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Post Schedule

 Apr. 5th – (Sun.) – Children’s Easter Egg Hunt – 1:00 p.m.
 Apr. 8th -- (Wed.) – Post House Committee Meeting – 6:30 p.m.

Post meeting 7:00 p.m.
May 30th (Sat) – AMVETS Breakfast – 8:00 a.m.-Noon - $10.00

Surgeon General
Are you eligible for health care? Now the VA does not
require that you qualify with your income and assets like
before. This new policy eliminates the net worth as a
determining factor for eligibility of VA health programs
and co-payment responsibilities. This change makes VA
health care benefits more accessible to lower-income;
non-service-connected Veterans will less out-of- pocket
costs. "Over a 5-year period, it is estimated that 190,000
Veterans will become eligible for reduced costs of their
health care services. According to the VA, in March 2014,
the VA eliminated the annual requirement for updated
financial information. VA now uses information from the
Internal Revenue Service and Social Security
Administration to automatically match individual Veterans’
income information which reduces the burden on
Veterans to keep their healthcare eligibility up to date.
That change better aligned VA’s health care financial
assessment program with other federal health care
organizations. Veterans may submit updated income
information at, or by visiting
their nearby VA health care facility." For more
information, visit or call VA
toll-free at 1-877-222-VETS (8387).
Renee ' T. MacDonald, S urgeon General, VFW Post 8762

Service Officer Report
Since my last report, I have had two requests for
form 1010EZ (medical benefits) and one inquiry about inhome assistance such as my neighbor John is receiving.
The in-home care is a bit out of my jurisdiction, so I refer
these to the proper County V.S.O. I still hold office hours
at the post every Saturday from noon to four and assist
selected vets with transportation to the two local V.A.
John Cox, Service officer

Post History Number 6
One of the members heard a rumor that 4 Slot
Machines had been located and needed a home. The
Board, with approval of the members, decided to liberate
these machines. They were hauled to the Post and
overhauled by George Newhall who found a manual on
how to set the machines. He set them fairly liberally.
They were placed in the bar area and made the Post lots
of money which was put in the Building Post Fund. This
Fund grew into a large number and allowed more
renovation to the Hall, bar and kitchen. The machines
lasted for over a year until one of the ladies objected to
the $$ her husband was spending and reluctantly they
were put out of sight. However, on 'special' occasions
they were rescued and put back in place. Then word got
out to the Police that our Post had 4 machines. Members
had their ear to the ground and found out when the Police
were going to impound our fountain of dough. So before
their 'raid' the machines mysteriously disappeared.
George Newhall came up with the idea to hide them
under the stage. George confided later that they may still
be under the stage because he did not know who may
have removed them. Meantime, the Ladies Auxiliary was
formed and had to meet on a different day than the Post.
That is when the addition of the 'little' hall was first
considered. This took a lot of planning and research but
with the money from the Post Building Fund it was
financially feasible. Next, how this addition to the Main
Post Hall became a reality.
John Combs, Post Historian
It is with great sadness that I say this will be the last
article from John Combs, he passed away last month and
he will be greatly missed. “Rest in Peace my friend”.

Our Post has lost three more members this last month with
the passing of Leonard Capps on March 1, 2015, Bill Kuynik on
March 7, 2015 and John Combs on March 8, 2015. Our
deepest sympathy goes out to their families and friends. All
were active, life members and will be missed.
Kathy Perrigo is at the Citrus Heights Eskaton and her
health has improved which was good to hear. Betty Alee has
recovered and is home after a couple of stays at the hospital.
All good news. Beverly Catchpole is recovering from a long
illness – our wish is continued good and better health to all.
Jean Jones, Chaplin – 6916-371-6135

Veterans and Family Support:
It has been a busy month. We have assisted and
provided the food for five Celebrations of Life memorials plus
all the commitments we had made. Thanks to Sandy King,
Edi Clonce, Kathy Linaris and Alfonso, Betty Schmidt and
Sue McMillan and to whoever else I could con into working.
We, also, put on a Crab Feed, overseen by Edi Clonce. She
sold tickets to 242 people and they all showed up and
enjoyed the food and entertainment. Each year Edi does a
wonderful job on this function. Our Monday night diner crew
put on a Corned Beef ‘N’ Cabbage dinner with 162 people
attending. That crew worked doubly hard to keep up with
that many people. Thanks to Joanne Boswell, Mino, Marcia
Rogers, Jill Ericson, Jack Clara and special thanks to Lou
Pope for the cabbage and Lena Brigner for her help. We are
blessed to have so many different people that come forward
to help us in our many causes. Thanks to All!
We are collecting a variety of items and clothing for the
upcoming Stand-Down as well as scarves and neckties to
sell at the June convention. The proceeds from the scarves
and neckties go to our Auxiliary Cancer Fund. This fund
supplies grants for any member suffering with cancer. Call
Sue McMillan, (916) 371-0990 for further details and proper
We always have year pins and American Flags available.
Another important issue is gathering more funds that we can
secure a parking lot. If anyone has any good ideas please
Thanks very much, Jean Jones

The Easter Bunny will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on
April 5, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. We need eggs (plastic or boiled dyed
eggs) to hide for the children – ALL CHILDREN ARE INVITED.
Wonderful prizes and food.
We are still serving dinner on every Monday night dinners as
well as one on the first Thursday of each month.
Monday, March 30 - Spaghetti
Thursday, April 2 – Baked Ham and Scalped Potatoes
Monday, April 6 – Baked BBQ Chicken
Monday, April 13 – French Dip
Monday, April 20 – Country Fried Steak
Monday, April 27 – Bacon and Lettuce Sandwiches and
Homemade Ham and Beans
Monday, May 4 – Cinco De Mayo Dinner – Prepared:
by K Boswell and D Demars.
Love you, Jean Jones


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April Fools’ Day
Good Friday Passover Begins
Easter Sunday
Army Day
National Former POW
Recognition Day
Persian Gulf War Official Cease
Firre (1991)
Orthodox Easter
Income Tax Day
Administrative Profesionals Day
Earth Day
Arbor Day

Scheduled Events:
 Apr. 5th – (Sun) – Easter Egg Hunt – 100 p.m.
 Apr. 8th – (Wed.) – Auxiliary Meeting - 6:00 p.m.