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Characteristics of Cultural and Ethnic Groups

An ethnic group is a group of people whose members identify with each other
through a common heritage, consisting of a common culture, including a
shared language or dialect.
The largest ethnic group in Mexico is the Mestizos who are of mixed Spanish
and Indian ancestry. The next largest group is the indigenous population who
largely retain their sense of distinct identity. The Mexican government
recognizes 56 different indigenous groups and these cultures who live in rural
isolated areas. These people are generally poor and their main wealth is
traditional and spiritual and their way of life filled with communal customs and
The largest indigenous group is the Nahua, descendants of the Aztecs. There
are at least 1.7 million Nahuatl speakers. There are approximately 1 million
Maya speakers, 500 000 Zapotecs, 500 000 Mixtecs, 260 000 Totonacs, and
130 000 Purepechas. The other 50 groups are very small and are spread out
throughout the Mexican territory.
The national and more spoken language in Mexico is Spanish. Other important
languages are the Maya and Nahuatl, as well as other regional indigenous
Religion plays a central role in Mexican culture and the overwhelming majority
of the population is Roman Catholic (89%). Old traditions still survive however.
In the traditional Indian world almost everything has a spiritual dimension —
animals, trees, rivers, wind, rain, sun, and hills have their own gods or spirits.
And these may be invoked in ancient ceremonies for their own purposes.
Witchcraft and magic also still survive.
A very small percentage of other religions are also practiced in Mexico
including Protestantism and Judaism.
You can consult more about culture and ethnic groups in Mexico at the
following website: http://www.questconnect. org/mexico_cc_ethnic.htm
You may consult more about culture and ethnic groups in the United States at
the following website: http://www.usa. gov/Citizen/Topics/History-Culture.shtml

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