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eGM 07

Time : Three hours

Maximum Marks : 100
Section – A ( 2 marks each )

1. In general if primary research does not have an effect on management decisions
a) it is exploratory
b) it is unobtrusive
c) it is descriptive
d) it should not be done
2. The most economical and fastest sources of information are generally provided by
a) interviews
b) secondary data
c) qualitative data
d) none of the above
3. Which one of the following can affect market research ?
a) available resources to conduct research
b) the objectives of the sponsor
c) the decision maker’s understanding of the problem
d) all of the above
4. Compared to field service firms, syndicated service firms
a. are considerably smaller.
b. are considerably larger.
c. are about the same size.
d. cannot be compared.
5. Which of the following is the most essential characteristic of good decision making
information ?
a) accuracy
b) currency
c) sufficiency
d) relevancy
6. A decision situation exists when
a) all possible decision alternatives have been defined
b) a choice must be made between two or more courses of action
c) a deadline is approaching
d) uncertainty exists
7. The most important activity stage in the marketing research process is
a) marketing problem or opportunity identification
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solving. The research design does not involve a. It creates a consistency between the research design and the research purpose. The decision alternatives and means of choosing among them b. All of these are part of the research process. 10. d. Which of the following is not a part of the research process? a. asks what specific information is needed to achieve the research purpose. 13. Calculating the expected value of the project c. collection of the data to be used. Only one hypothesis is concerned with each specific research purpose. c. All of these 11. Which of the following is not true about the research process? b) c) d) a. 14. creating the questionnaire. c. b. The research question a. Sources of information to develop hypotheses include eGM07/June12/ Page 2 of 6 . research project design data collection preparing and presentation of the research report 8. b. A hypothesis usually adds specificity to a research question. determining the sampling plan. c. d. refers to the question of whether or not to proceed at each evaluation point in the research project. A hypothesis is a possible answer to a research question. should not be specified in research involving internal problem. It guides the project from conception to the final analysis and presentation of results. Formulation of the problem b. The difference between primary and secondary data centers on a) who collected the data b) the variables the data describe c) why the data was collected d) the richness of the data 15. Anticipated problems or opportunities c. b. should be prepared in general terms. The expectations and objectives of the research users d. It ensures that the stages of the research project will be independent of each other. Which of the following should be understood before developing the research purpose? a. 9. c. b. Which of the following is not true about hypotheses? a. Analyzing the data d. decisions on the sampling frame. planned approach. It is a systematic. 12. d. The alternative hypothesis is often obvious and need not be stated.

Cameras and traffic counters are used for a) case studies b) focus groups c) projective techniques d) observational methods 23. Compared to primary data. Which of the following can be called exploratory research ? a) experiments b) observation c) case studies d) interviews a) b) c) d) 17. Secondary data cannot be used for which of the following ? a) interpret primary data b) demonstrate causal relationship c) identify problem d) all of the above 20. A small convenience sample in which there is an interviewer who keeps the discussion centered on a few predetermined topics is known as a a) projective interview b) omnibus interview c) focus group interview d) nondirective interview 22. The dominant mode of interviewing within the last decade is eGM07/June12/ Page 3 of 6 . The advantage (s) of online panels is/are a) possibility of covering a wide audience b) the ability to conduct international research from one place c) the viability of electronic monitoring of respondents through log file analyses d) All of the above 21. A research proposal does not generally contain a) description of the research design b) definition of the problem c) expected results d) all of the above 18. the two advantages of secondary data are they a) can be gathered quickly and inexpensively b) are generally more objective and accurate c) are generally more objective and accurate d) are always internal to the firm and more relevant to the firm’s problems 19.previous research exploratory research specifically designed to come up with a hypothesis a manager’s past experience all of these 16.

If a scale is successful in measuring what it is supposed to measure. mail survey. b. omnibus surveys. b. The best way to improve the response rate of mail interviews is to a) offer an incentive b) pre-notify people of the survey c) use colored questionnaires d) none of the above 27. personal interviews. all of these. telephone interview. d. Long and complicated questionnaires are generally best handled in a. 29. telephone interviews. Longitudinal data are a) standard or identical data collected at periodic intervals from the same study objects each time period b) standard or identical data collected at periodic intervals from different study objects each time period c) nonstandard or different data collected at periodic intervals from the same study objects each time period d) nonstandard or different data collected at periodic intervals from different study objects each time period 25. A researcher who must collect survey data as inexpensively as possible will probably choose a a. The scaling that permits most sophisticated statistical analysis is a) nominal scaling eGM07/June12/ Page 4 of 6 . c. shopping center intercept interview. 28. c. personal door-to-door interview. How can the problem of interviewer bias be minimized ? a) switching to an alternative mode of data collection b) increasing the sample size c) validating a certain percentage of completed interviews d) disguising the purpose of the research project 26. it is said to be a) robust b) generalizable c) reliable d) valid 30. d.a) b) c) d) personal interviewing telephone interviewing mail survey focus group studies 24.

Q7. They probably find it comfortable to read books or see movies or may be some other aspect they find useful with an iPad. When do you suggest such a methodology. Q6. What are the different methods by which Internal Consistency reliability can be assessed. it is not clear whether they use it more as a status symbol or do they really put to use. In order to research some of these issues. Q10. Discuss how the scaling of a question is linked to the analysis of the question using statistical techniques. When do you consider Observation technique is most suitable for collecting data. it was decided by the researcher that he would check if the different usage depends on whether the user is a student or a working professional. What major decisions must the researcher make when constructing non-comparative itemized rating scales? Q9. Discuss the advantages of convenience samples and when it is appropriate to use them. Q8. Similarly we also find that the youngsters who are school or college going are also using it. Distinguish between comparative and non comparative scaling technique Q3. Further it was intended to find whether there was any specific purpose which the student as well as the professional think is more important than other aspects. Discuss the purpose of conducting Longitudinal Research Design.b) c) d) ordinal scaling interval scaling ratio scaling Section – B ( 5 marks each ) Q1. Q4. Section – C ( Case Study ) iPad’s are a common sight with executives on the move. Distinguish between Research Question and a Research Questionnaire Q2. For example may be students think that internet telephony or google search to be more important than other features and professionals think that collecting data from other offices and compiling them and then reporting to the superior and being in touch with all offices at all times to be more important. However. What is meant by Depth Interview. eGM07/June12/ Page 5 of 6 . Discuss some of the limitations of conducting Personal interview for collection of data. The researcher was thus interested in gathering information on all these aspects. Q5.

b) Indicate the type of analysis that you would suggest based on the type of questions that you would be asking. eGM07/June12/ Page 6 of 6 .a) Prepare the list of information and the questionnaire based on the information that is desired.