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Tender Reference No: ACU & GPU/15-16/02-PK
Open Date: 16/03/2015

Date: 16/03/2015
Close date: 31/03/2015, 1730 hrs (IST)

Dear Sirs,



It is our pleasure to invite you to tender for the Supply of ACU & GPU. Details of the tender are contained in
the attached set of tender documents:
Annexure A - JA01 / General Terms and Conditions of the Tender. The document is available on
procurement page of Jet Airways website.
Annexure B - Specifications cum technical bid format.
Annexure C - Commercial bid format.
Annexure D - Specific Conditions for the tender.
Annexure E - JA04: Vendor Information Form.
The above documents are available on our Website under the heading “About us”
/procurement or type in the web
address column.


For Technical clarifications, the Tenderers may write to email ids & for
Commercial clarifications should they have any enquires on the tender.


Response Rules: This tender is governed by all the rules displayed below.


Tender Evaluation and Award Decision: The evaluation and award of the tender shall be governed by the
rules displayed below:


The tenderer has to participate for all the items.
The tenderer to participate for the total quantity of the items tendered.
The tenderer has to be direct manufacturer.

Evaluation on basis of Approval of Samples.
The Competitive Price Bid.
The tenderer having their own manufacturing units for tendered items.

Submission of Bids: Please complete the Tender Bid Form in Annexure B, Annexure C and Annexure E, sign,
affix your company stamp and submit it to:
Head-Internal Audit
Jet Airways (India) Limited,
Siroya Center (Next to Hotel Hilton),
Sahar Airport Road, Andheri East,
Mumbai – 400099, India

by 1730 hrs (IST) on or before 31/03/2015. The documents should be submitted in a sealed envelope marked
“Tender Reference No: ACU & GPU/15-16/02-PK on the front left-hand top corner of the envelope.

We look forward to receiving your tender.

Yours faithfully,

Pranjal Kakati


480C to 20 . Date: 16/03/2015 Specifications cum Technical Bid Format (Annexure B) (Please complete the Annexure in full. To suit ATR 72 & B737 (700 / 800 / 900 / 900ER) aircraft. The noise level at maximum engine rpm shall not exceed 85 dB at 5 meters. sign. Standard quick connect/disconnect Aircraft coupling to be provided at the delivery end of hose. Low fuel warning and shutdown. or less from initial startup.-2. Should have technical experts in India to provide maintenance / AMC during 1 to 10 years. To suit ATR 72 & B737 (700 / 800 / 900 / 900ER) aircraft 2) ACU           Cooling Capacity – 60 to 70 TR Supplied Air Temperature . at ambient temp of : 40 to 500C Control – Automatic Standard features like – flashing warning beacon. Engine protection system etc.1-5 °C at aircraft connector. affix your company stamp and submit it together with Annexure C and Annexure E also duly completed in full) 1) GPU (AC / DC)      90 kva ac 3ph 115volt 400hz. -2- . * The above quantity is estimated annual requirement. Engine protection system etc. Cooler interface – insulated collapsible hose of 12" dia and 40 ft length with steel wire reinforced adequately protected. 28 v dc Standard features like – flashing warning beacon. Capable of lowering the temperature of Aircraft cabin from 40. which may vary. Low fuel warning and shutdown.240C in 15 min.-2Annexure B to Jet Airways Tender reference No. The noise level at maximum engine rpm / maximum mass flow requirement shall not exceed 85 dB at 5 meters. ACU & GPU/15-16/02-PK.

LIST OF CORPORATE CLIENTS SR NO Name & Address of the Company Contact Person Phone No Email Id Business during 2014-15 P.O copy(s) attached Yes / No Name Address Types of Machinery Owned by tenderer (Details to be enclose) Details of In-house designing facility (Details to be enclosed) Details of Quality Assurance Setup Copy of currently valid Manufacturing license Supplied during the period Owned by the Tenderer Yes / No Remarks (if any) Yes / No Yes / No Manufacturing License No G Industry Awards or Recognitions.-3Annexure B to Jet Airways Tender reference No. Yes / No Details of Deviations The tenderers are to provide the list of deviation if any from all the terms & conditions of this tender -3- . Date: 16/03/2015 2.O Copy (s) attached a b c 3. A B C D E F VENDOR CAPABILITY PO (s) Supply of similar product to any Airline's or reputed clients in the immediate preceding financial year Location of manufacturing Facilities Qty Supplied Name and address of the company P. Enclosed. ACU & GPU/15-16/02-PK. if any. (Please enclose) H Manufacturing Capacity Qty Per Day I Warranty Period In Years Valid Upto Copy of Valid Licence / Registration Cert.-3.

Octroi. in such cases would be final and binding. Insurance. Supplier to confirm lead time required to complete the delivery from the date of confirmation of order. Sales Tax. Orders will be confirmed based on the approval of the Technical Specifications. It will be the responsibility of the tenderer to find out the applicability of any such duties. affix your company stamp and submit it together with Annexure B and Annexure E also duly completed in full) 4. VAT. Mathadi. if any. will not provide Form ‘C’ Form ‘D’ Submission of incorrect or incomplete information. AUTHORISED SIGNATORY COMPANY SEAL -4- . if awarded in our favor. Date: 16/03/2015 Commercial Bid Format (Annexure C) (Please complete the Annexure in full. Delivery required at Jet Airways in India Warranty Period – Minimum 36 Months from the date of commissioning. COMMERCIAL BID FORMAT UNIT RATE SHOULD BE QUOTED IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT OVERSEAS VENDOR TO QOUTE CIF CHENNAI FOR ACU & CIF DELHI FOR GPU Quantity 1 GPU 2 2 ACU 1 a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Rate Per Pc. Transportation Costs. would be passed on to Jet Airways (I) Ltd. and The benefit of reduction in statutory taxes / levies. should be clearly mentioned with the percentage thereof. if any. Certification Certified that: a) b) There are no hidden costs to Jet Airways (I) Ltd over and above as indicated above. ACU & GPU/15-16/02-PK. Excise (If Any) VAT/CST (If Any) Octroi (If Any) Any other Charges Total Cost CIF India US$ CIF DELHI CIF CHENNAI Jet Airways India Ltd. sign. Total Cost is the delivered cost to Jet Airways in India. arising during the term of the contract.-4. and / or submission of the above format with arithmetical errors in compilation of the data would be at the tender’s sole risk and the decision of Jet Airways India Ltd.-4Annexure B to Jet Airways Tender reference No. etc.

Payment Terms 60 (sixty) days from the date of submission of Invoice to our Accounts dept. 12. The delivery has to be carried out at designated Airports in India. Price Validity – Minimum 12 Months from the date of Quotation 2. Warranty Period Minimum 36 Months from the date of commissioning. 9. In case of any disparity between the following and the general terms and conditions at Annexure A. The Vendor will bear the cost of their Travel/Lodging/Food etc.-5. The packing of Products should be transport worthy & the losses arising out of any substandard packages will be debited to the tenderer. Qualification Criteria – Manufacturing Capacity. 4. Contract/Purchase Order will be processed ONLY after product approval. failing a penalty @ 24% PA will be imposed. would be debited to the Vendor 13. the Vendor will attend the complaints within 48 hours. attending the service complaints. failing which a penalty of US$ 100 per day will be levied. After Warranty Period. spares & services to be made available for next 10 (Ten) years (Price List of Spares to be attached with the Tender). Scope of Job/Services during the Warranty Period should be attached with the Tender. 8.5 days). superseding all other written/verbal terms/conditions. 11. the following terms and conditions shall supersede only the part thereof of the general terms and conditions at Annexure A. any deviances for which the consignment is detained by the authorities & demurrages charged thereof. 6. 14. 3. all Export documents should be as per the Indian Custom Regulation. 10. Date: 16/03/2015 Specific Terms and Conditions – (Annexure D) The following terms and conditions supplement the general terms and conditions of the tender at Annexure A. ACU & GPU/15-16/02-PK. Terms & Condition mentioned in the Tender & following PO’s will be final. The supplier has to adhere to their agreed Delivery Dates (+/. Approval of Technical Specifications. For Foreign Vendors. 5. 1. During Warranty Period. 7.-5Annexure B to Jet Airways Tender reference No. Competitive Price Bid. -5- .