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You will enjoy walking excursion: “Look through the centuries” First object will be The Golden Gate of Kiev.Day 1 – KIEV 16:25 18:00-19:00 Day 2 – KIEV 08:00 – 10:00 Meeting at the airport. who went down in history of Ukraine as an outstanding commander. transfer to the hotel Check in to the hotel Free time Breakfast at the hotel City tour We will show you Kiev the capital of Ukraine and the cradle of Eastern Slavonic states of Ukraine. It is a historic gateway in the ancient city walls of Kiev. Vladimir’s figure rises above steep Dnieper bank. It is a beautiful city with its centuries-old history and rich culture. Monument to Prince Vladimir. an original symbol of Kiev. statesman. in the mid-eleventh century. Prince holds a cross in the right hand and a princely cap in the left. St. Prince of Kiev. It was reputedly modeled on the Golden Gate of Constantinople. Our tour will take You to the National Kiev-Pechersk Caves’ Monastery . It is put up in honour of hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky. headed the revolt of Ukrainian people against Rech Pospolitaya rule. Russia and Belarus. Bogdan Khmelnitsky is also known for Pereyaclavskaya Rada that made Moskovia and Ukraine allies. the Baptist of Rus. from which it took its name. the capital of Ukraine. Monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky is most known city monument. is located at the park of Vladimirskaya Gorka. 10:00 14:00 – 18:00 You will enjoy amazing view of two golden-domed monastery complexes while walking along Sophiiska and Mykhailivska Squares. his gateway was one of three constructed by Yaroslav the Wise.

medals and letters. End at the hotel . the House with Chimeras . the “House of the Crying Widow” – the example of early Modernism. 18:30 Day 3 – KIEV 08:00-10:00 10:00 – 13:00 End at the hotel Breakfast at the hotel. It is one of the most ancient monasteries on the territory of Eastern Slavonic states. You will have opportunity to delight the view ove the gold-domed monastery complex and marvelous banks of Dnipro river. Museum of Microminiature The reserve is situated on the picturesque hills and from the sightseeing place. collection of orders. During this tour you will visit underground labyrinths of caves with mummies of monks. The main display is located in the area of 5. the house of Kovalevskiy – the imitation of medieval Italian castles. We will show You PECHERSK In this excursion You will see the beautiful old city district Pechersk built in the modernist style. the “Chocolate house”. the President’s Administration.000 relics. the Parliament building. the first building of the soviet era. gallery of sculpture expositions. the Maryinskiy palace built on order of the empress Yelisaveta Petrovna in the middle of the XVIII-th century. The monastery was set up in the mid XI century A. the Motherland statue (62 meters high).D.000 m and counts more than 12. the House of Government. You can find here numerous exhibits of documents of military commanders. 13:00 – 15:00 16:00 The museum of the Second World War The museum was found in 1973 and combines the Museum of the main symbols of Kiev. the mansion where the famous poet Alexandr Pushkin stayed at the beginning of the XIX-th entury. the Glory Cup (16 m diameter). We’ll go down the Luteranskaya str. the National Bank of Ukraine – one of the most beautiful banks of Europe. see the Lutheran church (Kirche). – a former dwelling place of the German community. commemorating the heroes of the battlefields.Historical and Cultural Reserve. and the exhibition of the arms from the World War II time. Museum of Treasures displaying the rich Scythian Gold collection and collection of the Judaic ritual silver objects XVIII-XX c.

Salya. Transfer to the airport Flight to Odessa. Arrival to Odessa. End at the hotel. is located in the suburbs of town Pirogivo. Gorodetsky and E. While 15:00 – 18:00 standing at the top of the stairs you won’t see the steps only smooth sloping surface. Beautiful buildings. It is the second Roman Catholic cathedral built in Kiev. You will be impressed by the genius of the designer who could create the great optical illusion. Check out.Day 4 – KIEV 10:00 – 14:00 14:00 On the way to hotel You will see St. Transfer to the city 14:00 Check in Panoramic city tour of Odessa. The majority of them were moved to the museum and then reconstructed. by Kiev architects V. The tour will take you to the world-known 142-m long Potemkin’s Stairs that was build 1837. mild climate and soft sea made the city the real pearl of Black Sea coast of Ukraine. which preserved the culture of Ukrainian people. And stairwells are invisible when looking from below just only steps. it belonged to the Latin Rite Catholic community Pirogovo Folk Architecture and Life Museum A national museum. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral. Luxurious and elegant building constructed in the fantastical Venetian Baroque style with the elements of Italian Renaissance . Historically. wooden churches. water and wind mills. kitchen utensils dating back to the period of 17th beginning of the 20th century give to every visitor a realistic impression of the travel in time. The magnificent Opera House in Odessa is one of the most beautiful theatres in Europe. Free time Day 5 – 2013 – KIEV . collected from all over Ukraine can be seen in Pirogovo.ODESSA Breakfast at the hotel. It was constructed from 1899–1909 and was built in a Gothic type construction. also clothes. Huts. Three hundred ancient rural huts.

History of their origin leaves in a depth 13:00-17:00 ages: a stone is a shell rock for building here ancient slavs obtained yet. 10:00 – 13:00 Archeological museum . when from mines a build stone was obtained. Eastern and Western Art Museum Odessa's mysterios catacombs In town there is the unique "Odessa subway" Odessa are hundreds of kilometres of underground roads which appeared in the period of building of city 200 years ago. End at the hotel Free time 18:00 Day 6 – 2013 – ODESSA 08:00 -10:00 Breakfast at the hotel. The Odessa catacombs are the greatest in the world underground labyrinths.thakkartravels. not far from Odessa. London. located under Odessa and its environs. Kandivali (W). In the main street of the Humour Capital Deribasovskaya you will feel the atmosphere of fun and joy. Today you will be able to visit on an enthralling excursion which is conducted in a small town Nerubayskoe.12:00 Breakfast at the Company Registered in England & Wales. Check-out Transfer to airport for departure The tour price in USD for a person Accommodation in Single Hotel 6 Lybid 3* Kiev/ Metro Hotel Apartments Odessa 1049 The tour price includes: Accommodation at the hotel 3* Meals: in according to the program : Breakfast at the hotel Transfer in/out airport hotels Local bus for the services as our itinerary Local guide English speaking as our itinerary Entrance fee to the museums as our itinerary Air tickets not included India Office: London Office: 2 Woodberry Grove. 17:00 End at the hotel Day 7-8 2013 – ODESSA 08:00 . Mumbai-400067.You will be able to see an underground museum which reminds about glorious exploits people in the wartime.and French Rococo never made anyone indifferent. An experimental tour guide will conduct you on underground labyrinths in which in the period of Great Patriotic war a partisan staff was disposed. Mahavir Nagar. India ¦T: +91 (22) 40066400 ¦ E: info@thakkartravels. Sai Sumit. Finchley. Free time. N12 0DR ¦ T: +44 0203 026 0325 ¦ E: . Company Reg No: 08353007 www. UK.