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Topic: National I.D. Watch
posted 01-30-2007 06:02 PM

Real ID = National ID Card = SLAVERY for ALL
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Adolf Hitler would be so proud. Shortly after taking control of the German government he
used the Reichstag fire as an excuse to pass the Enabling Act which granted him
extraordinary powers to "defend the nation against terrorism". One of the first things he did
was to create the Gestapo (State Police), required all citizens to have government issued
"identity papers" and required all citizens to register their weapons. Later, of course, he began
tatooing his own soldiers and then the "undesireables" like the Jews, dissidents, POW's etc.
The rest is history
On Tuesday, May 10th, 2005, the US Senate voted on the implementation of a national ID
card system without ever debating the issue. The Real ID Act is nothing less than a Real
National ID Act. The only thing left to the individual states is which pretty picture they will
choose to put on the card: everything else will be controlled by Washington DC bureaucrats.
What does this mean for America?
1. Dead Cops.
The Real ID Act requires that you give your permanent home address: no PO boxes; no
exceptions. What about judges, police, and undercover cops? Oops!!! Hey Senators, let's
endanger our police and judges!!!
2. Stolen Identities.
Our new IDs will have to make their data available through a "common machine-readable
technology". That will make it easy for anybody in private industry to snap up the data on
these IDs. Bars swiping licenses to collect personal data on customers will be just the tip of
the iceberg as every convenience store learns to grab that data and sell it to Big Data for a
nickel. It won't matter whether the states and federal government protect the data - it will be
harvested by the private sector, which will keep it in a parallel database not subject even to
the limited privacy rules in effect for the government.;f=44;t=000016;p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM]

A Well Regulated Militia: National I.D. Watch

3. Government Spying.
Real ID requires the states to link their databases together for the mutual sharing of data
from these IDs. This is, in effect, a single seamless national database, available to all the
states and to the federal government.
4. Papers, Please.
With Real ID, our nation will join the ranks of the old Soviet Union, Communist China, and
Vietnam by issuing its citizens a national ID card. The Machine Readable Zone may come in
the form of a 2-dimensional bar code - but the Department of Homeland Security, which will
be crafting the regulations implementing Real ID, has made clear that it would prefer to see a
remotely readable RFID chip. That would make private-sector access and systematic tracking
even more easy and likely.
This national ID card will make observation of citizens easy but won't do much about
terrorism. The fact is, identity-based security is not an effective way to stop terrorism. ID
documents do not reveal anything about evil intent - and even if they did, determined
terrorists will always be able to obtain fraudulent documents
5. Unsafe Roads.
Once upon a time, a driver's license was a license to drive a motor vehicle. Turning driver's
licenses into national identity cards will actually make our roads more dangerous: by barring
illegal immigrants from getting a driver's license, Real ID means more illegal immigrants will
now drive without any training or certification. Your insurance company is certain to be
What's wrong with the Senate?
The Real ID Act has never been debated on the US Senate floor. They've never talked about it
in any committee. Heck, most of them haven't even read it!
In order to make a single irresponsible Congressman, Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner, with
totalitarian leanings happy, the Senate leadership let him write the bill and then slipped it into
a another bill, one that would keep our fighting men and women taken care of in Iraq and
Afghanistan. Supporting our troops means making sure they come home to a free nation, not
a surveillance state.
The federal law in question is the Real ID Act that was attached to a military spending and
tsunami relief bill in 2005. Because most politicians are cowards, the measure flew through
the U.S. Senate by a 100-0 vote and made its way through the House 368 votes to 58.
Unless states issue new, electronically readable ID cards that adhere to federal standards, the
law says, Americans will need a passport to do everyday things like travel on an airplane,
open a bank account, sign up for Social Security or enter a federal building.
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is currently devising regulations for these
federalized ID cards. One possibility is that the "electronically readable" requirement will be
satisfied by embedding a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip. (They'll already be
appearing in U.S. passports starting in October.)
The National Governors Association, hardly a bunch of libertarians, has called the Real ID Act
"unworkable and counterproductive." The National Conference of State Legislatures wrote to
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff in October, asking him to defer to states'
No doubt much of the political outcry is over money and would evaporate if the Feds wrote
checks to cover the cost of upgrading state computer systems. (The governors' press release
baldly admits they're "asking Congress to fund the changes required" by the Real ID Act. One;f=44;t=000016;p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM]

A Well Regulated Militia: National I.D. Watch

taxpayer watchdog group puts the cost at $90 per Real ID card.)
That would be a shame. Privacy and autonomy are even better reasons to be skeptical of this
There are no rules governing what data that private companies (hotels, retailers, employers)
will be able to extract from the Real ID when it's swiped or placed next to an RFID reader.
Will information like a home address and Social Security number be disclosed? Will a federal
database be alerted whenever the card is swiped or read? And can an RFID'ed license be read
from 20 or 30 feet away?
"Having a national ID would promote a surveillance society that we should all dread," Jim
Harper, the director of information policy studies at the free-market Cato Institute, told the
state Senate committee last week.
The sad thing is that the U.S. Constitution was written to prohibit the federal government
from taking such drastic steps. The long-forgotten Tenth Amendment says that powers not
explicitly delegated to the Feds "are reserved to the states" or to the people.
It will cost billions, it will hassle every ordinary person (you’ll have to produce original birth
certificates and such to the DMV again — and any paper that’s out of order will mean endless
harassment), and the basic premise is wrong in two ways. One, the federal government can’t
tell us citizens that we’re not permitted to travel, or go to court, without its permission; those
are RIGHTS, not privileges. Second, the federal government doesn’t have the authority to
demand that the states revise their IDs; that’s a state power. The reason the federal
government doesn’t have either of these powers is to guard against totalitarian rule from
And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a
mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save
he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name...and his
number is Six hundred & sixty-six. (Rev.13:15-18)
Rev.14:9: And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man
worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his
hand,10: The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out
without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire
and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
11: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no
rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the
mark of his name.

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posted 01-30-2007 06:07 PM;f=44;t=000016;p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM]

a federally approved ID card may be required to travel. open a bank account. Inc. collect Social Security payments. this is it: a privatized National ID card.D.™ Congress needs to take immediate action to stop this travesty. According to a still-secret several hundred-page dossier sent last week by DHS to the Office of Management and Budget. Posts: 11425 | From: A 059 Btn 16 FF MSC | Registered: Oct 2001 | ConSigCor Administrator posted 01-30-2007 06:23 PM FAQ: How Real ID will affect you In 2008. The Department of Homeland Security has finished their proposed regulations for implementing the Real ID Act and has sent them to the Office of Management and Budget for approval. The publication of DHS's REAL ID regulations will follow shortly. according to a senior administration source. It will be Identity-Mart. Watch Administrator National ID Card Scheme To Be Run By Big Data <> Member # 7 WASHINGTON.t=000016. who dismissed it out of hand. according to official DHS documents.php?ubb=get_topic. such as your credit information. or take advantage of nearly any government service. but will have no privacy protections whatsoever on that The Department of Homeland Security plans to outsource REAL ID implementation to third-party data aggregators. This is the plan advocated by DHS. DHS head Michael Chertoff personally ordered this option to be chosen.: Always Low Privacy. open a bank account. The plan calls for the outsourcing of all drivers license and ID card checks to a private corporation.awrm. It means that all privacy protections on our drivers licence data will be removed once the DMV sends your data to the private corporation. even collect Social Security. this is the outsourcing of our Constitutional rights. * Plan B: Have DHS build a centralized database for the states to query before issuing REAL ID-compliant drivers licenses. What does this all mean? Quite simply. Practically speaking. <> Member # 7 President Bush signed a $82 billion military spending bill that will. Always. who would then charge the states for each check performed. create electronically readable. federally approved ID cards for Americans. The House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the package--which includes the Real ID Act. DHS is granting the right to control our identity to private industry.f=44. DC (11 January 2007). The citizens of every state will not only be at the mercy of a company like ChoicePoint or Acxiom to 'approve' their identity. you'll need a federally approved ID card to travel on an airplane. * Plan C: Have a private data aggregator act as the central database. in part. The compliance guidelines are almost one year overdue. DHS considered three ways to implement the REAL ID Act: * Plan A: Order the individual states to find a way of communicating data to one another. The federal government can then gain access to this information without having to comply with any laws. your driver's license will have to be reissued to meet federal standards.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . This idea was given short shrift by DHS. This idea was also rejected. If it's possible to create a scheme worse than a national ID card. such as the Privacy Act. What does that mean for me? Starting in May 2008.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. Your sensitive drivers license data can be bought and sold along with everything else these companies sell. What's new: http://www. if you live or work in the United States.

ID number." Homeland Security is permitted to add additional requirements--such as a fingerprint or retinal scan--on top of those. and to follow the ID card recommendations that the 9/11 Commission made last year. What's going to be stored on this ID card? At a minimum: name. State DMVs will have to verify that these identity documents are legitimate. We won't know for sure what these additional requirements will be. Homeland Security has indicated it likes the concept of RFID chips. troop housing. address. In addition. You said the ID card will be electronically readable. or a nuclear power plant.S. death benefits. It will "hamper the ability of terrorist and criminal aliens to move freely throughout our society by requiring that all states require proof of lawful presence in the U. Only ID cards approved by Homeland Security can be accepted "for any official purpose" by the feds. U. tracked combat vehicles. and it will take the place of your drivers' license. birth date. State drivers' licenses and other such documents will have to meet federal ID standards established by the Department of Homeland Security. but by a relatively close margin of 261-161." Rep. You'll need to bring a "photo identity document. The funds cover ammunition. The State Department is http://www. How will I get one of these new ID cards? You'll still get one through your state motor vehicle agency. James Sensenbrenner.php?ubb=get_topic.t=000016. enhanced bar code. counterfeiting.awrm. That could end up being a magnetic strip. a Wisconsin Republican.f=44. a digital photograph. and show that your Social Security number is what you had claimed it to be. for their drivers' licenses to be accepted as identification for federal purposes such as boarding a commercial airplane. or radio frequency identification (RFID) chips. What's the justification for this legislation anyway? Its supporters say that the Real ID Act is necessary to hinder terrorists. and foreigners will have to show a valid visa. The identification process will be rigorous. and a "common machine-readable technology" that Homeland Security will decide on. The Real ID Act hands the Department of Homeland Security the power to set these standards and determine whether state drivers' licenses and other ID cards pass muster." document your birth date and address. weapons. citizens will have to prove that status. Watch The House of Representatives has approved an $82 billion military spending bill with an attachment that would mandate electronically readable ID cards for Social Security numbers must be verified with the Social Security Administration. aircraft. entering a federal building.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. What does that mean? The Real ID Act says federally accepted ID cards must be "machine readable. digitize them and store them permanently.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . sex. or duplication of the document for fraudulent purposes. Bottom line: The Real ID Act establishes a national identity card. F. Why did these ID requirements get attached to an "emergency" military spending bill? Because it's difficult for politicians to vote against money that will go to the troops in Iraq and tsunami relief. The card must also sport "physical security features designed to prevent tampering. said. and so on." and lets Homeland Security determine the details. The House approved a standalone version of the Real ID Act in February 05.

John Duncan of Tennessee.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. for instance. the Real ID Act says it hopes to "provide electronic access by a state to information contained in the motor vehicle databases of all other states. The Senate approveed it as well. the rest were Democrats.. and the Bush administration has come out with an official endorsement. says: "It's going to result in everyone. Watch already going to be embedding RFID devices in passports. he notes that the Supreme Court ruled last year that police can demand to see ID from law-abiding" says the ACLU's Steinhardt. "We're exploring whether there are any litigation possibilities here. Only three of the "nay" votes were Republicans. A second would argue that the legislation imposes costs on states without properly reimbursing them. 07:15 PM: Message edited by: ConSigCor ] Posts: 11425 | From: A 059 Btn 16 FF MSC | Registered: Oct 2001 | ConSigCor Administrator posted 01-30-2007 07:00 PM http://www." Is this a national ID card? Yes.. and some may lack both.S. Will state DMVs share this information? Yes. from the 7-Eleven store to the bank and airlines. They're going to have all the data on it from the front of the card. Paul has warned that the Real ID Act "establishes a national ID card" and "gives authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to unilaterally add requirements as he sees fit." Is this legislation a done deal? Pretty much. airlines and so on to swipe through card readers because they're not uniform. banks. citizens.D." Who were the three Republicans who voted against it? Reps. some may have barcodes but no magnetic stripes. Howard Coble of North Carolina.f=44. They're going to scan it in. demanding to see the ID card. Specifically.php?ubb=get_topic.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] .t=000016. The agency plans to start a yearlong test of the technology in July at checkpoints in Arizona. 2008. director of the American Civil Liberties Union's technology and liberty program.It's going to be not just a national ID card but a national database. Barry Steinhardt. Also. New York and Washington state. [ 01-30-2007. When does it take effect? The Real ID Act takes effect "three years after the date of the enactment" of the legislation. The House of Representatives approved the package by a vote of 368-58. the Bush administration has been talking about assisting "the states in crafting solutions to curtail the future abuse of drivers' licenses by terrorist organizations. states must agree to link up their databases. White House spokesman Scott McClellan has told reporters "the president supports" the stand alone Real ID Act. Will it be challenged in court? Maybe. One possible legal argument would challenge any requirement for a photograph on the ID card as a violation of religious freedom. As far back as July 2002." At the moment. Its effective date is May 11. Steinhardt predicts the federalized IDs will be a gold mine for government agencies and marketers.awrm. In exchange for federal cash. and Ron Paul of Texas. and Homeland Security wants to issue RFID-outfitted IDs to foreign visitors who enter the country at the Mexican and Canadian borders. state driver's licenses aren't easy for bars.

Hidden legislation has certainly become the MO of this administration. driver’s licenses.” or the tapping of multiple phones at one time used by one person (home. Be prepared. you will not be issued your Real ID.” Unfortunately for us. you “may” be issued a driver’s license. If you have recently changed your name. The Patriot Act permits the use of “roving wiretaps. groups of people. http://www.nothing more. business). Social Security cards with current names. Internet records. nothing less. automobile stickers. This seizure of information can be used upon individual people. coupled with at least 181 Executive Orders. anti-American. Surprise.” which. moved. they were. Farewell. easements.D. gives our government the power to search without warrants or court orders. or organizations that disagree with the activities of the government. scary.A Well Regulated Militia: National I.f=44. and proof of insurance. proof of insurance. Instead. The Patriot Act permits entry into homes and offices without warrants.t=000016. Good-bye. or any associations. laws. 4th Amendment. The Real ID has nothing to do with a standardized identification system. clubs. and personal ID cards not enough? Of course. Beginning in 2008. birth certificates. passes.” which allow for the seizure of personal information. on and on. into an 82 billion dollar military spending bill to support the continuing occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. curtailments. That will depend upon our ability to produce birth certificates. and what are your options should our new government deny you the ability to drive to work and possess your federally mandated papers? Were the Social Security cards. a personal IDs. swipe cards. closed-door sessions. proof of residency. It gives our government the right to use “administrative subpoenas. Constitutional America. medical records. and makes citizens and their Constitutional rights (which do not exist) mere objects of political whim. or the federal database has old or inaccurate information. educational records. spy technologies. That system was already in place. ID cards. hidden legislation-style.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . library records. much like the infamous credit bureaus and their databases. The Real ID was created as spy-ware and to serve the trade and territorial melding of the Canadian/American/Mexican nations . AND the “elected” supporters of the Patriot Act attempt to further its powers in secret. Once all this is confirmed by the Department of Motor Vehicles using a crosschecking federal database. It is illegally of course. cell. but not limited to. allows for our electronic tracking and surveillance. to date. was passed without Congressional debate. And then there is the Patriot Act – the Act that is the insult and slap in the face to every American citizen by virtue of its very name. including. The Patriot Act.awrm. It authorized the freezing of your bank accounts and the total demise of financial privacy. photo IDs. notice. which should be called The Communists’ Act. surprise. for another governmentally imposed disaster of unprecedented proportions. we will also have Real Identification Cards – maybe. We have rules. and the final nail in our civil liberties’ coffin. passed on May 11th. buffer zones. probable cause. It is the companion Act to the Real ID Act. The Real ID Act. Surveillance and tracking of the American people is. The real question is this – what if you are denied a Real ID card? What constitutes the denial of a Real ID. thanks to the Real ID. The Patriot Act allows for a DNA Bank to collect physical information about anyone who is “suspected” of being a “terrorist.php?ubb=get_topic. Also be prepared for total loss of liberty and rights. enforcements. and without you having to be in your homes or offices. the Real ID was buried. verifications of home addresses. the Act also permits American citizens to be classified as “foreign powers. credit and banking records. Watch Patriot Act and the Real ID: Farewell To Liberty Nancy Levant <> Member # 7 It should be very clear to American citizens that we have no rights. and well in advance. and limitations.

firearms registrations. driving. Social Security.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . Neighborhood Watch groups. simultaneously and incrementally.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. So. C. FEMA. and the many new for-hire corporations that offer private armies with weapons for a price. Having no choice but to comply.while I still can . but it will come and that soon. and who have also noticed convoys of military tanks being transported through the wilderness areas of our nation – the same areas that have been locked down and away from the American people via Biosphere Reserves and conservation corridors . and when it does come. and look no further than to Nazi Germany.awrm. the American people are still unaware of the issuance of the Real ID card forthcoming in May of 2008. http://www. the “stage was being set” for difficult times on American soil – the key issue that mass media ignores at its professional finest. In other words. our right to criticize our government’s shredding of our Constitution. (Community Oriented Policing Services). When there is freedom. financial.if our homes. and to 2008 in general.f=44. Check the expiration date. our library books. many decades while. . T.t=000016. our “leaders” have been closing our homeland military bases during these same decades.May 1999 "What luck for rulers that men do not think. This new national/international ID card.N. our rights to buy and sell without governmental ID and interference. and the right to fly on airplanes unless we have been issued a Real ID card. One might imagine that global retailers might require the Real ID to purchase food and gasoline. or person requesting our identification or our money. and our rights to possess and share our thoughts and opinions are now subversive and considered as terror. businesses. as one patriot stated. most American people will accept their new national/international ID card. Citizens Corp groups. March 1861 Posts: 11425 | From: A 059 Btn 16 FF MSC | Registered: Oct 2001 | ConSigCor Administrator posted 01-30-2007 07:02 PM The Real ID Card -. and its interactivity with national/international databases. the militarizing of law enforcement departments. And then." . Talk about a scripted duplication of events… "While the State exists. my message is this: your tactics aid terrorists for they erode our national unity and diminish our resolve." .J. there are the U. peacekeeping forces. like the Department of Homeland Security. our DNA.Vladimir Lenin "To those who scare peace loving people with phantoms of lost liberty. then what rights do we have as American citizens? Better yet. banks. there will be no State.php?ubb=get_topic.we have realized for a great many years that.John Ashcroft “There ought to be limits to freedom. we will be denied bank accounts in the United States of America. our rights to travel. Bush .S.Adolf Hitler -------------------"The time for war has not yet come.” George W. are we American citizens if our Constitutional rights do not exist? Look to history for answers. I ask you the following . can access our medical. my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard. a driver’s license. our life histories accessible upon command from one 2X3 inch card. 2008 would be a good global guess. our telephone conversations. Jackson." Gen. and political status inside its high tech/little nano brain.Impeccable Timing Nancy Levant <> Member # 7 At large.D. which the American military has been actively involved with for many. In essence. there can be no freedom. one must also look to the timing of the Real ID card. retailer. Let us not forget all the other paramilitary systems in our nation. our children’s rights to mental and educational safety. of course. Watch So.O. computer systems. It is my understanding that without the card. For those of us who have seen United Nations military vehicles in the United States. license(s). medical records. Take a look at your current driver’s with stages being set.P. it holds our private lives on a swipe-able card that is then privy to any organization. pregnant women’s rights to mental safety and reproduction.

All Rights Reserved Nancy Levant is a life-long writer. Box 293.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. She resides in rural Southwestern Ohio.E. and this time. The Democrats and Republicans have seen to this fact and have worked steadfastly to raise their one-world government. Global government is non-partisan minus the master-slave divide. we have a lot of soul searching to do and very. So did I. As such.php?ubb=get_topic. It is abject slavery. or you will be its enemy – and your Real ID will determine which global creature you shall be. a believer of God. They knew from the beginning that people with property..C. Are we going to continue to allow our “representatives” to march off with this nation and our Constitutional freedom. Information Packet by sending $10. For the sake of your children. It’s past time to do more than wave flags.O.f=44. schools. Indian reservations. Iron Mountain. Watch The professional timing of the Real ID card in 2008. one must consider the following: How are “domestic terrorists” determined and identified? Who will be held in the Civilian Labor Camps on American soil? What is the real issue behind the “identity theft” propaganda? Why are the off-limits American wilderness areas crawling with secret military operations? And why the mandatory issuance of an ID card that sums up every American citizen with one swipe? One cannot help but to almost laugh when it comes to considering how directly global intentions rest beneath our noses. You may also request a mailed copy of the A. Now. The fact of our demise as free people exists no matter whose research is right or wrong.D. Therefore. Request an information packet (contactus@a4ce. America. On that note. MI 49801. and its mandatory issuance.E. You will be a compliant and completely identifiable slave to the New World Order. open your eyes and act.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . please stop the bickering and bitching. hats. let us not in-fight. The collecting and databasing of all personal information of every American adult – coinciding with the CFR’s North American Community – and all global government infrastructures in place and play.awrm. wear patriotic tee shirts. being set for our nation’s conquering.00 to A. the enslavement is backed by a system far greater than concepts or perceived notions of freedom. Nancy Levant has done radio and television interviews. has been a guest speaker in many venues including college campuses. the Real ID card will ultimately seal your fate. Our “leadership” is not what they It’s time to serve through action and duty to this nation. or in other words. very little time – about 21 months. human service http://www. and pins. Just keep telling yourselves that you voted them into office. The public acceptance of the Real ID in May of 2008 seals the deal. and family members will willingly sign onto their fate as new “citizens” of the global police state. we can rid ourselves of our “representative” globalists. country.C. brings to mind several forthcoming coincidences and issues. It’s YOUR job and Constitutional duty to save our nation and to preserve freedom. © 2006 Nancy Levant . in fact.t=000016. It will be more than interesting to see which of our friends. and get to WORK. P. yet so blindly the public goes about its merry and dull way. and rights were their primary and create your local chapter. the people of the United States of America and other westernized nations.C. She has worked professionally with children since 1974 and is an ardent supporter of home schooling. We have been betrayed. or are we going to unite and reclaim OUR nation? Ignorance is never bliss. (Americans for Constitutional Enforcement) chapter in your neighborhood NOW. Constitutional and individual rights. The only potential answer is to UNITE for freedom and to command that freedom with one voice. The stage is. firearms. Then. especially of the partisanship flavor. Start an A. neighbors. So easy to see. as a nation UNITED in knowledge.

f=44. rather than more difficult. because many other states are contemplating more vigorous opposition. The Maine legislature got the ball rolling. President DownSizeDC.awrm. a Republican. Pressure on Congress can work.D. and now as many as 34 others states are threatening to pile on. They informed the federal government that they weren’t going to embed RFID chips in their state driver’s licenses. Posts: 11425 | From: A 059 Btn 16 FF MSC | Registered: Oct 2001 | ConSigCor Administrator posted 04-06-2007 06:18 PM "REAL ID" . <> Member # 7 It’s important to note that the resolution of the Maine legislature was limited. Send your message to Congress now. But Maine may go even further before all is said-and-done. Here’s where this issue hits you the hardest: If you do not have a REAL ID compliant state driver’s license. Be part of the Electronic Lobbyist project at www. James For instance.REAL REBELLION BREWING By Steven Yates February 18. Thank you for being a DC Downsizer. 2007 NewsWithViews. Jim Babka. E-Mail: Encourage those who do not have access to the Internet to contact state legislators by letter. Equally.php?ubb=get_topic.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . It IS working. and has been the president of a youth sports organization. she is a writer for freedom and land rights issues and opposes the United Nation's Agenda 21 implementation in America. Please add fuel to the fire: Tell Congress to repeal the REAL ID Act. And Missouri State Rep.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. patriots and state leaders are opposed to Real ID: The state is opposed because the project is an unfunded administrative nightmare and we oppose the idea because it’s the national ID we have all been fighting and because its justification has come through the recommendations of the fraudulent 9/11 Commission. a committee of the Arizona Senate just voted unanimously to prohibit that state from complying with the REAL ID Act. has formed a coalition of lawmakers from 34 states to file bills that oppose Real ID. Though it is for different reasons.DownsizeDC. or board an airplane! And privacy experts contend that REAL ID will make identity theft easier.t=000016. you will not be able to even enter a federal http://www. Now is the time to turn-up the heat on Congress to repeal the REAL ID Posts: 11425 | From: A 059 Btn 16 FF MSC | Registered: Oct 2001 | ConSigCor Administrator posted 03-26-2007 06:31 PM Join the Real ID rebellion Things are looking more-and-more likely for repeal of the REAL ID Act." to be released May 2006. Levant just completed her new book "The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female. FAX or phone. Watch organizations.

The Real ID Act does not just federalize our driver’s licenses but hand them over to the Department of Homeland Security. asking Congress to repeal its worst privacy-violating provisions. law-abiding U. citizens attempting to obtain or renew a driver’s license? Unknown. they would start enforcing existing immigration laws. much less the dangers (e. which included appropriations for the Iraq War. with recurring costs in the $10 million to $11 million range. the Global War on Terror.S. would have gone into effect in October 2000. after all. and it is not about terrorism. also a stealth measure buried deep inside an omnibus appropriations bill. It was thwarted. and secure our border with Mexico. An impact analysis released last September by the National Governors Association. collect Social Security. Montana. New Mexico. although I have one estimate at $100! This analysis overlooks a crucial point: the Real ID Act is unconstitutional! The Constitution does not give any branch or any agency of the federal government this kind of power! It should come as no surprise. a state-led rebellion against Real ID is brewing. or asking for a delay while states study the issue. That law. Oklahoma. It calls for the creation of mammoth databases of information on law-abiding U. enter federal buildings or otherwise do business with the federal government or other commercial endeavors requiring federally-mandated standards of personal identification. of identity theft). if no one associated with this thing has read our country’s founding document. or is being considered.S. There was. though. a stealth effort to give every American a national ID card during the Clinton years.f=44. originating with one interpretation of 9/11 Commission recommendations. But of course. 2005 (PL 109-13) as its Division B.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. Hawaii. It was signed into law despite the opposition of dozens of groups all across the political spectrum. In other words. Let’s review the relevant history. was considered must-pass by Congress and signed into law by President Bush on May 11. here is what we are looking at: without a Department of Homeland Security approved conversion of one’s driver’s license or other personal ID into the Real ID. Georgia. Real ID goes into effect on May 11. obtain a passport. and Wyoming. Missouri. Thus.S. State DMVs have neither the technology nor the manpower to implement this gigantic unfunded federal mandate—nor the legal means to compel compliance from those they must contact to secure verification of documents. Washington State. This bill.S. State-level legislation either repudiating Real ID. citizens. exists in various stages (sometimes passed by one House but not the other). cease imprisoning border patrol agents for doing their jobs. the National Conference of State Legislatures and the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators is devastating. The official line on Real ID. if the federal government was serious about either. and Tsumani Relief.g. however. The cost to my state (personal correspondence from the executive director of South Carolina DMV) could range from $25 to $28 million. Those of us who have been following these matters for close to ten years saw this coming. This means that the Real ID Act was passed as the equivalent of a stealth measure—the sort of thing author Claire Wolfe called land-mine legislation in a classical article. When it goes into effect. citizens will not be able to board an airplane. The post-9/11 era has given us a political climate more amenable to setting up a surveillance state. as matters currently stand. unconstitutional or not. it is not about border control.awrm.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . Vermont. is that it will hamper illegal immigration and protect us from open a bank account. Utah. It is about tagging and monitoring U. in other states: as of this writing.t=000016.. These groups show that efforts to implement Real ID will create a massively expensive logistic and bureaucratic nightmare. the list consists of Arizona. The Real ID Act of 2005 was passed by Congress not on its own (nonexistent) merits but folded into the larger Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense. http://www. with upfront costs of around $1 billion! The costs to individual U. Real ID is not about immigration.php?ubb=get_topic. Watch <> Member # 7 Last month.D. The study just cited estimates the total cost of implementing Real ID at over $11 billion over a five year period. It places state Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMVs) in the position of having to become domestic spies—and it does so without any thought to the resources required. 2008. Obviously. 2005. citizens. Maine became the first state to pass legislation declining participation in the national ID system mandated by the Real ID Act of 2005.

into wide-ranging enforcement agents of the federal government in areas from rules to Social Security fraud. poorer service. Therefore. or rendered unobtainable when facilities close. and completeness of each document required to be presented” to get the Real ID. proof of address. we will probably be less secure. proof of Social Security number. Just presenting one’s birth certificate is not good enough. will have many opportunities unavailable to the latter. These will require complex administrative. a Navy veteran of World War II. DMVs will have to expand into massive bureaucracies. The president didn’t want my birth certificate when he sent his letter drafting me…. since birth certificates can be forged. along with the problems.D. and greater timeexpenditures often through return trips after locating (if they are able to do so) records capable of meeting the new requirements. technical and security measures. from responsible primarily for ensuring the safe operation of vehicles on state roadways. I can’t produce something that doesn’t exist. Thus his effort to renew his New Jersey driver’s license was thwarted. those attempting to obtain or renew their driver’s licenses will face longer lines. Ironically. He was told he needed either a recent passport or a birth certificate. accidentally destroyed. (2) Many of these files do not exist in electronic form. States such as New Jersey have attempted to set up “exceptions” clauses for the James Scotts of the country—setting up a two-tiered society: those who are Real ID compliant versus those who are not. Identity http://www. Over 6. Even electronic records are damaged or destroyed when hard drives crash and files are not properly backed up.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. He had neither.” It states that “Real ID changes the very nature and mission of DMVs. There are five problems. The potential for bureaucratic snafus is enormous. In addition to the higher fees mentioned above. I recently obtained a document entitled “Administrative Burdens on the States Imposed by the Real ID Act. Some might be as seemingly minor as a discrepancy in the spelling of someone’s name due to a typo by a careless clerk.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . “I served this country. much less verified.t=000016. Others include: the requirement that states set up extensive electronic databases with interstate data-sharing networks. but these didn’t satisfy the new requirements. 81. Scott brought his Social Security card and a photo-ID issued by the Passaic County Sheriff’s Department. Take the case of James Scott. born at home in South Carolina but now living in New Jersey. with the issuing agency. and proof of citizenship or lawful immigration status. Scott.awrm. (3) Birth certificates are not standardized.” The document goes on to enumerate the requirements of the Real ID Act.f=44. And believe it or not. (4) The DMV clerk will then have to certify completion of the verification process. Last year New Jersey began implementing a “six point” ID verification program to begin complying with the Real ID Act.000 different jurisdictions issue birth certificates. Take just the birth certificate requirement. Complicating matters is that South Carolina is reviewing records for 27 James Scotts! There are no provisions in the Real ID Act for such people. the issuance. so New Jersey’s refusal to renew his license caused them unnecessary hardship. thus the DMV clerk and the jurisdiction clerk will have to compare copies to verify the “issuance. Birth certificates are just one problem area. validity and completeness” of the original. there are people who do not have birth certificates—especially the thousands of now-elderly people who were not born in hospitals.” He quit driving when his license expired. Over decades of time. In order to complete the conversion from the present system to Real ID this will have to be done for approximately 190 million driver’s license holders in the United States. (5) there will be people for whom birth information cannot be located. The required documents include an existing photo ID. told local lost. validity. The former.php?ubb=get_topic. Other family members relied on him for transportation. (1) DMVs will need to contact the municipality that issued the license and ask them to confirm that they have a birth certificate on file. of course. His daughter is attempting to cobble together South Carolina records. Finally. One of the worst of these stems from the requirement that states “shall verify. Watch The elites behind this boondoggle may have bitten off more than they can chew. proof of date of birth. a clerk will have to locate the physical document in paper files stretching back decades. records are misplaced.

Some will probably will take their chances and drive illegally. Well-connected corporations such as VeriChip®.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . and over the course of the year and ensuing years. which in this context means following the crowd and automatically withholding support from anyone who ‘can’t get elected. there is the real possibility that radio frequency identification (RFID) chips will be placed in Real ID compliant cards—eventually if not right away. Is there hope of derailing this train before it gets that far? Writing the above paragraph.A Well Regulated Militia: National I.’” Is this still true. Variations on the James Scott scenario may well be repeated all across the country. The Real ID Act speaks only of requiring “a common machine-readable technology. The FBI. and the authorities may elect simply to disable your chip by remote. Even those who have all their papers will gasp at the expense. Real ID is thus a potential stepping stone to a cashless society where every legal transaction is conducted electronically—and recorded. meanwhile. In recent years we have seen the emergence of private sector data aggregators with names like ChoicePoint. It is true that our “big box” political parties are controlled by globalist oligarchs who don’t want a genuine Constitutionalist anywhere near the White House! One astute reader pointed out that I’d stated this myself in The Real Matrix: “ … elected officials in national elites answer to [the super-elite]. Collecting electronic data is now a multi-billion-dollar industry that builds dossiers on individuals using a variety of sources. Some drivers may allow themselves to be temporarily sidelined while they struggle to locate pieces of paper they haven’t needed for years. The federal government is increasingly turning to such companies for help with security functions. They will find themselves treated like second-class citizens or even criminals by bored and indifferent clerks if they cannot produce the required papers on demand. rely on their cars to get to work. repeat trips. or could circumstances change? The wicked thought: allow Real ID to run its course.php?ubb=get_topic. Paul’s chances could really be. The masses of people. I had a wicked thought.D. The dissident will be rendered unable to buy his next meal. will buy the official propaganda about government “making us all safer. such as increased police presence.t=000016. http://www.” Others will become very upset at long lines. Acxiom. They will not willingly give this up to satisfy politicians and bureaucrats. which manufactures RFID chips. will be implanting RFID chips in human beings—marking us all like cattle. They need only scan your ID by remote as you walk or drive within range of their equipment. will have been ‘educated’ to adjust to society. Those without the tacit approval of the super-elite have no chance of coming within a thousand miles of the Oval Office. Real ID will thus further erode respect for the law. pays millions to ChoicePoint. Ordinary people. The risks of identity theft through data theft just get larger. it will smack millions of presently unsuspecting people right in the kisser. obtain groceries and do the other things that make up a normal American life today. with defined minimum data elements. and red tape. One of the side effects of Real ID may well be an epidemic of unlicensed drivers. with expired licenses. It is also a stepping stone to a state of affairs where government spooks can monitor your every activity.” leaving unspecified what Homeland Security will require. Watch thieves have been caught hacking into DMV databases. A few readers wondered what Dr. and the Transportation Security Administration wants to use such firms in performing identity checks on airline passengers. one which brings to mind the several people who emailed me regarding my article promoting Ron Paul’s candidacy for the Republican nomination in 2008.f=44. and Lexis-Nexis. (This is already being done to farm animals through the National Animal Identification System. Become identified as a potential threat. checks or credit cards as the merchandize changes hands. for example. Beginning on May 11.” as information on citizens in these databases is sold to private entities. The final step. DMVs may have to take measures to deal with angry citizens. after all.) Dissent will be far easier to control. Finally. of course. and more than one DMV clerk has been implicated in identity theft. of course. RFID chips in consumer merchandize can be made more efficient than cash.awrm. Thousands of hastily-trained clerks doubtless to be paid rock-bottom wages risk magnifying this problem! Can anyone in his right mind believe this system can be made secure?! The situation is even worse! Real ID presents the potential for what may be called a publicprivate “security-industrial complex. Some. are ready to move.

Watch Faced with the direct and immediate threat of not being able to drive legally. as most readers probably know. The rise to prominence of a team promising a swift and Constitutional resolution to the potential Real ID train wreck and to larger issues involving the future of U. and draw their supporters into a single. given the chance. Matters could come to a head in this society in 2008. for example. Reflecting the concerns of a couple of other readers. Posts: 11425 | From: A 059 Btn 16 FF MSC | Registered: Oct 2001 | ConSigCor Administrator posted 04-17-2007 05:50 AM History of National Identification Cards http://www. Real ID is finished. and I consider this good news! Realization is dawning within the states that Real ID isn’t going to work under present conditions. and over a hundred articles on the World Wide Web. has launched his own exploratory committee. Mounting frustration and anger among those having trouble renewing their driver’s licenses in 2008 could be channeled into grassroots support for a candidate for the Presidency who. The feds will have to back down. more and more people will laugh at pseudo-pundits who try to dismiss concerns about Real ID as “conspiracy theory” or some other such tripe. whose views are not identical. or begin the journey back to individual freedom under Constitutional government? The rebellion against Real ID has started at the state level. Maine took the leap. We need repudiation in all 50 states. Will we continue our headlong rush towards corporatist enslavement. where he writes a weekly column for the Times Examiner and is at work on a book length version of his popular series to be entitled The Real Matrix (hopefully!) to be completed this summer.f=44. South Carolina.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. The two.t=000016. As the saying goes. to say the least. around two dozen philosophical articles and reviews in refereed journals and anthologies. will put the brakes on our fast track to a surveillance police state. and Tom Tancredo who already enjoys some visibility from his stand on illegal immigration would make an excellent running Thus last week. Worldviews: Christian Theism Versus Modern Materialism (2005). He lives in Greenville. sovereignty could make 2008 a very interesting year. I do hope that if Dr. Paul pursues his candidacy he hires some good bodyguards and surveillance people of his own—history shows pretty clearly that our ruling banking oligarchs place little value on the lives of those opposing their goals of world domination. should figure out a way to work together. in Philosophy in 1987 at the University of Georgia and has taught the subject at a number of colleges and universities around the Southeast.D. E-Mail: freeyourmindinsc@yahoo.D. He is the author of Civil Wrongs: What Went Wrong With Affirmative Action (1994). They may or may not realize that we are now in more danger from our own government (and its controlling oligarchs) than we are from © 2007 Steven Yates . when citizens can no longer pass its draconian security measures. Tancredo canceled a Florida appearance a few weeks ago because of a death threat. and may become the test case plunging the whole national ID scheme into crisis. They are not the only ones willing to threaten someone wanting to end our federal government’s present policy of open borders. and also does a little e-commerce involving real free trade. Paul is the obvious choice.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . Dr.php?ubb=get_topic.S. If every state in the Union declines to participate in this scheme and remains steadfast despite likely federal attempts at bribery. He currently teaches philosophy at the University of South Carolina Upstate and Greenville Technical College. not for sale Steven Yates earned his Ph. No one really thinks they will allow the airlines to go under. unified movement.awrm.All Rights Reserved Sign Up For Free E-Mail Alerts E-Mails are used strictly for NWVs alerts. Tancredo. He is on the South Carolina Board of The Citizens Committee to Stop the FTAA. good riddance to bad rubbish. Above I listed other states considering legislation sometimes repudiating and sometimes calling for delaying implementing Real ID.

Malaysia. In response to the tragic events of Sept. their functions. Congress has passed the REAL ID Act of 2005. some through the standardization of state driver's licenses. Soon after the attacks. the Carter Administration reiterated that the SSN was not to become an identifier. there has been renewed interest in the creation of national ID cards. The Clinton administration advocated a “Health Security Card” in 1993 and assured the public that the card. head of California-based software company Oracle Corporation. Ostensibly voluntary. In 1999 Congress repealed a controversial provision in the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 which gave authorization to include Social Security Numbers on driver's licenses. Hong Kong. Education and Welfare Secretary's Advisory Committee on Automated Personal Data Systems concluded that a national identifier was not license drivers. then-DHS Secretary Tom Ridge reiterated. In fact.” Still. called for the development of a national identification system and offered to donate the technology to make this possible. the Federal Advisory Committee on False Identification rejected the idea of an identifier. In September 2004." The public continues to debate the issue.f=44. and there have been many other proposals for the creation of a national identification system.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] .S. and in 1981 the Reagan Administration stated that it was "explicitly opposed" to the creation of a national ID card. the idea was rejected and the health security card was never created. They are in use in many countries around the world including most European countries. 2001. They said there will be no national ID card.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. Watch <> Member # 7 National ID cards have long been advocated as a means to enhance national security. as they must verify the citizenship status of all those who want a REAL ID-approved state driver's license or identification cards. He proposed ID cards with embedded digitized thumbprints and photographs of all legal residents in the U. the United States and the United Kingdom have continued to debate the merits of adopting national ID cards. and Congressional hearings were and guard against illegal immigrants. unmask potential terrorists. In 1971. and mandating state compliance by May 2008. Larry Ellison. Currently. There was much public debate about the issue. REAL ID turns state DMV workers into federal immigration officials. Americans have rejected the idea of a national ID card. State DMVs would far move away from their core mission -. It is a law imposing federal technological standards and verification procedures on state driver's licenses and identification cards. the Health. would have “full protection for privacy and confidentiality. it was meant to be used only as an account number associated with the administration of the Social Security system.S. and privacy safeguards vary widely. In 1976. In 1973." When it created the Department of Homeland Security. which mandates federal requirements for driver's licenses. The REAL ID Act of 2005 Summary The REAL ID Act of 2005 creates a de facto national identification card.t=000016. issued to every American. it is not a universal identifier and efforts to make it one have been consistently rejected. The U.awrm. The types of card. http://www. The debate remains in the international spotlight – several nations are considering implementing such systems. When the Social Security Number (SSN) was created in 1936. many of which are beyond the current capacity of the federal government. 11. Singapore and Thailand. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich testified that he "would not institute a national ID card because you do get into civil liberties issues. Congress made clear in the enabling legislation that the agency could not create a national ID system.php?ubb=get_topic. "[t]he legislation that created the Department of Homeland Security was very specific on the question of a national ID card. Though use of the SSN has expanded considerably. it would become mandatory as those without the card would face suspicion and increased scrutiny. the Social Security Administration task force on the SSN rejected the extension of the Social Security Number to the status of an ID card.D. Critics argue that it would make driver's licenses into de facto national IDs. In 1977.

The National Conference of State Legislatures estimates (pdf) that that the cost to the states will be more than $11 billion over five years. counterfeiting." mandate that the states must include radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in DL/ID.php?ubb=get_topic.D. such as Social Security or Medicare). (4) The person's driver's license or identification card number. We suggest requiring the acceptance of alternate addresses. a State shall include. 2007.awrm. in order to protect the privacy of individuals. such as P. $40 million was allocated for start-up costs. (8) Physical security features designed to prevent tampering. How will the REAL ID Act affect state driver's licenses and identification cards (DL/ID)? If the Department of Homeland Security Secretary doesn't grant a state an extension to meet the certification requirements. Minimum document requirements. boxes. the following information and features on each driver's license and identification card issued to a person by the State: (1) The person's full legal name." EPIC analysis: We strongly advise deleting the §202(b)(6) requirement of displaying the person's address of principal residence on the card. (7) The person's signature. 2008 (three years after passage of the REAL ID Act). the Department of Homeland Security issued draft regulations on March 1.f=44. explaining how the states can meet these standards. (5) A digital photograph of the person. states must meet the following standards to be accepted for federal use (entrance into a courthouse. or duplication of the document for fraudulent purposes.O. establish standards for States issuing driver's licenses. No more funding has been allocated. and it is likely that the cost will be shouldered by the public.t=000016. After more than two years. (9) A common machine-readable technology. This has significant implications for domestic violence victims and the homeless. After more than two years. with defined minimum data elements. §202(b): "To meet the requirements of this section. onto a plane. the Department of Homeland Security issued draft regulations for state compliance on March 1. The EPIC analysis of the potential privacy implications follows the enumeration of the each set of standards. (6) The person's address of principle residence. (3) The person's gender. There is also the risk that the Department of Homeland Security guidelines will." according to Sen. which contained "carefully crafted language -.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] .A Well Regulated Militia: National I. This is more than 100 times the $100 million cost that Congress initially estimated. then by May 11. receiving federal benefits. under the §202(b)(9) requirement of "common machine-readable technology. at a minimum. This wireless http://www. Richard Durbin. (2) The person's date of birth.bipartisan language -. For 2006. The REAL ID Act repealed provisions in the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. Watch REAL ID was appended to a bill providing tsunami relief and military appropriations. and passed with little debate and no

-(A) In general. general. (iii) has conditional permanent resident status in the United States. (D) Documentation showing the person's name and address of principal residence.A State shall require. (viii) has approved deferred action status. except that a non-photo identity document is acceptable if it includes both the person's full legal name and date of birth. (ii) is an alien lawfully admitted for permanent or temporary residence in the United States. in identification documents. Minimum driver's license and identification card issuance standards.f=44. (iv) has an approved application for asylum in the United States or has entered into the United States in refugee status. Contact cards are more secure.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . unexpired nonimmigrant visa or nonimmigrant visa status for entry into the United States. -." Minimum driver's license and identification card issuance standards. a State shall require. (B) Evidence of lawful status. a State shall comply with the minimum standards of this paragraph. before issuing a driver's license or identification card to a person. or (ix) has a pending application for adjustment of status to that of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States or conditional permanent resident status in the United States. special requirements §202(c)(2): "(2) Special requirements. (vii) has a pending or approved application for temporary protected status in the United States.D. See EPIC's RFID page for more information on the dangers of using RFID in identification documents. presentation and verification of the following information before issuing a driver's license or identification card to a person: (A) A photo identity document. EPIC has consistently recommended the use of contact technology. §202(c)(1): "(1) In general." Verification of documents.To meet the requirements of this section. (C) Proof of the person's social security account number or verification that the person is not eligible for a social security account number. such as the stripes on the backs of credit cards. valid documentary evidence that the person -(i) is a citizen or national of the United States.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. at a minimum.t=000016. they do not contain the risk of data theft through wireless transmission and allow cardholders to have control over who sees their (v) has a valid.php?ubb=get_topic. §202(c)(3): http://www. (vi) has a pending application for asylum in the United States. Watch technology has significant security risks. -. including those of surreptitious gathering of personal data by unauthorized individuals and clandestine tracking of cardholders. -. (B) Documentation showing the person's date of birth.To meet the requirements of this section.

Memorandum." Other requirements. (5) Confirm with the Social Security Administration a social security account number presented by a person using the full social security account number. with the issuing agency. Watch "(3) Verification of documents. (4) Establish an effective procedure to confirm or verify a renewing applicant's information. verifying the citizenship status of applicants." There are also discrimination concerns. (3) Subject each person applying for a driver's license or identification card to mandatory facial image capture. (B) The State shall not accept any foreign document.>> Not later than September 11. the issuance.f=44.To meet the requirements of this[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . 3009-664). validity. EPIC analysis: As the DMVs must verify name. as state DMV workers will be forced to become federal immigration officers. -. "with the issuing agency. Section 202(c)(3)(B) forbids the acceptance of "any foreign document. as provided for by section 404 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (110 Stat. the State shall verify. to satisfy a requirement of paragraph (1) or (2).To meet the requirements of this section. The National Conference of State Legislatures has said.A Well Regulated Militia: National I.D. to satisfy a requirement of paragraph (1) or (2). date of birth. and completeness of each document required to be presented by the person under paragraph (1) or (2). the State shall enter into a memorandum of understanding with the Secretary of Homeland Security to routinely utilize the automated system known as Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements. other than an official passport. other than a United States citizen. a State shall adopt the following practices in the issuance of drivers' licenses and identification cards: (1) Employ technology to capture digital images of identity source documents so that the images can be retained in electronic storage in a transferable format. These databases have been found to have inaccurate or incomplete information. (6) Refuse to issue a driver's license or identification card to a person holding a driver's license issued by another State without confirmation that the person is terminating or has terminated the driver's license." this creates an incredible bureaucracy. In the event that a social security account number is already registered to or associated with another person to which any State has issued a driver's license or identification card. (7) Ensure the physical security of locations where drivers' licenses and identification cards http://www. And there is question of whether citizens or legal permanent residents can find the documentation required. as those who look or sound "foreign" would be targeted.awrm. to verify the legal presence status of a person. other than an official passport. which would significantly affect DL/ID applicants. 2005. The DMVs must all have secure access to state and federal databases with this information. §202(d): "(d) Other Requirements.php?ubb=get_topic. place of residence and citizenship status. (2) Retain paper copies of source documents for a minimum of 7 years or images of source documents presented for a minimum of 10 years. Imagine the delays. making the nation less secure. applying for a driver's license or identification card. the State shall resolve the discrepancy and take appropriate action. (C) <<NOTE: Deadline. Social Security number. "The Real ID Act would cause chaos and backlogs in thousands of state offices across the country.t=000016. a State shall implement the following procedures: (A) Before issuing a driver's license or identification card to a person. -.

at a minimum (A) all data fields printed on drivers' licenses and identification cards issued by the State. such as Medicaid or Social Security." EPIC analysis: The requirements to maintain paper copies or digital images of these important identity documents for seven to 10 years. And one presumes that each DMV would have access to these databases at the very least to confirm that the applicant does not have a REAL ID license or ID card in another state. The requirement for non-REAL ID-compliant DL/ID to have explicit "invalid for federal purposes" designations. and points on licenses. including Social Security numbers. credit card companies. This would put hundreds of millions of people at risk for identity theft. ensure that such license or identification card -(A) clearly states on its face that it may not be accepted by any Federal agency for federal identification or any other official purpose.D. turns this "voluntary" card into a mandatory national ID card. then the criminal would have access to the personal data. (11) In any case in which the State issues a driver's license or identification card that does not satisfy the requirements of this section. The 50 state (plus the District of Columbia) databases would become on large database. Posts: 11425 | From: A 059 Btn 16 FF MSC | Registered: Oct 2001 | alfa6foxtrot SNCO Contributor posted 04-17-2007 05:26 PM National ID http://www.f=44. and (B) uses a unique design or color indicator to alert Federal agency and other law enforcement personnel that it may not be accepted for any such purpose. of every single person in the United State with a REAL ID license or ID card. Anyone with a non-REAL ID-compliant card would be instantly suspicious. combined with the requirement to "provide electronic access to all other States to information contained in the motor vehicle database of the State" will make this data a tempting target for identity thieves. even video stores. and (B) motor vehicle drivers' histories. suspensions. (12) Provide electronic access to all other States to information contained in the motor vehicle database of the State. If a criminal could break the security of any one of the tens of thousands of entrance points. including motor vehicle violations. Significant delay. (13) Maintain a State motor vehicle database that contains. (9) Establish fraudulent document recognition training programs for appropriate employees engaged in the issuance of drivers' licenses and identification cards. (8) Subject all persons authorized to manufacture or produce drivers' licenses and identification card security clearance requirements. to demand a REAL ID-compliant DL/ID in order to receive services. Watch are produced and the security of document materials and papers from which drivers' licenses and identification cards are produced.A Well Regulated Militia: National I.t=000016. Compliant cards would be necessary for federal purposes such as entering courthouses.awrm. It would be easy for insurance companies.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] .php?ubb=get_topic. (10) Limit the period of validity of all driver's licenses and identification cards that are not temporary to a period that does not exceed 8 complication and possibly harassment or discrimination would fall upon those without a REAL ID license or ID card. air travel or receiving federal benefits.

I fear our young people. safety of yourself and others.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. the cost is in the loss of privacy first. furnish solutions and even guide Americans into newer monstrosities of electronic surveillance.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . but know – your consumption. and that means morphing you into what you must be. and it is they who will cite the figures on heart disease and animal fat and how much is good or bad for you. or go to jail for ten days. RFID Chips — one of two leading means of electronic surveillance — promise dreams of Posts: 2748 | From: D 057 Btn 47 FF | Registered: Feb 2005 | ConSigCor Administrator posted 11-26-2007 06:20 AM RFID AND NATIONAL ID AS ELECTRONIC STALKING PART 1 <> Member # 7 By John Longenecker November 21. They don't remember how it was to be free or at least more free then today. Though the reasons may sound good at first — fighting crime. The cost is not in how to pay for you will be compelled to change. DON"T FEAR the national ID. but they will deliver nightmares of conformity.awrm. Watch Don't worry. intrusion of electronic surveillance will not only keep open files on what you buy and how much you have. the ones who can't remember a time before computers and surveillance camaras. For health. Too much milkfat or animal fat in your diet will soon be known. knowledge of your behavior and habits will soon come to dictate how you must change. PRIVACY is an American Safeguard against mistake. http://i175. but it will soon presume to dictate what you must become.jpg < img> Member # 3262 The Greywolf NCO Contributor Posts: 592 | From: The Confederate States of America | Registered: Jan 2007 | posted 04-18-2007 07:12 PM Let’s take a look at one of the earliest applications as I recall it from the seventies when I first heard about portable data embedded in a chip which is to be embedded in people — the medical records data to accompany the patient wherever he or she goes. For your own good and for the good of society.f=44. With Political Correctness already having its own boot on the throat of American thought. The PC influence can already force parents into unwelcome injections for their children. not you. abuse and retaliation.photobucket. be happy. and the insurance underwriters will soon be able to know – not guess.php?ubb=get_topic. Member # 2659 -------------------http://youtu. http://www. 2007 Part I: The Flea. violence and even terrorism — the removal of the protection of Privacy as a safeguard of our way of life will usher in unstoppable predatory industries promising to rectify problems. The Personal Data Portability removal of this safeguard – for any reason – opens the door to a whole family of predatory cottage industries.

breathing. electric shock or even myasthenia gravis in the field. In the seventies and before. The newer concept was that. and not ever know where. there was — supposedly – the greater complexity of records to keep.f=44. This was before EMS was even called EMS. the nature and degree of the emergency is understood and life-saving treatment has begun in Advanced Life Support. symptoms and findings of what is happening at the present are generally much more important than a miniature past embedded somewhere in the patient’s muscle. what a professional needs to know at the most urgent moments is not contained in a chip. with handheld technology available to read RFID chips at a distance. choking. It is. it’s harder to remove than a tattoo. and we remember the assurances officials gave.. embedded medical history suggests. Remember that once the Flea is embedded in you. RFID rings the dinner bell for predators. and generally straightforward from patient to patient. Then or now. Any other medical professional in the same situation as Paramedics operate in their world would not delay his or her assessment and treatment of an emergency patient for want of further information. Even if you can precisely locate the thing. Signs. when nor by whom. It’s as fast as a http://www. Watch The Flea – the tiny thing you really don’t want on you – was originally touted in the middle seventies for keeping medical records with the patient at all times. but in the physical exam and presentation of the patient. Meanwhile. As with most such theft. Furthermore.awrm. Within minutes.php?ubb=get_topic. it’s all the same. a person with an RFID Chip containing any information at all could find their data stolen. officials denied that it was possible. Pirates would stand over freeways and scan passing cars below to capture their cellular codes electronically. Only when millions of customers began denying they made all those phone calls did the industry catch on. Supposing that our sovereignty is in fact dead and we cannot stop the Flea from jumping on us – first problem — the second problem is identity theft. With today’s technology. It was more than possible — it was done and gone. as the insistence on a portable. One may not have anything to hide per se. you can’t get rid of it. most of the predators are not found. circulation. Much of emergency medical care is commonly without a complete medical history. not Piracy Some of us remember cell phone piracy of the nineties. well. the MedicAlert Tag was more than sufficient in furnishing vital information to doctors.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. Never. Today. indwelling. Privacy. Much of emergency treatment is supportive. In that time. or theft of all portable information.t=000016. they could make calls billed to Joe and Josephine Caller. Once the door is opened for portable medical history data — as unimportant as it is — others will push it open for all sorts of applications for the portability of other personal data — data which is a lot less urgent than medical data. but everyone has something to specifically on their person. There would be no wait-and-see delay. life-saving. But this is not how emergency treatment works. and the need for the right platform to disgorge it all to the practitioner who would see the patient in time of emergency. with the arrival of greater technology.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . whether shortness of breath is from heart attack. Paramedics in the field are trained to assess the patient in 90-seconds. longer history and more complex treatments and medicines. emergency. no rational person can assure Americans that their personal data will not be stolen and abused.. Those predators are worldwide. Airway. That’s pretty damned fast. bee sting. And this is where the second problem emerges. but certainly more useful to predators. First things first. volunteers and others.

D. not for sale John Longenecker was one of the first Paramedics in Los Angeles EMS. the Flea is tiny enough to be lost among several grains of pepper on the tip of your finger. portable data is captured. The genius or the horror of human implanted RFID Chips is that they can be read at a distance and through solid objects. but two things prevented it: privacy concerns and miniaturization technology. The patent for human implantation of the RFID Chip was granted in 1973.awrm. Today. Airports. no matter what he says. the useful range of the RFID Chip – about 30 feet – is extended by a sensitive lurking antenna and circuit to 300 feet or more. If you like the credit reporting bureaus and the cottage industries who promise to clean up the errors. It’s easier to say they did than to do it.All Rights Reserved Sign Up For Free E-Mail Alerts E-Mails are used strictly for NWVs alerts. Liberty and Sovereignty must be pushed aside somehow. Sounded good. The technology makes it possible to pick up a few parts. retailers.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. As with all looting in this patrons and members pass through their doors hourly. because they are the last bulwark against that kind of predatory industries — looting. outside a restaurant. It is placed on shared databases. Besides. just like it’s easier to obtain forgiveness than permission. or some other purported necessity. or even your home. it is shared for many applications. This is not your father’s reading your portable data for one medical emergency application.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . © 2007 . That can put it on a freeway overpass. but to manage the problems anticipated and unanticipated in an enchanting transfer of wealth.f=44. and it is to be shared worldwide. But this is only the beginning. we know this. and privacy concerns can go to Hades. But did you know how easy it is for a predator to pick up a few parts and steal your portable data from even greater distances than the manufacturer's parameters? It’s not a question of encoding your chip for protection – codes are universal to some extent or the chips themselves are useless in any industry. it’s in the wind. a 501(c)(3) patriotic think tank examining policy adverse to the public interest. Whole industries large and small tend to sprout up not only to furnish the Flea. he a father of three. Shared databases mean your data is shared worldwide. http://www. Pick one.John Longenecker . we’ll elaborate even greater potential for abuse (as if this wasn’t enough?) defiance of citizen authority. and you’re toast. author. Watch snapshot and just as anonymous. These industries depend heavily on adversity for their customer base and very survival. Alright. public buildings. make up a yagi antenna and you’re in business. your installer may not have preferred the more expensive options of encoding. talk show guest and founder of the Good For The Country Foundation. or incompatible with various scanners. Now. foreign stations are gearing up to read RFID Chips as visitors. Once your personal. In Part II. But the cost to America is not in the repair bills for errors – it’s in the loss of sovereignty that paves the way for the Flea to begin with. columnist. and what defiance and electronic surveillance mean to the American of tomorrow — your children and their children after parents have had the chip as the norm for a generation.php?ubb=get_topic. All in the name of fighting crime. you’ll love RFID and all other surveillances and what they charge. with plenty of time to dream up many applications since then.t=000016. Now.

tires. As more and more agencies adopt RFID readers. if it’s proven in marketing. they are read wherever you take your consumables. medical records. With any sort of requirement to even eventually and for whatever reason take the RFID Chip implant. It also makes you trackable wherever you go by what you carry. that you are now watched. 2007 NewsWithViews. The privacy defense http://www. I’ve been calling it the Flea — the tiny thing you don’t want on you. naturally.f=44. Enter Internet search term Keyword RFID and you pull up a host of news items. point of sale. and with such an infrastructure in place by then. You can call it fighting crime. The fact is.t=000016. Watch Website: GoodForTheCountry. This establishes the technology of worldwide reading of RFID Chips for a seemingly harmless tracking model: marketing.D. Posts: 11425 | From: A 059 Btn 16 FF MSC | Registered: Oct 2001 | ConSigCor Administrator posted 11-28-2007 06:07 AM RFID AND NATIONAL ID AS ELECTRONIC STALKING PART 2 <> Member # 7 By John Longenecker November 28. of course. I had written years ago that when I was a Paramedic in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles in 1977. When I say that tiny RFID Chips can track Americans worldwide. For years. sales leads for sales weasels. As these are embedded in consumables. Let’s look closer. And Control by knowing things about you is the foe of Liberty. You may get ten a day. The RFID Chip is for that same purpose. law enforcement tracking is no longer three steps away. it will be of interest in law Untouched. I had seen and treated many Jews who had Nazi Numbers on their arms. read and watch.ljr@verizon. eat. Unmolested. . When one begins to view the enormity of the applications. and this leads to mistake. but it’s all the same: Control. or soon will be. insurance coverage.awrm. JMO. marketing tracking of both merchandise and customer habits. (What’s in your wallet?) And. because it subjects innocent everyday behavior to E-Mail: john.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. and many have made a good case for taking a peek at the data of what you buy. Shared databases are already operating in fingerprinting. but one step away. You know what those were for. I am speaking of the shared databases we described in Part I. abuse and retaliation.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . Take it a step further: Google for yourself your own tracking: Google Alert term RFID and you can begin to follow RFID newsbreaks as they happen by opting-in for e-mail notification of the latest. more and more databases want to join. diesel parts. and much. the officials pushing it makes them the New Bureau Of Engraving. you can call it tracking and you can call it Order.php?ubb=get_topic. automobile records. much more. The brunt of the cost will have been absorbed by business in pioneering the concept of following a single item anywhere in the world. delight of new technology turns to apprehension and suspicion. grooming Tracking Americans Worldwide The Right To Bare Arms means no RFID in the body. Order.

Now look at this: Who uses the Internet a lot in 2008? The kids. Who likes to buy all kinds of junk at the Mall? The kids. not new at all. inspired by more and more successful experiments – some technological triumphs. the children. What they do with the information they obtain morphs into wider and wider applications. because such personal information can so easily be misinterpreted. History. http://www. Now. As RFID is embedded in more and more items. as in overcoming Privacy objections — all of which then translate into deeper and deeper intrusions.. But make no mistake. to the future Americans to be tracked. tracking becomes the norm. And here’s another frightening aspect of the nightmare: not only will chips of the near future be readable and tiny. The customer’s view is convenience. from those diesel parts to wet shaving razors . our actions of acceptance will speak louder. This is not a new concept.S.t=000016. Irrespective of what we teach them today. Watch will no longer be a voice. Where are RFID chips being placed? In all sorts of items. . Haven’t you noticed the contactless ‘swipe’ or ‘pass’ feature on the terminal when you buy something? Internet.. just like the mag stripe on your membership card is. otherwise known as Tracking. it’s an appraisal of our current Sovereignty. outweighed – bullied – by so-called necessity for a new crime fighting tool. but a whimper by then. Such personal data can so easily be subjective and abused.f=44. Liberty. while the marketer’s view is watching. Order. it is re-writing the stripe and updating it. and will proceed from there. Refusal today is critical to the safety and freedom of our kids tomorrow. What they interpret can be pivotal in how you parent your children. But intrusion isn’t harmless. No wonder crime is permitted to continue: it paves the way for new technologic intrusions. What we establish and accept today will become the norm for our kids. a greater acceptance and acceptability occurs. they will also be writeable and re-writeable.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. When was the last time you paid for a modem? As the discussion has been posted on the world wide web [don’t forget to Google Alert the term RFID] modems are being geared for RFID readers for so-called marketing research in items brought home.D.. shall we say.. It’s no great leap to RFID readers in the home computer’s modem. Erasing the baseline for perspective is to disarm the children of tomorrow in their protest against control when it comes time for them to grapple with the problem -. others societal triumphs. terrorism and crime. and RFID is placed in tons of stuff for. How’s that for taking a swipe at Americans? They’re not likely to leave this feature out of Portable Personal Data chips. so acceptance today is essential to the control of tomorrow. As I mentioned.. and over time.long after we’re gone. as equipment sales and the staff to man them.php?ubb=get_topic.. . more like surrender – to and for the industries which will thrive on adversity. and technical wonder for its ease of operation. and sooner than you think. The mag stripe is just a piece of recording tape souped up for high print-through and durability. And the need for.. As with our U. Sovereignty and Privacy need to be pushed aside for the industry of Personal Data Portability. Various software already manages what they are calling Global RFID Networks already in place.Order. Every day the industry makes advances toward personal implantation.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . marketing purposes. war.awrm. when it is read at the supermarket. and do much of the advance work of control — no. And who furnishes a free modem with new or upgraded service? ISP’s do. what is erased or forgotten is what might have added powerful enough perspective to protect the nation on the issue.

no insulin. If that holds.D. 07:05 PM: Message edited by: ConSigCor ] Posts: 11425 | From: A 059 Btn 16 FF MSC | Registered: Oct 2001 | ConSigCor Administrator posted 02-26-2011 06:45 PM In less than 90 days. suggested on Wednesday that the federal law could be tweaked to require controversial REAL ID identification cards.are the hammer in the government's efforts to make recalictrant states comply with the government's rules for standardizing driver's licenses. 2008 | 4:47:12 <> Member # 7 A top homeland security policy maker suggests that the recently released mandates for a defacto national I. card could help stop meth labs.f=44. http://www.t=000016. but from a health standpoint it would be a nightmare.D. The Cato Institutes's Jim Harper interprets Baker's statement to mean a REAL ID would be necessary for any prescription. if the government required that pharmacy's demand that cold medicine buyers show their REAL ID. but certainly the F in FDA stands for Federal.John Longenecker .D. sign a log sheet and are limited in the amount they can purchase. if what the irascible Baker suggests actually comes to pass. are intended to make it harder for meth labs to get pseudo-ephedrine to cook into full-blown methamphetamines. Stewart Baker. They were made law in the 2006 re-authorization of the Patriot Act.awrm. Federal rules -. through the Department of Homeland Security. the provisions of The Real ID Act of 2005 (Public Law 109-13. no antibiotics. I don't see that in the report on Baker's remark. <> Member # 7 Even though no one on Capitol Hill is talking about it.pushed heavily by California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein. to a pharmacy clerk. How many dead Americans are these rules going to be worth? Many states have balked at the expensive REAL ID proposal and have said they won't No REAL ID. the assistant director for policy at Homeland Security and a longtime needler of privacy groups. who not only can't get where they are going with enduring painfully long lines.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . will require the federalization of State-issued driver's licenses by May 11. we can ask the denizens of the industry why they don’t take their own Chip and more. The rules -. 119 Stat 392). expect that Hartsfield-Atlanta airport will be filled with angry travelers. unless it is stopped.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. according to News. The sick ones among them won't even get to stop their sniffles.'s to board planes come May. © 2007 . no birth control. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW to carry a "National ID" card. 2011. Watch In Part III. Homeland Security is already set to test those state's resolve and is threatening to not let any citizen of those states to use their state-issued I.php?ubb=get_topic. Currently individuals who want to buy over-the-counter decongestants containing pseudoephedrine have to show I. The feds probably could do this. [ as those requiring identification to enter federal buildings or to board a plane without being patted down -.All Rights Reserved Posts: 11425 | From: A 059 Btn 16 FF MSC | Registered: Oct 2001 | ConSigCor Administrator posted 01-23-2008 05:04 PM DHS Suggests a REAL ID Could be Necessary for Medicine By Ryan Singel January 16.D. either.

php?ubb=get_topic. The act prescribes 18 SEPARATE SECURITY CONTROLS that States are now required to use when issuing driver's licenses.t=000016. disguised as a uniform drivers' license. cards or National Drivers' license. No big deal. 3.D.D. You may be wondering how in the world we could have allowed this to happen. tell Congress that since the creation of a uniform. Please help us fight this usurpation of YOUR privacy rights---and CHALLENGE an unlawful demand on the States. this is something the Obama administration would like to keep quiet. THE CLOCK IS TICKING.. federal drivers' license/ID card exceeds the financial limits established by the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995 (Pubic Law 104-4. 2005.. But the liberties we will give up in order to accept this government control and intrusion on our privacy are monumental.A Well Regulated Militia: National I.awrm. WE NEED TO TAKE A STAND---WHILE WE CAN. you will need it to drive your car. You will need it to buy a plane ticket. We "allowed it" to happen because we were more concerned about terrorists than civil liberties.f=44. If this battle is not waged---and won---by May 11. Before a REAL ID can be issued. Further. George Orwell's "1984" has finally arrived---27 years late.. And.S. will be biometric. making the data points identical on all cards. OUR PERSONAL FREEDOMS must be preserved. Constitution says. Each card will store up to a gigabyte of personal data about the card holder AND will contain a GPS tracking chip---so that means the government will know where you are at all times. Tell Congress that the Real ID Act goes beyond Constitutional limits. believe it or not. The new cards. We have made it easy for you to FAX every Member of the birth dates. You will need it to enter a federal building. and because it will be your drivers' license as well. the American people will be carrying a federal ID card that will double as a State-issued drivers' license. Watch This is the type of card the Nazi's and the communists in the Soviet Union made people carry. http://www.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . and that the American people will not be subjected to what amounts to an internal passport. 4. No one is talking about this.S. You will need it to vote. the applicant must provide the following documentation: 1. or a non-photo ID that includes his or her full legal name and birth date Documentation of birth date (i. Did you ever think you would experience invasive. yes. you will need it if you are stopped while jogging in the park or sitting on your front porch. 2011. Congress passed the Real ID Act on May 11. AND WE HAVE TO STOP HIM. proof of citizenship and immigration status. Barack Obama's America is quickly becoming Nazi Germany. creating a mandatory national standard for Stateissued drivers' licenses. and certainly. your birth certificate) Documentation of legal status and Social Security number Third party documentation showing name and place of residence. Congress to tell them to STOP any form of National I. Oh. Just click on this link. A photo ID. SO WE HAVE TO CARE. 2 USC 1501).. this law cannot be implemented because the cost exceeds the limits the federal government can impose on the States. if you're trying to keep terrorists out of the country. addresses. Big Brother tactics in which uniformed officers ask: "Let me see your papers?" We know Barack Obama doesn't care what the U.. REAL ID requires State driver's license authorities to use more stringent measures to verify Social Security numbers.e. 2.

federal drivers' license/ID card exceeds the financial limits established by the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995 (Pubic Law 104-4.S. In addition to some First Amendment concerns. The test lasted one year. So you see. "Real ID" will go into effect. You will have to carry your card to vote. not the laws of the federal government. deserve neither liberty nor safety.D. Please help us fight this usurpation of YOUR privacy rights---and CHALLENGE an unlawful demand on the States. Please help us fight this usurpation of YOUR privacy rights---and CHALLENGE an unlawful demand on the States. because if you are stopped in any State for speeding. cards or National Drivers' license. Watch As Benjamin Franklin warned. "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety. when they play. 2 USC 1501). and where they sleep. cards or National Drivers' license. or walking up to the corner to catch a taxi. Click this link to FAX Congress and tell them to STOP any form of National I. and that the American people will not be subjected to what amounts to an internal passport. A federal drivers' license violates the Tenth Amendment with respect to State power.D. making the State subservient to the federal government. You will have to carry your card to buy a plane ticket.D. tell Congress that since the creation of a uniform. the federal government already has the ability to track the whereabouts of its human capital while they work. Further. http://www. sitting on your front porch. this law cannot be implemented because the cost exceeds the limits the federal government can impose on the States. THOSE OF US WHO RESPECT OUR CONSTITUTION AND HOLD OUR PRIVACY IN HIGH ESTEEM MUST ACT NOW TO STOP THIS INTRUSION. Please make sure every Member of Congress hears from you. 2011. You will have to carry your card to enter a federal building. In 1998 the Clinton Administration tested a privately-funded card without the consent of Congress. OUR PERSONAL FREEDOMS must be preserved. Tell Congress that the Real ID Act goes beyond Constitutional limits. because driver's license. program is designed to keep us safer? It's all part of Obama's regime of control and government centralization.php?ubb=get_topic. the REAL ID Act violates the Tenth Amendment to the U. That means the presumptions of "unreasonable search" are void. the police in that State can "read" the database assigned to your card and virtually "share your information" over the Internet with any other government agency in any state. Click this link to FAX Congress and tell them to STOP any form of National I. Constitution. Their card was part of a special healthcare program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. as such. If this battle is not waged---and won---by May 11. The program was initiated in five western States and entailed giving women with dependent children free healthcare in the pilot project that actually tested the effectiveness of the biometric cards. should come under State purview. whether you are driving or not---you will need it whether you are playing tennis.D. You will have to keep your "national driver's license" on your person at all times. 7 days a week by GPS. It was deemed to be a success. And this information will be available to law enforcement officials in all other States.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . MAY 11 IS FAST APPROACHING. which electronically monitored the whereabouts of the cardholder 24 hours a day. Personal data about you has already been taken and it has been stored in a dossier about you." Who among us really believes that this National I.t=000016.f=44. OUR PERSONAL FREEDOMS must be preserved! Most states are already compliant well before the deadline. and obliterates the states' dual sovereignty with the federal

but null and void in virtually the entire country (Florida. WI. The alternative is for the bill to be written and the political log-rolling to be done entirely behind the scenes. scroll down…) would add the following language to the FY 2011 spending bill: None of the funds made available by this Act may be used by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for the implementation of the REAL ID Act of 2005 (Public Law 109-13). our deplorable national ID law. REAL ID is REAL intrusive! We must make sure this doesn't happen in America. Understand become de facto national ID cards. Congress follows suit Written by: Michael Boldin Here’s news of yet another nail in the coffin of Real ID. 2011.A Well Regulated Militia: National I.php?ubb=get_topic. just as Social Security Cards were never supposed to be used for ID purposes. never overturned in federal court. which is why people who don't drive will still need to carry one. and make sure a National I. ************************************************** Real ID: Dead in the States.f=44. Please send your faxes now. and currently resides in Los Angeles. This is an outright act of control on the part of the Obama administration.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . and ultimately REAL ID should be repealed once and for all. Real ID drivers' license will. Sincerely. only one of the many agenda items they are implementing in order to have power over every American citizen. No future money should go to the national ID boondoggle. Ultimately. We must speak up. CA. card NEVER becomes reality in the United States of America. The debate may include an amendment to strip funding from the REAL ID Act. Michael Boldin [send him email] is the founder of the Tenth Amendment Center. Tony Adkins Conservative Action Alerts P.D.t=000016. He was raised in Milwaukee. quickly. As I wrote here before. very quickly. Amendment #277 (find it on this page. money spent on REAL ID is waste. Watch We must do everything that we can to invalidate this Act by May 11. Open debate of the bill and amendments requires at least some level of discussion about various projects and programs rather than spending decisions being based solely on raw political power.D. including deficit reduction. That money should be put to better uses. And it gives the public some chance to have a say.awrm. why don’t you join the rest!) From Cato-at-Liberty. Still on the books in Congress. The government has attempted to implement this since the Reagan era. The REAL ID Act implementation will make it much easier for the federal government to track every American---which is its purpose under the REAL ID Act. S. it appears that Congress might actually defund the whole mess and make it pretty much official: It’s a good thing for Congress to have an open debate on the bill that would fund the government from March 4th through the September 30 end of the 2011 fiscal year.

who will then have to verify their identity and eligibility to hold a job in the US by running the information through the newly-created federal E-Verify database. should this bill pass. there is nothing stopping the use of E-Verify for purposes unrelated to work verification. Under this system. step toward creating an authoritarian surveillance state.” forcing many to lose job opportunities while challenging government computer inaccuracies. http://www. it seems every day we learn of another assault on our privacy. many Americans will be denied the opportunity for work. and these expanded uses could be authorized by agency rule-making or executive order. The database will contain photographs taken from passport files and state driver’s licenses. 2013 From massive NSA spying. Buried in the immigration bill is a national identification system called mandatory E-Verify. Before they can legally begin a job.f=44. at a time when they are struggling with Obamacare implementation and other regulations.php?ubb=get_topic. According to David Bier of Competitive Enterprise Institute. American citizens will have to show the card to their prospective if little-noticed. Regardless of one’s views on immigration. It also gives the bureaucracy broad authority to determine what features the “tamper proof” card should contain.t=000016. to IRS targeting of the administration’s political opponents.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . E-Verify will also impose additional compliance costs on American businesses. You’ll Love E-Verify <> Member # 7 Ron Paul Infowars. the idea that we should have to ask permission from the federal government before taking a job ought to be offensive to all Americans. Watch that if people become aware of a particular issue. this week the Senate took another significant. This is how the game is played. as it will impact nearly every American’s privacy and liberty. TPTB delay it. Sadly. [ 02-26-2011. then no one listens to the person exposing it. the day may come when you are not be able to board an airplane or exercise your second amendment rights without being run through the E-Verify database. out to be liars. The law gives federal bureaucrats broad discretion in adding other “biometric” identifiers to the database.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. TPTB pull it again. It is a tragedy that mandatory E-Verify is not receiving more attention. TPTB love to play chess. and what little discussion took place was mostly bipartisan praise for its effectiveness as a tool for preventing illegal immigrants from obtaining employment. It's partly to blame for the inaction of us Americans. It is not outside the realm of possibility that the personal health care information that will soon be collected by the IRS and shared with other federal agencies as part of Obamacare will also be linked to the E-Verify system.D.awrm. The E-Verify database will falsely identify thousands as “ July 1. Eventually they will find a crisis that is serious enough to allow them to implement it. The mandatory E-Verify system requires Americans to carry a “tamper-proof” social security card. Later. So it is not inconceivable that. now they get their way. and has been for quite some time. 07:06 PM: Message edited by: ConSigCor ] Posts: 11425 | From: A 059 Btn 16 FF MSC | Registered: Oct 2001 | ConSigCor Administrator posted 07-01-2013 03:08 PM If You Like The Surveillance State. The Senate did not spend much time discussing E-Verify. This makes people that exposed it. to collection and sharing of our health care information as part of Obamacare.

In either event. and the pursuit of those who threaten them. demonstrates the dangers of trusting government with this type of power. Jackson. Instead. -------------------"The time for war has not yet come. but even in those circumstances. Watch Those who dismiss these concerns as paranoid should consider that the same charges were leveled at those who warned that the PATRIOT Act could lead to the government collecting our phone records and spying on our Internet usage. Senior Member Member # 1119 I used to use military ID for everything I could since it was technically a federal ID. my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard. it supersedes any other ID. Only cash and coin of the realm even says "legal tender for all debts public and private". 04:54 PM: Message edited by: Breacher ] -------------------Life liberty. [ 07-01-2013. anything official has to accept it as your ID because as a federal ID.php?ubb=get_topic. if you "lost" your regular passport but still have your passport card. use cash. Creation of a federal database with photos and possibly other “biometric” information about American citizens is a great leap forward for the surveillance state. About the only think it will not work is certain kinds of checkpoints at airports and seaports for traveling between countries which don't border the[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . Posts: 4522 | From: Oregon | Registered: Sep 2002 | ConSigCor Administrator posted 07-01-2013 06:04 PM The key point. The recent revelations of the extent of National Security Agency (NSA) spying on Americans. make a fuss when people don't accept it or won't pay it. yet by law. it gives up very little information about the individual compared to what is on a driver's license. then the passport card is one document that can easily get you a replacement without having to dig up your birth certificate and social security card and send them in for verification. but it will come and that soon.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. Credit cards don't and all it takes is a couple of phone calls for someone to screw that up in a hurry. it will eventually be used as another tool to monitor and control the American people. but now there is an even better ID.J. the national ID/mandatory EVerify database will not only be used to prevent illegal immigrants from gaining employment. Former Congressman Ron Paul’s article first appeared at the-free-foundation. The US Passport card is a legal verified ID. demand cash. the worst they can do is delay our re-entry into the US." Gen. and by law. actually kind of tricky to get since it involves all of the steps of getting a passport.f=44.t=000016. March 1861 Posts: 11425 | From: A 059 Btn 16 FF MSC | Registered: Oct 2001 | Breacher posted 07-01-2013 04:52 PM Use cash. Just as the PATRIOT Act was only supposed to be used against terrorists but is now used to bypass constitutional protections in matters having noting to do with terrorism or national security. but it gives up even less of your personal information than a military ID or any of the state issued IDs. and if were to actually lose the passport or a drivers T. plus recent stories of IRS targeting Tea Party and similar groups for special scrutiny. All Americans who still care about limited government and individual liberty should strongly oppose E-Verify.D. and when it does come. http://www. the temporary home for his weekly column until his personal web page is up and running.

awrm. Posts: 4522 | From: Oregon | Registered: Sep 2002 | noname762 Senior Member Member # 4308 posted 08-23-2013 12:24 AM I have always preferred cash. -------------------Old People Know Stuff JOHN 3:16 Organic Grub Tastes Better MOLON LABE Posts: 486 | From: Somewhere Nipply | Registered: Jul 2009 | ConSigCor Administrator posted 02-15-2015 07:10 AM TSA Demands Internal Passport for Domestic Travel By: Wendy McElroy | Tuesday. they include Nazi Germany." State driver's licenses will no longer allow Americans access to domestic flights. American citizens will have to show the card to their prospective employer. February 10.J. T. * money talks and BS walks * has sealed the deal countless times throughout history. Jackson.D. Watch quote: <> Member # 7 The mandatory E-Verify system requires Americans to carry a “tamperproof” social security card.php?ubb=get_topic. my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard. Real ID will constitute an internal passport. but it will come and that soon. 2015 <> Member # 7 Precedents exist for requiring citizens to produce special ID for domestic travel. Senior Member Member # 1119 -------------------Life liberty. -------------------"The time for war has not yet come. Before they can legally begin a job. apartheid South Africa and Russia (both Imperial and Soviet). Over the Christmas season. the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) quietly announced that America was walking down that path. all domestic air travel will require either a traditional passport or a federally-compliant ID card called "Real ID. The ages old statement. March 1861 Posts: 11425 | From: A 059 Btn 16 FF MSC | Registered: Oct 2001 | Breacher posted 07-01-2013 09:17 PM Real patriot movement people need to focus on cash income sources anyway.t=000016. as they do now. Besides it is NOT necessary to go to a bank or credit union to exchange cash for cash as one has to do when trying to change a check into cash. (The drop-date date is commonly reported as http://www. By 2016. who will then have to verify their identity and eligibility to hold a job in the US by running the information through the newly-created federal E-Verify database.A Well Regulated Militia: National The really neat thing about cash is that it is PRIVATE and PUBLIC all at the same time. and a volunteer contribution system to replace (for us) what would otherwise be the tax system. and the pursuit of those who threaten them.f=44.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] ." Gen. and when it does come.

with airports.f=44.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. Border Patrol agents routinely ignore or misunderstand the limits of their legal authority in the course of individual stops.. Real ID Walks In Through A Back Door Under the Real ID Act of 2005. Then.awrm. and to segregate categories of people (like Jews) for political purposes. long before.. (RFID chips were not mandated but the Act left the future possibility open. those tactics spread to train stations and subways.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . But the law also provided the DHS with the authority to require Real ID for other undefined purposes.S. And it is not likely to be limited to air travel. But that's how it begins . to intimidate and command obedience. In the past. perhaps. To be compliant. a full legal name.. resulting in violations of the constitutional rights of innocent people. Examples of explicitly defined "purposes" include for entry into federal buildings and for boarding commercial air flights.. gender. the state IDs must incorporate specific personal details about each bearer and link that information to a unique identifying number. The IDs were to be used for "official purposes" as were defined by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).t=000016. although the 100-mile border zone is not literally 'Constitution free'." USA 100-Mile Border Zone Recently. Real ID will be reality in the US by the end of the decade and." including coasts.php?ubb=get_topic. as well as from states' rights ones. Then highway check-points were established in areas that lay within 100 miles from an "external boundary. birth date. Customs and Border Protection agents now have the authority to stop a traveller if they have "reasonable suspicion" of an immigration violation or other crime. Thus. governments have used internal passports to isolate 'undesirables'. which serves other functions as well.the consistent failure of CBP to hold agents accountable for abuse. to reap personal data. they often do so.) The issuing state must verify the information and encode it in a machine readable manner such as bar codes. After people became numb to years of ID demands. apparently at its discretion. U. The minimum information required consists of a front-facing photo that is compatible with facial recognition technology. to regulate economic opportunities. It allows a government to monitor the movement of its own people and to control that movement by granting or denying ID. questioning and searches at airports. The ACLU has repeatedly cautioned that "[i]n practice. The upcoming Real ID requirement targets only air travel. They detain and threaten those who refuse the illegal demand: The total control of movement always begins with airports. state driver's licenses and other ID needed to conform to federal The Real ID Act experienced a huge backlash from privacy and fourth amendment advocates. and main address. The states themselves rebelled because the federal http://www. It allows a government to bind anyone it chooses to his or her place of birth. with agents demanding to see ID.These problems are compounded by. Watch January. government frequently acts like it is.. highway checkpoints have occurred well outside the 100-mile "exemption" range. The latter is a national facial recognition system.S.D. the U. The networking would permit an easy data-merge with federal databases such as the FBI's Next Generation Identification system.) An internal passport refers to an identity document that people must produce to move from place to place within national borders. the data must be linked to every other state's motor vehicle databases. signature. Although the agents do not currently have authority to demand ID from American citizens.

A Well Regulated Militia: National I.f=44. And a delay may happen.D. Those who are unable to document such niceties as their existence (that is. such as what transpired in 2008 when the homeland security director threatened to prevent Montanans from boarding an airplane unless we complied with the REAL ID act. The verification process is not a simple one for the state or for the individual.flatly refused to comply. "[M]any drivers in Georgia were surprised when they attempted to renew their driver's licenses. that is its purpose. proof of identity. now require drivers to visit a Department of Driver Services office if they don't already have DDS secure license marked by a white star in a field of gold in the upper right corner of the license.S. Watch government hoisted the cost of implementing the program onto their shoulders. and Maine . The Marietta Daily Journal (Oct. and will refuse again. Real ID will make it much more difficult for freedom-loving people to avoid the federal behemoth. birth certificate/amended birth certificate filed with the State Office of Vital Statistics. But there is more. Of course.for logistical reasons. many individuals will not make TSA's January 2016 deadline for Real ID. What To Expect Many states and. Birth certificates issued by hospitals 'are not acceptable'. We refused. Federal requirements for the Real ID Act. which may be necessary for them to obtain government permissions or fulfil legal requirements.. But the main hope of delaying Real ID is a confrontation between the federal and state governments. In 2012.t=000016. these lack a white star and are stamped "Not for Federal Official Use" instead." Brave words. Id Checkpoint in Rutherford county TN http://youtu. When it arrives with both feet. they were caught by surprise when they had to produce. New Hampshire. "Many Georgians haven't renewed their licenses in many years. either with a 'valid. nor bear the exorbitant cost [of] building such a database. You have to prove your citizenship as well. How? According to the DDS. Some states . "Not for Federal Official Use" holders will need a traditional passport or to apply for alternate DHS documentation if they wish to fly. so. Hawaii. unexpired U. Social Security card and proof of residence. FATCA and related global measures gave the feds access to every cent that any American possessed in the "Montana will not agree to share its citizens' personal and private information through a national database. But Real ID is coming.2012) reported.for [ 02-15-2015. an original or certified copy of a U. Idaho.." This is nothing less than the federalization and standardization of all identifying documents throughout the United States. Montana is in no mood at all for another heavy-handed play by the federal government. those who wish to escape a nation with internal passports may have another year to do so. the governor of Montana declared. What was a quick point and click online is no longer. They will be unable to fly and excluded from entering into federal buildings. If it does. This means the states have to scramble to abide by federal standards by 2016. Furthermore. DHS estimates that somewhere between 20-30% of Americans live in non-compliant areas. 23. and would interfere with our state's work to improve drivers' license security. Some hope the humanitarian TSA will push back the deadline as it did last year. The Real ID will have a white star inside a gold circle in the upper right corner to indicate that the data has been verified. so naturally. in person.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . their birth) will become second class citizens. 07:27 AM: Message edited by: ConSigCor ] -------------------http://www.awrm.S. passport'. Now Real ID wants to ensure that no American can avoid federal detection within domestic borders.php?ubb=get_topic. the Act tramples on our state's right to determine our own licensing procedures and protocols. Joining the ranks of the secondclass will be the holders non-compliant licenses.

For those of us that have run our mouths (me included).But they are pushing through the last obstacle this year. Resist or comply its up to you. And we all must fully understand that in a real WAR Morality is a Weakness especially when fighting an Immoral Member # 2659 Leo Senior Member Member # 4428 Posts: 2748 | From: D 057 Btn 47 FF | Registered: Feb 2005 | posted 02-15-2015 08:45 AM If we the citizenry comply in anyway with this.J. We must fight for our freedom or die as slaves to this tyranny. Resist or comply its up to you. Endure to win! Posts: 950 | From: A 127 Btn 10 FF | Registered: Aug 2009 | Lord Vader Senior Member Member # 168 posted 02-15-2015 09:39 AM quote: Leo If we the citizenry comply in anyway with this. -------------------VINCE AUT MORIRE (Conquer or Die) Posts: 3145 | From: Trapped in Rhode Island | Registered: Oct 2001 | Leo Senior Member Member # 4428 posted 02-15-2015 10:06 AM Your are straying off course with my comment. Jackson.A Well Regulated Militia: National I. Your comments suggest that you are not what you say you are. I hope they fail again. STFU! I agree with you 100% every one who gives in to this violation of our rights is an ass kissing coward and is NO Patriot and also does not deserve the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. We deserve to loose our freedoms! I am not going to mince my words or actions with anyone. We would loose public support with such sloppy I do not support collateral damage. Watch "The time for war has not yet come. but it will come and that soon. We must fight for our freedom or die as slaves to this tyranny. my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard..awrm..php?ubb=get_topic. -------------------http://youtu. For those of us that have run our mouths (me included). March 1861 Posts: 11425 | From: A 059 Btn 16 FF MSC | Registered: Oct 2001 | The Greywolf NCO Contributor posted 02-15-2015 08:06 AM New Mexico is not real ID compliant yet.p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] . We deserve to loose our freedoms! I am not going to mince my words or actions with anyone.. Your comments come across as though you want to bait people into saying http://www. If you don't. If you don't. and when it does come.f=44. T. Any one deserving of the Title Patriot would do any thing and every thing needed to fight against this and I Do Mean Every Thing regardless of who or what gets hurt or damaged and regardless of any Moral Considerations and to Hell with Collateral Damage." Gen. STFU! -------------------Fight the fight.t=000016.D. It is time to stand our ground and deliver on our verbiage. It is time to stand our ground and deliver on our verbiage.

Watch stupid and entrapping comments to be used against them. As red dog would say this comes across as fed bait -------------------Don't waste my time. That is what I agreed with and stated regarding your post. Or us.. I do not support collateral damage. And lot of people harassed and a lot of people fired from their jobs. -------------------Don't waste my last time we had an indepth argument on infrastructure Rick Stanley got a lot of people investigated. -------------------VINCE AUT MORIRE (Conquer or Die) Posts: 3145 | From: Trapped in Rhode Island | Registered: Oct 2001 | http://www.awrm.A Well Regulated Militia: National I.php?ubb=get_topic.f=44.. MY THOUGHTS NOT YOUR THOUGHTS Do you now now understand that I did not mean to infer that you believed the same as I do on my use of Collateral Damage or any of my other thoughts. I agree with you 100% every one who gives in to this violation of our rights is an ass kissing coward and is NO Patriot and also does not deserve the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. And check your shot groups.t=000016. Why is this?! -------------------Fight the fight. And to that I added some of my thoughts on this issue. collateral damage did not work for Che. morals are beacons for your supporting populace. Endure to win! Posts: 950 | From: A 127 Btn 10 FF | Registered: Aug 2009 | Sapper1 Senior Member Member # 861 posted 02-15-2015 10:07 AM Vader when you lose your morality you lose you support base..D. Endure to win! Posts: 950 | From: A 127 Btn 10 FF | Registered: Aug 2009 | Sapper1 Senior Member Member # 861 posted 02-15-2015 10:11 AM Vader fix your flight pattern.. BTDT Verified Posts: 1732 | From: 27thBn\48thFF(irregulars) | Registered: May 2002 | Lord Vader Senior Member Member # 168 posted 02-15-2015 11:03 AM quote: Leo Your are straying off course with my comment. BTDT Verified Posts: 1732 | From: 27thBn\48thFF(irregulars) | Registered: May 2002 | Leo Senior Member Member # 4428 posted 02-15-2015 10:09 AM Your comments do not pass the stink test for me! -------------------Fight the fight..p=1#000027[2/15/2015 3:17:45 PM] .

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