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Guidelines to the Motivation Letter


As this education is geared towards innovation, those applicants will be given priority who can convince the committee
not only about their academic excellence but also about their entrepreneurial excellence and/or innovation potential.
In other words, you need to convince the committee of your talent and creativity which are needed for you to turn your
innovative research ideas and results into valuable products (services) on the market.
Ideally, your motivation letter consists of three main parts: the heading, the motivation letter and your entrepreneurial
(business) idea.
Specifies the addressee (University Admissions in Sweden) and its address, and gives the applicants name, university,
and location.
Motivation Letter
Explains your motivations for applying for one of the EIT ICT Labs Master Programs.
1. purpose of the letter: to apply for a Master Program (state the specific Program you are applying for);
2. academic excellence: academic results which show that you are professionally very good (e.g. former studies, work
experience, research projects, tasks, competitions, etc.);
3. entrepreneurial (business) idea: the service or product you would like to launch on the markets (briefly state what the
idea is and whose benefits it serves, how it has emerged, what is new about it, how it should be introduced on the
4. connections to the Master Programme: state how your professional interests and business idea fit in with the Master
Program you are applying for (explain in what ways the Master Program will help you reach your goals);
5. mobility: outline and justify your study track (state what universities you prefer as entry and exit points and why), and
mention what study or work experience you have abroad, if any.
Your entrepreneurial (business) idea
Elaborates on the entrepreneurial (business) idea that has been briefly outlined in the motivation letter (see above).
Ideally, it has 6 subheadings.

motivations for the product: explain how the idea has emerged
the entrepreneurial idea: state what it is and what its main features are
innovation: declare what is new and innovative about it
experiences and results: explain at what phase of research&development the idea is (e.g. state if it been
used/tested already and what results you have had)
5. business plan: outline how it may be introduced to the markets
6. development areas: specify what potentials it has for further development
Altogether, the letter is 3 pages long: the motivation letter is 1 page and the entrepreneurial (business) idea is two pages