a maid brought a tray of pastries and lemonade. While we live under the same roof you will be my responsibility and the two do what's best for Annabelle. You could not afford to neglect such a lucrative commission as those famous wedding. But he had already turned his chair to the window and did not pay any attention. so fast that Ava he almost unnoticed. Ava I had stayed away. But I see you've hesitated to use my tickets. Ava felt like rip his hand phone. And those are the easy questions. Your work has always been your priority. so be prepared for difficult. Cesare. face . We will explain when the time comes. After she came Cesare with Annabelle in arms..

with both conceit that felt like Ava slap him with all his might. He spoke in a quiet tone. Can we swim in the pool. You tell me. and was about to return inside when he heard the voice of his daughter. He followed the trail bordered flowers that surrounded the villa and stopped short. She looked so distressed that Ava had to against the wall does not wobble. You promised me-indeed. Cesare looked up and his expression of sadness vanished instantly. and sped up while trying to silence the voice asking if she knew what she was getting into.. who probably know more women than me. right? He left the room. He returned five minutes later. OK? The desire to protect his words emanating Ava deeply moved. I want you to tell me everything. however. 'That's why I wanted to bring it. watching a trio of butterflies flitting from flower to flower. He did not bother to deny it and just smiled. He smiled and led him to the edge of the pool. dressed in an orange suit. I did not say anything . burned her hand and made her depart with a cry of pain. 'He told me that sometimes has. I'll give a little. Cesare and Annabelle were bent over a rosebush. . She always found right here. Page 23 He's enthralled with butterflies. but the tone of reproach was unmistakable. Do not you tell me seemed appropriate to their Nightmares? He began to have them last week. it hurts horrors. Concrete warmed by the sun. so do not drink a lot of lemonade. What if it is not nothing to put wince? All right.Ava was overcome by guilt to meet the gaze of Cesare. after sending Rita home. -are You okay? There must be careful with fire walls. Let It was more of an order than a suggestion. It is reassuring when you know I'm close. feeling the sharp look of Cesare fixed on his back. but the pain reflecting Cesare's eyes as he looked at Annabelle. -Yes. Ava it promised so well that he had behaved on the plane.. Mom? Annabelle asked. after what happened. Ava looked at Annabelle. Ava. 'It's nothing. -OK. 'I asked if there was anything else I needed to know. however insignificant it may seem to you. There's ice on the table. I did not see either the living room or the pool. He grabbed her hand examinársela. Happy? Why do women always say it's nothing? -I Do not know. The doctor said it was normal. It was the face of his daughter amazed what almost made her heart stop. really. white shorts and loose white shirt. I had to know.

but the way things are. and the movement of his throat made him Ava heart skip a beat. -¡Las Butterflies are gone. What the hell happened? Cesare grabbed her wineglass and tried to drown his thoughts.Normally it is a way to attract attention. Heat swirled between her legs with an unstoppable force. Everything faded around. remembering how much desire Cesare had liked her breasts. but Cesare already had retirado-. Doubts raced through her head as sat with ice relieving him hand but with a knot of confusion and distress in the Page 24 chest. had to stand firm and keep away from her. nor was even sure I wanted to abandon the urgent desire that the embargaba. But even think he had become a difficult task. Ava turned to look at his face and saw that his attention on her breasts. -Please Cesare . Their eyes met again and Ava knew he was remembering too.. fell on her lips and Ava needed to use all his willpower to not lick them. . You're not like the others His gaze. I had not been half a day with him and had already allowed to make him lose his head into two times. The eyelids were heavy and the blood boiling in his veins with irrepressible desire. but he held almost effortlessly. His fingers longed to caress his skin. the buzz bees. Beginning to realize that there was again allowed to happen. . Also he wanted. especially during pregnancy. but as much it cost her. Cesare I had put a bathing suit that left its impressive sight musculature and body reaction Ava was so unfortunate as inevitable. Cesare .. She shuddered. Ava knew that those words were not directed at Annabelle but her. piccolina .Prego -the soft and deep whisper of Cesare remained floating in the air. The smell of orgasm Ava tortured him mercilessly. She closed her eyes and concentrated on breathing. No.. cara mia . Water splash against the edge of the pool.. fixed and penetrating seriously threatened Ava sanity. Cesare was watching her as he closed his fingers on the napkin and rested her hand on the table. Ava irritation increased. but was he who surrounded them with yours. He had been point back to get lost in that incomparable pleasure. Everything but the heat radiating eyes and fingers Cesare.. Cesare's eyes darkened and let out a muffled groan.. Cesare He swallowed. You think I burned deliberately to get your attention? Do you really think I am pathetic? He smiled.. Dad! downcast Annabelle's voice reached them. she also looked up the lips that had kissed a few hours before . I could no longer stand it. He stifled a groan. I had let Cesare play with their feelings and their mindsets come apart. thank you very much pleasure -a current pulse quickened.. the distant sound of boats on the lake . was -not sure it was a protest or appeal. Inevitably.My dispiace. His gaze slowly swept the face. He tried to pull away. It could not be. What I wanted was answers. along with its already quite high body temperature. wrapped some ice cubes with a napkin and placed in the palm. Why. I wanted to stay! .

During the last week. much less to satisfy. Especially the kind of uncontrollable passion he dominated every time he touched Ava.. I do not think exaggerate the say that you've had the best sex of my life -the confession drew a gasp of Ava amazement. By Annabelle morning while Ava was met with Marinello. Cesare had scrupulously respected the established routine. Unfortunately. Cesare hesitated. and it was really amazing sex . her voluptuous hips and full breasts down to her eyes. But the incident of the aisle and out had happened with her in the pool they had done nothing but feed the attraction trying to quell by all means... before taking turns to bathe her and put her to bed.Roberto had to do it. And Marinello Agata continuous messages that reached the phone every two seconds either the helped a lot.. Was not entitled to rekindle the desire.. Page 25 Chapter 4 I should never marry you. The gleam in the eyes of Ava told him that she felt the same. she began. That evening had exposed his plan to ensure that in the coming weeks did not have to be more than strictly necessary. What you said this afternoon . You were incredibly sexy and exuberant. He looked down at the wedding ring. He'd put when he went to lunch with her mother during the scale did in Rome. " Ava plunged the blade into the ground. -The Second is that . I know now that I should never have married you. I was blinded by your beauty. however attracted me feel for you. It was the retribution to be paid for what he had done to her brother. Besides. that blindness led me to commit an unpardonable error. evenings are made charge it and then dined all three together. When we met. oblivious to heat and sweat dripped down his face.. His parents had already suffered enough the previous month and Cesare did not want cause more worries confessing the true state of their marriage.. -The Earthquake has left me two things very clear. but should. 'What error? she asked quietly. But I had to do something or go mad repeating the phrase Cesare in his head. I did not want tell you this. that it could not be . He heard footsteps approaching and saw Ava out onto the terrace with a baby monitor in one hand and an expression of fierce determination in his eyes. the last thing I needed was to add the complications of trauma and sex devastation that life had put him ahead. What you meant exactly? Cesare took his time to rotate the cup and slowly looked up from bare legs Ava. The first is that there is nothing more important my daughter and I would give my life for her. . A tense smile curved her lips as she remembered the horrified expression Lucia when she asked where things were gardening.. and your passion and reckless nature drew me like a moth to fire.

then. With care. He was very serious and staring. Not have to suffer the painful encounter with the woman that could someday replace and wear the famous ring that Di Goia Cesare had offered so proud the day he proposed. or lose a foot if you make me mad silently cursed the ability to Cesare to approach quietly despite its imposing size.. Cesare stuck his hands in his pockets. important to me. preventing release the tool? It was logical that Cesare had friends. Celine is a family friend. but . 'And I can not be away? It is your guest. but what are you going to do . Not -the answer came from his lips before he could stop it. or destrozarás seeds before they can germinate. and the truce was being fulfilled. Cesare had invited a woman to dinner. He realized he had not heard her question.. His had begun being. Have I clearly expressed? Oooh. An family she had longed to be part . You should feel happy about it.. You do not seem very happy.. What could be worse. I am afraid it does not work well. Use me as an excuse. Cesare. aunts and cousins who composed the typical large Italian family. Is it a business dinner? -Do Not. but her presence.Living under the same roof as Cesare was proving very easy.. face . Roberto. He had met his parents at the wedding. Also you presented to the troop of uncles. She did not want Cesare share with her disapproving family and at that time he was living in London. Pardon? 'I have wondered if the time suits me and I said no. because he had been so jealously guarded both preferred relationship. cancel an invitation or give you a unpleasant welcome guest? It would be very rude of me to cancel it because I myself organized a while. 'I'll dress for the occasion and be ready to welcome our guest at half past seven. What do you say? Page 26 'I asked if you come well at half past seven he repeated slowly. as if to say something that was not going to like. With care. I love when you put it in a dominant plan He scoffed. This evening is someone to dinner and cold he said dryly.. -¿Celine? -the blood froze in my veins. but held his tongue . though she knew very little. That way there would have to know the wonderful Celine. furious. It's that simple. He was silent so long that Ava finally looking up. -¿Ava? I'm sorry . I'd rather not have company. However much appreciate your selfless efforts. Well tell anyone not to come.. Why. despite the high temperatures. A Ava's heart sank at the thought that the visit was not what bothered Cesare. but not to his younger brother.. Obviously I do not want here.. did the fingers knotted around the handle of the blade and a sharp pain run up his arm. It is .. Tell him not to come because at that time I can not.

I'm still assimilating what they never should marry me. I've heard a lot about you. lamb with green sauce and baked potatoes. but could not help it. he understood the attraction of Cesare to a woman so adorable. After a few hours the major known invited Cesare. Celine laughed again and clasped his arm with Ava...when he bent down to get to their level.. Perhaps the gods were benevolent and have done to this fat. thank you. ? muttered he said. Do not you think hateful when men do that? . with that air of fragility that inspired a desire for protection in men and made to feel at Ava. He lifted the blade on a mock salute and watched Cesare moved away to large stride and stiff shoulders. 'What do you mean. Ava. hardly tested I bite. Page 27 An impression not stopped growing during the exquisite dinner that Lucia had prepared them egg omelet salmon. For her You could go to hell. It was like a miniature Venus... however. from its gleaming brushed expensive black hair to toes in design their shoes. Very well. The gods granted one wish. He kept digging with renewed vigor. and ignored the look Cesare warning. to take us first to the limit and then back out? I do not know . He grabbed his glass of white wine and drained it before the eyes of Cesare ajar.. bringing his six feet of pure manhood. the pool. as if she had felt the tension in the air. you tell me. like the Tower of Pisa to lean to strengthen a small. By the way. the first smile honest I had seen him since his arrival with responding to teasing from Celine. 'Really? I knew nothing of you until four hours ago Ava said. I hope you has not imposed without consulting my visit.. with his meter and seventy-three-inch heels. but the head was spin by alcohol and could not be sure. It prevented the knot that oppressed his chest as Cesare's smile. But what annoyed Ava was his affable nature and sincere smile that dedicated to Ava while silk shawl took off to give to Cesare. short and ugly Celine. It was a charm. 'Has adapted well to being back at home? Here is sun."Hateful" seems to me a very soft word. I want you to be ready at half past seven. but neither fat nor ugly. The warm laughter echoed his guest in the lobby. the lake and all the toys that a girl could want. hurt a lot the testicles when not reach ejaculation? -¿ Che diavolo . delicate hand. Celine di Montezuma was short . Celine turned to her. ¿ Capito ? If it's an order . How is Annabelle? A Ava thought he detected a hint of stiffness Cesare traits.. Last isn't learned what can happen to you if you challenge me week? Ava knew he was playing with fire. thanks to a . And as much as Ava would hate her.

Ava was surprised to hear her. he looked Cesare. But when he heard the voices whispering was glad to go barefoot.father who suddenly has become overly attentive and accommodating.. I'll take her. "Over my dead body. Celine. go-the disappointment of Celine Ava filled with satisfaction. -I Do not think it's a good idea . What more could you want? He could not hide the sarcasm in his voice." he said Ava with it. as she was sitting there doing nothing . He grabbed the railing Wood and waited with bated breath. Cesare pushed away from the table and stood up. -More You better. no vex.. before remembering that he had left shoes under the dining room table. Very calmly. until he remembered that Cesare had not taken into account by inviting Celine.. "Fuck. She's sleeping for an hour. unable to quell the desperation that pervaded. A portion of it had not yet accepted that Celine was so important to Cesare. be impossible to sleep it off. Le "But not tonight. No. but he forced himself to smile despite the bile rising by him throat. who just shrugged while turned the glass between his fingers.. Oh. "Be careful. Come on. Would it have been his intention from the beginning? Can one get rid of it and spend the summer with Annabelle and Celine? The reaction had Cesare arrival charged an unexpected direction. Celine Cesare and left the room and his footsteps echoed through the hall as Ava motionless in his chair. Could not you see it? You want to see it? Startled. and had harbored secret Page 28 hope that was not just a family friend. because if you wake up. It was obvious that Celine formed. I should not have invited if expected to be sympathetic with his girlfriend. he set the glass on the table to resist the urge to throw it to Cesare to head. But a friend of the family would not insist on seeing Annabelle after he had said that the girl slept." whispered a voice full of pain in his head. The woman destined to become stepmother to his daughter went to see her in those Now. He jumped up and ran up the stairs." he warned Cesare's gaze. or be part of the life of Cesare in the very near future and that would eventually meet his daughter." Ava I wanted to scream. The discomfort of the other woman was so patent Ava cringed. No way. Celine motioned to accompany him. but made an effort to restrain himself. I would have liked to know Celine said. . that's nothing! Easy.

I can be a little slow. It's painful. 'I'm not stupid. Do I have to remind you that we are separate and that this is my home? 'What's yours is mine by law. But you have to tell. Cesare. get out of my house. Is that clear? Celine frantically shook his head.Porca misery . but I'm not an idiot. the answer is no. A second later also saw Celine and eyes widened. If you mean that I can not stand being laughed at me in my own home. It is impossible -sentenció in an unforgiving tone. Ava.How long will you continue ocultándoselo think? Celine asked vehemently. 'Do not bother. it is called "sex"..... but no sound came from his lips. I know you're sleeping with my husband.. The pain was too intense and decimated its poor resistance. And now. So . Cesare reached the stairs and stopped to see Ava. Cesare replied in Italian. He clenched fists and gave her a look of anger and frustration. Cesare moved menacingly toward her. if that's what you want to tell me. Deserves to know what is happening. dimly lit. Cesare gasped. also in Italian. Maybe then he would have me outperformed! 'I'm not sleeping with me Celine muttered through clenched teeth. who in turn gave an angry reply.. I've seen how you mirabais during dinner! 'I know for a long time. who There was also pale and clung to the arm of Cesare. Cesare turned pale and his face contorted into an expression of horror. I know. Page 29 Chapter 5 For God's sake. is that you are not worth half measures? Cesare snapped after closing the door after leaving Celine. Do you first you offend our guest and now salts me with this? 'You should have told me you were sleeping with her. Yes. but it was Clearly that was not the desired response by Celine. you know? His reaction did nothing but suspicion shape and despair of Ava. Hair over her shoulder in a show of false bravado began. where Ava expected in silence and with a heavy heart. No! Per favore . The footsteps of Cesare quickly headed for the landing.. right? . I could not hear their explanations. Cesare opened his mouth. He spoke too fast for Ava could understand. Cesare. Ava . He shoved his fists in his pockets and looked at the garden. But while we are husband and wife.. There is great trust between us and . you'll stay away from him and our daughter. -Do Not. but at the last second turned away and headed window. .. He gripped the railing tightly and prayed to continue holding his legs. For you I Signora Di Goia. She looked at Ava. Ava . but his throat had closed. Her body emanated such anger that Ava swallowed nervously. Ava tried to swallow.. finally murmured Cesare. -Oh My God .

What about Robert? He returned to fresh air. feeling horribly uncomfortable. Celine never received the proposal and now your parents want you to do it to save the family honor or something. I know her since birth. our separation . his expression firm. Ava fingers twitched. decisive and dominant. A Ava froze the blood. And you appreciate hereinafter abstuvieras you have those reactions before our guests. feeling a pathetic glimmer of hope. Aava felt his chest fear and bit his tongue torn between the need to demand a response and impulse Page 30 comfort him. You mean before they went to live in Switzerland? 'Yes.-Celine Is the daughter of an old friend of my father. No one was home alone as a matter of honor.. Why not I said that before? Think of all that has happened recently . He died two weeks ago. 'I should have told you ... until released a deep sigh. Wait! You can not tell me that Roberto has died and then leave like that. Roberto has died. In addition. I'm sorry. -What? he exclaimed. the earthquake.. But that does not mean I see as more than a friend. This was the Cesare she knew. I think our parents hoped that Celine and Robert marry someday. Ava ignored the reason why Roberto di Goia was isolated from the world... -¿Para Tell me why? Roberto ..' he said with a voice full of anguish. Cesare never spoke to him of his younger brother. I did not think it was the right time to I tell you.. Cesare briefly glanced toward the window. there was never a serious commitment. When looked at her. You've seen too many gangster movies. Celine He waited a long time for him declared Roberto. so do not get hysterical about something that has not happened. Ava stiffened at the name. 'So Celine is the intimate friend of Roberto and not your lover? she asked.. When you suggest I should have told you? . She passed her to leave. He stopped and let out another sigh full of pain.. What then happened between Robert and Celine? He remained a long time in silence and staring. but Ava grabbed his arm. Celine did not have the opportunity to marry him. the trauma of Annabelle. We have always been friends. just a wish. Ava. but is much more linked to Roberto. -A Me guess . authoritative. All you Ava knew about him was that he lived in a castle in the Swiss Alps and only allowed to visit him Cesare occasionally.

Valentina was his unique relationship. although he intended to stay with the baby. 'And what is not explained to Roberto? I tried to explain in all possible ways. -why? You accuse me of erroneous conclusions. The answer is no. In the midst of the fight.. Apparently they had been dating in Rome before she left for New York. but she refused. Oh. had stolen the only woman in his life. -A Brother who never met. returned to New York and asked me return to work. in the middle of a meeting and before my board -volvió to the window. But Roberto thought she was positive. so I offered him a job in the office just opened in town. what happened or why you were distanced. it was before we met. He introduced in New York a month later and accused me of stealing his girl. although jealousy corroded inside. It was Valentina murmured. And who is to blame? You'll never talked about him. Who is Valentina? -The Older sister Celine. He wore the son of my brother . but he would not listen. I did not sleep with her. We had a terrible argument. who had everything..You could have found a way. and I think that ultimately convinced. I have no right to ask you admitted. . but how could I do that if I always you in suspense? Tell me what happened between you. Valentina announced she was pregnant Roberto. Unfortunately. that was not the worst. 'And that was so awful? Roberto knelt and asked her to marry him.. But? Roberto did not believe that the child was hers ... She told him she was not ready to get married. She was I thinking of moving and he was good at numbers. It's okay. He was always sick child and spent much time in the hospital.. Ava. 'After that. Cesare kept a long silence that Ava thought she would not answer. while I was at boarding school most of the year. A Valentina liked to have fun. Roberto was my brother ... Roberto begged him to return to Rome with him. but I convinced him not to give up and to continue trying.. but I did not know. Valentina did not want to stay with Roberto. Ava gasped in horror. you know what I mean. no . Let him now. 'And Roberto again blame you? Never had been close. I could not refuse. He took her to have an amniocentesis and nearly lost the baby.. And thought his older brother. Seven years ago I met her at a party in New York. Page 31 -Also Blamed me for it. Ava . Did you sleep with her? she asked without thinking.

. but she refused to return to Rome sighed. why bother to go to Bali? You never questions anything. Roberto lost his head. It's your fault. Why. It did not seem fair to give the news in a moment so difficult. It takes seriously the role of Aunt. 'I was wrong to think that things would be easy and you would not have to remember how you . Ava she warned him. I hoped you to understand that ours had no solution.. You wanted to know. Like most women. -While Just be that role . You should be thankful that will not break our truce after what happened. Roberto died two weeks after the earthquake. but without any intend to fix it. Broke all contact with me and with our parents and went to Switzerland. You asked me and I could not refuse. 'I agobias. Now you know. Apparently was manic depressive and pregnancy had aggravated his condition. Do not think I did not know what was the point of that trip to Bali. I gave him all the support he could . I'll tell you when it's time. He died by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. would not believe that I had nothing to do with the rejection of Valentina. I found it a bit strange. ignores what is subtlety. Yes. You never stop pressuring me. 'Have Annabelle say.... Did it not occur that I was in no position to give you what both craved? A shiver ran back to Ava. whatever. 'You should have told me. at least? Deserves to know. If you had told me before your visit. But why insisted on seeing Annabelle? If I'm honest. yes. And then? You could have sent an email. Page 32 What do you mean? From the beginning put me all his hopes of having a family. how silly of me not to catch him. Nothing said he did change his mind. Our daughter deserves to know who has lost his uncle. 'he said finally. He knows about the earthquake and has me I been wondering since you and Annabelle you returned.Yes. What if we remember what and soulless bastard who I am and keep going? Ava wanted to slap him. she never gave him a chance. But I did not. The offended and you rushed to conclusions wrong. and maybe outside too. a message . I suppose I could have. And came to see me. 'What's that? If you're so bothered. I tried talking to Valentina. deep voice. Yes. 'he admitted in a low. Celine -¿Eso was what he wanted to tell me? She thought you had to know what Robert. knowing that I was trying to save our marriage. -¿Nunca Returned with Roberto? No. but opted for a conciliatory approach to detect the deep pain hid their words.. and for a long time neither moved nor spoke. -Celine. -and Is fine. Cesare looked at her with eyes so sad that Ava had mercy on him. would not be having now this conversation! Cesare pinched his nose. Ava was paralyzed by fear.

But she pulled away before I could touch it. To my parents Roberto was his priority and barely noticed me. It may even take off life-the pain almost drowned his words. As a result I learned to fend for myself no longer need the no company. Ava. -¿E Insisted on seeing Annabelle to . And I do not want my hide anything that has to do with my daughter. What if I refuse? Damn. however brutal. raise your hand. Do you really think that of me? Never have given me good family relationships. In that case. Cesare. but tomorrow morning you Celine call and apologize for your behavior. As all of us.. I think it will be better for both talking about us. . Roberto refused further medical treatment during the last weeks of his life.. Then why did you marry me? Because you were pregnant with my daughter. Honestly.I failed. Fear squeezed her breast. you have to know more. So I wanted to see Celine. Cesare waited a moment. Ava took a moment to sink in. why have to challenge me at all? Because I'm not a doormat. I -¿Entender why not fit in your model perfect husband and father? That's what you want.? -Examinarla. Have to wait a few days for the results. Is there anything else I should know? -Do Not. motionless. Ava was shocked. And that you loved me. I was transfixed. -¿Un Suicide? Ava cried. Ava. remember? I'm not in the mood to remember anything. What do you think that can happen? And please. I do not know. -why? It's doctor. but could not move. -¿El What? Roberto was sick and isolated for months. 'Have you ever thought that if I concealed the truth is for your own good? I'm not a girl.. I want always tell the truth. Right? 'Why foremost? So selfish and needy you see me? -he did not answer. -You Do not have to soften the blow she said. but we know the real reason for his death. He slumped into a chair and took a few minutes to raise the Page 33 head. before coming to expression repentant. mesmerized by the voice and the smell of Cesare. -Only Try to understand . A Ava turned over the heart. Cesare stiffened. do not try to sugarcoat the truth to protect me. Prefer sincerity. Ava wanted to look away and escape..

Cesare's pupils dilated and Ava caught a glimpse of his agitation before her away Page 34 to the other end of the room. before they came together with a impossible to resist magnetic force. He then circled her waist with one arm and lifted like a pirate claiming his booty. I know very well.Not pressures me. You always make you lose your head. The shockingly intimate tense stance made them both. The frustration was unbearable. 'Please tell me this was not another stupid demonstration of manhood. For her there was only Cesare. Because. But at that time did not care. Hardly He managed to suppress a groan when Cesare finger landed on the pulse of your throat. All I wanted was to prolong the pleasure he provided the burning mouth of Cesare. She shivered. Will you tell me if something I can do? He mumbled something incoherent softly and slowly lifted a hand to stroke under the ear. When you lean back she grabbed his arm. The next day would mark skin Cesare . like the day of his arrival had happened.. moved by a sudden compassion. The fingertip radiated so hot flames fastened around the body. Nothing more to say repented. in all except parts inside. An invisible thread the He dragged her towards him and made him touch her cheek. His mouth replaced the finger and Ava could no longer contain the moans. around it . wet and throbbing. The erection of Cesare was glued to her sex. cocked his head to offer the neck in all its length. He began kissing her jaw and she turned her head to unite their mouths in a passionate and wild kiss. And I'm not sure what bothers me more. gripped and pulled himself around her waist to the legs. Squeezed her thighs and tried to bring Cesare to the area of your body that need it most.. A torrent of desire spreading from her crotch and hardened her nipples as he licked and bit her avid and ruthlessly neck. Always you provoke me the same thing he said 'I still kiss her. He accepted the offer with a grunt of satisfaction and continued kissing. 'And then what was it exactly? By God. if having accepted this ridiculous . Ava.. licking and nibbling her earlobe. Say-what like a witch who has bewitched you. Anxious. Cesare. She could hardly breathe both the lack of oxygen further accelerated heart. his words had a withering effect on Cesare. believe me. She dug her nails into his shoulders. I'm sorry about Roberto. above it. are you so hesitant to anyone think you're a virgin.. Ava. You do not know what you're asking. This evening -what did not she reassured. Just was aware that Cesare moved and slowly rested on the couch. I am the limit. 'It was not intentional. He left her abruptly and looked down with stony expression.

A fantasy that will never come true. It has always been so. But I never that you want. During those six weeks Cesare had treated as if she was the most important of his life.situation you or the fact that. At that time. -why? He did not turn nor answered. Cesare hardened gesture was as if a steel door shut in his face. Anxiety ran through the veins like an icy river. A few minutes to know and accept that invite a drink in a bar in London. Was the beginning of the six most erotic and exciting weeks of his life.. But not in love with him for sex. But never knew it would make her happy. Not even reached the bar. Then we have nothing more to talk about. is because I no longer want? He turned. begging to Heaven to let him keep his mouth shut until Cesare was gone. Ava. Cesare took her to his house in Surrey and ended up making love on the hood of the car in the middle of the driveway. He had always been weak when it was facing Cesare. pitiful moan from the depths of his soul. And she had remained silent. What are you willing to settle? He looked to his lips and Ava knew what that look meant. but when he ventured to look I saw coming toward the door. pulling the dress down. Then why are you still here? she asked. Cesare smiled a smile so arrogant Ava wanted to slap him. He ducked his head to hide the fact that he produced those harsh words and warned that the neckline left to view the upper curve of her breasts. -The Chemistry between us defies all logic. And for someone who had always felt like an outsider . Cesare. his hand on the doorknob.. Hope gave way to anger and rose to his feet. He felt closer and for a moment thought he was going to play it to clear his cruel words. I'm not willing to settle for less than what I deserve. Dress was arranged quickly and thanked her hair would have released enough to hide the blush on his face. He stared at her. watching as their prey-predator. Tell me why you're still wearing the wedding ring when you've already condemned our marriagevoice trembled with rage and confusion. You know I can not give you the family you want. he could have formed with a strictly sexual relationship. Only then did he let loose a long. encouraged to learn that Cesare still wanted and that attraction could be stronger than his formidable willpower. Is . I still wish. despite everything. Page 35 I had knew in the back of his being the man had the power to make you do and feel things no one else could get. had retired after remind him to call Celine tomorrow. unable to speak. But you're pursuing an impossible dream face . Yes. Now answer you. She had been so devastated that had collapsed on the couch. however. Ava lying in the dark. he had hated herself. Because every time I find it hard to be away from you admitted it. from the beginning I've wanted with a desperation that borders on insanity. unable to sleep as the words of Cesare repeated incessantly in his head.

grabbed the baby monitor and left of the room. How is it possible? had asked with a mixture of horror and disbelief. yielded to an impulse and picked up the wall phone to call his brother. having chewed. "I never said I love you. Cesare wanted to hate for his cruel words. those attentions were like a godsend. But if we were careful . She had the same question." Her eyes filled with tears. He pulled out a bottle of Soave and served a drink. but he had reason.. It has always been so. She had simply taken for granted. Because when Cesare heard she was pregnant seemed to be living their worst nightmare.. When he soon became pregnant. He had shown his passion and had filled all carnal desires and supplies Ava. and therefore did not know what answer. 'Do not worry about me. . Off the kitchen there was a plate of stromboli . He felt a mixture of disappointment and relief when jumped voicemail.. I'm sorry . He had never told her he your family. put on a shirt over her nightgown. With who spoke at this hour? With Nathan. How wrong I had been. He grabbed one and.. but with much more enthusiasm... before looking at her. 'You know what you did last month? Ava swallowed hard. What would you have said? That her husband had just admitted that he had never loved and that part it was considered responsible for the failure of their marriage for creating a family to force? Grimaced as he left a brief message to his brother bland and hung up. A faint smile curved her lips.My dispiace . I saw it as the realization of the dream that had harbored all his life. tease if seeing her sacking the fridge at night and when she was young. I heard voices looked phone with closed eyes. Page 36 I do not need your pity. He got up and walked to the window. . so leave me alone or changes the subject. but at no time had uttered words of love. As he turned winced when he saw the shadow lurking at the door. the same tiles on which she had been when Cesare asked her to marry him. the answer is no. the only one of his three brothers had noticed its existence. Nathan. Furious with herself. Have you talked to someone in your family lately? You mean if any of my brothers has felt the desperate need to get to know the sister who have rejected all his life? No. but I just left a message on the answering machine. And when he proposed he thought that Cesare was also a dream come true. The moon reflected on the tiled courtyard .. Cesare.. He was wandering through the house until finished in the kitchen. I need something that you can not give me. and the heart beat him runaway when Cesare entered the kitchen.

. Excuse me? Do not you should have thought before marriage unwillingly? Page 37 -Llevabas Inside my daughter. -The Di Goia no divorce. but Cesare was. Not even give me thanks. if that's what you worry. No point ordenárselo. The Sweat soaked his biceps and enhanced his powerful muscles to move. Serve a little will ya me too? He grabbed a glass and dish was stromboli at the table. He managed to swallow it with a sip of wine. Not as much as expected. until he leaned against the doorframe and will shamelessly through her gaze. where she poured the wine as he nibbled a piece of empanadilla-. Well. . Do you also can sleep? I think no woman could sleep after her husband tells her he never wanted and that he regrets marrying her. Have you been to the gym? Cesare had a fully equipped gym at all houses and kept in shape by practicing boxing. 'And you work? 'I left a breathless and nervous voice tried to hide with a sip of wine. I think it's time we stopped to bury our heads in the sand and move on to the next phase . his hands on the table and looked the spitting fire eyes. excitement began to spread through the stomach and crotch Ava. but I will not have another fit of hysteria. nothing happens.He looked at her in silence for a long moment. I'm still processing what you've told me about Roberto and we. He nodded. You're the last woman he called "hysterical". She wanted to scream to stop her. Now I will tell whether I work or not. Ava gaped at him. permanent. the irrational part. Cesare rose sharply. like wine and carbohydrates He showed what he had in his hand. He stepped forward. Part of her hoped his response would discharge Cesare. But elsewhere.. I needed to hit something so pervasive 'I nailed a look that Ava feared he might see through it. He was immediately placed in tension. I had no choice.. but realized that to walk out the door would have passed him. The piece of patty that had stuck in his mouth tasted like sawdust with a touch of garlic. The silence stretched. but neither did move to move or speak. Ava . actually yes. Slowly. Now is quiet does not mean that we have to resolve the situation and rasped he forced himself to keep talking. but grazie . Air the kitchen was loaded while it was as if breathe the same oxygen bottle. What about you? Prefer to pursue other avenues of relief. To stand firm had remember the humiliation suffered a couple of hours earlier. He looked down at his hands and saw that his knuckles were bleeding. reacted enthusiastically when he approached and slowly removed his finger protection.. No. but chose not to eat at the risk of choke.

in or out of bed. Nor for a moment I have repented of having Annabelle. Cesare. though they're feeling. we are not in the Middle Ages. He jerked back. Page 38 Chapter 6 Cesare went downstairs with the same humor that had risen three hours earlier when he put the excuse that it was going to bed. yes you know retain the charm. But made me believe that I mattered and what I wanted. And yes cared about me -the stared into his eyes with an expression almost pleading. Cesare grimaced in pain. Nothing prevents me from asking for a divorce. In the end it was just sex to you. So I do not care a Di Goia not divorce. Do not want to be married to me. Been said that you should not have married me. He had not slept. He'd had enough. so unless you have signed without knowing that this clause Di Goia do not divorce me afraid I will not have a choice. Cesare. But you have to admit that Things got very difficult for us. She followed him with his eyes until Cesare stopped and grabbed the edge of the counter. I want divorce. -it's True. so that do us both a favor and do not deny it. And please do not tell me now that you regret having our daughter. She let out the breath he was holding and quickly suppressed tears while up. He pushed away from the table and began to pace the kitchen. desperate to believe it. It is a pity that I stay pregnant. and I was so obsessed with form a family who could not see that you did not want the same. -¡Otra Time with family! What's wrong? she cried. Never have I lied about my feelings. I never said I wanted to have a family. Ava.Why. Silly me for having misinterpreted the words of eternal love that susurrabas me Italian when we were in bed. unable to remain calm. Never have I lied. right? 'I took the words out through the lump in her throat closed. and yet still carry wedding ring. But you still want me. Well it is time to simplify things. but I will not go crazy trying to make sense. what you want or not. eh? Unfortunately for you. What was expected to release him after Ava never should have married? What it is put to mourn and beg him to be reconsidered its decision? . -¡Te're Wrong! I thought you married me because I wanted to and because it wanted to form a family with me. as if she could not bear the Ava logical reasoning. Well it was not enough. You knew that we were married just for Annabelle. anger and frustration being invaded. Which was no surprise. You lied to hide the truth. I honestly have no idea what's going on. A slight blush crossed briefly rigid Cesare cheekbones.

Cesare. Someday inherit the fortune of Di Goia.He smiled sarcastically.. Cesare had noticed the change in the domestic staff. So is. Ava was at the door to the balcony. and I was not about to let happen again. though I suspect you're going to tell me anyway. face . Annabelle care of you mind this morning? I know we were going to spend the weekend with it. and even then took them off at every opportunity. Ava nodded. Page 39 Surprisingly. which will not be passed Ava overlooked. While serving some coffee he thought that he too had positively affected Annabelle return.. The sun glinted on her fiery hair and perfect skin. 'From now on it is finished behave hysterically. According to her were instruments torture. Do not you want to know what it is? -The Truth is that no. She was the only daughter would have on his life. pale sun Bali but without tanning. In all the time I knew her she had only seen shoes when they went out. but equally important. just one quiet resignation. No. But he could not forget that he had been about to lose once. and that would have to be prepared. Normally employees tried avoid it. not tears. and learns very fast. Annabelle does not speak Italian. 'What church? . Lucia and you are teaching. and he had never objected because he found irresistibly sexy bare feet. but did nothing to calm him. He saw her walking barefoot toward him. but Cesare could not contain the irrational impulse to provoke and make her pay for what she had done him suffer. 'And who is to blame? My mother tongue is English. He smiled. But you you can speak Italian very well. and the sight of his long bare legs rekindled the desire to Cesare. but since the return of her daughter all smiled and waved cheerfully at him. -for Me there is no problem. Cesare deserved rebuke him. I want to learn my language. if I have misunderstood what you told me in Italian. Or at least you spoke when we were together. Not as ambitious as to dominate the world. but I have to check the illumination of the church and the goalkeeper can only go today. The stern face of the housekeeper he relaxed into a smile as he told Annabelle antics yesterday. She tried to hide the concern and looked away to pour tea. I deal with it. Sure it will speak very quickly. Looks like you're hatching a plan for world domination. not Italian. Among many things had to start talking more Italian than English. Its rapid capitulation puzzled him even more. Ava was not. Maybe not know as much as I thought. And yet there had been no sign of those claws night . her red responded with tiger claws. so radiant and healthy as if he had applied a lotion Special. She wore a short white dress. -What I assume? -not sure why irritated him so much that statement. Lucia was serving breakfast and turned to hear approaching. -In Fact I'm up to something.

When did want to go to Rome? Annabelle -the grandparents worshiped her granddaughter. How long will you be gone? If you agree.. No need to know about us. The will to power when the summer ends.. -echaría terribly her daughter. 'That's why it'll come with us. Yes. If we are together. Me? But . trying to keep her voice from shaking. . I gather on Tuesday and return on wednesday..-The Cathedral of Amalfi. Annabelle can be hard.. I have meetings in the afternoon. Of course it's necessary. -¿Lucia Go with you? Page 40 -Do Not. But .. I just think it would be desirable to have a little help. Before I could protest further. My parents want to see Annabelle 'he said after taking a sip of coffee.. but a few days alone would help to put sort out their feelings. especially when you're tired. but what about my job? On Monday morning I have a meeting with Reynaldo and Tina. we can be both with our daughter.. 'I'll drive. At first glance. Where is.. I have to go Rome for a few meetings. piccolina said. asking if he can throw them Lucia blueberries to your pancakes.. not wanting to cause more worries about parents and disconsolate. Against his will he nodded.. Cesare. Annabelle spend the night with my parents. Ava observed emotions reflecting Cesare's face as he stood Annabelle in lap to kiss. . 'Was that the covenant? We agreed that we would spend every day with our daughter. Ava and never would trouble being seen. -On Monday morning. but Ava had a bad feeling. How are at Roberto? As any parent would. Annabelle ran to the terrace and Cesare was filled with pride heart when she greeted him in Italian. You think I'm incapable of caring for our daughter? 'That's not . I do not want to worry even more. An uncomfortable feeling assaulted. the least for now. They know we've been one year away. the desire Cesare Annabelle learn Italian seemed innocent. No need. 'he said dryly. It could also take the time to go to Amalfi to seek more scenarios for album weddings. The constant presence of Cesare made her fight a grueling battle herself. Two nights . I suppose. so it would be a good time to take it. -I Do not think it's a good idea .Buon giorno. But my mother thinks we have overcome our differences. by right? In the kitchen.

'What time've finished?
-A Eleven or so.
- Bene , we will go midday He turned to his daughter. If you want to swim with Dad after
breakfast, you better not eat too many pancakes, piccolina .
'Your will also wash them with water, mama?
Yeah, she also said Cesare in his place. You can swim safely as just
eaten looked disapprovingly his plate, almost intact, and challenged quietly refute it.
She made a discreet but extremely rude finger gesture, triggering itself a
smile and a look at his face and neck.
I'm going to move me said, and hurried away as long as a bold idea took shape in his
head. Since his arrival, Cesare had not ceased to sexually tease.
Well, she could do it ...
Once in his room, he chose the tiny bikini in her closet. He had bought it
for the trip to Bali, while still believed he could save the marriage.
He put and nearly lost my nerve. The fine strips of green lycra stuck to his
skin in a maddeningly provocative caress. Red with embarrassment, put on a green shirt
over and grabbed a bottle of sunscreen before he could change his mind. With each step
that overlooked the pool the purpose of his actions was repeated. He had never been a coward.
otherwise; I had learned at an early age to fight back. And Cesare had already
abused enough patience.
As he removed his shirt and saw the expression of Cesare, he bolted the heart. The sexual heat
his eyes became pure volcanic lava, and its effect was so strong that almost gave Ava
I stumbled to a halt at the edge of the pool.
Cesare glanced up and down, made sure her daughter take the sleeves and
He swam to Ava.
-does Can know what you try me? she demanded to leave the pool.
Excuse me? she asked, forcing herself to outline an innocent smile.
He stared at her and then proceeded to go around. Stopping after she gasped and Ava
He tried not to cringe. One would need a little tug to unleash the three strips that held the
'Do not play dumb. You're trying to take the limit to return me mad with desire-he had
mouth close to her ear and with the breath warmed her skin.
I had to make an enormous effort not to turn around.
Play'm just following you, Cesare. The question is ... what will you do?
He grabbed her arms and made her turn.
You want me to prove my desire reaches far? Right here and now, in front of our daughter?
Page 41
I ... Her voice failed while shame came over her. It was not that the result
I had expected when put on a bikini. I did not mean ...
You wanted me suffer, right? Well congratulations, because you've got. I'm burning for
you, Ava.
Without warning, he captured the earlobe with her teeth and she could barely stifle a
moan of pleasure. But before surrendering to assault Cesare, he had already released.
When he opened his eyes again have the shirt around her shoulders. In attempting to depart, he

He grabbed her by the waist.
-¿Contenta? Are you satisfied with your little experiment? -the pressed against him and Ava felt
hardness of his erection in the back. On that occasion he was unable to suppress the moan. But it
was a
groan of frustration and regret, knowing that however much they wanted to do it
suffer, he had only managed to prolong their suffering.
Yes she managed to answer.
Good, because that's all you're gonna get, Ava.
A Ava was heartbroken, and were about to cede legs.
-why? Do you suffer from premature ejaculation, perhaps? she asked mockingly, reluctant to
admit their
defeat even though his whole body wanted to cower in shame.
Cesare laughed hoarse.
Nor much less, beautiful She pressed closer to her. But you want a divorce, remember? So
that technically, my erections longer belong to you. Think about it the next time you decide
test me, treasure .
Ava took all his willpower to break free. Few steps away, before
stop filling his lungs. When she was sure he was not going to collapse, tried
button his shirt, but his fingers were shaking so hard he had to resign himself to hold a
He risked a glance and saw Cesare was sitting in a deck chair with a towel around
waist, noting the progress that made his daughter in the water.
Wordlessly, Ava turned and entered the house as fast as his legs allowed. It was started
the bikini jerks and looked at his shaking hands with a lump in the throat.
Their marriage was definitely dead.
It was time to accept it.
Page 42
Chapter 7
The city of Rome in July was swarming with tourists who were roasting in the sun and prudent
who chose to rest in the shade. On board the limousine that took them to the restaurant where
had arranged with parents of Cesare, Ava grateful for the air conditioning, which unfortunately
does not
I could protect her from the thoughts that raced through his head.
"That's all you're gonna get."
He tried to quell the words that echoed over and over in his head, but it was useless. He received
Message on Mobile and frowned when he saw who it sent.
Another time Agata Marinello. He regrets your long silence. Why do not you tell him not
you will attend the wedding so I can have some peace of mind? Do you think go far with this
Cesare looked tablet with which he had been working since I moved from
Helicopter car.
No, the games are over, face . I think we've finally reached an understanding.
Your attitude is not nothing like the man of the pool. He had picked up after the meeting of
Ava, dressed in a tailored suit, shiny shoes and sunglasses, so ravishingly

Sexy as ever. Ava was used to seeing him in casual clothes for two weeks, and
picture posing with work clothes put even more nervous.
'And could not take half a minute to send a message to Agata and tell him you're not going to
wedding of his beloved son? I say this because their messages are seriously affecting my sanity.
And, if you continue agobiándome, I will not answer for my actions.
He looked at her a moment before nodding.
-The Let you know today.
-Thx. You can now keep ignoring me.
He found that Annabelle was still asleep in the chair and stared out the window as the
limousine surrounded the Fontana di Trevi to go to the Campo de 'Fiori.
Cesare turned off the tablet and Ava felt watched.
Ava ...
I'm sorry, okay?
Cesare's fingers tightly gripped the pen with which he had been working on, and
severe pain in the chest settled Ava remembering the feelings that had caused
those hands.
A honk diverted attention from Cesare toward the window. The sunlight was reflected in its
black hair, giving it a bluish glow. His profile was so attractive that Ava ran out
breath. Cesare was as close to perfect as a man could be, even with the nose
slightly twisted which had left him after a boxing match in his youth.
I'm sorry to repeat, she forced herself to. I know that sometimes I step out of line. The pool ... I
do not know
What was he thinking, really.
Cesare looked at Annabelle to ensure that slept and then looked at Ava.
'I do not know, and so am said with a sigh. Sex, or the promise of sex, has
become the only solution to what happens between us. I used it to teach you a lesson
Page 43
day you came and you returned the favor yesterday, which I deserved it. We have been
testing continuously, and it was logical that one of the two end up reaching the limit.
And of course it had to be me.
-Do Not. I have not been fair to you, Ava. The earthquake was a hard blow to all. And the death
Roberto ... She pressed the jaw.
Ava put a hand on hers and felt the heat flowing between them.
'When we know what happened to Roberto?
'Soon Cesare -the mobile rang, but he ignored it and pinched his nose. Almost we
arrived at the restaurant. After lunch I'll have to go to some meetings. Continue
speaking tonight, okay?
A Ava was closed throat, but he forced himself to nod.
Cesare deep breath and answered the phone. Ava stiffened when he heard a female voice. Do
managed to continue the conversation in Italian, but the low, intimate tone that developed the
was disturbed further.
-Celine Wants to talk to you, 'he said, settling into his seat.

If you do not want to talk to her. Ava Celine's tone was friendly and free from reproach. This is very special. He looked at the variety drink and poured himself a brandy. You choose. Where is your arrogance now. completely alone with Ava. Do Not Page 44 as that afternoon when the laughter of Ava and Annabelle echoed off the walls. Do not forget. Ava grabbed the phone and plugged the micro hand.. Cesare laughed softly. How dare you apologize on my behalf? I'm not a girl who has to justify. still smiling. Nothing was going according to plan.Ciao . Any woman who was married to Cesare defend its position fiercely. Well. she apologized again and after a few minute speech. He loved his daughter more than anything in the world. They had not overlooked it the exchanged glances members of the board. -The Vanity is a sin 'I snapped her with a hoarse voice pathetically sensations the invaded. yet he could never enjoy that love without support a strong sense of guilt. I will send a message with the details. but she wants to make sure no grudges. please. 'That' I can not argue. Celine has invited me to his birthday tonight and I accepted gave the name in a night club. A sharp pain It pierced his chest. If you knew how much I hate you sometimes . Hello. He just smiled and Ava coughed before removing the micro hand. How would I do if Roberto had deprived the . The business that afternoon closing thought had elongated enough hours. dear ? Cesare entered his apartment shortly before seven and was greeted by a stony silence. I hated nightclubs. Celine. All he had to do was to sign the divorce papers prepared for him lawyers and Ava would forever of his life. Part of the solution to their problems was there. He had to admit I missed the laughter. He stepped on something soft on the floor and bent down to pick up the teddy Annabelle. Embarrassed. and all for their lack of concentration. Hey. I like to see how you receive a dose of humility he replied. cut the call. -Also Is a cocky and stubborn desperate. which made it feel Ava even worse.. . He watched the briefcase.. Ava frowned at the vehemence of Celine. And do not trust himself. but has a big heart. just so you know.. sorry about the other night . That would be the first time I would be alone. He left his briefcase and surged to tie as he walked toward the liquor cabinet. Celine laughed. Cesare's smile faded. Ava smiled back and returned the phone.I've tried to apologize on your behalf. she dropped the phone.

Cesare made a grimace. -A Eight is dinner and then go to the club. Annabelle's smile left him breathless. I'm sorry. He left the sentence to mean when he saw that she stopped smile. okay? I hope so. When I was invaded by a wave of indescribable of being a parent? He left the bear in the table and turned at a sound. the cuffs of his black silk shirt buttoned. You said had to talk. I thought I heard someone come into the room She and Cesare could not help noticing the sexy sway of her hips. I had to turn to hide his erection. I was hoping you'd come back sooner . Resigned. give in to the impulse touching. I think I have provided the perfect excuse for Annabelle takes cart. He ventured to tell her.. 'What time is it in Celine? it had to get out to overcome the obsession that caused him his future ex-wife. She turned on her heels and looked at him with wide eyes. -very Well. inviting touch. I do not know which one was more excited. Your skin. dressed in a gown Satin and freshly washed hair shiny falling over one shoulder. Cesare was seriously thinking about calling to cancel Celine appointment. Cesare had to restrain Non her in his arms and unleash their insatiable passion. Give me twenty minutes to shower me and change clothes.. Only monks took vows of chastity. but he said no. I've exhausted just listening to their plans for tomorrow. The last thing he wanted was to socialize in a local crowded and noisy. I just got. It was a truly remarkable woman. But anything would be better to stay in that apartment alone with Ava. Ava wore an emerald green dress that reached her thighs and left back to I discovered. I could not evi . bright and peachy. put on his coat and left the Ava room right when he closed the bedroom door guests. I'm late. A year without sex it was affecting seriously. preparing for mixing fear and excitement that would cause the smell of Ava. because the suspense is killing me. We need not stay long at the party Celine. Twenty minutes later. The tingle of satisfaction knowing was still finding attractive vanished into thinking that other men would see with those clothes so provocative. Talk when Page 45 back. I called Carmela and I offered to take him. 'Do not you forget something? he asked in a strained voice. But I knew it would be throwing Celine on face the rest of his life. He ran a hand through his hair and took off his tie with the other. and his body reminded him that he was not a monk. Cesare could not continue resisting and turned. Cesare closed his eyes. He has left his teddy if not stated any nonsense to fill the silence... . 'I know. What about my parents Annabelle? The robe made a soft whisper as he approached. Ava was at the door.

-the rejection of Cesare had ravaged his confidence. murmured as he offered his arm. -¿Sensual? You're the spitting image of sin. 'Now matter how you go dressed. Will you let me go well or we will late because you can not stand that no man see me with this short dress? He swallowed hard. What is exactly wrong with my outfit? she asked defiantly.. He looked around to Cesare. I could tell you abotonaras shirt up neck so that no woman could see the chest. It will be a very. despite being attached to Cesare. Compared to dress dancing couple Cesare. Ava. enjoying the attentions lavished him the stunning Page 46 blonde who had beaten him since he entered the premises. I hope it's because you trust him -Celine eyes narrowed. Not worried I said with a forced laugh. Oh. And also wore something on the big toe of his feet. you are also impressive.. who watched her with an expression that bordered on compassion. Do not worry .heels. Are we going or what? The expression of Ava. We have to be there in twenty-five minutes. very long night. Cesare? Of course I care. I think not. I'm ready to go. before looking plateados. tried to speak and finished shaking her head as she looked him up and down. But no it was so. It was on the dance floor.No. who had him ensured that green dress was perfect for her. What is that? A ring. Giuliana is a man-eating. Cesare's frustration was growing by the minute. his was extremely modest. 'she said. You're awesome. but can rely on Cesare. but since I'm a grown woman I have to putting up. touching her diamond earrings and pendant that led to neck. She arched an eyebrow. I've told you're awesome. But the caveman in me would like to see . something more.. I do not know . Cesare never hurt you deliberately. Cesare chided her. but I think you forgot a little fabric on the back. We're still not divorced. 'Aside from letting you back into the air and you hardly covers the back? But do look sexy? she persisted with a smile full of malice. I spent a fortune on the dress. and do not want other men are made ideas for you. He turned to meet with Celine. I know a gentleman and stick to compliments. Dress looked and turned to doubt the opinion of the selling in Via Condotti. something that would not arouse the most primitive instincts of men to see. Behave yourself. -Celine Me pay . and the certainty that he felt the same. who had believe that hated nightclubs and would be eager to end this evening.. It was the center of attention.. temptation and fantasy. laughing. Jealousy oppressed him Ava chest until he could not breathe. Do you think that chivalrous enough? -the dress caressing her thighs and drew attention to its endless legs. This woman could pass for model and its spectacular anatomy could make men drool at his feet. and by the way. ... despite the blush that covered her cheeks. right? Ava only half listening to the young man whose name I forgot. it did feel a little better.. which was not difficult since who could barely a dozen words in English.

Wait said. Ava touched his arm. He grabbed two champagne glasses and his eyes met those of Ava. But for you two it is still not too late. Was there for Celine. It was warm and friendly. but it was the love of my life. stopped dancing. with light brown hair and beautiful eyes brown.-Ánimo. led to the center of the track and proceeded to dancers show their skills.Balliamo ? 'I pointed to the dance floor. and Valentina. Cesare told me about you and Roberto . irritated by their body reaction. When the music slowed. Per favore . but smiled when he saw her take off your shoes. He had hardly eaten at dinner. I had never been to hide Page 47 to lick their wounds. Ava was sure love that Cesare had for Annabelle. He could not deny that Cesare exercised an irresistible power over their emotions. The Di Goia not easily give their love Celine 'I said with a sad expression. The left and found next to it the guest with whom he had spoken before. The next songs flew by and sometime Ava lost the hairpin. and the least I could do was try to have fun. and the flashes of anguish in his eyes for the loss of his brother caused him deep sorrow. Enough a smile to brighten his day. she had already agreed to its name. Minutes after Celine left. when his companion tried to take her to the dance floor. he could not forget that Cesare only He had married her because she was pregnant. The reality was so depressing that the glass trembled in his hand. But. considering what he had said. -¿Una Drink? he suggested it. you have to try with all your might. Ava smiled back not to seem rude. Roberto loved my sister. There was no future for them. He smiled and she recalled that Celine had introduced as a distant cousin. and had only tolerated in your life because it was the mother of his daughter. Whatever happens. 'Really? 'I demanded to know what had among you. . The observed up and down. He grimaced in disappointment.. whatever the feelings I had toward him. Ava did not move the site. and when she hesitated a hand over his heart in a gesture dramatic-.. Ava yielded to a sudden impulse and nodded. and therefore their capacity to love. and she responded with a toast. grateful to refresh and recover . Mario. which made will quicken the pulse.. laughing.. but did not care and continued dancing animatedly. Her admirer down his glass at a nearby table. But that love did not extend to her. Music hip-hop was the perfect antidote for melancholy. She shook her head. and did not want to drink with empty stomach. I'm glad to tell you. Part resents me for not having had a chance with him before his death. The music ended and saw Cesare and Giuliana stunning heading for the bar.

Cesare laughed in disbelief that creaked painfully in the ears of Ava. -why? For re-take them off at every opportunity? -¡No'll Leave them here! I have cost a fortune.. -does Can know what were you playing? he asked through clenched teeth. Wait. He smiled. After a few seconds he returned with silver shoes dangling from his fingers. so I decided to have a little fun myself. Cesare's eyes shone with a menacing glare. Ava saw the young man turned pale. I could not show how much The affected his attitude. Not you move from here. You seemed very busy with your friends. per favore . Nothing more? Do you think little? What do you expect? What I stay in a corner. Wait! He ignored her and walked toward the exit. but then he circled her waist with his arms. Cesare began to Ava behind and whispered a few heated words Mario quietly. 'I could ask you the same question. Cesare looked back at his feet. He put Ava hands without saying word. He swallowed and cleared his throat uncomfortably as she shook her head. has been ... dammit! I have to pick my shoes. because my resistance hanging by a thread and I fear what might be the consequences for both if it breaks. Without waiting for an answer. Then. How long will continue well? You have to stop testing me. -¡Cesare. It's time to leave. and now I have to wear shoes. He knew who it was even before hearing it. She walked past him and pushed the heavy . -are You mad? My feet are killing me. but without the slightest hint of humor. The crowd parted to let him pass on their way to the bar. and somehow seemed even more angry. he grabbed her wrist and pulled her from the dance floor. nothing more. but she made no move to calzárselos.breath. You want to go? -not Because we could withstand more pressure. His eyes burned with such anger that Ava stepped back. -Only Were dancing. Ava. A second later strong hands grabbed her from behind and pulled so abruptly from Mario embrace almost lost his balance. Under the floodlights. Thank you. began to tell Mario.. yearning get your attention? Ava . 'And I could not think of a better to let another man got his hands on you so? -he had fists clenched and his face hardened. Have you danced barefoot? Yes. Page 48 Chapter 8 The force transmitting his words filled with dread Ava.

. Image featuring Ava. but furiously blinked back tears. With stiff fingers. Cesare. It was not until they were in march spoke again. 'We can not keep doing this to him said. It's time we had that talk slope face . Ava the air filled lungs and stopped next to the column of the entry.. and Paolo expected with the door open. He began to turn when a strong whistle pierced the air. but I'm going crazy and I can not continue supporting it a whirlwind of uncontrolled emotions churned inside. Enough! Cesare cried. hair was wound in the neck. Do you really think that Roberto envied you have a family? 'Not that I believed. The limo had come while she was deep in thought. Stop there! Watch those insinuations that I am a bad mother. And stop refer to Annabelle as if only it were your daughter. he said in a cold tone of reproach. It was cold and stiff. Arrepentida. arouse the interest of any man. but he held her by the arms. Looks like you've become an exhibitionist . We can not... Divorce seemed the only way out. -I Agree. For you. Put this now. -and I see . They've changed a lot of things while you empeñabas you on ignore. Lost your rights as a parent when you decided to get away physically and emotionally for our daughter. He'd been mortally pale. She tried to pull away. He removed his jacket and made him lower his arms to toss her Ava on the shoulders. thought not to be worthy of a son after Roberto lost his. I do not know what happens to us. And I worry about the impact it may have on my daughter.. from a trio of men who had just left the club. Or at least I thought having them before earthquake. I felt the presence of Cesare after her.oak doors to go outside. It was well. with arms raised. 'I deserve it. barefoot and bare back and sensually curved.. He often told me that I did not deserve to have a family . She wanted to cry and mourn. Cesare made up and closed the door behind him.. I do not care if I offend your feminine sensibility. Cesare came and wrapped his warmth as he wove his fingers in her hair. Page 49 Ava turned sharply toward him. But he had good reason to get away. Cesare did not mean that .. Ava grabbed his hand. Until recently the only thing that gave him were your genes. The breeze from outside was a nice contrast to the suffocating atmosphere in the interior. But the idea of permanently separated from man who had dreamed he would spend the rest of his life caused him a painful lump in the breast. but thought it would be wiser not turn around. A shudder ran through her as she felt his breath on her ear. it could have died! Cesare threw his head back as if he had been struck. What happened to Robert and Valentina . You have separated from me and yet not stand another man approaching me.

I'm sorry I'd say those things. -also Had a duty to your wife and daughter. and all he could to lose control was sitting next to him . Ava. trying to amend my mistakes. He thanked not stand. I needed a distraction. I am well aware that I failed with my daughter. You say you never knew what you were doing. I left. maids and bodyguards. Remorse. He noticed his lips and his vision blurred to possess thinking and getting lost in the desire that threatened to consume him. I'm tired of these dialectical struggles. Yes. By God.-the pain hardened his voice.. I know you married me because I was pregnant. Ava gasped as he grabbed her and pulled her against him. without But see me like everything you wanted in a family. but she had reason to suffer. but as husband given the size. and I'm not willing to forget that. Cesare kept a moment of silence. You -¿Guardaespaldas? she cried. He huddled with jacket impregnated with the body heat of Cesare. but I thought you obrabas me calmly and common sense. beside himself. Page 50 Cesare could not prevent it slip a huff of frustration. He had expected resisted. as determined and promising in relation to his daughter but so exclusive in when it came to it. and why I'm here now.. Ava sank into the seat. as always did. but you left to close Business at the first opportunity. She gave a sigh and he breathed with satisfaction. but that time did not care in the least. But she gave herself unceremoniously. Ava. I told you how I treated my father and my brothers.. Never been lonely said quietly. you have to remember that we barely knew when you got pregnant. both ached to hold Ava was unable to speak.. I should have been with you and have tried harder as a parent.. but you should not leave me for her to raise our daughter myself.. Cesare did not know what was doing when I had our daughter. She is most important in all this. not them! He squeezed painfully hand and nodded solemnly. He kissed her mouth with a low moan. You had nannies. But do you really thought you deserved to suffer alone Annabelle because your brother was fighting his own demons? My duty was to protect . I deserved to be just like him. jealousy. Hoping you stay with me. -¡Ya Enough! Do not say another word. When after a Eventually I found that I no longer needed. and managed to extract the strength to plant face. Ava. leaving him exhausted and dazed. since Cesare seemed willing to drop everything. anger and all the emotions that were repressed forever broke into his chest. because he was sure his legs they have sustained. . The words of Cesare. I did not marry your servants and your bodyguards. 'I do not know . I knew I was taking a huge risk. Her eyes widened as she felt a particularly hard part of the body of Cesare. You know I've never had a real family. Aava was breaking the soul to see it. I married you! You should have been you. Although it was not necessary.

-for The love of God. He gave her a big kiss on the lips to try to erase the bitter feeling. He did not need to be told twice. But something had changed in him.. How can you say those things and pretend not to have hope in us? Ava . until Cesare turned away and tried to catch his breath. -what's The matter? she asked while touch her hair. separated from him and put on his jacket over his shoulders. Aava cost him a few seconds to understand what he meant. . Come here he commanded him all the rigid body by desire. shut up and kiss me. you've been with someone else? -even're Married.. because for the first time in his life he was acutely aware of each Instantly.. I could not stop. but was all he could grab his jacket. kissing and biting each other. No woman knew how Ava. And I take very seriously my marriage vows His expression is oscureció-. 'Why.He captured the tongue with his. He had chosen to lead a life separated from his wife and daughter because they believed he had what it took to be a husband and father. which he handed to Ava determined expression. -A Mario has left it very clear what would happen if he returns to approach you . so you can drive them away as you did with Mario tonight? Jealousy again invade. Well? She stared at him with her amazing green eyes. He spent day doing what he did best do. Page 51 He picked Ava shoes and followed her into the building. Cesare. women wore before him.. To the enter the apartment door shut with his foot and started to take her in his arms. Innocent and captivating.. Coming out of the limo showed an obscene leg portion. If he started. Ava squinted and lower lip trembled. spread her legs and sink into it until they lose consciousness. Cesare would never have imagined that a simple gesture could be so erotic. with their bare feet. swollen by the kiss. he could not. They were devouring. barefoot and spectacular butt wiggling under Cesare jacket. eager for soaking up the flavor as his fingers explored what longing to explore wearing for so long. And you. I spent kissing him as if to devour to cower in fear and timidity. every fiber of his being and. A black doubt forced him to separate. but did not kiss her. A wild and maddening desire seized him. made even more crazy Cesare. especially. and pressed breasts against his chest as he frantically grabbed his neck and hair. We have arrived. But as much as he wanted to rip her panties. I would not dream disrespect that.. I still remain a married woman. Not answered me when I asked if there had been someone else. With wide eyes. Also Ava was burning. daring and insecure . Once inside the elevator he pressed against him. he waited a moment. engaged in negotiations that made him win every more money but it turned insensitive to time and everything around him. I need to know.

The cold and aseptic words what caused. and again it was far from reach. no more? Cesare pulled away to take his tie. Why. far from satisfied. a bitter feeling came over him. He shook like a matador jacket trying to deal with an angry bull. Cesare". -The Both know that bikini was a very dangerous temptation. He inhaled her sweet fragrance and admitted to himself that the desire for her was beyond her comprehension.. I was angry with you torture me like that and I said those words without thinking-the provocation of Ava had been the straw that broke the camel after having been holding since the beginning. but will not let me play. Frustrated. Cesare. Ava. Not lie down just because you've decided you want me again. One more step and was almost glued to it. Damn. you exhibiste such an ostentatious manner that was driving me crazy. Cesare was so stunned when reacted Ava was gone.. Cesare moved toward her. . because I'm not continue exhibiting myself. You know I want you. From the beginning he had known Ava just had to do with his family. Tell me you do not want . Cesare. 'And now you've changed your mind. He had married her and then had left because he was trapped in his own anguish. -¿De Again? When I stopped wanting? Just to see you walk into a room and get excited me! She blushed and sensual lips parted. defiantly. But. Would it be man enough to start again? He observed a moment the papers and decided tore in two. I'm not going to sleep with you. but she backed away and he was forced to stop." An uncomfortable heat wave ran up his neck. "Bravo.. Good night. I just needed a simple signature to break free of that madness. Cursed softly and began to pace the room. For all purposes he and Annabelle were the only family Page 52 had. he tried to grab her again. He ignored her and concentrated on his dam. It had been so long Roberto suffering that had not stopped to think about the needs of Ava. He who dominated the words as anyone was unable to develop an appropriate response apart from the pure and raw truth.-Do Not. Have you forgotten what you said? "That's all you're gonna get. But this was their only option? He recalled the words that Ava had come loose in the car. How not? She remained out of reach. Her away. He had finally achieved what he had been trying to do since the return of Ava . because you're in luck. He saw his briefcase and pulled out the papers. But his vehement shake of the head filled with irritation..

. had not come to talk about the solution to your problems. surely he would have granted. but still wearing the thong. even the day before the earthquake. His hair was tousled. Had not put a bra with the dress. From the attic of Cesare. which served to strengthen their will and clear the haunted look in his eyes. While she was probably tortured him with a drink or another way to close multimillion dollar business. The truth was that her husband wanted so he could not think clearly. He watched the door and put his hand to the button that ensured the dress in the neck. First Cesare had rejected and then wanted to fall rendered in his arms. Would Cesare contemplating the same view? He pulled his hand out the window and saw the skin heating the glass. located in the Campo de 'Fiori.. He moved to the window. His breath fogged up the glass and distorted his image as he remembered .. of course . But not anymore. If Ava had asked for divorce two months earlier. What could be wrong with that? He moved unconsciously to the door and dug his toes into the carpet. He let the garment fell at his feet and thought about taking a shower. unable to calm his frantic heartbeat or runaway thoughts. is appreciated a spectacular view of Rome and the dome of St. She tied the belt and left the room before losing courage. Maybe he could not give her what she wanted. All for fault of the man whose presence control his emotions as if it were a puppet.. What What was I thinking? Cesare was stunned when she walked away. her lips were swollen and bruised and her chest swayed with heavy panting. Now would think later . but quickly discarded and selected a short green silk nightgown and matching robe. but feared his determination falter if lingered too long. The idea of going to see Cesare naked warmed his blood. I had no idea.He smiled. resulting from the greedy hands of Cesare. but it was useless. but at least it was a good negotiator. He grabbed the toilet brush and combed and insurance rhythmic movements. The view outside faded when he saw his own image reflected.. Page 53 Chapter 9 Ava was spinning nonstop for the guest room. . Peter in the Vatican. His eyes were pools of confusion and pain. You should feel grateful for being able to resist temptation. There would be no divorce. Heat Cesare emanated body and the heady scent of your muscles wrapped with the promise of a sumptuous feast after a lengthy famine. "What now?". Yes.. The certainty that had been about to return to making love with Cesare was going crazy. Among the feverish kiss and following discussion. He closed his eyes hard and tried to quell the desire burning in his veins. but had not followed nor had knocked on his door.

. but the extent of his powerful virility sobrecogerla never stopped. What if he was sleeping? Or worse. Isn't .. I can not talk to you like this.. Both need rest. -Yup. grabbed the end of the sheet and retired. He looked up at Ava and put the glass on the nightstand. She turned in the arms of Cesare. talk. She looked at his bare chest and felt a flare lit into his lungs. With a rapidity that Ava would never have believed possible. you would not be here. He nodded. Cesare was out of bed.. crossed the room and hit her from behind. 'What do I owe the honor of your visit. I promise you'll be much more comfortable. make yourself comfortable and . face ? She parched lips licked.... what if I were to be cold and distant man whom she had come to hate with all its soul? The fear of rejection dried his throat. He breathed deeply and turned the knob. It's late and . but I could not move. No? Do not like to provoke with your flashy gaits to completely take possession of my attention? I do not know what you're talking about . Ava gasped as she felt his hot naked body. biting her lip and listening in case some noise could be heard inside. hiding the expression while leaving the tablet.. Page 54 Cesare was lying on the king-size bed headboard carved wood with a glass of cognac in one hand and a tablet in the other. no... I will not let you go strutting again. I do not want to have this conversation from afar. Talk in the ma . 'Is that why you came? To talk? It -together hands over his muscled abdomen.. you do not get any clothes? -Do Not. Despite its quiet position. honey. But chances are that you end up hating. Cesare always slept naked. She shook her head and turned away. .. Otherwise. The desire grew dangerously in her stomach. He had to get out. You know what? Maybe not a good idea. -¡Yo Not swagger me! -¿Ah. Ava. effect is the same. I told you what happens when you're near me. We'll have that conversation. kitchen and terrace.. Ava reminded him of a predator ready to pounce on its prey. In that case. The value had left. Either naked or dress... like the living room. He turned away.. now pending. got nothing . Sure you do. but could not turn back. Are He shuddered at the prospect of facing Cesare in her bedroom and waited by the door... I do not know what would. He had seen naked many times.. Cesare . But . . I want to have that conversation .The hallway was as quiet as a moment before. face. Oh. She did not have to look to know he was naked. I'll give you what you want.. Come to bed.

. it is. Touching the edge of the thong murmured in Italian. face . It has sunk kingdoms and finishing with men more powerful. Summoning all his strength will. Ava. -For Must be jealous feelings for the other person. so explicit and spicy Ava blushed. landed on his belly as he took possession of his mouth. Yes. So far you've gotten as you do not. Ava lost the ability to reason. His tongue eagerly clasped his way in a dangerous dance that could only finish one way.. We need to talk. throbbing. And. he drew a line from the neck down. Tell me about it in English. a demonstration of the power of Cesare and his firm purpose. I want you to know that I regret I hurt you. But we must do this. . and every syllable uttered was like a kiss on the skin that made her tremble with desire. He lifted his head. Page 55 Looks like we both have been jealous. Did not always like each other? Just a touch to He let us burn in flames -to prove it ran a finger down his neck. Not only him but all men you looked at the party. He kissed the corner of his mouth. Ava barely felt it slide his shoulders and fall to the ground.. and he licked his lips. followed by the nightgown. Pain shot through the desire to Ava. passing between the breasts up reach the womb. He laughed and pressed his hard erection against Ava pelvis. Ava. That kiss was not like anything that had occurred in the car.'Why would I hate you? You told me you had not been with anyone else! And it is true. seeing the love you were Breasts Giuliana. . breathing fast. He put his hands on his bare chest Cesare and dug her nails into his powerful muscles. Ava's body responded so instantly and burning so that the head spun. Cesare . face . I confess have wanted to kill Mario tonight. got retirarse-. I have never denied feel something for you. It was a full-blown assault your senses. please. Of course it has affected me. He repeated the words.-he was unable to utter a coherent sentence. as was enthralled by the heat burning in the eyes of Cesare. 'she begged.. unless you confess being a serial murderer. whatever happens. 'Just sexually? Do not underestimate the power of sex. He stopped smiling and looked with longing and lust. I'm surprised you've noticed. thick. Cesare. Cesare withdrew the shoulder gown. Cesare changed back to Italian. With trembling fingers. Need to understand what you say. becoming aroused the groan that came from his throat. We'll talk. Then do not see what reason could I Hate About You.. -Yup .. The member Cesare.

Cesare made up donning turned over. She wanted to ask what was wrong.. When passing the fingers over his lips. He was about to beg that would end the torment when he kissed her on the mouth and He pinched her nipple with his thumb and forefinger. Are you still taking the pill? -Yup. Cesare no took off his mouth in no time. fearing desire to die if you did not touch the nipple. right? She grabbed his biceps hard as granite. Cesare then let him finger and drove an intense and burning eyes. Moaning desperately tried to bring the Breastfeeding your hand. I thought I had imagined the whole two weeks ago in the hallway... You have not lost any of your passion. 'And that you like? she asked hoarsely. Burning and wonder. -What If I like that sex has always been savagely special between us? I am a hot latin blood. Just when he thought he could not take it anymore.Tears came to his eyes and rolled down her cheeks. Unable to resist. she begged her. Cesare lay down beside her and put his hand under the breasts. as he grabbed the back and slid her fingers under the elastic. The orgasm shook with the force of a tornado. Cesare's hand touched the bottom of the chest and began to draw maddeningly slow circles. he caught with his teeth and sucked with delight. 'Why did not you show me instead of making me suffer so much? A strange expression crossed his face briefly. The sore nipples became so unbearable as heat throbbing between her legs. its sculpted lips and rough stubble. The sheets engulfed Ava heat and smell of Cesare. A rush of liquid heat flowed from his crotch. splendid and excited. Page 56 Touch me. He obeyed and she reached out to explore its rugged features. snatching breath and blinding her with bursts of color behind her closed eyelids. rubbed against him. please . Still holding fingers. Another moan filled the room. And the deep groan of Cesare further fueled his insatiable appetite. Come closer. He departed with the fingers and He picked her up to take her to bed.. but forgot everything when he kissed her again. Ava writhed in agony. Her nipples hard as rocks. naked. The frantic beat of his heart rang in his ears up . The touch of his bare chest against her breasts Ava shot pulse again. but I see no . The flames consumed Ava. desire flared so that had to ensure it was not an illusion. The friction was the going crazy. And when he pulled away and she saw him really. When he managed to open his eyes met the eyes of Cesare. Cesare erection throbbed insistently against the thigh of Ava. Ava's scream was drowned by the kiss. but he still kept his hand as he continued licking finger. You still equally receptive treasure. and the intensity of the kiss was reduced as Ava slowly back to reality. -not Yet.

.. Cesare vacuumed out his nipple eagerly and licked her burning flesh. Let me me.that all he could hear was the promise of pleasure and ecstasy. Cesare looked at her in amazement. let me do it? He nodded and handed him a condom.. I've had plenty of time to imagine so . powerful and fascinating idol that had captivated her since he first saw it. I've never forgotten how beautiful you . The promise of another orgasm was imminent. Forgive me. Never Cabo. face . Encouraged by the excitement that burned in his eyes. I was not prepared for finger slipped between her fleshy folds . but I have to. before you put it in your mouth. I fear you take a disappointment if you do not put an end to this torture-his voice sounded strained and locked by despair. I'd forgotten how beautiful you are top view he murmured.. She arched back with a loud cry of pleasure. 'I have time to take them. repeating the action before she could recover Page 57 breath. leaving a trail of fire threatened to reduce it to ashes. -What Male . with a flick. Very Slowly. wanted it to be Cesare power within it the only thing to take her to orgasm.... She put a hand on his chest. the noise of the fabric to tear heard. He then opened a drawer and pulled out a condom.. which emanated such heady fragrance as a powerful aphrodisiac. This time I wanted more. She was so desperate as he and completed the task quickly. Is a treasure. he retired and. Enough. Seeing him tear the wrapper. but could not resist stroke his erection again.. and was still enamorándola despite everything that had happened between them. Before she could ask what he meant. per favore . He turned and grabbed her to return it to its original position. it was placed under and knelt between her thighs. He grabbed her hair for her away and glared. She parted her thighs and stared sex open and damp. Ava bit her lip and tried to resist. he unrolled the latex over the erect member. was placed behind him and kissed him between the shoulder blades as he proceeded to place him protection. -And Do you have time? -For This He lifted his head and licked the nipple. . He ran his fingers over the inner thighs.. The velvety skin and vein throbbed under his fingers. he stood up and put his hands over hers. but just as he was about to throw the abyss. He bit the flesh that had kissed moments before and fueled his desire to feel the tremors Cesare. joked with breathless voice. -for she would always be a god among humans. pain and despair.

She surrounded him with his arms and gently stroked his sweaty skin as wound down the tremors. She obeyed. Upon receiving the first attack. A review attentive condom had calmed down. I was dragged to the Ecstasy in a torrent of pleasure that swept up the last of his thoughts. Cesare took to the release final. Ava. knowing that resistance was useless. -if You can. Open your eyes.. Unable will stand. The brief relief he felt when he withdrew his fingers. and one last moan left the unstoppable tide of ecstasy and barely had time to adjust its position before collapsing on Ava. feeling lost the tip of his powerful erection. He kept his eyes fixed on her eyes as she went. but did not delude himself into thinking that always .. circled her hips with his legs and he grabbed her hands and pinned them on the head. Words were not necessary. lungs burned for air and pressure from Cesare threatened his sanity. Above her. and cried again when the thumb of Cesare He found the clitoris. but said nothing.. The two began to move simultaneously with a force that rattled the bed. The Cesare grunts unleashed the gasps of Ava. Do you He sank deeper into her. It's too . however. He turned his head and kissed her on the chin. Cesare watched his sleeping wife invaded by guilt. In the instant before the explosion. When he got to the bottom briefly froze. The world around and the only thing filled her crumbled were Cesare and her moans of pleasure. closed his eyes and was lost in the indescribable sensations that embargoed the body and the soul tears accumulated behind his eyelids. invaded by a pleasure that never had I experienced. Ava felt a special connection so strong and that he lit the heart and left her breathless. Page 59 Chapter 10 Standing beside the bed. Time stood between them and the only sounds were their breathing. 'Now do not move. allowing you to savor the fullness Page 58 of his possession. surrounded by an incomparable feeling. he realized something.. delaying the opening and desbocándole way. He stood still and rigid a fleeting moment. Not I can . Before I could analyze it. Now he finally said. Cesare had reversed seconds before orgasm. shaken by violent convulsions of Ava. curled up against Cesare and surrounded by its strong arms. arching on the bed.-¡Cesare! he screamed. She dug her nails into his shoulders and shook his head frantically. He squeezed tightly between his legs and answered his frantic thrusts with pace forgotten long ago. The heart was beating furiously. It was not until Ava began to fall asleep. hips Ava shook involuntarily.

From the first moment I saw busy London street that something had moved inside. a sign that he had not been with anyone else. She slowly leaned back against the pillows. and it hurt to think he had lost without even realizing their loss. He glanced at the naked body of Cesare and stopped at his erection. but her feet would not obey him and had cling to the bedpost and hit her teeth. The physical desire ended by shutdown. but would succumb to temptation dangerously tempting fate. In a slow and seductive gesture intended to make him lose his head. 'So what? . Thoughtlessly at what he did. Quite the contrary. but stopped at bedside. stopped on the way to the door. stood out in breasts that Cesare longed to return to knead and caress. husky voice. Ago a year that did not have sex and desire was more than urgent. Her red locks spread. -¿Cesare? Her voice. Page 60 'On the contrary. He had joined and sheets hung down around the waist. If all went according to planned. What are you doing up? 'she asked. dear . He tensed every muscle to not lie down beside her. Cesare had to restrain wild possess mode and your body crazed asked. -I Do not want to make -the damage had noticed very tense when making love. The passion that burned between them had not weakened one bit in the time they had been separated. 'It was not so bad . -Dejarte Sleep a little expensive . and I knew that sooner or later end up losing control.. he pulled the blanket to lie beside her. He swallowed as he felt the instant reaction of your body. licking his lips. revealing the full beauty of her breasts. Aava it was enough to be near him to undermine his willpower. Her nipples. She muttered something in his sleep.. but he was not so sure. She noticed his erection again and smiled mischievously. A Cesare felt his heart. The desire to seize him again when she stretched out on the bed. Well I woke up and said in a low. It was the first real smile I'd seen Ava in long time. That certainty invaded with a wild and possessive euphoria. half hidden by her hair. soft and sleepy. Its appetizing curves gleamed natural light.. A part of him resented the insatiable need that Ava had always awakened him. his wife would know better man than he. and Cesare made a supreme effort to get away from the bed. 'There's nothing delicate about you. You mean your pain or my performance? I have very delicate ego and need to know . At first he had considered as a mere sexual attraction. revealing part of your body would.. The flames propelled him back to her. but the idea that Ava out of his life forever caused him an agonizing knot Chest. I turn as delicate as a child when you look at me like that.

that led to the point of no return before he noticed. Now I'm here was all he could say. Ava spasms subsided and he grabbed her hips to push hard and reclaim his own pleasure. With every breath... A Cesare he let out a groan from the depths of his being. I was so blinded by feelings that could not see anything. Cesare laced her fingers in her fiery hair and left the pleasure that filled up nook and cranny of your body. and as before soon found their rhythm. Ava muttered something unintelligible to his chest and he stroked her hair. Just give was aware of condoms when she asked him. how much I've missed . In response. But then decided to get away -the pain misted his words touched Cesare. Cesare discovered what really meant madness. gasped as he fell on him.As if the center of your world. making him see stars with spasms while Cesare waited .' she said as she planted a trail of hot kisses on his chest. he thought the Her heart stopped. ready to welcome you in its warm interior. the Member surrounded him with both hands and began to stroke it up and down. and expected-. He bent down and touched her nipple with his tongue... convinced that would do what was needed to find a solution... To the least not yet. 'Not yet. -¿Te Fun? she asked him. The wail of Ava was followed by his. Ava stopped smiling. who bent to kiss her. Cesare. He pushed for to lie down on your back and she was placed on his knees. Had no right to offer other security. Cesare. God . Were-what. Follow-at that time was definitely a plea. It did not take long. Slightly scratched torso and smiled at that muttered curse.. -not sure if it was a warning or a plea. and kissed her as she melted into him in a climax clouded by a shadow of remorse.. She obliged him and looked into his eyes as he continued masturbating with a boldness that he never he had witnessed. After latest onslaught and retired. Ava . It took several minutes until they returned to breathe normally. My God.. But there was no other solution. God . surprising. who slid his thigh between her legs and Member surrounded by hand. and received with delight when she straddled him. . And when she sank her teeth under the navel. 'I answered you too hard. Ava's expression said it was not the most appropriate comfort.. It was impossible retained longer. He kissed her with a passion feverish and reveled in the angry response Ava. For a long time you were. Her eyes sparkled with joy. And when parted her lips and stuck it in his mouth. and less when Ava crashed last pelvis against him and succumbed to a tremendous orgasm. approached dangerously close to the edge of sanity. with every inch Ava descended. unique and wonderful.. I could only show to what extent desired.. He felt that was the limit of his endurance and reached in for another condom. Much .

People enjoying breakfast on the sun tables outside cafes. The paper fell to the ground and watched them put Ava white. and already assembled and ready for use. The night before had returned to risk his heart to sleep with Cesare. Upon awakening he had found an empty bed. trying to catch every angle as a good professional. With a heavy heart. Ava looked sophisticated and complicated coffee before daring to press the button that seemed to him most harmless. He took a deep breath and went to his . Cesare suddenly stopped. The dome of St. Era heavy but comfortable and manageable. again. He crossed his fingers to not cause a disaster and went to the living room.Page 61 Ava came into the sunny kitchen and saw the note stuck on the fridge. The night before she was determined to find a definitive solution to their marriage.. Have a gift on the coffee table. an empty apartment and a lot of doubts in the head. forgetting the newspaper.. He went out to the balcony and took a lot of panoramic photos. Ava examined the pictures that had just taken. He opened it and gasped at her content. He walked with zoom and prepared to shoot. In fact. the Campo de ' Fiori. The breeze stirred the hair and more than one woman turned to ogle. The sun went behind a cloud momentarily plunging the terrace in shadow. He leaned over the railing and focused the street. and again was exposed to pain and suffering.. It was the camera you had dreamed for a long time but had never believed that I could be yours because of its exorbitant price. fixed gaze until the backfiring of a Vespa what he put in motion and quickly entered the portal. seemed strangely absent. You never had fully recovered from old wounds. C.. I went for breakfast. They did not look to a man who seems happy and satisfied after having slept with his wife. fountains and statues that lined the streets and for which Rome was famous . He fired several times. Lowered the camera and watched Cesare. But with every picture he drew was his heart sink. He clutched the camera when she heard Cesare key in the lock. but stopped when a familiar figure appeared on the target. Ava looked up again camera and zoomed in on the man with whom he shared his body last night. wearing a tight T-shirt and jeans that conferred a sweeping look. He seemed oblivious to the stares. He wore a container with the logo of the trattoria favorite Ava a newspaper under his arm and mobile glued to his ear. where she found a large and exquisitely wrapped package on the table. For several minutes he remained with the loss. A cheerful smile He curled his lips on. He felt a tingling in the fingers to lift it. but rather that he had fallen under the spell of her husband . Peter. but someone who seemed living a nightmare. He grabbed the note and read the short message Cesare. Ava saw it as a bad omen.

whatever it is. I gladly forget you all to any hour. or erected to. tell me once. What is it. stopping a breath away. 'she said. -Do Not. -the lips were shaking him. without suspecting the bomb was about to fall. Cesare. . Not think the first option will enthuse much. I assure you I have loved. . He squeezed her hand and led her to the living room. He stepped back and walked to the coffee.Prego briefly She laid eyes on her bare feet. This morning I received a missed call from Celine. Cesare snorted and sat beside her. in that case. Hardly anyone knows who has it until it is too late. Thanks for this. You're scaring me. Never heard of it. 'It's not a common disease. Please . Made her sit on the couch and started walking back and another room. when he left Ava in bed and saw the missed call from Celine. Do not know what I wanted most. Tell me-what dogged her firmly approaching. She watched him frown pucker. pointing at the camera. Then you do not repent for last night? Cesare abruptly left the container and mobile on the counter and turned to Ava.I find. lamenting what he was about to reveal. He tried to speak but could not articulate words. he knew that he It was over time. It Should have sated my appetite. as if not to find the right words. Although there is not why I do it in the dry pitch and off-the bed of his words sank Ava into despair. Last night I explored your body until the last freckle and recorded in my mind every inch of your skin.. expectant. but I still wish in a way that becomes painful.. Speaking mean his damnation. According Celine is very difficult to diagnose until they appear serious complications. So? -and Have the results. succumbing to the temptation to make return to the love. Do you think that I regret anything? Ava did not know how he could feel cold and hot at the same time. Roberto died of Tay-Sachs syndrome. He saw put rigid shoulders while driving the coffeemaker. face . Cesare? -it was clear that something was wrong and needed to know. I'll fix another coffee. But that morning. Ava's eyes were filled with fear. if find you in bed . He stopped seeing her. This is out cold. Only when the family coffee bubbling in the kitchen rang he turned to her and shook his head. Page 62 He gave a harsh laugh as he headed toward the kitchen. sink my mouth between your legs and make you lose your head with my tongue.. In these now I'd like nothing more than sit on this hob. I called ten minutes ago. -for The love of God..

What if . Apart from the occasional cold and traumas earthquake. I could not breathe. 'Yes. but she pulled away. A glacial horror swept the rest of emotions and did rebel against what he was hearing. I -¿Lo knew and did not tell me? Cesare reached out to touch her. And only wanted to protect . But then a thought struck that froze the blood... But . Cesare...? Is this the Roberto suffered? 'Unfortunately. I am very sorry. Do not you dare say that trying to protect me! You had no right to hide something. Are you saying that . She put a hand on his cheek. And you're not sick. knowing very soon lost forever. yes. How can affect Annabelle? It's possible that the gene remains dormant all his life . Ava's hand trembled slightly. Shocked. 'Your you suspected something? Is that why I hid Roberto disease? How long was sick? His condition began to deteriorate a year ago. It's a horrible disease.. I did not know to what extent his condition was serious.. leaned back. has not been as sick a day. almost nobody knows they have the disease until symptoms appear. Your parents know? I'd like to think that we do not deliberately concealed or Robert or me. His daughter. Why is that? Because the problem begins and ends with Roberto . you and Annabelle you bear that gene? The words seared his throat. so that there is a high probability that I will do the same that Roberto. could develop a deadly disease . Spare me your pity. He dropped his hand and was mortally pale. am are you hiding something? My parents carry the gene. and he absorbed the touch everything he could. Would I have transmitted.. I do not deserve. or mutate and produce complications.-Is . is a genetic defect that is passed parents to children. No . as she knew the whole truth. so I do not think they knew. Ava's throat came a distressing and deep groan.. As I said..' he murmured with rueful expression.. The last thing he expected was such a revelation. My mother He was devastated when he died Roberto.. Ava noticed something strange in his tone. is a perfectly healthy baby girl. face .. I'm not. Cesare. Page 63 Ava's face contracted into a grimace of terror.. Moments earlier hoped they could solve their differences. Ava was glad that they had not known.. because thanks to their ignorance had given Cesare and Annabelle. and worsened in the last six months... For you and Roberto. his beloved daughter had survived an earthquake.

. Although you were not together. I was very serious and probably the worst expected.. Damn it. Not corresponded to you to decide... life snatched us. And regarding Annabelle. She tried to convince him to see one specialist. -why Not? It's what you've been doing. How I will not think that life was snatching me so I did to my brother? -You Can choose to take the blame the rest of your life or convince you that you were not responsible for what happened to Roberto. Cesare twisted his face into a grimace of regret. And you already had enough problems after the earthquake. I did not give more concerns. Yes... 'You can not control everything. our daughter should not be there. Cesare. What if I had missed something? Not me nothing happened. It was isolated from the world because he lost the love of his life and decided to confront the suffering to an so She tried to reason with him... Never I have been and .. but Cesare was not listening.. . the family would have wanted. I keep thinking that if I had not seen Valentina in New York. You saw that market in Bali . Because you expect the worst. It was as if he had thrown in the towel . -Do Not.. We were thousands of miles away. 'You had no right to carry that weight yourself. he would not have provided a employment and Roberto would have been happy with it . So I delayed my return to Bali. At least now I understand why you put that face when you look at Annabelle. and was suffering alone because I did not know how to reach him. Some things happen no more. I know. Not you should hide all this. tried to help him and took woman I loved your protection.. He grabbed her arms and she did not forces to try to escape. hence the suspicion of suicide... You have to accept that I'm no good for you.? -it could not form the words. I got in touch with Celine.. what if ..Annabelle got sick and I did not know what was wrong? -the fear gripped his heart.. Roberto went to Switzerland to shut out the world through my fault. -The Earthquake . When I discovered the scope of his illness. Ava.. face . She squirmed to get loose. I am an expert in worse . Cesare. right? I had to be sure. -Oh My God .. Page 64 I'm sorry. By God. He nodded regretful expression. Cesare.. and look at what I've sentenced for life. but I wanted to save you the pain. It happened just like that. Roberto refused to see me. Do not think so. but for six weeks he called me . but Roberto refused. The found.

I swore to protect and thought he was doing the right thing by not bringing in angustiarte Roberto.. Upon returning to the room he found Cesare where he had left off. My flesh and my blood. I mean alone. Ava could barely stand. We must talk about what will happen now . but I think. -How? Does your bodyguards are unable to do their job? 'Why delegate a task that I can do better? 'Now want to play at being attentive husband? I married you. but Ava receded. What are you doing? -Acompañarte. Call me selfish if you want. Ava could barely breathe for the lump that had formed in his chest. unable to quell the terror that stirred you the stomach. Seeing her set the cup and walked toward her. -After Eating is fine. Sure that there was enough air for both... 'You can not leave! -the He grabbed her arms. And as Annabelle and I are inseparable have to put up with me too. I need some fresh air and think-he grabbed her tightly. We'll get through together. -why? he asked weakly. But his face was a wall impenetrable. 'What time will bring your parents to Annabelle? 'After eating. Why do you want I stay? Because you're my wife. such was suffering through her. you forgive me before. Stay. if I stay you. You are greatly affected by what I just told you. Nor speak. and neither crazy going to leave you now for it afrontes your own. -she got up and so did his. Like I said I need some air. Annabelle is the most important of my life. Let go. I'll be back by then He headed for the door. Where are you going? 'I can not stay here She ran a hand through his hair. Cesare. No. I am responsible for all this. her hair was collected and camera hung around his neck. you're still my responsibility.. right? I did not say that . Or have you forgotten? None of the other votes were as important as protecting your -a strange tone altered his voice. -Also Swore alia. 'Please.So what? Are you going to leave again? -Do Not! I can not leave. White linen trousers and a blue tank top was down. and Page 65 Ava heart raced as he tried to read his expression. with a cup of coffee in hand and face expressionless. but stopped when he walked beside her. It gave the back and he did not try to stop her. if I can save you from the dangers lurking there . and though I am the last person you want to have around. 'That's nothing. And who knows. Ava. but may be earlier if you want. I suppose that you could -not were not endure his cold stare longer. not wanting vain hopes-house.

-Do Not. He knew he was suffering and longing offer comfort. Not going to be easy. Actually. Seeing the distress of Cesare eased some of the pressure of the chest.. Sorry. I do not want you to burn answer she said simply as she looked at him questioningly... They headed west. Ava decided not to tell him it was too late to catch cream. I'll send it to your email. as Ava wanted to photograph the authentic urban life. okay? He ran to his side and opened the door. all he had done was to protect her and Annabelle. But Cesare gestures showed how sorry he was for having concealed the disease and Robert's death. Does that mean you forgive me? -Above all. Cesare. instead of walking areas most emblematic and tourist Rome. At one point. I want to know everything! -Celine Sent me a report. But despite concentrate on the activity he liked after being mother was extremely sensitive to the presence of Cesare beside her. in light of recent events. With a sigh of resignation. He is too young to understand.. fruit. No . 'What issue? -We. -I Do not want you to worry . she began quietly when they were alone. Cesare circled her shoulders with one arm and nodded one trattoria near the Tiber River. All right.. 'Of course smiled mockingly to see the surprised expression of Ava. Cesare. And I mean "everything". And I think it's time to protect from the sun. but was already burned.. -Recent Events . Yava had to admit that if I had told immediately after the earthquake. maybe earn some extra points .. coffee and Parma ham. but nodded reluctantly.. do not even know how I feel right now. Ava came out and waited while he called the elevator. You mean sex? Do you think that changes anything? -do You do not believe? . To be honest. They were walking one hour in silence. but we will tell you as soon as she is old enough. I have not forgotten you too you suffered a lot with this.. but his own shock stopped him. however unpleasant either. Page 66 Ava not think I could eat a single bite... The owner greeted with a smile by recognizing Cesare and settled into a secluded corner and cool. Cesare asked cornetti . -We Also have to tell Annabelle . Cesare took her to a small shop and bought a straw hat. Well say no more and let's just walk. the sun still high in the sky. Ava grabbed the camera. No. And that brings me to take another topic.. I want to know everything about this syndrome. Ava gasped when he took a glob of cream on finger and applied it in the arms and face. most likely would not have known take the blow. You see? Am learning from my mistakes . Isn't recently agreed that there was an "us"? I think we should reconsider that stance.out. sunscreen and a water bottle. -We Have skipped breakfast. except that concealment.

Cesare. if he had put all the cards on the table .. just for having discovered that slides a defective gene? You're amazing. and I want to feel needed and loved.. and unless something changes apart from sex.. I need more. But you do not even trust in regard to sex. The first time I thought I have imagined it. He had the decency to blush. It does not take a genius to figure out that you the possibility horrified me pregnant. but he nodded and took the phone to make a call. 'You said it yourself... Easy. 'So for you remains a priority the need to have a family? -Yup. Do you think I refuse to grant our marriage a chance . let alone marriage. but before he could say anything the waiter arrived with dishes and chatted animatedly. Are you sure no other reason? A Ava cost him a few seconds to understand what I meant. but ultimately just tired. without asking me how I feel.. Last night. would you have slept with me? 'That will never know. 'Why are you surprised? Annabelle you got pregnant despite being taking pill and use condoms. I will not force you to have this conversation... We can pick it up there after our things go for the apartment. a marriage you not want .. please? 'I asked Ava when they returned to the limousine. Invited last night-what to think something different . you turned away before . I'll do my best to Annabelle's okay. Sex has always been great between us.A pang transferred to Ava. And if we talked last night as you wanted. really you are condemning our marriage just for not ejaculate inside you? How can you be so despicable? I am condemning our marriage because you never you trusted me enough to tell me what really matters! -¡Te've Told you everything! 'And that how I know? Not even told me that Robert had died. When he realized he did not pay attention again leave them alone. -The Led the zoo. see no reason to keep us married. Have you? Page 67 Chapter 11 We can go for Annabelle. -for All the saints.. ... probably to their parents. 'Do not you understand? Again you who decides. -¿El What to talk about? I will not resign myself to a system based solely on sex marriage.. But what concerns us. Cesare turned pale. I want a family and you can not ofrecérmela.. I had to get you the truth by force.. in bed . since you did not. Cesare . remoteness and occasional wild sex session. What if I can not give you any more? Cesare asked. But at some point we have to I speak it. but then came back to. We can organize ourselves to always have one of us with it. You can only hope secrets. He opened his mouth. Not ever want to . He pursed his lips... Your Machismo may be exciting for a while. but it is not the basis of a solid relationship.

They reached the lake in the evening..Especially when I'm not a fragile and defenseless woman who is afraid of his own shadow. Stop teasing me with the promise of man that I thought I married. A torrent of Tears flowed into his eyes. I need more time to overcome this. bella mia moglie . He smiled sadly. and I will do it in a few days. Cesare. -¿Ava? Not now. Ava and while listening to the cheerful chatter of the girl about the animals he had seen in the zoo.. I've done everything to ensure the Specialist talk to them. Overcome-what. Ava He pitied them to see their faces. 'The day you got signed a truce. makes face . I would love to alleviate that suffering. face . You are suffering for me and for us. but I learned that this is your pain and you'll get over it for yourself. An hour later they picked up Annabelle. tell Agata Marinello you're not going to go to the wedding of his son before the mate! He pulled his phone from his pocket and punched a brief message in silence. right? . You keep trying to protect at all costs. 'I propose that we return to the truce.. but when he received a message to Mobile raged even more. He selected three of its best cameras and decided to add Cesare had given him. So is. and will need time to assimilate. And I suppose you're going to order me to stop doing it. And that hurts. Al grab could not help looking at the pictures he had taken from Cesare that morning. The content left her speechless. -Damn! For God's sake.. -How Is your parents? he asked when they were in the car.. I can stand it. Are you going to go to the wedding? He looked at her with a triumphant and determined expression.. at least until after the wedding of Marinello. Cesare. and chest I was contracted to guess the deep distress and suffering that hid his face. Cesare turned away to talk to their parents. Ava was the wedding preparations. Not knew nothing. impossible to contain. Annabelle took a quick dip in the pool with Cesare and after put her down for her nap of rigor. right? I learned a lot that I can not order anything. I do not know how. remember? Although we do not have in recent days respected at all . Page 68 -There. Just then the phone Ava received another message. He felt a slight relief that they had arrived at the apartment. You're crying . But I wish you'd tell me why cry and that together we can overcome He sat beside her and took the camera to see the photos. Admit it. Us we go from here and spend a few days in Tuscany. I'm afraid you're not rid of me that easily .

She was squatting photographing Annabelle and her new friend. a gift that made her mother shortly before his death. although she had got riled up Ava on more than one occasion. aware of what is stood to lose if he decided to break up with him. The photographs of the couple outlined in a giant screen ballroom. I told Lucia to serve us dinner early. -OK. He doubted that he had been so kind to the woman as enervating and demanding. until cancer took her and Ava stayed with a father and brothers who just were aware of its existence. And I hope this time eat something.. but his anguish was evident. Ava followed with an eye to lose sight of his broad shoulders and imposing figure. a man who had done his best to help his brother made him love him further. but she knew it was only a temporary measure. could easily pass for the bride. Would you be able to let him go? Or continue fighting after his dream. It was also a talented professional.Ava welcomed the prospect of being able to take a break and not have to make a decision Instant about her marriage. For a long time this chamber was his only companion .Bene . He is preparing your favorite dish .. following the wedding ceremony at the Cathedral of Amalfi. Cesare did not take his eyes off his wife. He stood up and grabbed his oldest camera. Cesare released her. And regarding Agata Marinello. It was a real hottie who left gawking at all attendees and Cesare made him burn with desire. He briefly reviewed the photo and the look up their eyes met. Aava her stomach growled. He made a feeble attempt to smile. His dazzling cream silk dress left bare arms and back and clung to her perfect ass. and Cesare was proud that the guests rid praise for photos in black and white and sepia. until he met Cesare. knowing that so just get him away more? Marinello wedding took place in another impressive palazzo on the shores of Lake Como. fettucine ai funghi . The Cesare camera worth thousands of euros.. Ava focused with the camera and took another picture of the happy couple. They had agreed to talk after the wedding. flare that caught the man who hid behind his tight and icy facade. as required by Agata just outside the church and greet several known before they can retire. Even should make a toast. If it was not for the camera wearing around his neck.. but that was priceless. who . his dealings with her was so exquisite that Cesare had trouble believing it. and went to wake Annabelle. laughing. but Cesare had the uneasy feeling that time was running out. He looked at Ava. . his ally and protector. along with an undeniable and painful certainty had never stopped Page 69 Cesare love. Every time I wore it felt closer to her mother. who had encouraged her to become a photographer against the opinion of his father. The confusion came over her. On the contrary. It was always his guide.

left the table of VIPs and went straight to his wife.. Only I have left out a few of the Bride when her evening gown sets.. he had more important things to do.. I can not be with you It's driving me crazy. but . 'What I mean is . Supposed-what murmured. Page 70 Intoxicated by their particular fragrance. and when I snatched felt that I had lost completely? Would you change your mind if I told you? Cesare froze when she pulled away had not the strength to stop it. including sex. But a second later again be invaded by a strange and pressing need nothing had to do with sex.. -¡Cesare. but held his gaze unblinking. On that occasion really smiled..posed for her. what if I told you that is important to me because at that time. -A Small annex in our agreement that I think eliminated as they get out of here. 'And the sex would be accompanied by some kind of compromise? 'What commitment do you mean? Will ya really make love or . racked his brain to find the right words and managed a reasonably consistent for the bride and groom toast. She parted her lips with a faint moan and swayed slightly as he felt the bodily reaction Cesare. He took her hand and kissed her left finger where should be the ring. touched her earlobe with his lips. and Cesare had to smile too. I miss you terribly in my bed. so Cesare . I think the first dance is mine -the grabbed her waist when the string quartet began to play. If you did not do something sooner. He got up and tapped on the glass of champagne with a silver spoon.. so I have to stay until the end. Cesare had no more chance to talk to her until Ava took the last photo and the time came leaving. -and I have almost all the photos I need. He fulfilled his duty. when you lost control in my arms. leaving the dance floor. I thought . I have a right to. Cesare scowled and muttered a few words of disgust that made laugh Ava. If I choose to dance with wedding photographer... And then there is the feast ...? -the -even We married he interrupted. but what the hell. I'm working! And I am the guest of honor.. Ava expression caused him the same concern I had felt before. Annabelle kept talking in the car on his new friends. which he used as an excuse to bring it closer and see how they put red. -even Have an hour at least. -¿De Really means so much to you? Ava's face lit up as if they had lit thousands of candles. 'I know we have to wait until after the wedding to speak. Agata has insisted he wants to be she who photographed the boyfriends leaving for their honeymoon. was when I felt closer to you. he would lose his wife. you do what you did in Rome? A tremor shook Cesare. He wrapped his arms and felt a deep satisfaction when she pressed against him.. What if you say yes? What if I told you when we were married . Once captured the everyone's attention. It was still early to release his speech. we would leave everything on hold until we left Tuscany. and hurried away. I'm dying for this to end once.

Your natural tendency is showing claws and want to gouge my eyes. Cesare. I know what I want and I trust you to take out . For several minutes. Can you take care of it right away or not? The protests came across the line so angered even more. Ava. It was as if the avalanche of suffering that had been running would have gone through encima-.. Maybe that age is softening issued another me-his phone ringing. And before turning and seeing a deathly pale Ava at the door. Yes. only I've seen mourn in a occasion.. listen... He had to carry out the decision she had made that morning. he knew he had lost. nagged to go after them and embrace them never to lose anymore. I do not want any more children.. something beyond my control and I lose. The muffled groan sounded behind him was the scariest sound I had ever heard.. No . -for Tempting as it is. No. Who is calling? I feel as if my life is falling apart murmured. 'I've given all relevant data .. Ten minutes later the phone snorted impatiently. No. . What's to explain? It's all very clear and . but did not dare to look for fear of collapse. Cesare he remained silent behind her. breathing hard. said in a small voice. Drink this. my decision is final . He got up and approached the window with the phone to his ear. she paused when receiving a message on the phone.. Was the only way to ensure the safety of your family. and I have taken many turns. but stifled the impulse and He went to his study. but it can help He sat beside her. Seconds later returned and handed him a glass to his lips. He closed his eyes. Page 71 Chapter 12 Ava was invaded by uncontrollable spasms. Come on. 'Why are you surprised? Because although we have always taken out of our boxes. lack of oxygen made that her head would spin wildly. Unable to breathe. I do not need to see me any shrink. No. The lump in the stomach.I was forced to wait until they got home and her daughter fell asleep.. He could not move nor when he heard someone enter the room.. and she felt away. trying to contain the relentless wave of despair that threatened to drown her. get drunk will not solve our problem. Every time I take the reins.. You've come to mourn . He put his hands on her shoulders and He held her tightly as she tried to escape. I was too stunned to look up. And you will calm enough to let me explain. more to herself than to him.. She sniffed the cognac and grabbed the glass. He held her for a moment before releasing it. Ava took her to the bed and he stood at the foot of the stairs. What happens? Why should tell you if you do not do the same? -the phone rang a third time. Ava.

She finally looked up. She shook her head and finally looked at the phone. I'm still here. it's not true. there is no hope for us. No.'You're not missing anything.. I'll find the best doctors and . No. please listen to me . . Do you know what it feels like to be invisible and when nothing you say or you do care less? Ava. shaken by the impact. but has worsened with pneumonia.. What says Nathan? How serious about your father? She pressed her lips a moment before speaking. You are exhausted from the wedding. but it is not fair that you make yourself responsible for my desires. His strength and passion seemed to have become extinct.. It took him a moment to realize of what it was. I'm here. Cesare.. Ava. Cesare stroked her arms. began with acute bronchitis. but also to tell you I'm sorry I loaded my desire to start a family. I called five minutes ago to tell me that my father is ill and asked for me. I have come down to discuss what happened between us. Cesare looked at Ava head down and felt something was wrong. I will not do what you want.. -The Messages are Nathan. Give me all the details. You like to think you're changing.. -Do Not. A taxi will come to pick me up inside fifteen minutes. Now tell me what's going on.. Just trying to help . while reading the mobile messages... He hoped that we could find a compromise to be together. Unfortunately.. His energetic woman sat before him. and that was what I dreaded to Page 72 Cesare. pale and bent.. Do you know why I've always wanted to have a family? Because you lost your mother when you were very small. do not know if it will survive. Not just for that. Cesare leaned back. 'The doctors say they are the lungs . but quickly composed herself. -Cancela The taxi. You still do not listen. He put the glass and crouched before her. We go to bed early and tomorrow in my plane .. and saw Cesare cold resignation in his eyes stopped heart. Alarm bells rang in his head. but you're still the same . The two packages that you smoke a day have not helped much .. She did not attempt to remove him. but after the death of my mother was as if I had ceased to exist for him.. This is what more I always desired. and I will not go anywhere.. She pulled away and stood up. I asked Nathan to find me a flight. My father had never paid much attention to me. I have finished with the men who seek to control everything. What do you mean? We are in this together. Not this time.. Cesare. which was worrying. -no Thanks. Yes there is .

Get some rest before making the trip. He ran his hand through his hair. My father is not easy to deal with when well. despite being in early August. Era very late. fear and doubt. -¿La Signora Di Goia? He went with the taxi an hour ago. Desperate. Someone surely Lucia. And now . -¡Claro Yes! You decided that Annabelle and I would be better off without you and why you turned away from us. Two hours later he tried again. And when the recorded voice of Ava invited him to leave a message. The light coming out of it was Nathan's bedroom inspired some . That must mean something. but I must insist. which means that my visit will not be exactly easy. He knew it was late without watching the clock. The room was empty. but received no reply and went. If he let Ava left. unable to continue. I'm exhausted. which was a relief. said all he could think. but an inner voice stopped him... But the distance between them widened to each second. He returned to try after a minute. -where Is it? he roared. Cesare tried to calm down and think rationally. You decided that I was not strong enough or mature enough to know that Roberto was sick or had died. Page 73 At least let Annabelle in their care. I do not want wasting the little strength left me arguing with you. Cesare tried to hug her. He awoke with a start on the couch and quickly rose. might not see her again. He almost bumped into her at the kitchen door. when he stopped the rented car in front of a semi-detached house at outskirts of Southampton. calling Lucia screams. invaded by the anxiety. had drawn the curtains and was leaving lit a couple lamps. after midnight. it -aspiró deeply.. Paolo take you to the airport tomorrow have the jet at your disposal. A shadow fell over him. The soul fell to the feet when she just shrugged and looked away. The room was in penumbra.He had regained their fire. 'I was not trying to control you . What did he say exactly? Nothing.. After half dozen attempts. He went to Annabelle and then came down with a travel bag. He returned to his study and dropped into the chair. Cesare. with the same result. How arrogant was to believe he could earn the forgiveness of Ava just to say that he had tried to protect her. He took the stairs three at a time. and I doubt there changed their way of being. I will not allow travel in this state. left a message. -Cancela The taxi. but a feeling in my stomach did out ran from the room. But she would not let him. his hands on his head. Sorry. A cold and rainy weather Ava received in England. With a heavy heart he came down the stairs. He knocked. 'You have not heard the whole story. but replied voicemail. Let me explain. I did not know what had awakened. The temptation to call It proved too strong and grabbed the phone.

Cesare? Because if it's just to protect me . Ava. But you'll never gave up and left to fight for your family. A It happened to me the same with Roberto. surprised by the gesture. I will never stop fighting for us. Annabelle and I we will be your family from now on. Cesare.. I had to do. I just arrived.. . and Ava was curious to know who was calling at this hour... You're my wife and the mother of my daughter. although he did not want me. followed by an agonized breath. -Yup. Page 74 Hello. 'Of course I want. -the've come wrapped in a strong and unexpected hug. and seed Hope welled in her chest. And not have to settle for less than you deserve. But . Ava . Ava. Cesare? A snort of disbelief rang across the line. I realize I made much damage. It's true. I do not wanna talk about this for phone.Grazie a Dio -the mixture of relief and pain in his voice's heart sank to Ava. I'll be here. Cesare.confidence. You'll have to do more to overcome this. Upstairs there came a prolonged dry cough. I swear I will not do responsible for my actions. The phone rang. Are you awake? I have to talk to him-before losing the little value that had accompanied there. And I will never stop doing it. I understand why you need to do this. His brother's eyes lit up at the sight. Before you see it. See? I'm learning. Should I respond? She nodded and waited for Nathan answered the phone and would happen. It takes two hours calling every ten minutes. Me glad you're okay. but .. It's your husband. 'He's going very badly Nathan said. Are you going back? 'Do you want me back. and yes. He paused and breathed deeply. .. -Protegerte Of pain and rejection is something I always do. I did not. It'd be with you right now if not you wanted to do this by yourself.. Especially at night... Ava. -¿Creías Would not come? 'she asked. Her heart bolted by the vehemence and longing that conveyed his words. I want to see. Cesare. but his tone was so firm and serene as ever and relieved a little Ava distress. You told me you'd think not answer my calls. Have you already seen your father? 'Not yet. But there is more treasure sighed impatiently. are you okay? He sounded worried..? You know what you're saying. Are you . I want you to know that no matter what I did. yeah that mattered. You never feel unseen or neglected. I tried to convince me that your rejection does not I cared. I was not sure. but if you ever disappear like this.

Someday try to resume contact with Cameron and Matthew. Will be waiting when you're ready to return. Do not try to talk. -Yup.. Quiet. The ogre who had terrified girl was but a shadow confused with Ava late wife. I . Dad. After undress and get into bed of her childhood. I know that none of us had you in mind when you were little. His eyes were closed. Hope sprang back into its heart. Do not say anything yet. Ava went to the kitchen. Upon entering the room of his father found him lying on the pillows. Caroline . Ava went to him and grabbed his hand with a lump in the throat. she said with very weak to take off the mask voice. I could hardly breathe for the lump oppressed his chest. Startled. Hi. He tried to lift the other hand Page 75 bed.. and I guess that's why not us invited to your wedding. -it's Okay... but the smile faded from his lips to feel the weight of what he had to do. He bent to kiss his father's wrinkled cheek.. I made peace with my past and dad.. sorry... 'I've missed you. I . His father let out a shaky breath and closed his eyes. Her eyes filled with tears. Have you heard my messages? -not-Still had not had time to turn on the phone.. but . I love you. and pain that had accompanied her throughout her life began to fade. He slowly opened his eyes. I'm serious. and for a moment burned in them a glimpse of the severe figure and feared he had been. I have come for you. 'It's all. Nathan -he looked skeptically. but he failed. she looked up and saw the awkward expression of Nathan. I know it's no excuse. Dad. We found it easier to follow the example of Dad. Now sleep. she felt comforted . embarrassed. and I think Cameron and Matthew looked away. entering with a cup of tea. Ava went to bed. but Ava knew he was awake because oxygen holding a mask over the nose and mouth.-I Know. Ava. I'm glad you came murmured. I sent the plane to get you. per favore . waiting at the kitchen door.. She put a hand over hers. his face drenched in sweat despite the cold nights. Dad was asleep.. turned on the phone and saw twenty missed calls from Cesare. Dad. What your father did not matter. But . I would like Annabelle knew his grandfather and uncles. Good night. She hung with a smile. Nathan nodded and touched his shoulder on the way to the door.. Not thought you wished to come.. I mean your husband and you.. do not lose faith in us . I Everything okay? Nathan asked. I'm going up he said to Nathan.

He found Ava sitting on the bed.. but looked more radiant smile that Cesare had never seen him while pressing the button on his mobile. and he was blamed for losing his wife. who seemed to be better and even recognized her daughter. And it was not just that what Cesare had tried to make his way? Maybe she was not I agree with forms. It hurt to think that probably never come to love her as much as she loved him. tried to explain why he had treated so badly. . Caroline Hunter had the same red hair Ava. The blood froze in veins to learn what his giddy woman was planning. Ava left feeling much more animated as he had arrived. ignored the countless messages that arrived and called Celine. although I am only a mere mortal. but instead of repeatedly touching Horn used a furious tirade of expletives while the heart was threatening to pop out of chest. Still could not believe what had Ava . and and again prayed that it was not too late.. Between his continuous coughing. it would Page 76 enough. I was so engrossed with the phone that he was unaware of the presence of Cesare. but could actually convict him of trying to protect? What would have made her if their roles were reversed? She gasped at dusk when I knew what to do. By advertising. to protect her from any threat. Never in his life had he felt such fear. his eyes burning with the same force that throbbed inside Ava. 'What room is my wife? he asked angrily. Cesare cursed the congested traffic in Regent Street. whose voice recorded resounded in the room. He was given an appointment for the next day and spent the rest of the day with his father. and if you allow me. but felt what he felt for her . the clerk opened his eyes wide. but he cared for her and wanted to return. and ran in the direction the frightened woman told him with a trembling finger. Ten minutes later he was entering as a flash in the clinic. anything. He was on his way to the airport when Celine called familiar objects around her. Ava knew he would do anything. and.. with her lovely red hair tucked under a hideous hat surgical. He had failed to beat cancer. Cesare might not love her. She was very pale. He opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out the only picture I had preserved his mother when his father erased all trace of her after her death. I love you more than time allows me show you. I promise I'll pass . despite its delicate appearance. but while he was alive fiercely protected his daughter. It took two hours to get to London and throughout the consultation said he was doing correct. who reluctantly agreed to give the number of a doctor renowned Harley Street.. I know I've hurt you in the worst way possible."Ava. Her mother had ill have nothing Ava. But. The next morning he started the mobile.

He sighed with relief when feeling its heat and brought it to his mouth. I loved her with an intensity that shook the foundations of their world every time I looked. Ava felt a pang of remorse. . I began to despise-what he stared at the eyes. I beg you. Ava.. He went to bed with trembling legs and grabbed the hand of Ava. in Rome. if that's what you want. I knew it was only a matter of time that everything revolved around you . But not at the expense of my family.. the only thing that kept me going was the dream of having a perfect family. what are you doing here? God. And do not get what I wanted. face . let me know that You're right. I too am willing to do whatever it takes. Her smile came to heart and left him breathless. But please. amore mio . After my mother died. He had no immediate solution.. She lifted her head and stared at him for his incredible green eyes. before he called Celine? I was going to tell you not accept divorce. And why were willing to give me what I wanted-he nodded.. " -I Can repeat it in person. Equality before everything.. but was willing to Page 77 do whatever it took to have you with me you and Annabelle. Cesare. 'she said. baring his heart and soul. what happened to Robert and Valentina me did suppress my true desires. You were right to tell me you had endorsed my desire raise a family. Sorry. Never! She tried to hold back the emotions that shook him inside. Other diseases. It was like one of those lonely women sitting in a cafe to see passing couples and writing the names of their husbands and imaginary children on a napkin. but it was impossible. do not you think? How could you possibly do this? She rolled her eyes. You and Annabelle are the most precious thing I have and I point State lose you to the two He had to stop for breath. What were you going to tell me last week. if you prefer. I'm the one who should ask that question. But then you came and instead of stopping to think about what you wanted.. I have accepted that I could not help Roberto when he was suffering. By God's love. and it is something you have to live. He held out his hand and he swallowed hard as she thanked Heaven. -I Am not blameless.the rest of my life trying to make up for my mistakes and giving the family you never had. -Be where it is. I concentrated entirely on make my dream come true. And I am also willing to let you go. but still smiling. Tell me you have not done . But it's not your problem. I loved that woman . it sure is in peace. And of course I will not allow that you upload this weight on your shoulders. why do you want to? 'For the same reason I took you to find a way to be together. Well. And someday it'll be too. -not Yet.

No... And I will spend the rest of my demostrándotelo days. Is not it a huge sacrifice? I thought before you speak. Ava. -no Way. Each and every one of them just the same way. Cesare . But I can not risk my son inherits other disease. I'll think about if you repeat the message you left me on the phone. You're going to get a vasectomy was a question-not because he saw the decision in his eyes. Well then let me do this. 'Please . How. Do not cry. because I think mourn very often. and he could not resist kissing her. And then we'll do things my way. I wanted you perfect for me . Cesare did not know whether to kiss or shake her. He was not prepared to lose. He was content to take the horrible plastic cap and stroke her hair.. Cesare looked at her with absolute adoration.. When Celine called to tell me what they were going to do. is something that I had decided long ago. This should be discussed as a couple Normal. and is not negotiable -recorrió the room with his eyes. It is time that aligeres your burden. -¿Una Life? Yes. Despite what I said in that message. So much that my heart will burst.. Which of them? -in Which you say what you feel about me. But when I heard you say phone did not want any more children . I love you too ... -In All I say what I feel for you.. right? . I called the doctor and modified slightly the procedure.. I can not stand to see you mourn. 'I forgive if you grant me life so that you compensate you and Annabelle for all time I lost with you. and do not want to hear about the hysterectomy.... But be only happy tears. But you since you've sacrificed enough for this family . His plea Cesare so moved that she almost burst into mourn. were willing to deny the possibility of re single parent to be with us. I'm not nor ever will be.. do not look well. Page 78 My dear wife.Cesare held her tightly and kissed her until they were both breathless. tell me again she begged to open his mouth. For us. Neither is this madness. up leaving and leaving you alone you will occupy our daughter? What kind of sacrifice is that? I was so obsessed with finding the perfect family did not want to see you too were fighting with your inner demons. Ava gasped. I love you. took her face in his hands and pushed gently tears streaming down her cheeks. amore . 'I've said no and no more to say! -Do You Know? I think you can not yell at a patient. You will not get a tubal ligation. telling you how much I love you.. Well have to get used.

Find another way. Maybe I start screaming with happiness. whatever happened. but only after Ava insisted on the gene therapy and to deposit his seed in a sperm bank. Cesare kissed her and continued to do so until the nurse knocked on the door. loving. What I agree? Cesare's eyes shone with love and determination. Together. So. They had agreed that vasectomy was done. A deep male laughter stroked his earlobe. The probability that you fall in love at first sight is very. but had become more open and natural when it comes to expressing their feelings.. The two They melted when they saw her smile. Whatever you do. "Yes. . children have six months.. 'Sorry. Ava . 'Together... Ava's heart bolted so that doctors think she was suffering infarct. Page 79 Epilogue Are you okay? Cesare whispered in her ear as seen approaching the vehicle into the path of entrance. neither do you.Perhaps. I'll be by your side . -Do Not. there was hope to move forward. Cesare looked at her with a frown. I can not promise anything . The indecent scene he encountered made her hesitate before daring to interrupt. for the moment. We left the two.. 'I understand. Ava grabbed his arm when Cesare was preparing to leave. thanks"? She smiled and turned to him. I assure you. You think they like us? she asked with a hint of anxiety in his voice. -The Doctor's waiting. very high. because Cesare so terrified of transmitting Tay-Sachs disease to offspring possible. he covered it with his and looked over his head toward the approaching vehicle. It had also raised the possibility of a reversible vasectomy... Ava was amazed at the change that had unflappable strongman with which it had renewed their vows six months earlier. Mr. and that Ava made love him more than I would have never thought possible. If you please join me . Why can not you be like other women and say. She put her hand over her heart and rejoiced with her muffled groan. when he was about to withdraw her hand. change of plans. If I do not submit myself to the intervention. Di Goia. 'And what would that funny? For starters. The vehicle stopped and Cesare stepped forward to greet the two women descended. I causarías less dislikes' I grabbed his fingers and kissed her emerald ring I had come to put the day went to get to London. had had his differences with the decision they had made together. Cesare had not lost any of his security.. Cesare. Although. I'm fine.

Can I teach my room. but has a very strong personality he warned Sister Page 80 Chiara. but when they were halfway down the hall a cry of joy their backs turned toward Annabelle did. Naps are holy. dear . and Ava knew he was remembering Roberto. I can? 'I think a great idea. They had been granted adoption two weeks before. He smiled at her with such love that Ava turned over the heart. she thought as he lowered Ava stairs to greet the two nuns who ran the orphanage Amalfi... and bolted her heart with joy when Sister Rosa drew the first chair. Sister Chiara smiled and handed the second seat to Cesare. What if we teach your room? He nodded and each grabbed a chair. honey. 'This is Maria. After presentations rigor. running toward them like a Page 82 . dared to take a look at the seats of the rear seat. There his son and daughter sleeping peacefully under blankets were. -¡Ya Have arrived! Cesare introduced him to his brothers. Have we gone mad? he asked. He whispered 'I love you. The nuns left an hour later and Ava and Cesare exchanged a glance bewilderment. Page 81 If you enjoyed this book. A Cesare's eyes filled with tears. And this is Antonio. you will adore this gripping story that will grab you from the first to the last page. and Annabelle looked at her mother with hopeful expression. Cesare stared silently at his son and gently stroked her cheek.Even the nuns were immune to the charm of her husband. And I you. I can. -Do Not. It's the quieter of the two. Surely be delighted. Can I. Annabelle screamed in joy. Ava's gaze met that of Cesare. It will be a very handsome man. www. Three children . laughing. Possibly she replied. like his uncle. Mom? I promise I will share all my toys with them. so be very careful. Like his father Ava 'I muttered. Above his head. whose smile took her breath.harlequinibericaebooks.