Eyes Wide Open With eyes wide open I stare blindly into a future I cannot see Desperately I search

for a rip in the fabric of time a porthole to the future I tear franticly at the veil that separates us from all that is to come I feel the moments of time swaying in the balance as second by second my future is birthed into life Terrified I fight aimlessly against the impenetrable void of time that holds me captive with it's secrets that will soon unfold unbidden into my life Helpless I flounder in an ocean of endless possibility I drown in a sea of mistrust of despair of pain and sorrow With baited breath I await a future that could crush me with every twist and turn Unyielding the future denies me access into its mysterious depths I cry out for mercy but the cruel hands of time ignore me as they continue relentlessly to turn dragging me into a future that fills me with dread Defeated I fall I surrender to the unknown I allow the waves of time to carry me away into the dark reaches of the unknown All control slips through my fingers I am but an infant in the hands of destiny Weak and without substance I drift away to a land unknown and unheard of a silent land that teeters in the balance of life and death Darkness descends upon my soul and for a time I am held in the tight grip of uncertainty I feel my soul sway in the balance but then my entire being explodes with light Miraculously I start to rise upwards into a place of warmth and safety Immediately I feel my troubles fall away from me my fears run freely from my soul as tears of relief flood my eyes and rain down upon a world that is blinded by it's own pride A gust of wind catches me and carries me home sunlight encases me with it's warmth and I welcome it's touch The future is still hidden from me A mystery waiting to unfold A moment waiting to be birthed into life but I am no longer afraid for how can I fear that which I do not know The future is only a second away from this very moment and it is for this moment that I now live The future will be as it intends to be but today is my prize

Today I will live I will love and learn and grow Tomorrow is but a promise a distant glow a new day waiting to be birthed into life a dream waiting to be fulfilled Today is all we really have this moment this second this breath this heartbeat this life until eternity claims us as its own and we are lost to this world forever

Carolann Dowsett

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