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Cooking Methods

Cooking methods are divided into three categories : moistheat cooking methods, dry-heat cooking methods, and fry cooking
Moist-heat cooking methods are cooking method that use a
liquid for cooking. Moist-heat cooking methods can used for
preparing pasta, rice, pulses and vegetables. The examples are
boiling, poaching, steaming, stewing or braising, pressure cooking,
and microwave cooking. Boiling use a lot of liquid to cook with
temperature around 100˚C. Boiling is similar with poaching, but
poaching cooked under boiling point, around 75˚ - 95˚C. When you
use boiling or poaching method, there would be a lot of nutrients
loss. For steaming, the ingredients and the liquid are separated,
with temperature of the liquid around 100˚C. This method is good
to keep the nutrients of food. Stewing or braising is cooking method
which the ingredient to be cooked is covered with liquid and cooked
until the liquid are reduced. Pressure cooking use airtight pressure
cooker to cooked with temperature around 105˚ - 120˚C. The last
is microwave cooking. Microwave cooking use electromagnetic
waves, and usually for reheating food. The food may cook unevenly
and frozen product may not conduct the heat well.
Dry-heat cooking methods are cooking method which the
heat is transferred to food with air or fat. Dry-heat cooking methods
can used for making foods from meat, poultry, fish, seafood, and
where a crust is desired. The examples are roasting, sautéing,
grilling, and baking. Roasting use stove or oven to cook the
ingredients with temperature around 140˚ - 200˚C. If you going to
roast a meat, you can roast with high temperature first and

To prevent vitamin loss. The different is in the equipment that used to cook. with temperature around 140˚ . you can cook the food fastly. Sauteing use a small amount of fat to transfer the heat. Pan-frying and stir frying use a small amount of fat to cook. With this cooking method. under-heat grilling. The examples are deep-frying. that’s why the food is submerged in liquid fat. and stir-frying/wok. Baking use hot air to cook. For canned vegetables. With grilling method. so the juices of the meat sealed inside the meat. There are three grilling techniques : over-heat grilling. use raw vegetables and fruits. For frozen vegetables. and serve the food immediately. You can wash vegetables before peeling or cutting. heat them with microwave and do not too often to stir them while warming. For salads. Astrid Mauliasari / Pastry 1B . pan-frying. there are a lot of thing you can do. with temperature around 120˚ .continue with low heat. You can peel thinly but better if you cook with skin on and cut in large pieces.250˚C. and between-heat grilling. the fat from the ingredients will drains out. and it’s a traditional Chinese cooking method. You can use the smallest amount of water and cook with the lid on. Stir-frying use frying pan or wok to cook. there would be a lot of vitamin loss. Don’t cook too long.190˚C. you can put them in heated water or use microwave. Deep-frying use a lot of fat. Fry cooking methods are cooking methods that use hot oil to cook. And grilling use radiant heat or contact heat to cook. When cooking.