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Civil Rights Decision

Roxabel Perez Garcia
July 22, 2014
John Carter


Civil Rights Decision

As Mayor of Tampa, Fl I will be focusing on a few issues concerning the Civil
Righs of the people. As the Civil Rights and Liberty includes protection from laws that
discriminates such factors as race, color, religion, sex, age, disability or national origin. As
Thomas Jefferson stated that All men are created equaland cannot be treated any different
As Mayor of Tampa, Fl I have encounter issues such as Construction and its
minorities, youth violence, HIV employees, Diversity in the workforce, Facilities for the disable,
sexual harassment, and retirement ages. Civil Rights decision has been made for all this issues
which I will be explaining further along this memo.
An outreach to minority owned firms of construction contractors will take effect, as well
for encouraging these companies to apply for contracts. This way all contractors will have a
chance to be contracted without there being any preference or violating their rights. Youth
violence since 2000 to 2005 gang violence has increased, which this has led of the death of a
gang member. This is our youth and future thats why I propose for Tampa, FL to have a curfew
set from 11:00pm to 5:00am with this attempt violence will minimize and keep our youth safe.
No men and woman should be denied of a job due to any type of illness such as HIV. Thats why
employers will have yearly education classes based on HIV for their employees. These classes
will keep staff informed of the virus and ways to prevent transmitting. Achieving a diverse
workplace would be to establish goals and timetables that will increase minority representation
in state government. Wheel-chair Friendly access for the disable in such as in buildings, facilities
and public areas where all can be treated equal. Sexual harassment in the workplace is


unacceptable any known incident will be taken care of such severity will result to a reprimand up
to termination. Sexual harassment will not just be physical touch, but any unwanted behavior
verbal or nonverbal. Lastly, retirement age which is known to be a factor for many due to the
importance of income but the government can establish mandatory retirement ages depending on
the type of occupation thats why all employees are informed of the retiring age once accepting a
As Mayor of Tampa, Fl these changes will be taken effect, my focus is the Civil Rights of
the people for all to be treated equal.