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Set sail for
Cuba’s secret
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Killer pilot ‘had
made plans to go
down in history’
Girlfriend was scared of his erratic behaviour
David Charter Montabaur

All clear Corporal Anna Cross, an army nurse, was declared free of ebola yesterday after
becoming the first person to receive an experimental Chinese drug for the disease. Page 3

The co-pilot who flew 149 people to
their deaths had long-planned a
spectacular and unforgettable
event, an ex-girlfriend claimed last
night, after it emerged he was able
to conceal a medical condition that
should have stopped him flying.
Andreas Lubitz, 27, who was at
the controls on Tuesday when the
Germanwings flight plunged into
the mountains, ripped up a sick
note signing him off from flying on
the day of the disaster, investigators
said yesterday.
The note was among a hoard of
medical papers detailing a serious
but unspecified condition and
treatment that were discovered in
the co-pilot’s Düsseldorf apartment by German prosecutors.
On Thursday Lufthansa, which
owns Germanwings, had claimed
that Lubitz was “100 per cent fit to
fly, without any limitations”.
But the history of the young copilot’s concealment of his illness
added weight to claims made by an
ex-girlfriend that he had plotted for

Ripped-up sick
notes were found
in Lubitz’s home

‘He knew how to hide
from other people
what was really
going on inside’
a long time to commit an act so heinous that his name would be remembered. When she heard about
the crash, she remembered that
Lubitz had told her last year: “One
day I will do something that will
change the whole system, and then
all will know my name and remember it.
“I never knew what he meant, but
now it makes sense,” she told the
newspaper Bild.
She portrayed Lubitz as a
tormented character and said that
she had left him because of his per-

MPs’ expenses ruse

Reporter is cleared

Father at jihad rally

Nigeria claims victory

Rate cut unlikely

Almost 50 MPs claimed
expenses for renting a flat or
staying in hotels in London
despite owning property in the
capital, at a cost of £1.3 million
in the past three years. Page 3

The use of a 13th century law
to pursue journalists was
questioned by the lord chief
justice as he quashed the
conviction of a former News
of the World reporter. Page 2

A father who blamed police
when his daughter was one of
three schoolgirls to run away
to Syria once joined a flagburning crowd alongside
convicted terrorists. Page 23

Nigeria’s armed forces claimed
to have captured and
destroyed Boko Haram’s
headquarters in the north of
the country on the eve of the
presidential election. Page 31

The governor of the Bank of
England and one of his
deputies said that interest
rates were likely to go upwards
first, after its chief economist
had mooted a cut. Page 61


sonal problems and erratic behaviour, which frightened her.
“At night, he woke up and
screamed, ‘We’re going down!’,
because he had nightmares. He
knew how to hide from other
people what was really going on
inside,” she said.
Documents found in Lubitz’s
apartment showed that he was
being treated by both a neurologist
and a psychiatrist for a long time,
Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported.
Prosecutors in Düsseldorf announced yesterday that they had
found medical papers that “indicate
an existing illness and appropriate
medical treatment”.
“Among other things, torn and
current sickness certificates were
found that included the day of the
offence,” the prosecutors said in a
statement. “[This] supports — as a
preliminary assessment — the
assumption that the deceased had
concealed his illness from his
employer and his professional
Düsseldorf’s university hospital
confirmed yesterday that Lubitz
Continued on page 5, col 1

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Since Diana the royals have
become our
pets, not our
Hugo Rifkind,
page 18


Pop art goes bang
— artists’ work
rises by millions
of pounds in
just a few years
Pages 14-15


Michael Burleigh
praises a concise
warning to the
West about
its faltering
Books, page 44


‘Little brothers’ aim
for revenge at
scene of
Word Cup
preview, page 88

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Judge casts doubt on use of
ancient law against reporters
Sean O’Neill Crime Editor

The use of a 13th century law to pursue
journalists through the courts was
questioned by the lord chief justice
yesterday as he quashed the conviction
of a journalist who worked for the News
of the World.
The reporter, who cannot be named
for legal reasons, had been the first
journalist to have been convicted by a
jury under Operation Elveden, the
four-year investigation by Scotland
Yard and the Crown Prosecution
Service (CPS) into payments by
newspapers for information.
Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd also
quashed the convictions of a prison
officer and his friend and ordered prosecutors to decide by Tuesday whether
they wanted a retrial.
The journalist was given a community work order, which has been
completed, and a suspended prison
sentence for conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office. The prison
officer and his friend were jailed for
related offences.
The judge, delivering a ruling in the
Court of Appeal, said that Judge
Charles Wide had misdirected the jury
at the trial of the three by not telling
them that the threshold for a conviction was high. Jurors had to be satisfied
that the defendants’ conduct was not
just a breach of duty but had done real
harm to the public interest.
Lord Thomas said: “This is without
doubt a difficult area of the criminal
law. An ancient common law offence is
being used in circumstances where it
has rarely before been applied.”
The CPS had failed to keep prosecution counsel and the trial judge abreast
of latest developments in case law on
Lord Thomas added: “The judge was
entitled to far more help by the prosecution than he was given.”
The ruling is another blow to Operation Elveden just a week after a jury
cleared four Sun journalists, a former

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Jurors behaving badly
The Court of Appeal’s Elveden
judgment allowed a rare glimpse
inside an Old Bailey jury room (Sean
O’Neill writes).
One juror wrote a note to the trial
judge stating: “The discussions
within the jury room have become
aggressive and the atmosphere is
horrible. I went to speak and two
other jurors rolled their eyes and
stated, ‘Again’ .” Another juror told
them to stop being rude and voices
were raised.
“Additionally a particular
juror keeps insisting we go with a
majority vote, despite being told
otherwise repeatedly by several
jurors and our foreman. One juror
even got out a magazine and
proceeded to read this whilst others
were stating their points.”
The note said that only two
jurors were involved in the bad
behaviour, but it was “affecting the
ability of us all to voice our
opinions without fear of reprisal
from them”.
The judge reminded the jurors
about the need for a unanimous
decision and told them that
“discussion is not the same as
Another juror then sent a note
saying: “I am wasting oxygen!”
The judgment said that the judge
should have shown both notes to
counsel, although his failure to do
so had no bearing on the safety of
the convictions.

soldier and his wife of similar offences
at the Old Bailey.
The investigation, which began in
2011 and cost the public purse more
than £15 million, has been characterised by dawn raids, mass arrests, long
periods for suspects on police bail and a
poor conviction rate in the courts. The

quashing of the conviction of the
former News of the World reporter
means that of 20 journalists whose
cases have been completed only two
have been convicted. One of those,
another Sun journalist, has been
invited to lodge an appeal using the
same arguments put by the successful
Lord Thomas, sitting with Mr Justice
Cranston and Mr Justice William
Davis, said that jurors had to be directed to consider the context of the alleged
offending when considering their
verdicts. The ruling said that in a democratic society the media played an important role “in making information
available to the public when it is in the
public interest to do so”.
Public officials who provided “unauthorised information” to journalists
might be in breach of their duty to
employers or commanding officers and
could be subject to disciplinary
The judges said: “However, information is sometimes provided by such
persons in breach of that duty where
the provider of the information may
benefit the public interest rather than
harm it.”
They added: “The jury must judge
the misconduct by considering objectively whether the provision of the
information by the office holder in
deliberate breach of his duty had the
effect of harming the public interest.”
A spokesman for the CPS admitted
last night that it was using “an extremely difficult and rarely visited area of the
law” in its prosecution of reporters. It
said it was considering the judgment
“very carefully”.
The spokesman added: “The Court of
Appeal considered that the jury needed
greater direction on how serious the offending must be to amount to an abuse
of the public’s trust than was given in
this case and therefore could not be certain that the jury would have reached
the same verdict had that direction
been given.”

Police ‘covered up child sex Lawyer: secret
abuse by actors and priests’ terrorism trial
John Simpson


Saturday March 28 2015 | the times

Actors, priests, judges and entertainers
have been implicated in the latest allegations that Scotland Yard covered up
establishment child sex abuse, the
police watchdog has confirmed.
The Independent Police Complaints
Commission (IPCC) has begun three
more investigations into claims of
corruption in the Metropolitan Police’s
investigations into alleged paedophile
rings involving prominent figures
spanning 35 years.
The new investigations mean there
are now 17 inquiries into allegations
that senior officers “hindered or
halted” investigations and surveillance
operations, suppressed evidence and
ordered detectives to limit their inquiries when police officers, politicians or
famous people were implicated.
Details of 14 serious allegations were
revealed earlier this month by the
IPCC. The watchdog said that the first
of the fresh claims alleged that “a child
abuse investigation in central London
gathered evidence against MPs, judges,
media entertainers, police, actors,
clergy and others.
“The file was submitted to start
proceedings against those identified
and two months later an officer was


called in by a senior officer and told to
drop the case.”
The second new allegation regards
police actions during a child abuse investigation in the 1980s, and the third
was described as “a related allegation
about the same investigation”.
The allegations date from 1970 to
2005 and are believed to include claims
that establishment figures abused
children at the Dolphin Square apartment complex and the Elm guest house
in London and the activities of the pressure group known as the Paedophile
Information Exchange. No criminal
charges have yet been brought.
Announcing the investigation into
the original 14 allegations earlier this
month Sarah Green, the deputy chairwoman of the IPCC, said: “I would like
to reassure people of our absolute commitment to ensuring that the investigations are thorough and robust.”
Scotland Yard said it “recognised the
severity of the allegations, and the
importance of understanding whether
officers had in the past acted inappropriately”. An inquiry into historical
child sex abuse is expected to investigate allegations dating back to 1945.
Justice Lowell Goddard was named last
month as head of the inquiry, which is
expected to last at least three years.

misled public

Sean O’Neill

The public has been misled about the
true nature of the case against the
cleared terrorist suspect Erol Incedal,
the Old Bailey was told yesterday.
Incedal, 27, was acquitted this week of
plotting terrorist attacks, after a trial
which was conducted mostly in secret.
Reports of the case that could be published came from a small number of
open sessions in which evidence was
presented about an alleged plot to assassinate Tony Blair or carry out a
Mumbai-style shooting attack.
Seeking a review of stringent reporting
restrictions, Anthony Hudson, QC, representing the media, said: “The public
may have received a misleading impression of what was taking place. Some of the
reporting focused on matters which
were not the focus of the trial.”
Richard Whittam, QC, for the
Crown, opposed the lifting of the draconian order, which has kept the case
secret. Mr Justice Nicol said that he
would deliver his ruling on the media’s
application next Wednesday, when
Incedal is sentenced for the lesser
offence of possessing a document
useful to terrorists.

the times | Saturday March 28 2015




MPs with homes in London claim £1.3m to sleep elsewhere
Laura Pitel Political Correspondent

Nearly 50 MPs claimed expenses for
renting a flat or staying in hotels in
London despite owning property in the
The practice cost the taxpayer more
than £1.3 million over the past three
years, according to Channel 4 News.
Many of the MPs adopted the tactic
after changes to Westminster rules
after the expenses scandal in 2009.
When mortgage payments on ex-

penses was banned, many switched to
letting out their homes instead, in some
cases charging as much as £3,000 a
month. They then made use of an allowance for £20,000 a year in London
rent, or £150 for hotels, to find alternative accommodation in the capital.
Among the 46 MPs making the
claims was Andrew Lansley, the former
health secretary, who owns a flat inPimlico with his wife but received more
than £7,000 to stay in hotels. His property, bought with the help of mortgage

payments from expenses, is not privately let but is used by his daughter. He
said: “My expense claims have always
sought to minimise the cost to the taxpayer.” Mr Lansley, who is not standing
for re-election, said that he normally
commuted from his home in South
Cambridgeshire and stayed overnight
in London about once a month.
Chris Bryant, the Labour frontbencher, claimed £35,000 in rent in 2012-13
and 2013-14 while owning a penthouse.
Others among the 46 include Jim Mur-

helped save
my life, says
ebola nurse


about exactly what the rules say. It is
about you taking personal responsibility that public funds are used in a proper
and appropriate way that your constituents would be comfortable with,” he
The revelations come after it was
reported that many retiring MPs are set
to make hundreds of thousands of
pounds if they sell their second homes
after the election.Those standing down
could make an estimated £9 million
between them.
Anna Cross at
work in the John
Farman Intensive
Care Unit at
left, and, last

year, with the
254 Medical
Regiment at
Army Reserve
Centre in

got a job to do which is to get myself
back well’.” She added: “I had treated a
patient in the facility and the next day I
was sat with them. It was nice in that I
felt like we were both having the same
experience and treated to the same
Doctors in west Africa are optimistic
that an outbreak that has killed at least
10,330 people over the past year is finally being brought under control, with a
big fall in new cases in recent weeks.
Corporal Cross qualified as a nurse in
2011 and worked in the teenage cancer
ward and intensive care unit of Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge. In 2013,
she joined the reserves of the 254 Medical Regiment based in the city and eventually left full-time NHS work to concentrate on the Army. Yesterday she said she
barely remembered being ill. “I just felt
tired,” she said. “I first stood up on my
own feet about a week ago and walking
around the [isolation] tent was extremely
hard. During the process I lost 10 kilos,
and that was with all the support they
were giving me nutritionally. So I was
really weak. I think they attribute a lot of
my recovery to the fact that I was in the
military before and I had done a lot of
physical exercise.”
Mike Jacobs, the Royal Free’s infectious diseases consultant who oversaw
her treatment, said: “It’s impossible to
say on the basis of treating one patient
whether this experimental treatment
was beneficial or not, but what I can tell
you is that the treatment went very
well, it caused no side effects.”
MIL 77 is similar to ZMapp, the antibody combination given to Will Pooley,
the British nurse who recovered from
ebola last year. After ZMapp ran out in
January, Pauline Cafferkey, the Scottish
nurse, was treated with plasma donated
by ebola survivors. After them Corporal
Cross is the third British patient to recover after treatment at the hospital.
Dr Jacobs said: “I’m in the very happy
position where we’ve had three patients
and three who’ve recovered, but we’re
far from complacent about ebola.”

Chris Smyth Health Editor

She was the first in the world to be given
an experimental Chinese drug cocktail,
but the army nurse declared free of ebola attributes her recovery to an altogether more British combination: Sir
David Attenborough and strawberries.
Doctors said that Corporal Anna
Cross’s military fitness could have been
the key in helping her to pull through.
She also had no qualms about taking
the untested drug MIL 77 after being
airlifted from Sierra Leone to Britain
this month, telling doctors: “I have
ebola. So, yes.” But she was unequivocal
about the secret to her recovery:
“Strawberries. I reckon I’ve had ten
Yesterday she faced the cameras and
instantly won a legion of admirers on
Twitter, who were evenly divided in
praise of her generous demeanour, her
selfless heroism and her marked resemblance to the actress Julia Roberts.
She told of being given an iPad during
her convalescence and joked: “I’m
really thankful for David Attenborough’s long career because I watched a
lot of the documentaries.”
Corporal Cross, 25, who was airlifted
back two weeks ago, has made a complete recovery after treatment in an
isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital in north London. She said of being

phy, Labour’s leader in Scotland, and
the SNP’s Angus MacNeil.
The arrangement is legitimate under
rules set by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority and
there is no suggestion of wrongdoing
but the set-up is likely to rile the public,
still angry over the 2009 revelations.
Sir Alistair Graham, a former chairman of the committee for standards in
public life, told Channel 4 that MPs
should uphold the spirit as well as the
letter of the rules. “It’s not always just

given the all-clear: “I think that was the
time I cried. I’ve been really strong with
myself and that was just real joy.”
She had been in west Africa for three
weeks, working at the Kerry Town
treatment centre near Freetown, the
capital, when she contracted the virus,
and said her first thought on getting the
diagnosis was for her colleagues.
“I just felt really sorry for them that
they had to tell me because they looked
really gutted,” she said. “It was really
hard for a few hours and then something in my mind just kicked in, as it
does in difficult situations, and said ‘I’ve


The 27-year-old German had dreamed from a young age of becoming a pilot and opted for Lufthansa’s training programme. He added that the apparent change in tone in conversation before the pilot left the cockpit. No one seemed aware of his recent illness. now I’m going to do it’. Our thoughts are with the families and the people who were lost. ‘right. Bild newspaper reported. “He definitely did not smoke.” Professor Jackson said. I am not sure whether he did marathons. as well as meeting this week’s new European guidelines that there should be two crew in the cockpit of a passenger aircraft at all times. the parent company of Germanwings and Europe’s biggest air- The flying club in Montabaur where Andreas Lubitz got his first licence line. who was a good friend of his. more details emerged about the life of the quiet young man who was outwardly fulfilling his childhood flying dream. As the airline sought to reassure passengers amid revelations that Lubitz was able to hide his true medical condition.” Professor Bor said. Craig Jackson. when Lubitz’s responses became “curt”. suggesting that she had moved in with him. the chief executive. . but he was very healthy. a neighbour living a few doors away from the parental home. and may have practised his actions on a flight simulator. the new group safety officer. however. Several flying club members confirmed that Lubitz brought a girlfriend to the annual barbecue last autumn and a second name on the doorbell of his Düsseldorf apartment showed the surname Goldbach. less than 40 miles from the crash site. “He had a serious relationship crisis with his girlfriend before the disaster. one would want to do it very well. Among roses. did not return to their large detached home in a quiet suburb of Montabaur yesterday. Lubitz had flown a glider over the area shortly before the “burn-out”’ which caused a break of several months in his pilot training with Lufthansa. tulips and candles at the entrance to the church. with “personality factors” more likely to explain his actions. obsessed even. 70.” He added: “From what I understand the descent was done technically very well. “will have overarching group-wide responsibility for examining and further refining all flight safety-relevant procedures” and report directly to Carsten Spohr. he may have rehearsed it in his mind again and again. after finishing grammar school. Besides flying.” said Dieter Wagner. was “not of somebody who was struggling”. an aviation psychologist and pilot. They put themselves first and see others as not as important — www. a successful banker.” The flying club confirmed that Lubitz had taken part in glider training sessions with a French partner club in Sisteron. heard in the cockpit for the ten minutes before the plane crashed. Detectives remove a computer and boxes from the home of Lubitz’s parents in Deadly act likely to have been rehearsed Behind the story T he co-pilot who apparently crashed the Germanwings flight was probably “narcissistic” and “neurotic”. his other passion was running and he took part in several half-marathons.” it quoted the source as saying. “They tend to be highly narcissistic individuals .” Professor Jackson said. announced a security shake-up yesterday by appointing a senior executive to review all on-board safety procedures. in the Alpes-de-HauteProvence region. He really took care of himself.” Andreas Lubitz at the Hamburg airport ten-mile race in 2009. It was reported by the German magazine Focus online yesterday that he ordered two new Audi cars from a dealership near Düsseldorf a few weeks ago. a member of the Luftsportclub Westerwald. said that the focus on Andreas Lubitz’s alleged depression was likely to be a “red herring”. just 55 miles northwest of Lufthansa’s home base at Frankfurt. “He was passionate about the Alps. a wholesale security review was under way. obsessed even” according to a member of his local flying club who went on holiday with him to the same region where the young co-pilot crashed Germanwings Flight 4U9525. Lubitz did not seem to have financial worries. committed to it as an option.ebook3000. He always went jogging. Captain Werner Maas. Mr Wagner said that Lubitz flew gliders over the same area “before he had problems at work”. according to an expert in the psychology of mass killers (Kat Lay writes). rather than university. Lufthansa. agreed that Lubitz would have contemplated the act before going through with it. but the thought may have occurred [to him] previously. I am certain that he knew the region of the crash because he had flown over it in a glider.” Robert Bor.4 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times News Air crash in the Alps Lubitz flew gliders over mountain crash site years before David Charter Montabaur Andreas Lubitz was “passionate about the Alps. A source on the investigating team suggested that a break-up with his girlfriend was part of their inquiries. “The ability to maintain his ordinary respiratory level would suggest he wasn’t unusually stressed. If one were a narcissist wanting to make some kind of symbolic fatal action.” said Johannes Rossmann.” Investigators said that Lubitz’s breathing. It suggested that one was for him and the other for his girlfriend but only one had so far been delivered. Neighbours said that Lubitz was rarely seen with his younger brother. the gliding association where Lubitz first learnt to fly in his hometown of Montabaur. suggesting that club colleagues were aware of the break of several months which Lufthansa said he took from pilot training with them five years ago. . . “If we look at other well-known spree murderers. even possibly practising on a home flight simulator. who shared the family home. could have indicated the co-pilot “switching off ” so that he would not become distracted. “A series of personality and learned behavioural traits seem to crop up time and time again in my research. but was often seen jogging around the area. “The act may be impulsive. The episode is being considered by investigators of the tragedy which claimed all 150 lives on board the Airbus A320 as they seek to piece together his state of mind. a handwritten sign declared: “We are thinking of all the people who died in this tragedy. A group of young people from Montabaur said prayers for the families of the crash dead last night at the church of St Peter in the heart of the old town. a church organist. one of the important things to understand is that depression is not a major factor.com therefore their lives are expendable. “If he is a mass killer who has thought about doing this. head of the department of Montabaur while officers maintain a guard on the pilot’s flat in Düsseldorf psychology at Birmingham City University. “Andreas took part in a training course with my niece. and his mother. Lufthansa announced that. Lubitz’s father Guenter.

Since this week’s disaster. annual pilot medicals still focused more on physical than mental condition. Germanwings immediately said “that a sick note for this day was not submitted to the company”. in 2012. However. said: “The assessment of medical fitness of pilots is not the responsibility of the individual airline but the Luftfahrt Bundesamt [the federal aviation authority]. the screening arrangements amounted to a friendly chat in which the doctor would ask simple questions about a pilot’s lifestyle. The EASA guidance is listed as a “temporary recommendation” pending the outcome of the investigation but safety experts said that there was a “strong expectation” that every airline would have to abide by the rules. “In the general population. passengers had to forcibly restrain a well-regarded captain with the American airline JetBlue on a flight from New York to Las Vegas after he left the flight deck and began ranting to passengers. increasing disease burden. It also urged airlines to “reassess the safety and security risks” associated with crew members entering or leaving the cockpit. you are guaranteed. Even in the United States. they must stay on the ground. Aviation chiefs said last night that the failure of local aviation monitors to take heed of the warnings and organise proper checks would have to change. to lose your job. some pilots have complained that there is an incentive not to admit to problems. two weeks before the crash. the US agency that investigates air accidents. self-assessment and monitoring by peers. which was published in 2013. Doctors in Germany are only legally obliged to contact employers if they know of an imminent danger to the public. “Despite this.” a French captain said. saying that monitoring by colleagues and regular flight simulator testing.000 for failing to disclose all existing conditions. Michael Lamberty. . In the US and elsewhere. The Düsseldorf prosecutor added that no evidence had been found of “a so-called farewell letter or a letter claiming responsibility”. “But nothing could spot a demented pilot who wants to kill everyone. while the captain knocked frantically on the locked cockpit door. it said. but officials said that no doctor could have foreseen what Lubitz would do.ebook3000. The ICAO manual cites US studies that Pilot wanted to be infamous Continued from page 1 was seen in February and last visited for a consultation on March 10. Texas. A more modern and rigorous approach was deemed to be vital by the ICAO’s Manual of Civil Aviation Medicine. aircrew are often reluctant to reveal things that could endanger their livelihoods. In practice. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) rushed out guidance yesterday that European airlines should introduce rules banning pilots or co-pilots from being left alone in the cockpit. at least in the US.” Airlines and pilots’ unions defended the existing system. Fellow pilots are expected to spot signs that a colleague is troubled over a bereavement or relationship or by alcohol. they use the “I’m safe” method — the letters stand for “Illness.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 5 FGM Air crash in the Alps News GETTY IMAGES Psychiatric check is just a chat with GP Charles Bremner Paris International aviation chiefs have been warning for years about inadequate processes for screening young pilots for depression and mental disorders. the report said. The case of Andreas Lubitz is certain to speed efforts to impose stricter monitoring of professional aircrew. relatively little formal attention is given to these aspects in the routine periodic encounter with an aviation medical examiner. Lubitz had been the subject of special psychological assessments after his break from training at Lufthansa. in which pilots are observed under stress. If pilots feel that any of these are a factor. The UN’s aviation agency warned in 2013 that checks performed by national aviation agencies too often relied on relaxed GP meetings. Such assessments rely on honesty. Fatigue and Emotion”. it said. Nor was there evidence of “a political or religious background of the events”. a spokesman for Lufthansa. “Once you’ve admitted to any of these conditions and seek out treatment. www. alcohol and medication. Stress. In the US. The airline confirmed that Lubitz’s training was interrupted for months six years ago. “You might get your 1st class medical certificate back eventually. “This incident is going to have a profound effect on the industry and how pilots are screened on an ongoing basis and what they are screened for. but has declined to say why. . page 21 John Mahon. for example. In one case. but no airline will hire you. page 19 Letters. weed out prob- lem cases.” The traditional medical examiner was not equipped to detect “the likelihood of the existence of .” The authority did not respond to requests for a comment yesterday on Lubitz’s assessment. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) said at the time that the examination of pilots — commonly carried out across the world every six months or year — should be more thorough. pilots face fines of up to $250. His licence carried a note requiring this additional medical clearance to fly. In the Germanwings case. Medication. Alcohol. behavioural factors such as anxiety and depression are more common in the under-40s age group and illicit drug use and alcohol consumption also cause a considerable. Pilots of all levels are taught early in their training to assess their mental readiness before every take-off. But it denied that he was treated for depression. The co-pilot locked him out and landed in Amarillo. and focus far more on physical than mental health.com confirm that pilots fail to report depression so that they can continue flying. Leading article.” said Peter Goelz. Lubitz was heard on the black box recorder breathing regularly as the plane descended.” a pilot wrote on an aviation site. a former managing director at the National Transportation Safety Board.” it said. mental and behavioural problems”. page 20 .

a very nice man. then clapped. first gently. “Especially at this moment. about how the crew felt strange as well. Condor. who posted her message on the airline’s Facebook page. After learning to fly at Lufthansa’s training centre in Bremen. standing in the cabin.” said Stefanie Koebke. told the newspaper Bild. said: “I knew him well and he was one of the best. As a result he threw open the door of the cockpit and shook each passenger by the hand. “When I flew with him. the man who tried against the odds to wrest back control of his aircraft as it hurtled towards disaster. Thanking Ms Englisch for her message. “That’s why I could leave him alone in the cockpit when I went to the toilet. he said. In a ten-year career he had done much the same thing many times before during his 6. He told me about his training and about how happy he was.” Captain who died trying to save lives against all odds H e was a father of two. said that she had boarded the plane with mixed feelings. because I too want to sit with my family around the table this evening.” She thanked the crew. Frank Woiton said that he had had confidence in Lubitz’s ability when they had flown together. “He also gave a speech before take-off. and then with increasing force. a “very serious” approach to his job. a well-liked colleague and an experienced pilot who could never have imagined the horror that awaited him on his final journey (Adam Sage writes). Mr Woiton reported for duty despite having a free day because so many crew members had reported themselves “unfit to fly”.50am departure from Düsseldorf to the Catalan capital. “The crew and passengers were fantastically depressed. He was a very good man. 48. Another pilot made a similar speech on a flight from Germany to Lanzarote.” he said. Lufthansa’s low-cost carrier. the day after the crash. there is still little public knowledge of Patrick Sonderheimer. the man held responsible for the horrific French Alpine crash. before they readied the aircraft for the return leg. in May last year. The passengers said nothing. Mr Sonderheimer went on to work for Lufthansa and its partner airline. who trained as a naval pilot. Mr Sonderheimer was half an hour into the routine flight between Barcelona and his home town of Düsseldorf when he left the cockpit to go to the toilet. But shortly after Mr Sonderheimer had put the aircraft into its 38. The unbelievable act of this man has de- stroyed huge amounts of trust which now has to be built back again. who was on that flight.” . Not from the cockpit. Finally as the aircaft cruised towards the Alps he tried to batter down the door with a fire-safety axe. And then the whole plane applauded. Mr Sonderheimer called out to Lubitz.” On Wednesday.” he said. withstood his attempts. He and the dead flight attendants were being mourned yesterday by Germanwings crew. “It was completely silent. who flew with Mr Sonderheimer three years ago. A pilot called Dieter. she said: “Your words give us crew members the strength to get in a plane again. The reinforced cockpit door. “for understanding what we all thought”. “I cried.000ft cruising altitude half an hour from Barcelona and taken his break.000 hours of flying time on Airbus 320 planes. but fully visible. The pilot made the same speech when the plane returned to Hamburg later that day. “I’m proud to be a pilot. A reply posted by a Germanwings employee on the airline’s Facebook page made clear how deeply the staff have been affected.” On Thursday he flew the same route — Düsseldorf-Barcelona-Düsseldorf — as the doomed Airbus flown by Lubitz. “The captain not only personally said hello to every passenger.6 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times News Air crash in the Alps You’re safe with me: pilot brings Roger Boyes A senior Germanwings pilot has described how he left Andreas Lubitz. he returned from the toilet to find the cockpit door locked from inside. The airline had to cancel several flights on Tuesday — including to Madred. . The public relations executive.” he told them. Then he took a microphone and stood among the seated passengers. the pilot of Flight 4U9525. and that he will do everything to make sure he will be back with them again that evening”. how the crews have families too. Aviation experts said he would have been aware very quickly that the plane had entered a wholly unplanned descent. This dissolved in tears when the pilot began to speak “about how he and the crew had been affected by the tragedy . but how they were all there of their own free will”.” He had. before joining Germanwings. Stockholm and London — as pilots and cabin crew were too distressed to work. he managed the plane really well. Similar gestures were made by crew across the airline’s network in an attempt to rebuild the trust between the flight deck and the tense travellers in the cabin. but retained a good sense of humour. Some broke into tears. The pilot has no obvious presence on social media sites.” Mr Woiton. alone in the cockpit while he took a break from the flightdeck. who tried to smash his way back into the locked cockpit of the doomed airliner but perished along with Andreas Lubitz and 148 other passengers and crew. Germanwings has allowed crew to take time off until they feel psychologically robust enough to fly again.” said Britta Englisch who boarded a flight from Hamburg to Cologne after the crash. “You can count on me. standard issue after the September 11 attacks. He was a very experienced pilot and his behaviour as a crew member was perfect. Passengers and crew trust me with their lives. Mr Sonderheimer is now being held up as the hero pilot. Beyond these bare facts. He had already flown that morning with his young co-pilot Andreas Lubitz on the 6. The pilot spoke “about how he has a family. and hammered at the door. Ms Englisch said. but his name was trending yesterday across Facebook and Twitter as tribute pages were set up. . and his co-pilot had told him of his ambition to be promoted to captain and take charge of long-haul flights. you could read it from their faces.

where the trainee has to regain control of the aircraft while a tutor is seated next to him. He completed it after leaving school in 2007. and we follow the rules. where the pressure to succeed is huge but the failure rate is only between 2 and 5 per cent. the terrain on which we were working was flat. and stop animals from slipping through into the zone. however. The faces were haggard and weary as two members of the forensic team paused for a coffee in Seyne-les-Alpes. Dr Scott Shappell of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University says that “from day one” Lubitz would have faced “stressful or difficult situations”. “We are told not to say anything.” Yet he and his colleagues are working against time amid warnings that the bodies will decompose as temperatures rise in the Alpine spring. That course would have assessed “knowledge. each forensic expert works in tandem with a member of the gendarmerie’s high mountain brigade. marriage and surgical records according to Colonel Jam. a small red flag is placed next to it. Within hours. Their ability to determine age and sex through bone analysis could be vital. he said. helping experts to piece together the victims later.000. Colonel Jam said officers were also on the lookout for distinctive jewels or “anything else that can provide a clue”. “Here we are on steep and crumbling slopes. Officers in the laboratory carry out DNA tests. When a body part is found. but he would have been under the watch of a doctor. Colonel Jam said the identification of bodies after catastrophes followed a procedure laid by Interpol. With debris projected across a site that is 600 metres end to end along a 250-metre slope. however. according to a former student at the Phoenix facility. although many of the remains are sent on for further analysis at the Forensic Research Institute in Marseille. “That is why the officers have to use ropes. “The conditions are very tough and the slope is very unstable and there are rock slides all the time. They are roped together. a recreation in the air of a potential disaster.” About six members of the mountain rescue unit camp at the crash site every night. heard on cockpit recorders.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 7 FGM Air crash in the Alps News passengers to tears with a speech GONZALO FUENTES / REUTERS Medical examiners. operational skills and personality”. a portion of which he had to repay to Lufthansa. teeth — dentists in France being under a legal obligation to keep dental records for 40 years — or DNA samples. Before arriving in America. The “upset training” is a pressure point in a process that is “demanding and somewhat stressful”. including “upset training”. “This will enable us to verify and be certain of the identities. Lubitz should have moved to Phoenix for four months. It is at this complex of low-slung red-brick buildings that Lubitz undertook the second stage of his training — an intensive flying course that cost about £60. An ante-mortem team at the police headquarters in Paris is gathering dental. They had spent ten hours roped to the mountainside the previous day in the search to identify the bodies of the 150 passengers and crew who died. The mental screening they can perform is limited. With the crash site beyond roads and pathways — it takes an hour’s drive and then another hour’s walk to get there — police are taken by helicopter up the mountain four or five at a time. a village near the crash site. according to police. according to Lufthansa. Lubitz’s training was disrupted. just yards from the hangars and a veil of secrecy shrouds the facility. The race against the clock has forced gendarmes to undertake ten-hour stints on the slopes to recover as many parts as possible within two weeks. whether you’ve had a change in your life they should know about. even when they face certain death. dentists and anthropologists are working to identify victims Police face race against time to recover bodies Adam Sage Seyne-les-Alpes Forensic science officers working in tandem with the gendarmerie’s high mountain brigade in a search of the crash site FBI question Lufthansa trainers Rhys Blakely Phoenix FBI agents have questioned staff at the Lufthansa flight training facility in Arizona where Andreas Lubitz was taught as investigators try to reconstruct his mental state and ascertain whether there were personality traits or signs of illness that were missed. The atmosphere is intense: students live in dormitories. he passed a two-part selection process. A German flag was flying at halfmast yesterday at the Airline Training Centre Arizona. “We have to stop pillagers getting to the debris in the search for valuable objects. “But in Mali. Dr Shappell says this skill helps to explain the calmness many pilots demonstrate. The aim is to compare the victims’ DNA with samples taken from relatives — many of whom were asked to provide swabs as they arrived in France for a bereavement ceremony.” said Didier Jam. There are also two anthropologists more used to working on human remains found at archaeological digs. It is not clear whether that happened while he was in Phoenix. deputy director of the Criminal Research Institute. A main objective would have been to teach him the skill of “compartmentalisation” — the ability to put his personal life out of his mind in the cockpit.” Dr Shappell said. with the mountaineering officer lowering the expert down into the ravine. At some point. A total of 11 were at the scene by the early hours of yesterday.” . Students are required to sign documents stating that they will not share details of their training. On that leg of the Phoenix course students spend 114 hours in an aircraft and in a simulator. The priority was to find fingerprints. a Lufthansa-owned operation just outside Phoenix. It seems that he could not cope and was forced to take a break for several months.” said the police officer. The 31-strong forensic team at the site includes 19 members of the gendarmerie’s Criminal Research Unit and ten medical examiners and dentists who specialise in identifying corpses. He progressed to Lufthansa’s in- house pilot school. “They will ask how you’re feeling. He had been among 11 French forensic experts who spent ten days collecting a total of 1. It could be two months before the bodies are identified. and the GPS coordinates are recorded. Parts are being transported down the mountain by helicopter in white insulated thermal boxes and transported to a temporary laboratory in a tent in Seyne-les-Alpes.” said a spokesman. they were to go up again on what one of the two described as the most arduous mission of his long career. He said hip prostheses were useful since all were numbered. trained to monitor pilots. An acquaintance has said that he suffered a breakdown or type of burn-out.200 body parts after an Air Algeria plane was pulverised when it crashed into the Malian desert with the loss of 118 lives last year.” one said. The damage to the Germanwings Airbus which hit the Trois Évêches mountain range in the Alps on Tuesday was similar. In about 2009.

people prefer the first option by 7 points. even referencing the runners and riders for the leadership campaign that must take place well ahead of 2020. but they haven’t really begun to engage yet. I tested Labour’s problem. said: “These plans to hit the disabled and carers were drawn up for Conservative ministers to deliver their extreme cuts plan.5 billion a year.” Lord Scriven.” a spokeswoman for Iain Duncan Smith. Labour’s lead stretches to 6 points. “vote Cameron. were not party policy. The BBC said that the leaked documents had been commissioned by Conservative ministers and special advisers. In another poll. in these discussions means that some ideas might be drawn up at his instigation. The £23. After all. and we’ll live plans to cut welfare with the results for five long years Sam Coates Deputy Political Editor Plans to cut the carer’s allowance and disability benefits have been drawn up by civil servants on behalf of Conservatives searching for £12 billion of welfare savings in the next parliament. The document suggests: 6 Restricting the carer’s allowance to those eligible for universal credit. The documents are also said to suggest limiting child benefit to the first two children and making companies pick up the cost of the industrial injuries compensation scheme. A Tory source said that the involvement of Sir Jeremy Heywood. Labour’s shadow work and pensions secretary. What happens when they do? Is there a winning strategy to profit from the mess? Campaigners talk of the “ballot box question”. David Cameron’s main attraction is that he represents reassuring continuity. It could help Labour to say. we also tested the two-for-one deal being offered by the Conservatives. Labour has already promised a version of this. what is the decision they are making when they scratch their marks. get Salmond”. he put at risk his campaign ace. but at a ransom. Which party would you then vote for?” That puts ‘Never before have voters had to ask: who am I actually voting for?’ Labour ahead by 5 points. But when he so deliberately ruled out a third term. personal independence payments and attendance allowance (for over-65s with personal care needs).” strategy lab stephan shakespeare E very election in British history has been conducted with a simple assumption about what you are choosing when you place your X on the ballot paper. First. If it’s Mr Osborne instead of Mrs May. Each side now has a genie they can’t put back in the bottle. the SNP has the power to make a losing Labour party into the winning governing party. There is no evidence that the voters are worrying about any of this. Seven options for slashing the welfare bill. then it is clear they will be hitting the tax credits. We then asked: “Imagine that David Cameron announced that if the Conservatives won the next general election he would step down after two years and Theresa May would replace him as prime minister. The Tories now need to come clean about what cuts they plan to make and who will pay the price. Second. effectively announcing that if the Conservatives do succeed in forming the next government. It increased his lead from 2 points to 3. with Londoners receiving the most. It’s wrong and misleading to suggest that any of this is part of our plan. When the choice becomes “a Conservative and Lib Dem government under David Cameron and Nick Clegg” or “a Labour and SNP government under Ed Miliband and Alex Salmond”. the work and pensions secretary. Unless we see some more movement in the polls. the whole constitutional mess is locked in for a full five years. 6 Introducing regional benefit caps. saving £1.000 limit would vary in different parts of the country. the Tories have already put out social media ads saying “Vote Miliband. First we asked how people would vote if Cameron promised to serve a full five years. How about if voters knew Boris Johnson was to take over the helm halfway through? It jumps back to a Conservative lead of 3 points. the Liberal Democrat campaign spokesman said: “The election campaign has barely kicked off and already the Tories are showing their true colours. the lead stretches to 14 points. In the same survey that puts the Tories slightly ahead. get Osborne”. . the cabinet secretary. Stephan Shakespeare is CEO and co-founder of YouGov . When asked to choose between “a Conservative-led government under David Cameron” or “a Labour-led government under Ed Miliband”. because the fracturing of loyalty has meant small differences have big effects. That assumption has been blasted apart. . The Conservatives said that the proposals. “If they are ruling out these extreme cuts for the most disabled and carers. and probably soon after the 2017 EU referendum. including rolling council tax support into universal credit and an end to the industrial injuries compensation scheme. were presented to ministers. for millions of working families. we’re uncertain exactly how votes translate into seats. the voters will approach the polling booth in a state of confusion about what the process of voting really means. and support for children. “Officials spend a lot of time generating proposals — many not commissioned by politicians. To top it all. New polling by YouGov shows the problem ahead. civil servants and special advisers in the work and pensions department. Now David Cameron has added a new twist.” The spokeswoman was unable to rule out adopting any individual proposal at a future date. we’ll have a change of prime minister without a further election. “This is ill-informed and inaccurate speculation. saving £1 billion. It could be “who will keep the economy strong?” Or “who will safeguard the NHS?” It’s never been “who am I actually voting for?” Playing on this confusion could be advantageous for each side. the comforting prospect of “no change”. Rachel Reeves. About 40 per cent of claimants would lose out. leaked to the BBC. said. 6 Taxing disability benefits such as the disability living allowance.8 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times News Tories attacked over Confusion reigns . George Osborne and David Cameron have refused to give details of how the savings can be made.

denies knowingly or recklessly giving Revenue and Customs officials erroneous information about the value and origin of the statue. They later met Baroness Lawrence at a centre set up in memory of her son subject of the royal baby. Companies may be barred from accessing motorists’ details through the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to stop them chasing payments with threatening letters. leading into staff accommodation. set up in memory of the murdered teenager. Parking companies can levy fines up to £100 when tickets expire. a fraction of its actual value. Proposed new rules regulating parking across England have been set out in a discussion document published by the Department for Communities and Local Government. The use of CCTV “spy cars” has also been banned other than in areas where vehicles pose a safety risk such as outside schools. It will also limit hourly charges. The duchess’s last public appearance before the birth was as gritty a sign-off as she could have hoped for. which he directed. The trial continues. when he visited the nearby village of Fingest to film parts of The Monuments Men. Uri Geller. Earlier this month. But the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s new baby — due in about a month — will.” The move comes on top of a series of measures designed to regulate council- owned car parks. but one 17-year-old. 23. Westminster magistrates court was told that Peter Higgs. The Clooneys bought the grade IIlisted nine-bedroom Georgian house in Sonning in October last year. the local government secretary. He is also accused of claiming that it was worth only £68. was to show how the charity had helped Tex to change his attitude to life. By comparison. Professor Stephen Glaister. Riad al Qassas is accused of being involved in illegally importing the 4ft marble artefact of a woman. I can change that circle. The point of the tale. The statue. “I was an angry young person as a teenager. my teacher was always telling me I would end up dead or in jail and you end up believing it. which was discovered in a bonded warehouse at Heathrow two years later by customs officers. The government is planning to ban companies levying excessive fines on motorists of up to £100 for overstaying in a parking bay by a matter of minutes. want to add a private cinema and a swimming pool to their 17th-century Berkshire home on the banks of the Thames. Extortionate fees only put people off and damage retailers and businesses. however. Signs will also have to be clearly displayed to prevent unsuspecting drivers being given stealth charges. Forfeiture proceedings opened yesterday over what will happen to the object if Mr al Qassas cannot provide proof about its ownership.” However. as well as playing semiprofessional football for Herne Bay FC. their neighbours will include Theresa May. he replied: “Other than that. 53.5 million was smuggled into Britain by a Jordanian man after being “unlawfully excavated” from a Unesco world heritage site in Libya. whose company is based in Dubai. and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. hot tub and pergola to the back of the riverside boathouse as well as boundary fencing around the estate and solid gates to improve privacy and security. with tales of murder. However. calling himself Hero. told the court: “It is an exceptionally rare statue and of exceptionally high quality. I ended up on MTV. but then I found out that XLP were working in my school. the couple were introduced to Steven Ekpenyong. and now works as its director of sports. it was impossible to avoid the turned into a recording studio by MTV and the police. the home secretary. a professional kitchen and a gym. interjected: “They had no clue where we were coming from. who was planning a robbery with his friends when he first encountered the youth charity. It has been speculated that Clooney. Next to this will be a self-contained unit with a bedroom. to attract visitors. the international human rights lawyer. A source close to the communities secretary said that the government was “trying to put common sense back into parking and stop motorists being used as cash cows”. was found to have been described incorrectly in customs documents as originating from Turkey. draped in a shawl as she guards the gates of the underworld. The announcement was made as one seaside town was planning to offer motorists half-price parking when it rains. Inevitably. “Before XLP. who sets parameters for council-run facilities. Brighton and Hove councillors are suggesting charging motorists “significantly less” for street parking on rainy summer days and at quiet times in winter.” The couple also visited the Stephen Lawrence Centre in Deptford. It has made me change my vision. the illusionist. Claudia French.’ ” On an estate in Sydenham.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 9 FGM News TIM ROOKE/REX. plan End of road for £100 parking fines Clooneys a cinema for Graeme Paton Transport Correspondent Charges for using private car parks will be capped and “extortionate” fines abolished under new rules to prevent rogue companies from using motorists as “cash cows”.” Most of the youngsters said that William and Kate had been understanding. an expert from the British Museum in London where the statue is being kept. the second time is a game-changer. I don’t think they could relate to anything we said. who was holding her 18-month-old daughter. The court was told that Mr al Qassas recruited Hassan Fazeli. as his agent. The move comes after a decision to transfer responsibility for off-street parking from the Department for Transport to Eric Pickles. asked how the couple came across. fell for the area in June 2013. en-suite bathroom and an office. They genuinely cared about what we said. said: “We were talking about him becoming a father again and he said. They also plan to add a swimming pool. believes it was taken from the ancient city of Cyrene.” Greek statue was ‘unlawfully excavated from Libya’ Nadeem Badshah A Greek statue worth £1. According to plans submitted to the district council the couple hope to convert a greenhouse to accommodate the 12-seater cinema. They are far from fair for motorists who end up paying through the nose. Lily. not to mention an angry teenager who questioned what she was even doing there. made me wiser — forgive and forget. The RAC Foundation has warned that fines were “extravagant and unconscionable” because they fail to constitute a “reasonable” charge.000. a court was told. “Are you serious?” said William. they were very considerate. 40. It is being seen as an attempt to toughen up rules on companies accused of using overzealous tactics. who proudly told them how he had been stabbed in the head a month ago. into Britain in 2011. most councils outside London fine motorists £50. the couple met 16-year-old Tex Tuwizana. . who was not present in court owing to illness. Revenue and Customs says that Mr al Qassas never owned the statue. a barrister representing Revenue and Customs. “This discussion paper will allow people to raise issues about the way private and public parking firms operate and charge motorists. claimed to have owned the statue since 1977 before it was bought by Mr al Qassas. the court was told. be a “game changer” (Valentine Low writes). While his friends were sent to prison for seven years. Mr Pickles said: “Nobody should endure the stress of being clobbered with a huge bill just for driving to the shops. “It is pleasing that the minister sees the transfer of powers as a prelude to action which has been long overdue: namely the reining-in of companies who dish out parking tickets like confetti and often charge drivers £100 or more for overstaying their welcome by a matter of moments. They are just keeping up appearances. ‘The first time is a learning experience. shortly after their wedding in Venice in September. apparently. I would have retaliated. stabbings and robbery.” he said. while charges range between £60 and £80 in the capital. ‘I can strive to be better. director of the RAC Foundation. Andrew Bird. The Libyan authorities must wait for the outcome of the trial and may then have to claim back the statue through the High Court.” Mr al Qassas. country home The actor George Clooney and his wife Amal. said: ‘This is a significant announcement with a potentially huge impact for millions of drivers. REIMSCHUESSEL / SPLASH NEWS The duke and duchess visited a youth charity in south London on her last royal outing before the birth of their second child. “My friends were gang members and I was planning a robbery with them. Mr Fazeli. That was the duke’s own description of the forthcoming addition to his family when the couple visited a youth charity in south London. they left the property in December as work began to replace the roof and the house was obscured by tarpaulin and scaffolding. the government said that legislation would be introduced giving drivers a ten-minute grace period after parking in council-run parking bays before they received a ticket. who ran a trading company. and had an old police riot van that had been Royal baby 2: the game changer N o one knows yet whether it will be a boy or a girl. Steven got involved with XLP.’ ” At XLP (Excel Project). When they move into their newly renovated home. and I was sitting watching it with my friends and thought.


Margins on routine work such as tests and scans are likely to be under 5 per cent. Margins on such contracts are likely to exceed 5 per cent if they are successful. was thought to have irritated some Labour figures. But illness doesn’t respect working hours. published last October. Normally confident. Burley’s remark about Mr Miliband’s “poor mum”. publicly complained that the BBC coverage. Aides are concerned that he will face co-ordinated attacks from the rest of the panel.uk robust. Mr Cameron runs to relax. Although he tries not to dwell on mistakes.” he says. attracted 2.” He candidly admits that he should have spent more time anticipating and David Cameron said he drew strength from solitude and seeing old friends such as Tom Goff. Grant Shapps. “Sam in her many brilliances has made sure we’ve kept up with our old friends [and] we don’t suddenly invent any new celeb/politics friends. in which the party leaders were questioned by Jeremy Paxman and a studio audience. a spokesman said. he says. more thinking through all the elements of it — that would have been a good one. which said that hospital patients should have access to sevenday services “where this makes a clinical difference to outcomes”. Mr Cameron will say that mortality rates are higher among patients admitted to hospital at weekends and that modern life means that patients need seven-day access to GP and hospital services. “It’s that sort of ten minutes beforehand. received more than 130 complaints of bias over the show. Mr Cameron says that he has “a terrible fear of letting people down”. which claimed there was no overall winner. and tries to do one thing alone with each of his three children once a fortnight. top left analysing the rise of Islamist extremism and terrorism. . the head of the British Medical Association. while facing losses if they fail. “This announcement falls far short of explaining how the NHS will plug the £30 billion gap it faces by 2020. The moments of stillness are captured in an in-depth portrait in today’s Times Magazine of the man fighting to remain Britain’s prime minister. The daily slots. slightly Top Gear man”. Kay Burley. Others fear that rigorous application of the cap would affect an increasingly popular model in which companies are given responsibility for co-ordinating care for older people. more prep. Samantha. As both parties accused one another of gimmicks. This compared with 9 million viewers for the first television debate at the 2010 election. and do it pretty rapidly. keep him grounded. “Those MPs in marginal seats — I don’t want to let them down. I’ve got lots of friends who love to puncture the ego and take the air out of my tyres. did not reflect the polling. Ofcom will assess the complaints before deciding whether to investigate. Of his taste for westerns and war films. Virgin Care was this week handed a £280 million seven-year contract for people with long-term conditions in Staffordshire. the broadcasting regulator. but their track record is mixed. claiming to have lost 13lb since Christmas. a Newmarket bloodstock agent. Mr Cameron says that his wife. Some companies with NHS contracts were sanguine about the announcement. pumping his fist in the air as he left a private screening room. he says. Mr Cameron discloses his regrets of the past five years — and his fears that he will fall short of being given another five. meanwhile. which is being held at an undisclosed location outside London. the Greens. serves as a touchstone with “good. SNP and Plaid Cymru — during the ITV debate while only Ukip are on the right. the party’s election co-ordinator. ‘Oh God. about 11. Heart attacks.” Friends such as Tom Goff. Preparing for the “bloody bearpit” of prime minister’s questions is the worst part of his week. major accidents. Matthew Parris. are part of a ruthlessly enforced schedule that helps him to cope with the pressure. was criticised by Labour sources who suggested that she was tougher on the Labour leader than the prime minister. middle-of-the-road Conservative views”. what is it going to be this week? What am I going to get? God. strong. the shadow health secretary. when you’re sitting there in your office and thinking. babies — these things don’t just come from nine to five. The show.7 per cent of the total television audience. keeping up with old friends. Previously nettled by his labelling as a “chillaxing” prime minister. doctors’ groups pointed out that neither has so far committed to providing the £30 billion in extra funding that medical chiefs say is required to meet rising demand over the next five years. said that the commitment was a repeat of a pledge made in the Conservatives’ previous election manifesto and that little progress had been made in the past five years. Mr Cameron defends his insistence on holidays. which typically include a solitary 20-minute lunch in his No 10 flat. “More thinking. on Channel 4. David Cameron will face five opponents from the left — Labour. Freedom of information laws and health and safety legislation are put in the crosshairs of a second-term Tory government. the Conservative party chairman. he says that he is a “classic. He becomes most animated over the coalition row in which the Liberal Democrats withdrew support for changing constituency boundaries in exchange for House of Lords reform. citing the gap in Britain’s aircraft-carrier capability and care for dementia patients as particularly galling failures. with Douglas Alexander.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 11 FGM News ANDREW PARSONS / I-IMAGES. page 17 The Conservatives will promise today to prioritise in a second term of government the need to give millions more patients access to hospital services seven days a week. Labour’s delight at Mr Miliband’s performance was evident when the debate concluded. this is a nightmare’. the Sky News presenter.” Tory aides fear six-pronged attack by debate rivals Sam Coates Deputy Political Editor The prime minister has been warned that he may become the target of a sixway attack at next week’s television debate amid continuing worries inside his team at the decision to take part. suggesting that it allowed enough wiggle room in the small print to allow business as usual. Fear of failure for me has always been a great motivator.” Mark Porter. the Lib Dems. before the advent of Islamic State. fears and favourite joke from Top Gear thetimes. said. Local health chiefs would have the power to raise the cap on individual contracts if they thought it was needed. although a second survey by YouGov for The Times put him ahead by 51-49 per cent. a measure that he said would reverse a tide of privatisation.5 billion a year more than the Conservatives have promised did not go far enough.” he said.co. has ensured that he did not make the mistake of some previous incumbents of Downing Street. Online today Portrait of a prime minister His hopes.” Mr Goff. An ICM poll for The Guardian after the Sky News/Channel 4 Battle for Number 10 programme on Thursday night found that Mr Cameron outperformed Ed Miliband by a margin of 5446 per cent. as he also expresses regret that he has not done more to “declutter government”. “I wish I’d done better at convincing everyone in my party that one batch of elected peers in the Lords was not the end of the world as we knew it. Chris Smyth Cameron: I need my thinking time alone Francis Elliott Political Editor Jenni Russell David Cameron demands that his staff include “tiny windows” in his diary for him to be alone after being told by Barack Obama to ensure that he had “thinking time”. a friend from childhood. effectively accepting part of the blame for aborted boundary changes expected to cost the Tories at least 20 seats. He also confesses that he wished he had “done better at taking my party with me”. while a further 300 went direct to Channel 4.6 million viewers. David Cameron’s pledge comes the day after Ed Miliband launched Labour’s campaign with a promise to cap the profits of private providers of NHS services. made after a discussion about his treatment of his brother David over the party leadership. The figures for Sky have yet to be released. and that better preparation was needed before next week’s debate. Andy Burnham. In his speech. Unions were delighted with promises of extra staff. They are promised a profit if they improve care and keep people out of hospital. “Any sign of grandeur and they would take the p*** out of me faster than you can say Jack Rabbit. Mr Cameron’s team acknowledged that he was “very nervous” before the programme. but said that Labour’s pledge of £2. “For years it’s been too hard to access the NHS out of hours.” he says. now the biggest threat that Britain faces. Mr Cameron’s offer to increase weekend access to consultant-level hospital and diagnostic services is designed to contrast with what Conservative aides called “politicking” by Labour. TIMES PHOTOGRAPHER JACK HILL Seven-day NHS will be offered to millions Francis Elliott. Ofcom. Labour faced scepticism over its own policy of setting a 5 per cent cap on the profits made by private providers of NHS services. A commitment to a seven-day health service is included in NHS England’s Five Year Forward View. he admits that he does occasionally “brood”. but last year Serco said that it was pulling out of clinical contracts because it was losing money. family time and falling asleep on the sofa in front of films he has seen before.

” Mr Montagu told the festival that during his schooldays at Eton “rape was a common occurrence”. and next month he will again give his impersonation of an overpolished side of ham when he plays Cameron in a West End production of The Audience. From the Cheddar Valley Gazette: “Jeremy Clarkson fired just two years after Top Gear films in Cheddar Gorge. his daughter. At the Oxford Literary Festival he said that family members were “cross and unhappy” with him and that during “disjointed conversations” there would be “a lot of dark looks and then hugs which are then turned into pushes”. he had given all the information to his mother and the family’s private doctor and then waited for his father to be imprisoned. a new Channel 4 drama. Two entries for our occasional series on parochial headlines. asked him whether this might lead to unfair jokes about his virility. Mr Montagu. Farewell. “I will seek counselling shortly afterwards. maybe circumstances have made it more likely that they will abuse.” He added: “We used to have this ethos that you just kept quiet about things in your life. This error was repeated by others. because his sisters were. although no further abuse occurred. adding that he felt abuse would continue to occur at some same-sex boarding schools. Fleet Street. the ambitious former defence secretary.” he said. has a YouTube channel on which he posts brief videos. Gordon. whose memoir outlines the abuse he suffered between the ages of seven and 11 from his father. whose research extended no further than looking at cuttings. for Clarissa Dickson-Wright. we confused him with one of the six other Browns in parliament and reported that he was born in 1926. but as the Incredible Sulk leaves parliament after 32 years. where the national story becomes very local. the days before televised debates. Mr Montagu said: “When you bring someone down from a pedestal in this way it is unpleasant for them and it affects their ongoing life so. of course. said that he believed there was a sense of “entitlement” among the privileged classes.” patrick kidd Saturday March 28 2015 | the times Why aristocrats ‘feel entitled to be abusive’ David Sanderson An aristocrat who was abused by his father has said that people from “noteworthy families” have more inclination and opportunities to sexually abuse young people. then.” Bennett said. Such was our influence that Brown soon received a letter from a pensions company. which he said had caused a major rift in his family. bear in mind. the Happy one (1624) and the Useless one (1625). would react to him revealing the family’s dark secrets. the 10th Earl of Sandwich.” Fox sighed. Iain Dale.12 FGM News TMS diary@thetimes. “People from noteworthy families do feel a sense of entitlement.” He said that when the abuse was uncovered five decades ago.” the living dead Parliaments used to get nicknames. Mr Montagu was speaking about his memoir A Humour of Love. 64. “I initially said ‘no’ as I thought it would be weird if I played this part all the time but my issues are not yet resolved. has spoken before of his concern about how his older brother. reflected the bookends of one of her life’s battles. that one of the last questions answered before the living dead shuffled off was about the regulation of Ouija boards. often with good reason. so the young Brown was labelled as “elderly”. offering their services to someone who had “started a new career late in life”. At school you were taught the stiff upper lip. “We are assured of theatrical immortality. however. When asked why the family had been reluctant to pursue the matter publicly. Fiamma Montagu. You don’t look at all bad for 89.co. Not so much for their writing and directing talents. The sluggish class of 2010 has become known as the Zombie parliament. When Brown was elected in 1983. said: “In our case it has been because of the Establishment. bats (1426) and devils (1459) were followed by the Addled parliament (1614).” he says. the Page and Plant of whimsical drama. It’s called One Minute Fox. It was. In my father’s case. “My wife says I’m boasting.” And from Yorkshire: “Former Ripon Gazette work experience girl is new editor of The Guardian. Everybody had a vested interest in getting him to shut up. The parliaments of dunces (1404). with other members angry at him for knocking his father off his “pedestal”. He said that Establishment members were more inclined to be abusers. above. There was a reading from the basic text for Alcoholics Anonymous (of whom she once said “the one thing you get at their meetings is a very good cup of tea”) — followed by a reception at a gin distillery. ham role Mark Dexter plays the role of David Cameron tonight in Coalition. it is almost certain that he was abused by his father. but “because we were both stepping stones in the rise and rise of James Corden”. the 11th earl and a crossbench peer. they are going to be cross. a term coined by Labour’s Andy Sawford. That was the reason behind a lot of non-disclosures. He has written about how he felt like a “hooker” going into his father’s bedroom as a nine-year-old. a family therapist working with sex abuse victims. “veteran” and “stalwart” despite his Byronic looks. and he was even returned to his father’s care. “It is true that people who do come from an entitled background have more opportunities.uk | @timesdiary Farewell to Gordon. then.” . A memorial service at St Bride’s. Thank goodness we got rid of that lip. Liam Fox. national treasures Alan Bennett and Nicholas Hytner. How appropriate. one of the Two Fat Ladies. Robert Montagu. 89 The Times has sometimes been rude about Gordon Brown. perhaps one apology is due. Nothing happened. the broadcaster. reflected at the Oxford Literary Festival on their long partnership for the National Theatre.

“If all they have got is the BBC inquiry then no. has been edited to take account of Clarkson’s dismissal as part of a joke about “damage limitation”. May has indicated that the three of them “came as a package”. “A formal caution wouldn’t normally take place unless they had enough evidence to at least consider charging him. taken action with a view to addressing the issues at hand. Mr Tymon’s decision not to make a formal complaint does not bring police matters to an end. County Durham. the controller of BBC Two and BBC Four. And he would be pretty unlikely to accept it. Paul Daniels. has said that he wished people “would leave Ois alone because none of this is his fault”. Mr Scott said. his family and his friends. Mr Tymon’s lawyer at Slater and Gordon. “This morning we received a letter from Mr Tymon’s lawyers indicating that he does not wish the police to pursue an investigation on his behalf.” Police inquiries Clarkson urged people to “leave Oisin alone” were continuing and some witness interviews were still to take place. in his view. but it does lessen the likelihood that the police would pursue it very far. said Matthew Scott. “They don’t need the victim to make a complaint. MondayinTheTimes Times2 Men in crisis – and the women overtaking them On Monday March 30 | 2015 It’s all over. The matter has taken a great toll on Oisin. “It makes it more likely that they would pursue a public order crime. responsibility for finding a new presenter or an entirely new team if James May and Richard Hammond follow Clarkson by leaving the show.” Clarkson. “Quite simply. but experts have said that it could still be a public order offence. The corporation has given Kim Shillinglaw.” Clarkson’s departure has reportedly resulted in a last-minute script change to the opening episode of W1A. a spokesman said. possibly with pre-recorded material featuring Clarkson. Oisin Tymon’s lawyers sent a letter to North Yorkshire police yesterday after officers started investigations into the altercation that left him seeking treatment at hospital. The forecast is wet and breezy. the spoof fly-on-the-wall comedy that mocks BBC management. Mr Tymon agrees with the BBC’s stated view that all parties should now be allowed to move on. said: “The events of the last few weeks have been extremely unpleasant for everyone involved. His decision reduces the likelihood that Clarkson will face assault charges. It is believed that the incident was not reported to police at the time. so far as possible. The narration. page 17 . an insider told The Guardian. Mr Tymon just wishes to return now to the job at the BBC he loves. it was reported. a criminal barrister at Pump Court Chambers. Lord Hall of Birkenhead. Weather. the BBC have. which can also be quite serious. the former Dr Who actor. the BBC director-general. A senior BBC figure said that the corporation hoped to record and broadcast at least two of the three postponed episodes of the current series.” Police would only interview Clarkson if they had evidence from other bystanders that they had felt threatened. as soon as possible. provided by David Tennant. announced “with regret” on Wednesday that the presenter’s contract would not be renewed owing to his “unprovoked physical and verbal attack”. boys: the end of male supremacy (and it’s a man who’s saying that) News NORTH NEWS & PICTURES Spring has sprung A lamb among daffodils at Doe Park farm.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 13 FGM Clarkson victim tells the police not to prosecute Kaya Burgess The Top Gear producer left with a split lip by Jeremy Clarkson has told police that he does not want to press charges as inquiries continue into the incident that led to the presenter’s sacking. The crew started packing up the Top Gear set in Surrey on the same day that Clarkson’s departure was announced.” he said. 54. Further. I don’t suppose they would [interview him]. North Yorkshire police said: “Earlier this week we made contact with Mr Tymon’s lawyers to ask for his views on the incident at Simonstone Hall [the hotel where the incident took place] and how — as the central person in this matter — he wished us to proceed.

The Tate. The two paintings are Picasso. I’ve been at this game for 25 to 30 years and I still don’t know how plays work.” The playwright. both paintings are returning to auction A Lichtenstein.2 million in outlandish 1997 is now worth acquisitions now look like canny investments. It is unclear whether the painting was taken during the German occupation of Budapest or when the city fell to Soviet forces near the end of the Second World War.14 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times News Varooom! Pop artist’s work rises by $48m in 18 years I n November of 1997 a plastics tycoon named Stefan Edlis blew $2. Brighton. 80. the outgoing artistic director of the National Theatre. although he has problems finishing his scripts. a European collector acquired a Pablo Picasso painting called Les Femmes d’Alger (Version “O”) for nearly three times its estimated value at the time. Bennett. above. $50 million. he said.2 million on a piece of pop art by Roy Lichtenstein (Will Pavia writes). Arguably the country’s greatest living playwright. who was in conversation with Sir Nicholas Hytner. which acquired the painting in 1986 from a donor called Mrs PM Rainsford. painted by Constable in 1824. that cost $32 million in the same year is expected to fetch $140 milion 437% I’ll never go on stage David Sanderson Alan Bennett has announced that he will never step on stage again after admitting that the passage of time has blunted his theatrical prowess. The gallery announced last year that it intended to give Beaching a Boat. has no plans to stop writing. but so many of them come to nothing. he said: “I go to my table every morning and try to write another play. and a After years hanging in Mr Edlis’s apartment in Chicago.” Bennett’s last stage appearance was Bennett was last on stage in 2013 Tate halts plan to return Jack Malvern Arts Correspondent The Tate gallery has halted its plan to return a painting by John Constable to the heirs of a victim of Nazi persecution because “new information” has come to light. I always do the first 20 minutes and then they fizzle out. paying nearly $32 million. Remembering words led to a “yawning gulf” and his last appearance was “agony”. Speaking at the Oxford Literary Festival. It is likely to become the most expensive painting ever sold Pablo Picasso at auction. in May and those that cost $2. was rebuked by the Spoliation Advisory Panel. and Christie’s believes that the Picasso has risen in value to about $140 million. Lichtenstein’s The Ring (Engagement) is estimated by Sotheby’s to be worth $50 million. added: “It’s not an alarming new symptom. a government-appointed body that investigates . I normally get past that point and breathe a sigh of relief. below. to the descendants of a Hungarian owner whose art collection was seized in 1944 or 1945. By coincidence. That same month.

Francis Bacon is surging: his paintings are said to have risen in value by 910 per cent between the year 2000 and last month.273% Roy Lichtenstein the highlights of a surging market for trophy artworks. But nobody knew because it was in French anyway. where the average price fell by 23 per cent. who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 1997 and given a 50-50 chance of survival.” 7% Jeff again. by Constable was donated to the Tate gallery in 1986 . I slightly mucked it up. It didn’t feel like the terrible yawning gulf that it is now. while investments in Jeff Koons were said to have fallen 7 per cent. I would not do it again. Its trustees gave approval in May. which he described as “frightening”. for failing to check the painting’s provenance. Brighton. said: “This is a picture that a country could buy to pu themselves on the put map. but the process was halted soon afterwards. according to a recent report by the market monitors Artprice and Artron. to retain something.” he said. there were others such as Sir Michael Gambon who now had a fear. a specialist on postwar and contemporary art at Christie’s. She said of learning lines: “It is of course more difficult to remember. Dame Judi has said that she takes a health supplement to improve her memory. says Bennett as part of the National Theatre’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2013 when he performed in The History Boys. The biggest boom was in modern and contemporary art. The gallery declared in March last year that it was “pleased to follow the conclusions” of the panel. Koons Loic Gouzer. meanwhile.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 15 FGM News COURTESY CHRISTIE’S AND SOTHEBY’S 2. 74. They say the slowest sector was 19thcentury art. Gerhard Richter’s paintings are up 554 per cent in the same period. ‘looted’ art claims of looted art. which he wrote. “It was agony. recently provoked controversy by saying that he much preferred American to contemporary English literature. which accounted for nearly all of the works that have surpassed $50 million.000. Lichtenstein’s painting of an engagement ring being slipped onto a woman’s finger was produced when the artist was divorcing his first wife and romancing a young graduate student: it sold at a Paris gallery in 1963 for $1. is expected to attract strong competition at auction. had to withdraw from Bennett’s The Habit of Art in 2009 after his failure to remember lines brought panic attacks. The Picasso. Artprice has even begun ranking the top-selling artists at auction. but it’s really a question of retaining the story. The department for culture said that no decision would be taken until after the general election.” Bennett. according to The Art Newspaper. “I did part of the French scene from The History Boys that Richard [Griffiths] used to do.” He said that while there were actors such as Dame Judi Dench “who can’t wait to get at the audience”. “In my early days memory wasn’t a problem at all. He said that he was retiring from the stage because of his struggles with learning scripts. a market that increasingly resembles a stock exchange for the global 1 per cent. Sir Michael. Beaching a Boat.

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co. yet deeper doubts may guide your pencil. Maybe it was boring but it’s not necessarily to his advantage to be putting in interesting performances. Dock Road. The Tories must hope so. Masar Printing and Publishing. Kells. EN8 8DY and also at Newsprinters (Knowsley) Limited. Listen to that low. PO Box 24508. 2015. The super lady sitting next to me at dinner had a black eye from tripping while delivering leaflets. Switzerland. Maximum 14C (57F). and I suspect the episodes during these encounters that raised the pulse — Cameron struggling over soup kitchens or being nice to the lady in the wheelchair. Europrinter. “immature”. Otherwise. 6041 Gosselies. with the western Mediterranean the best for sunshine. being in Cheltenham. Morton 3 Esky Drive. Tunbridge Wells.20098 San Giuliano Milanese. ML1 1NP.50 per minute plus network extras) For more information on the services we can provide. For permission to copy articles or headlines for internal information purposes contact Newspaper Licensing Agency at PO Box 101. 13127 Vitrolles. Marseilles. Portugal. Kuscuburnu mevkii bati beton yolu no: 4 yazibasi torbali. Czech Republic.” It may be that the simple fact of seeing these two leaders on television in front of the same interrogators and audience weighs more heavily with voters than any judgment they may make on the candidates’ actual relative performances. He looked a bit leaden in the face of Paxman’s sly opening assault — food banks and zero-hours contracts — but the prime minister knew his facts. but what? There are two components. idealism and even ferocity in that performance were among his best yet. Well. you tell me.” At this point the Tories won. Maybe you’d need a video. mainly cloudy with some breaks in the cloud towards the west. Maximum 27C (81F). telephone 020-7782 5000. Ed will carry on his forehead. Ireland. Belarus. or Miliband’s brightly burning idealism or palpable wince when somebody mentioned David — may inform our settled judgment less than we felt at David Cameron improved after a slow start in the face of tricky questions the time. class resentment of what’s seen as a toffs’ party. Mermoz. Italy. Austria High pressure to the west keeping Iberia and Italy largely dry and sunny. The old. SE1 9GF. And second. 4 (Centro de Transportes de Coslada). They really don’t have any big issues with Conservative policies. 1300 Lefkosia. the better things look for the Tories. some sections of The Times are available only in the United Kingdom and Ireland ©TIMES NEWSPAPERS LIMITED. they don’t rate Miliband. British Isles Rain across Scotland. France. 4 4 16 18 17 15 15 20 15 26 16 14 3 10 15 Sleet Sunny Cloudy Sunny Sunny Fair Fair Sunny Sunny Sunny Cloudy Sunny Cloudy Shower Cloudy Nice Nicosia Oslo Paris Prague Reykjavik Rhodes Rome Salzburg St Petersburg Stockholm Tenerife Venice Vienna Warsaw 16 15 1 13 8 2 17 16 8 5 6 18 14 7 11 Sunny Rain Cloudy Drizzle Shower Sleet Rain Sunny Shower Cloudy Sunny Sunny Sunny Shower Shower The Balkans.uk Alicante Amsterdam Athens Barcelona Belgrade Berlin Brussels Bucharest Budapest Corfu Faro Florence Frankfurt Geneva Gibraltar 22 8 16 16 11 10 10 14 11 15 19 15 12 11 19 Sunny Drizzle Cloudy Sunny Drizzle Sunny Drizzle Drizzle Sunny Cloudy Sunny Sunny Sunny Cloudy Sunny Helsinki Innsbruck Istanbul Lanzarote Las Palmas Lisbon Madeira Madrid Majorca Malaga Malta Milan Moscow Munich Naples Benelux. 28820 Coslada. I was troubled only by the slight deadness behind the eyes that begins to afflict bosses when. “inexperienced”. In the hours following a memorable encounter it is hard to know which of the impressions it made upon us will last. Germany Rain spreading in from the west across the North Sea. Romania Patchy light rain moves slowly east across large swathes of Finland and the Baltic states. A Labour-supporting friend texted this to me in the minutes after the credits rolled: “Even moments after this programme.uk . though.weatherquest. minimum -1C (30F). min -16C (3F) Noon today Today’s temperatures forecast for noon 1040 1032 LOW 1000 992 992 1024 1016 LOW LOW 976 LOW 992 1000 984 1008 1000 1008 HIGH 1008 1016 1016 HIGH 1024 1032 HIGH Please note. light and patchy in the south. which I felt had been a great win for Ed Miliband.uk weatherq thetimes. after four or five years at the top. Cameron dealt well with audience questions. I thought Cameron was pretty good. Smurfit Kappa NewsPress Ltd. were it not for the flash of fire and steel that Jeremy Paxman’s attack on Ed Miliband managed to spark.uk. Slovakia Predominately dry.uk/animations Today Wet for many in the north and southeast of Europe. Before we’d even seen them. A campaign manager in the East Midlands tells me that this “simple. Spain. Cloudier over France. Kitling Road. There was no doubt. Holytown.” TV can do the surface well. Tarxien Road. 34 7 35 10 13 13 12 14 22 12 Forecast for noon today. Ukraine. Croatia. Portadown. Malta. But I had to tell them this (though. BT63 5YY. MOP. “Never mind whether you like us. Madrid. They could have judged it a thoroughly satisfactory evening. but some light rain over Hungary and eastern Poland. Limerick. Carn Web. Morland animation Knives are out for our political leaders as they cook up kitchen chaos thetimes. Great Cambridge Road. Santa Maria Dell Cami. I saw that Ed Miliband will carry on his forehead. visit our website: quest www. stayed upright and gave the best answers that someone for whom sympathetic handwringing is not an available response could do. but -16C (3F) over the Alps. telephone 020-7782 5400.co. Western Russia. this isn’t a beauty contest. and to his grave. but it will stay dry here. “inexperienced” we can hardly deny. Fourteen per cent of intending Labour voters told a recent Ashcroft poll of marginal seats: “I am satisfied with the job David Cameron is doing overall as prime minister.co.co. were vivid — almost thrilling. Somebody’s got to lead a government. Newsprint Italia srl. Mildly. 7320 Mallorca. 2235 Latsia. Malta. Watching Cameron I felt little beyond a mild sense of relief that this was not a disaster and a mild disappointment that it was not a triumph. Temperatures maximum for day. reaching as far north as Trondheim. Members of the public normally polarise the two leaders and compare without any prompting. telephone 01892 525274.A. Mediterranean Islands. to me.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 17 FGM comment pages of the year Why they must always be teenagers in love Janice Turner page 22 Opinion Tories can’t shake off the ‘nasty party’ tag Although David Cameron avoided any blunders in his TV interview. Emphatically. Print Division Limerick Press. Ioanni Kranidioti Avenue 206.co. Miliband versus Paxman — Greatest Hits. The Baltic states. people say no. They overwhelmingly trust its economic competence. A range of disobliging adjectives has been attached to the Labour leader by critics in recent months: “weird”. Denmark. Ireland. degrees C Speak directly to one of our forecasters on 09065 77 76 75 6am to 6pm daily (calls charged at £1. we each have our opinion on “weird”. Bermont S. clear messaging does seem to be paying off — not least on the doorstep. “not human”. Printed by Newsprinters (Broxbourne) Limited. Estetik. I used the word “annoys”): something about the Tory party really p****s the British people off. Poligono Industrial Estate. Unit 3. that Paxman had scratched the polish. Otherwise quieter. But I see now that people will never get over or forgive this man for the political assassination of his brother. in the conundrum that polling figures present us with. “immature” — I thought so. Sweden. voters rate Cameron. minimum -7C (19F). Finland. But the man we saw squaring up to Paxman looked very human — and human without seeming weak or vulnerable. You just can’t escape this. Do you trust Ed Miliband to do that?” Overwhelmingly. But vividness is of its very nature a thing of the moment. old story from Genesis must trigger some strange atavistic shudder within us. and Kay Burley’s questioning. minimum -2C (28F). showing in the polling booth as you finger the voting slip./Portugal. Carn Industrial Estate. the mark of Cain from impatience with a world that doesn’t understand how easy things are. They have a personable and energetic young candidate and a perfectly overturnable Lib Dem majority to face. Av. instinctive “oooh” from the audience when Ed was asked about David. Malta Airport. UAE. Prescot. 1 London Bridge Street. Cyprus. Byramsmuir Road. SE1 9GF. PO Box 485100. Merseyside. northern England and Wales around midday. the mark of Cain. minimum -8C (18F). On the economy they’re clear they’re with this government and what it’s doing. to impatience with a world that doesn’t understand how difficult. For in that sentence resides the core of the election strategy the Conservative party will be unrolling over the next six weeks. Maximum 13C (55F). Sta. It’s the missing jigsaw piece. Wind speed in mph. and to his grave. my doubts started to come back about him and whether he would make a good leader. How does David Cameron deal with this in the next six weeks? No. Greece Frequent showers some of which will be heavy and possibly thundery in places. By contrast there were points in Miliband’s clashes with Paxman that. Cruz de Tenerife. Motherwell. Dry and sunny over Iberia. Miliband must have firmed up some of his existing supporters’ confidence in their leader. They were a nice crowd. Max 27C (81F). Zone Aeropole. Arab Media Group. really. Poland. e-mail copy@nla. Zone Industrielle. e-mail syndication@thetimes. Maximum 13C (55F). light winds. and their own leader’s showing solid and convincing.” Yet something about voting Conservative sticks in the craw. Published and licensed for distribution in electronic and all other derivative forms by Times Newspapers Ltd. TF Print SA. but how deep can it get? Can it stay with people all the way into the polling booth? With Nick Clegg last time in 2010 it didn’t seem to. 38108 La Laguna. they cross to that side of the river from which none return: Matthew Parris T he moment that clinched Thursday night’s TV spectacular between the leaders of our two major parties came in the first twenty seconds. Corcanree Industrial Estate. Dubai. “weak”. Belgium. I liked them a lot. London. minimum -1C (30F). perhaps affecting Warsaw. LQA 05 Luqa. Av J. Waltham Cross. It came as Jeremy Paxman introduced them. Moments of passion. Avenue De L’Europe. First. Leader Print. Omniprint. Miller House. Outlook Staying unsettled across many areas. By no means always does it prove to be those that felt strongest at the time. not clearing until late evening. Miller Newsprint Ltd. L34 9HN. convinced me of something I had until then always thought unfair and likely to fade. I was speaking to a roomful of activists — the Cheltenham Conservative Association — on the evening of the TV discussion. Izmir. Norway. Italy. his party sticks in the craw of millions of voters The Tories will hope so after Thursday night. Edifico Multiusos. Nave Omniprint. Thereafter. Turkey. I . It was this that gave Ed Miliband his advantage. Kells Industrial Estate. Audience response. minimum -1C (30F). Hungary. though. Maximum 13C (55F). catching my sympathies. a suspicion that Tories aren’t very nice or sympathetic people. 1 London Bridge Street. So the more insistently and the more often voters can be prompted to see this as the operative question. For all other reproduction and licensing inquiries contact Syndication Department. Poligono Industrial Los Majuelos. He said this: “David Cameron and Ed Miliband are the only people with a genuine chance of forming the next government. Via Campania 12. the Higgs boson particle. London. County Meath. Newsprinters (Eurocentral) Limited. Turkey. Maximum 21C (70F). TN1 1WX.

it gradually diminished in influence. Both readily occur in gardens. medicinal and viniculture value. box and all. And now. we must never take spring for granted. Crikey. This is no way to live. The common bee fly is. Of course he takes himself seriously. are to be made public. They’re the late-night rages of Mr Angry of Highgrove. This is not a republican point. it doesn’t really. dandelion and burdock. To expert botanists. too adaptable and exploitative: it refuses to be controlled. only she did it after her death in 1997. “Now we shall learn whether Prince Charles has betrayed the principle of royal impartiality!” It seems to me that we have this backwards. Leafing through Hello! or sighing about Broadchurch. and alternative medicine and generally approves of Goddish stuff. h to be in April now that April’s nearly here! So might Browning have written in his eulogy for the coming month. in as much as I actually care. swallow the next. What matters is whether the PM gives a damn. Despite its diminutive size and prostrate habit. These spring sprites delight along sunny banks adorned with celandines. Matthew Oates’s book In Pursuit of Butterflies will be published by Bloomsbury in June . The circus that surrounded it not only forced a great humbling of the House of Windsor. Think of rabbit food. Princess of Wales. at a freedom of information tribunal. It can’t be done. many seriously rare such as the fen dandelion. But these markings become invisible within the blur of frenetic beating wings. There’s no scandal here. Damn it. rigid horizontal proboscis (pictured. Princess of Wales. and March’s brooding incipiency and growing yearning. and has culinary. Let the poor man say what he likes. Better now. if the prince wants to believe otherwise. somewhere between the nation’s funny uncle and its adorable nephew. And when the plants have finished flowering. Spring sprites A lso integral to April are bee flies — those curious longtongued insects that hover. with elements of a loyal. with this love principally being of the “shoot lots of them” variety. the Supreme Court decreed that the “black spider memos”. It is a pioneer coloniser of bare ground. in fits and starts. the Bacchanalian riot that is fullspring will envelop us. our so-called common dandelion is a fascinating complex of some 200 micro-species. April makes us believe in miracles — and any caterpillar green with envy. but that is no bad thing as early and rapid springs tend to run out of steam and end in tears — the tears of endless rain. and start to appreciate and value the dandelion. dandelion tea and wine. But these pleasant-looking flies are actually thugs. than they did when Gordon Brown was in office. certainly. We have two early spring species: the common bee fly. there could be no spring. however much he has sought to lobby. no shame on him for trying. and the way they “went to the top of the pile”. up there with the selfconfidence to wear a double-breasted suit. Charles: The Heart of a King. We could send him places. as their larvae are parasites of the larvae of mining bees. for that would devalue it. so no wonder Charles wants to live differently. but it is too clever for us — too resilient. on the forelocktugging crawlers of Westminster. albeit perhaps not a vital one. who set the template for the 21st-century royal. for it is one of the most beautiful and useful of our native herbs — of immense value to spring insects as a source of nectar and pollen. Matthew Oates Nature Notebook Dandelions bring the colour back to roadsides M illions of us hurtle past without noticing the white flowers of Danish scurvy-grass that are now prominent along our arterial road network. Diana. and poor ma’am must have done a good deal of weary blinking. He likes buildings to be pretty and he talks to plants. Where’s the harm? Try explaining the House of Lords to an American without blushing. if so. And there wouldn’t even be the danger of him ever actually saying anything. to sip nectar through a thick. we are in a post-influence age. Their new function. mechanical disturbance or even herbicide spraying has created pockets in which seedlings can establish themselves. but why did they care? My worry with those who feel the prince’s messages should be public is that they seem to be arguing the exact opposite of the case they ought to be. Five years ago. Enjoy them anyway. their parachute seeds drift idly by. and I think we all do. but the ambition here seemed to go so much further. it is as though they are in The West Wing. Today we may be affectionate. a former special adviser to various New Labour ministers spoke of the “great reverence” with which Charles’s missives were received. and threw democracy out the window. butterflies. you could only think . They’re the green ink letters to the press. “Who the hell do you think you are?” is really not a question you can ask a man destined for his own sceptre. or even adoring. Spring needs to be slow and sure to succeed. Which is why. . Most of all. for this is no mere metamorphosis. Think of childhood. while the common bee fly’s back end is a uniform mid-brown. Perhaps our attitude to dandelions illustrates much of what is wrong with our relationship with nature. very soon. which perhaps justifies the existence of winter — for without winter. Indeed. looking picturesque. Nobody knows quite how they go. It is preposterous that we vilify this plant. And there’s nothing much they can do about it. Even then. A firm belief in your own exceptionalism should be a given for a future king. yet perhaps quite dim. Although I daresay it would cause quite a stir if he did. and respect it? Surely we need a National Dandelion Fortnight each April to celebrate its annual appearance on our verges. right? Full marks for the charity stuff. particularly those where drought. Wii boxing tournament or not. They make people feel happy and they seem to be nice enough bunch of folk. For two heady weeks their diadems will be rampant along our verges. Proper royal power got the axe along with that first Charles’s head. really. and utterly forget autumn’s inexorable decline. they constitute a core component. The plant has many alluring vernacular names. they just sit there. it was Diana. He likes the environment. The point at which you start getting worried is when others take him seriously. This week. was just how seriously his court seems to take itself. These hairs are prominent in all but the most worn specimens. wouldn’t you? Shame. hummingbird-like. Indeed. idealism and passion with which the Caroline Court believes it has a role in Modern Britain. who saw a royal seal on their desks. Only. that’s the real scandal. It brings a miraculous and total transformation of time and place. for what? I mean. so numbers increased in Britain more than any other plant in recent years. they wouldn’t matter at all. from spring to early summer. believing these meetings should be recorded. In the garden they favour aubrieta and honesty. dandelions and primroses. bringing new miracles each day — cuckoo one day. but also prompted a new accommodation in the British mind as to what royalty was actually for. The dotted bee fly is a good-news story. famously. we should be. Perhaps we need to flip this coin over. Crucially. winter’s stagnant tedium. which bears a prominent dark stripe along the front April calling O The dandelion’s reputation needs a lift edge of its wings. actually. It’s 2015. then we could pack him up and send him home again. set the template for a modern monarchy Whereas the royals are easy. the crowds would wave flags. Bring it on.18 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times Opinion The Windsors are now our loyal but dim pets The royal family’s response to the death of Diana ensured we feel affection for them. left). such as cankerwort. I think they’re missing the point. He is an animal lover. The monarchy is not what it was. It is time to immerse ourselves in a month of rebirth. I only care if it has worked. Or. It is rich in vitamin C. too. it’s almost better than fine. but it relishes the copious amounts of salt we spread on our major roads. too. Everybody knows this. April is the month that redeems us from the wasteland of winter. when I’d imagine phrases such as “fiscal consolidation” must have been thrown about fairly ceaselessly. moderately common. There are numerous allied species too. fighting savage turf wars for his (quite splendid) ear. hence the name — at least we should not suffer from scurvy while stuck in bank holiday traffic jams. Pomposity is part of the package. dreamt of garden parties. This spring has been a slow burner. I’d like to think they sometimes just lark about. for dandelion seed clocks are as essential to childhood as daisy chains and sandcastles. and I could knock out his letters myself. They’re the problem Britain needs to solve. Soon. that’s fine. a former rarity that has expanded its range from the far south in recent years. true to its name. Possibly. Really? New Labour ministers were doing this? Not just pretending to? Because. but we still seem to suffer some confusion about what it now actually is. is to be patronised. Give me half an hour. But soon it will make way for a far more wonderful roadshow: in midApril the dandelions will take over. . “Aha!” seems to have been the response of many. of Britishness itself. pet labrador. We can adore them or be beastly to them as the whim strikes us. We want to be in control of this plant. Because that’s simply not what they are. In a sane and sensible nation. In a similar sense. Does the monarch have a Wii? Maybe the boxing game? Some might feel it an outrage that we shall never know. or to blithely walk around with one hand behind your other elbow. It doesn’t matter what the Queen thinks. rather. and the dotted bee fly which has small dark wing spots instead. but a resurrection of all being. but we are also in charge. then the very last thing you start doing is treating his declarations as though they were memos between government departments. written by the Prince of Wales to ministers. It originated as a coastal species. The simplest way to separate the two species is by the dense black hairs on the rear of the abdomen of the dotted bee fly. I should think. and a scratchy black pen. Half the time. the dream modern royal would be Richard III. Think of bees. Thereafter. its abundance along the tarmac edge makes it the motorway plant of early spring. orb and crown. It’s hardly secret. I think. The memos are the late-night rages of Mr Angry of Highgrove surely. favouring saltspray zones. the Queen and her prime minister have a little meeting. The most striking thing about Catherine Mayer’s recent unauthorised biography. he’s only Prince Charles. but no sense of servility Hugo Rifkind @hugorifkind O nce a week. I’m probably a monarchist. lion’s tooth and witch’s gowan. does it? Still. a relatively distinctive species in wet grasslands. provided it doesn’t get too carried away. Everybody already knows what Prince Charles thinks. Reading about all this. The only real scandal would be if anybody in real control of anything at all read one of them and cared. Not him. Not for a moment do I doubt the sincerity. If you want a truly impartial monarchy. if we aren’t. he may even have convinced himself he’s pulled it off.

a first officer. The choice is yours: can a third-rate moralist truly be a first-rate writer? . What little delicacy and ambiguity survives the story is then entirely crushed by the authorial polemic against sexual liberty that follows. but the paradox of boredom while carrying the onerous responsibility for hundreds of passengers’ safety is a recent phenomenon and its effect on pilots’ state of mind needs studying. with Lenin himself praising the writer’s “pent-up hatred”. his sheer intellectual arrogance. with BBC Radio 4 broadcasting a ten-hour adaptation of the novel on New Year’s Day and a six-part television series expected later this year. each sin laid out in a pettifogging taxonomy that contains at least three varieties of impulsiveness and four of apathy. A superb analysis of the young Tolstoy’s diaries published in His dictatorial spirit drove Anna Karenina under the train wheels December by the Russian scholar Irina Paperno reveals this same soulscourging tendency in page after page of minutely catalogued reproaches against himself. The courses they go on will differ but most begin with a basic psychometric test of the kind countless companies now use. is he or she able to get us all back to safety?” The tragedy of the A320 crash in the Alps on Tuesday has highlighted problems with cockpit security but the greatest problem of all is pilots’ mental health. This lets him off the hook far too easily. For all his rambling forays into historiography and for all his windiness. who had started well but had become confrontational. at every other twist of War and Peace. . with the result that sexual vices and diseases have come to be the normal conditions of the period of tender youth . the colleague put his head in his hands and sobbed: “She’s dying and I don’t know what to do. Commercial jets once had a standard cockpit crew of five: a captain. “All the elements of our modern life. I ran a role-playing exercise.” he wrote in 1889. He never stopped. we’ve simply come to rely on new technology and found ourselves surprised when it does something we didn’t think it would do. 757 and 767 jets words. heavyhanded preachiness. professional pilot to an angry. he says. And I am of the opinion that this is not right.680 hours of my life sitting in a small room at the front of an aircraft with a colleague whom I may only have met minutes before. “At Ozerov’s argued about nothing (habit of arguing) and did not talk about what I should have talked about (cowardice). occasionally untidy and needed guidance. Imagine that we are half way across the north Atlantic heading for Florida with 300 passengers on board. This is the dictatorial spirit that tells the reader what to think. Yet too many people have lost their lives due to mental health problems in the aviation industry. But in his determinism. and a reductive. Being a pilot is still regarded as a glamorous career but much has changed since the glory days of the 1960s and 1970s and its effect on pilots’ state of mind is insufficiently understood. The sound of his wife playing Beethoven with a violinist so disturbed the balance of his wits. Today. been late for a number of flights.” And so on for thousands of “what’s it doing now?” can sometimes still be heard in cockpits. more accurate navigation systems and fault recognition technology were a huge leap forward in safety. that he accused her of adultery and eventually stabbed her to death with a dagger. The protagonist. the colleague became obstructive and sullen to the point where the prospective mentor became angry. Many pilots fill the time by reading books or newspapers but for others. 1851. tests on their flying skills and a medical exam. Poor old Pozdnyshev gets the exoneration he craves. I fear. played by an actor. I did not escort him out (cowardice). And I don’t claim to be better in this respect than any of my fellow pilots.” It is hard to get away from Tolstoy officer. I have trained dozens of pilots during my 33-year career in commercial air travel and have been struck by the scant attention paid to this issue by airlines and regulators and the patchwork of testing standards used across Europe and the rest of the world. Andreas Lubitz would have gone through all this in preparation for his career. This is the force that drives Anna Karenina beneath the wheels of a train and has the gall to sermonise about it afterwards. is growing. Does this matter? That is entirely down to the reader. Most critical attacks on Tolstoy circle back in the end to this novella. consuming flame. boredom and restlessness set in. a navigator and a radio in the 150th anniversary of the first instalments of the novel that would eventually be called War and Peace. No one had recognised the signs. No bad thing — the aviation industry would be nowhere without advances in technology. There is something judgmental and neurotic. “Koloshin came to drink vodka. his obsession with purity. During his “interview”. when training experienced pilots to become mentors to groups of junior pilots. Tolstoy was a superb writer but a lousy thinker. most pilots will typically do two cockpit simulator checks and a number of ground school classes on human factors. “from the pictures on the little boxes of sweetmeats up to the novel. If successful. This creates its own potential hazard. The proportion of an airliner’s flight controlled by computer. though. Seldom will mental health be discussed. contribute to fan this sensuality into a strong. . The moving map displays. the danger is that something similar could happen again. Émile Zola. I glance across at my colleague and think: “If something happens to me. how to be. The same focus is needed on their mental health ENTERPRISE NEWS AND PICTURES John Mahon @ham_rambler I have spent 14. None of this is to excuse what was a selfish act of mass murder by Andreas Lubitz this week. he has more in common with the Islamist ideologues of the last century than with Chekhov or Dostoyevsky. But until the airline industry and its regulators take more seriously the mental health of pilots around the world. to an ascetic and deeply eccentric brand of Christianity. Many years later. a flight engineer. safety equipment and technical knowledge of the aircraft. A wave of Tolstoiana is breaking over the world. not the pilot. even fanatical. It may seem a luxury to many. I failed to spot the signs in a colleague who went from being a happy. It was no accident that the USSR’s cultural autocrats put Tolstoy at the top of their literary tree. The winds are not quite as helpful as forecast. This is bang on the money. The disturbing comment ‘What’s it doing now?’ can sometimes still be heard in cockpits Commercial jets once had a cockpit crew of five.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 19 FGM Opinion We need to relieve the pressure on pilots The technical ability of the cockpit crew is closely monitored. The prospective mentor had to work with a colleague. Just at that moment. Our brains required us to adapt to the fact that so much of a flight is now flown by computer.” You could have heard a pin drop. one of his last and nastiest books.” the 22-year-old Tolstoy wrote on March 24. they will then go through a flying school for the basic stuff. because it embodies the two most unappealing features of his work: a slight and slighting regard for women. We need to focus and train much more on how to react when it goes wrong. It is customary to put this down to the feverish puritanism of Tolstoy’s later years after his conversion. simulator training for the type of aircraft they will fly. no stranger to the darker pathologies of the human spirit. We know that he took time It’s a pity arrogant Tolstoy was such a lousy thinker Oliver Moody L eo Tolstoy would have made a fine Ukipper. Did not go to Beklemishev’s (weakness of energy). But instead. and the weather at our destination is looking like it might deteriorate. we have two. This festival of adulation tells only half the story. has intensified demand for new pilots. Pozdnyshev. few question Tolstoy’s skill as an architect of narrative. tells a group of strangers on a train about his failing marriage. The growth in low-cost airlines. right now. in about 1880. I know this from first-hand experience. called the story “a nightmare born of a diseased imagination” and dismissed Tolstoy as “a compound of a monk of the Middle Ages and a modern Slav”. depressed individual who took his own life. Once. technology means two can fly a plane like this Germanwings A320 out from his training to be treated for depression but should he not have been made to have many more follow-up mental health tests once he started flying? During the course of a year. Today. about much of the count’s writing. the tale and the poem. The bitch clearly had it coming. The advent of computer technology has made the other positions redundant. The thing that didn’t change so quickly was us. We have been unable to get to the desired altitude because of other traffic. John Mahon is a training captain for Airbus A320 and Boeing 737. The passage quoted above comes from an epilogue tacked on to the end of The Kreutzer Sonata. as well as the increase in those from the Middle and Far East.

acute depression with disordered suicidal thinking can strike very quickly. The government cannot complain to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Moreover. and Sir. dr vik watts The Priory Hospital North London. If he applied. then the unfortunate chap chosen to tumble from one end to the other would repeatedly strike his head. He has built a reputation for not letting anyone wriggle off the hook. guns. On Thursday the weather improved enough for the bombardment to begin again. Mar 24. multiple bills are rounded up and down to the nearest 5 cents. so it’s fair to ask: why shouldn’t he be able to write privately to government ministers in the way the rest of us might? That said. so that scientists could find about more about his diet and lifestyle. everything — just a tangled heap of barbed wire entanglements and shapeless mounds of earth. Parliament decided in 2000. paul thomas Economics department. Better knowledge of the details behind a party’s policy will help voters to make informed decisions.uk or by post to Feedback. 1 London Bridge Street. and by 1 o’clock one fort had ceased firing entirely and the other had slackened down. 1915 WRECKING FORTS IN THE STRAITS This letter from a naval officer describes the bombardment of the Dardanelles: We are having a most exciting time. and then the “cease fire” sounded and I came up from below and looked at the forts. that Bach composed so much church music one of the Frenchmen without doing any damage. and let media coverage of the election be what it so desperately needs to be. A tour de force from Mr Paxman. That. who had been busy all night clearing a passage. I was educated to believe that. This was an opportunity for each leader to be grilled for 20 minutes. It would indeed have been remarkable if Bach had been asked to write about evolution: he died more than a century before On the Origin of Species was published. However.co. The court ruled that the ministerial veto against disclosure was invalid. Unless the “gravity tunnel” goes from the North Pole to the South Pole. Before you had time to say “By Jove” there was a deafening crash. Let Downton Abbey and The Thick of It carry on being as brilliant as they are. the court would almost certainly ask the British government for “interim measures”. our men had to up anchor and fire steaming about. Messiaen and Macmillan have continued to be inspired by their Christian faith. and not the slightest attempt was made to interfere with them. in in an age in which we value transparency. The Times. It is a myth that the royal family does not use the law to protect its privacy. This country produces some of the best TV drama and entertainment in the world. London SE1 9GF Prince Charles and the ‘black spider’ ruling Paxman politics Sir. especially that of one ship. The Supreme Court decision on the Prince of Wales’s “black spider memos” is worrying (reports and Opinion. Glos Bones of the Bard Sir. round. Parliament very clearly conferred a power of veto on the government. overall. were engaged in proper archaeology while acting as cover. by majority. Should not letters written in private on the understanding of both the writer and the recipient that they will remain so not also be given the same courtesy? david w melville Windsor only because he lived in a time when he had to be religious and that we will never know what he “might have produced if he’d been commissioned to do the Evolution Oratorio” (Arts. Stravinsky. On the Asiatic side the land rises rapidly to a fine bold cliff. so that the data is immediately accessible even if the aircraft’s black box is lost? john heywood Farnham Common. Mar 27). one of whom was Leonard Woolley. Perhaps airlines should follow the example of El Al. They had gone — men.uk TE Lawrence ‘sham’ Sir. Cambridge Sir. he did not say that it was a “bubble . Psychometric testing and peer surveillance are hugely deficient in identifying individuals with mental health problems (reports. notably Kadesh (associated with Moses) is still highly regarded — and their struggle to bring out their 166page Wilderness of Zin report to the Palestine Exploration Fund delayed Lawrence’s entry into the Army until after the First World War had begun. Paxman blew it. The court’s aims were admirable: upholding the rule of law by protecting judicial review. I daily treat addicts who have evaded discovery and held important positions for many years. When Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were engaged they successfully went to court to stop publication of their intercepted telephone calls. Mar 27). Stowe School Sir. Hence. Bucks Sir. Greater Manchester Origin of music Sir. when they waited till we got close and our ships were at anchor so as to be steadier for firing. it’s obvious that a letter from the future head of state will carry a lot more weight than one from some ordinary mortal. Then the French went in with two battleships in line ahead. Peterborough Core of the matter Sir. but it was unnecessary. Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Sir. you can’t buy “Twickers Knickers” at St James’ Park either. Yet my husband will not let me wear his team’s shirt if we go to a football match for fear of someone picking on us. Prince Charles is a British citizen. Often. My parents took my sisters and me to many games at Twickers when we were young. and during the meal I asked him about his interviewing technique. and just astern of us was one of those first-class light cruisers of ours. Mar 27). and on the other why composers such as Bruckner. james michael Senior associate research fellow. he would probably be unconscious before he experienced being vaporised as he passed through the Earth’s core. I wholeheartedly agree with George Cohen (Thunderer. Requests for corrections or clarifications should be sent by email to feedback@thetimes. One fact was clear from the question and answer session. The interpretation of the act put forward by the Supreme Court is cloak-anddagger legal change through the back door. . and “theatre” of media engagement with politicians. Jeremy Paxman is sure he would be a finer prime minister than either David Cameron or Ed Miliband. and do not try to bully supporters of the opposing team. to give the government a power to veto judicial determinations under the Freedom of Information Act. just as we had done.thetimes. peter crowther Reading Having a ball Sir. Their survey of pre-Byzantine sites. then. whose cockpits have direct access to a restroom without pilots having to leave the cockpit. London SE1 9GF Saturday March 28 2015 | the times Sir. the rev andrew mcluskey Staines. particularly if the on this day march 28. only losers. The forthcoming election finds the UK at a crossroads. Times2.co. Mar 26). brian king Swindon Sir. dr richard long Bromsberrow Heath. graeme warner Whitefield. david robson Oxford Not a penny more Sir. Surrey Sir. London N14 Sir. the Supreme Court’s decision is surely the right one. Our firing was excellent. with a village behind called Yeni-Shehr. They hit one of our ships and Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations. One saw this in all its glory on Thursday with David Cameron bowled first ball and Ed Miliband looking out of his depth. Kent aircraft has crashed into the sea. Why. not like the previous Friday. Jack Malvern rates as “sham” the Sinai expedition in which TE Lawrence took part in 1914 (“Thief snatches Lawrence of Arabia historic letters”.uk or by post to 1 London Bridge Street. however. Let the Bank of England start this process by getting rid of 1p and 2p coins now. political debate leading to amendment of the Act is what is called for. abi smith Billingshurst. but what did he hope to achieve by continually pressing Miliband for a figure on the maximum number of people the UK can support. mark benson London NW11 Sir. There were no winners in the TV debate. Whenever there is airline disaster a frantic search ensues for the flight recorder. and preserving the finality of judicial decisions. Ed Conway (Opinion. during an interview with Ed Potton. thereby squandering our chance to obtain much-needed information. on top of which stand nine windmills all close together. Perhaps we should design aircraft with three in the cockpit. Richard Dawkins says. or by asking Cameron repeatedly if he could live on a zero-hours contract? By far the biggest loser. Mar 24). william hustwayte Orton Brimbles. though. cheering and exchanging banter. ted corbett Ramsey.co. Mar 26) calls for the abolition of cash. Very fine explosions they made too.000ft when. Solihull Sir. Mar 25) that rugby is a game of bravery watched by supporters who admire the game for what it is. cdc armstrong Belfast landed demolition parties to blow up the forts. We were lying about a mile off. The Supreme Court. because the government cannot be a “victim”. which is another good reason to give football a kick into touch. Mar 27) that Shakespeare would have relished the opportunity for his skeleton to exhumed. and out again. The Turks returned the fire at once. sign up for a weekly email with extracts from the times history of the war ww1. was the electorate. interpreted this power such that there are practically no circumstances in which it can be exercised. after much debate. Cambs Corrections and clarifications 6 We have been asked to clarify that although Sir Michael Moritz said there would be “some sort of setback” in Silicon Valley. Of course. He could claim that his privacy right under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights would be violated if his letters were published. so our squadron moved out. He told me to look out for his first question as he usually tried to discomfit and unnerve the interviewee. dr philip murray Fellow and director of studies in law. Could it be that Prince Charles is an easier target? amy wade Cranbrook. has to end. is 21st-century thinking at its most bizarre. In this way. On the day that MPs in the Commons vote against a secret ballot for their Speaker the Supreme Court rules that Prince Charles’s letters to various government ministers should be made open to public scrutiny. Mar 27). the like of which I could hardly have imagined possible. Like many others. Still. though. Why cannot the data in the recorder be relayed continuously to a separate location. Elections should be secret. He was patronising and disrespectful. Everybody went to their station and for about 20 minutes we steamed in. Poulenc. although the monarch must express only neutral comments in public. Although it is true that. The Supreme Court says that the letters written by Prince Charles must be made public under the Airline safety Sir. the heir to the throne is free to voice his own opinions on any subject — until he becomes monarch. Who uses them except petrol stations? Australia and Canada abolished their copper coinage years ago. . W Sussex . about to burst” (Business. Next day we went right inside the mine-sweepers. This is particularly important where the government disagrees with a court’s assessment of whether disclosure is in the public interest. Mar 26). some hundred or so Turkish soldiers who were hiding in or behind them fired a volley at it. What Professor Dawkins should try to explain to us is on the one hand why a century and a half of Darwinist science has not led to any great music. If we are unhappy with that. One was Paxman himself. A seaplane had gone inland to reconnoitre and was returning at a height of about 2. that is not to publish the letters until the case is decided. and has put our constitution on much wobblier foundations. but Prince Charles could.20 FGM Letters to the Editor Letters to the Editor should be sent to letters@thetimes. and letters. it was a UK military reconnaissance on the recently adjusted Ottoman/British Egypt frontier. just as it passed over the windmills. the court forgot the founding principle of our constitution: parliamentary sovereignty. It is hard to find any justification for the publication of Prince Charles’s letters while those between Tony Blair and George Bush remain confidential and unpublished by the Chilcott inquiry. and as a consequence viewers were left with little knowledge gained — but quite possibly more frustration and annoyance with UK politics. is there so much indignation about Prince Charles’s opinions? anne harris Knowle. The sensationalisation of politics. Five years ago I had dinner with Jeremy Paxman in Winchester. and when the smoke had cleared those windmills had been removed! That little cruiser had sighted and hit and wiped out those Turks almost before they had had time to see the result of their shots at the seaplane. Jeremy Paxman’s interviewing style and technique in the first TV election debate was wholly inappropriate (reports. St John’s College. We are committed to abiding by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (“IPSO”) rules and regulations and the Editors’ Code of Practice that IPSO enforces. I regularly lay flowers on the Bard’s grave and am touched by the simple words inscribed on it: the plea to future generations to leave his bones alone. is not necessarily the end of it. it is damaged or cannot be found. there is no doubt that he and his colleagues. and we sat among rival fans. We were ordered to steam in at 14 knots to a range of about 3000 yards and finish the forts completely. the work was over. elbows and knees on the tunnel’s leading wall (inward journey) and trailing wall (outward journey) due to the Coriolis effect from the Earth’s spin (report. It is not obvious which is the worse decision. Ben Macintyre’s suggestion (Opinion. The crashes of our guns sounded almost continuously.

chief executive. The Pajama Game (2013). In fact he may have been counting on that extra six weeks of campaigning to neutralise his opposition rival. broadcaster. England cricket captain (1999-2003) and broadcaster. Christians were yesterday piling into buses to evacuate the northern city of Kano. There are also specific rumours that cling to Shakespeare that could be settled — that he was addicted to dope and suffered from venereal disease. Sir John Major. The informal arrangement that the post of head of state should be shared out alternately between northern and southern Nigerians was thrown out of kilter in 2010 by the death in office of President Umaru Yar’Adua. Shakespeare was. one that is sensitive to the needs of all of its citizens. be required. 72. 60. Modern techniques of investigation mean we can now respectfully learn a great deal from the bones of the deceased. and make further enquiries if anything is deemed amiss. on the other hand. suggesting that frictions between Muslims and Christians will increase rather than diminish. keyboard player. Peter Hinchcliffe. Mr Jonathan’s patchy record in government over the past four years does not inspire confidence.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 21 FGM Leading articles Daily Universal Register Today: The Conservatives hold their spring forum in Manchester. Perhaps science can finally confound the persistent believers that Shakespeare must have been of noble birth in a way that mere lack of evidence cannot. Tomorrow: Palm Sunday. Shakespeare himself seems to counsel against this course. 62. a Lord Justice of Appeal (1989-2000). Mr Jonathan. choosing to end the lives of 149 other human beings as well as his own. of course. Northern Ireland v Finland and the Republic of Ireland v Poland. actor. a military dictator in the 1980s. the corruption of the political and business elites remains a fundamental problem. during which their examiner is asked also to form an impression of their emotional stability. film director Notes on a Scandal (2007) and theatre director. Had this rule been in place on Flight 4U9525. 75. It has long been thought that interrupting the dead is a form of desecration but that is no longer true. in now seeking a second term. he appears to have hidden them from Lufthansa. TSB Group (198688). As they do so. of course. 66. Tuesday’s tragedy. may cause some travellers to reconsider. Simon Bazalgette. not watching their progress on a computer screen 35. More has been learnt of the lives of Miguel de Cervantes and Pablo Neruda from exhuming their remains and subjecting them to DNA tests. The country is incomparably freer than under its various military dictatorships. There hangs over the administration a sense that the democratic process is being bent around a single priority — to perpetuate rule from the south. 57. organist and master of the choristers. The international airline authorities need to mandate the introduction of regular psychiatric tests as part of the process of gaining and keeping a pilot’s licence. 72. Birthdays tomorrow Dame Fiona Reynolds. pilot error is a factor in half of all fatal air accidents. Shakespeare’s resting place falls within the Diocese of Coventry. Priti Patel. chairman of the Conservative Party (1985-87). Professor Alison Macfarlane. with all others. with those in the cockpit performing more as systems operators than aviators. 100. psychiatrist and convenor. 72. The main barrier to pilotless passenger travel is psychological. literary agent. (2010). cofounder. Marks & Spencer. Sir Roy Beldam. . director-general. Sky Sports. Sir Richard Eyre. 47. Shaun the Sheep sculptures appear across London to raise funds for children’s hospitals.000 feet below. The engraving on his tomb at Holy Trinity church in Stratford-upon-Avon warns off future searches: “Good frend for Jesus sake forebeare. has in the past favoured the general use of sharia. British Summer Time begins at 1am. The country. they proudly proclaim. prime minister (1990-97). pictured. As things stand. Another 500 women and children have disappeared in the past week from a contested town. is on the brink: if the election is mismanaged or manipulated there is likely to be widespread communal violence. a recorder of the Crown Court (1972-76). 73. the Cricket World Cup final in Melbourne is between Australia and New Zealand. Suffolk Summer (1948) Direction of Travel This week’s appalling tragedy in the Alps must lead to more regular and comprehensive mental health screening for aircrew When an individual does something as outrageously depraved as Andreas Lubitz did on Tuesday. one that addresses the huge wealth gap. started reforming agriculture to provide jobs. That incident alone should have provided cause for Lubitz’s superiors to monitor his mood very closely. supposedly for security reasons. 77. 71. Henry Bellingham. he can buckle up and take off. The Stranglers. Conservative MP. The cabinet has tackled inflation. a northerner. Saracens. Euro 2016 matches include Scotland v Gibraltar. We know very little of the life of William Shakespeare and the means now exist to learn more. Classic FM. Army in the Wings Nigeria’s elections may well result in a dangerous stalemate Nigeria votes today in what is set to be the tightest and most important election since the end of military rule 16 years ago. as well as Thomas More. Professor James Diggle. author. film director. classicist. There have been achievements. That leads to the second issue raised by this tragedy: the need for European airlines.” This is. Yet the airline. Bevis Hillier. Golden Brown (1981). Cambridge. Dave Greenfield. the Jockey Club. 60. It is hardly a controversial judgment to say that this country’s greatest writer is the greatest of them all. as he wrote in Richard III. The Wit and Wisdom of GK Chesterton. master. Essex. Sir John Read. The new leader of Nigeria must look beyond satisfying cronies and buying blocks of supporters towards a vision of the future for a more integrated society. The permission of the church would. Lubitz would not have been in the cockpit of the Germanwings A320 on Tuesday with a diagnosed heart condition. 56. Yet there is a real risk that a political stalemate in the coming weeks could lead to prolonged unrest and open the door for the return to power of an already restless army. Sick men. his employer. Imperial War Museum. 84./ And curst be he that moves my bones. John Suchet. Lord (Norman) Tebbit. Chris Ashton. Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994). The president postponed the elections. and if his fellow crew members do not report any erratic behaviour. The incidence of pilots of passenger planes deliberately crashing those planes is mercifully rare. in common. Even so./ Blese be the man that spares thes stones. Aeroplanes are steadily getting safer. Beyond that. 53.” American soldier John Tate Appleby. Grandma Mole in The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13¾ (Leicester Theatre). the human component risks becoming aviation’s weak link. pictured. Mike Newell. fearing there was trouble ahead. the funeral takes place in Singapore of Lee Kuan Yew. in line with American carriers. No one who has witnessed Nigeria struggle towards proud democratic statehood would welcome this outcome. That said. Starlight Express (1984) and co-librettist. Military testing has shown that drones have become much more reliable and less accident-prone the more automated they have become. that Richard III’s low reputation is owed. Julie Goodyear. lyricist. Rosemary Ashe. they open their windows wide to admit it at all seasons and they consider it the source and prime cause of all their national virtues and characteristics. not a barrier to science. flown by computer and supervised from the ground as with a drone. The Nigerian army has. it might be argued. Yet the consequences of his mental ill-health were greatly more lethal than if he had suffered a heart attack.30hrs worldwide to mark Earth Hour. originally scheduled for February 14. actor and comedian best known for the Monty Python series and films. however. to introduce the two-person cockpit rule. Some experts predict totally pilotless planes for freight transport within 20 years. where the bishop is Christopher Cocksworth. Sir Richard Stilgoe. He was slow in tackling the terrorist challenge of Boko Haram in the northeast provinces. soprano. This ensures a pilot is never alone in the cockpit — when one leaves for any reason. 73. One possible solution in the long term could be the introduction of pilotless planes. 75. The ex-military man. 72. Like every other mortal. Whatever recent mental health problems Lubitz was suffering. He is a devout Muslim from the northern provinces and he promises that all Nigerians will feel safe again under his rule. despite some reshuffling of commanders. Secrets from the Grave The church should permit a discreet extraction of Shakespeare’s DNA The grave was once the final resting place. chairman. 90. great swathes of the nation will feel cheated. the flying public wants to know a reassuring. The technology and trialling of unmanned aircraft. Although many flights are already made almost entirely on autopilot. exchequer secretary to the Treasury and Conservative MP for Witham. has reinvented himself as the champion of a united democratic opposition. Africa needs a strongly governed democratic Nigeria. 71. 73. It is time to start putting him back together. Sick men. Parkinson. Lord (James) Alderdice. 43. although the company was aware that he had suffered depression during his pilot training six years ago. depression serious enough for him to break off training for several months. 68. The last word “The English climate is the vilest in the whole wide world. North West Norfolk. Gillon Aitken. The Phantom of the Opera. Martin Neary. smartly-uniformed figure is on board. ITN Newsreader (19722004) and now presenter. the Scottish National Party conference begins in Glasgow. Brendan Gleeson. has stoked suspicion in the north. it is tempting to conclude that no amount of checks could have prevented such an egregious deed. Marc Bolland. Birthdays today Sir Michael Parkinson. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010). Eric Idle. “crack’d in pieces by malignant Death”. rugby union player. Lord (Neil) Kinnock. Iceland Frozen Foods. President Goodluck Jonathan’s bid for re-election was always going to be volatile. best known as Bet Lynch in Coronation Street (1966-2003). has no formal specific system of mental health screening for its aircrews at all. Nasser Hussain. when one of those uniformed figures turned into the author of so much destruction./ To digg the dust encloased heare. a pilot’s fitness to fly is determined by self-policing and by the vigilance of his or her colleagues. pilots across the world face regular physical assessments. Wales play Israel in a Euro 2016 qualifying match. is well-advanced. It is to Shakespeare. His reburial has allowed scholars to replenish the historical record of his life and death and the same could now be done for Shakespeare. General Muhammadu Buhari. mass murder would likely have been averted. its performance in the face of a real terrorist threat has been at best lethargic. chief executive. no mechanism exists by which his employer can uncover the problem. This situation is not satisfactory. General Buhari. Diane Lees. failed to rescue the 200 school girls abducted by the Islamist group. 60. however. actress. a curse on crime. If a pilot chooses to keep his mental ill-health secret. it appears. House of Lords (2010-14). another crew member enters. pushed through electricity privatisation and created freedom of information legislation. boasting one of Africa’s most dynamic economies. 73. 51. a Christian from the prosperous south. lights go off at 20. Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party. will — if sufficiently determined — occasionally succeed in perpetrating the most appalling crimes. took over and. 80. If he wins. statistician. Emmanuel College. 97. leader of the Labour Party (1983-92). If a pilot deems himself capable of flying safely. 28. Despite Nigerian government claims yesterday to have destroyed a Boko Haram headquarters. Westminster Abbey (1988-98). There is no justification for any airline not immediately instituting such a simple but potentially life-saving measure. Lord (Jeremy) Hutchinson of Lullington. are not supposed to be allowed to pilot aeroplanes. in which case his captain could have assumed control. and yet they spend as much time as possible out in it.

How pathetic is the hem-touching gratitude of the fan. So.uk Why must they always be teenagers in love Fans wail over Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction. As if he cares. having a crowd of nubile girls rip off your clothes. Even in his forties. And the boyband with its variety pack of manhood gave us time to ponder: did we go for Quiet or Cheeky. yet away from your mum and dad. Hundreds of women hung around outside his home. All the tattoos in the world couldn’t express his angst. Then. a poster on the wall. Her arm bears his name drawn in ballpoint during chemistry class by a fellow mourner. but the emptiness of the encounters — that these groupies were too dumbfounded to speak to him — just made him sad. Rather they mope and wail and punish themselves. tear out your hair. but quite upsetting. Maybe. hated all their songs. she says tentatively.co. not end as some Vegas hoofer. It is not a sexy caper. knowing at least then he’d be James Dean or Monroe. I always sympathised with the yearning idiot. when at a record store to promote his first single he was suddenly besieged by 5. made him keep producing lovey-dovey pop when he worshipped Hendrix. She is growing into something else. . What is the point in sifting the rubbish from his bin or buying on eBay (yes. I asked. In this case. I found them too toothsome and cheesy and. Robbie Williams described himself after two years of Take That as “tired and scared”. in his mansion with his pop princess girlfriend while the felt-tip on your autograph runs in the rain. Did he not enjoy the adoration. hormonally-charged over-thinking of being 14. It is about the self: the orgiastic release of control. Because my niece. And I have never met a more broken person. he said. labelled on Twitter as #cut4zayn. my niece tells me — was signed off with stress. decades on. leaving behind her rip-jeaned Peter Pans. to make a long-lashed 22-year-old from Bradford once again sing the high notes on You & I. a while back. many wanted to sleep with him. Unlike Top Gear fans. standing outside his house for days. who for five years in the 1970s was the most desired man on Earth. I interviewed David Cassidy. Sexy or Nice? Whoever it was. to live with your mum. In the eternally unbalanced relationship between the star and fan. why can I still remember that Donny Osmond’s favourite colour was purple? The smooth-chested. The outbreak of self-harm. HARRY. driven to alcoholism and bad marriages by the feeling he was never enough. The record company arrested his development at 19: they artificially It is not a sexy caper having a crowd of girls rip off your clothes speeded up his voice so it sounded higher and younger. apart from Crazy Horses. To these zealots. Directioners don’t lobby for their loved one’s return by signing belligerent petitions or storming Broadcasting House in a tank. could never sate the frenzied monster that wanted to consume him: the fans. that he wanted to live like an ordinary 22-year-old.000 fans. The hysterical female screaming — what Tom Wolfe called the “rapturous agony” — which has been the soundtrack to every teen idol since Elvis. the endless meet-and-greets to receive bad portraits and stalkerish scrapbooks from hyperventilating girls. PLEASE FOLLOW ME BACK” — don’t worry that it might drive him nuts. debasing herself by attending every concert. Harry and Louis can do the high notes just as well. where girls take photos of their slashed wrists to prove their faith. He was undone. But they were like ‘Aarghhh!’ ” He waggled his hands menacingly in my face. Those rushed-out albums. “I found it amusing. received much mockery: you mean you want a zero-hours contract.22 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times Opinion Buy prints or signed copies of Times cartoons from our Print Gallery at timescartoons.” he said. I was by no means a berserk Osmonds fan. I thought. The Directioners sending the same tweet 400 times to Harry Styles — “I LOVE YOU. middle-aged matrons in pizza joints would berate him for spoiling their teen memories by looking old. she doesn’t like them that much any more. while paying off a student loan? But the love affair between the teenage girl and her male crush always ends badly. The teen idol is a rare reversal when female lust objectifies a man. then ask to sit on his lap. snuggled within a group. His resignation statement. worried he would kill himself. This mortification of the flesh will somehow transmute into a deeper communion with your god and fulfil a spiritual goal. pretty young men were crash test dummies so that our real-life adult romances could be safe. He quit in the end. evokes the early Christian martyrs. we did not think The hysterical female screaming isn’t for the music or the man of him as a real boy. the lurid. who wanted to camp out in Leicester Square for the One Direction movie premiere. screwed-up millionaire. isn’t for the music or even the man. “for the first hour or two. Cassidy’s life is the template of every other teen hero: flogged around the world by record companies seeking maximum monetisation of a star’s golden moment. And the one who may never get over it is often the handsome. the greater your love. but he is just the latest pop idol to be undone by adoration Janice Turner @victoriapeckham M y 12-year-old niece has posted a moody photo of Zayn Malik on Instagram with the caption #alwaysinourhearts. It is easy to smirk at young girls’ grief for their boyband crushes. has forgotten Zayn already. Oh the fervour. really) the vomit he spewed on the road. his fan club bigger even than the Beatles. the more you suffer. Their need for a selfie is always more pressing than his privacy. And Zayn Malik — the “mysterious” member of One Direction. reduces him to a collection of traits and body parts.

” Regarding the interviews. women are supposed to be tucked up. following in the footsteps of another girl from the school. which explores why human beings are the only species to develop curvaciousness in the female. a convert known as Abu Izzadeen. 15. Dhar announced his arrival by posing for a photo with his newborn son in one hand and a Kalashnikov assault rifle in the other. or how they should sit. and Saiful Islam. the head of Scotland Yard. 47. has repeatedly blamed Brit- News Leg crossing for girls: a lesson in wasted time David Sanderson Abase Hussen. Abase Hussen was filmed holding a burning US flag and chanting “Allahu akbar” (God is great) at the head of a demonstration led by the radical Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary and attended by Michael Adebowale. a Cambridge admissions tutor has said. can also be seen in the crowd in front of Siddhartha Dhar. Mr Choudary. below. Men are allowed to sprawl. or cross their legs at the ankle. Amira Abase. Sharmeena Begum. the de facto Islamic State capital. who said that Amira had told him she was going to a wedding on the day she vanished. Fee-paying schools are wasting their time teaching girls how to cross their legs properly in university entrance exams. who has praised Osama bin Laden and warned of terror attacks in Britain. whose wife lashed out at police in an interview with The Times this week. “As if that is going to affect what I think of their abilities in literary criticism or organic chemistry. who skipped police bail on terror charges to join Isis in Syria. Mr Hussen’s daughter. was speaking at the Oxford Literary Festival about his new book Curvology. “I know from talking to some of my students that they’re told whether to cross their legs.” . at a march led by a radical Islamist preacher and.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 23 FGM Father of runaway was at jihad rally John Simpson A father who blamed police when his daughter was one of three schoolgirls to run away to Syria once joined a flagburning crowd alongside convicted terrorists chanting “jihad”. arcane knowledge they have that other schools don’t have. it’s very difficult to predicate why they leave this country. Mr Hussen. The whole thing about crossing their legs and what they should wear. Why? That’s the big question. whose followers and associates have been linked to. one of the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby. speaking at Westminster ish authorities for failing to stop the group of three girls. was one of three pupils at Bethnal Green Academy in east London who took a Turkish Airlines flight from Gatwick to Istanbul last month. or been responsible for.” The footage showing Mr Hussen is thought to have been shot in September 2012 on a march from Regent’s Park Mosque to the US embassy and also shows an Israeli flag being burnt. who travelled out in December.” he said. who was jailed for inciting terrorism. Mr Hussen. told The Times he did not recognise Mr Hussen. who travelled by bus to the Turkish border and are presumed to be in Raqqa. He has received an apology from Sir Bernard HoganHowe. every significant Islamist terror plot in the past 20 years. It emerged yesterday that five girls from the school have been banned from travelling abroad amid fears that they will join Islamic State as jihadist brides. Mr Hussen.” Dr Bainbridge. he added: “They’re supposed to be seen as compact. made a public appeal clutching a teddy bear in a Chelsea shirt belonging to Amira. He said that “spatial timidity” seemed more important for women. He told the home affairs select committee: “As I know my daughter. who studied evolutionary biology. the father of Amira Abase. Lots of feepaying schools feel they have to give something for the money and feel this is extra. David Bainbridge said that certain schools were teaching this “knowledge” in the misguided belief that it was going to make a difference. “There’s an idea they should take up less room than men. Also among those present were Omar Brooks.

Ms Cunliffe. least restrictive home care. “Children and young people who attend A&E are often facing a severe mental health crisis. investing in preventing problems becoming crises.” she said. She uploaded the photo to Facebook and managed to track him down. Luckily mine was the only wallet taken. Paul Farmer. where he was arrested. 30. As the campaign highlighted. has now started radiotherapy and is expected to recover. packed and chaotic waiting room for over four hours is likely to make their situation much worse. “I felt so lucky. chief executive of the charity YoungMinds. For too long mental health has been left in the shadows. Emma Cunliffe. of the Tate & Lyle family. chief executive of the charity Mind. had been staying in Devon with a friend’s family at the age of ten when a thief broke into their caravan. Remarkably. Campaigners said that it underlined the urgency of finding ways to stop vulnerable children tipping into crisis. who recently married having brought the ceremony forward by 18 months.24 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times News We must give children mental health care they really need. it still contained a £1 note and a picture of John. The house was originally built in 1910 for William Park Lyle. I think John is quite amazed and really. who has ultimate control over a £96 billion budget. John Rudd. and whether we are spending money and time on the right things. His intervention coincides with the disclosure that the number of children with mental health problems languishing for hours in casualty units has doubled since 2010. with children and young people’s mental health lagging far behind. the property tycoon. said: “This is a big moment for mental health. twice the total for the whole of 2010-11. . 45. said: “My friend’s dad woke up at night just in time to see someone climbing out of the window. He admitted attempting to meet a child after sexual grooming and was jailed for a year and placed on the sex offenders register for ten years at Newcastle Crown Court. “The tide of public opinion is rightly shifting in favour of radically improved mental health and wellbeing.” Sting traps paedophile A man who thought he was meeting a 14-year-old girl but was being tricked by a group of online paedophile hunters has been jailed for a year. The wallet was discovered in a wall cavity by Shelley Davies during renovation work at her house.” said Sarah Brennan. Simon Stevens.” The problems in NHS care are illustrated by figures showing that 1. including the singer Paloma Faith and the comedian Jennifer Saunders. praised this newspaper’s Time to Mind campaign as a “powerful impetus” for change as he ordered a review to look at ways of preventing mental illness. becomes the most powerful backer of the Time to Mind campaign since it was launched two weeks ago.” He added: “This is a chance to turn the growing awareness of mental health into action and effective delivery across England so that people can get the right help at the right time. intervening earlier and joining up care in a disjointed system. It will look at prevention as well as ways of improving the physical health of people with mental health problems. Mr Steel. John Steel. Mansion finally sold A mansion put on the market in 2011 for £100 million has finally sold for what is believed to be about a quarter of the asking price. . This week the Duchess of Cambridge urged parents and teachers to break down the remaining taboos around childhood mental illness. “The Times campaign has made a time- ly and impactful contribution. mental health problems must be treated early. We can tackle major challenges which include maximising personalised. . says NHS chief Chris Smyth Health Editor The leader of the NHS has vowed to improve child mental health services. We already have a series of good recommendations from the Children Wallet found 35 years after it was stolen A man has been reunited with his wallet 35 years after it was stolen on a childhood holiday. Our young people deserve much better than the services they have been receiving. Having to wait in a stressed. Heath Hall in The Bishops Avenue — dubbed “Billionaire’s Row” — in north London was bought as a wreck for £5 million in 2006 by Andreas Panayiotou. national clinical director for mental health at NHS England.” Ms Davies said: “It goes to show the power of Facebook. “We welcome the establishment of this task force by NHS England. “The new task force will focus on getting it right for patients of all ages. As for why I had a picture of myself in the wallet I’ve no idea. A panel of doctors.584 mentally ill children had to wait more than four hours in A&E units in the first eight months of this financial year. really pleased. which had his address on it. More resources for youth mental health and earlier intervention with troubled children are central to the campaign’s ten-point manifesto and Mr Stevens promised that his review would consider them all. who lives in Wiltshire. The sentimental value is huge. who then lavishly refurbished it. Breast cancer ‘luck’ and Young People’s task force as well as some significant momentum from The Times’s campaign and will look to build on them in our own work. providing a powerful impetus for this task force to chart a shared direction for services over the next five years. Mr Stevens said that a new strategy was needed to deal with mental health problems over the next five years. from Stockton. and improving transition from children’s to adult services. chief executive of NHS England. had a 6cm tumour in her breast that would not have been detected without the surgery.” Mr Stevens. said: “It is clear that children and young people’s mental health will be a key priority in achieving the five-year vision.” he said.” Mr Stevens said. while it has also attracted the support of a host of celebrities. with patients and the public no longer willing to accept that such issues will take a back seat behind physical illness. contacted a fake profile set up by the group Dark Justice and arranged a meeting in Newcastle. health leaders and other experts has been set up and will report to him this year. which backs on to the former caravan site.” Geraldine Strathdee. who will chair the task force. 57. from Cheshire. improving crisis care . as he begins an overhaul of the treatment of people suffering from illnesses ranging from depression to schizophrenia.” A woman with a family history of breast cancer who opted for a preventive double mastectomy found that she already had the disease.

So it’s all to play for and. and the BBC have sort of said that I might possibly be.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 25 FGM o 10 News News The road to No ROB STOTHARD/GETTY Ed Miliband is happy to pose for a selfie with a supporter at the official launch of Labour’s election campaign at the ArcelorMittal Orbit in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park yesterday election countdown ann treneman 40 days to go Which seats will determine the result? Each day the Times sketch writer profiles one of the closest marginals I Presenter loses his radio slot because he is engaged to MP Simon de Bruxelles A BBC presenter has vented his anger on air at the decision to move him from a prime current affairs slot because he is engaged to a Conservative MP.” She added that if her party did not achieve the target by the general election. being female or not being all the same.195) changing times 1 “In the 1960s. Francis Elliott.324) 23. is being moved before the general election but says that he has had no guarantee he will be able to return. I have a lot of reasons myself to be angry with the BBC at the moment.3% (1.5% (12. He could still be standing come May 7. She said that parliament needed to “look like the country”. changing times 2 “When I was elected in 1992. met four years ago on his programme. Darvall.” Miss Leslie. THE PAPER FOR POLITICS For the best reporting of the 2015 election Sam Coates. During a phone-in on the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson. who was once voted the sexiest woman in politics.co. Our daily Red Box email with an extra afternoon edition from April 7 The Times. . . A caller suggested that he should apply for a job on Top Gear.” A BBC spokesman said: “We have every confidence in the professionalism and impartiality of all our presenters and staff.” Miss Leslie said that part of the attraction of her fiancé was the way that he often challenged her views. so I might consider something of a career departure. It would be extraordinary if he were not allowed to return to his programme after the general election. each member of parliament had an average post box of between 15 and 20 letters a week. but given the heightened sensitivities of an election period John Darvall will move from the Mid-morning show to present The Afternoon Show. Darvall suggested that he might not be back even after the election. I am coming off this programme tomorrow. Laura Pitel. and Charlotte Leslie. despite Tory policy advising against quotas (Tom Knowles writes). there were more MPs called John or Jonathan than all the women from all the parties combined. Certainly. it does begin to tip over. “He’s always given me quite a tough time. the only paper you need for the election with Sign up for the daily Red Box politics email at thetimes. Lucy Fisher.228) Ukip 2.uk/redboxemail t seems unbelievable. and I fully expect he will be. all-women shortlists should be considered. . Exclusive Polling.” says Tessa Jowell. There was always a lot of banter. John Darvall. The Greens have 10 per cent here and Ukip 13 per cent. as he’s a robust interviewer.1% (8. One in six Tory MPs are women.” she said. Morgan seeks quotas for Tory women Nicky Morgan is the first senior Conservative minister to push for a target for female MPs in the party. There were 143 women elected in 2010 and only 30 Jo(h)ns. said: “John has always been completely professional and impartial and I understand this is being done to protect him and the BBC for the final election period. of an organisation. 36. He is being moved to an afternoon show with less emphasis on news due to “heightened sensitivities” and to avoid accusations of a conflict of interest. 48. compared with nearly a third for Labour. including all-women shortlists. I’m honouring what the BBC have asked me to do and I sincerely hope to be back after the general election. but Nick Clegg may lose Sheffield Hallam.” Jack Straw leaves the Commons in a wistful mood. but everyone agrees it is probably bad. to which the host replied: “Trust me. Nick on 27 per cent and the Tories on 19 per cent. with Labour leading on 30 per cent. the MP for Bristol North West. But the latest Ashcroft poll of the constituency is a crazy thing to view. never forget. Callum Jones. They began dating in October and the twicemarried father of four proposed on Christmas Day. BBC bosses said that he will be back Election 2 15 after May.040) Labour 16. us Nick-watchers have felt for some time that his days as party leader are numbered.4% (27. It’s not my decision. No one knows what’s going to happen with the Lib Dem vote anywhere in the country. Michael Savage and Philip Webster News. he added: “It’s to do with the election and protecting BBC impartiality. Sheffield Hallam Current MP Nick Clegg (Lib Dem) 2010 voting Lib Dem Con 53.” Questioned by another caller. The education secretary called on David Cameron to look at “all and any options” to make sure that at least 30 per cent of Tory MPs are women. Clegg is the politician that people say they would most like to have a drink with. of BBC Radio Bristol’s Mid-morning programme. She told the Financial Times: “Once you get to 30 per cent . barring any unforeseen circumstances.

said: “The bank holiday falls early this year and it’s a long wait until the summer. Engineering works are planned on key railway routes. She was found in the road at 10. the wildlife officer for Natural England. wife. Brian Cairns. I was just lucky. Edmund King. president of the AA. a Lithuanian student at the University of Central Lancashire. He said: “I bought it all for scrap but I started looking into what they really were and realised many were vintage Italian handles. 55. Ivan Lakin.” A wildlife expert punched and kicked a neighbour as revenge for him hiding his walking boots when months of petty bickering flared into violence. The government has agreed to consider the name change but rejected a proposal to appoint an independent chairman for the committee overseeing the system. Milda Okunyte. Stretches of the West Coast mainline. a marine ornithologist. It’s a once in a lifetime thing. had no idea the 12-tonne load of door furniture. 20. Lancashire. parts of the Transpennine Express and key lines into London from the south will be affected. A review panel has recommended that Defence Advisory (DA) Notices. which help the media to preserve national security and have long fascinated conspiracy theorists. D-Notices to be consigned to history. as they are officially known. causing serious injuries that caused numbness in his face. from Lytham St Annes. may also have a new name. forcing passengers on to replacement coaches.000 compensation for Mr Robinson’s injuries and £450 costs.26 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times News Severe transport delays: it must be Easter holidays HOTSPOT MEDIA Wildlife officer attacked neighbour who hid boots Hit-and-run driver kills student in country lane Families have been told to prepare for congestion on the roads at Easter as upgrades to Britain’s transport networks cause big delays during one of the busiest weekends of the year (Graeme Paton writes). . Doorknobs that Mr Cairns was expecting to sell for a few pounds turned out to be worth up to £200. the Great Western. which includes media representatives. may be about to get a new name. 66. A 26-year-old driver. in name at least Buyer strikes gold with job lot of vintage brassware D-Notices. He was ordered to do 200 hours of community work and pay £5.000 for a defunct shop’s entire stock of brassware expecting to double his money by selling it for scrap found his haul was worth more than £2 million (Simon de Bruxelles writes). The men had earlier been feuding over a fence separating their homes on the seafront in Dawlish. Where are you putting that needle? Three-month-old Sumatran tiger triplets are taken for their first inoculations and a health check-up by vets at Chester Zoo A man who paid £20. of South Shields. which went out of business 55 years ago. hat stands and light fittings was made by Valli and Columbo. He was released on bail on Wednesday. 45.” The items will start to go on sale at Jarrow Auction Rooms. the Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee. who told me the lot were worth £2million. Lakin. Devon. Exeter crown court heard. the National Security Media Advisory Committee. suspended for two years. this weekend. the Greater Anglia.000 items from the owner of a hardware shop in Penzance who had ceased trading in 1975 after the death of his A woman found dead after a suspected hit-and-run crash has been identified. be renamed Security Advisory Notices. has been arrested on suspicion of failing to stop at the scene of an accident. admitted causing grievous bodily harm and was given a two-year jail term. Mr Cairns bought the 655.50pm that night but later died at Royal Preston Hospital. a photographer. was hit by a car when she walked down a country lane in Preston on Tuesday night. Shutdowns will be compounded by works to motorways and A-roads. which Mr Cairns owns. I sent the inventory off to an Italian company. so lots of people will be trying to get away. one of Italy’s top design companies. attacked Ian Robinson. The committee. In the intervening years the vintage brassware rocketed in value.

They have been developed by Ascenta. regional co-ordinator for invasive species at CABI. The company is also experimenting with satellite-based internet technology to achieve its aims. Japanese knotweed produced more but smaller leaves. were released into eight secret sites across the UK. The search engine provider wants to create moving streams of hundreds of balloons that link together and beam internet signals to the ground. a Somerset-based designer of solar-powered drones. CHATSWORTH HOUSE TRUST Illusion of comfort The Duke of Devonshire sits on Canvas Chair. The insects. It is on display at Make Yourself Comfortable. told The Wall Street Journal this week that the solar and battery technology needed to power the drones had only recently been invented. The team found that the insects prevented Japanese knotweed from growing out of control. which Facebook bought in March last year. Around two thirds of the global population cannot yet access the internet. erode riverbanks and jeopardise house sales. could have its days numbered as scientists have revealed positive initial results in curbing its invasion using an insect. The drones have been successfully tested in British airspace. Scientists from CABI. which suck the sap from the leaves and the stems. vice president of engineering at Facebook. Mr Zuckerberg said that the drones would help to provide internet connections to remote areas across the world. or Aphalara itadori.org effort to connect the world. which intends to connect the entire world to the internet. an inter-governmental research organisation. Richard Shaw. after the mythological eagle that carried Jupiter’s thunderbolts. The weed was introduced to the UK in 1825 as an ornamental plant. where they are able to circle for months. a scourge of homeowners across Britain. Mark Zuckerberg. Jay Parikh. a collection of innovative seating at Chatsworth House. until October 23 Insect could untangle the knotweed problem Gabriella Swerling Japanese knotweed. The internet-beaming technologies are being worked on in Facebook’s connectivity laboratory. created by the Tokyo design house YOY.” Facebook has said that the drones will be “relatively cheap” to build. “They can affordably serve the 10 per cent of the world’s population that live in remote communities without ex- isting internet infrastructure. thereby reducing its capacity to photosynthesise and grow upwards and outwards.000 to 90. Google is experimenting with highaltitude weather balloons in a programme named Project Loon.org project. “As part of our Internet. into which the social network has hired experts from Nasa and the aerospace industry. but it can overrun native species. the boss of the social network. They have a wingspan wider than a Boeing 737 passenger jet but weigh less than a car. began a five-year experiment in 2010 involving the Japanese knotweed psyllid.” he said. The drone has been codenamed Aquila.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 27 FGM News Facebook drones the size of jets will beam internet to billions James Dean Technology Correspondent Facebook has completed the first test flights of its solar-powered internet drones as it looks to bring the web to billions of people who cannot connect.” . said yesterday in a post on his profile page. said: “We proved that there’s no negative impact on the receiving environment and that it’s a safe organism and can be released on a wider scale in more sensitive habitats. When exposed to the bugs. his ancestral seat. we’ve designed unmanned aircraft that can beam internet access down to people from the sky.000 feet. Technology companies are trying to build networks that do not depend on ground-based infrastructure that developing countries cannot afford. The drones are part of Facebook’s internet. The British-built drones use lasers to beam internet signals to the ground from an altitude of 60.

Churchill Sir Peter Tapsell. for Sir Peter. I say. he notes. but it is very good advice! Never trust the bankers! And I never have. Everyone around them is holding up the Evening Standard (broadsheet). Now. MPs in the front row crouched. frankly. of course. after much thought. ready to save him. one of five homes he has in the world. I say. near The Thames. are some we will miss: william hague. then. as if to say: my latest triumph!” No one knew what to do with him. forever. “He never did fall. You must try and engage him in conversation. like the young Tapsell. He has served for 54 years. a stockbroker whose father was a coffee estate manager in Africa. looked at me with his pale blue eyes and said: ‘NEVER TRUST THE BANKERS!’ “That is the only remark he addressed to me in five years. He decided to ask Churchill about some aspect of history and. thick with fug and intrigue. knew Churchill but Macmillan better. For PMQs. distinct. finding stardom as Father of the House (“a total non-job”) for his theatrical questions and habit of referring to historic events such as the Dardanelles campaign as if they wereyesterday. Keen young Tories. The question time stopped. of their task to sit with him. as there was a gap of two years. weren’t you a banker? Sir Peter looks appalled. I have been sketching him for over a decade and now think of him as not a person so much as a stately home. “But after a pause of about ten minutes. listening as the bumptious young man shouts about Malplaquet. Some 80 MPs have resigned their seats. every step its own mini-drama. The first was about the Battle of Malplaquet and the next was on the Dardanelles (of course). He sits me at what he claims is a Pugin desk. All politicians love to talk – it goes with the job – but Sir Peter LOVES to talk. Sir Peter tells me that he has had interview requests from all over the world. sometimes he would take his deaf aid thing on the wire and swing it round his head like a lasso. After PMQs. Churchill would arrive in a wheelchair but insist on walking to his seat. The voice begs for a spotlight: slow. But Sir Peter was bumptious (still is.” Sir Peter said. the Father of the House. We are sitting in his Commons office. so grand that like the best staircases he has to be polished at night. “The chief whip said to me: now Tapsell. He sets the scene. He has been the MP for Richmond since 1989 and is the darling of the Tory . with perfect timing from a lifetime of public speaking (Oxford. 54 Without question the most adroit parliamentarian (despite a blip this week) and certainly the funniest and most accomplished speaker from the dispatch box. then five years is an eternity (Ann Treneman writes). If a week is a long time in politics. actually). verbal tapestries. People were rocking with laughter!” Now came more shouts about the Dardanelles. he and Churchill. no one else can tell them now. put his hand on my wrist quite firmly. more shaking Standards. during our Audience. never to return (except. every syllable distinct: “Don’t destroy my reputation. The room was a fog.” But. has one last command for me. “I gave up. Everything stopped. This was met by more silence. Over the fireplace is a picture of Churchill. a lifetime of politics to be carted up to Lincolnshire. I have stared down at the Commons now for every day of that period and it’s hard to believe that it has now vanished. “NEVER!” He was. large and imposing. Sir Peter Tapsell. You could see the Evening Standards shaking. the Commons. you’re bumptious. which resemble ornate. He first came to the House in 1959. aged 85 and retiring as an MP after more than five decades. He has served with 12 prime ministers and fought 15 parliamentary elections. is a self-made wealthy man. Hyde Park etc) I love Sir Peter’s tales because. The man is a legend. two weeks in advance. is one of several long-serving MPs who are retiring. infirm and deaf.” What a nightmare. He tells Ann Treneman of a career that began in 1959 A s I leave his office. settled on two questions. Churchill turned to me. he occasionally stands to perform his stories. intricately woven. drinking brandies. he would bow grandly to the House. to the parliament of 2010-15. speaking slowly. Churchill liked to go to the smoking room. to the Lords!). The public gallery whispered –— ‘Winston! He’s coming. “Churchill ignored me completely! Not a thing. a stockbroker (“totally different”). in those days twice a week. next to each other. more of an audience.28 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times News Saturday interview ‘Don’t trust the bankers. oddly syncopated. Ministers didn’t try to answer. Here. then. He lived out his political life on the back benches. a small but good one. the last two chaps were hopeless.” Surely such a thing is impossible. I have been talking to Sir Peter for almost three hours. cigar in hand. were told. “Everybody was on tenterhooks. His Big-hitting MPs whose impact will be missed S o farewell.’ ” As Churchill tottered by. and have left the precinct. and resigned from Thatcher’s team because he was a Keynesian among monetarists. Indeed. and have a brandy. I wouldn’t call it an interview. which to him they seem to be. When he made it. There are boxes everywhere. Sir Peter was with him in the Commons at the end of his life when he was old.

Dame Tessa Jowell and. She has been an MP since 1992 and served in both Blair and Brown’s cabinets. An assiduous parliamentarian with a speaking style that can best be described as. for five shillings a night. tells how. They say that all political careers end in failure and Mr Straw’s was certainly besmirched this year when he was caught on camera in a cash-for-access sting. he would say to me: Peter. justice secretary. Sir Ming. you could see exactly who was concentrating and who wasn’t. Offa. their own television show. polite and ultra traditional. “It was unbelievable. who has served with 12 prime ministers. Indeed he may have been too nice. when he shocked constituents by refusing to vote for capital punishment. third bench back. 61 The former chancellor is an exception to almost every rule of tribal politics: widely liked and respected. sir ming campbell. the working-class Tories (which is something you didn’t admit to then) clasping him. . 64 I like to think of him as “God” but. perhaps should have been a diplomat. As David Cameron said to him at PMQs: “I remember once in the home affairs select committee. an absolute champion networker.” The result was an FT headline saying “Heavy overseas buying of sterling” and crisis averted. below. He has said that his greatest mistake in politics was listening to Thatcher and joining the Treasury team. he asked him to help him out. he said: ‘Yes it was! I was there!’ ” Next favourite is Jim Callaghan. the Conservative prime minister. There have been a shedload of them about women bishops. was the Battle Ypres as badly handled as the history books say. come sit next to me and have a glass of port. appointed to the Privy Council in 2011. Then read modern history at Oxford. which is not something you can say about most politicians. he voted against the budget in 1981. Fantastic!” Who was his favourite prime minister? “Harold Macmillan. in 1955. The man who led the victorious No campaign in Scotland is probably retiring to spend more time with his life. has been an MP for 28 years. He won’t be there the next time I look. rarely seen in the chamber and even more rarely heard. I loved Dorothy. Teddy. alistair darling. After he resigned. Oh absolutely!” he cries. handkerchief immaculate. It is not only the end of a career. Merton College. some of which were answered by Sir Tony. foreign secretary. and I never have’ JULIAN SIMMONDS Sir Peter Tapsell. urbane.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 29 FGM Saturday interview News warned me . 64 The former prime minister has been the Lesser Spotted Gordo in this parliament. everyone knew she was Bob Boothby’s mistress. Left to work for a stockbroker. with a home museum complete with loudspeakers of Churchill’s voice and Hitler’s in another room shouting back). I will miss the tall and elegant figure that is Sir George Young. his money and Ffion. Sadie and Cosby. “Everything about Macmillan was so enchanting. He leaves under a cloud. sir tony baldry. He Peter Hannay Bailey Tapsell Born February 1. 67 The woman who managed to bring the Olympics in on budget and on time (a phrase she was very fond of ) is leaving parliament to spend more time campaigning: she is the favourite to be Labour’s candidate in next year’s London mayoral election. I am not surprised that he found his metier as a backbencher: there was a strong streak of independence from the beginning. lord chancellor) has been the MP for Blackburn since 1979. never using one word when ten will do. aka Baldrick. wearing the tie of the allmale Garrick Club. going up every weekend. Elected in 1959 to represent Nottingham West. Kent. I saw Sir Peter in his three-piece suit. jack straw. 1930 Educated Tonbridge School. his wife. he did house calls and remembers that the sultan was a huge Churchill admirer. “I got his agreement to invest £50 million in sterling. Frontbench spokesman on foreign and Commonwealth affairs in 19761977.” says Sir Peter. david blunkett. sir malcolm rifkind. Other departing MPs include William Hague. But this week. Sir Ming Campbell first win. barrister and former Olympic sprinter has been an MP for North East Fife since 1987 and was the party leader for 18 months until he fell on his own sword. Could he persuade the Arabs to buy sterling? Sir Peter was on his way to see the previous sultan of Brunei (as a stockbroker. gordon brown. which really should have sir george young. Dame Tessa. for the time being. on the aisle. Lucy. in fact. He used to talk to me a lot. He won by 164 votes after two recounts. the highly agreeable old Etonian known as the bicycling baronet. is retiring aged 85. Oxford Career Served in the Royal Sussex Regiment as subaltern in the Middle East from 1948 to 1950 as part of national service. with responsibility for answering questions on the church. Became speechwriter for Anthony Eden. 73 Last but not least. The Lib Dems blamed the press for his downfall as leader. Nobody wrote about it in those days. When I said. blind since birth. is acknowledged in Westminster as the queen of the double-kiss greeting. prompted by fears that the monetarists’ policies would put up unemployment (it did). accusing us of ageism. right. He was a master of parliamentary manoeuvring. staying at the Temperance Hotel where. . Became MP for Horncastle in 1966 and has served there since. was in the Labour stronghold of Nottingham West. 67 The MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough. he was allowed to sleep in the bath as long as he arrived after 10pm and left before 7am. on all sides of the House. detailed. in his usual place. adding: “That was a lot of money in those days. Now he is retiring. aged 29. I think we will all miss his eyebrows. 68 The former cabinet member under Margaret Thatcher and John Major could always be depended on to give a pithy and no-nonsense assessment of any foreign event. in the nicest possible way.” They talked politics and history. he has been a master at keeping his own counsel. He used to lunch at the Carlton about once a week and on occasions. It was odd to see a man who commanded the Commons so completely as chancellor now be so diminished. to spend more time with his books. 68 The man who seems to have done almost every job in government (home secretary. his retirement brought forward by a cash-foraccess sting. but lost his seat in 1964.” We also have to say goodbye to his guide dogs over the years: Ruby. when Callaghan was chancellor and there was a sterling crisis. “I asked him anything. er. This week. I don’t know how you have this extraordinary gift but you are an extraordinary politician. conference season. dame tessa jowell. to a mansion in Wales (with an indoor swimming pool complete with mock Greco-Roman pillars) as well as to a flat in his beloved Yorkshire. “He was delightful. but of an era. the Tory panjandrum barrister is only something called the Second Church Estates Commissioner. at the age of 25. Knighted in 1985. 73 The Liberal Democrat. . even though you couldn’t see who we all were. tears down their faces. he gave his valedictory speech and elevated the occasion by quoting Tennyson and Gladstone in the same sentence.

“I cleared 93 IEDs from around a bunker up the road. with tripwires from an IED Digital The Times guide to the Middle East on tablet and at thetimes. or MRAP. the explosion sending a rain of falling shrapnel around us. “Everything we get has first to go through Baghdad. Chlorine gas. An expert. Ten or fifteen years of expertise gone in a second to a booby trap. smiling once more. camera screens and jamming equipment.” said Captain Hamza. they masked their fear well. General Hussein’s men found two in separate locations this month. boom!” Within half an hour they had found four more similar devices around them — and the distance to the safety of the tarmac road. if the five-man bomb disposal team were frightened. burning away lung tissue and causing the victim to drown in lung fluid. as I saw for myself while watching Captain Hamza’s fiveman team at work outside Dugirdkan. “There.” said Captain Hamza.” said Captain Hamza. my men have deactivated or destroyed more than 7. they bantered among themselves. However. They found the first device within a minute — a large. Then. Then . Believed to contain chlorine gas.” said Captain Hamza.” More commonly. In Dugirdkan.” The chemical devices are just the latest development in the bomb war.uk/middleeast “There were some real bomb-making brains behind it.” His team defused each bomb as they found them. “But we also understand that we have to concentrate all we can with IEDs. “We call it the ‘hair’ initiator. pixilated to protect his identity. the government keeps the best for themselves. They have encountered television sets rigged to explode when switched on. slab-shaped bomb hidden among the wild rape and spring weeds that shrouded the ground outside the village of Dugirdkan. reliant as much on intuition as anything else in the absence of hightech equipment. between Kirkuk and Arbil. they insisted that the training could not offset the chronic equipment shortages caused by the haphazard logistics train passing through Baghdad en route to northern Iraq. IEDs have become the weapon of choice for Islamic State’s defence of its so-called caliphate. . “One of them contained seven batteries and had four alternative detonation systems. “In my sector. as he beckoned me to join him. running clear as they blew up. until someone treads on them. They are prohibited under the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention. pending examination by American specialists. and the bomb team spoke of them with affection. “The beads break the circuit. beaded wires. while an engineer lit a length of detonation cord to the charge.” another officer. they retired to the cover of their Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle.” the captain said. Eventually finding nine devices in the fields yesterday. refrigerators wired to detonate on opening and numerous devices fixed with anti-tampering initiators. Every frontline position and stronghold is surrounded by bombs. each big enough to destroy a vehicle or shred a man. explained.” said General Hussein. causing heavy casualties among the attacking forces and keeping bomb-disposal teams working around the clock. He was a great friend and a true bomb-disposal expert. they prayed in a room among captured mines. the team laughed as they pointed to one house. and said that the sheer volume of IEDs was swamping resources.” Problems have also occurred when Kurdish civilians returning to newly liberated villages try to dispose of the bombs themselves. and said that it had been destroyed when the owner’s son tried to pull a bomb out from the ground floor using a piece of rope. “As Muslims we believe in fate and destiny. even chemical IEDs. stepping from the roadside and striding into a field sown by Islamic State with explosives. “You never get a second chance with an IED [improvised explosive device]. and they were shooting at us with snipers and mortars throughout.” . turns to hydrochloric acid in the lungs. “We were all there when it happened. less than a hundred yards away.000 IEDs since August. “At least we are working unmolested today. . as he pointed at the web of wires. Walking behind a single metal detector. writes Anthony Loyd in Dugirdkan The slightest error of judgment — one careless moment — would kill them. The US donated 250 specialised armoured vehicles recently. before retiring to their base in Makhmour.” Booby traps are the Kurdish teams’ greatest concern. or smaller. the team commander.” Two of them did not even possess body armour. We received only 12. together with a charge of plastic explosive. reduced entirely to a pancake of rubble. laughing and chattering as the cloud of the final explosion drifted across the tarmac. “We have come across every type of device you can imagine: booby traps. “They know that any good Muslim can’t bear to see the holy book on a floor and will immediately pick it up. and gathering them in a pile. just in case we bring our destiny just a bit closer and bit sooner than it would otherwise arrive. “His loss hit us hard. seemed to yawn exponentially across the profusion of weeds. slowing the advance against the group across Iraq. On one occasion they found a booby-trapped Koran. just as [Islamic State] change theirs. when placed in bombs. commander of the Kurdish engineer battalion based there. the devices are either 35kg barrel bombs. “Your only error is your last. Captain Faqer. barrel bombs. tile-shaped IEDs.” said Major-General Mahmoud Hussein. It’s like that with bomb disposal. the captain’s team finished their day’s work with the same insouciance as they had begun. Only halfway through their work did they tell me that one of their team had earlier been killed by a booby-trapped device in Dugirdkan.30 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times World ‘We’re in an Isis minefield and the next step could be our last’ Kurdish bomb-disposal teams in Iraq face even booby-trapped copies of the Koran. and those ones arrived missing armour. and that God will look after us.” explained their commander cheerfully. Yet. including cell-phone activation.” Captain Hamza told me after his prayers.” Three British officers based in Arbil are helping the Kurds with training. and the point man wore only a set of ballistic glasses as protection. A jumble of thin. hauling the devices from their hiding places using rope. There. caked with mud and carefully masked with a scattering of soil. “He had seen us do it so he thought he would have a go too. “The Koran was laid on the floor of a building in a village our men had just captured. they were disarmed and removed to storage. Baghdad said that they would give us just 25 of those. rolls of detonation cord and pressure pads. “We have to keep evolving our disposal tactics.” he added. extended from the ugly device. captured by Kurdish troops from Islamic State in December.co.

40 per cent. Boko Haram is believed to have abducted 500 women and children this week and sold them into slavery as they retreated from the town of Damasak.8 million people out of a total population of 173 million are registered to vote. too late. many with their throats slit. which is an insurgent stronghold. Idriss Déby. “I believed Goodluck could turn the country around. and corruption. near Malaga in Spain.000 Population breakdown Muslim. elected president in 2005. of the Adamawa Peace Initiative. The 3ft-wide route. Gwoza.1 years Adult literacy 51. is to reopen to the public tomorrow after five deaths led to its closure in 2001. is 330ft above ground Fukushima clean-up will take 200 years Page 34 Main challenger Muhammadu Buhari All Progressives Congress. CIA) rule in 1999. President Déby said his troops. which meant people were less likely to vote along religious lines. had lambasted Mr Jonathan and his generals over their failure to tackle the insurgency. One of the controllers is charged with direct responsibility. they could face up to eight years in prison.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 31 FGM Arab allies up the ante in struggle with Tehran Page 33 JON NAZCA / REUTERS Nigeria plays terror card as 68m vote in knife-edge poll Nigeria Key election facts Nigeria’s armed forces claimed last night to have captured and destroyed Boko Haram’s headquarters in the north of the country. Hours earlier. Solomon Dalung.” Dauda Bello. GDP $521. “The Chadian army is fighting its battles in Nigeria on its own. . in Borno state. However. “We all know that they could have done away with Boko Haram a long time ago. who were talking to the plane’s crew as they attempted to land in conditions of limited visibility at a poorly equipped airport in Smolensk on April 10. said he had campaigned for Mr Jonathan in 2011. killing all aboard.” after uniting the country’s two leading opposition parties under the All Progressives Congress. the Nigerian defence headquarters tweeted: “FLASH: Troops this morning captured Gwoza destroying the Headquarters of the Terrorists self-styled Caliphate. on the eve of the presidential election — an unexpected success that would constitute a significant blow to the Islamist group. built for hydroelectric power workers. He added that military investigators had asked their Russian counterparts to enable them to question the controllers. “Now. who were not licensed to fly under poor visibility. Christian Jerome Starkey Yola Don’t look down El Caminito del Rey (the King’s Little Pathway).1 per cent (*Source. which is participating in the battle against Boko Haram. has campaigned under the slogan “Nigerians Demand Continuity”. largest in Africa Life expectancy at birth 52.” He said Boko Haram had helped to unite Muslims and Christians by providing them with a common enemy. Lech Kaczynski. 50 per cent. It is too little. with the election widely considered too close to call. saying it came at a convenient moment.” Leading article. a human rights lawyer from the northern city of Jos. it won’t change anything in terms of voting. About 68. who launched an offensive inside Nigeria in February. page 21 Poles charge Russians over air crash that killed president Poland Ben Hoyle Moscow Polish prosecutors charged two Russian flight controllers yesterday over a 2010 plane crash that killed the Polish president. The disaster. Christian. “This time I am going to vote for Muhammadu Buhari because he has a record as a disciplinarian and he is anti-corruption. They are facing a fierce challenge from a former general. said that the chief responsibility rested with the flight crew. The People’s Democratic Party has led Nigeria since the end of military President Goodluck Jonathan People’s Democratic Party. by a bridge. Russia has so far refused to return the wreckage or the black boxes from the crash site and it would be a huge surprise if Moscow agreed to hand over the flight controllers for trial at a time when relations between the two countries are more tense than usual.8 billion. Mopping up of entire #Gwoza and her suburbs is ongoing. Soldiers who captured the town last month found almost 70 bodies.” Soon afterwards. According to Polish law. Muslim Registered voters 68 million out of 173 million population Polling stations 120. is less than 20 miles east of the Sambisa forest. said he thought the announcement was a political gimmick. “The whole world is asking why the Nigerian army. Poland has been one of the most hawkish members of the European Union and Nato. which is a big army. was on his way to an event for the 70th anniversary of the Katyn mas- sacre.” he said. the army’s announcement could not be immediately verified. when Soviet secret police killed some 22. in thick fog near the western Russian city of Smolensk. 10 per cent*. had made Nigeria “a laughing stock of the world”. Colonel Ireneusz Szelag. the other with indirect responsibility. is not in a position to stand up to untrained kids armed with Kalashnikovs. with Mr Jonathan drawing most of his support from Christians in the south. but would not be voting along religious lines a second time round. who took wrong decisions. 2010.” A second tweet read: “Several terrorists died while many are captured. A spokesman for Russia’s Investigative Committee dismissed Warsaw’s charges last night and said that the flight controllers had “acted in strict accordance with both their manual and international standards”. and Mr Jonathan. the president of neighbouring Chad. the Warsaw regional prosecutor. Mr Buhari is expected to fare better in the largely Muslim north.” he told the French weekly Le Point. He said Mr Jonathan’s failure to tackle Boko Haram. As the Polish Air Force Tupolev Tu154 approached the airfield it clipped trees and crashed 500 yards from the runway.000 Polish army officers. the town in question. Prosecutors have accused the Smolensk controllers of unintentionally contributing to the crash by allowing the crew to attempt the landing in dense fog and providing them with imprecise guidance. Muhammadu Buhari. even if they have done it. had not seen a single Nigerian soldier in action. traditional beliefs. calling for a tougher stance against Russia’s actions in Crimea and east Ukraine. 57. traumatised Poland and gave rise to widely believed conspiracy theories blaming the Kremlin. who led a junta in the 1980s but describes himself as a “converted democrat.” he said. and the military has been prone to exaggeration in the past. his wife and 94 politicians and members of the military. Opponents of President Jonathan immediately derided the claim. 72. They have also charged some Polish officials who organised the flight and appointed the crew members.

continued negotiations last night in Lausanne. adhere to strict inspections at Fordo and accept other restrictions on its nuclear-related activities. the leading Democrat on the Senate foreign relations committee. Last week. Robert Menendez. Foreign ministers from Russia. Philip Hammond met yesterday with Senator Bob Corker. politicians at home warned the president that they would do all they could to scupper an agreement. The British foreign secretary was in Washington urging those in Congress not to undermine the negotiations as the end of March deadline approaches. Natanz.32 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times World Democrats attack Obama over imminent Tehran deal United States Matt Spence.000 centrifuges at Iran’s primary enrichment site. As part of the reported agreement. the Republican chairman of the John Kerry could reach a deal with the Iranian foreign minister this weekend foreign relations committee. 47 Republican senators sent a controversial letter to Iranian leaders warning that any settlement reached would not outlast Mr Obama’s presidency. the Republican presidential hopeful. Alexandra Frean Washington Barack Obama has come under fire from within his party for giving in to Iranian demands over a nuclear deal that is expected as soon as tomorrow. His comments came after a report by Associated Press that American negotiators were prepared to allow Iran to run hundreds of centrifuges at a fortified bunker previously used for uranium enrichment.” Song of praise Tibetan singers in traditional costume pay tribute to the Dalai Lama . the Republican congressmen Peter Roskam and Lee Zeldin called on colleagues to choke off funding for American participation in the nuclear negotiations. to allay concerns that the United States is giving too much ground in its attempts to dissuade Iran from developing a nuclear weapon in exchange for relief from international sanctions. Iran would agree to reduce the number of centrifuges at other facilities. Switzerland. and quite frankly. abandons almost a decade of sanctions. While John Kerry and Mohammad Javad Zarif. saying that Mr Obama was not simply “inching closer to Iran’s negotiating position but leaping toward it with both feet”. the Iranian foreign minister. This week.” he said. industry or science. warning that the deal that was emerging would “utterly fail to dismantle Iran’s nuclear programme. American officials said that the two sides were close to agreement on a cap of 6. centrifuges at the formerly secret Fordo facility would be allowed to run non-nuclear elements such as zinc. “I just think the deal is premised on an agreement on something that is totally unacceptable. Britain. Mr Hammond said that there was some leeway for pushing back the Tuesday deadline to the middle of April. xenon and germanium for use in medicine.” Mr Rubio said. China. “We certainly would want Congress’s engagement in this to be of a different nature. In exchange. Marco Rubio. said that he would “absolutely” be willing to revoke any deal signed by Mr Obama that allowed Iran to retain enrichment capabilities. not simply marking up a sanctions bill. This month. more than triple the original American negotiation position. accused the president of wanting “a deal for a deal’s sake”. Mr Hammond told journalists that he wanted to stop attempts in Congress to enforce tougher sanctions on Iran. One of the signatories. but this may not satisfy US congressional figures on either side. France and Germany are scheduled to join Mr Kerry and Mr Zarif in Switzerland this weekend.

Phillip Hammond.” he said. were in Yemen helping the Houthis. the Iranianbacked Lebanese Shia militia. said that Britain would play a similar role. He kept the loyalty of powerful army units. Ali Abdullah Saleh. while two Sunni tribes in the oil region of Marib pledged their support for the Saudi-led campaign. once aided by the United States in the fight against al-Qaeda but who Morocco 6 jet fighters YEMEN have now allied with the Houthis to overthrow his successor. “We have to deal with Iran’s aggression in the region. the foreign secretary. killing 21 rebels. in Yemen. Mr Hadi. who was forced to step down in 2012 after a popular uprising. said. He escaped to Riyadh via Oman on Wednesday as the Houthi rebels closed in on the southern city of Aden. including surveillance and refuelling.000 troops. “Any military action against an independent country is wrong and will only result in a deepening crisis and more deaths among innocents. the Saudi ambassador to Washington. noting that the Saudi jets taking part in the airstrikes were British built. Military bases housing pro-Saleh forces were the target of many airstrikes in the second night of the campaign. The strikes did not succeed in halting the Houthi advance south into the provinces of Abyan and Shabwa. telling reporters that commanders from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah.” The Houthis also have the backing of the former president of 33 years. but taking no direct combat role. which also hit the Houthis’ northern stronghold and the presidential compound in the capital. Yemen’s internationally recognised president in exile in Saudi Arabia. is expected to address the meeting and call for an Arab “Marshall Plan” to rebuild Yemen after Houthi rebels are driven out. in Syria.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 33 FGM World ASHWINI BHATIA / AP Arab nations in proxy war with Iran AFP / GETTY IMAGES Yemen The coalition Catherine Philp Beirut at the Shoton festival in Dharamsala Arab nations taking part in the war in Yemen are forging ahead with plans for a unified military force to tackle other common threats in the region. Foreign ministers gathering in Egypt before today’s meeting of the Arab League promised to go ahead with the formation of the force. Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. Saudi officials were still hoping that an air campaign — Operation Decisive Storm — would weaken the rebels enough to avoid a full-scale invasion. Sunni tribesmen opened fire on a Houthi convoy nearing Aden. The drive to form a united Arab force is seen as a reflection of a growing anxiety among the Sunni Arab monarchies that they can no longer rely on the US Saudi Arabia 150.” Mohammad Javad Zarif. said that Iran was the aggressor. “The Iranians are the ones who are meddling in the affairs of the Arab countries whether it’s in Lebanon. Sanaa. The promise came as ten Sunni Arab countries led by Riyadh embarked on a second night of airstrikes in Yemen aimed at dislodging Iranian-backed Shia Houthi rebels and preventing the emergence of an Iranian client regime on Saudi Arabia’s southern border. While Egyptian officials said that they were preparing for a ground offensive. calling the airstrikes a violation of sovereignty. navy units UAE 30 jet fighters Kuwait 15 jet fighters Bahrain 15 jet fighters Jordan 6 jet fighters Sudan 3 jet fighters Egypt 4 warships sent to Gulf of Aden Pakistan Number of troops not confirmed Qatar 10 jet fighters Sunni fighters in a hijacked tank in Aden yesterday as Shia rebels neared the city to act on their behalf. . Washington is providing logistical support. prompting the Saudi intervention. but there were signs of growing resistance. in Iraq. . Iran reacted furiously. 100 jet fighters. . raising the stakes in their regional power struggle with Iran. Iran’s foreign minister. Adel al-Jubeir. irrespective of the objections of Iranian-allied members like Syria and Iraq.

rather than the full-face masks which were formerly mandatory. The resulting mess is so radioactive that it is impossible for humans to go near it. In a stark reminder of the challenge facing the Japanese authorities. Tepco says that the technology needed to decommission the reactors has not yet been invented radiation into the sea. Nonetheless. but I would say our target is 30 to 40 years. I believe human beings have the capability to develop technologies where they are necessary. We need to develop many.34 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times World Fukushima clean-up will take Japan 200 years Japan Richard Lloyd Parry Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant The chief of the Fukushima nuclear power station has admitted that the technology needed to decommission three melteddown reactors does not exist. Tepco admitted in February that highly radioactive rainwater had been washing into the Pacific from one of the reactors. Recent scans of one revealed the worst possible result: all the nuclear fuel that was in the reactor’s furnace has melted and dripped down into the concrete outer containment vessel. Tepco. “For removal of the debris. Overall radiation levels within the plant complex. the company that operates the plant.000 a day one year ago. remains the dismantling of the three reactors. which melted down after their cooling systems were knocked out by the tsunami in March 2011. and the surrounding countryside. Tepco is relying. on the future development of robots that will be capable of entering the ruined reactors. “There are so many uncertainties involved. . nobody would have imagined mobile phones — they wouldn’t have imagined that you could communicate with someone far away with that small device. and he has no idea how it will be developed.000 on some days. and placing it inside suitable storage vessels — which have also yet to be invented. which has increased from 3. many technologies. and Tepco has begun the task of reducing and treating the huge amounts of contaminated coolant water and groundwater. however. It may take 200 years. have fallen to the extent that visitors can now stand outside the reactor buildings in protective suits and half-face masks. In the latest revelation. to as many as 8. Part of this is to be achieved by means of an “ice wall”: a 30m-deep underground barrier of vertical tundra to block groundwater from entering the stricken reactors. therefore. But two hundred years ago. removing the radioactive material. The greatest challenge. Akira Ono conceded that the stated goal of decommissioning the plant by 2051 may be impossible without a giant technological leap. we don’t have accurate information [about the state of the reactors] or any viable methodology for that. and that it had covered it up for ten months.” Mr Ono said. has made some progress at Fukushima — but it continues to be embarrassed by leaks of All workers are given a radiation scan after visiting the power plant. The scale of the project is obvious from the number of personnel on the site.” In the four years since the world’s second-worst nuclear disaster. The alternative would be to seal the entire complex in a giant sarcophagus like the one covering Chernobyl — but it would have to extend underground to stop contaminated groundwater reaching the sea. the temperature of the three melted-down reactors has been stabilised.

drowns on kayak trip Malaga The body of a British teenager who disappeared while kayaking by himself in southern Spain has been found. Shops markets. except for religious services.” he said. Vladimir Zaytsev.” His actions “contradicted the position of the Russian Orthodox Church regarding what is happening in Ukraine”. more than in any other country. the World Health Organisation said. AUSTRALIA Adelaide Broken Hill Sydney Melbourne 200 miles Mining forms the backdrop to Broken Hill in 1944. who lived in Spain with his family for many years. It’s the final metres in the race. The river had been swollen by heavy rains. lead and zinc deposits were found at the site in 1883. The storage system is now an almost bone-dry dust bowl. known as the capital of the outback. “Without water. Rio Tinto. Joshua Oker. “The hotel is now fully under the control of the militants. killing at least nine people and trapping government officials inside.000 people in Broken Hill. A devastating drought across Queensland and New South Wales has crippled farms and forced farmers to sell their sheep and cattle. near Malaga. “The droughts are getting closer and closer together and they’re becoming more intense. “We understand that people are tired and want to get back to their normal life.” he said. . 16. yesterday. One favoured option to the crisis is to build a 200-mile pipeline to carry water from Australia’s longest river. A drought that has crippled wildlife is threatening the economy Sierra Leone lockdown to curb ebola Freetown Sierra Leone’s For the best reporting on world news thetimes. Others call for extraordinary courage.” The world’s richest silver. (AFP) British boy. Ebola has infected nearly 12. “Fight against the fascist scum if needed.uk/world Some journalistic assignments require a rat-like cunning. And then there are those — like following in the footsteps of Prince Harry in Las Vegas — that need fashionable swimwear and a breakfast piña colada Rhys Blakely LA Correspondent One of 36 correspondents covering six continents six million people were told yesterday to stay at home until Sunday evening. It is not easy for us to go in.co. In regions around the capital and in the north where flare-ups persist.” Al-Shabaab has attacked hotels before.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 35 FGM World FAIRFAX MEDIA / GETTY IMAGES. a former miner. the Murray. (Reuters) Priest gave blessing to Russian fighters Rhys Blakely at a pool party in Las Vegas Moscow The Russian Orthodox Church has suspended a priest who blessed fighters heading to Ukraine. often went out on the water with friends but on this occasion was alone on a remote stretch of the Guadiaro river. from Yekaterinburg in the Urals. The once-abundant perch and murray cod are long gone. It’s a major concern because without a big rain event or bores coming to fruition. MORGAN/REX Mining town that made Australia rich is dying of thirst A n outback town credited with starting Australia’s minerals boom and spawning the world’s two largest mining companies is running out of water amid a ruinous drought (Bernard Lagan writes). Joshua’s mother did not raise the alarm until the day after he disappeared. but we’re not there yet. Broken Hill’s mayor.” he said. The cost is estimated at more than A$500 million. run out perhaps as early as August. the secondbiggest. as the nation attempted a final push to rid itself of ebola. said. because he often went camping for days at a time. encouraging them to battle Ukrainian government troops.” said Roeland Monasch of Unicef. also traces its roots to Broken Hill. the Somali capital. Islamists storm Mogadishu hotel Mogadishu Suspected Islamist fighters stormed a popular hotel in Mogadishu.000 people in Sierra Leone. JAMES D. and its thriving bird life has taken flight. It’s an essential of survival. Despite a steep fall in infections. we are facing some sort of crisis. (Reuters) It has nearly drained Broken Hill’s water supply — stored in the man-made Menindee Lakes system 60 miles away. 33 new cases were confirmed last week. was filmed on March 12 sending off some 50 fighters. a police officer. Major Ismail Olow. “Don’t be afraid of anything. teams will also search for ebola cases. his diocese said. A huge blast was heard near the gates of the hotel and gunmen were seen inside and on the roof. says that climate change is causing the severity and frequency of droughts in the region to increase. the emergency relief organisation. Drilling teams are in a race against time to find groundwater before the 18. “Al-Shabaab fighters are on the top of the building and inside. you don’t have an economy. and I think it will be necessary. police said yesterday. spawning the creation of BHP Billiton. restaurants and bars were shut. 16. the biggest mining company. Wincen Cuy.

disappeared in 1982 and Susan Berman. “There is an art to very quickly working out what sort of girlfriend you need to be.” Ms Creamer said.” Mr Durst’s lawyer. had already rescued three lionesses and two monkeys when the group came across Cholita. who was being temporarily housed in a zoo after Peruvian authorities had freed her from a circus. The ideal service offered by a fake girlfriend. but first it must raise the money to buy her a ride alongside 33 lions on the largest airlift on record of freed performing animals.” Both the customer and the fake girlfriend or boyfriend rate one another after the agreed period of the affair is over. but it was re-opened in 1992. We have had other people that have popped up that may have been suspects — a former boyfriend. making them look as if they are wearing glasses. The charity that saved the elderly bear — of the same endangered species as Paddington — wants to give her a new home in the United States. though in court he successfully argued that he acted in self-defence. Detective Kristine Bowdish told reporters that Lynne shopped at the store on the day she vanished and was last seen at a bus stop outside. flirty sensations associated with young love. vanished in December 1971. Yang will send pictures of herself. a police department in Vermont is investigating whether he might be involved in another disappearance. Colombia. in the Vermont town of Middlebury where Lynne was a student. which already have bans in place. Zhuang Yuan. Cholita is a spectacled bear. you have to work out why a 50-year-old. we are very interested to find out how far we can go with this connection. moving her hands as if to direct a flow of water away from her body.000.36 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times World ‘Paddington’ bear saved from circus cruelty ANIMAL DEFENDERS INTERNATIONAL Brazil James Hider Latin America Correspondent The story of Cholita the Peruvian bear is less Paddington and more 12 Years a Slave. All Good Things. Chinese impress families with perfect Millionaire faces questions partners who only exist on a phone app over student who vanished China Leo Lewis Beijing She is witty. originally planned to start an online service selling lottery tickets. Each customer has enjoyed a brief and wholly imaginary mobile-phonebased affair for which they pay about 50p an hour through an app called NanNan. Spectacled bears rarely attack humans unless they feel themselves threatened. “In my experience there are no aggression issues. Fake boyfriends. was shot in the back of the head in December 2000 as she prepared to talk to police. they act up and all have their own personalities. coatis and four kinkajous — a tiny mammal also known as a honey bear — to a sanctuary in the Amazon. near Denver. Many of those who already have long-term partners simply want to be reminded of the heady. He’s an easy target for this game of ‘Blame it on Bob’. said: “I don’t like to use the term ‘suspect’ per se.” ADI. The group has housed all the rescued animals — including 25 monkeys and four coatis. Cholita. She earns about £300 a month.” she said. [Mr Durst] is a person that’s very interesting to us. says Nicole. Paraguay.” he said. called All Good Things. Peru. after a two-year undercover investigation revealed evidence of widespread cruelty. The most assiduous proponents. She also developed alopecia in captivity. beautiful and bathed in an aura of mystique. she had her teeth smashed by her owners and her paws mutilated to remove her claws. Tom Hanley. Most of the investigators who worked on her case have died. Cholita was found during a huge sweep of circuses in Peru and Colombia. It is a view shared by hundreds of Chinese men who have dipped into the country’s rapidly expanding industry for fictional love. “This elderly bear has endured unimaginable suffering but she has a chance to enjoy her final years. There are very few cases of attacks on humans. Now most of her fur has fallen out. said Robyn Appleton. like any animal. The use of wild animals in circuses has since been banned in Bolivia. social media posts and the flirty banter of love. she says. Michael Bond. “it is up to the fake girlfriend to ‘tai-chi’ the conversation somewhere neutral. “If the conversation becomes too overtly sexual. China has a generation that is just very comfortable with virtual relationships.” Ms Creamer said. Right. Lynne Schulze. Jan Creamer. a creature similar to a raccoon — in zoos and temporary pens while they finalise their Spirit of Freedom flight. having lost her fur. They are called spectacled bears because they have lighter fur around their eyes. Colorado. the star of the successful British film of the same name. Given that it isn’t about sex. It was by then relatively well known that Mr Durst and his first wife operated the shop. it is not as simple as just saying ‘we will take Cholita’. a Canadian researcher from the Spectacled Bear Conservation Society of Peru who has studied the animals for years. I very much hope that. Nicole has a perfect five-star score. To some customers. and why a 25-year-old guy from Beijing needs one. or the food she is cooking that night.” He said that detectives were keen to speak to Mr Durst. All affairs must be fitted around Nicole’s academic duties as a third-year student in Beijing. however. and they are often shot by hunters. “They are curious. with the charity’s help. and who have had the privilege of calling themselves Nicole’s boyfriend. El Salvador. Her singing voice is like honey and her late-night text messages read like love poetry. the creator of the bestselling Paddington stories. he looked online and discovered that search engine requests for fake girlfriends and boyfriends were surging.” Many young men and women use their fake love affairs to fool their nagging parents back home that life in the city has produced a fine crop of potential marriage partners. The bears appear on the Red List of Threatened Species. Costa Rica and Mexico. and by building temporary homes for the freed animals. Panama. Most are happy with an intense to-and-fro of texts. a computer scientist in his 20s who founded NanNan six months ago. She. who are in shorter supply.” he said. should be something between psychotherapist and fantasy lover. and peddles the services of thousands of fake boyfriends and girlfriends around the country. the same species as the popular children’s character Paddington. It has tens of thousands of users. There was a 2010 film starring Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst. married business owner from Chengdu wants a fake girlfriend for an hour. though. leaving her defenceless. Ecuador. can make more than £1. given that several fake affairs can be conducted simultaneously and that most take place after the customers finish their working day. and why it is that they want one. but there is still a lot to do to make this happen. They hope to relocate the monkeys. United States Will Pavia New York For many years. the ADI president who led the raid in northern Peru. To make sure that Cholita had no chance of defending herself in the circus. like Paddington. causing her fur to fall out — leaving her scarcely recognisable as a bear. His first wife. The charity followed up its success by helping local authorities to raid circuses that were continuing to defy the ban. Dick DeGuerin. has been promised a home by The Wild Animal Sanctuary. When he failed to obtain the necessary certificate. Cholita will get the care she needs to recover. has thrown his weight behind the effort. one of the rescued lions however. and never will. began its Stop Circus Suffering campaign across Latin America in 2007. Forced into a circus. scheduled for next month. now that he has been charged with murdering Ms Berman. She has a remarkable opportunity. once the necessary paperwork has been completed — and if the group can get her there. They really are a beautiful bear. but is unrecognisable as such. Mr Durst had acknowledged killing and dismembering a neighbour in Texas the following year.” . that sort of thing. has never met any of them in person. Others. It is now moving them to new homes. the Middlebury police chief. The appeal is part of a campaign by Animal Defenders International (ADI) to have wild animals banned from travelling circuses all across South America. the erratic multimillionaire Robert Durst has been shadowed by the popular but unproven suspicion that he got away with murder. and in 2012 detectives received a tip from a member of the public. However. “It is mostly about the postNineties generation who grew up surrounding themselves with video games and computers. she tells The Times. who served as his spokeswoman.” she says. “With some of the other background we are discovering. are simply looking to talk to someone gentle at the end of a hard day. We have ruled those people out. based on their marriage and her disappearance. they may attack if startled. which has offices in London and Bogota. ADI worked with local authorities in both countries to carry out a series of raids on the many circuses that still use wild performing animals. Their habitat is threatened by the expansion of farming in remote mountain areas. “Of course. Kathie. They learnt that Mr Durst ran a health food shop. denied that his client had “any connection to the case in Vermont or any other case that some law enforcement people have seen fit to draw suspicions about. her trainers broke her teeth and cut her front paws down to stumps to remove her claws. Cholita is a spectacled bear. can earn even more. the same as a steel worker — a decent return on her efforts. even though they are mostly vegetarian and pose no danger to humans. The feedback from clients is unanimous: Nicole Yang is the perfect fake girlfriend. “It is such a horrendous story. 18.

39 .Weekend Saturday March 28. 2015 Travel Page 46 I had the same surgery as Angelina Jolie at 38 One woman’s story. pages 38.

Two women had no hair. They asked me whether I had to have chemo. The day before we got our results. Kent. who I was engaged to then. I drove home crying so hard I couldn’t see the road through the tears. you’ve got nipples now!’ . My sister and I went for a screening. four. I find it hard to let anyone do anything for me. pumped full of hot air — to keep the blood pumping round to ensure that the skin grafts work. I wake up and she’s always there. She’d been diagnosed with breast cancer at 43. this is it. There’s a relief. It dawned on me that if I was gone. she said. Suddenly everything that was important before was so irrelevant and ridiculous. She tried everything. My breast cancer risk was 85 per cent. I took a deep breath. I felt embarrassed that I was taking up a bed. I was stunned. but I was in a meeting so I had to run outside. and told me if she could live her life again. I was very tearful. she couldn’t bear the idea of what she might have to go through. I came out of the hospital and I had no nipples. I had this urge. 39. They said to her. determined character. I’d hate the thought of my daughter having to go through what I went through. what clubs the kids were doing. in the shape of a pram. I watched the procedure on YouTube first — gory. They’d left it too late. If I died of cancer it would be awfully sad. My surgery lasted 11 hours. When I gave my name to the receptionist. I didn’t want a surprise. She lived with it for seven years. I was pregnant. The reconstruction is brilliant now — you can hardly tell. in London. why have you got that big bandage on your tummy. When I woke up on the breast bay ward. and is married to Paul. The doctors were keen for me to wait to have a hysterectomy because I was still so young. I felt horrendous. Jo Considine took the same drastic action. Every year. does it. there wasn’t anything reliable. Max was two. She was BRCA1. and I had to say. Why did I have it. If she was a gene carrier. The implications for my daughter are exactly the same as for me. In the past two years. There were four of us. She gave me a piece of designer jewellery. I cried the whole way. infections. I had my double mastectomy two weeks before Angelina Jolie had hers. Every year. this sense of ‘I have to do this right now’. We spent her last Christmas at her apartment in Hamburg. So I didn’t have kids until four years later. I’d written lists — stuck everywhere. 38. and wheeled me down. That doesn’t matter though. it should be me. But for ovarian screening. She was so scared for me. But the relief was unbelievable: I’d done it. but I had to know. My sister felt guilty as well. My ovarian cancer risk was 46 per cent. But it would be worse if my children grew up without a mum. below. My daughter is sensible. in the plastic surgery unit of St Thomas’ Hospital in London.’ They marked me up. and Max. Maybe just a tablet! My son also has an increased risk of breast cancer. as I’m much braver with needles than she is. My aunt. She’d be the one to ask. at every procedure. the thoughts were so overwhelming I had to leave work to sit quietly on my own. She was an artist and lived in Germany. We hadn’t had children yet. I had a mammogram. but I was numb. if cancer gets you? The news that I’d inherited the gene didn’t rush me into having children. I had a vision of them chopping bits off. returned to the meeting — it was a sales meeting — and put it out of my head until work was over.’ ‘It was preventative. They have a 50-50 chance of inheriting that BRCA mutation. But I didn’t know what I’d look like. She lay on the bed. At that point nothing would have stopped me. By then. shopping. would you want to know?’ I had inherited it. A list on the washing machine. In the end it wasn’t really about me. and prostate cancer. I felt so hot and claustrophobic. She had numerous chemotherapy treatments. When they told me. I was wrapped in a sort of surgical sleeping bag. and Max. She survived but was advised to go for a BRCA screening.the times Saturday March 28 2015 38 Body + Soul I understand why Angelina Jolie STEPHANE CARDINALE / PEOPLE AVENUE / CORBIS. That was more of a “hoping it would be OK” situation. I’ve not got cancer.’ ‘But you’ve had a mastectomy. Claudia was four. Once. I was so careerdriven and not at all maternal. angry. she said. Jo Considine with her husband. I was 29. though. and my son. I thought I’d be a mash-up. she hadn’t. ‘Don’t wait any longer. You think about your femininity. for information and I booked the operation. she decided to have preventative surgery to remove her breasts and ovaries “I t’s 50-50 as to whether you inherit the gene. Above: Angelina Jolie. My mother was hesitant. I hadn’t told many people. My mum felt guilty. Before I’d gone into hospital. Paul was amazing. and Paul. but we were close. I almost felt it was a lifeline and mortality wasn’t a problem now. and that it was her fault I had to go through the surgery. The curtains were pulled back and we started chatting. My grandmother died from ovarian cancer when I was three months old. ‘If you haven’t got the gene. Don’t waste your opportunity to save yourself. ‘Mummy. I do think about my daughter. At the age of 29 she found out that she had a mutation of the BRCA1 gene — the same as the actress Angelina Jolie — which gave her an 85 per cent risk of breast cancer and a 46 per cent risk of ovarian cancer. She said to me. what each button did. ‘Oh Mummy. was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 50. why are you wearing that funny bra?’ I’d say ‘That’s where Mummy had a test. and my sister didn’t? For the first few months. six. Here she explains what it was like Jo Considine. When I had them tattooed on. Paul. Her husband had given it to her when they were trying to have a family. I’m hoping in 20 years the solution won’t be quite as extreme as it is now. I felt terribly guilty. lists on the side. I had complications. He did school runs. I couldn’t speak.’ She died a few months later. They told me over the phone. I had yearly mammograms and MRI scans. is the director of a family structural engineering business. Claudia. Claudia. they’re going to find something. and the third was going on to radiotherapy. because there was no reception in the office. I’d called my mother. what days and what time. four She’s been at every appointment. I wanted my cancer risk removed. I didn’t want that. from chemo. a brooch. It had all gone. how it worked. When I woke. she rang the clinic to say she didn’t want to know. lunch boxes. ‘Oh yes. for not having the gene. I kept thinking I was going to die. I went to a breast surgeon and plastic surgeon. I had that dread. I understood her. quite sensitive. and children. scared. six. she’d have children. washing. But I’d also hate the thought of my daughter having cancer. my mother’s sister.’ She knows I’ve had operations. when these women had to be there to survive. we’ve got the theatre booked for the entire day for you. I’ve had 16 procedures. It sounds bizarre but now I feel lucky to have the gene. ‘No. He could pass it on to his children. They have two children. they’d just have their father.’ After the mastectomy. I knew they were calling at a certain time. BELOW: JORDEN MORRISON Actress Angelina Jolie chose to have her ovaries removed to stop her developing the cancer that killed her mother. It’s a long journey. She was a strong. The cancer generally doesn’t develop until you’re in your forties. I’d expected the news. visits to parks. After both my children were born it was like a switch had been flipped. from Maidstone. Like Jolie. She felt as though she’d given it to me. I was 37. We joked that if one of us should have it.

That was the scariest part. so poorly. As there are currently no reliable screening methods for ovarian cancer. But I felt secure. I wasn’t able to lift anything but I was up and about. We’re quite organised. He would just say. niggling: I’m going to get cancer. Even with no family history. We planned for the mastectomy like a military operation. Jo never wants a fuss. It is a disease that is hard to diagnose and hard to treat. and would snap me out of it. the knowledge was always there. This has brought us closer but we’ve always been close. or fallopian tubes. It was lovely to have my husband’s support. my body. but if I didn’t. She wanted me to look after the children so she made me promise to stay home with them. Once a woman has completed her family. I’m not as strong as she is. A few times after the operation. If you are concerned you can keep track of such signs in a symptoms diary downloaded from ovarian. Of the women diagnosed today. and 4.” Jo volunteers for Breast Cancer Care’s Someone Like Me service.000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year.uk Is there screening for ovarian cancer? There is no screening programme for ovarian cancer and it is important to stress that cervical smear tests do not pick it up. It was hard to rest. We had everything we wanted. It was more of a personal thing for her: any effect it might have on her body. rather than up and down. called salpingo-oophorectomy.’ Really. ‘All those female hormones are gone. When the cancer returns it is often resistant to chemotherapy.uk to find out more The husband’s story: ‘I’m not as strong as she is’ You have a right to prevent your cancer. we never even discussed it. ‘Long term. trying to be normal for the kids. even though I should have been. it is important to know the symptoms and to act promptly if you are concerned. I have my family and my health. I wasn’t worried. or a husband. I’d had my children.’ We’re soulmates. I could go straight on to HRT. He just wants me alive. bladder or womb. It is more common in women over 50. the alternative would be worse.org. but it can save months of chemo.’ Within two weeks. What are the symptoms? There are four main symptoms: persistent bloating and tummy pain. It isn’t like that. I said to my mum. a sensation of feeling full quickly after eating and needing to pass urine more often. and spoke to friends in my support group. we’ll look back. because I felt so well. I was so worried for her. If I was ever negative. I don’t really want any more than I’ve got. it can save lives. and to specialists at the hospital. After the hysterectomy. Paul said. but sometimes. He said. that belief would become clouded. texting her mother at the hospital. I was in for two days. I still don’t think I’ve had the chance to reflect on what we went through. My priorities have changed. It’s only important that the risk is gone. came the final ‘we’ve done it’ moment. A mastectomy might seem like an excessive measure for a healthy person. Jo knew there would never be a problem after the surgery. After advice from doctors women either opt for yearly breast screening or a double mastectomy followed by breast reconstruction. but it does affect younger women as well. which is now offering support for anyone going through genetic testing. ‘I’d rather have you with a scar. But not everyone has everything removed. if I said I was going to die of cancer. This must be what a man feels like! One level. it didn’t bother me that I wouldn’t have ovaries. I need to get my ovaries removed. She was worried about whether I was going to be all right. before an operation. For me it was the final part of the journey. Who knew when it would go off? I didn’t want to have a hysterectomy. For nine years. I said: ‘Don’t be ridiculous. It was my life. by keyhole surgery. then you may be at increased risk because of a mutation of the BRCA1/2 gene. But even without it I think I would still have had to do it. and I whizzed Jo to hospital. regular blood tests and ultrasound scans can be offered. Jo is really brave.org. It sounds clinical.’ Her mother came over. and be glad it’s all over. That she was in menopause didn’t matter. for me. I’m a tick-it-offmy-list person. Now. 43 per cent will be alive in five years’ time. you’re so used to thinking about what they need that you want to get better quickly so you can look after everybody else again. or a womb. Ovarian cancer starts in the ovaries but can spread to the bowel. I felt a bit of a failure. I thought the same. As far as my femininity was concerned. I did feel I was too young to be going through the menopause. Our children won’t have to go through that grief. I couldn’t be at the hospital with her. I don’t feel that any more.000 will die. and the ovaries and hysterectomy a bit later. but we knew there was a path we had to go down. I didn’t really need my womb any more. As a young patient who hadn’t had cancer. But when Angelina Jolie had her mastectomy two weeks later. You look back and think. They recommend that I stay on it till I’m 62. We had the kids.” Paul Considine Interviews by Anna Maxted Ovarian cancer the facts Some 7. ever expressed them to me. he never. which I’m sure he did. but the first major infection was a curveball out of nowhere.org. You can’t tell whether you have ovarian cancer until it’s quite advanced. In more than 70 per cent of cases the cancer recurs even if a woman has had chemotherapy and/or surgery to remove it. I had no drop in hormones at all. I thought. When’s it going to come? I understand why Angelina Jolie said she feels calm — I feel that too. or plastic surgery. I didn’t need to reassure her that I’d still find her attractive. If you have more than one case of ovarian and/or breast cancer on the same side of your family. I knew it would be short. her hair. there were negative comments: it was a glorified boob job. But the relief was unbelievable “We always knew that Jo would need two major operations: the mastectomy. So I was at home. If he had similar thoughts. reduces the risk of getting ovarian cancer by 95 per cent. than not have you at all. he’d be very cross. What happens when the mutation is detected? Someone with a BRCA mutation is at an increased risk of developing both breast and ovarian cancer.’ The idea of being launched into a surgical menopause did scare me. As long as the ovaries and the tubes are gone. she was so ill from infections. ‘Think how lucky you are. She is beautiful. I was frightened.’ There’s not a selfish bone in her. If you experience these more than 12 times a month you should see your GP. Dr Sarah Blagden is a consultant oncologist at the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre.uk . that’s the Jo Considine My surgery lasted 11 hours and I felt horrendous. It was sitting in there like a time bomb. and she joked. The pain was so bad but she tried to fight through it: ‘It’ll be all right. I now realise how stressed I was knowing I was carrying the gene. I’d eradicated the breast cancer as best as I could. ovarian. The mastectomy was horrific. You want your kids to have a mum. Detecting it relies on women knowing the symptoms and acting quickly. she can consider having both her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. I guess I’ve never been asked. One in five women with ovarian cancer has it because of a BRCA1/2 gene mutation. even though she’d have loved me to be there. ‘I feel really calm’. this is just another shared experience we’ve been through. whether I would manage while she was in hospital. I do too SONJA HORSMAN FOR THE TIMES risk-reducing surgery. You can stop yourself from suffering like your aunt or your grandma. It’s such a relief that it’s all over. When you’ve got children. how she might feel. or a dog or a cat. The symptoms are easily confused with other ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome. Paul reassured me I was doing the right thing. Call 0345 077 1893 or visit breastcancercare. The risk was down to under 5 per cent. That saddens me. When I stepped down from my previous career to have children. I had a hysterectomy last year. This surgery. I googled it.the times Saturday March 28 2015 Body + Soul 39 said she feels calm now. Imperial College Contact: Ovarian Cancer Action. so we planned our life around it. I thought I’d be sprouting grey hairs and walking with a stoop.

As you get fitter. press-ups against a wall and lunges two to three times a week. Weightlifting or resistance exercises can prevent and even reverse many of these physical effects. and hold a light weight in each hand. You can buy packs of resistance bands and sets of dumbbells online or in sports shops. and reduce pain from arthritis. All these exercises can be done by beginners. Group exercise boosts the mental health of many older people and even an hour a week of aerobic activity can lessen the risk of dementia and generally improve the mood. Strength sessions for 10-15 minutes. The researchers said that significant health gains were seen “even among participants who became active relatively late in life”. according to a leading public health expert. or perhaps some swimming and biking. which lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes. combined with regular walking.” he says. Sir Muir Gray. Repeat 6 times. an osteopath and trainer launching senior fitness classes at the Reebok Sports Club in London this month. By 70. there is little difference between cyclists aged 79 and those aged 55. believes that dumbbells and resistance bands “should be standard” for older people. warm up with some walking on the spot. Peta Bee reports I f you thought old age was a time for gentle walks and light stretching. a trainer who oversees senior conditioning classes for David Lloyd gyms. most sedentary people have lost a quarter of the muscle they had in their 30s. Why is weightlifting so important as we age? Once we hit our mid-30s the muscle mass in our bodies drops at a rate of 1 to 2 per cent a year. think again. 1 Step-ups Builds bone density in legs Stand straight with one foot on a low bench and one on the floor. but the fact that people have stopped exercising and are no longer active. keeping a slight bend in both knees. Zoe Mundell. the former chief of knowledge for the NHS. and that exercise for conditions such as arthritis could be “far better than most medications”. Our bone-mineral density declines and ligaments become less pliable. Older people should be using dumbbells and building muscle. and if possible combine it with plenty of walking. cycling or swimming for aerobic fitness. older people who exercise at least once a week are three to seven times more likely to be classed as “healthy agers”.” he says. With similar amounts of exercise. found lead author Professor Stephen Harridge.” Mundell also sees her older clients with boosted self-confidence. performed two to three times a week. Return to the starting position. Start with 2kg weights and move to heavier ones once they feel too easy and are not challenging you enough. Starting with arms by your sides. you can increase the number of sets you do of each exercise. Working out needn’t take over your life. like step-ups.the times Saturday March 28 2015 40 Body + Soul Weight training at 60 Exercises Forget a gentle walk. and try to do ten repetitions of each exercise with a minute’s rest after each one. says that retirement is a good time to step up your exercise as you may have more time: “There are so many advantages to staying fit as you get older and they are not just physical gains. “A simple strength programme of exercises using your own body weight for resistance. “Diminishing strength affects balance. “They just feel so much better about themselves.” Research at King’s College London found that people who continue to exercise in their 70s are as fit as those in their 50s. “It is not ageing itself which brings about poor function and frailty. can vastly improve your health in just a few weeks.” she says. Exercise scientists at the University of Maryland found that weightlifting can improve insulin sensitivity. drawing the hands up towards your shoulders and then lower them back to the start position. then change leg 2 Bicep curl Prevents bingo wings Take a split stance. bend at the elbows. and three to four half-hour walks can make a profound difference to your health. range of motion and posture. Experts are now saying that people in their 60s. either. 70s and 80s who lift weights and do daily resistance training will protect themselves from a range of ills brought on by ageing and could even prolong their lives. Before you start. Repeat 10-12 times . says Joe Newbold. Step up with the lower leg. According to a study at University College London. Try to perform this routine three times a week.

Slowly raise the arms to shoulder height. raise your feet 5-7cm off the ground to make for a less stable surface. Repeat this on the left side to complete one repetition. knee and ankle joints. Hold for a couple of seconds before lowering back to the starting position. Do not allow the front knee to pass over your toes.the times Saturday March 28 2015 Body + Soul 41 you should do every day 3 Reverse lunge Good for ankle and knee joints 4 Lateral raise Protects against hunching 5 Bent-over dumbbell row Builds bone mass in arms Standing with legs apart. Repeat 10 times. keeping your back flat and reaching your arms forward. To increase the difficulty of this exercise. Stand upright with feet slightly apart. Lie on your back with legs bent and upper body and feet flat on the floor. chest lifted and stomach muscles tight. bringing the weights towards your upper body and pulling your shoulder blades together while keeping your elbows as tight as possible to your sides. feet shoulder-width apart with a slight bend in the knees and a weight in each hand. Repeat 12 times 6 Russian twist Good for balance 7 Glute bridge Improves strength when walking Sitting on the floor with knees bent and feet flat. From this position lift your hips off the floor. From this point twist as far round to the right as possible without twisting your lower body to achieve the rotation. holding a light weight with both hands. raising your toes and place your hands out in front of you. Repeat 10-12 times on each leg JOHN ENOCH FOR THE TIMES Repeat 8-10 times Stand upright. bend at the elbows. Come back to your start position. hold light weights down by your side. keeping hands facing the floor and arms straight. squeezing your glutes at the top point before lowering back to the floor. Step one leg backwards. bending both the front and back leg into 90-degree angles (if possible) through flexion at the hip. Repeat 12 times . Return arms to the starting position. and come back to the centre start point. From this point tip forwards from the hips. lean back until you start to feel tension in your abdominals. From this position.



Saturday March 28 2015 | the times


My family said
they wouldn’t
read my story
about them
Akhil Sharma’s novel, inspired
by his dead brother, has won the
Folio prize, Robbie Millen writes


y first response
shame.” If I’d
just won a
serious literary prize and
£40,000 I’d
probably let rip a whoop of joy, or at least
allow myself a moment of smug self-satisfaction. But a sense of shame — fleeting
but real — is what Akhil Sharma felt on
winning the Folio prize this week. “My first
response when anything good happens is
to think that my poor brother did not get
it,” the New York-based writer tells me.
Sharma’s brother looms large in Family
Life, the semi-autobiographical novel that
won over the judges of the Folio prize, the
newish rival to the Man Booker prize. The
pleasingly slim novel tells the story of an
Indian family — an accountant, his
teacher wife, and their sons Ajay and Bishru — who emigrate to the US in the late
1970s. This tale of immigrants trying to
make a new life in the land of supermarkets and telly takes a dark turn when one
son has a terrible accident, the sort of disaster that pulls a family to pieces.
The father seeks refuge in booze; the
mother, who has shrieking fits of temper,
puts her trust in faith healers and other
quacks; and Ajay lives in the shadow of his
brother’s tragedy. It’s not unrelentingly
grim, though. There’s enough warmth and
wit to stop it being turned into a literary
equivalent of a misery memoir.
Sharma says he wrote Family Life as an
act of memorialisation. “I wanted my
brother to be remembered . . . my poor
brother had such an awful, awful life.”
Awful is no exaggeration. Aged 14, Anup
Sharma dived into a swimming pool and
hit his head on the bottom. He lay under
the water for three minutes before he was
dragged out; enough time for him to suffer
catastrophic brain damage. He survived
another 30 years, a non-life of catheters
and feeding tubes, unable to communicate, needing 24-hour care, before he died
just three years ago.
Sharma describes how the skin on the
arms of his immobile, bed-bound brother
fused with the skin on the side of his body.

“My father used
a razor to cut the
skin [free]. Every
morning he would
just cut his skin a
little bit. These are
not details that you
can put into fiction.”
Sharma, a neat and
trim 43-year-old, has
from this incident, and
the aftermath, for his
novel. He says it is “a very accurate account
in terms of emotions and the timings of
things”, though he has changed some of
the details. His father, for instance, didn’t
become an alcoholic but did slump into
depression. The book is unsparing about
how his parents did and did not cope with
the tragedy.
“My parents were crazy, and I don’t
mean that in a bad way but they were abso-

‘I have to be aware
that my own love for
these people can be
harmful to the book’
lutely overwhelmed and traumatised by
having been in hospital for so long,” he
says. He affectionately describes his father
as “weirdly depressed and looking around
[for things] to complain about,” and says
the novel is a “love song” to his mother,
who shouted and bullied to get things done
for her sick son, but if he portrayed her
as “only good it would be scrubbing away
her individuality”.
So what do his parents make of his
depiction of events? His father, a retired
accountant, has no intention of reading it.
“My father says to me, why [bother reading
it]? I was there,” and his mother “asked my
permission to not read it. She said it was so
sad, that she didn’t want to go back.” Similarly, his wife, a lawyer and executive at an
accounting firm, has not read Family Life.
“She read a thing in The New Yorker [about
it] and found it so painful. She said that she

did not want to suffer that
Curiosity got the better of
his mother, who has now read
it. “My mother was confused
[by it]. She didn’t know why
some things were true and
others were not.”
Sharma says “if you write
only the true things people
get bored” and that he had
to dip into his literary bag
techniques to tell a decent story (“ordiof technique
nary life is shapeless,” he explains). “When
I write, I’m here to use everything I can to
make this a good book. It’s not me expressing my inner soul. It is me using everything
that I have, so I can tell this story and to
some extent I have to be aware that my
own emotions, my own love of these
people, can be harmful to the book.”
Sharma was desperate to get out of the
family home in Edison, New Jersey, as
quickly as possible. He was obviously a
smart boy; he describes reading War and
Peace at his brother’s bedside. (Tolstoy,
Dostoyevsky, Chekhov, Hemingway influenced him; “Indian writers are not a large
part of my consciousness,” he answers
when I ask him whether he is in the vanguard of some Indian literary wave.) At 16,
he went to Princeton to study public policy.
Why miss senior year at high school and
go to university so young? The answer
again lies with his brother. Before his accident, his brother had leapfrogged a year:
“If he had skipped a year, I was going to
skip a year. I thought I have to do this, I
cannot be less than him.”
He has one of those troublingly impressive CVs of an overachiever. After graduating aged 20, he got a Stegner fellowship for
creative writing at Stanford University,
before going on to Harvard Law School.
There was a brief stint as a screenwriter in
Hollywood before he became an investment banker at Salomon Smith Barney.
His first novel, An Obedient Father, was
published in 2000 while he was still a
banker. You can find a rather puffed-up,
and sweary, interview with the then 29year-old Sharma in The New York Observer where he boasts: “I do believe I’m very

my brother’s keeper
Akhil Sharma’s sibling
Anup suffered brain
damage at 14 but lived
for another 30 years

good as a writer . . . Most first novels I read
are such awful shit.”
That boom-time brashness has certainly disappeared: “No one is a Master of the
Universe. We are all foolish people.” He
comes across today as quiet, thoughtful,
donnish even, with a Sahara-dry sense of
humour; he speaks softly, with an Indian
tone to his accent. Banking was not for
him. “I wanted to make money because I
grew up in an impoverished background. I
remember having torn shoes and wearing
plastic bags over the soles and kids making
fun of them. I remember the enormous
fear of how do we pay for things. I didn’t
want any part of that in my life.” But he felt
what he was doing was unimportant and
did not justify the gruelling hours. So he
left Wall Street for the life of the writer.
In the 14 years between his debut and his
encore, Family Life, he has written for The
New Yorker and other smart magazines.
He is also an assistant professor, teaching
creative writing at Rutgers-Newark.
“When I told my father that I had got the
job he told me how disappointed he was.”
Becoming a doctor or an engineer would
have earned his father’s respect. Sharma
does occasionally slip into creative-writing talk when he starts to enthuse about
the craft of writing: “the bracketed nature
of the narrative”. The alumni of creative
writing courses can be very self-conscious
about what they do; I’ve never heard a
doctor preface a remark with “as a doctor”.
But there is no doubt that he has an
unpretentious storytelling desire to “preserve the emotional experience” of what
happened to his family. It has had many repercussions, direct and indirect. Though
he has been married since he was 29, he
has no children. His wife is nine years older, so when they married they had to make
an early decision about parenthood. “At
that point I didn’t know whether I would
be a good father because the example I had
in my own life was so much chaos.” Is he
glum about the effects of that chaos? No,
he says, “it motivated me to be a writer”. A
writer whose memorial to his brother has
just been very publicly recognised.
Family Life by Akhil Sharma is published
by Faber, £14.99

the times | Saturday March 28 2015



Lewis Carroll and the Alice enigma

Book of the week

Behind a classic of
children’s literature
lies a puzzle we can
never solve: the
author’s relationship
with his young muse,
says Philip Collins
The Story of
Alice: Lewis
Carroll and the
History of
by Robert
Harvill Seck
Secker, 496pp
496pp, £25 * £20


ueen Victoria enjoyed Lewis
Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in
Wonderland so much she
asked for a copy of the author’s
next book and was surprised
and confounded to receive a
beautifully wrapped copy of Charles
Dodgson’s An Elementary Treatise on
Determinants: With Their Application To
Simultaneous Linear Equations and Algebraical Geometry.
That is not, in fact, a true story. It is one
of the many myths that wound itself
around Lewis Carroll in his lifetime and
have never ceased. One of the more persistent rumours was that, in paying so
much attention to young Alice Liddell and
her two sisters, Carroll was hitting on their
unmarried governess. In recent times, perhaps in the shadow of the depravities of
our own era, there is the darker accusation
that Carroll might have been hitting on the
girls themselves. In particular, on Alice.
Slowly, in this book, Douglas-Fairhurst
tries to peel back the many layers of fiction.
He tells the story of Alice, the famous visitor to Wonderland. He describes Alice’s
inspiration, the flesh and blood Alice
Hargreaves (née Liddell) who lives her life
in the shadow of a character from which
she can never really escape. Eventually, as
an old lady on a trip to the US in 1932, at the
behest of her son who can see the commercial potential, the real Alice and the
fictional Alice all but merge. When Alice
dies in 1934, her obituary in The Times
describes her as both “Mrs Hargreaves”
and, underneath, “Alice in Wonderland”.
Then there is the puzzle of the elusive
Charles Dodgson, who died in 1898 aged
65. The Reverend Dodgson was the son of
an earnest Yorkshire clergyman and himself a reluctant priest (“an ecclesiastical
Mock Turtle”), a fellow of Christ Church, a
poor mathematics teacher who struggled
to overcome a stammer. But he is also
Lewis Carroll, the author of the best-loved,
most-copied stories for children in English
literature. Was it Carroll who fell for Alice
Liddell when Dodgson spotted her
through the window of Christ Church
library? Was Carroll a fictional alter ego
designed to keep Dodgson’s subterranean
desires at bay?
Carroll has eluded his biographers so far.

Alice’s obituary
From the Times obituary of Alice
Pleasance Liddell, November 17,
It was on July 4, 1862, that Alice,
then 10 years old, and her two
sisters were taken on the river by
the Rev Charles Lutwidge
Dodgson, a mathematical don of
Christ Church. So hot was it on
the river that day that they had to
leave the boat and seek the shadow of
a new-made hayrick.
Tell us a story, said the little girls, and
Mr Dodgson began the tale which was
to earn him immortality under his penname of “Lewis Carroll”. In after years,
when she became Mrs Hargreaves,
Alice herself wrote an account of what
happened on that gorgeous afternoon.
“Sometimes, to tease us,” she said, “Mr
Dodgson would stop suddenly and say,
‘And that’s all till next time.’ ‘Ah, but it is
next time’ would be the exclamation
from all three, and after some
persuasion the story would start
afresh.” The children were so delighted
with the adventures that Mr Dodgson
decided to write a “home-made” book.
To Dodgson, talking with Alice was
“next to what conversing with an angel
might be”: That was his own phrase for
his “ideal child friend”, of whom he
wrote in his dedicatory poem:
“Child of the pure unclouded brow,
And dreaming eyes of wonder!
Though time be fleet and I and thou
Are half a life asunder,
Thy loving smile will surely hail
the love gift of a fairy-tale.”

curiouser and
curiouser Top, Alice on
film in 1972; Alice Liddell
poses for Lewis Carroll as
the “beggar maid” in 1858

He left few traces, and four
of the 13 volumes of his
diaries have been mysteridiarie
ously lost. A member of his
family also excised a few
pages of the diaries at a crupage
cial point in his relationship
with the young Alice, for a
reason which is also lost.
Alice’s mother destroyed
Carroll’s letters to her daughCar
ter and, at various times, inte
tervened in the relationship
which took place mostly on
rowing trips up the Thames. It
was by the sid
side of the river, in 1862, that
Carroll first improvised the story that,
after Alice badgered him to write down,
became Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,
which was published in 1865.
This event exhibits both the worst and
the best of Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, an
English don at Oxford. He has a tendency
to display knowledge that he cannot know
is relevant. So he speculates whether
Carroll might have taken inspiration from
Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies or
anticipated Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind
In The Willows. A typical example is when
Douglas-Fairhurst writes: “Appropriately,
in a period that saw the publication of
Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (1859),
whenever possible Carroll tried to adapt to
his environment.” Whatever must Carroll
have done in 1858 when he didn’t have
Darwin to show him what to do?
But just when you think his endless literary contextualising is getting out of hand,
Douglas-Fairhurst follows up with a
brilliant passage on the dark connotations
of the idea of going underground. He can
write too. There is no professorial jargon,
no residues of arcane lit crit. The story fizzes along, carried by the enthusiasm of the
author and, along the way, we learn a lot

and meet some great Oxford eccentrics
such as the geologist William Buckland
who believed it was his duty to eat every
type of animal that walked the Earth. His
rooms were full of snakes and crocodile
skulls, and a visitor was once told that the
crunch he had just heard was probably one
of the jackals eating a guinea pig.
This is a fascinating telling of a great
mystery story which remains, in the end,
unsolved. It is also, at times, an unsettling
book. We live now in a disenchanted era. It
is hard to be especially understanding of
the different codes of conduct of Victorian
society with respect to children. We know
now that they are a cover for too much that
is abominable.
Douglas-Fairhurst does a good job of
explaining the attitude of Victorian men to
children. It wasn’t unheard of to court a
nine-year-old for a wife, as did the 39-yearold John Ruskin. The age of consent was 12
and, as the idea of adolescence had no
meaning, the point where childhood gave
way to full adulthood was blurred.
Still, this all strikes the modern reader as
too creepy. It is hard to fathom why Carroll, who was one of the earliest adopters of
the new technology of photography,
should have taken 3,000 pictures, half of
them of children and most of those of
young girls.
“What do you suppose,” asked Lewis
Carroll, “is the use of a child without any
meaning?” Perhaps as a reader we need to
be mature enough to accept that the puzzle
cannot be answered. Douglas-Fairhurst
bravely gives his final chapter the title
Unknown. “Who in the world am I?” asked
Alice. “Ah, that’s the great puzzle.” As

It is hard to fathom
why Carroll took
3,000 photographs,
half of them of girls
James Joyce wrote in Finnegans Wake:
“Dodgfather, Dodgson and Coo . . . Alis,
alas, she broke the glass! Liddell looker
through the leafery, ours is mistery of
pain.” The adventure of Alice Liddell and
Charles Dodgson is still somewhere underground, though how dark it is down
there we still don’t know.
Better to end on the joy that the story
has always brought. There was, too, a benefit for Alice Hargreaves, which was measured in hard cash. On April 3, 1928, she
auctioned her original manuscript at
The lot was advertised as “the most
attractive literary manuscript ever offered
for sale” and an American investor, Dr
Rosenbach, paid an enormous £15,400.
The manuscript went to New York but was
then returned to Britain, a gift from the
American government for British heroism
in stopping Hitler. The report in The New
York Times of the day of the auction
described “over the rostrum, one little
woman, once little Alice, brushes a handkerchief across her eyes. Then she, too,


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Saturday March 28 2015 | the times


Too many bucks,
not enough bangs
Here’s a stark warning
about the West’s
faltering defences,
says Michael Burleigh


efence almost broke into the
general election this month.
The usual suspects warned that
despite David Cameron urging
Nato’s 28 members to spend
2 per cent of GDP on it, Britain was soon
likely to fall below a historically modest
threshold that only Estonia, Greece and
the US at present meet. The Greek figure
is probably as dodgy as any they have
released and Estonia has 5,600 troops.
Defence is a slippery political issue for
the Tories in ways it was not 30 years ago.
Three-quarters of Labour parliamentary
candidates may be unreliable on renewing
Trident but, according to (Major-General)
Christopher Elliott in his recent book on
British military leadership in Iraq and
Afghanistan, High Command, the service
chiefs often preferred the likes of John
Reid, Des Browne and Bob Ainsworth.
These Labour defence secretaries were
squaddie manqué to a man while unsentimental accountants such as Philip Hammond sensed some of the legerdemain
going on with “big kit”. Many top brass, of
course, go on to earn real brass on the
boards of “big defence” corporations.
It is wrong to claim, as service chiefs
such as Sir Peter Wall do, that western
publics have become pacifist or isolationist. Yes, there are people who would like
Britain to cease moralising its way around
the world with little to back it up except
armed forces whose higher ranks are a
form of outdoor relief for the English upper classes. Warnings about Russia would
cut more ice if they didn’t come from
people who have encouraged oligarchs to
buy up the House of Lords.
The public are also well aware how the
same generals slavishly went along with


botched wars of intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, so as to guarantee
service budgets or to stay “relevant” to the
Americans. Many voters also instinctively
grasp that more “big kit” does not really
deal with the Islamist knifeman lurking in
a neighbouring street. That requires better
police and intelligence agents rather than
carriers, Trident and fast jets.
This is not to deny that reversion to a
multipolar world, with unilateral spheres
of interest and ungoverned spaces spreading like ink spills, is a very worrying reality.
So is the prospect of inter-state conflict,
whether involving China or Russia.
To comprehend this new dystopia we
need creative thinking. One of the best
commentators on defence and diplomacy
is Mark Urban, the diplomatic editor of
BBC’s Newsnight, who is always a reliably
authoritative presence amid the hectoring

The B-2 global strike
stealth bomber
would be cheaper if
made of solid gold
Scottish ladies and jejune economists.
As a former tank commander, Urban has
a good grasp of weapons systems, whose
defects partly explain why the West is losing its edge compared with its adversaries.
Many “platforms” are too expensive to produce in any numbers. For example, the B-2
global strike stealth bomber would be
cheaper if made in solid gold. The US has
20 of them, with six available on any given
day, and the six may well not be stealthy
enough for Russia’s new air defences.
There is also technical over-sophistication. The F-22 Raptor (a life cost per plane
of $670 million) may be the most advanced
fighter ever built, but the couple of dozen
that could be flown (only 180 were ever
built) won’t be much use against hundreds
of Chinese or Russian fighters once its
limited missile payload has been fired.
The new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, with

price of war The over-complex F-22 Raptor has a life cost of $670 million, meaning few are operational

The Edge: Is
the Military
Dominance of
the West Coming
to an End?
by Mark Urban
Little, Brown, 176pp
£12.99 * £10.99

A life in the lambing fields


The Sh
herd’s Life:
A Tale of the Lake
by James Rebanks
Allen Lane, 320pp
£16.99 * £13.99

he Shepherd’s Life is not a deceptive title. The life of a shepherd
and that of his sheep —
the shearing, lambing, mating,
dipping, the constant year-round
graft — is exactly what you get in assiduous, intimate detail over nearly 300 pages.
James Rebanks is so fascinated with his
Lake District flock, with their individual
characters, their relationship to the land,
the tendency of the better-looking sheep
to “show off” (I love the notion of preening
sheep and choose to picture a ruminant
George Galloway), that when he sells
one he misses the aesthetic nourishment
of seeing him each day, “as if I once had a
Van Gogh on my wall and now it is gone”.
Rebanks’s enthusiasm and talent for
poetic writing is infectious. He has complete confidence in how enthralling his job
is and persuades the reader of it too,
even, I’d guess, if they’d never given

shepherding a moment’s thought. At six
months old the dark-fleeced lambs with
sturdy legs have a “touch of the teddy bear”
about them; the fells shimmer in the dusk,
red, orange and blue; lush, green, thistlescattered pastures flank the hay fields.
Mating time, however, lacks a certain
romance. The ewes have the tops of their
tails sheared, better for the ram to enter.
“Think removing woolly knickers,” writes
Rebanks. I won’t, if you don’t mind. And
yes — he’s heard all the banter. In one
episode a gawky youth calls his father a
“sheepshagger”. Rebanks expects his
father to deck him; instead he walks away
shaking his head. I’m not convinced all
such hecklers escape so lightly.
But Rebanks’s words create not only a
gorgeous landscape painting of the Lake
District and its inhabitants, human,
animal, bird and fish, but also a useful
social document. It is thanks to families

its virtual controls and all-round vision, is
so sophisticated that even Marine Corps
test pilots have a job flying it. It is about to
become the world’s must-have aircraft.
These advanced systems mask the rapidly
developing obsolescence of much US military hardware (notably the navy but also
B-52 bombers), while everywhere spending on servicing equipment and training
crews has been cut, so that of Spain’s 39 Typhoons, only six were functioning last year.
Not only do potential adversaries have
enough military strength to deter the US
— such as the missiles China could use to
sink US carriers — but their societies seem
ready to countenance full-scale war if the
right nationalist buttons are pushed. When
Vladimir Putin makes veiled threats about
unleashing nuclear weapons, it does no
harm to his approval ratings.
Worse, Russia’s sophisticated informalike his who have tended this land for 600
years, often in atrocious conditions, that
the tourist industry thrives, that visitors
with their cagoules, packed lunches and
airs of entitlement can sit carelessly on a
dry-stone wall built with his grandfather’s
bare hands, probably never wondering
how it got there. Rebanks talks of those
who love the view then complain that
sheep walking through the village spoil
their manicured lawns with their hooves.
What is most striking about this book is
its authenticity; this is the real thing, not
some romanticised Wordsworthian take
on the Lake District. My favourite passage
concerns his shepherd grandfather, one of
the “great forgotten silent majority”.
“He was, and we his descendants remain, essentially nobodies as far as anyone
else is concerned,” Rebanks writes. “But

Sheep, like people,
have personalities,
idiosyncrasies and
natural intelligence

tion warfare is as important as its pop-up
green men in Ukraine, with the cynically
subversive Russia Today winning audiences in the West by appealing to cultural
sicknesses, such as limitless credulity towards anti-Americanism and conspiracy
theories. The EU’s less than resolute reaction to Russian aggression brings the
cohesion of Nato in doubt should the
green men pop up in Estonia or Latvia.
Concise and cogently argued, Urban’s
book deserves a wide readership, as it
makes an excellent starting point for a
debate that should range way beyond the
usual defence interest suspects, unless we
are prepared to live in a world shaped by
others who do not have our best interests
at heart.
Michael Burleigh’s latest book is Small
Wars, Far Away Places: The Genesis of
the Modern World 1945-65

puts matters into a realistic perspective: “He had such a strong streak of homosexuality in him . is “an 18th-century Arcadia of meadows dotted with trees and softly swelling downland”. She well describes endless graceful living. That’s why I was shocked to be given a ‘dead. Rebanks writes fondly of his matriarch ewe who led the flock out of snowdrifts when they were in danger. He was killed in Normandy next to his tank on July 18. the knighthoods for Osbert Lancaster and Cecil Beaton. of a Brideshead or a Downton. for people who’d faint dead away to imagine themselves existing in the “warm dreamy light”. She also ran the Wiltshire branch of the Women’s Land Army. “Charm.” said Waugh. because he couldn’t wait to enlist when the Second World War broke out. shadowy mountainous depths and softly diffused light” — the more I came to wish that England had been made to undergo the equivalent of Chairman Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Save as raw material for Evelyn Waugh (the period’s sole genius). trimming their bellies and cleaning their legs. as he was so thoroughly bloodless. white man’ version of history at school. But he was hardly an artist. Yet his irritation that careers such as his are largely dismissed as unambitious. as if we hadn’t guessed. he says it is more intellectually challenging than anything he did at Oxford. she was disappointed — yet it is the one kind of love that lasts.co. and yet are capable of being held spellbound by a single look from a clever sheepdog. knowing exactly where to stand to survive the winter.uk/bookclub Amateurs. If she had hoped for more than this. Ursula Ridley. I’d still give much to see the Fellows of the Royal Society of Literature or the members of the arts and media honours committee forced to do a stint smelting iron ore. in the same way that wallpaper is solid. smug institutions closed down.” are his parting words. that sheep. After a bout of asthma she was compelled to abandon her studies at St Hugh’s. flibbertigibbets. How I wish our society could have been purged of all these precious amateurs. under the “billowing rococo clouds”. John Gielgud adored him and took him to the Ivy. of doing grass-smelling burps as the family scrub their faces. Whistler will be best known today for his decoration of the restaurant in the basement of the Tate — “a dynamic combination of flatness and depth. who was dressed by his mother as a girl until he was eight. hydrangeas and red curtains with gold tassels and fringes. death and the Burma railway Join us on Monday evening as The Times Book Club discusses the Booker-winning The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan thetimes. hard-working people. Landscapes like ours were created by and survive through the efforts of nobodies. He is now a married father of three. standing in a corner of the field closest to their old home even though it was the most exposed to the snow. is palpable. a London address and a Wiltshire manor house by the age of 26. “is the great English blight. where insipid youths. delicacy and solidity”. immodestly aware of her own specialness. apparently. It’s all very picturesque. the descriptions are repeated to fill up the space: Wilton. realises that all he wants to do is breed Herdwick sheep and returns to do exactly that. his drawings and murals that attempted to recreate the pictorial atmosphere of a Keats poem or the languor of lolling under the stars in a gilded gondola. £20 * £17. and various Mayfair mansions. But they wouldn’t desist their protest. and as mayoress of Wilton was at the forefront of sanitation. who survived him by four years.co. basically. and feckless intellectuals and upper-class artists compelled to slave away in the paddy fields. rams at mating time “serve” up to a hundred ewes in six weeks and are so dedicated to their task that they forget to eat. Hence the career of Hugh Casson at the Royal Academy. “This is my life. unimportant. dilettantes and drawling buffoons THE CECIL BEATON STUDIO ARCHIVE AT SOTHEBY’S Roger Lewis has no time for a band of prewar not-so-bright young things T he more I was exposed to Anna Thomasson’s evocations of Rex Whistler’s paintings — paragraph after paragraph about “tall. when feudal idols were smashed. earning a commission in the Welsh Guards and keeping himself busy and useful drawing maps and painting camouflage nets. . He’d sportingly allowed Edith to sit the entrance exam for Oxford “on the assumption that she was unlikely to succeed”. Rex was unquestionably a brilliant draughtsman — he provided murals for Dorneywood.” He also tests what constitutes intelligence. but as nothing happens particularly. androgynous-looking jumpers. He was like a child or another woman as a lover. He gets a place. “Rex is such an angel. There is absolutely no trace of anything overwhelming or that’s the point. passionate in his work — nothing to expand consciousness or emotion. who was commissioned by Edith Olivier to write the Shell guide to Wiltshire.” said Edith. 537pp. Mary Beaton. the unrequited kind. aged 39. When Rebanks’s new flock of fell ewes are brought down to the lower ground of the farm they were so outraged they “sulked all winter”. Whistler must also have got fed up with the permanent air of perfumed nostalgia and flippancy. far left. tweezering out the odd hair. Tennant was often out on Salisbury Plain. He seems to me quite without flaw. leap after butterflies in the bougainvillea. have personalities. Sheep sulk too. “He has been the whole happiness of my life. and the narrative floats around West Country parks and Riviera villas. who turned Rex Whistler into Charles Ryder. and the popularity of John Betjeman. here is someone trying desperately hard to stay. and was admitted to the Slade at the age of 16. so she became instead the secretary of the National Poultry Organisation. rolling downland and chalk river valleys”.” she gushed. facility and charm are always what come to be prized. his handwriting “a loopy swirl of coloured inks”. who was staying for the weekend in a local stately home. Edith was the daughter of the Reverend Dacres Olivier. Bucks. Cue the William Walton music. like a posh Charles Hawtrey. I want no other. loquacious little woman”. Yet how the English like it this way. her ASHLEY COOPER / CORBIS party like it’s 1927 Stephen Tennant. second from right. dilettantes and drawling buffoons who populate A Curious Friendship. who wore cloche hats and “sporty. Thomasson enjoys describing his “enchanted Arcadian panoramas”. shrink-wrapped lamb and mutton. like people. The “mud. he could afford to run a chauffeur. Or else there was Stephen Tennant. none has much to recommend them — not Cecil Beaton. To everyone’s surprise.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 45 FGM Love. the masked balls and fancy dress parties. and Rex Whistler. “kissing and flashing at soldiers”. The book’s cover says these are modern dispatches from an ancient landscape (so modern he has 41. Edith was smitten and nominated herself as his patron. When he is calculating what ewes to mate with what rams to sustain their high-quality stock. Carol Midgley . Such were his lucrative assignments. shiny golden hair and finely modelled face”. It’s as if he (and his devotees) had never heard of Picasso or modernism. not a romanticised Wordsworthian take on the Lake District creatures’ beautiful faces to their prettily packaged. Plas Newydd House in Anglesey. One of his tups stands “like a king” in the show ring. therefore. rich. Thomasson’s is a book.” Whistler had a precocious talent.uk/ bookshop breasts bound beneath them” — a woman who tried to look like a boy. Port Lympne in Kent. . idiosyncrasies and great natural intelligence. Noticing Rex’s “whippet-slim frame. 1944. He describes a fine ewe. Rebanks does sheep a service by reminding townies who rarely put these This is the real thing. their hair sprinkled with gold dust. The real history of our landscape should be the history of nobodies.000 people following his Twitter account @herdyshepherd1) and while many stories are of people working desperately hard to leave a place. the coterie that surrounded Princess Margaret or the Queen Mother at Clarence House. He took photographs that were “theatrically stylised and painterly in composition”. He never did anything much. men and machines” were a novelty after the glut of boathouses with barley sugar columns and drawing rooms clogged with palms. Did I mention Oxford? It turns out the lad who left school at 16 is spotted as something of an untapped genius when he later takes nightclasses. he flourished as a soldier. of sheep enjoying being pampered before a show. feathery trees. except dispatch letters. one way and another Edith met Rex Whistler (born 1905). graduates (he doesn’t say what degree he got) and then after a short while working in a London magazine’s sterile office cubicle. a canon at Salisbury Cathedral. who had attempted to sleep with Whistler. In this saga of eccentric spinsters and homosexuals. he illustrated books for the Sitwells and designed the scenery and costumes for the ballet at Covent Garden. Also in the neighbourhood was Edith Olivier (born 1872) — a cousin of Laurence Olivier and “a sharp-witted. This is a landscape of modest. In that absolute certainty James Rebanks is a rich man indeed.” and wit.50 true vocation James Rebanks writes fondly of his Herdwick sheep To order books at discounted prices call 0845 2712134 or visit thetimes. who “stands up like a statue” in the barn as they decide who to mate with whom “as if to remind us she is the boss”. This is why Rebanks was given two sheep as a boy — Betty and Lettuce — to build them up and learn their ways just as he has gifted a sheep to each of his children. The landscape is always “humming with history and myth. I love him more and more. with the It girls and boys of the day A Curiou Curious Friendship: The Story of a Bluestocking and a Bright Young Thing by Anna Thomasson Macmillan. who claimed to be a descendant of Mary Queen of Scots’s lady-in-waiting.

and explained that they passed their days till next shore leave amusing tourists by feeding fish heads to a snapping baby crocodile. as do the revolutionary proclamations on billboards: “Homeland or Death!”. virgin-atlantic. At Cayo Rico the only things to see were a few sunloungers on the sand outside a thatched bar. chopping down coconuts for a few pesos and supplementing their diet with hutias (tree rats). combining a few days in Havana with a five-day jaunt to the chain of 350 islands — some little bigger than rocks — about 50 miles (80km) south of the “mainland”.com). Punto Frances in the Isla de la Juventud. while two resident iguanas kept an eye on proceedings. “Everything for the Revolution”. I wandered away from the hulking Hotel Nacional. cigars. and the population of Havana gossiping.uk) which offers a week-long sailing trip. where the locals hang out by the water to fish or just chat to neighbours in their weekend best. Need to know The area is a photographer’s paradise. from £804pp leaving April 11 and £1. except for a small turtle sanctuary and a shop with rum.280 a week (nautilusyachting. most meals while on board. to Havana.com) flies directly from Gatwick to Havana from £659. changes will only happen gradually. adult nappies and a bored-looking assistant who can say “shut the door” in six languages. but on a sultry Sunday afternoon it seemed to be snoring in a hammock clutching a Cuba Libre. the city’s yacht harbour. Irish. To be fair. “Until Victory.” was a typical reply. flirting and laughing with neighbours. top. Boys with elaborately quaffed hairstyles played football in the street. On Cayo Cantiles we met the rather forlorn-looking wardens who were stationed there guarding it for a month at a time. which provides a fascinating yet horrifying insight into how Cubans can salsa and how middle-aged Europeans can’t. I turned to walk by the Malecón. It’s a new trip. Will Hide tours the idyllic beaches of the Canarreos archipelago and heads into the historic streets of Havana I f Cuba lies on the verge of monumental change. though. eating. . Then we’d sail to another islet to swim in the translucent waters looking for turtles. This area. I was about to board an 82ft catamaran and set sail for the Canarreos archipelago. my view was rather obscured by a 1957 Chevrolet. which was run by the American mafia in the 1950s to launder money. There are crumbling. old gents sat in cafés puffing on cigars and a few men made a half-hearted effort to entice us into their pony and traps for a sightseeing jaunt. The main point of this trip. including one night’s accommodation in Havana. reef sharks and brightly coloured fish around the coral reefs. Its streets are full of 1950s American cars Will Hide travelled with G Adventures (0344 272 2060. and from a certain novel by Graham Greene. Is it all going to change? Certainly talking to locals. though. Or hire a fivecabin catamaran and sail yourself from £2.co. though. Some of these lonely islands barely made it above the surf with nothing else in sight on the horizon except a single tree and a few inquisitive crabs. A quick look at the cabins revealed that they were all en suite. there’s not much to see. graffiti-splattered walls. the idyllic beaches are the main lure on Cayo Largo. See them soon. On Wednesday nights there’s a huge outdoor disco that goes on till 5am. Cienfuegos is laid back at the best of times. “Who A classic car in Cienfuegos. However. and plenty of sunbathing space at the bow. Here I met my crew mates — a mix of Antipodeans. it still seems a long way off. bullock and horse carts trundling by beaming pictures of Venezuelan ally Hugo Chávez — death is no impediment to being a good socialist in Cuba — fields of rice. we’ll have to wait and see what happens. into Centro Habana. Others had the kind of talcum powder. but were absolutely tiny. For more action you need to head back to the mainland. tables at the stern where we spent most of our time on board. our route took us south overnight to tiny cays that stretch east from La Isla de la Juventud. the advert-free streets remain. the feeling is that when — if — the US blockade is lifted by President Obama. with joggers dodging potholes and Caribbean waves that crash over the top. and then I cut right. reading or drinking piña coladas. even though the threat of invasion from those pesky Cayman islanders to the south didn’t seem huge. before they’re replaced by George Clooney touting coffee makers. floating-inaspic sites of the capital. Away from those and the all-inclusive hotels. we kayaked among the mangroves. a pelican and a very large mojito.149pp at other times. transfers to/from Cienfuegos. was sailing. it is a place made for ambling: around the outside of Parque José Marti. Cayo Largo is the main island in the chain. bringing in Quebeckers and Lombardians to drop and flop for some winter sun. Of course when 20 flights a day start arriving from Miami things can’t stay as they are.the times Saturday March 28 2015 46 Travel Caribbean Set sail for the empty beaches of Cuba’s secret islands On board a new catamaran trip. Virgin Atlantic (0344 209 7777. footage of Castro’s mass rallies in Plaza de la Revolución under the watchful 21m (70ft) steel gaze of Che Guevara. and along Calle 37. images conjured from news broadcasts. French and Canadians — as we boarded a sleek boat for 14 that had been sailed halfway around the world from Thailand. is a photographer’s paradise. Just along from their hut. It’s a chance to see Cuba as few others have. more so even than Old Havana. So it was a relief to find that there was also US Gulf of Batabano Havana Cienfuegos CUBA Canarreos archipelago Isla de la Juventud Caribbean S ea JAMAICA 200 miles a large lounge. And to a large degree those preconceptions were met. once we’d cast off from the docks at Cienfuegos. The four men were friendly. home to ibis and spoonbills. the main square. palm-fringed beaches and turquoise waters you only see in a photoshopped holiday brochure. Up at dawn to explore. with the chef fishing for barracuda and grouper off the bow or buying lobster from local fishermen who’d pull alongside in battered skiffs. Always”. For the moment. right. and burning sugar cane that sent acrid smoke across our path.” added a young tour guide for good measure. gadventures. Days quickly morphed into a dreamily lethargic stupor. the “Island of Youth” as it was renamed by Fidel Castro in the 1970s to honour the students who came from countries such as Angola and Nicaragua to study and help in the fields. with an airport offering non-stop flights to Montreal and Milan. crumbling. with minimal storage. above knows. If change is on the horizon. The three-hour drive here from Havana had provided constant theatre along the almost-empty highway as I observed hitchhikers. Founded by French refugees in the early 19th century. Sitting on the docks of the Bahia de Jagua in the languidly charming city of Cienfuegos. as well as the classic. Its streets are full of 1950s American cars alongside Russian Ladas and pedalpowered bici-taxis. multicoloured buildings decked with washing. but not flights. though. the five-mile-long sea wall. There’s too much pride at stake. “Not until they give us back Guantánamo. you’d never have guessed it from my vantage point. a city I thought I knew without ever having been there. and.

after fishing. The trip also includes a couple of days riding in the Escambray Mountains near Trinidad. five two-hour private dance sessions with a professional teacher. In the south you’ll walk in the Sierra Maestra where Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Here.961pp (esenciaexperiences. Vamos Cuba can arrange chaperoned private salsa holidays in Havana which include staying with a Cuban family. Details 12 days’ all-inclusive with riding but not flights costs from £3. Along the way you stay with local families. Details A week costs from £520 not including flights. This privately guided multi-destination tour takes you from the limestone peaks and fertile valley of Viñales (home to a long list of birds including the olive-capped warbler) to the forests and swamps of the Zapata peninsula (home to the largest population of waterbirds and shorebirds in the Caribbean). You’ll also scale Cuba’s highest peak. Details 12 days including accommodation. BOTTOM LEFT: WILL MILLER From horse riding to salsa. had their jungle hideout. You need to pay extra for meals. Setting off from Havana.com) Lydia Bell .com) Caribbean birding Cuba’s unspoilt landscapes are catnip for birders. below. Details 15 days costs from £1. not far from Viñales. It also takes in the mangroves of the Cayo Coco archipelago. above. entry fees.115 (wildfrontiers travel. the best activity holidays in Cuba Riding in Pinar del Rio Wild Frontiers’ group horse-ride tour.the times Saturday March 28 2015 Travel 47 HOLGER LEUE / GETTY IMAGES .379pp including accommodation. drinks and club entrances for yourself and your Cuban hosts (vamoscuba. covering Trinidad.499 with flights and most meals (captivatingcuba. Details 15 days costs from £1. In the west. you’ll saddle up for up to five hours a day.999 including flights and most meals (exodus. selected meals and the services of a guide (intrepidtravel. Santiago de Cuba and more. runs from a government stud farm in Pinar del Rio province. and one night in Havana.uk) Cycling the countryside Hitting the open road on two wheels on this island is truly an adventure: the highways are generally flat and remarkably free of traffic (though generously studded with potholes). tropical side of your personality but seek a more exclusive take on the traditional group salsa holiday. Pico Turquino. you ride through rural plantations. city streets and ocean paths.com) Learn salsa dancing If you want to explore the nimble-footed. in a region renowned for its stunning limestone karsts and tobacco production. and outings with a dance partner to the best clubs.co. you amble through tobacco fields and rustic farmlands.com) Fishing in the northern cays If you want to find the romance of deep-sea fishing that Ernest Hemingway portrayed in The Old Man and The Sea. past limestone karsts near Viñales. Cienfuegos. you can collapse offduty in the sybaritic surrounds of Cayo Guillermo.uk) Trekking highlights Three distinct mountain ranges define Cuba and Exodus has a walking trip that takes in all of them. one of Cuba’s most important migratory landfalls. this seven-day yacht trip involves fishing for everything from bonefish and tarpon to snapper and barracuda. The place to go is the northern cays — then. the services of a guide and car but not meals or flights costs from £1.co. Intrepid’s laid-back cycling tour takes in huge swathes of the island. Details Seven days costs from £1.

but parking is a bit tricky. £10 single discount. Of the cheapest standard rooms. new potatoes and al dente green beans.the times Saturday March 28 2015 48 Travel tasteful modern art — plus mini kitchens (from £270 B&B). and there’s a gin distillery in the hotel’s vaulted basement which offers tastings (edinburghgindistillery. Oh. with elegant patterned wallpaper and retro 1970s chairs. lime greens. stroll up the Royal Mile or catch the latest exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery (nationalgalleries. the upstairs steak grill. It’s run by fortysomething Nic Wood. at the end of Princes Street in Edinburgh’s West End. Its wide selection of steaks is first-rate and they are served overlooking the castle. the Rutland has flourished since reopening under What are the rooms like? They are vibrant in ruby reds. The highs. Room 10. The building was once home to Joseph Lister. fun and buzzy. you will find the distinguished 19th-century façade of the Rutland Hotel. the hotel’s laid-back bar with a US diner look and accompanying burger menu. 1-3 Rutland Street. which is spread over the main hotel building and two townhouses a few paces away on Rutland Street. They are giant. Edinburgh So what’s the food like? As well as burgers there are pulled pork sandwiches and chilli cheese fries in the Huxley. a steak restaurant and the swanky new townhouse rooms. the lows. completed last summer.uk). Now it is a hip hotel that you might walk past without realising it’s there. But Kyloe. After a scallop starter. Three courses are from £35.co. it’s carried off with aplomb. go for room 8. it’s from £120 B&B. With the help of double glazing. EH1 2AE.uk . an executive room. That’s because the sign for the Rutland is high up on the building. In a nutshell There’s a fresh. With no shortage of funds. a billionaire who made his fortune in the North Sea oil industry. upbeat feel to this 17-room hotel.50 for a burger). with its reclaimed wood tables. while below there’s a sign for the Huxley. wheelchair access rooms available. pinks and aquamarines. Which is the best room? Best rooms are in the super-slick new townhouses.co. therutlandhotel. Wood in 2008. is a step up in the pricing (from £140 B&B) but with quite a bit more space. massive beds and What else is there to do? Go shopping on Princes Street. with retro furnishings. son of Sir Ian Wood. the Scottish scientist who pioneered antiseptic surgery. which has wallpaper with Who goes there? Weekend breakers who want to be in the heart of the action. you feel tucked away from the bustle of the city below. in leather booths with cow-hide chairs. O n a prominent corner facing Edinburgh Castle. I tucked into a superb sirloin with peppercorn sauce. while room 12 is a big junior suite at the top (from £160). Need to know Tom Chesshyre was a guest of the Rutland Hotel (0131 229 3402. tangerine banquettes and relaxed vibe (£8. Tom Chesshyre Do you agree? Suggest hotels or get in touch: coolhotels@thetimes. with the additions of the diner-bar. Room 11 is a suite with a view of the castle (from £180). is in another class.org). Though this might sound garish. B&B doubles from £120. easyJet Gatwick-Edinburgh returns from about £80 a blue-gold tulip motif and (as they all do) a Nespresso machine.com). the verdict Nine out of ten Good location. chrome fittings. The cool hotel guide Rutland Hotel.

Job done. never to return. Kick back at El Palmeral (palmeralmalaga. down with a cheeky little draught vermouth. and here they make the most of the connection.50. happier identity as home to the wonderful Tate Modern-style CAC Malaga centre for contemporary art. “Thirty years ago. with two dedicated to its most famous son.” This is nowhere more obvious than when I wander in Soho.com) which has three nights at the Molina Lario hotel from £498pp including flights. Go . It’s a little quieter when. which I wash The budget hotel The luxury hotel Alcazaba Premium Hostel (alcazaba premiumhostel. you could hire a go-kart — or go for a nap. His tuna with pickled Chinese salad would have wowed Gregg and John. This is not the only major museum opening in Malaga this year. I pay homage at the Picasso Museum in the Buenavista Palace. After lunch (three courses with wine is about £22). Where to eat El Pimpi (elpimpi. Dorm beds are from £14 but doubles starting at £58 or superior doubles would be my pick. really has cracked the weekend break. whose mission is to transform his home town into a cultural powerhouse. sparkling glass cube in Malaga’s marina that tops the Pompidou Centre’s first foreign outpost.com) is a comfortable four-star bolt hole near the cathedral. “Two years ago people weren’t proud to live here — now they are. for so long dismissed as an airport with a city attached. MAUS. is a history lesson in itself. The first overseas branch of the State Russian Museum in St Petersburg. Soaking in one of the candlelit warm pools as soft music plays and couples canoodle. as well as wine. crammed with 15th-century icons and masterpieces of Soviet realism. by the time you read this. As I head down the marble-paved Calle Larios. it was variously a convent and an arsenal before being rebuilt in cast iron in the 1860s. Cruise ship passengers are clacking castanets in the flamenco dress shops (I’m tempted by a purple ruffled number) and as there are no free tables I have to stand at the bar of Casa Aranda for a pick-me-up of thick hot chocolate and its excellent churros before dipping into the restored Atarazanas market to bag some more bargains — raisins. this was a city in black and white. B&B. At the opening of CAC’s exhibition by French artist Yan Pei-Ming.com. The chef at Los Patios de Beatas (lospatiosdebeatas. a re-creation of an Arab bath-house and the perfect place to wind down. and to the street art project. the pattern of three is because of the efforts of mover and shaker par excellence Francisco de la Torre.. Spain I am peering down into El Cubo. when I arrived as a student. It’s still under wraps — the atrium below is empty — but. hugged me and said thank you. Malaga is short on luxe hotels but the Molina Lario (hotelmolinalario. Picasso left Malaga at the age of 19. the shops are crowded with Malagueños snapping up outfits for Holy Week. . I met an old lady who put down her shopping bags. At El Yerno it’s standing room only again for boquerones al limón. kirkerholidays. More information malagaturismo.com) is English — Christopher Gould. Rooms are simple and most have views of the Alcazaba fortress (and air-con and sound-proofing). a former MasterChef contestant. has a boisterous atmosphere — but it’s really very good. and three courses with wine is about £25. Here.000 years of history and woo visitors who. almonds and olives. while a fine arts and archaeological museum housed in the Aduana Palace will throw open its doors at the end of the year. I reflect that Malaga. . There’s also a palm tree-lined waterfront full of chic shops and restaurants. shop shutters and windows as well as two sevenstorey-high murals by D*Face (Dean Stockton) and Shepard Fairey.. Picasso. Atarazanas. More peaceful still is the Hammam al Andalus. Malaga. Don’t miss the slightly sweet jamon (from chestnut-fed pigs).com). with a stained-glass window worthy of any cathedral. the mayor. . you’ll be amazed.the times Saturday March 28 2015 Travel 49 SEAN PAVONE / GETTY IMAGES The cathedral and city hall in Malaga A weekend in. One new museum in a city is a happy incident and two a coincidence. Bacon and Magritte will have been installed and scissors sharpened for the ribbon cutting today. Now we have a city in CinemaScope. displaying more than 270 ceramics and sculptures and paintings including the brilliant Bañista. glass and vintage cars. once a seedy district between the Alameda Principal and the port. private transfers. the huge. There’s graffiti. sea and sherry. Julia Brookes Need to know Julia Brookes was a guest of Kirker Holidays (020 7593 2283. aka Obey.com).com) is near the cinema that hosts the Malaga Film Festival in April — and opposite Malaga native Antonio Banderas’s new penthouse. its director Fernando Francés explains what a difference MAUS has made. opened in a former tobacco factory on Wednesday. like me. Malaga now has 30 museums and galleries. It’s a glorious space with three naves of stalls to explore — and tapas bars at each end. I’m not speaking metaphorically: it was old and dirty. Built as a shipyard when the Moors ruled Malaga. Pompidou tickets and concierge. later. an awful lot has changed in the Costa del Sol’s capital. As the Pompidou Malaga’s director José Maria Luna tells me. These start at about £104.” Back in the gussied-up old town it couldn’t feel more vibrant. £15. Now it has a new. plus — hurrah — a pedestrianised old town to display its 3. Book a superior (slightly bigger) room on a higher floor to avoid traffic noise. and seating is being hammered into place for the parades in which brooding baroque religious effigies will be carried aloft on thrones by hooded members of the “brotherhoods”. with a rooftop pool and bar for a coffee or a sundowner. 93 works by the likes of Chagall. photography and startling images — I particularly like the tumbling rats and a chameleon — on walls. fried whitebait with lemon. Its restaurant is popular for lunch and there’s a three-course set menu for £13. are looking for more than sun.

They had progressive tastes and were identified in particular with the art and design of the Secession. Maria. the critics were hostile. and her husband were forced fo to abandon her ageing parents. Klimt’s dalliances were the bread and butter of Viennese society gossip. Sure enough. said of her aunt: “Adele was a modern woman living in the world of yesterday. She loathed the small talk of the idle rich. Blech meaning “scrap metal”. to the Belvedere gallery. The city’s Jews — those who had not already left — feared the worst. in theory at least. She was one of the city’s most conspicuous spenders. Klimt. Czernin’s research disproved the official claim by the state that these five famous Klimt paintings had been donated to the Belvedere by the Bloch-Bauers. crucially. who died in 2011 a few days before her 95th birthday. many of them were incredibly wealthy. Adele was born there but her family also extended beyond it. terrified family. Ferdinand. taking with him Maria’s sister Louisa). though always through an elegant holder. were shared among high-ranking Nazis. though the portrait wasn’t finished until 1907. including Adele’s portrait. along with the four other Klimt paintings. She never had children and found them a bit annoying. It is central to the city’s cultural tourism’ husband Fritz. As the troops marched in. “The Jewish people in Vienna . The artist spent more time on it than any other painting and made numerous preparatory sketches of Adele — one of the reasons for the persistent speculation that they had a sexual relationship. fragile leaf of pure gold. They travelled first to Liverpool. Although before she died Adele had indeed wanted to leave the paintings to the museum. iticism. a sensational discovery by a dogged journalist and one woman’s long fight to reclaim it as hers. days later there was a hammering at the door of the Bloch-Bauer apartment. adhering to the 19th-century archetype of La Belle Juive — the beautiful Jewess. preferring politics and religion as topics. tea towels and other tat across the world. Vienna’s streets filled with cheering citizens. an opera singer. And the fact ct that the art was so showy. Adeamon le’s neckla necklace ended up adorning the neck of Emmy Göring. She also ran a famous salon from her palatial apartment that attracted the composer Gustav Mahler. And it is the story behind this magnificent canvas that the film sets out to tell— its theft by the Nazis. they supported the Austro-Hungarian government. It was a telling reception. Helen Mirren stars as that woman. the leading light of Vienna’s radical art scene. It is perhaps his most famous painting — The Kiss notwithstanding — gracing postcards. calling it “more Blech than Bloch”. its years on the wall of a state museum in Vienna. The family riches. it is gently lifted. Whatever the truth (and Altmann thought it quite likely. the BlochBauers were the epitome of the “new” Viennese. where it became known as the Mona Lisa of Austria. Ferdinand. from the late Adele’s diamond necklace. who were cultured uppermiddle class. shivering at the slightest breeze. though the film steers clear of the matter). From beneath the noses of the helpless. making a narrow escape by feigning fe a dental emergency in the middle of the night. Then. Nazi Germany annexed Austria. they were involved with lighting. in 1938. which the Altmanns shared with Maria’s parents (Ferdinand had already fled to America. Adele was a thoroughly modern woman. Maria. their dark hair and eyes exoticised. Left with a Nazi guard in the house day and night ght. eight years before Hitler came to power in Germany. Fast-forward to 1998. they were both Jewish. this gigantic gold and silver square.” Klimt painted many Jewish women. Nancy Durrant reports T he first shot in the new film Woman in Gold is of a glittering. where they began a new life and had four beg children. dazzled visitors. As soon as it was finished the painting was exhibited in a touring show devoted to the modernist Vienna Workshops. “They were very much associated with this newly arrived generation in Vienna. Adele died suddently of meningitis in 1925. Looted in the war.”) Adele wore loose gowns and smoked like a docker. When it was shown in Vienna. It was Ferdinand who commissioned Klimt to paint Adele in 1903. turned. In the early 20th century. they were captains of industry. commissioning clothes. And.” Her husband. Nazi officers entered the Bloch-Bauer home and took every precious thing inside it. “Whether you will have to amuse yourself with trivialities. Adele was the daughter of a prominent Viennese banker and had been fabulously wealthy even before she married her sugar magnate husband. Installed in an lavish arrangement of decorative objects and furniture. but for him they were oriental princesse sses. The Austrian government passes a law to create a system by which. to make his fortune in the city. had overriden his wife’s wishes with a legal will written in . they were considered “other”. sliced in half and then placed on a canvas — where it is unceremoniously pulverised into a surface coated with hundreds of its fellows. hints at the darkness that was to envelop it and Vienna. men. (“I wonder what it will be like to be a woman when you are older. an art historian at Plymouth University. though she was always rather sickly and frail — also quite fashionable in Vienna at that time. however. had come to Vienna as an immigrant from Bohemia. 22. This is the surface of Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I. Even in Klimt’s benign. which was seized sug in his absence. her brother-in-law Gustav’s beloved Stradivari cello. This followed the publication of a series of articles written by the investigative journalist Hubertus Czernin. Adele’s niece Maria Altmann. Blackshaw says. with Adele covered in Egyptian eye motifs as if she herself were a decorative object. Filling the screen. with sugar. paintings and decorative arts from the most exciting makers of the day. Adele was certainly the only female client he painted more than once — but that might have been because Klimt was by far the most expensive artist to commission in the city. with alcohol. state property that can be shown to have been stolen by the Nazi regime can be restored to its legal owners. who eventually gave it. her portrait was hung on the wall of a prominent Nazi lawyer. She never saw her parents again. Though it is only hinted at in the film. . of course. The portrait’s reception.50 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times visual art Stolen by the Nazis: the long battle A new film tells the story of Maria Altmann’s fight to retrieve Klimt’s portrait of her aunt. days after Maria Altmann returned to Vienna from her honeymoon in Paris with her ‘That picture is used to brand Vienna. the far reaches of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Maria’s engagement ring and the paintings that adorned the richly decorated walls. they were very conspicuous. who had uncovered the secret Nazi past of former Austrian president Kurt Waldheim.” she muses to her small niece in a sumptuous flashback. ”. tile. . their legal owner. throwing flowers. however. where it hung for the next 60 years. it had become an Austrian national icon. interior design. then tra to Los Angeles. the racy dramatist Arthur Schnitzler and.” says Gemma Blackshaw. covered in silver and gold leaf — we can see something antisemitic in the criticism. admiring depiction. including Ferdinand’s riche sugar business.

naming his nieces as heirs. What followed was a near decade-long tussle that played out in the courtrooms of Austria and America. they mourned Adele’s departure. To coincide with the film’s release. 2006. she’s everywhere — books. the elegant. and in the pages of Czernin’s newspaper. The Belvedere’s attempt to compensate. by installing Klimt’s Kiss in a very similar way to how Adele was presented. “it must have been absolutely devastating”. The museum itself. and the Belvedere. I persisted out of a desire that Austria should see that there is such a thing as justice. Soon after the painting arrived in America. on the proviso that she remain on public display in accordance with Adele’s own wishes.” she said. Then the debate hinged on whether the Austrian state could be sued there — the court eventually said yes. the change in the law was the trigger. “They will delay. both parties agreed to go into arbitration in Vienna. The other paintings sold soon after for a total of £113 million. along with her inexperienced young lawyer E Randol Schoenberg. for a staggering £73 million — then a record.com to reclaim the Woman in Gold BRIDGEMAN ART LIBRARY. . While most Austrians conceded that the court’s decision was the right one. delay. bidding her an emotional goodbye. hasn’t quite worked. ROBERT VIGLASKY There was speculation that Klimt and his sitter had a sexual relationship glittering prize Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. Not only the opening of a can of worms and the potential emptying of Austria’s museums (which hasn’t happened). “That image is used to brand Vienna to the world. Even now. 99 years after Adele’s portrait was completed. played by Ryan Reynolds. As a result. who had fled the Third Reich with his family in the early 1930s — fought a long legal battle just for the right to take the Austrian government to court. Altmann remained firm on the subject. Maria Altmann in 2005 exile. In 2006 there was even a poster campaign in the city. Woman in Gold is released on April 10. from Thursday to Sept 7 Thwarted by Austria’s rules which would have made court costs ruinously high. Blackshaw says. Top left. “People ask if I feel bad for the Austrians but that’s so ridiculous. Her absence is conspicuous. took the unprecedented step of suing the Austrian government for the return of her family’s property. Altmann and Schoenberg won the right to have the case heard in the US. They never made the slightest attempt to compensate us for all the years they had them. In 2000.” It’s hard to overstate what was at stake for the Austrian authorities. They just wanted to keep them. cosmopolitan Manhattan. left. exploring Klimt’s relationship with his devoted patron. cashmere-clad octogenarian. Left. as the case dragged on. silk scarves — and yet she’s nowhere. it’s time to book your tickets at cheltenhamfestivals. Robert Winston to Wilko Johnson. People still go to the gallery expecting to see Adele Bloch-Bauer. Though far from the Vienna she once knew. It is central to the cultural tourism of the city. IMAGNO / GETTY IMAGES. Altmann sold Adele to the cosmetics tycoon Ronald Lauder. but also the possible loss of what was by this time the world’s image of Austria — the portrait of Adele. And the government. all to private collections. hoping I will die. magnets. fought right back. “But I will do them the pleasure of staying alive. Altmann and Schoenberg — the grandson of the composer Arnold Schoenberg. For the curators at the Belvedere. New York. On January 16.” Altmann said in 2001. delay. is devoted entirely to early 20th-century German and Austrian art and design. Gustav Klimt and Adele Bloch-Bauer: The Woman in Gold is at the Neue Galerie. For Altmann. Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds in Woman in Gold. Gustav Klimt. Adele will become the centrepiece of an exhibition at her permanent home. Adele is quite at home.” To the end. in the heart of worldly. Now she is in New York.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 51 FGM Cheltenham Science Festival With more than 165 events and guests from Brian Cox to Alice Roberts. three academics ruled that she and the other paintings should be returned to Altmann. Lauder’s Neue Galerie on Fifth Avenue. above.

She had just played “Jas”. drippy Crawley sisters). “It’s nice to see a man doing it. “the new Keira Knightley”. she is. Tomlinson with co-star Aidan Turner. “Look. in early 2014. is strong. but now. there was definitely a sense in the room where you knew that the people watching us liked what they were seeing. naturally. and he works very hard at it. It has been. scrubbing. in skinny jeans and black top. Demelza. landed a leading role in the $200 million box-office disaster Jack the Giant Slayer. I don’t feel the need to do it. or can’t remember the 1975 version. a sobering journey. in case you haven’t guessed.” she says with a polite grimace. Demelza off the telly. and I don’t envy anyone who dates an actor. It can ca be something as simple as the hair on the back of my neck moving as he’s kissing me.) “I think it’s hard. (Turner. “I don’t do nudity. “But I’m hoping that the hysteria around it will die down slightly. And it’s hard for anyone who dates an actor. Kevin Maher met her W hen I first interviewed Eleanor Tomlinson she was 16 years old. at that chemistry test. to audition for the role of Demelza in the first place: she had been called in to go for Elizabeth but. “I’d like to think that I’m carving my own path. Poldark is set in late 18th-century Cornwall and boasts a context of tin mining and economic hardship.52 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times the conversation ‘It was obvious from the start that Aidan and I could work well together’ Her early shots at stardom misfired spectacularly. he’s got a great body. He’s immensely supportive and we trust each other. I think he’s getting to the point where he’s like: ‘Oh God! Come on!’ ” Tomlinson in person. with Ewan McGregor and Nicholas Hoult. so far. has once again thrust her back into the white-hot zone of serious stardom. Within seconds. finally. Angus flopped. in 2013. her volatile demeanour and those touching flashes of childlike innocence. He doesn’t watch the show and go: ‘What? You didn’t tell me about that!’ ” We go through the check-list of other Poldark hot topics. for her new movie Alleycats) poking out from beneath her sleeve. greasy horrible bun”. She does a lot of onscreen chores. for the all-important “chemistry test” with Turner. Turner’s chest. when addressing the issue of the screen sizzle between the pair. for the record. things are looking up for Demelza. Dressed all in black.” she says. “It’s something that comes with the territory. Especially nowadays when it’s become all that sells a serie series. but is not an actor). “People say to you.” And despite the media frenzy that Turner’s body has inspired. before we go a minute further into conversation we have to address the elephant in the room. but is really about the love triangle between former British Army officer Ross Poldark (Turner). in Jack the Giant Slayer. The couple at the adjacent table are nonetheless stunned into muted silence. playing the glamorous waif in Poldark. Demelza is one of the most memorable female protagonists that so-called prestige television drama has produced in years (take note. looking for his tanning oil. As Isabelle. the dazzling best friend in the tween comedy Angus.” says the 22-year-old Tomlinson today. delicately beautiful. for instance. For Tomlinson’s role as Demelza. “It was obvious from the beginning that Aidan and I could work well together. although I’m not entirely convinced that she’s always putting her back into them. There was a definite energy. With her screengrabbing street urchin entrance. for instance (sweeping. top right. Yes.” It leads her swiftly on to an impassioned disquisition on gratuitous female nudity in contemporary TV at the moment (she does doesn’t name Game of Thrones es or The Tudors but I feel el that they’re in the air). In fact it’s sexier if you don’t do nudity. during which sh she announces. It’s the tiny things that get you hot under the collar. and I’m honest about everything. while suppressing a Sid James-style “Phwoar. ‘Oh you’re going to be such a big star!’ But I simply don’t listen any more. She’s gone from scrubbing floors and repeatedly saying. and direct and knows her own mind.” she says. his feisty serving wench Demelza (Tomlinson) and his former fiancée. even for Aidan. or who’ve never heard of the 12 Winston Graham novels they’re based on. and his body in general. she notes that. her brother’s brown coat and her hair in “a messy.” At which point. kneading dough.” she says. I wrote that she was set to become. with those high pronounced cheekbones lifting into brushstroke eyes. and how he feels about competing with Ross bulgy-boobs. she is the perfect romantic foil to Aidan Turner’s swarthy. “I knows my place!” to making apple pies and snogging the face off Ross (they’re married now) every time he passes her in the kitchen. that they were sitting next to. of course. and that it was her idea to play Demelza as a fiery redhead (Tomlinson is naturally blonde). baggy clothes. as opposed to the women. Because it’s getting a little bit tiring. Thongs and Perfect Snogging and.” I ask about her boyfriend (he works in the industry. within seconds of Tomlinson’s arrival. But she’s also wonderfully steely. be a redhead . “I think. below. the new Keira Knightley? “I don’t want to be tagged as the new anything. Thus. and with a giant red rose tattoo (fake. gutting fish and scything). Eleanor Tomlinson suggested that her character. It didn’t happen. As in. I learn that she is (self-described) “fiercely ambitious”. She was called back twice for subsequent auditions and. That love story is so much harder to watch than any single love scene. knowing that Demelza was “the role”. and indeed it was her idea. you know. Eleanor Tomlinson finds fame beckoning. kicking back in her local Wimbledon café. And for the five or six people who aren’t yet aware of the series (episode one of Poldark racked up seven million viewers). the strong-willed flame-haired heroine of Poldark. predicting inevitable mega-stardom. after seemingly clocking.” Certainly. has been dating the Irish actress Sarah Greene for three years. She did some bit-parts and then. solid and perpetually topless hero. namely. Poldark has proven prove that you don’t nee need nudity to convey a sexual relationship. and people will start talking about the storylines. she dressed down with no make-up. who seem to have to go full frontal all the time now. There are no nasty surprises for him. chopping apples. inset right I’ve seen the first four episodes and. apparently. the snooty Elizabeth (Heida Reed). And what’s even worse here is the chemistry that the characters have. and it’s great that people are talking about the show. But it’s not a question of me having to ‘explain’ to him that it’s only chemistry.

“Everyone is loving it. she says that she picked up the acting bug while sitting on the lap of Bernie Nolan on the set of The Bill (one of her father’s regular gigs). you know. to sum up. Though it failed badly. she’s a better rider than Turner (“although I don’t think he’d admit it”). basically. She would like to do a Knightley-style fragrance campaign. not to repeat past mistakes. as someone who’s been on horses since she was two years old. I don’t feel the need to do it. But I’d want them to have the same “I don’t do nudity. criticising how it was released and marketed. It’s certainly not my place to discourage people from visiting Cornwall.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 53 FGM COVER IMAGE: MIKE HOGAN / BBC BELOW: YVES SALMON / EYEVINE “My family make fun of me about the sweeping. Malcolm (aka Bruce Baines in Emmerdale). made it now. While she has no interest whatsoever in the sex and drugs sidelines of traditional celebrity excess. playing flashback roles in both the TV drama Falling and the Edward Norton thriller The Illusionist. who is controlling the horse. 9pm . “Yes.” She is equally forthright about the next phase of her career. then you have to hand it on to someone else and they don’t take care of it properly. do you want to be an actress?’ And I just thought: ‘Yes! This is amazing!’ ” From aged 11 she was pinging in and out of TV and movies.” she concedes. Inherently shy.” she says. There are. it would seem. BBC One. in which she plays a street-smart inked-up London bicycle courier.” She adds that she’d never once visited Cornwall during a childhood in Yorkshire that was defined by the singing of her mother Judith and the acting of her father. “because it’s a great way of keeping people aware of you. is harder for her to take. “It’s like someone has a baby. determined. she has. ten more books left to adapt (they used the first two for this series). And apparently you sweep to the side. “I’m so ambitious. But I’m not getting my hopes up at all. and in some of the scenes where they’re “riding double” it is Tomlinson. So.” On horseriding she notes that. she’s already signed on for three more series. Sundays. and with it the prospect of life-changing global fame. not Turner. “Everyone is talking about Poldark now. Penwith and Padstow) being flooded by armies of Poldark obsessives (in the same way that Port Isaac is annually swamped by Doc Martin fans) she muses. she says that it opened up doors for her. “It’s difficult not to be angry about that. and I have a dream. after all. but not to the extent that has been reported. Thongs and Perfect Snogging arrived in 2008. “Yes. finally. She’s doing the new movie Alleycats. But I’d just be taking the piss if I did it. The subsequent tanking of Jack the Giant Slayer. and lots more places for Demelza to go — a romantic fling in book seven being key. and taking cocaine and smoking isn’t going to get me there”. While on the prospect of the show’s Cornish locations (Charlestown Harbour. so that you’re not forgotten”.” The misfired comedy Angus. I’ve done a job that’s been received well. “because I’m always sweeping on to my feet. and that’s the biggest compliment. however. I think more people will come. As for Poldark. There is talk of her being badly bullied by her jealous Yorkshire classmates. they give it to you for six months of your life. there was a certain amount of bullying. in order to demonstrate her range and versatility. No? She gasps at the thought. asking me to be a spokesperson.” she says. for instance. “She said: ‘So. but she dismisses that now as tabloid exaggeration. because. And that’s great. People have been in touch from anti-bullying campaigns.” Poldark. and she’s not bitter. In fact it’s sexier if you don’t” fabulous time that I had.


Fill the grid so that every column.212 . Across: 5 guild. but digits within the cells joined by dotted lines should add up to the printed top left-hand figure. all occurrences of the abbreviation S were omitted in grid entries. 34 league. 29 body. Within each dotted-line “shape”. a digit CANNOT be repeated. 12 co-op. 14 club. More details at listenercrossword.Fiendish 8 7 2 6 Company Liquidation by Kruger Extra letters in wordplay gave “There is no such thing as society. Derbyshire.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 55 FGM Games Samurai Sudoku No 448 — Difficult 2 9 6 7 2 2 9 6 4 3 6 6 9 2 8 4 1 3 5 1 9 6 3 7 4 1 2 8 9 4 8 5 1 6 1 5 9 7 4 4 9 6 5 8 7 9 7 3 8 3 8 5 8 1 5 9 8 1 2 4 1 3 2 8 1 9 2 7 2 4 7 5 3 6 6 7 5 9 2 9 4 3 1 4 9 2 9 4 7 The Listener solution No 4336 Sudoku No 7. Ltd. For solutions to Su Doku & Killer see Monday’s newspaper 9 2 3 5 1 6 4 7 8 5 8 7 2 3 4 9 1 6 6 4 1 7 9 8 3 5 2 . Down: 4 gang. as well as. Consequently. Time to solve 7 6 8 4 5 9 6 Killler No 4. 2 5 8 6 7 1 9 5 8 3 1 7 1 5 7 4 2 8 6 5 1 56 min Solution to last week’s Samurai Sudoku 7 6 7 4 7 2 5 8 6 1 2 5 8 7 4 9 3 8 7 5 3 4 9 2 1 6 9 3 4 1 6 2 5 8 7 5 8 3 6 7 4 1 2 9 4 6 9 2 1 8 7 3 5 1 2 7 9 5 3 8 6 4 6 3 4 2 5 9 8 1 7 2 9 5 7 1 8 4 3 6 7 1 8 6 3 4 2 9 5 3 5 6 1 4 2 9 7 8 8 7 9 3 6 5 1 2 4 4 2 1 8 9 7 5 6 3 Stuck on Su Doku or Killer Call 0901 322 5005 to receive four clues for any of today’s puzzles. Calls cost 77p from BT landlines. 36 7 9 1 8 3 5 6 4 2 1 5 7 9 8 3 5 2 6 7 4 1 3 4 6 7 2 1 9 5 8 6 3 2 1 4 7 9 8 3 6 5 2 19 9 18 20 14 7 30 29 10 20 17 8 12 14 2 5 8 4 9 6 3 7 1 8 4 9 5 6 2 4 7 1 3 8 9 5 3 4 2 8 1 7 9 6 1 6 7 4 9 3 8 2 5 8 2 9 5 7 6 3 1 4 8 7 6 4 3 1 2 9 5 7 6 8 4 3 1 8 5 2 9 6 7 3 5 1 9 2 7 4 8 6 3 1 5 2 7 9 1 6 4 5 8 3 9 4 2 8 5 6 7 1 3 9 2 4 6 5 8 7 9 3 2 1 4 2 3 8 5 6 4 9 7 1 1 6 4 7 8 9 5 3 2 5 9 7 2 1 3 6 4 8 4 1 3 6 9 5 8 2 7 6 2 9 3 7 8 1 5 4 7 8 5 1 4 2 3 6 9 8 1 4 6 7 5 3 2 9 3 2 7 9 4 8 1 5 6 5 9 6 2 3 1 4 7 8 9 4 2 5 8 6 7 3 1 1 8 3 4 2 7 6 9 5 7 6 5 3 1 9 8 4 2 Yesterday’s solutions 13 26 Stuck? Call 0901 322 5005 to receive four clues for any of today’s puzzles. 20 band. every row and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9. M Thatcher”. Lancashire.259 . 27 order. Surrey. 9 1 Our five-grid Su Doku will test your powers of logic and elimination — against the clock. Calls cost 77p from BT landlines. Where the puzzles overlap. 16 25 Su Doku No 7254 3 9 5 7 2 1 6 4 8 7 6 8 9 4 3 5 2 1 1 4 2 6 5 8 7 3 9 9 5 6 2 7 4 8 1 3 2 8 7 3 1 9 4 6 5 4 3 1 5 8 6 9 7 2 6 7 9 8 3 2 1 5 4 8 1 3 4 6 5 2 9 7 5 2 4 1 9 7 3 8 6 7 5 2 9 8 1 6 3 4 8 9 4 3 6 7 5 2 1 3 1 6 4 5 2 8 9 7 2 7 5 6 4 3 1 8 9 1 6 9 8 2 5 7 4 3 4 3 8 1 7 9 2 6 5 Killer No 4211 17 32 13 Follow standard Su Doku rules.Deadly (56min) 3 7 4 7 1 4 5 7 9 1 2 8 8 1 5 8 4 3 7 2 Su Doku/Killer ©Puzzler Media Puzzle content © 2008 Gakken Co. DA Reid of Dorking. and TC Higham of Adlington. the rows and columns do not go beyond their usual length but the interlocking boxes give you more clues — and more complexity! Remember — don’t try to solve each Su Doku grid in turn. the puzzle has to be tackled as a whole.com The winners are Geoff Kay of Parwich.


Nb6 and . the Beach Boys. score. feeb. 2 Far From the Madding Crowd (Thomas Gray. Bxg3+ 27 Kxg3 Rxb7 28 Qxh6+ Rh7 29 Qxh7 mate. or email to: winningmove@thetimes. Kasparov was the one who got away. keeping the U back as a hook for it might have been a little better. The above notes are based on those in Larsen Move by Move by Cyrus Lakdawala while Bronstein Move by Move is by Steve Giddins... fxe6?? 22 Qg4 Bxf2+ 23 Kh2 g5 24 Qh5 Re7 25 Qg6+ Kh8 26 Nf6! (threatening Qh7+!) 26 . JOW A7a is slightly better. duel. I can expect to have a dire rack to follow having retained JTTUV. Here’s how one of my games commenced: This year Bent Larsen would have been 80. The position of the white king allows Black a crucial defensive tempo. Otherwise. 26 Ng5 Unfortunately for White. 16 Rb1 Bg7 17 Rxb7 Nd7 Threatening .g. 20 Ne4 Bxe1 It is Larsen’s turn to get carried away. the active black pieces enabled a quick tactical kill..30pm). David Bronstein. fuddled. fortuitously. Opponent: FLIC H6a 18 Me: ADIJQTT QADI G3a 29 Opp: NEPHEWs B10d 77 Me: JTTDUUW WUDU A9d 21 Opp: GRIG H1a 40 turn. Word positions use the grid reference plus (a)cross or (d)own. comparatives and superlatives are disallowed. 20. beef.. With TKUVCMI: Best score is 26 for HUCK or HICK E10a. Developed by Sudoku Syndication C A B B A G E T R E E H A T T E R B E R O U G H U N T E I C A S S A U L T A L E X P R E S S R N OO F T O P S R L E C T R I C C E N D O U B L E C R R T E E L AWE I G H W R N I N F R A R E D O P B N U P G A R T H R T P L O R I N O C O E L U O M A S T E R S T F I N E S H E R B E S M A T E R I A L I S M R A N C I S C Z R C O T R E D A M E M L O C I A L E N T N V A S I V E G O E G O N I A R Y T E E P L E J S R A Y S T E R Y T O M E U R K E Y C D V E C E I V E R U T R O R T A I N R T S M A G I S T N O I E T O N I C C O X U N A T T T G O A L O N E R R A O E G N D B A T T E R T U H T O I L M E N S A L D T U RM E R I C R L S P S U L P I T Y P O O S S S Y M P D T C A A Y A B O U T L G R B E R E F T U S S R S E T T H E A P U R E P R O U G E P Y E C T E R O K E G R E A N C O N D I V S N U E O R T O N N U H L G I N E E R I N E D W N R I T U A L F R Y E S E A G O I N G E C U T A C K T E R R S A O U R N O N S N E O C A S S E T T E L O E O U T W I T S R O R N O C I R C U M I E T S F I F T H T R F U Y E Y C L E M E D Solution to Friday’s Codeword T I N AQ U F I S W I T M I V J E L B Y S S U E UNM N X T O U E DUC T C E L E H Z Z T ARRA E E ND E D S UR A O S T I ME D O O A N F E R I D E N T S Z S O GON E S U P A S U UB C GO N E T R V A C I T O E R K E N Y L Y B Word Watching: Slab (b) A pack of 24 cans of beer (Australian slang). dele.50). feed. Hampshire . Harder 2685 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 double word square (dw) 2W w un 2W 2L de 2L 2W 2L up 2W h 2W 3L 3L e 2L qadi 2L w grig flic S 3L N 2W 3W 3L 2L 3W 4 points: 3L 2L 2W 2W 2W 3W 3 points: BCMP 2L 3L AEIOU LNRST DG 2L 2L Letter values 2 points: 3L 2L 2L 2L 2W 2L 2W 2W triple word square (tw) 1 point: 2W 2W 3L 2W 2L 2W 2L 2L 3L M 3W 2L 3L 2L 3W 10 11 12 13 14 15 3W 2W J O 5 2L 3W K L triple letter square (tl) 3L 2L 3W FHVWY K=5 JX = 8 QZ = 10 SCRABBLE® is a registered trademark of J. befuddled. for example. This week’s game shows that Larsen was great in defence as well as attack.57 FGM Win a Collins Dictionary & Thesaurus For your chance to win. can you find: 1) the best-scoring play. thanks to his activity. 22 . London. Decretal (c) A papal edict on doctrine or church law.02 from BT landlines (ROI € 1. Spear & Sons Ltd ©Mattel 2015 Polygon Roger Phillips Cell Blocks 2239 6 Using the given letters no more than once.. scoring 39 and with the clunky retained letters having greater potential because the K is kept for the F6 spot. Texts cost £1 (ROI € 1. plurals. b7-b5.. W. Other networks and mobiles will cost more. deluded. After a sequence of such moves. albeit scoring less. 18 . adverbs ending in LY. due to the threat of e6-e7.... after 26 Nxf6+ Qxf6 27 Qxh6 Qa1+ 28 Kh2 (28 Kf2? Rf8+ 29 Ke2 Qf1+ leads to mate in two) 28 . 2 Qxa3 (2 bxa3 Qxa1+ and 2 Rxa3 Qe1+ both win) 2 . always including the central letter. While it was good to see the K from the bag because of the KIF spot at F6a. Each block must be square or rectangular and must contain the number of cells indicated by the number inside it. very good.. Qc8 23 Re7 Qf5 24 Qd3 Bf8 25 Rb7 h5 26 f3 Re8 27 Rc7 Be7 28 d6 Bd8 29 Rxa7 and Black is the one fighting for the draw.. Can you see the best play that uses four letters.. Aldous Huxley). Rxa3! wins.co.. buddle. lube Two Brains 1 the Five Towns. when he can play for . Solution to last week’s puzzle: 1 . Black should play 20 . 25 . Yesterday’s solution. Thunderball.. 4 Tender is the Night (PB Shelley. Spassky. excellent. reasoning that the damage to White’s structure balances his increased piece activity. 23 Qg4 Rf8+ 24 Kg1 Rf6 25 Qh3 Now White is losing.. every row and every 3x2 box contains the digits 1 to 6. What would you play with my next rack given here? Read on when you’re ready: JTTKOUV My play of WUDU was perhaps too hurried because WUD in the same spot. But it is heavily dependant on the two fresh tiles being vowels to give KAT. How? ________ á D DrDkD] àD D Dp0p] ßpD 0 D D] ÞD D 4 D ] Ý 0Nh D D] ÜDPD D D ] Û )PI DP)] Ú$ D $ D ] ÁÂÃÄÅÆÇÈ The first correct entry drawn on Thursday will win a copy of The Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus.uk/sudoku-comp. 25 dxe6! saves the game. the bag delivers more for you to deal with. He weathers the most furious onslaught from that most inspirational of Soviet grandmasters. dude. Scrabble With JTTKOUV: DEVOUT C9a (20) uses more letters and is the top play.. blue. and which I completely overlooked? Write in my JOT play onto the board together with my opponent’s next play of YAD F4a (32) (which ruined the possibility of KIF). If you call or text after this time you will not be entered but will still be charged. make as many words as possible of four or more letters. Suffolk Cell Blocks 2238 4 2 2 3 4 4 10 6 6 4 2 A B C D E F G H I 2 Suko 1257 Ports. Nd7 16 Rb1 a6. Smyslov. Bxf2+ The only move. 6Winners will receive a Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus Calls cost £1. 1 London Bridge Street. and perhaps then prone to missing the best plays.com Collins Scrabble Words is the word authority used. feud. despite your attempts to resolve awkward letters on your rack. Now.co. Terms and conditions thetimes. and keep the K as insurance.. you become drained from the strain of hunting for any worthwhile moves. Qh8. Goldfinger. Cilantro (a) The American name for coriander. KET or KIT there. Rf1+ 27 Kh2 Rf5 28 Nxe6 Rh5 29 Qxh5 gxh5 30 Nxf8 Rxf8 White resigns White: David Bronstein Black: Bent Larsen Amsterdam Interzonal 1964 King’s Indian Defence Chess publishers Everyman have. 21 Ne6 ________ árD 1rDkD] à0RD DpD ] ß h 0NDp0] ÞD 0PD D ] Ý DPDND D] ÜD D D ) ] ÛPD D )PD] ÚD DQg I ] ÁÂÃÄÅÆÇÈ 21 . published two books on the mighty warriors of the mind involved in this cliff-hanging struggle. QIVIUT (soft muskox wool) G3d scores 22 using the U and V but is perhaps too risky because of the -S hook. when White has full compensation for the piece. 35. You can leave your answer numbers in any order. Literary quiz 1 Gone with the Wind (Ernest Dowson. Qc8 – which Bronstein totally ignores. Qe1+ 3 Rxe1 Rxe1 mate..uk. Nb6 19 Re1 Bc3 19 . VICTIM G8d (16) uses the most letters. W1B 2AG. Re5 shows what can happen to Black if he is not careful: 20 Rxe5 dxe5 21 Nxg6!! fxg6 22 Ne4. This is influenced by the fact that an A pickup gives JAK F4a (58) if the spot remains. Botvinnik. One draw per week. 22 Kxf2 fxe6 Twitter: @times_chess Winning move Black to play. e. 2L double letter square (dl) 1 Solution to times2 Jumbo 1138 The winner is Mr T J Webb of Hartest. Fill the grid so that every column. deed. 18 Nf4 Bronstein stakes all on a wild and unlikely lunge. Answers to Friday’s Polygon are to the left. Black stands pleasantly better after 15 . Polygon bedded. if I grab the points for KO (36) there. feel. Fischer and Karpov all succumbed to his incisive and creative chessboard intelligence. and You Only Live Twice).. SP: Spoke. delude.. Capitalised words. 26 .. The Times. 3 Eyeless in Gaza (John Milton. Despite the fact that this position is an endgame. Answers on a postcard to: Winning Move. 2) the play using most letters 3) the best score involving both the U and V? 18 29 95 50 135 The board is now as shown below. SE1 9GF. good. F Scott Fitzgerald). queens come off the board and White can resign.. the Bennett sisters of Pride and Prejudice. with my next rack. Margaret Mitchell).. Not 21 .50) plus your standard network charge. 27. befuddle.. bleed. 0333 202 3390 / 01437 8815 (Mon-Fri 9am-5. Today’s answers are printed in MindGames on Monday © PUZZLER MEDIA the times | Saturday March 28 2015 3 5 4 3 5 2 4 2 2 5 3 5 Divide the grid into blocks. domination and passed dpawn. call 0901 292 5274 (ROI 1516 415 029) and leave your answer (the 3 numbers in the pink cells) and details or text the 3 numbers to TIMES followed by a space and then your answer and your contact details to 83080 (ROI 57601) by midnight tonight. Melisma (a) A vocal phrase consisting of several notes sung to one syllable. From Russia With Love. left 1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 g6 3 Nc3 Bg7 4 e4 d6 5 Be2 0-0 6 Bg5 c5 7 d5 e6 8 Nf3 h6 9 Bf4 exd5 10 exd5 Re8 11 Nd2 Nh5 12 Bg3 Bg4 13 0-0 Nxg3 14 hxg3 Bxe2 15 Nxe2 Bxb2 Larsen gambles. The answer will be published next Saturday.... Qf8 Black consolidates. Leicestershire Scrabble ® Allan Simmons Chess Raymond Keene I am just recovering from a hammering at a recent oneday six-game event in Edinburgh having just scraped two wins. Brain Trainer Easy 68.. and may well then have to change. flee. fuddle. Thomas Hardy). Medium 338. Winners will be picked at random from all correct answers received.. But playing four tiles rather than three gives more chance of a couple of friendly vowels out of the bag for an improved balance on the next TKUVCMI Definitions FLIC French policeman (slang) GRIG an eel. Bg7 and if 21 Qc1 Re7 22 Rxe7 Qxe7 23 Nxc5 Qc7 24 Ne4 Qxc4 25 Nxd6 Qxc1 26 Rxc1 Be5 27 Rc6 Rd8 28 Nb7 Rb8 29 Nd6 Rd8 30 Nb7 with a draw. flue. 2 Sean Connery. Tal. The two runners-up will receive a book prize. also available from The Times Bookshop on 0845 271 2134. The winner is Keith White of Fareham. This position is from Westerinen-Larsen.. In the end I opted for JOT B8d (31) to use one of the Ts. How you rate: 15 words average. Havana 1967. Lines close at midnight tonight. The great Dane came close to qualifying for a World Championship challenge and in the course of his career he overcame almost all of the chess titans whom he faced. He played James Bond in these first five movies of the series (Dr No. elude. to fish for grig JUN Korean monetary unit WUDU ritual handwashing (Islam) Feedback to Allan Simmons onwordsltd@aol. bedel. conjugated verbs (past tense etc). Regular players amongst you will all have experienced those games where. fuel... the Cinque R A C T I V E A A M N L O L L A R D L E G L Y N A I V E I D N S N E A K E R S G R N E M P I R E T O N S H O N A T E S R T E A T H I S E R L T E L E F T I S M I N O E A S T E R N M H S P L E C A R T O R N R R OM A N I A I A I T A T N I E C E T I O N I N G E P O R L E P A N T O E O E U G R I S E N R T C D A B U L O U S M N W C I R C L E P S H L E S T R I A L O I E P E C I F I C L T O E X C L A I M A I M M E M E N T O U P N S T A N C E S T N A E A D I T I O N R L R S D L E S O M E Solution to Cryptic Jumbo 1138 The winner is Chris Robinson of Loughborough.


.. Hertfordshire AL3 6HE..4. divide (4) 22 Like many saucepans (3-5) 23 Prison sentence........ Jane... Texts cost £1 plus your standard network charge...... North cashed the ace of clubs v West’s 3♠ doubled and needed to switch to a diamond at trick two (diamond-diamond-ace of spades-diamond ruff) to beat the contract... larger envelopes will require a “large” stamp or two normal ones.. needing walker shortly after all of their kinsfolk took off (4) 2 Area evenly cut round... © PUZZLER MEDIA A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Senders of the first three correct entries drawn will each receive a copy of Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable....But South gambles a pass..... containing English... Broken down b........ A side of beef b. the last letters of across clues spell out an instruction.. irritation following shock over what’s valued as seafood in Asia (7) 2 Aqua yacht’s heading into canal.. 0333 202 3390 / 01437 8815 (Mon-Fri 9am-5.........../ And haply the Queen-Moon is on her throne (6... Calls cost 77p from BT landlines plus network extras... He elected to cash the ace of spades and exit with a low club to declarer’s queen.R to 85088..30pm). East ducking (rising ace no better)........ Address ... Calls cost 77ppm from BT landlines.4) 14 Not fastened (6) 15 Make very angry (6) 17 Move more slowly (10) Solution to Crossword 6671 E U T R S H O U L D E R B O N E C A E A V EN L F X M RE K A A M N E AN HA G L C AN I UM O D Y S S ED E T I T D I S T R I C E C YH L DO R R I N NE A S H BU T OS L N I P CO F S T H T E P T E N T S T R Down 1 Plant of mallow family (8) 2 Tear...........-----’s ignoble strife/ Their sober wishes never learn’d to stray (3.. Guided by these extra words...co... eg.2.. Declarer played perfectly.. The grid has mirror symmetry about the main diagonal (marked by blocks).. All readers who have contributed to this column receive a special mention. Coriander b..... Declarer played low from dummy. d.... Dover. twisting heads say...... Individual clues for the across and down entry of each symmetrically located pair are presented in tandem (across always preceding down)..... A 24-pack of beer c. led a diamond to the jack. The Chambers Dictionary (2014) is the primary reference..... times2 Crossword No 6672 1 2 3 8 4 5 6 7 12 13 9 10 11 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 20 Stiffly..-.......... ruffed a heart back to hand. clues with the same number are listed in order of their across entries (top to bottom)....3. in part.---.. SP: Spoke.. Declarer sneaked a heart to the king.......... very likely to compromise partner’s decent four-card holding.............. By degrees c.. Name both writers in each case.. rip (flesh or skin) (8) 4 Unorthodox belief (6) 5 World’s largest lake (7... Mary.----. W1B 2AG....the times | Saturday March 28 2015 59 FGM MindGames The Times Crossword and the new Saturday Quiz are in the back of the main paper The Listener Crossword No 4339 Mixed Doubles by Shackleton Codeword No 2356 18 1 5 12 12 4 14 25 19 6 12 20 5 21 21 17 1 25 6 21 14 12 18 21 26 14 14 13 21 2 19 5 13 25 5 I M 21 21 15 14 17 14 7 18 17 5 1 3 1 8 9 21 14 17 26 18 16 21 21 23 14 13 21 5 15 11 13 21 2 5 25 8 11 25 14 1 21 16 17 21 21 2 26 14 17 17 23 18 20 17 16 13 10 18 8 25 25 21 24 13 18 21 25 22 2 16 8 13 8 14 4 21 5 1 13 14 1 25 25 12 1 13 8 1 2 3 4 5 14 15 16 17 18 I 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 M Numbers are substituted for letters in the crossword grid. twice as likely as a singleton queen.... winning the eight of hearts in hand (West discarding a spade) and. Dennis Wilson. felling East’s jack........ Hanley.......... Name .. Postcode ... 63 Green Lane.. For the full solution call 0907 181 1055...... Below the grid is the key with some letters solved.......30pm). one arguably more apposite than the original)... for last year are available to senders of an SAE (overseas stamp exempt) to JE Green at the above address.3) 6 House joined to another (4) 7 Musical note (4) 10 Something preceding another (10) 12 Desert of southern Africa (8) 13 Colonise again (8) 16 Hilaire —.. succeeded in tilting over (5) 0 Henry.. not fancying a 10-trick contract his way with his defensive “quacks”..7. Dealer North Both Vul ♠Q9875 ♥3 ♦8632 ♣Q95 ♠A ♥A964 ♦K75 ♣AK832 W N S E ♠J42 ♥ Q 10 8 2 ♦Q9 ♣J754 ♠ K 10 6 3 ♥KJ75 ♦ A J 10 4 ♣ 10 Table One S W Pass 1♠ 3♥ 3♠ (1) Take-out...5) Answers on page 57 Thanks to Dr Joseph Chamberlain of Bletchley for this week’s questions.. to arrive by April 9............... TIMESCROSS P...... East winning the king (ducking better) and returning a heart. Hythe and Hastings...uk It’s a bidder’s game..... Nairn woman who aims to pot around two thousand (6) 1 See boat trapping whale in salt-marsh.. versed Arab name for star — it can be seen over the bay (5) 10 Persia perhaps has processed a bit of her domestic oil in the past under approved grant (7) 11 Rate’s OK as done in yesterday’s shoot (in Hollywood). Tunstall..... G... apparently going north across lake with navy’s chart (4) 2 It befell Scottish couple.. seventy........ Declarer ruffed a spade with the ace of hearts.. twice catching rugby ball at Murrayfield overhead — it gets one rooting wildly (9) 4 Fly to Scotland? Possibly worker... Phone number. replacing the unknown letters with full stops. A vocal phrase b....... reading East for a singleton club for his take-out double and raise to 2♠... ecstasy in bunk for Buffalo couple (5) 6 Better suited to muddy mire. Other networks and mobiles may vary..... the answers to these clues must be entered... Yesterday’s solution on page 53 Stuck on Codeword? To receive 4 random clues call 0901 322 5000 or text TIMESCODE to 85088.... Table Two S W N E 1♣ Dbl Pass 1♠ Dbl 2♠ Pass 3♠(1) Dbl(2) Pass Pass(3) Pass (1) Good re-raise to increase the pressure.com.. Clues 0 Up east. Sandwich.. the finesse against West’s nine succeeding......robson@thetimes.....5) 3 ------.....--. and YOLT Answers on page 57 Slab a.. andrew.......... initially about 8 or 12 pints (3) 1 Dull hybrid energy lesson reviewed after head of TU hands over first year marks — they may make some greens cross (6) 1 Chopping head off simple type of Highland Crustacea..... throwing a diamond from dummy... the symbols entered......P. Envelopes measuring approximately 230×160mm may carry a normal stamp. Half a deck of cards Cilantro a. Completing the first word or phrase will give clues to more letters.. ♣Q... LISTENER STATISTICS.--.... FRWL. St Albans...... Please send your puzzles to keenebrain@aol.... A skin blemish c...... In standard across order. Declaring contracts at both tables brought handsome rewards on this deal from the 2015 Lederer Trophy at London’s RAC Club... eels......... Write your name and contact details in the space provided and send to: Listener Crossword No 4339. String made of hemp c........ twice kick off. symbolically (numbers in brackets are entry lengths). plus personal record.co.(4... A chorus Decretal a..........----. Romney.. photos taking just one half hour (4) 12 Married profligate who’d adore wild bash. T... and the results of applying the instruction...... c.. (2) More take out.... Clue numbers give the horizontal/vertical distance of the entries’ starting cells from the main diagonal.. He led a third club to the (nine and) ace and followed with ♣83.---. settled again after getting up (6) 6 As some riverboats steer up the creek with 1st of Dec temperature awful...2. advanced the jack of clubs.-..3..... Elizabeth..4) 4 Already with thee! -----.------.......... Enter them in the key and main grid and check the letters on the alphabet list as you complete them........ drew trumps and led a diamond to the ten and queen....... glided along (8) 7 See high priest independently counter a most influential epistle with force — it’s a bit of a habit for him (5) 7 Heroic back-to-front attitude initially adopted in war seizure (4) 8 Japanese poem.uk . For help with possible words to fit a specific clue text TIMESCROSS followed by a space and the letters that you know... Other networks and mobiles may vary........... Burslem.3.. (7.. He ruffed South’s club return in dummy.... W1B 2AG. b. Texts cost £1 plus your standard network charge.. even after contracting ex (7) Two Brains Raymond Keene Word Watching Paul Dunn Literary Quiz Paul Dunn Question 1 Can you identify the following sets of five? a. ♣K. 1 I have forgot much..... torpedoed in sound where gravel has accumulated...... stocked with wine.. Declarer next led and passed the seven of clubs.. Brian Wilson..4..--.com More information about Chambers books can be found at chambers..... Calls cost 77ppm from BT landlines.. Longton and Fenton. Bridge Andrew Robson Answers on page 57 N 1♥ Dbl(1) 4♥ E Dbl 2♠ end West kicked off with a somewhat curious singleton trump v 4♥ (although no lead beats the game)... at the Mill with slaves. 0333 202 3390 (Mon-Fri 9am-5.......... to 85088 to receive a list.. long since left Spain on express with daughter (7) 5 Turn to vintage wine when penning new obscure Listener — on reflection this riddle’s core (5) 6 Various offspring are in more than one cradle? Essential for infants. Catherine and Lydia. Declarer cashed the ace of spades and led a low diamond to his queen. Question 2 What bonds these five movies together? DN.. the fusty old drunk behind bar bought everyone drinks. Each of four individual clues contains an extra word that must be removed before solving.. Mike Love and Al Jardine.. and the phrase must be rendered by erasing everything except the lines and circles drawn.... Cynara! ------......... occasion (4) Across 1 Fifty per cent (4) 3 Stocky (8) 8 Rear (4) 9 First-year student (8) 11 Something at which one excels (6....... SP: Spoke. Artificial wood Titled characters Complete the following quotations from poetry and you will get a famous work of prose....... youth who’s fit and healthy initially supporting busy person with good half acre or so (6) 2 Perhaps in belly dancing. A papal edict Melisma a...... . (3) ... then led a heart to (East’s seven and) his ten and cashed the queen..... 11 tricks and game made plus one – a fine performance with overtricks important in the unique Lederer scoring method.4) 2 --...... and first letters of the corresponding down clues give a phrase from a song.... awkwardly (8) 21 Piece... cashed the ace felling the king and was soon chalking up an overtrick...... take buyer’s option in tin and graphite? (6) 4 One could draw match? Hard after getting back level... The trick proceeded (as declarer had hoped) ♣J... Carl Wilson. straight lines or circles must be drawn through six elements from the song (one less specific.. author (6) 18 One of two born together (4) 19 Built up area (4) Need help with today’s puzzle? Call 0906 757 7188 to check the answers...... ♣10.... Solution to Listener Crossword No 4336 on page 55 listenercrossword.... regularly fill art deco West Indian clubs with English in part (6) 3 Envelopes from East Anglia in mail box — maybe contact’s retaining one letter that’s easier to deliver orally (5) 3 B&B? Each the same in turn — some baths to soak in and old-fashioned American kindness (6) 3 Safe with gold mine holding in Brazil.. He hoped to pin a singleton ten or nine of clubs with East....

..... sailor (6) 19 London borough on the Thames (8) 21 Cheap. irritable (4) 8 Do something so as to save time or money (3...... times2 clues Train Tracks No 132 1 3 5 4 4 4 2 3 4 2 4 2 7 2 A 4 1 B 12 15 Phone number.3) 51 Expensive community charges protecting still largely empty hospital (7..6) 11 Evidence one was elsewhere (5) 12 Person with whom one is unfaithful (1... ...... wage region (anagram) (3...............4.4... and Bradford’s Crossword Solver’s Dictionary published by HarperCollins........ Prizes Address....... purloined (6) 48 Flashes from an electrical discharge (6) 50 Wild ox (5) 52 Way out (4) ...4) 8 Curved theatrical backcloth (9) 13 Voice. The prize for each of the first correct solutions to the Cryptic and times2 Jumbo clues to be opened will be a collection of Times reference books — including The Times Universal Atlas of the World.... woman finally sketched anew (7) 16 Charitable establishment maybe suggesting rise of extremism? (4-2..4) 20 Having several paths or channels (8) 22 Undergarment (9) 23 Small country (8) 25 For ever (9) 27 Leanly.5) 28 Tools not so powerful for cutting stone up (8) 29 Work out........ forgetting to (9) 23 Good news from clinic about schoolboy no longer covered up (8) 25 Entertainer exploited response for audition (3..............5) 53 Native Greenlander perhaps accepting unconnected tips on basketball (7) 54 Cultivation of wet fens or woodland (3..7) 9 Cheddar. Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus. throwing arms about.. a club (9) 42 Showing imagination (8) 46 Specialised cell (7) 47 Pinched............. yet then relatively average (6) 50 As well for a bishop to go in and out (5) 52 Hands over in exchange (4) 2 3 13 4 5 6 7 8 14 10 11 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 47 49 46 48 50 51 52 53 54 56 55 57 Name...................4) 3 One who examines closely (10) 4 Bringer of good luck (6) 5 Eel-like quality (12) 6 An organisation’s influence in the community (8) 7 Nervous............8) 40 Heroine of old song (6........ showing one’s form? (6-7) 32 TA not taking foreign holiday (12) 33 One’s output small beer? (12) 37 Must use question in novel by mystery author (4.............. stopping to pick up daughter (8) 35 Trip that is run with increased self-confidence (8) 36 Just missing the first Test (4) 39 Sportsperson.6) 40 Junk unwary POW grabbed initially capsized? (5. getting caustic? (8) 22 Bold kid demanding toy........ Solution next week 9 Across 1 Winter-blooming hellebore (9.. imaginary (5-7) 37 Fit to appear in the news (10) 38 Pacific island......................1....6) 27 Brown pants also carrying shop’s label? (3... au naturel.......... about minimum age (6...... disregarding the law (8) 34 Nanny’s tender love..........2) Down 1 Unambiguously explicit (9) 2 Spread uncontrollably (3.......8) Down 1 Fish sold raw: it’s for cooking (9) 2 State a number.....3) 38 New sweatshirt darker than the others (10) 41 Reporters in Scotland go to Shanghai (5-4) 42 Force (in Oxford?) in chase sounding alarm (8) 46 Director was evidently not entirely successful in pit negotiations (7) 47 Girl’s triumphant expression....co................6) 55 Professor’s pupil returned one pound in her confusion (5) 56 Material beginning to solidify in spirits diluted with water (9) 57 Obsession with cheap travel rate.....4...... There are only straight rails and curved rails........60 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times For more crosswords and your favourite puzzles go to thetimes........ finding settler (10) 9 Break in centre of city keeps bishop happy (6) 10 Founder member cradling son to get great reception (2......4) 43 44 45 49 51 53 54 55 56 57 Adage or maxim (6) Dawn (8) Alcoholic drink (6) Qualify (oneself) for office (10) Eg...... mostly for outmoded conveyance (5.... ........ unexpectedly (4.................. The track cannot cross itself.....3................... grabbing pistol (6) 48 Insect’s wings at first extra large....... Entries should be marked “Cryptic” or “times2” and sent to: Jumbo 1140.... runner.... general sense (5) 14 Figure-hugging (4-5) 15 Retired persons retaining honorary titles (7) 16 Intense feeling of having done wrong (5............. hurry to bring paint over (8) 7 Marks in computer document that are picked up by footers? (4) 8 Couple wave...... philosopher (7) Hollow structural member (3......4) 29 People affected following lots of cuts in theatre (4) 30 Old English statesman from memory ably served by Chancellor at first (8) 31 A police informer endlessly smart.... simple building (4) 30 Australian island state (8) 31 Get towed behind a powerboat (8) 34 For hire (8) 35 One who edits for publication (8) 36 British Ecclesiastical historian (4) 39 One collecting bridge or road fees (4..6) 6 Bearing bucket initially.................... yogurt or cream (5........4) 29 At the very highest levels (13) 32 Constituency most likely to change hands (8........3...................7) 18 Classifying..4..................................5) 11 Drink to spot on top of supermarket packs (5) 12 Eccentric doc redoing all of wooden study? (13) 20 Leader abandoning constitutional answer on policy...................... ..............2.. 1 London Bridge Street...........3....uk/puzzles Jumbo crossword No 1140 Cryptic clues 1 Across 1 Declare old newspaper centre modern (5-2-3-3) 8 Risked running into trouble — in time confined (9) 13 Outstanding victory eclipsed by defensive blunder (5) 14 Fine hotel bar I’m dashing back to see (9) 15 Visibly embarrassed....7) 17 With a lively feeling (music) (3... say (6) 10 Flash in the pan (3-3.. Postcode. ringing athletics club in East Germany (6...... The Times...........6) Set of mathematical elements (5) Lake on the river Rhine (9) The motion is passed (3.2) 43 Announcement of arrival of variable or uncommon view (6) 44 Some Punjabi has me married? That’s going back a bit (8) 45 Sweet touch (6) 49 Joke in French I cracked with mischievous glint: it was quick-fire (7...5) 18 Native with expedition coming across horse (6) 19 He was a PR whizz in city out east (8) 21 Abhorrent to avoid the centre a lot (6) 24 From chair lifted needles people carelessly dropping (10) 26 Air bags not ok? Yes..... Lay tracks to enable the train to travel from village A to village B. to arrive by April 9......4) 33 Spiritual....3...7) 41 Eg..... The winners and the solutions will be published on April 11......7) Bertrand —....... unknown................... thinly (8) 28 Recording machine (4..... The numbers indicate how many sections of rail go in each row and column. Gershwin turned up (7) 3 “Ashes team members all out by noon” (in the Sun?) (10) 4 Calamity when firm led by female one (6) 5 Trained flier and two unlikely ones. worthless (US) (3-3) 24 Citrus fruit (10) 26 Across the Alps (12) 29 Cast off.......................................................... London SE1 9GF...........6) 17 Rubber covering one seat a solution for baby (5....

mainly from selling chunks of the £6. Then. “Barring another steep decline in food and energy prices over the next year.” Kristin Forbes. Nemat Shafik. Indeed. We do not vote on them in the future. the deputy governor for monetary policy. a member of the MPC. too. What’s more. The Bank. Deutsche Bank analysts popped up yesterday to predict that “some form of Labour-led government appears most likely”. Ben Broadbent. Pulling that off would warrant a (real) commemorative tattoo. However. a former Goldman Sachs economist. The tattoo was a fake. the deputy governor for markets and banking. said: “The likelihood is that rates will rise over the next two to three years. page 69 MICHAEL SAINT MAUR SHEIL/CORBIS More cracks in fragile Alliance business commentary Alistair Osborne I s the art of letter writing dead? Not at Elliott Advisors. emphasised that the committee members were rushing to give their opinions on the current state of the economy before the purdah period begins on Monday until the general election in mid-May. the latest recipient of its delightful prose. though.2 per cent to a robust-looking 13 per cent. Yet. news leaked out that the hedge fund would use April 29’s AGM to try to install three non-execs on the board. She then acquired 4. “Base effects will naturally give a big positive impetus to annual inflation in early 2016. the Bank’s chief economist. barely enough to cover the dealing costs. though. Did you see that terrible ad? It starred some bloke “so moved” by the bank’s values that he had “ethics & values” tattooed on his back? Don’t worry. too. produced in Tanzania with Oxfam. “The truth is that if Andy [Haldane] had felt that strongly he would’ve voted for a rate cut.7 billion bid for TSB. The bank looks perkier. told an audience at an event in Frankfurt that the Bank was still in a position where “our message is that the next move in interest rates is going to be up”. what did she do? Well. Or at least that’s what Elliott would like you to talk about. as if to illustrate. iffy performers versus an Elliott clan studiously refusing to explain what it’s really up to.3 billion Optimum book of dodgy mortgages — one present from the disastrous Britannia building society acquisition. So it’s nice to report an improvement. if a Cameron-led combine gets in. as its “declined to comment” made so ostentatiously clear. Looking up N o wonder the Co-operative Bank lost 60. What we do is we vote on interest rates today. might not offer best value. bringing her total holding up to 107. David Miles. Deutsche sees a falling pound as the market’s key short-term reaction — a knee-jerk response to the “risk of EU exit”. the two sides look well matched: Alliance’s overpaid. Karin Forseke. That’s the forecast which every single monetary policy committee member has signed up to. said. A quick recap: Ms Forseke got a letter from Elliott on February 19. So. another MPC member. So. having renewed his contract. Union chiefs say members are opposed to changing shift patterns. What about punting on the pound instead? Deutsche reckons the forex markets are likely to respond much quicker to the election result than equities and sees a “binary” outcome for sterling — all due to the risks of the Tories’ planned EU referendum and potential brexit from a trading bloc that today accounts for 50 per cent of UK exports and more than half of our imports.3 billion to £264 million and.5 billion black hole. they’re down from £1. expect sterling to rise — not the sort of the thing you’d traditionally expect with a Labour government. William Hill still has David Cameron at 4-7 to be the next PM.co. said: “We shouldn’t change interest rates in response to something that is temporary. Philip Aldrick The split among policymakers at the Bank of England widened yesterday as the governor and one of his deputies said that the Bank’s first move on interest rates was likely to be upwards.” Mr Broad- bent.” he said.” This week. Ms Forseke has made the grand sum of £832. Mr Broadbent also told The Times that the threat to financial stability from the housing market had receded over the past six months. The next day she had a post-results debrief with Elliott. the governor. but that it would be a “big event” if something were to go very badly wrong in Greece. If it’s a Miliband mob.895 at just over 490p on March 11.227 shares.000 personal accounts last year. Any exit would hit growth. only a week after its chief economist had mooted a cut. on shares now trading at 507p. Talk about insider trading. here’s a question: should a company chairman lucky enough to receive an envelope from Elliott be barred from buying shares? That’s the puzzler the hedge fund was sort of posing yesterday via a troublemaking Sky News story about the share-buying antics of Alliance’s chairwoman. even though it’s a ridiculous charge for which it has zero evidence — not least when most of the letters it writes lead to no corporate action at all.” The remarks identified Mr Haldane as the mystery policymaker who Inside today Falling prices does not mean looming disaster Page 64 floated the idea of a rate cut for the first time in six years at the February meeting of the MPC. the only British bank to have failed the last UK stress tests has raised its core tier one ratio from 7. The Co-op’s now giving you £100 and £25 to charity when you switch accounts and its new ad. Mr Haldane’s comments triggered the pound’s biggest one-day fall against the dollar in five years. page 67). Meanwhile.osborne@thetimes. you sort of know what happened: on March 15. he could earn more than £4 million a year over each of the next three if he can produce a lender capable of taking part in the challenger bank consolidation started by Sabadell’s £1. . Still. as the chief executive Niall Booker continues cleaning up after exchairman Paul Flowers — the man who missed a £1. “Reaching the [inflation] target is consistent with very gentle rate rises over the forecast period.uk Gathering storm The first strike in the North Sea oil industry in a generation came a step closer yesterday after workers voted “overwhelmingly” for an official ballot. afflicting wages as well as prices. Page 66 Bank chiefs rush to quash talk of rate cut Kathryn Hopkins. reinforcing just how cross it was with Alliance’s performance and signing off with the threat that unless she pulled her finger out it would have “no option other than to seriously consider bringing these issues directly to other shareholders”. Mr Broadbent argued yesterday that “the likelihood of a broad and protracted deflation. His calculations showed that having the option of a rate cut halved the risk of deflation to 10 per cent. how hard the election on May 7 is to call. in an interview with The Times. Despite Ed Miliband’s surprisingly good showing on Thursday’s TV head-to-head. Mr Booker still has the challenge of getting risk-weighted assets down to below £7. Mark Carney. Have a pound on it N o such thing as a sentimental bookie. the bloke an actor. of course. wrote in the London Evening Standard that “low inflation is unlikely to persist because the recent sharp fall in the price index is driven primarily by the sharp fall in energy and food prices”. almost three weeks later. Still. is pretty low”.” Their comments ended a week in which five members of the nine-strong monetary policy committee (MPC) gave interviews and speeches and wrote articles in newspapers in which they sought to play down the prospect of lower interest rates — this after Andy Haldane. however. it washed off. The New York hedge fund writes so many missives that anyone would think it had a 12 per cent stake in Royal Mail — rather than Alliance Trust. and three days after Alliance’s full-year results on March 6. also told the Financial Times this week that “it’s wise to hold your nerve and not to get panicked into a response to the current [inflation] rate”. So. it’s just the sort of nonsense you’d expect from a bust-up that’s also seen Alliance deliberately mislead the market by taking a quote from another Elliott letter that was four years out of context. Lucky the mud-slinging’s such fun.5 billion by the end of 2018. she sought board permission to buy shares. Despite a third straight year of losses. mainly because he was off his box on crystal meth (report.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 The apple of her eye Ahrendts explains Cook’s appeal Page 63 61 FGM Greeks are bearing gifts Athens offers more to its creditors Page 64 Ahead of the competition Business Markets regulator is picking up speed The manifesto. headline inflation is likely to rise quite steeply. days after official figures showed that inflation fell to zero for the first time on record in February. fresh from a £713 million cash injection. Not that Elliott had anything to do with such helpful PR. Betting on either. had claimed last week that “the chances of a rate rise or cut are broadly evenly balanced” and had said that the risks to the inflation outlook were “skewed to the downside”. not to mention “harsher fiscal tightening”. doesn’t need all that only way is ethics claptrap. alistair.

The company at the helm of a phalanx of operations under the CWM brand hit out at the police in a strongly worded statement. down from 5. A Greek official emphasised that the new funds.000 17. Yoox/Net-a-Porter: The online fashion retailers are understood to be trying to resuscitate merger talks that took place more than a year ago to fight cut-throat competition. retailing 0. which is also enjoying double-digit growth.500m 2. structured as a Reverse Morris Trust deal.000 in the process. the Bank’s chief economist.201.5% 2.310 Fri The day ahead ‘The evidence suggests problems may still exist at the FCA.3648 (+0.8 per cent last June. He will be replaced by David Thomas.3 per cent to $34. valuing the company at $2. Union Bancaire Privée. It said that details of the raid had been “leaked by the police” and that a subsequent statement confirming the raid and appealing for information from CWM investors was “highly unusual”. Their approval is needed for Athens to unlock the cash before it runs out of money.7p July 10 0p tbc 6 Results in brief are given for all companies valued at more than £30 million. can be assembled on site without additional tools and has a solar panel and a lamp.5m (£7. House prices rose by 5.27% BlackBerry: Smartphone sales slumped to their lowest in nine years during the fourth quarter but the struggling company still managed to report a small profit.4 per cent.140 Tue Wed Thu 52 Fri Currencies £/$ $1. is profitable and carries a relatively similar valuation to Net-a-porter with a market capitalisation of €1. Page 66 banking & finance 0. claimed that “the chances of a rate rise or cut are broadly evenly balanced” and said that the risks to the inflation outlook were “skewed to the downside”. Ryan Willmott. dropping to its slowest rate for a year and a half.2% -3. Ikea: The Swedish homewares company has received its first order for temporary flat-pack refugee shelters and it expects to double or triple production in the coming three years.89% Co-op Bank: Losses have shrunk and finances have strengthened. who subsequently went on to make trades.30% EDF: The energy group has beaten its Big Six rivals to win back the £1 billion-a-year government contract to supply electricity to hospitals.6% -3. which released new models based on its classic designs to appeal to its once-loyal fans. chaired by Andrew Tyrie. A new clothing team has failed to deliver a sustained increase in sales so far. offering hope for a bank that almost collapsed two years ago. compared with a £1.6m (€34.500 Source: Pfizer economics 1. The phone manufacturer. but it has yet to make a profit because of the World markets FTSE 100 6. The European Union and the International Monetary Fund will review the proposals this weekend.470 1. Its protective patent expired in 2012 and it finished with a flourish bringing in $2 billion before cheaper imitations flooded the market.36 billion). the new Whitehall central buying unit created with the aim of saving taxpayer money.2% 7. Page 65 Barratt Developments: Mark Clare is stepping down as chief executive of the country’s biggest housebuilder after nine years. 64 US: Economic growth cooled in the fourth quarter as corporate profits suffered their biggest drop since early 2011. a smaller rival. of which 10.5 per cent year-on-year in the first quarter.5 per cent in early trading. the former chief executive of Burberry. Yoox. which comes in flat-pack cardboard boxes. who have already seen thousands of colleagues laid off because of the plunging oil price.5m) -£7m (£24. Workers and contractors.855. The latest pledge to grapple with public finances came as part of a list of reforms required to release desperately needed bailout funds before it faces bankruptcy.000 units.2 million. The figure for 2013 was reduced to £633 million once its debt was restructured.160 Tue Wed Thu Fri 1. The erectile dysfunction treatment helped swell the US drug giants revenues by 12 per cent the year it was approved. which sold its stake in Cairn India to Vedanta in 2011.6 billion. is one of Richemont’s fastest-growing companies.05% Logica: A former manager at the IT consultancy has been jailed for ten months after he pleaded guilty to insider trading. including the National Gallery. also filed a notice of dispute under the treaty this week after receiving a tax demand of more than $1.9% -4. natural resources 1. according to Nationwide.6 million smartphones during the quarter. The notice is the first step required before seeking international arbitration under the UK-India bilateral investment treaty.000 1. a week after its chief economist mooted a cut. f = final p = payable The day’s biggest movers Company Amphion Innovations Investment is expected to fly higher Carnival Surprisingly strong profits Workspace Canaccord Genuity says “buy” Shire Pushed by UBS IAG Liberum is positive Anglo American Iron ore prices fall Glencore Worries about China’s economy Weir Group Oil prices fall Tullow Oil Cheaper crude SuperGroup Profit-taking Change 88.6% significant investments it made in the company.440 Tue Wed Thu 1.12% House prices: Growth in property prices has cooled for the seventh consecutive month. professional & support services 0. It is not yet clear to the committee that the FCA has fully grasped this’ Treasury select committee. Prices in the northwest. In Wales. The shelter. Willmott had set up a trading account in the name of a former girlfriend without her knowledge to buy the shares and he admitted also passing inside information to a family friend. Page 67 CWM: The foreign exchange trader at the centre of an investigation into fraud and money laundering has accused the police of leaking details of a raid on its London offices this month. which is estimated to be worth between €1. admitted using his inside knowledge of the CGI deal to trade in Logica shares. Marc Bolland.27% North Sea oil: The first industrial action in a generation came a step closer after offshore oil workers opposed to changing shift patterns voted overwhelmingly in favour of a formal ballot. which could happen as early as April 20. Cairn Energy.3 billion loss last year. The GMB said that its members also voted “overwhelmingly” for an official ballot. technology 0.63 (-185. global chlorinated organics and epoxy assets without having to pay taxes. of Italy.5m (-$0.5 million in 2013.400 Fri Commodities Gold $1.600 19.1 billion). Page 64 Interest rates: The split among policymakers at the Bank of England widened as the governor and the deputy governor said that the first move in interest rates was likely to be upwards. motorways.600 17.712. the finance director. has struck a deal to buy the private banking business and there is speculation that the deal could be worth $600 million.2% 3. Vedanta said.200 18.0042) ¤ 1.49) 20.50 (-1. after Andy Haldane. Page 66 . logistics and its website.400 1.4899 (-0.285.92) 17.0031) Tue Wed Thu $ 1. in a tax-efficient deal valued at about $5 billion (£3. when he invited her to California for a secret first meeting. Dow has been shedding non-core assets to focus on more profitable businesses.5 per cent of its members covered by the Offshore Contractors Agreement had voted in favour of proceeding to a ballot on striking. The transaction.180 56 1. allows Dow to sell its non-core Gulf Coast chlor-alkali and vinyl. Page 63 telecoms 0. average property prices have fallen by 0. After developing the shelters together with the Ikea Fundation’s social enterprise Better Shelter. which will add to the existing €60 billion of annual tax revenue. has awarded the French-owned supplier a four-year contract covering thousands of public buildings.000 19. On a monthly basis prices were up by only 0.5 billion (£1.34.0% -3.64 (-97.3 billion and €1. Page 61. the trade union. has spent billions addressing decades of under-investment.800 17. The Crown Commercial Service.31) 7.370 1. the chief executive of Apple.4m) £6. earning more than £30.530 Fri £/€ €1.220 Brent Crude $58. Charges for payment protection insurance and other conduct charges fell to £101. Page 66 Vedanta: The miner said that it would file a notice of claim related to a tax demand of about 205 billion rupees (£2.800 Tue Wed Thu Fri Dow Jones 17.162. suggesting that its recovery is beginning to take hold.340 1. who was the reporting and financial planning manager. The improvement was driven by a stronger picture on bad debts and lower charges for mis-selling and other conduct breaches. are bitterly opposed to new working patterns.1% -3.9m) Dividend 0p 0p 22p f 14.200 60 1. has described in a magazine interview how she was bowled over by Tim Cook. which they say will force them to work harder and compromise safety. Scotland and Wales have continued to ease.4bn ($1. Dow Chemical’s shares rose 3.3m) $2. The company has most of its operations in India. Page 66 construction & property 0. the chief executive for the past five years.000 Fri Nikkei 19. Page 66 industrials 0.7 per cent in the same period and the wider southeast has enjoyed growth of 8.88% Apple: Angela Ahrendts. Ms Ahrendts went on to become Apple’s senior vice-president of retail and online stores Page 63 Marks & Spencer: The retailer is expected to report an improving trend for its non-food business as it starts to put its online distribution problems behind it. Statutory losses narrowed to £264 million last year.40) $ 64 1. Unite.43) Tue Wed Thu 18. Prices in London have risen by 12. of Canada.200 Tue Wed Thu 18. from £411.600 7. the United Nations Refugee Agency has signed a frame agreement for 30.000 500 1998 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 0 Results in brief Name Pre-tax figure Profit (+) loss (-) Cathay Intl (leisure FY) Imperial Innov (technology HY) Judges Scientific (engineering FY) OJSC Novolipetsk (industrials FY) Public Power Corp (industrials FY) $5.96% Sanne: A Jersey-based company that handles paperwork for hedge funds is the latest stock market debutant to have secretly signed up shareholders without previously announcing that it was floating.400 Fri 17. overseeing the redesign of products.66 (+34.71) $ 1.600 Tue Wed Thu 17. in July.000 will be delivered this summer. Their comments ended a week in which five members of the nine-strong monetary policy committee gave interviews and speeches and write opinion pieces in newspapers where they sought to play down the prospect of lower interest rates. electronics and agriculture. a strong dollar denting the earnings of multinationals. Page 63 Coutts: Royal Bank of Scotland will take a £200 million writedown on the sale of the international business of Coutts as it reduces its overseas empire.000 17.21 billion) that its Cairn India unit received from the Indian government this month.5bn) €137.71 billion.02 (-40. Viagra sales ($m) $2. lambasted the watchdog’s bungled briefing on the life insurance industry Graph of the day Viagra was approved for use 17 years ago.2 per cent annual rate last quarter. The first units will go to refugee camps in Iraq and possibly Ethiopia. a family owned Swiss private bank.200 FTSE 250 17. the commerce department said in its third estimate of GDP.62 Saturday March 28 2015 | the times FGM Business Need to know Your 5-minute digest Greece: Athens has submitted plans to its eurozone creditors to raise an extra €3 billion a year to help to pay its debts. sold a mere 1.2% 1.200 6. said that 93.500 1. Olin’s shares jumped as much as 26. in 2012.1 per cent in the year to March to reach £189.00 (-3. such as packaging. Net-a-Porter.400 6. would “under no circumstances come from wage or pension cuts” to public sector workers. police stations and schools.1 per cent. stores. despite a drop in sales for the fifteenth quarter in a row. making thousands of pounds buying shares in the group ahead of its takeover by CGI group.454.7 per cent in February and a high of 11. Gross domestic product expanded at a 2.32 billion.82% Dow Chemical: The American company said that it would separate a significant part of its chlorine business and sell it to Olin Corp. Page 63 utilities 0.

she is expected to use her luxury goods expertise to create a more high-end shopping experience in Apple’s 400-plus stores.8 billion to $3. Mr Cook was equally complimentary about what he had seen so far from Ms Ahrendts: “She’s a perfect culture fit. Having revitalised Burberry. During its boom sales period.3 billion.” The forex trading company reiterated that it was the “victim of a mali- cious campaign waged against it by persons who harbour a grudge against the company”. BlackBerry reported a net profit of $28 million in the fourth quarter and reduced its full-year loss to $304 million.6 million smartphones during the last three months of the year. Then Tim’s liv added a whole other level. why. However. This week Detective Superintendent Maria Woodall said: “The primary objective of the arrest phase of this investigation was to stop what we believe was ongoing criminality and prevent people putting their money into CWM’s managed funds offering 5 per cent interest per month. has won back the confidence of investors with a drastic scaling down of the cost base at the Canadian company.’ ” Revealing why she was Angela Ahrendts says that the world needed more leaders like Tim Cook. a Cypriot technology company. and down 17 per cent from the third quarter. the chief executive of Apple.” It went on to claim that a “ten-year lease” on level 21 of the Heron Tower proved that it ran a legitimate business. revenue more than halved. However. earning more than £30. Ms Ahrendts said: “I just loved his integrity. Ms Ahrendts was given a $68 million “golden hello” and perks included a $790. suggesting that its recovery is beginning to take hold.8 billion in the previous year. who was the group’s reporting and financial planning manager. but the struggling company still managed to report a small profit. It also entered an agreement with LCR Honda. Ryan Willmott.000 iPhones per day in its last reported quarter. over accusations of criminality as they warned the public against putting money into CWM’s managed funds. Leverate provided the trading platform. CWM FX has been raising its profile through a variety of sponsorship deals. Ran Strauss. .75 under a confiscation order and prosecution costs of £6. Although a self-professed workaholic. so they met away from Apple’s offices. Top of her in-tray is to turn wearable technology. it felt like she’d been there a year. The phonemaker. CWM. a police clampdown on socalled boiler-room operations suspected of investment fraud. When you start to finish each other’s sentences. that’s a man of peace. terminated that he would stand down from his executive role but would remain on the board. say or do is going to take him off of always doing the right thing. against $5. admitted using his inside knowledge of the CGI deal to trade in Logica shares.000 in the process. aaargh and why. though. but she has yet to announce her blueprint. why? Ahrendts falls for Cook’s magic S he is one of the most powerful bosses in the world. a boxing promoter run by Barry McGuigan. announced four days after the CWM contract was BlackBerry turns fewer Former Logica manager phone sales into profit jailed for insider trading Nic Fildes Smartphone sales at BlackBerry slumped to their lowest level in nine years during the fourth quarter. Willmott was also ordered to pay £23. into fashion accessories. liquidity and financial licence for CWM and it signed an expanded partnership deal with CWM in October. which is: Apple lev has gotten so big that it is our responsibility to leave it better than we found it. but despite a long career spent rubbing shoulders with the great and the good. Not just for Apple. with Ms Ahrendts. sold 1. the mother of three still finds time to support Methodist charities and to read the Bible every day. located in the Heron Tower. 54. This prosecution sends a clear message to those who are tempted to abuse their position by disclosing or trading on inside information.122. the MotoGP team. such as Apple glasses and watches. and Anthony Constantinou. in 2012. but it has been in sharp decline since. from $6. his values. why?’ ” Mr Cook’s magnetism was sufficient to entice the Indiana-born Ms Ahrendts away from her Buckinghamshire home to Apple. I walked away thinking: ‘Wow. for countries. The company said that it had been “unfairly associated” with Operation Broadway. For the year. A week into her new job. its chief executive. who subsequently went on to make trades. which runs several operations under the CWM brand. 20 of which are not connected in any way with CWM. The firm has been the “official forex trading partner” of Chelsea Football Club since January and sponsored the CWM FX London Boat Show. met Princess Anne. why. Billed as “When Angela met Tim” in an interview with Fortune magazine. Aaargh.” The pair were at pains to keep the meeting private. was terminated.3 million of those. before the company broke out of its niche as a phonemaker targeting business users. Revenue of $660 million in the final three months of the year was below expectations. Apple’s senior vice-president of retail and online stores said: “The first time I sat down with him. The world needs more leaders like Tim. Angela Ahrendts was bowled over by Tim Cook. CWM FX’s website was suspended this week after a contract with Leverate. it served notice on March 11 this year and gave CWM five business days to close all positions and remove its funds from the platform. which offer 5 per cent interest a month. why. its chief executive. It earned revenue on only 1.” Ms Ahrendts said. Apple sold about 816. acting director of enforcement and market oversight at the FCA. this is a good thing. City firm accuses police over office raid Nic Fildes. The conviction marks the latest success for the Financial Conduct Authority. “I did not expect to be moved by the man and I left and I thought: ‘Ohhhhh! My life was perfect. but they remain almost 90 per cent lower than their level in 2010. when he invited her to California for a secret first meeting (Alex Ralph writes). and Cyclone Promotions. “Ryan Willmott engaged in insider dealing with no regard for the consequences for himself and others. the former world featherweight champion. attacked the police in a strongly worded statement. John Chen. where Craig Droste. In contrast.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 63 FGM Business Wow. Willmott had set up a trading account in the name of a former girlfriend without her knowledge to buy the shares and he admitted also passing inside information to a family friend. lauded for transforming Burberry into a global megabrand. which has successfully prosecuted 27 insider trading cases. however. which has produced new models based on its classic designs to appeal to its once-loyal fans.” She is being handsomely rewarded for her efforts. the co-founder and chief executive of Leverate. its general manager. still running Burberry in London. Harry Wilson The foreign exchange trader at the centre of an investigation into alleged fraud and money laundering has accused the police of leaking details of a raid on its London offices this month. where she has kept a low profile since arriving last May. Within a week. between 2010 and the first quarter of 2012. Nothing anybody can write. BlackBerry shipped more than ten million phones every quarter. said.5 per cent on Nasdaq in New York. “Steve’s whole wh raison d’être just enriched and changed people’s lives. Apple’s clearly inspirational chief executive inspired to leave Burberry after eight years.000 relocation allowance to smooth her path to California. A spokesman for the City of London police declined to comment on the new statement from CWM. saying that details of the raid had been “leaked by the police” and that a subsequent statement confirming the raid and appealing for information from CWM investors was “highly unusual”. The company. has continued to grab headlines with the launch of its Apple Watch and by lifting its stock market value above $700 billion. City of London Police confirmed this week that they had raided the offices of Capital World Markets. Fears that Apple might begin to decline after the end of the Steve Jobs era have receded. BlackBerry shares rose 2.239. CWM said yesterday: “The operation is being led by City of London police and involved raids earlier this month on 21 premises. The latest quarterly results are the worst since 2006.” Georgina Philippou. but for communities. The police had not publicly linked CWM with Operation Broadway. Harry Wilson City Editor A former manager at Logica has been jailed for ten months after he pleaded guilty to insider trading. making thousands of pounds buying the shares of the IT consultancy ahead of its takeover by CGI Ryan Willmott was sentenced to ten months in prison group. of Canada. and with an expectation that he would avoid detection.

would “under no circumstances come from wage or pension cuts” to public sector workers. The ECB’s decision to launch quantitative easing “pushed up the value of sterling. So long as nominal pay growth Minouche Shafik is seen as a potential governor of the Bank Saturday March 28 2015 | the times Greeks add €3bn-a-year sweetener to debt talks Philip Aldrick Economics Editor Ben Broadbent trusts the public to get things right. to raise the pro- spect of an interest rate cut. the finance minister. A Greek official said that the new funds. its highest level since November 2010. Consumers. which would add to the existing €60 billion of annual tax revenue. was considering resigning. as it is today. . Confidence rose from 92 in February to 93 in March. as has Andy Haldane. he can be shrewd.” He made clear. that had an impact on our forecast and to that extent our policy but it doesn’t mean it equates to a war”. “Computer prices fall on average about 8 per cent a year. but it still wants to retain management control after selling off stakes. an argument that the media often trotted out. In other words. the chief economist.” Mr Broadbent is one of a new crop of Bank officials considered to be strong internal candidates to replace Mr Carney in three years’ time.” Equally. Deflation is good for consumer confidence. there is a 0. that he believed the next move would be a rate rise. he was careful not to criticise other central banks. though. there should not be a problem. The plans include proposals to run a primary budget surplus of 1.” he said. have been touted for the post. along with judicial reform. “It would be a mistake to imagine that if the thing we were targeting was volatile we should switch to some other target. “The MPC never rules anything out. his boss and fellow Goldmanite.” he said. he said. 6 French consumers are at their least pessimistic in more than four years. “I think the general public is not that worried about it. The European Union and the International Monetary Fund will review the proposals this weekend. In only twenty-four instances did the price fall last longer than a year and all but four cases were in developing countries with pegged exchange rates. The Goldman Sachs alumnus trusts the general public to get things right more than he does journalists. “The way the target is constructed and the way people actually operate it is reasonably flexible. He also batted away talk of changing the 2 per cent inflation target. but I still buy them even though I know they will be cheaper next year. For example. This regime has worked incredibly well.” Mr Broadbent said.” he said. Alexis Tsipras’s left-wing Syriza government has said previously that the latest reforms would include measures to improve investor sentiment and to boost tax revenues. did not delay spending decisions just because prices were falling. “There have been 20 rate cuts because inflation has been below target. offering fresh evidence that the recovery in the eurozone’s second-biggest economy could be starting to gather pace. “If Andy had felt that strongly. Pay will be rising faster than debt servicing costs. His unguarded response drew comparisons with David Cameron’s unexpected pledge not to remain Prime Minister for a third term. Ben Broadbent said: “I have no intention of going for the top job whatsoever. We don’t spend our time plotting.” Mr Broadbent said. two other deputy was higher than interest rates. obviously.” The key risk from deflation is that it can make debt so expensive to service that other spending is cut. Like Mark Carney. “I had no idea six months before I took this job that I was going to do it.64 FGM Business Public isn’t worrying about deflation and neither am I. he would’ve voted for a rate cut. he shot down any suggestion of frustration among other policymakers with the decision by Andy Haldane. rejecting charges that 20 rate cuts this year suggests a new round of “currency wars”. the official Insee statistics agency said. according Ben Broadbent — and the deputy governor at the Bank of England knows because he has crunched the numbers. His studies have found that inflation expectations are “negatively correlated” with optimism. therefore. Their approval is needed for Athens to unlock the cash before it runs out of money.5 per cent this year — below the 3 per cent target required under the terms of the existing bailout — and to deliver GDP growth of 1. he said. Minouche Shafik and Sir Jon Cunliffe. saying that people will not delay spending because prices are falling ‘Top job is not for me’ The Bank’s deputy governor for monetary policy has ruled himself out of standing as a successor to Mark Carney when the governor’s five-year term ends in 2018. The government also denied a report in Germany’s Bild newspaper that Yanis Varoufakis.” Mr Broadbent said. declares Bank chief TIMES PHOTOGRAPHER/RICHARD POHLE Deputy governor tells Kathryn Hopkins and Philip Aldrick that a fall in prices does not mean looming disaster Bad deflation is not a threat to Britain. “Some of the arguments to explain why it is a threat are a bit misplaced. the chief economist.12 per cent chance that today’s zero inflation rate — dubbed “noflation” — and next month’s likely price fall will turn into a chronic. Japanese-style problem. Greek officials did not reveal whether the latest offer would be more far-reaching than a previous list of seven reforms. The great virtue is sticking to that same target.” been an external member of the Bank’s monetary policy committee since 2011. “We’re not like politicians. The government is also expected to address pension and labour market reform and to commit to allowing privatisations to proceed. though. the metric to watch was not deflation but wages. Asked whether he would consider applying for the position. An analysis of data from 70 countries since 1960 shows that there have been only 70 examples of a fall in annual consumer prices — “barely 2 per cent of the sample”. Mr Broadbent took over as deputy governor last July.4 per cent. Athens has rowed back on pledges to block asset sales. Even here. The pledge came as part of a list of reforms required to release desperately needed bailout funds before the country faces bankruptcy. which could happen as early as April 20. which failed to impress lenders. Greece has submitted plans to its eurozone creditors to raise an extra €3 billion a year to help to pay its debts. Mr Broadbent was responding to a question after a speech at Imperial College London Business School. having governors.

capital controls would be the beginning of the end.6 per cent. has reminded us. It may run out of money by April 20. president of the Eurogroup.” an official said. respectively. Not only is the economy bigger. at the end of last year. Is it any wonder. as one Icelandic government official put it. Restrictions on bank withdrawals. That’s about 15 per cent of the deposit base. “On the surface. the state is “bankrupt”. House prices in the northwest. that Mr Dijsselbloem thinks that forcing depositors to keep their money at the bank sounds like a sensible idea? He should be careful what he wishes for. currency transfers and overseas investments are for the financial backwaters of the developing world. less than half the €900 million requested. If Syriza fails to deliver on its promises. but they would hasten a Grexit from the eurozone ‘‘ Philip Aldrick is Economics Editor of The Times Developed countries don’t do capital controls. It’s not clear where the money has gone.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 65 FGM Business Philip Aldrick House prices catch cold amid rising election fever Capital controls may be tempting. “there is still significant regional variation”.7 per cent in February and a high of 11.553. Prices in London. some will be stuffed under mattresses. everything looks OK. The only thing stopping local banks failing to meet their obligations is €69. . they were up by 0. Athens cannot stomach a near-seven- year hiatus. If Greece exits the eurozone or goes bankrupt. Greek banks are haemorrhaging deposits.8 per cent last June. Trapped in a currency union with sovereign debts of 175 per cent of GDP and urgent investment required. Capital controls might sound palatable. At first glance. then. However. But we don’t know what the controls are costing in terms of lost growth.1 per cent in the year to March to reach £189. they are still in place. In Iceland.174 sales a month to 75. the alternative. Ring-fencing both crises around the banks protected the state from deeper costs. vital inflows would dry up and Greece would become dependent on its bailout creditors for even longer. as Yanis Varoufakis. respectively. in November 2008. although this was still down from annual growth of 17.5 per cent.5 per cent in the year to February in England and Wales to £180. Athens was running a primary surplus. to ensure that wealthy Russian depositors were made to bail out the tiny eurozone state. The Greek part. Jeroen Dijsselbloem. Brussels is playing a dangerous game. down from 5.8 per cent and 10. with the number of mortgages approved for house purchase in January about 20 per cent below the level a year ago. Either way. It will certainly be bust by July without more bailout funds being released. the International Monetary Fund conceded that they could be useful. Jailing people’s money is easy. dropping to its slowest rate for a year and a half. panic selling would cause a currency collapse and trigger a recession. Iceland excluded all new foreign investment from the controls.5 per cent year-on-year in the first quarter. The government is seizing funds from state-owned energy companies and airports and putting off pension fund contributions to pay civil servants. unemployment is 4 per cent and growth running at about 3 per cent. Capital controls would wring that last breath of hope from the Greek patient. but. yet inflows have been scant. Few overseas investors want to tie up their money in a country that imprisoned £13 billion of foreign funds in 2008. Iceland’s economy is whirring. the financial sectors were in peril. At least that’s the conventional wisdom. like Cyprus. The stigma would deter private investors and push up borrowing costs. Kathryn Hopkins The growth in house prices in the UK has cooled for the seventh consecutive month. but any hope of reopening Greece to the public markets in the near future would die right there. Scotland and Wales have continued to ease. said that the pace of housing market activity remained subdued. Nationwide also said that the number of property transactions had decreased over the past year. Spanish and other eurozone citizens are bankrolling Greek lenders through the ECB on top of the official €240 billion bailout. make no mistake. With the Greek crisis flaring up again in the face of Syriza’s democratically authorised truculence over reforms. Italian. suggested that the world’s second-largest economic bloc should erect them. it may be decided to turn off the ELA drip rather than run up further costs. the country is facing a sovereign crisis.454. despite having better economic fundamentals than the AA1-rated UK.7 per cent in the same period and the wider southeast has enjoyed growth of 8. Greece cannot afford lost growth. have risen by 12. Some will have left the country. the sums involved are growing by the week. Robert Gardner. the building society’s chief economist. like Iceland. by contrast.252. On a monthly basis prices were up by only 0. raising more in tax before interest charges than it spent. Athens would then have no choice but capital controls. after the financial crisis. The damage is subtle. though. ’’ Edward Curwen. With Iceland and Cyprus. Consequently. with bank assets nine and six times the size of the economies.8 billion of emergency liquidity assistance from the European Central Bank. while house price growth has moderated across the UK.4 per cent. French. until Syriza took power. They are “inherently adhesive”. Separately. House prices rose by 5. Capital controls are easy to erect but near-impossible to dismantle. according to Nationwide. they predict that buyers will take advantage of the cheaper stamp duty announced in the autumn statement. and Cyprus. An estimated €27 billion has flown out of the system since last December when it became clear that the radical left-wingers of Syriza would take control. In the first two months of 2015. In Wales. in March 2013. having been opposed to controls for decades. increasing the limit by €400 million last week. In Greece. does not seem that malign. capital flight is pushing Greece to the brink. They may be presented as a temporary solution. figures from the Land Registry. Iceland pays a premium to borrow and has a BBB sovereign credit rating. Sophisticated economies can handle the free flow of finance and are responsibly liberal enough to allow citizens unfettered access to their own money. for example. Iceland and Cyprus believed that the controls would last only six months. they would be the start of a “Grexit”. The ECB could pull the plug at any moment. Once again. like slowly administered poison that goes barely noticed until it kills. they will bear losses. or even two years. Far from rescuing Athens. In 2010. Last week. The ECB is extending ELA in tiny increments to keep Greek banks afloat while keeping the government’s feet to the fire on reforms. that turned into a €684 million deficit. it would result in a bank run and another financial crisis. Unlocking it risks a financial cascade as investors flee. which are based on transactions — Nationwide’s house price index is based on its mortgage book — showed that house prices had increased by 6.1 per cent. from an average of 77. the finance minister. In particular. living with capital controls. In Cyprus. There have been two examples of developed economies imposing controls recently: Iceland. though. On the month. with all the costs to the Greek people and the eurozone creditors that would come with that. average property prices have fallen by 0. Greece can’t pay its running costs. Greece is different to Iceland and Cyprus. Athens is close to the end. Analysts believe that the slowdown reflects nervousness in advance of the general election and say that borrowing will recover after May when there is more certainty. anyway. Higher borrowing costs make running a business more expensive and domestic entrepreneurs who want to expand overseas are bound up in red tape. to prevent a debilitating sell-off of foreign-owned krona that would have bankrupted the country. German.

adding about £21 billion to UBP’s assets under management. the price of crude was a profitgushing $110 a barrel. Pat Rafferty. according to an estimate by Unite.” he said.4 per cent. business investment was weaker. The weaker data than expected suggested that the US Federal Reserve could delay a widely expected increase in interest rates until later in the year.4 in February to 93 this month. has struck a deal to buy the private banking business and. motorways. EDF wins new deal to keep lights on in public sector EDF Energy has beaten its Big Six rivals to win back the £1 billion-ayear government contract to supply electricity to hospitals. in July.5 per cent of its members covered by the offshore contractors agreement had voted in favour of proceeding to a ballot on striking. Amec and Petrofac. The University of Michigan consumer sentiment index fell from 95.3 million homes. police stations and schools (Dominic Walsh writes). It is understood that the new agreement. “Strike action would only serve to make investment in the North Sea less attractive and jeopardise the long-term future of the industry. Union Bancaire Privée. arguing that efficiencies were needed to prevent further redundancies and to prolong the productive life of the North Sea. while consumer spending was stronger than in its earlier estimates. reversing the gains that had been made on Thursday. The Coutts name will not go with the business. announced plans to cut at least 250 contractors and employees and to alter contracts so that people work on platforms for longer for no extra pay. The vote comes less that 24 hours after Shell. The unchanged revision confounded analysts. The Oil & Gas UK trade association said that 10 per cent of North Sea production was uneconomic with Brent crude at $60 a barrel. Clare leaves Barratt after successful rebuilding job Mark Clare is stepping down as the chief executive of Barratt Developments after nine years of running the country’s biggest housebuilder (Kathryn Hopkins writes). three weeks off. Mr Clare. . He will be replaced by David Thomas.2 million for the six months to December 31. Last month the company reported a 74.000 offshore jobs have been 6 The oil price fell by more than a dollar yesterday after fears eased of possible disruption to shipments resulting from Saudi Arabia’s airstrikes on Yemen and as speculation grew over the possible lifting of sanctions on Iranian exports of crude. Britain’s largest energy contract. Barratt was hit hard during the financial crisis and Mr Clare has steered it back to health. Singapore and Hong Kong as part of the deal. American confidence drifts but the recovery goes on Consumer sentiment in the United States fell in March. The GMB said that its members also voted “overwhelmingly” for an official ballot. scaffolders and electricians. The £1. RBS will transfer clients and staff of Coutts International. the Highways Agency and cultural assets — use the same amount of electricity in a year as 2. which is outside the OCA deal. North Sea operators are scrambling to cut costs and streamline shift patterns in an attempt to stay profitable in a world of sub-$60 oil. Brent crude fell by $1. something that he said he was proud of. Nine months ago. said that the votes were disappointing. However. a family owned Swiss private bank. including the National Gallery. although as part of the contract EDF will offer its public sector customers advice on reducing consumption. The agreement covers about 40 contractors including Wood Group. is bigger than the previous four-year deal. which they say will force them to work harder and will compromise safety. has awarded the French-owned energy supplier a new four-year contract covering thousands of public buildings. Shares in Barratt fell 1p to close at 536p yesterday. at about 9. who had expected an upgrade to 2. which Unite says could lead to tiredness. who have seen thousands of colleagues let go because of the plunging oil price. EDF also supplies electricity to Network Rail after making a successful pitch in 2013 for a ten-year contract. which once sponsored Zara Phillips. Monaco. the NHS. the US Commerce Department said that. the UAE. The Crown Commercial Service.5 TWh. in Switzerland.30 to $57. which said that a strike — if it went ahead — could affect operations on almost every platform and installation in the North Sea. The employees affected range from deck crew to painters. the chief executive of the Offshore Contractors Association.2 per cent.3 billion of tax cuts for North Sea operators announced in the budget this month was not enough to change the economics of oil production significantly. adding to evidence the world’s biggest economy has been growing only moderately in the current quarter (Patrick Hosking writes). compromised safety and lost holidays. The 8. Most economists expect a rise in June. are bitterly opposed to new working patterns. The closely watched barometer of householder confidence came as official statisticians left their third estimate of US growth in the fourth quarter of 2014 unchanged at 2. At the heart of the OCA dispute is the proposed change in shift patterns from two weeks on. said that the “massive support for industrial action should come as no surprise to offshore employers”. 57. at the earliest. the new Whitehall central buying unit created with the aim of saving taxpayer money. there is speculation that the deal could be worth $600 million. Unite. while the price is still to be finalised. Qatar. About 10. Bill Murray. Expansion in the United States has lasted six years — already longer than the average for America since the Second World War. Workers and contractors. the trade union.6 per cent rise in pre-tax profts to £210. said that 93.6 TWh of electricity compared with about 7.000 sites — comprising local government. two weeks off to three weeks on. will stay on at the company until October to ensure a smooth handover and Barratt is searching for a new finance director.66 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times Business Strike threat emerges in already stormy North Sea Patrick Hosking Financial Editor The first strike in the North Sea in a generation came a step closer yesterday after offshore oil workers opposed to changing shift patterns voted overwhelmingly in favour of a formal ballot on industrial action. lost already. RBS takes £200m hit to sell off Coutts International Royal Bank of Scotland will take a £200 million writedown on the sale of the international business of Coutts as it reduces its overseas empire (Katherine Griffiths writes). Unite’s Scottish secretary. the group finance director.89.

is seeking $40 million in compensation for his dismissal last year over alleged improper behaviour The Co-operative Bank has shrunk its losses and built its financial strength. with current accounts falling by almost 60. the building society. a key measure of its strength.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 67 FGM Business SARAH A.3 billion loss last year.co. Paul Flowers. The mutually owned Co-op Group saw its 100 per cent control of the bank reduced to 20 per cent after American hedge funds provided rescue capital. a Methodist minister called a “financial illiterate” by MPs. acquired through the merger with Britannia. the founder of American Apparel. The bank said that it had received more than £700 million from shareholders to strengthen its capital position.2 per cent to 13 per cent last year. deals. FRIEDMAN/CONTOUR BY GETTY IMAGES Co-op Bank counts reduced losses in cash and customers Katherine Griffiths Banking Editor Claim game Dov Charney. from £411. Mr Booker said that the fall was a “remarkably small number”.30pm. its £7 billion Optimum book of poor-quality mortgages. last year.thetimes . The bank was hit by a political storm in 2013 when a £1. and that the figure had Business Need to know Now smartphone friendly Get the best of the morning’s results. given the storm of negative stories about the Co-op Bank. eating into the bank’s capital. was filmed buying crystal meth and other class-A drugs. Mr Booker said that the losses would continue for two more years.5 billion hole in its accounts was revealed. Direct by email from the Business Editor.5 million in 2013.2 million. The improvement in 2014 was driven by a stronger picture on bad debts and lower charges for mis-selling. said that the bank was “stabilising” but had “not yet fully docked in a new harbour”. . The bank sought to head off criticism of the arrangement by saying that it contained more incentives linked to performance and less cash than his previous contract. profit warnings and sackings and the latest from the markets by 8am. Niall Booker. the bank’s chief executive. that could pay him £4. The first slice may be sold via a securitisation to investors. rose from 7. has agreed to stay until the end of 2016 under a revised contract The only place for Clarkson this Sunday.5 million. Statutory losses narrowed to £264 million in 2014. The bank’s common equity tier one ratio. Mr Booker. The figure for 2013 was reduced to £633 million once its debt was restructured. in 2009. currencies and commodities at 12. Questions were raised in parliament about the past management after the former chairman. a former senior HSBC banker parachuted in to run the Co-op in 2013. Richard Fletcher Online today Sign up at home. Charges for payment protection insurance and other conduct charges fell to £101. or 4 per cent. The Manchester-based lender. customers and the public at large”. Don’t miss his review of the new Mercedes.uk/myNews stabilised in the second half of the year. compared with a £1. has said that it will close 57 branches this year. Also get lunchtime analysis of the breaking news and what’s moving markets. The improvement was not enough to stem the flow of customers leaving. Measures being taken to strengthen the business fur- ther could include selling. the only bank to fail the Bank of England’s stress tests in December. offering hope for a bank that almost collapsed two years ago.000. Mr Booker said that he had accepted the new deal “mindful of the views and concerns of staff.


One of his most prominent early scalps — the nailing of Hampshire estate agents and a newspaper chain involved in an anti-competitive deal — was completed in 15 months. INSEAD Business School Career: 1990-95: fast-stream administrator.” Households who never switch pay a higher price. he is confident that he has the manpower to fight the competition fight on multiple fronts.” He is undeniably powerful. he says. with any reforms due to be put into practice within six months. An initial issues statement setting out the framework for the banking inquiry came a mere oneand-a-half weeks after the main announcement last autumn. More switching. that would have taken three months. 2007-2013: commissioner. Yet an effective and tough regulator is crucial. The well-advanced energy inquiry expects to publish its provisional findings in May or June. chilling with the family at the weekend. is much too short a time to come to a verdict. Countrywide and Trinity Mirror. Ecceleration Ltd. Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg. but not that powerful. into energy utilities and retail banks. Yet neither the energy nor banking verdict will be up to Mr Chisholm. He says he has notched up recent wins against Eurotunnel. esoteric industry. Meanwhile. The agency secured nine criminal convictions last October against a pyramid scheme gang. BT’s £12. 2000-01: ecommerce director. The public sector is not the best place to maximise earnings What was the most important event in your working life? I was in charge of the Irish telecoms regulator when we successfully delivered the 3G spectrum auction.” There have been setbacks. 2005-07: commercial director. it still has to carry on its normal process of merger-vetting. Helping other people to give their best and be successful How do you relax? Spinning in the gym during the week.” The chief executive of the newly established Competition and Markets Authority has managed to change his mobile phone provider. but I have to some extent practised what I preach. Pearson plc. 2013present: chief executive. although he is encouraged by some important recent cases. I am on a German theme at the moment — I’ve just watched Goodbye Lenin and I’m halfway through Neil Macgregor’s BBC podcast Germany: Memories of a Nation CV Age: 47 Education: Downside School. Sad. securing more scalps and pressuring businesses and industries into mending their ways. with a provisional decision on remedies coming in October. he notes. “I’m only quite good. Competition & Markets Authority Other posts: trustee and deputy chairman. It’s a small.” Last year the CMA launched two potentially seismic competition investigations. The final report has to be out by Christmas. promoting competition between businesses and making sure consumers get a good deal. Mr Chisholm is also encouraged by some recent victories in the inevitable trench warfare of litigation between the CMA and the companies and industries it polices. Each is advised by a team of about 30 CMA lawyers and economists. . he says. . 1998-99: publisher and general manager. with £775. . The CMA has been forced into a series of humiliating climbdowns over attempts to force private hospital owners to sell 20 hospitals.” After getting a budget boost to £60 million and hiring 200 extra people. is it any tougher Alex Chisholm can see successes on many fronts already at the CMA. claiming that the new regime is already much speedier than the old one. “There’s a greater sense of urgency. too. banking by Alasdair Smith. I know. That’s what we’re here to do. Mr Chisholm says.” A year.” The banking inquiry timetable is running a little later. Energy is being chaired by Roger Witcomb. “I’d say Department of Trade and Industry. .000 of fines meted out last week to the culprits. These so-called phase-II inquiries are handed to an independent outside panel. a beefed-up watchdog created by crunching together the old Office of Fair Trading and the Competition Commission. with provisional findings due in October and proposed remedies scheduled for January or February 2016. but I love watching movies and listening to podcasts. “I wouldn’t rate myself as top of the class . The aim was not only to streamline the cumbersome and bureaucratic processes of monopolies regulation and cartel-busting. MBA. but also to toughen it up. is crucial if consumers are to get a better deal for themselves and ultimately are to force companies into better behaviour. “We’re winning about three quarters of our cases. we can improve the competitive dynamic and the outcome for consumers. So is a domestic gas bill going to be any lower than it otherwise would be from July 2016? “We certainly hope and expect that by bringing an investigation of this kind. Heritage Gardening Ltd. realising €850 million for the state in the midst of the financial crisis and ushering in a new era in communications What does leadership mean to you? Being clear on direction of travel. Mr Chisholm believes.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 69 FGM The manifesto Business Super-regulator has tasted victory and is determined to stay ahead of the competition TIMES PHOTOGRAPHER/RICHARD POHLE Patrick Hosking finds a full in-tray confronting the head of the Competition and Markets Authority T he man billed as Britain’s first competition super-regulator gives himself only half a gold star when it comes to the duty of every public-spirited consumer — regular switching of suppliers. Office of Fair Trading. The embarrassing collapse of a criminal lazing by the Med on holidays What gadget must you have? BlackBerry. Ryanair and the construction and tobacco industries. read History at Merton College. He has been a dotcom entrepreneur (failed) and a turnaround chief (successful) and began his career in the private sector as one of the strategy team advising Dame Marjorie Scardino at Pearson. Oxford University. A criminal cartel case involving suppliers of cold water tanks to schools and hospitals goes to trial in June. with one guilty plea already secured and two people pleading not guilty. The new CMA officially opened for business a year ago next week and Mr Chisholm is pleased with its progress. M r Chisholm wants to be seen as “hard but fair” and is no enemy of business. Two years ago the thoughtful 6ft 4in Anglo-Irishman was headhunted from the Irish telecoms regulator by the Vince Cable to be the first head of the CMA. “That is much more rapid than the historic average [for cartel cases] .” The investigation into energy was also more advanced that it would have been. “That’s a lot of money left on the table. but an important test for the CMA.” Alex Chisholm concedes. while the CMA may have picked up the pace. I think shorter deadlines are great for concentrating the mind. the former vicechancellor of the University of Sussex.” However. . the Irish regulator). case against former British Airways executives in 2010 because of a pre-trial blunder still haunts officials from the old OFT. SkupeNet. “This is a big public institution and it’s not all up to me. that’s the reality. “Historically. yes. Wasn’t it a bit frustrating not to be personally involved in the policy endgame? Mr Chisholm emphasises the importance of the separation of powers. his bank and his energy provider back in the family home in Dublin — and thus prove himself a lot more proactive than the more than 60 per cent of Brits who never switch their energy supplier and the 90 per cent who never change their bank. When the CMA isn’t trying to force secondary ticket-sellers to alert concert-goers when they buy a seat behind a pillar. eCountries Inc. we’ve really hit the ground running. That’s our mission. which was over three years. and Mr Chisholm says that both are speeding along at a much faster pace than under the old system. 2001-03: chief executive. 2003-07: managing director. There hasn’t been a successful conviction for running a criminal cartel in the UK for ten years.5 billion plan to buy EE has just arrived in the in-tray. Breadline Africa Other interests: Horticulture Family: Married with three sons we’ve won about half the litigation in relation to private healthcare. What is your favourite television programme? I don’t watch much TV. Everyone knows these big competition investigations are a ton of work. Financial Times Business Ltd. on anti-competitive practices and in establishing better deterrence? “It’s a work in progress. it’s pushing for a better deal for students applying for university or busting dominant market positions among petrol-sellers in the remote islands of Scotland. from cartel-busting to huge market inquiries to battles in the criminal and civil courts Q&A Who is your mentor? Stephen Carter (the former chief executive of Ofcom and now running Informa plc) Does money motivate you? What motivates me is working in the public service. the former finance director of National Power. which is better than it was. 1995-98: strategy and development manager. With 18 months to conclude the whole thing. Somerset.

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and forward rates Mkt Rates for Copenhagen Euro Montreal New York Oslo Stockholm Tokyo Zurich Range 10.32 -0.25 2.50 +0.01 Utd Tech 116.24 -1.07 -5.19 0.86 Utd Health 118.19 2.60-0.0359 S Africa rand 17.68 Sigma Aldrich 138.89 -1.0-2285.401 2.55 Jul 122.85 -1.4876-1.79 11.56 15.0-13260.681 Reed Elsevier 5.72 Dominion Res 70.77 27.00 -4.00 Gasoil EEC 530.68 -5.70-177.78 Hershey 101.50 261.55 Air Prods & Chm 152.33 (+24.19 Analog Devices 58.50 884.21 Simon Prop 194.00 Volume: 32807 Nov Jan 1873-1700 1892-1800 Volume: 10663 Dec Mar May Aug 364.00 +0.16 -10.79 -0.49 32.05 M&T Bank Corp 124.55 Schlumberger 83.87 -3.01-57.975 99.86 100.03 Ameriprise 129.086 2.76 Thermo Fisher 133.791 Standard Life 4.10 29.06 Google Inc 548.28 Chipotle Mex Grill 662.0004) £:SDR 1.09 -0.11 (+8.20 369.0 6858.6855 7.918 7.3628 1.28 -1.44 UPS 96.44 -2.85 100.49 Procter & Gmbl 82.75 -2.8740 1.00 534.420 99.20 -0.39 103.24 -1.00 Volume: 6646 London Grain Futures LIFFE Wheat (close £/t) May 121.55 +0.77 -3.45 +2.49 Morgan Stanley 35.53 6.03 -0.00 29.80 24.25 3.60 Rockwell Auto 113.64 -13.9621 0.4692 Halifax Mortgage Rate 3.76 Sempra Energy 108.190 1.41 Starbucks 95.14 -9.48 +0.61 PNC Finl 92.00 38.33 13.10 26.113 Natl Grid 8.68 CenturyTel 34.15 79.73 Weyerhaeuser 33.26 19.03 -0.14 Public Serv Ent 41.255 Pearson 3.07 Starwood 85.04 St Jude Medical 65.10 Kroger 76.75-527.59 -6.32 1.23 -2.59 +0.30 6.30 96.26 Southern Co 44.41 AM $1198.68) Paris CAC-40 5034.55 -8.70 2.906 Legal & Gen 14.61 Pioneer Ntrl Rscs 163.39-0.28 3.17 -2.660 13.49 Home Depot 113. Sell: 1 mth 0.95 Perrigo Company 165.16 Precision Cast 212.64 unq 189.01 +0.40 419.65 -3.45 0.15 -0.37 2.41 18.26 1.10 3.11 -3. Ord 61.55-0.122 Rolls-Royce 7.29 -1.10 2049.55 2.76 ConocoPhillips 62.050 1.91 -2.18 Edwards Life 143.212 Rio Tinto 7.01 -5.95 2.69 -0.33 -2.83 Deere&Co 87.93 -2.300 12.79) Dollar rates Australia Canada Denmark Euro Hong Kong Japan Malaysia Norway Singapore Sweden Switzerland 1.55 Grainger (WW) 234.44 2.69 194.40 Jan (Jan 1987 = 100) RPIX 254.50 Euro -0.38 4686.50 -3.28 Chevron 104.608 3.31 -1.20 5.35 -2.75 Naphtha 520.95 12.14 -0.63 -1.360 10.04 0.02 +0.20 Cummins 137.4624-5.0 1777.02 Oracle 42.86 100.25 0.52 18.75 Krugerrand $1188.340 Sky 3.11 Time Warner Cab 147.480 9.40 21.00 100.58 Facebook 83.10 Cerner 73.44 +0.99 -3. No offer is made by Morningstar or this publication .103 2.30 -1.05 US Fed Fd 0-0.41 10.58 24.01 +0.46 4.92 Du Pont 71.93 -6.91 Capital One Fin 78.48 (-25.5 Fuel Oil 293.30 -1.69 Time Warner 85.13 -2.00 PM $1195.750 Schroders 386 Severn Trent 970 Shire 1.070 1.84 Keurig Green 113.0-17200.64 37.00 (£770.56 Amer Elec Pwr 55.15 15.77 Int Business Mach 160.37 Kinder Morgan 41.25 958.01 Philip Morris Intl 76.090 99.16 -0.07 +0.41 Ross Stores 104.0 Sett 121.65 0.07 5.43 163.62 1.0 1980.01 15.81 (+9.24 Stryker 92.01 Spectra Engy 36.00 Colgate-Palm 68.76 Dr Pepper Snap 78.94 4.3641 (-0.158 Ryl Bk Scot 13.47 -1.60-0.25 -2.32 +0.10 -0.20 343.52 0.14 188.88 Devon Energy 59.0-18870.34 Level 3 Coms 53.03 -2.24 2851.62 MasterCard 87.77 -0.69 -2.30 173.13 +0.00 +0.54 91.63 -1.71 73.277 3.6795-3.61 -0.50 6.55 Kellogg 63.37 3.31 +0.46 +0.9599 Other Sterling Argentina peso 13.78 +0.10 540.20-364.63 (-22.86 100.60 Halliburton 43.23 State Street 73.54 -1.00 143.09 Carnival 47.45 0.191 1.07-57.56 +1.42 95.93 5.77 -3.26 13.04 3102.48 -1.08 2.53 +0.69 Close $1200.00 Nordstrom 79.0 17260.746-12.15 -0.78 AbbVie 57.03 -1.08 172.0 6120.05 Mar 132.53 -0.161 Indonesia rupiah 19372-19413 Kuwait dinar KD 0.05 -3.960 2.48 2.47 Covidien 106.13 -3.69 -0.23 Loews 40.57 -1.667 481 4.62 (-21.09 +0.560 1.11 -0.59 US Bancorp 42.23 -0.86 +0.64 O'Reilly 215.56 34.55-0.09 192.133 (000s) Johnson Math 646 Kingfisher 7.65 Duke Energy 75.90 244.11 Mead Johnson 100.89 Exelon 32.636 4.97 22.79 2.21 Celgene 118.0 13300.99 9.39 +0.66 24.985 99.10 -1.47 2.51 5.51 +1.77 8.23-0.0 6766.28 1.37 14.52 -38.07 3.80 -0.32 -2.45 Essex Property 232.930 1.535-11.8718 1.5708 New Zealand dollar 1.58 6839.85 4.28 -2.3641-1.07 Fiserv Inc 78.16 3.57 +0.33 Northrop Grum 160.55 0.50 Zoetis 46.67 CBS Corp 61.88 -2.66 1.10 44.82 Stan Blk & Dkr 95.72 12.81 CSX 33.190 99.643 2.03 5.10 -1.09 +4.63 Autozone 681.75 527.00) Exchange Index 89.36 -2.48 11.68 16.86 27. 3 mth 0.20 56.28 -0.43 -0.68 Microsoft 40.00 Volume: 186169 Aug Sep 61.10-0.40 +0.44 17.223 Mondi 980 Morrison (W) 8.65 -1.5678 0.70 -0.00 281.50-354.8140 Euro 1.981 Smiths 1.741 6.22 +0.5376 0.57 -7.8505 0.636 783 1.12 +3.47 26.65 10.10 -0.15 3mth 6mth 12mth 0.998 Lond Stk Ex Gp 2.46 CVS Caremark 102.45 2.37 +3.00 -10.75-531.86) 2061.420 99.50 +0.59 Amphenol 57.60 +240.19 116.61 4.90 Valero Energy 61.70 -3.55 BB&T 38.70 +0.80 1.00 Intl Paper 54.4 (+0.94 23.92 -0.3641 1.995 100.5647-8.25 199.60 3.04 99.50 -2.14 +0.71 26.09 -2.84 1.94 -1.49 -0.250 99.13 100.670 16.56 Equity Res 78.10 +0.3678-1.00 -0.14 -2.25 6.41 +0.15 3.0 6783.75 Bank of America 15.91 12.48 2131.66 1103.45 0.02 -7.54 -1.50 -2.22 14.960 6.89 -2.891 Vodafone Gp 57.65 Mallinckrodt 129.95 119.50 Reynolds Amer 70.45 -0.66 (+34.71 4.54 +0.985 99.27 +2.147 7.13 (£11.36 23.28 -8.00 100.19 Lorillard 68.5 Exchange rates Treasury Bills (Dis) Buy: 1 mth 0.34 35.09 12.79 Phillips66 77.9638 Money rates % Singapore dollar 2.80-0.2870-1.76 111.97) Commodities ICIS pricing (London 7.2580-1.176-10.37) Bargains n/a US$ 1.12 15.00 Brent (9.45 Low 120.00 Eaton 66.10 -0.45 16.00 54.02 (+4.62 Northern Trust 69.00 -0.09 +0.01 -4.500 17729.216 8.31 Progressive Cp 27.82 1.68 0.631 Travis Perkins 621 TUI 869 Unilever 2.40 Wells Fargo 54.60 +0.61 -3.18 2.56 Macy's 63.32 -0.68 4.77 +0.81 -3.95 120.30pm) Crude Oils ($/barrel FOB) Brent Physical BFOE(May) BFOE(Jun) WTI(May) WTI(Jun) 55.75-1201.88 24.97 Amer Tower 96.71 -1.500 191.46 +0.02 +0.93 Regeneron Pharm 454.61 -6.36 109.66 -1.63 21.91 FirstEnergy 34.31 Baxter Intl 68.38 Merck & Co 57.50 -2.55-0.64 1.38 High 121.61 Marathon Oil 25.95 88.85 -0.42 Intuit 97.55 -2.68 22.04 AMERICAN AIRLINES GROUP Inc52.31) FTSE 250 17162.81 -3.76 111.80 -1.15 162.18 Price T Rowe 81.5737 0.99 2.90 Actavis 303.05 Whirlpool 198.57 -1.53 23.98 Franklin Res 51.04 -0.82 -0.60 371.50 Occidental Petr 72.00 +150.45 Nielsen Holdings 43.645 Ryl Dtch Sh A 8.89 5.215 22.00 20.95 -1.19 Amgen 162.5568-0.54 -0.15 Health Care REIT 77.25 Netflix 414.45 +0.020 1.10 (+18.50 0.12 Caterpillar 79.06 -19.00 13.54-847.48 -3.03 (+9.32 6.53 10.34 2.5 4865.29 189.37 5.5 Nickel ($/tonne) 13255.01 -3.05 AmerisrceBerg 113.67 -0.565 1.24 -2.15 -32.90 +1.20 -0.94 -2.38 20.00 (£798.70 3M 163.61 5.60 Nov 130.385 Marks Spencer 3.96 0.95 Jan 132.50 3601.30 Fedex 164.74 Ingersoll-Rand 67.06 -0.061 Next 365 Old Mutual 8.5-1831.60 -1.0 7310.55 +0.12 -0.15-119.55 PepsiCo 95.274 1.64 9.55-0.84 -0.84 100.42-0.16 +0.07 (+0.41 +0.19-56.0 Tin ($/tonne) 17295.29 0.87) Tokyo Nikkei 225 19285.03 22.88 1.07 -0.65 1.40 12.56 SunTrust Banks 40.4) Bank of England official close (4pm) CPI 127.85 100.16 4.38 Exxon Mobil 83.

In 2011 companies equally safe and offer an equally raised £1. also unresolved debt troubles and suggested as a potential buyer of the unconvincing American economic Nasdaq-quoted BioMarin Pharmaceutical. but not pulling back for a fourth day. Placed at 85p by Shore Capital. S Whisper it. When the market was launched. In the past few weeks. of Switzerland.25. mean that those investors would be indeed. retail bonds are I have been totting up the hugely attractive in today’s climate. Share prices are at such a high that rights issues or placings are attractive. telling clients that estimated to be worth up to it thought the no-frills carrier $800 million. there was concern corporates. numbers and the market has been Take a similar asset class. came hours after the group. both parties that their coming to the None of these outcomes was market simultaneously is just one of realised.855. one of those specialist financial businesses. unsettled by military shares from £54 to £66 and urged action in the Middle East. an independent provider of fostering. are unlikely to tap would have difficulty the market again. its chairwoman. as long as they added to shareholder value. will get a finance providers and none lower yield than the original of them exactly household names. pictured with Ms Botín at the bank’s annual meeting yesterday. 4p to 230p.05p in anticipation that Motif would fly come Thursday. IPF. Thus far. The Dow Jones industrial average ended 34. hurt by iron prices depressed which owns P&O and Cunard in by concerns over too much supply Britain. are both lenders eroded in value. such a way that return is now more There are several reasons for this. placed the comment) lifted airlines. Cambian rose Wall Street report Wall Street closed up on the day but well down on the week. down 167. which would to higher-risk borrowers and. to honour its debts. UBS lifted its target price for Shire leading index. fact: the market is highly liquid. all specialist price. as well as the sinking was firm. the Interest rates will stay low. A decent income Company Paragon Date of listing Amount Coupon 30-01-2014 £125m 6. the venture capitalist. with airstrikes on rebels in Yemen. based in Liverpool and backed by Jon Moulton. follow us Liberum remained a Shares in the company.375% Burford Capital 20-08-2014 £90m 6. prompted by the summer. but would consider one-off deals. such as Poland years. quoted on AIM and the owner of more than a third of Motif. damage. based in declined 63p to £17. delivered surprisingly strong and too little demand after the latest profits for the first three months of disappointing economic data from this year. The other two rates would mean that the issuers this year. Motif BioSciences. Other potential buyers mentioned a fortnight ago were AstraZeneca. which lends abroad. rose to 86½p.66. to the extent that demand is now outstripping find bonds a useful way supply. also demand for Caribbean cruises come to a halt as the dollar resumed particularly strong. typically at this time of above their issue price and inflation year.14 as a result. improved 115p to £54. has and interest rates are still almost already issued bonds in countries non-existent.7 billion. The yield That fell to a little more than on these used to be in the region of £800 million in 2013 and last year to 6 per cent. such as National that trading there might be so Grid and Tesco. shares in the £55 million biotech company.875% . There are also signs that have issued bonds targeted at retail instutional buyers are going into the investors to be quoted on the market. Weir Group. is expected to be valued at about £11 million at flotation. follow me companies still find it a There were also fears on twitter useful way of raising sums that a sharp increase in for updates typically in the region of inflation and interest @MartinWaller10 £100 million. or less — much less. bonds are a useful part of any Now. but Santander is not ruling out making any acquisitions (Katherine Griffiths writes). fell a further 40. coupon. advanced 217p to £32.125% exp 14-04-2015 n/a 5. Before their cent of the greeting card retailer. which Applause for Carnival’s numbers makes pumps for the oil industry.5% Eros International 16-10-2014 £50m 6. Shire. never quite shrugging off all those “macro” concerns such as conflict in Yemen and economic tremors in Japan. Intermediate Capital Group.8 billion for new The wider market signed off a week in which it touched its highest ever by licences in India. were part of the same locked into an investment paying a company until 2007. I am assured by sub-standard income. £1 might have a value today of 108p three medium-sized or 109p. were higher than today.712. Amphion Innovations. but they have become so £500million-plus. closing The same broker crossed back in on their £33 record from 25 million Card Factory shares. Vodafone aboard its ships. after paying £2. as fund further. and Sanofi. I assume. the first miners. The availability of finance When the LSE launched this elsewhere means that the bigger market in 2010. which are couple of years. RedX Pharma made a solid debut on AIM. This is one reason why the coupon on corporate bonds has fallen. Provident fixed interest such bonds Financial and International were offering would be Personal Finance. market. unveiled a £36 million acquisition of By the Bridge.2 billion.43 points up at 17. issued one in 2012 with a 7 per cent coupon. said that the bank had no need to go on a deal hunt. José Antonio Álvarez. The bank failed a health check this month for the second year running amid weaknesses in its capital planning processes. This means buyers at that companies. The latest offers 5 per cent. Anglo American lost 32½p to £10. were ordered from would “outperform” and shipyards in Italy and dialling up its target price for Germany for delivery the shares from £18 to £20. At the end of the term. jumped 88. Nine new vessels. comparable with those retail bonds. a specialist in antibiotics that will be renamed Motif Bio.125% Golden Lane Housing (charity) 30-07-2014 £11m 4. the coupon. helping the body’s immune system to fight tumours. buoyed by a 38 per cent China. but Santander is still up for a deal I t may be Spain’s biggest bank. Smaller getting out. strong recovery started less than a bought at 300p a pop. The lack of issues has driven prices higher in the aftermarket. the biggest consumer of decline in fuel prices and a 2 per cent industrial metal.5% Intermediate Capital Group Provident Financial International Personal Finance Source: London Stock Exchange 24-03-2015 £160m 5% exp 09-04-2015 n/a 5. the and Romania. A hefty bill. the healthcare group. attracted by those yields on London Stock Exchange’s Orb offer. sell or hold: today’s best share tips Looking at the future in the Orb Banks are lending again. To give one example. EasyJet biggest order in history for cruise added 21p to £18. typically in the 5 per cent to 6 per cent area. depressed by a string of problems Back in the top flight. on twitter buyer of IAG in the wake of the only one to be a for updates constituent of both the @timesbusiness annual results last month and the owner of British FTSE 100 and the S&P 500. to institutional those returns unattractive. Retail holders.58 as RBC Capital ships. two earlier illiquid that those investors issuers. via Cairn Financial and Northland Capital. banks were unwilling to lend and inflation will return but not to rates on bonds issued in the levels. that would make wholesale market. which was part-funded by a placing of new shares at 220p each through JP Morgan Cazenove and Numis. the end of the quarter. in apparent decline over the past infrastructure funds. Quite the opposite. to raise about £26 million. Greece’s clients to buy them. Carnival steamed managers continued to book profits at to the top of the Footsie. For investors. typically seven where it operates. Among those.3 per the last day of 2005. Santander’s chief executive. said that Santander would move to meet demands set by American regulators as soon as possible. So far this year popular that the prices have risen in there have been those three issues. each Markets upgraded.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 71 FGM Markets Business VINCENT WEST/REUTERS Martin Waller Tempus Buy. Miami and Southampton and quoted Cheaper oil (and positive broker in New York and London. in those odd coincidences.44 and three months of each year when Glencore was marked 9p lower to cruise companies craft their most 288¼p. Another biotech company is heading to AIM next week.3 points at s the stock market sank 6. is also going well. of raising sums often A corporate bond is an investment issued with a fixed rate of about £100 million’ of interest payable. RedX specialises in cancer “immunotherapy”.5 on the week.5% A2D Funding II 01-10-2014 £150m 4. and likes to have a whole sum is repayable — assuming that the company is still in existence spread of borrowings across those various territories. Cruise operator rides a wave to top the Footsie Gary Parkinson Market report A data. large corporates can easily get portfolio — assuming that you can wholesale issues away at 3 per cent lay your hands on them. in 2012 £1. over the term of the bond.86. A bond issued at alike. This makes the sort of returns on such bonds. Ana Botín. of France. guaranteed rate of return. between 2019 and 2022. Half of the ten pick-up in ticket prices and onboard weakest Footsie constituents were sales. The world’s biggest Miners inflicted much of the operator of cruise ships. as would-be investors who lost out ometimes great minds think have bought there. ‘Smaller companies still attractive. Cambian.2 per cent to 8. aggressive deals to drive bookings for Oil’s two-day rally. as well as Roche. The market year ago. edging ¾p higher to 224¾p of its Costa Concordia in early 2012. London’s as big as some analysts had feared. the “wave season”. its march north. to state the obvious. Carnival shares had been price rose 4¾p to 297p.125% Ladbrokes Group 17-06-2014 £100m 5. 7. 5p easier at £46.41. in some cases. Airways advanced 7p to 594p. Provident has done four issues most of the bonds are trading before now.

QC. called to the Bar before working in journalism and. both by solicitors and the Legal Aid Fund. A self-confessed workaholic. After a couple of years in the army. In 1993 Scrivener called for an independent inquiry into attempts to disrupt the trial of his former client. Walcott ended up in California and in movies. paign for the Bar. He also appeared in some of Eastwood’s films. 2015. In the same year. acquiring a cult following for its risible plot and special effects that included car hubcaps being thrown into shot to represent flying saucers. Upon returning to this country. In that capacity he maintained the judiciary. Scrivener chose to return to fulltime practice. One of Britain's bestpaid lawyers. in 1990. including The Eiger Sanction. and a son.risters who were dissatisfied with ed a broad array of clients. a tennis racket. In 1986 Scrivener was part of a of the legal world. combative and extrava. By that time Tim Burton had made the biopic Ed Wood. starred as the hero of up in Kojak and Dallas. His tenacity and aggression attract. She was also a barrister As Scrivener’s term in office drew to a close. Scrivener did not frehe knew every sexual quent the Bar’s traditional watering perversion in Latin holes and was seen as something of a loner. he built a remarkably diverse commonlaw practice that ranged from extravagantly remunerated cases for multinational businesses to unpaid appearances before the Privy Council on behalf of death-row prisoners in the Caribbean.aid budget.” Walcott said. while their son. contributed £2. Their daughter. he was also one of the few reformist group that seized control of top silks to become a household name. was full of a near-constant media blitz that helped people who were too old and too alike. who quickly the first contested election for the post warmed to his blunt talking and lack of of chairman. Known throughout the profession as “Scriv”. Scrivener was a man who fostered camaraderie among his teams in court. Domino.72 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times Register Obituaries Anthony Scrivener. more recently. Zoltan. a rumour began to circulate that he was in the running to become the next Labour Lord Chancellor. phasis on giving a greater say to both his spiky personality and dislike of young and provincial barristers. During his year as chairman ScriveGuildford Four.” In a career spanning more than 40 years. He reflected on his earlier comment to his wife when interviewed for the book Nightmare of Ecstasy: The Life and Art of Edward D Wood Jr in the 1990s. and. In later years he combined his skills as a lawyer with his passion for cars and motor racing in particular by sitting in the Court of Appeal as the Formula One judge.five per cent of its membership from canning factory. Walcott was always closely involved in the church and became an ordained minister. a black and white cross between a border collie and a springer spaniel. and a heart filled with ambition. and they had two children. Far from focusing on just one field of law. was born on July 31. He was even approached by the family of Saddam Hussein to defend the former dictator at his He used to brag that trial for mass murder. North Carolina. lecturing in law. But by 2000 he had moderated his views. where Plan 9 received a standing ovation. but he was not entirely serious when he went home and told his wife. Scrivener was called to the Bar by Gray’s Inn in 1958. but initially failed to shine. “I didn’t want to be remembered for that. Scrivener wrote a charmonger. a Hungarian.000 to party coffers. The Crown Prosecution Service decided that there was no case to answer. which ethnic minorities. including Scrivener’s performance — they acRichard Branson. Pamela Graves and Jina Virtue. who was a puppeteer on the Men in Black films. Westerns were a staple of the television schedules at the time and he began a long association with Eastwood when he appeared in Rawhide in 1960. and led Winston Silcott’s successful appeal against his conviction for the murder of PC Keith Blakelock. Scrivener married Singapore-born Ying Hui Tan. powerful figure.cused him of shooting from the hip — dant Sir Jack Lyons. It was through the church that he ended up in Plan 9 from Outer Space. he was regantly coiffured. Todd Mattox. “Thirty years later. more than anything else. in the run-up to the 1992 election.” The son of a furniture salesman. Ever the outsider.” he said. a classic Bristol — and a Subaru for walking his dog. Scrivener lived in Chipping Norton in the Cotswold Hills. He accused the director of having no discipline or talent and dismissed the film as “a piece of tasteless s***”. With dence for conviction. and grew up in the nearby city of Wilson. His first brief. . was. he hitchhiked across America.wedding day in 1993. but in 2002 he moved to Suffolk. He is survived by his second wife. but it was for the worst film of the lot that he became most widely known. it’s come back to haunt me. a direct grant fessions should never be the sole evischool. Anthony Scrivener. The challenger. Scrivener married Irén Becze. Anthony Scrivener. an overnight bag.an fraud trial in Hong Kong. suggested that mentoring from his history teacher. with an emschool or Oxbridge. He is survived by his daughters. “I had a suitcase. he found himself fighting juries and journalists. headed a group of barpomposity. The only child of a Canterbury iron. he helped with speeches. the paratrooper but Scrivener duly won with a comfortLee Clegg and Gerard Conlon of the able majority. On the road. Scrivener was excessive deference sometimes led him into confrontation with the Bench. Well known for telling jokes. Ed Wood’s micro-budget science-fiction movie from 1959. After reading law at University Col. A big. the son and daughter from his first marriage. he drove a TVR. like his father. Daniel and Anthony. the Bar Council. Rather than seek a judicial appointment. He died from complications caused by Parkinson’s disease. Scrivener could often be found in the pits at Grands Prix. elected deputy chairman of the Bar However. for the UNHCR. He wrote poetry and enjoyed listening to a range of music — from church music to Abba — but. He later told The Times: “I used to brag that I knew every sexual perversion in Latin. He argued that conplace at Kent College. the Guinness defen. after 55 years of marriage. He won a ister. Richard Southwell. His career tailed off in the Eighties although Burton gave him a cameo role in Ed Wood. Known as the CamUnlike most of his rivals at the Bar. and Zoltan’s two sons. Walcott was born Bernard Wasdon Mattox in 1928 in Wendell. He spent Bar’s rank and file by demanding that two years in Ghana. which. Walcott played the hero pilot Jeff Trent in Plan 9 from Outer Space. was dubbed the Michael Heseltine million brief. a hundred dollars in my pocket. His wife Barbara died in 2010. Scrivener was alleged to have made a V-sign at members of the crowd who had accused him of being a hypocrite for representing a Tory councillor. he pushing through a proposal that every paid his way through pupillage by set of chambers should aim to recruit washing dishes and working in a pea. but it was not to be. a film festival had been named in Walcott’s honour in his home town. A teetotaller. QC Reforming lawyer who was chairman of the Bar Council and supported Labour Charismatic. acted as a television spokesman on legal affairs and. with Johnny Depp. Having demanded that courts should to raise the Bar’s profile and image. while representing Dame Shirley Porter at the “homes for votes” inquiry. aged 79 Gregory Walcott Actor who starred in a film regarded as the worst in cinema history Gregory Walcott knew he was not going to win any Oscars for his latest movie. 1935.judge-friendly. the group’s manifesto Scrivener was a lifelong Labour party called for greater democracy in the prosupporter who had not gone to private fession’s governing body. he was nicknamed “Barnyard” and played American football. this has got to be the worst film of all time. “But it’s better to be remembered for something . is divorced and lives in London. involved defending a vicious Alsatian dog named Bonzo. he was popular with both and. He barristers not only be paid more but be was deported after becoming involved paid faster. putedly rewarded with the Bar’s first £1 QC. he certain trials could be televised and gained in confidence and set his heart called for complex trials to be shortened for the sake of the jury and the legalon becoming a barrister. a Porsche. “Honey. the fugitive businessman Asil Nadir. he loved life at Bar. Scrivener courted favour with the lege London. not become user-friendly rather than to mention his own. including several with his friend Clint Eastwood.” he said. a suburb of Raleigh. During the Eighties he acted for local authorities. gaining some notoriety for his cards schools. was followed by numerous divorce cases. At Sion Jenkins’s trial for murder at Lewes Crown Court in 1998. The film’s producer Eddie . Zsuzsa. Three years later. Anthony Frank Bertram ter that was adopted by the prime minScrivener was born in 1935. a barrister who wrote law reports for The Times and The Independent. QC. the Moonies and the Militant Tendency. so I guess I owe Ed Wood an apology after all these years. . he said. he nonetheless ner rarely allowed a day to pass without remained popular enough to be elected firing off at least one press release. top left. he also succeeded in in local politics. The couple were divorced in 1993.” Scrivener took silk in 1975 and became a recorder (part-time judge) the next year. When he agreed to appear for a Price Waterhouse partner Scrivener with his second wife Ying Hui Tan on their and manager in the Carri. One chairman of the Bar Council at the end of his favourite targets for criticism was of 1990. On television he had one of the lead roles in the police series 87th Precinct in the early 1960s and later turned Walcott. John Major. he continued to accept demanding briefs regardless of his commitments at the Bar Council. A year later he represented the farmer Tony Martin who was charged with murder after shooting a burglar at his home in Norfolk. in 1994. For much of his life. Scrivener sprang a surprise when he asked his client just one question — “Did you kill Billie-Jo Jenkins?” — before sitting down. Walcott appeared in hundreds of films and television shows. Thanks Ed. striking miners. in 1964. on March 27. A committed party member. Over the years it established a reputation as possibly the worst film ever made.

Thus Small found a backdrop for her torrid romance Small was already in her 40s when her first novel was published between Sultan Selim. and the phenomenon we created. hot tempered” girl pirate Skye O’Malley. To those who protested at the continual “entwining and exploding” of her heroines. a cockatiel and a long-haired Maine Coon cat. “Romances can be anything you want them to be.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 73 FGM UNIVERSAL HISTORY ARCHVIVE / GETTY IMAGES Bertrice Small Writer whose racy historical novels were packed with hot-blooded heroines Bertrice Small was the American romantic novelist who earned the nickname “Lust’s leading lady”. and lauded children’s history books as “excellent” for giving “plain facts” such as names and dates. The Kadin set the tone for Small’s future romances. 1928. 1937.” she said. Small wrote a risque romance — entirely in verse — about an Inca princess who leaps to her death from Machu Picchu rather than succumb to the advances of a Spanish conquistador. Her mother. a great deal of romance. early forerunners to Fifty Shades of Grey. featuring the spirited heiress to a Cumbrian estate and The Border Chronicles. At 13. Small. She would later say. New York state who claimed that her grandmother had been a concubine in the court of the last Ottoman emperor. Small’s work attracted the interest of an editor but it had a rocky road to publication. The day after her gall bladder was removed. Undaunted Wood recruited his wife’s chiropractor to stand in for him in some long shots despite the replacement being several inches taller and having to cover his face because he looked nothing like the dead star. Small found out that the president’s PA was. published in 1978. body and soul — yet it was he who was enslaved. and berriboned underblouses. producing about three pages a day. exotic location and historical detail. In 2014. With its steamy scenes. She was writing her first novel. Small was an “Avon Lady”. a tale of the ageing daughter of a Milanese silk merchant with a dwindling dowry. it can be exciting. a photographer some 15 years her senior. The Turkish setting came from a classmate at her Anglican convent school in Peekskill. It’s very hard for many men and some women to adjust to the fact. Small shared her Long Island home with her husband. aged 78 The Ti Times Literary Supplement. All were written in a pink home office decorated with the dustjacket paintings of her fiery heroines and muscular heroes.co. a sexy saga of Lairds and Lochs. such as the Friarsgate Inheritance. 2015. Lugosi’s scenes were unfinished. and took the genre romance novel in a saucier direction. The cover blurb read: “She belonged to him. with relish. Later. had broken off an engagement to a wealthy suitor three weeks before the wedding to elope with David Williams. Walcott recalled that his last film had taken ten weeks. Others characters. she was sitting up in bed. Small replied sharply that she would be in the business long after he was gone. Martin Ritt or Steven Spielberg. There was plenty of adventure — sex was often an interlude between kidnappings and escapes. It can be adventurous. She had been treated for blood and bone cancer and died while writing her 57th novel. son Thomas. Thomas. but as the leading man in a film that many movie historians regard as the worst of all time. The only problem was that Lugosi was already dead. Visit the-tls. has gone out of our lives. The typical Small heroine was never “weak”. she worked six days a week from 10am to 7pm. romantic novelist. Once asked why. She is survived by her son. “Without us. one of the female writers who wrote for Avon Books. this in a genre usually occupied by virginal. Doris Steen. five weeks after Small had proposed.” Bertrice Small. Small wrote an erotic series called The Pleasures. 2015. Wild Jasmine or Blaze Wyndham. “If you’re going to undress a heroine. she married George Small. an Episcopalian.” One of heroines — by dint of amnesia — was a virgin twice. He died on March 20. A particular strength was Small’s descriptions of bodices. pen and legal notepad. whereas principal photography on Plan 9 was slated as four days. who owned a fleet of ships. They were introduced by a mutual friend at an Episcopal church community club and the same night Bertrice returned home and told her grandmother she had met the man she would marry. Raoul Walsh. Yet when he did. shunned the internet. In 2012 her husband predeceased her. She died on February 24. He was right. She wrote more than 50 spicy historical romances starring highly-sexed and fiery heroines.” After spending two years writing and researching the book. Gregory Walcott. a radio sports broadcaster and writer.” he said in 1998. Highly disciplined. Ever resourceful. a 16th century “flirtatious minx. After working as a secretary and as the sales assistant for an advertising agency. and Lady Janet Leslie. She was obsessive about delivering her work on time. a chauffeur. aged 87 Her pink home office was decorated with dustjacket paintings from agoraphobia. actor. They married in 1963. was born on December 9. and one day her husband returned from work to find his wife curled up on the sofa with a clipboard. Now available on tablet and smartphone. romance would still be confined to little Harlequins and dear old Barbara Cartland. would reply: “It’s all in the Bible”. busks. was born on January 13. given the rise of feminism. wilting damsels. bed-hopping through Tudor England. Small called her and secured a promise that the president would telephone her personally. Bertrice Small was born in Manhattan in 1937. had names such as “Mad Maggie” Kerr. you’d better damn well know what’s she’s got on underneath. I think. correcting proofs.” she said. and named Bertrice in honour of Doris’s stepfather Albert. you still want your hand kissed and the door held open. They were married for 62 years. Small replied: “With women’s liberation. a micro-budget film that attracted a cult following Reynolds worshipped at the same church and enticed Walcott to sign up with the bait that the legendary horror star Bela Lugosi would also be in the film.” who had been kidnapped and brought to his harem. the Scottish Borders or Renaissance Florence. romantic novels continued to sell. She consulted a wide range of encyclopedias. Small was nearly 41 when she published her first novel. She suffered Plan 9 From Outer Space. Small won a lifetime achievement award from the Romance Writers of America.uk/tls/subscribe . while a convent school girl. One of her best-loved characters was the “luscious ravenhaired. he told Small to “stay home and be a good mommy to your little boy and forget all of this writing business”. a former pupil of the Gibbs secretarial school. The bride’s formidable mother felt they had abandoned the wedding feast too early and summoned the newlyweds to return to the room. The Kadin. that the last she had heard of him he was practising law in New Jersey. Romantic drama was in her genes. “I will go to my grave not remembered for those meaty roles I did for the likes of John Ford. Although you may want equal pay for an equal day’s work. The president of the publishing company had fallen out with the editor and cancelled the book. who had died shortly before her birth. like her.

The princes painted by French artist Paul Delaroche in 1831 A “maturity score” method developed in the 1970s applied to Anne’s teeth gave her age at death of 7. 2015 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this morning visited the Stephen Lawrence Centre. a relative married at the age of six to the four-year-old Duke of York. he reshaped vital aspects of the legal system. That leaves Richard III as the man with means and motive. Duke of York. London SE19. that they died a violent death by their uncle’s order.9 years — allowed Dr Molleson to use it. Vol 5 No 7: 176-79 Court Circular Buckingham Palace 27th March. 2015 The Duke of York. Henry Tudor. . The Duke of Cambridge. and at whose hands? Twenty eight years ago a credible answer was given on the front page of The Times (“Modern science convicts Richard III of murder”. thought to be the princes’. Lawrence Tanner and William Wright: they concluded that the bones were indeed likely to be those of the princes. Cambridge Science Centre.74 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times Register Births. and another prime suspect. Congenitally absent teeth in both Anne and the elder boy. the Children’s Foundation. 39 Brookmill Road. 1987). the concept of blind justice and the practice of granting bail rather than being held in jail”. His Royal Highness. second cousin to the princes. County Down. with a claim to the throne. an urban youth charity. for young people who have achieved the Gold Standard in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. the ultimate beneficiary of these Plantagenet deaths. Patron. Clarence House 27th March.uk/advertise Archaeology Unpicking bones of the princes’ murder DE AGOSTINI/GETTY IMAGES Norman Hammond Archaeology Correspondent Richard III has been reinterred. 2015 The Duke of Edinburgh. “Most men believed. were found in the Tower of London in 1674 and interred by Charles II in Westminster Abbey. at Christ Church. she concluded. Marriages and Deaths thetimes. the Roman Catholic Cardinal Vincent Vincent Nichols reminded the world that “in his two short years as King. and were received by Her Majesty’ s Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London (Sir David Brewer). and congenital fusion in their thumb bones reflected their joint genetic inheritance. and was received by Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Gloucestershire (Dame Janet Trotter). today received Dr Martin Ward-Platt (Chairman) and Mr Peregrine Solly (Chief Executive). Tetbury. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge subsequently visited XLP projects at Hazel Grove Estate. Buckingham Palace 27th March. The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Patron. this afternoon visited Tetbury Hospital. this afternoon held a Luncheon at Buckingham Palace. Malmesbury Road. Patron. In 1484 the Duke of Buckingham. and in Leicester Cathedral last Sunday.” said the great historian Bishop Stubbs. and still believe. an expert in ancient human remains. In 1933 the urn was opened and the bones examined by two expert anatomists. 2015 The Prince of Wales. developing the presumption of innocence. this afternoon held a Meeting at St James’s Palace. His Royal Highness was received at Belfast City Airport by Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of the County Borough of Belfast (Mrs Fionnuala Jay-O’Boyle). “If one wishes to propose that they died or were killed at the same time. Their Royal Highnesses afterwards attended a showcase by XLP. Science has told us an enormous amount about Richard III’s bones: perhaps it is time that his nephews’ remains were similarly scrutinised. and the thesis of his culpability tested. Appendix to Court Circular 27th March.co. London SE26. together with skeletal evidence. and when. and that they died in the summer of 1483. in a splendid marble urn designed by Sir Christopher Wren. and used as a comparison the bones of Lady Anne Mowbray (1472-1481). Patron. 11th June. How had they died. shortly after Richard III’s coronation. Joint Patron. and were received by Colonel Jane Davis (Deputy Lieutenant of Greater London). Kensington Palace 27th March. 2015 Notice is hereby given that in 2016 the date for observance of The Queen’s Birthday at home and abroad will be Saturday.2 years: its accuracy — she died aged 8. Sydenham. to suggest the two boys’ dates of death. The article reported the work of Dr Theya Molleson of the Natural History Museum. the Friends of Tetbury Hospital. London SE8. Others were more concerned with the bad and in particular the fate of the “Princes in the Tower” — the boy-king Edward V and his brother Richard. The bones. today attended a Reception at Hillsborough Castle. May 21.7 to 9. London Archaeologist Vol 5 No 10: 258-262. would not have had access to the princes until after August 1485. was dead — executed for treason in November 1483. the most likely period that is compatible with the dental and skeletal age for both would be some time in the year 1484”. 1 Highland Road. and her implication that the deaths occurred when the king was the only plausible candidate. Dr Molleson scrutinised their detailed photographs in the light of latest research on ageing human skeletons.

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45 Doncaster Leg 3 3.50 Sheriff Of Nawton 3.BF.D.C. 10-1 Oyster Shell.D.00 Tullius 4.25 1 2 3 4 5 6 (9) (13) (4) (1) (7) (14) 050-46 41130502143 531204000-3 40510- 7 (3) 340008 (10) 0-0024 9 (2) 6256510 (8) 2346-0 11 (11) 6/50012 (5) 0045013 (6) 06-000 14 (12) 00-400 66 74 -73 73 32 70 69 73 73 v76 56 57 Harriet De-Vere Powell Apprentice Handicap (Div II: £3. 12-1 Moohaarib. Sleeper King.20 Ledbury 2. 22-1 Sahara Desert.TRES CORONAS 210 (D. He showed consistently smart form last season and was unlucky not to win more than once.S) M Appleby 6-9-2 Alistair Rawlinson (5) KING TORUS 140 (C.S) M Tregoning 6-9-11 L Steward (3) 052050 OCEAN TEMPEST 21 (CD. the champion trainer. 4-1 Baltic Knight.BOMBADERO 531 (T. Burano.S) Declan Carroll 5-8-10 Rachel Richardson (3) SAHARA DESERT 17 (P) Jane Chapple-Hyam 4-8-7 T Atkinson NOTEBOOK 32 M Smith 4-8-7 H Crouch (3) 65 75 67 74 56 74 64 79 68 74 62 64 81 v88 5-1 Walk Like A Giant.F. he is open to further progress over this mile trip. provoked some premature assumptions but O’Brien’s father.G) Mrs D Sayer 10-8-9 J Vaughan (3) (10) 64300. from what is likely to be a favourable high draw. had his worst season for nearly 20 years last term. Buckstay is taken to land the Betway Spring Mile (3.CD) J S Mullins 9-11-2 A Thornton 3353P NETHER STREAM 183 (C. 8-1 Buckstay.D. Flow. 15-2 Such A Legend.co.S) Declan Carroll 8-9-1 J Egan GENERAL BROOK 223 (F. Robert The Painter.S) D O'Meara 4-9-7 Josh Doyle (5) N Evans (7) (3) 21100.BF.45 Jack’s Revenge (nap).F. 6-1 Forgotten Gold. 8-1 Auvergnat.25 Notebook. though.F. who has a terrific record in this cavalry charge. 16-1 Stand To Reason.S) K Burke 5-9-1 S De Sousa 87 92 93 98 98 100 97 98 84 97 98 v101 86 93 98 98 94 96 100 100 96 100 (£28.10 Handicap Chase (£6.P) P Bowen 6-10-9 S Bowen (5) 0300P CANARBINO GIRL 60 Mrs C Keevil 8-10-9 P Brennan 100-30 Pagham Belle.BF) Dr R Newland 8-11-7 J Banks (3) 3 10-PP BUNCLODY 34 (P) F J Brennan 10-11-1 D Crosse 4 6230P DESCARO 135 (P) John O'Shea 9-11-1 MAZOVIAN 3F M Chapman 7-11-1 J Cornwall (5) 5 D Hiskett (7) 6 20/P.G.35 Bantam Going: Chase course: good to soft (soft in places). Outlaw Torn. This classy Japanese raider ran a cracker when sixth in the Arc having been set a ridiculous amount to do and then gone wide around the home turn. 5. O’Brien has already lasted longer on the Flat than many expected. Zarwaan has been off the track since a slightly disappointing fourth in listed company at Newmarket in July. 5-1 Laser Blazer.S) J Gosden 4-8-13 R Havlin 33606. 3.P.S) D O'Meara 9-9-0 SIRIUS PROSPECT 21 (C. coinciding with Ireland’s opening day of Flat turf racing.D) D Dennis 11-11-1 N Fehily 2-154 ON THE CASE 32 T George 7-10-11 P Brennan 23251 LITTLE JIMMY 35 (T.S) Clive Cox 4-9-0 10 (1) 63033.GABRIAL'S KAKA 161 (D. 10-1 Pandora. 8-1 Music Hall. Mange All improved throughout last season and. To that end.D. 33-1 Mister Music. Justice Day 31115 LASER BLAZER 147 (CD) A King 7-11-12 W Hutchinson 10/2. Sunday best Golden Amber (3.MICKELSON 601 S Lycett 9-11-1 7 210/4 MINISTEROFINTERIOR 24 (B. 15-2 Lochalsh. still unexposed. The Lock Master.NAADIRR 202 (P. Wright choice: Zarwaan ran well in two hot handicaps last season and can overcome a lengthy absence Dangers: Mange All. 12-1 Munjally. Magnolia Ridge. Mujazif.HEAVENLY RIVER 155 K Burke 4-8-7 (8) 615640 GENERAL TUFTO 11 (B.S) M Appleby 4-9-7 L Jones FLOW 23 (T.F.50 Kempton Leg 5 3. Where’s Tiger. Donny Rover. 6-1 Made Of Diamonds.F.EMELL 98 (S) R Hannon 5-9-0 K O'Neill 12000. 15-2 Westerly Breeze. a lightly raced four-year-old with solid form in top handicaps.F.G.S) E Vaughan 9-9-7 L Steward (3) DONNY ROVER 178 (D.S) K Stubbs 5-8-10 T Marquand (5) J Garritty (1) 32001.45). is a bonus. Ed Dunlop.F) D Simcock 4-9-8 J P Spencer BUCKSTAY 161 (D) P Chapple-Hyam 5-9-7 T Marquand (7) INDY 155 (C. 7 8 9 10 J Egan M Harley J P Spencer G Lee T Hamilton F Lynch G Baker G Gibbons R Tate R Havlin J Quinn Wright choice: Perfect Blessings showed smart form last term and remains unexposed under these conditions Dangers: Astaire.G) W Haggas 4-8-11 S Drowne (4) 3210-3 HILLBILLY BOY 14 (C. Ocean Tempest. At 9-1 with Coral. 10-1 First Sargeant.45 Joseph O’Brien has long acknowledged that weight issues will eventually oblige him to switch from Flat to jump racing and that day comes a step closer tomorrow when he takes his first ride over hurdles at Limerick.KING OF NORMANDY 154 R Hannon 9-5 (2) 6 LEDBURY 40 C Hills 9-5 (6) MR CRIPPS R Beckett 9-5 (9) (4) 0U25. (Listed: £20. 10-1 others.D. 9-1 Miss Eyelash.D.P.S) K A Ryan 4-9-4 F Lynch SLEEPER KING 110 (F) Shaun Harris 4-9-3 R Winston MISTER MUSIC 162 (D.P. 4. 4-1 Nether Stream. winning two Irish jockeys’ titles and a host of classics and maintaining his weight around 9st.F. Indy. Le Chat D'Or.S) M Channon 4-8-11 (20) 00450. 22-1 Mazovian. 8-1 Zarwaan. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 71 75 5-1 Mr Soprano.35 Doncaster Rob Wright Betway Brocklesby Conditions Stakes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 FIRST BOMBARDMENT D O'Meara 9-3 GENERAL ALEXANDER B Ellison 9-3 JUST THAT LORD W G M Turner 9-3 RAVENHOE M Johnston 9-3 RUPERT BOY S Dixon 9-3 SIR DUDLEY J Given 9-3 TEVERSHAM (P) C Dwyer 9-3 TIM THE TAXI Miss N Lloyd-Beavis 9-3 SILK BOW J Given 8-12 (2-Y-O: £6.F. Going: good (good to soft in places) Draw: no advantage Tote Jackpot meeting At The Races 1. Heaven's Guest.D) Dr R Newland 8-10-9 C Ward (5) 3 4 5 6 C4 3-1 Astaire. 10-1 Sirius Prospect. to partner some of the stable’s key Flat horses in a post-race work session. Mysterial.BF) A Carroll 4-8-12 A Thorne (7) (5) 5534. Swiftly Done.D. who claims a 7lb allowance.45 Zarwaan 2.F.JUSTICE DAY (D.S) D Brown 5-9-6 P McDonald INDIAN CHIEF 168 (S) D Nicholls 5-9-6 A Hesketh (7) MUJAZIF 140 (C. 8-1 Ledbury.S) John O'Shea 5-9-1 J Fortune YOURARTISONFIRE 183 (V.G) R Fahey 5-9-1 J Garritty (5) 30125. 14-1 Chatez.AETNA 140 (CD. He was restricted to only four runs last term. 20-1 Rosie's Premiere.15) at Meydan.35).073 Stratford Rob Wright 1. 8-1 Ronald Gee.D.S) Jedd O'Keeffe 4-9-2 Joe Doyle MUNJALLY 40 P Holmes 4-9-2 R Scott (5) TAMAYUZ MAGIC 162 (B. City Ground.S) Mrs A Perrett 6-9-5 K Shoemark (5) LESHA 14 (CD.G. Jack's Revenge.D.D) P Bowen 8-11-8 8 9 10 11 4. but has been gelded in the meantime and remains unexposed after just three starts at this mile trip.S) S C Williams 6-9-1 S Drowne SWIFTLY DONE 336 (CD.BF.HEAVEN'S GUEST 175 (D. Sir Dudley. 14-1 others. 7-1 Coup De Vent.CAPTAIN NAVARRE 157 L Pearce 9-5 (7) (3) 5362. Yourartisonfire. 20-1 Baraweez.F.G.G. Hurdle course: good (good to soft in places) At The Races 1. was quick to put the matter in perspective.25 Where’s Tiger Timekeeper’s top rating 5. but he could well have a host of well-handicapped horses in his yard as a result.SONNOLENTO 110 A Balding 9-5 MORE MISCHIEF Jedd O'Keeffe 9-0 (5) PANDORA C Hills 9-0 (8) S Pearce (3) D Tudhope P Sword (7) J Fortune J P Spencer G Gibbons D Probert G Lee S Drowne 65 71 30 v78 --49 --- 6-1 Certificate.S) D Elsworth 4-9-8 2 (10) 22441.BF. Hydrant. 12-1 Justice Day.MC DIAMOND 148 M Mullineaux 3-8-6 11 (3) 56163.S) M Dods 7-9-2 P Mulrennan BOOTS AND SPURS 287 (D.F.BRONZE ANGEL 147 (B.” he said.35 Novices' Hurdle (£3.uk/sportsbook 11-2 What A Good Night.G. Mr Cripps. is the forerunner of a future.013: 1m) (22) 040602103005-015 123401/20326100240112424-2 30/00050315461-0 0245-0 000030/000/3122640104050316004/0040640/41010002d30- 3. 13-2 Ballinvarrig.C.MONDIALISTE (D. Mange All is a strong favourite and has to be respected.G.G) Charles Smith 10-8-7 P Pilley (5) 5.10 What A Good Night 2. 12-1 Call Of Duty.F.F. The timing.F. despite racing from a 5lb higher mark than when fourth to GM Hopkins in the Silver Cambridgeshire last September.10 Buckstay (nb) 5. He remains fairly treated. long-term career.S) T D Barron 4-9-7 G Gibbons DANCE AND DANCE 182 (B. He is trained by the shrewd William Haggas. 11-1 Haverstock.F. 11-1 Heavenly River. .20 Holy Cross 3. He just failed to last home over an extra furlong when fourth in the 2. 10-1 Fair To Middling.ROSIE'S PREMIERE 154 (G) D Ivory 3-8-1 1.DOMINADA 199 (BF) B Ellison 9-5 00.S) H J Evans 5-8-12 Charlotte Jenner (3) RONALD GEE 170 (BF) J Goldie 8-8-11 E Sayer FROSTY THE SNOWMAN 18 Mrs R Carr 4-8-11 J Garritty MAGIC SKYLINE 320 (T) B Ellison 5-8-10 T Marquand (5) MYSTERIAL 148 (F.30 Chelmsford Leg 6 3. looks the ideal type for the Betway Lincoln (3.DINKUM DIAMOND 189 (CD.G.F. Street Entertainer.LUCKY BEGGAR 259 (D.50 Handicap Hurdle (£5.235: 1m 2f 60y) (15) (11) 1-0523 SHERIFF OF NAWTON 43 (G.S) D O'Meara 7-8-10 Shelley Birkett (3) (10) (3) (6) (18) (2) (22) (19) (11) (1) (16) (15) (17) (21) (5) (13) (12) 112 109 111 108 110 108 114 110 110 114 106 112 112 v116 114 114 102 112 113 111 110 111 11-2 Mange All.F.35 Doncaster Leg 4 3. 25-1 General Brook. 11-2 Gizzit. his trainer.ZARWAAN 261 (F) E Dunlop 4-9-2 J Quinn 60-134 BELGIAN BILL 30 (T.S) Eve Johnson Houghton 4-8-12 J Fortune G Lee (7) 15124.50 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Harriet De-Vere Powell Apprentice Handicap (Div I: £3.S) T D Barron 8-9-0 S De Sousa 64361.50 Lanceur 4. Harp Star makes plenty of appeal in the Dubai Sheema Classic (4.G.G) M W Easterby 8-9-6 (14) -24450 THE LOCK MASTER 12 (C.G.D.25 Ministerofinterior 4.F.D.OUTLAW TORN 151 (E. Bronze Angel.D.249: 2m 110y) (14) 01 SET THE TREND 9 (D) D Dennis 9-11-6 N Fehily 1 2 BOITE 20 W Greatrex 5-11-0 G Sheehan 2 HILL FORT 59F R Harris 5-11-0 G Derwin (7) 3 4 03500 HONKYTONKTENNESSEE 12 (D) H Froud 6-11-0 D Crosse P Brennan 5 4504 SMOKING JACKET 20 T George 5-11-0 333 SWEEPING ROCK 30 (T) J Spearing 5-11-0 J E Moore 6 04 ASHKOUN 26 (H.D.F. where Ryan Moore deputises on his father’s runners. 100-30 Jazz Man.469: 5f) (9 runners) (6) (4) (3) (2) (5) (9) (7) (1) (8) ---------- D Tudhope C D Hayes R While (5) S De Sousa D A Parkes (7) P McDonald Joe Doyle (5) S Drowne J Sullivan 5-2 Just That Lord.G.F. Tamayuz Magic.25 109 111 108 102 112 v118 105 115 95 74 99 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 (20) (8) (21) (1) (10) (5) (12) (19) (4) (15) (2) (16) (17) (3) (7) (6) (11) (9) (22) (14) (13) (18) Betway Spring Mile (Handicap) C4 SPA'S DANCER 154 (D.F. “Joseph is a little heavy at the moment but plans to be back riding on the Flat shortly. Buckstay makes plenty of appeal. 7-2 Dominada.FIRE SHIP 147 (D.MOOHAARIB (C. 10-1 King Torus. Spa's Dancer.CD. 14-1 Hillbilly Boy.G) R Eddery 6-9-3 M Harley CERTIFICATE 192 (D. 10-1 others.BF) Miss E Baker 6-11-9 J Banks (3) U21PU HALLINGS COMET 147 (D) A Wintle 6-11-8 R Johnson 52R25 OYSTER SHELL 101 (D) H Daly 8-11-8 J Greenall 1-400 SUCH A LEGEND 14 (D) K Bailey 7-11-7 D Bass 01400 STREET ENTERTAINER 10 (T.G.S) John Ryan 6-9-10 Joe Doyle (5) 43042. she can show her true worth.00 Jockeying for position: runners in the maiden at Lingfield yesterday leave the stalls Betway Cammidge Trophy 3. He will dash from Limerick to the Curragh. Teaforthree.P.NEXT STOP 96 D Nicholls 4-9-3 K Lundie (5) (4) 0002-0 MUSIC HALL 30 Shaun Harris 5-9-2 10660TINSELTOWN 102J (D.G.S) R Fahey 5-9-5 6 (7) 00034. 6-1 others.G.CD) P Pritchard 14-11-5 T Bellamy (3) 5PP6 GIVEIMACHANCE 38 (T) Miss C Dyson 7-11-5 N Scholfield -4060 ALL RILED UP 120 H Chisman 7-11-4 J E Moore PP011 PAGHAM BELLE 6 (T.G.10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 O’Brien rides over jumps at Limerick Alan Lee Racing Writer of the Year 1 (9) 05210. 9-1 Frosty The Snowman.35 Perfect Blessings (nap) 4. Even at 21.S) G Baker 7-8-13 J P Spencer 11143.MAGNOLIA RIDGE 106J (P. In Dubai. however.S) C Hills 5-9-5 8 (6) 01301.D.S) B Ellison 5-9-0 C D Hayes 30003. despite not getting the rub of the green. 25-1 Fire Ship. 7-1 Frontline Phantom. Lucky Beggar. off just a 1lb higher mark than at Newmarket.25 Kempton Leg 2 2.45 Pagham Belle 3. Raging Bear. 11-1 others.S) D Nicholls 5-9-5 A Nicholls BURANO 28 (D. 7-1 Nouvelle Ere.FATCATINTHEHAT 575 (H. What About Carlo.CD) T Gretton 8-10-10 Felix De Giles 24B32 LAMB'S CROSS 22 (D) M Gillard 9-10-2 M Heard (7) 2F042 ALBATROS DE GUYE 26 Miss A Newton-Smith 5-10-0 P Moloney C Shoemark (3) 10 /OP4P VERING 19 (H.235: 1m 2f 60y) (14) STAND TO REASON 50 (D. King Torus 2-1 King Of Normandy.B) N Hawke 7-11-3 D Crosse 1-1P4 BILLY CONGO 30 (T) A Wintle 8-11-1 M Nolan (3) -6001 SEYMOUR LEGEND 19 Jim Wilson 9-11-0 L Treadwell 0513. 5-1 On The Case.G.599: 2m 3f) (7) 15-8 Lord Navits. in the Britannia Handicap at Royal Ascot.S) D Ivory 7-9-0 TULLIUS 161 (D. has been ruled out of the race through injury.F.PERFECT BLESSINGS 175 (CD.G. Mondialiste.S) K A Ryan 4-9-5 4 (2) 33500.S) M Botti 4-9-0 M Harley d3110.GABRIAL 152 (C.F. 16-1 Descaro.JACK'S REVENGE 161 (T.D) B Leavy 10-11-1 R Johnson 3.BF) D Skelton 7-10-11 H Skelton 4.25 ALAN CROWHURST / GETTY IMAGES Saturday March 28 2015 | the times 3. 20-1 Next Stop.983: 6f) (11) 1 P1613 LORD NAVITS 24 (T. 9-2 Sweeping Rock.LINCOLN 182 (C.45 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 She did not have her ideal conditions in three subsequent starts and. 9-1 Road To Freedom.D) K Bailey 8-11-9 E Cookson (5) 20-14 RICHMOND 67 (D) Miss V Williams 10-11-9 L Treadwell 6 S Bowen (5) 7 3P-PP EDMUND KEAN 56 (T.S) J Goldie 6-9-5 7 (4) /1550.F.76 FGM Sport Racing Zarwaan can get Dunlop off to flyer in Lincoln Rob Wright Zarwaan.G. 15-2 Captain Navarre.G. 5-1 Aetna.D.F. 9-1 Midnight Lira. highlight of the opening day of the Flat turf season at Doncaster.20 Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race (£2.10). Emell.G.G.BF.087 Bonus £286.D.G. 5-1 Ravenhoe. 13-2 Lanceur.BERTIEWHITTLE 301 (F. Tisfreetdream. 33-1 Bertiewhittle. 11-2 Braavos. 66-1 Indian Chief.CD.B.S) R Hannon 5-9-0 PENITENT 175 (CD. his son has a hectic schedule tomorrow. Notebook.D.F. 11-2 Sheriff Of Nawton. Dance And Dance.G.F.F) R Varian 4-9-3 G Lee EURYSTHEUS 140 (D.20 Doncaster) Betway Lincoln (Heritage Handicap) C4 (£62. 2. 12-1 Halation.S) M Smith 5-8-11 C Bishop (9) 22411.F.249: 2m 6f 110y) (16) 2P444 WESTERLY BREEZE 10 (P) E Bevan 7-11-12 C Ring (5) P1520 ALLERTON 81 (D) Fergal O'Brien 8-11-10 James O'Neill (7) -4650 COME ON HARRIET 20 (T) A Hales 6-11-9 J Banks (3) 550P5 HAVERSTOCK 19 (P) Mrs C Keevil 5-11-6 J Best 02P16 TISFREETDREAM 19 (P. 100-1 Ghostly Arc.D. With Ryan Moore taking over in the saddle.F) M Botti 4-9-8 3 (11) 26000. 8-1 Maxie T.BARAWEEZ 161 (D. Lincoln.T) T Vaughan 4-10-7 T Cannon 7 5 BANTAM 109 (BF) H Daly 5-10-7 R Johnson 8 CAPETIAN LADY N Pomfret 7-10-7 T Whelan 9 P CHECKETS 65 A Hollingsworth 7-10-7 Mr J Martin (7) 10 J Bargary (7) 11 2065 DANDY DUKE 20 T George 4-10-7 0 HOPE'S WISHES 58 Miss E Lavelle 5-10-7 D Jacob 12 LOCHALSH 183F D Skelton 4-10-7 H Skelton 13 64 MASTER DAN 9 K Bailey 4-10-7 D Bass 14 9-4 Boite. putting up his best efforts when second in a valuable handicap at Haydock Park in May and following that with a close fifth.V.ASTAIRE 203 (D. 16-1 Belgian Bill. 9-1 Gabrial’s Kaka.G) Richard Guest 6-9-0 G Downing (7) -11215 NOUVELLE ERE 9 (H. Umberto D'Olivate.D.S) R Fahey 6-9-0 T Hamilton 52420. She showed useful form when thrashing Penny Drops in a maiden over this course and distance last April before finishing a good third to Joyeuse at this level at Haydock. Handicap Chase (£3.G) G Baker 7-9-2 P J Smullen 03500. 6-1 Naadirr.S) B Rothwell 9-9-1 Joe Doyle (15) J Nason (6) 23635.F.JACK DEXTER 140 (CD.BF. 12-1 others. 13-2 Holy Cross.F.S) T D Barron 7-8-12 G Gibbons 26-360 DON'T CALL ME 21 (T.599: 2m 110y) (14) H Skelton 1 F-231 MISTER MIYAGI 19 (CD) D Skelton 6-11-10 BUSY BARO P Cowley 5-11-3 W Hutchinson 2 0-0 CHARMING CHARLIE 19 Miss E Lavelle 5-11-3 G Sheehan 3 CLASSIC TUNE Miss C Dyson 5-11-3 T Whelan 4 5 FAIR TO MIDDLING 41 C Longsdon 5-11-3 N Fehily 5 06 SHAKE DEVANEY 50 Fergal O'Brien 5-11-3 C Shoemark (3) 6 0 BARAZA 50 T George 4-10-10 P Brennan 7 BETTER DAYS N Twiston-Davies 4-10-10 R Hatch (5) 8 BRAAVOS P Hobbs 4-10-10 R Johnson 9 HOLY CROSS Miss R Curtis 4-10-10 P Townend 10 MISS EYELASH P Bowen 5-10-10 S Bowen (5) 11 4 REBEL COLLINS 14 R York 4-10-10 T Cannon 12 RIGHT ROYALS DAY J Needham 6-10-10 P John (7) 13 C McKee (7) 14 204 COUP DE VENT 28 John O'Shea 4-10-3 11-4 Mister Miyagi. Perfect Blessings can spring a surprise in the Betway Cammidge Trophy (2. 13-2 Little Jimmy. 16-1 Eurystheus. having saddled the winner three times from just six runners in the past 23 renewals. 25-1 Perfect Blessings.CHILLY MISS 207 J M Jefferson 6-8-11 K Shoemark (9) 003-26 MR SOPRANO 49 (BF) S C Williams 4-8-11 (13) 50530.G.BOOM AND BUST 147 (D.899: 2m 4f) (11) 100-30 Bombadero. Zarwaan can help him to build some momentum.S) A King 4-9-10 D Sweeney HALATION 21 (D. 8-1 Seymour Legend. 100-1 Mc Diamond. Rob Wright’s midday update thetimes.GHOSTLY ARC 152 N Wilson 9-5 (1) 403.F.F.S) D O'Meara 7-9-2 D Tudhope LE CHAT D'OR 152 (T.25 Just That Lord 3. -F222 GOODTOKNOW 31 (BF) R Lee 7-11-6 J Greenall 1-603 IN FAIRNESS 44 (BF) N Henderson 6-11-4 D Jacob 24F12 MIDNIGHT LIRA 19 Mrs C Keevil 8-10-12 J Best -1F1U WHAT A GOOD NIGHT 30 (T. Sonnolento. 3-2F6 ROAD TO FREEDOM 14 Mrs L Wadham 6-11-12 L Aspell 0030U THE PIER 7 (T) Mrs A Brooks 9-11-11 L Treadwell 234UP UNKNOWN LEGEND 15 Mrs S Humphrey 8-11-2 J Banks (3) 0122P GIZZIT 44 (T.CD.S) K A Ryan 5-9-7 BALTIC KNIGHT 31 (D. 6-1 Lamb's Cross. 25-1 General Tufto. 8-1 Penitent. Rob Wright’s choice: Tullius ran well in a string of group one races last summer and can make the most of a drop in class Danger: Baltic Knight Totescoop6 Leg 1 2.P) P Gundry 9-10-0 11 P-430 GAINSBOROUGH'S ART 125 (P.RESIDENCE AND SPA 438 Mrs H Rees 7-10-11 M Quinlan /60-0 PAUPERS PRESENT 88 (H) J Scott 7-10-11 D Prichard (7) 50S06 PRIMO ROSSI 23 T Gretton 6-10-11 Felix De Giles 04000 NEWTON MARTINI 19 B Pauling 6-10-10 H Beswick (10) 6P023 MADE OF DIAMONDS 66 (T.S) J Eustace 8-9-10 R Tate (3) CHATEZ 51J (D.250: 1m) (22) (14) 42113.F.B.983: 1m) (5) 016215156-2 5050501-500 12444- S De Sousa G Lee D Tudhope R Winston J Fortune 8-11 Tullius. Thunderer’s double 2.498: 2m 7f) (11) P Brennan 1 25160 BALLINVARRIG 35 T George 8-11-12 2 65236 UMBERTO D'OLIVATE 21 R Walford 7-11-11 Felix De Giles J Bargary (7) 3 00444 FORGOTTEN GOLD 72 T George 9-11-10 W Kennedy 4 21134 AUVERGNAT 35 (BF) Jonjo O'Neill 5-11-10 5 141PP UP FOR AN OSCAR 162 (T. 6 Aidan Coleman has been booked by trainer Neil Mulholland to ride The Druids Nephew in the Crabbie’s Grand National.S) A Balding 7-9-0 111 121 109 88 v128 (Listed: £20.S) H Candy 7-9-5 5 (8) 40043.D. 20-1 Boots And Spurs.20 Park Hill Private Hospital Maiden Stakes (3-Y-O: £2.D. Gabrial’s Kaka 4. while the booking of up-and-coming apprentice Tom Marquand. 4-1 First Bombardment. 25-1 Magic Skyline.523: 2m 110y) (10) 2. 11-1 Baraza.G. Perfect Blessings is well worth backing at the 33-1 generally on offer this morning. Unknown Legend. In Fairness.D) D Pipe 8-11-6 C O'Farrell 251 LANCEUR 27 (D) Mrs L Wadham 6-11-4 L Aspell 21234 ISAAC BELL 86 (D) A Hales 7-10-13 N Fehily 33 MAXIE T 70 Jonjo O'Neill 4-10-9 P Cowley (10) 6221.G.G. The Dunlop stable has made a promising start to the new campaign and. having contested a series of competitive handicaps.P.MANGE ALL 183 (D. 16-1 Chilly Miss.00 1 2 3 4 5 (3) (4) (1) (5) (2) Betway Doncaster Mile Stakes C4 GLORY AWAITS (B. 7-1 Glory Awaits. owned by J P McManus.35 Aetna. Don't Call Me. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Wright choice: Buckstay is ideally suited by these big-field handicaps and can gain a deserved big-race success Dangers: Certificate.T.00 Little Jimmy 5. Tinseltown.S) Richard Guest 9-9-0 J Nason RAGING BEAR 9 (B. Handicap Hurdle (£3. 9-4 Bunclody.F) M Tregoning 8-8-10 J Vaughan (5) (8) 006-00 ROBERT THE PAINTER 37 (H.CD. Selling Hurdle (£2. Boom And Bust.FIRST SARGEANT 151 (P.S) L Mullaney 5-8-10 E Sayer (2) 4253-4 CALL OF DUTY 51 (D.S) M W Easterby 5-9-3 9 (5) 13500.G.BF. 3-1 Set The Trend.S) A Carroll 7-9-7 G Downing FRONTLINE PHANTOM 183 (CD. 14-1 More Mischief.G. 10-1 Dinkum Diamond. Tres Coronas.D) H Chisman 10-10-0 H Beswick (7) 1 2 Cambridgeshire at Newmarket in September.S) W Knight 6-9-7 K Shoemark (5) 6/301.911: 1m 2f 60y) (9) 52. 4-1 Jack Dexter. 8-1 Ministerofinterior.S) M Appleby 8-9-4 Alistair Rawlinson A Hesketh (3) (12) 24650.G) K Burke 8-9-6 P Sword (5) WALK LIKE A GIANT 17 (BF) M Appleby 4-9-3 Alistair Rawlinson WHERE'S TIGER 173 (D.D. His size.10 Doncaster Rollovers: Win £492.GM HOPKINS 143 (D. 10-1 others. is against him and tomorrow’s ride on Egyptian Warrior.S) D Nicholls 8-8-12 P Mulrennan 1400-0 WHAT ABOUT CARLO 35 (D.S) M W Easterby 4-9-1 Danielle Mooney (5) HYDRANT 162 (D. 6-1 GM Hopkins.S) D O'Meara 5-9-5 D Tudhope /2254.CITY GROUND 171 (D. before being drawn on the wrong side on his final start of the campaign at Ascot.F.D. Lesha. Aidan. Gabrial.BF) D Bridgwater 7-11-11 J Hodson (7) W Kennedy 2 14PPF JAZZ MAN 15 (B. Mickelson.BF.G.

CERUTTY 119 M Botti 4-9-6 F Tylicki (7) 5225.BF) E Lynam (Ire) 8-9-0 R Hughes James Doyle (8) 1215. “I even persuaded the owner.D) M Johnston 5-9-4 J Fanning C Hardie (3) (4) 160-6 RED AVENGER 14 (B. 4-1 Oregon Gift. 11-2 Latin Charm.C.P) J Candlish 7-11-12 A Coleman P3522 MANBALLANDALL 21 (BF) Fergal O'Brien 7-11-12 S W Quinlan 0-22P CASTLE CHEETAH 49 M Keighley 7-11-8 A Tinkler 36226 JAUNTY JOURNEY 21 (P. 12-1 Via Africa. 50-1 Long River. but we started again from nothing. Sheikh Hamdan has sent a few yearlings now and I still ring him up as if nothing happened.C. Tregoning playing a pivotal role in some heady times.CD) M Muhairi 5-9-0 O Chavez 11(11) 14-01 EL PADRINO 13 (T.ZAMPA MANOS 189 A Balding 4-9-7 Thomas Brown (3) D Nolan (5) 3304. 6-1 others.D.” Tregoning said.C.111: 5f) (12) 1 (8) 01-20 DUNGANNON 14 (B.C) W Knight 5-9-0 F Tylicki 0226.OH SO SASSY 203 (CD) C Wall 5-8-7 J Mitchell 460-0 ATLANTIS CROSSING 28 (H. 6-1 Bowie. 7-1 Beauty Prince.15 Barye 3.10 Polvere D’Oro 4.P) F Murtagh 5-11-2 B Harding 211-0 LEAN BURN 17 (T.B.C. 9-2 Georgian Bay.B) S Ghadayer 5-9-0 8 (8) 4615.” Bronze Angel went on to win a £250. 6-1 Castilo Del Diablo. 6-1 Epiphaneia.50 Fire Fighting 5. his first season there was “awful” but Tregoning has fought back. 7-2 Baddilini. I think everyone thought I’d quit.10 Proofreader 3. 9-2 Bigbury Bay. 10-1 others. 5.B. and start all over again. But at the end of a year.D) J Bonde (US) 5-9-0 E Maldonado J Crowley 15(15) 1-204 LANCELOT DU LAC 21 D Ivory (GB) 5-9-0 D Whyte 16(16) 12-14 PENIAPHOBIA 41 (T.D) T Easterby 7-8-11 7 (2) 43102 DOCTOR PARKES 16 (D) S C Williams 9-8-9 Aaron Jones (7) C Beasley 8 (3) 21006 ROYAL BAJAN 16 (B.FLASHY MEMORIES 144 R Fahey 9-1 (4) (8) 310.GEORGIAN BAY 136 (V.CD) J Mackie 8-11-7 J Holliday (10) 5 34345 BILLY CUCKOO 12 (B. He is also inured to the fragility of trainer-owner relationships.D) Todd Pletcher (US) 5-9-0 L Dettori 202-3 EARNSHAW 30 (T. Royal Bajan. Uttoxeter 4. 10-1 Castle Cheetah.B. 4. 13-2 Akula.45 Maiden Fillies' Stakes (2-Y-O: £3. 8-1 The Horsechesnut.D) E Dunlop 5-9-3 T Eaves (7) 2-211 BARYE 16 (CD) D Simcock 4-8-11 (5) 2602.599: 2m) (10) 44354 PERSIAN HERALD 62 (P. 7-1 Zac Brown.D.175: 7f) (8) S W Kelly (1) 02.D) A Balding (GB) 8-9-0 A Atzeni J Rosario 5 (5) 11-12 LEA 49 (T.” Tregoning said. offered me a chance and I liked what I saw. He told me he would In the spotlight Name Marcus Tregoning Age 55 Married to Arabella.00 Epiphaneia Going: Dirt: fast. either. 10-1 Peggy Do.45 Little Jon 5. 5. (8) (2) (3) (7) (1) (4) (6) (5) Rob Wright Maiden Stakes (£6. “I had no money and no real idea how to make any.AMERICAN HOPE 217 M Murphy 4-9-3 Jenny Powell (5) (1) 3264. anecdotes flowing cheerfully. Tregoning battles back with help of Bronze Angel Saturday interview Derby-winning trainer tells Alan Lee that he remains upbeat after overcoming troubled times L ate in 2012. We’d gone down from 140 horses to 80 and.15 Harp Star 5. with four children Started training 1998 Background Previously assistant to Dick Hern for 14 years Biggest winner Sir Percy. 9-4 Buratino.” he said. 25-1 Misirlou.EURO CHARLINE 224 (D) M Botti (GB) 4-8-9 J Moreira 0-123 UMGIYO 21 (CD) M De Kock (Saf) 5-9-0 J Geroudis 31-11 MSHAWISH 49 (C.25 1 (10) 2 (11) 3 (3) 4 (7) 5 (6) 6 (2) 7 (4) 8 (8) 9 (5) 10 (9) 11 (1) 12(12) 888Sport Handicap (£12. 12-1 others.40 Forest Maiden 2.50 Zampa Manos 4.CD.D) N Twiston-Davies 12-11-7 S Twiston-Davies 41P35 CYCLOP 21 (T) D Dennis 4-11-3 B Hughes -236P CASTLE CONFLICT 49 (B.B.469: 5f) (5) 1 2 3 4 5 BURATINO M Johnston 9-5 YOUNG JOHN R Fahey 9-5 BLUE SMOKE W G M Turner 9-0 LIL'S JOY N Quinlan 9-0 YEAH BABY YEAH Miss G Kelleway 9-0 (5) (4) (1) (2) (3) J Fanning D Nolan A McLean (7) A Beschizza D Muscutt (3) 13-8 Young John.” . his wife.30 Peniaphobia 3. 5-1 Kitty Power. 3.VENTURA QUEST 148 (BF) R Fahey 4-9-5 (4) 60P-P LIKE A DIAMOND 3 (H. 9-4 Got The Nac.DARK RULER 140 (D) G A Swinbank 6-8-7 (2) 52412 RUBAN 10 (T. either.BF) K Burke 6-8-3 J Haynes (3) 6500.CHILWORTH ICON 168 (D) M Channon 5-8-12 D Cremin (7) 1-664 RELATED 12 (V. I wasn’t keen at first but I still went.TRIP TO PARIS 193 E Dunlop 4-8-12 W M Lordan 4511. I got an introduction and met him at Newbury.ATHLETIC 140 (V.P. Turf: good Racing UK/At The Races 2.JACOB CATS 156 (V) W Knight 6-9-3 (1) 0-222 HECTOR'S CHANCE 24 (CD) Mrs H Main 6-8-13 S Levey W Twiston-Davies (2) 1431.MARCANO 219 B Millman 9-1 (2) 3551.RED GALILEO 154 (C) E Dunlop 4-9-0 W M Lordan 2302. was a student of racing.GOLDSLINGER 278 (H) D Ivory 3-8-13 F Tylicki (7) 22.798: 2m 4f 110y) (7) -5235 ASHFORD WOOD 85 (V. 11-1 others. Safari Journey.35 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Conditions Stakes (£5.D) H Daly 10-10-13 Tom O'Brien -6406 IMPERIAL VIC 27 (T.D) H Bethell 10-10-6 Miss H Bethell (7) 3-1 Rich Again. 25-1 others. Yeenaan.05 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Mares' Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race (£1. J Lezcano (1) 001-1 MONTIRIDGE 70 B Shaibani (Ksa) 5-9-0 A Atzeni (2) 02033 SPEED HAWK 21 (P.D) H Graham Motion (US) 6-9-0 R Maragh 6 (6) 1000.” The improbable partnership worked. By his own admission. 8-1 Dungannon. 13-2 Pensnett Bay. 3-1 Ventura Quest.C. 11-2 Cadeaux Power. Tregoning had run the place for 15 years and assisted the late Dick Hern there for eight more.D) Miss Z Davison 7-10-11 Gemma Gracey-Davison (5) A P Cawley 8 5-004 POLVERE D'ORO 20 D Loughnane 5-10-10 B Hughes 9 P540F TENNESSEE BIRD 29 M Sowersby 7-10-5 A Tinkler 10 5P/05 QUITE SPARKY 11 (P) L Egerton 8-10-0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 3-1 Persian Herald. Bundle Of Joy. Gold Will.45 Rah Rah 4.ZAMBEASY 88 (C) P Hide 4-8-9 (5) 54454 THECORNISHCOWBOY 3 (T. 15-2 others. 9-2 Showtime Star. 8-1 Seymour Star. “He broke his neck in a concrete water trough.YEENAAN 159 (D) M Botti 9-7 (3) 1-1 FOREST MAIDEN 21 C Appleby 9-4 1.D) F Nass (Bhr) 7-9-0K Fallon (4) 2010. even subsidising it — he paid me £35 a week and it cost me £50 for bed and breakfast. When the recession struck and I came back home.NOBLE DEED 172 (D) M Attwater 5-8-3 R Powell (3) 03-34 PEARL BLUE 16 (D) J Osborne 7-8-3 E Greatrex (7) 11-2 Boomerang Bob.MIRZA 174 (P. 8-1 Ahtoug. “The Major was shocked. 9-1 Ballybogey.50 Like A Diamond. “The sheikh had been very good to me in the early days and we’d had some great times together but it can sometimes be a mistake to think everything is hunky dory. 10-1 others.BF) F Rohaut (Fr) 4-8-9 (6) 03051 SIR MAXIMILIAN 21 (CD) I Williams (GB) 6-9-0 K Fallon (7) 400-0 SOLE POWER 21 (D.154: 1m 2f Dirt) (9) 1 (1) 01-22 PRINCE BISHOP 21 (V.C) N Twiston-Davies 7-10-10 S Twiston-Davies 4-1 Ashford Wood.CD) A Reid 6-9-3 F Norton (2) 52110 BADDILINI 21 (P.D) D Shaw 5-8-6 12 (6) 12424 DYNAMO WALT 16 (V. 7-2 The Grey Gatsby.CD) P Yiu (Hk) 6-9-0 11(11) 510-3 CASPAR NETSCHER 21 (D) D Simcock (GB) 6-9-0 A Mullen 12(12) -3010 CASPIAN PRINCE 21 (H.D) J Boyle 6-8-6 W A Carson 234-0 PLUCKY DIP 14 (C) John Ryan 4-8-4 Cathy Gannon 0-040 YEEOOW 23 (P.D) J Bethell 6-9-7 S Bell (5) (1) 6610. Jim Wallace. 6-1 Angelito.40 3. 5.45 Novices' Chase (£6. 6-1 Emirates Airline. 4.D) S Lycett 10-11-3 Peter Carberry A Tinkler 7 4P42P SPANISH ARCH 25 (T.938: 1m) (8) (5) 411. Then. 14-1 others. 3.MAFTOON 186 R Hannon 8-12 (7) 3221. 7-2 Rah Rah. Plucky Dip.BROTHERLY COMPANY 144 R Fahey 3-8-11 G Chaloner 46. 8-1 Mshawish. 3-1 Blue Smoke.ERSHAADAAT 144 S Bin Suroor 3-8-8 Matthew Lawson (3) 5-2 Ershaadaat.JUST THE JUDGE 147 C Hills (GB) 5-8-9 9 (9) 165-5 HARP STAR 41 (BF) H Matsuda (Jpn) 4-8-8 R L Moore 3-1 Harp Star.THE GREY GATSBY 196 K A Ryan (GB) 4-9-0 R L Moore 130-2 TRADE STORM 21 (CD) D Simcock (GB) 7-9-0 A Atzeni 02-11 CLADOCERA 37 (CD) A De Royer-Dupre (Fr) 4-8-9 C Soumillon O Murphy 9 (9) 1436. Lady Tennant.PERSONAL TOUCH 140 R Fahey 6-9-5 (2) 03041 SHOWTIME STAR 18 (H. now.D) J Given 4-8-8 T Eaves D Brock (3) 10 (4) 0-204 MEGALEKA 28 (D) A Bailey 5-8-7 Renato Souza 11 (7) 000-3 TOP BOY 16 (V. the bucolic Hampshire village where David Elsworth had famously trained Desert Orchid. 11-1 Pearl Blue.C.10 Handicap Hurdle (£2.256: 2m) (3) B Powell 1 32P24 HERONRY 30 (P) J Snowden 7-11-4 2 3OF46 LITTLE JON 18 (D) N Twiston-Davies 7-11-4S Twiston-Davies A Coleman 3 51P42 GOT THE NAC 26 (D) O Sherwood 6-10-12 Evens Little Jon. “Sheilah. “Either I had to move.846.C) G Baker 4-9-1C Meehan (7) 312-4 SAOI 14 (H) W Knight 8-9-1 F Tylicki 000-5 GEORGE GURU 24 (B. Rosa Imperialis.SIDE GLANCE 154 (E. I know I can train and I know I can spot a good horse.CD) B Leavy 9-11-1 H Challoner (3) 60651 JUMEIRAH LIBERTY 7 (T. 10-1 others.MALIMBI 248 M Johnston 3-8-11 J Fanning 53 REGARDS 32 (BF) C Appleby 3-8-11 S A Gray (3) 3 RULER OF THE NILE 45 (BF) D Simcock 3-8-11 L Keniry SARHAAN B Hills 3-8-11 W Twiston-Davies SYDNEY HEIGHTS C Hills 3-8-11 T E Durcan 9-4 Brotherly Company. 7-2 Deluxe.P. 9-1 On The Right Path.111: 1m 3f) (12) C4 -2603 FIRE FIGHTING 16 (B. 15-2 Tiquer. Flemish School. 10-1 Hokko Tarumae.ARCTIC FEELING 161 (D. 11-2 Cyclop. 6-1 Zambeasy.35 American Hope 2.BF) A Fabre (Fr) 5-9-0 5 (5) 111-1 MAIN SEQUENCE 35 (T.469: 1m 2f) (6) (2) 0040.D) A Cruz (Hk) 4-9-0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 5-1 Peniaphobia.55 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Handicap (3-Y-O: £12. 2.” Tregoning said. 13-2 Related.15 1 2 3 4 5 (4) (1) (2) (3) (5) 888Sport Magnolia Stakes (Listed: £20.469: 1m) (8) 2. 7-1 African Story.” Tregoning chose defiantly and relocated from Lambourn to Whitsbury. he didn’t offer me anything so I went back to New Zealand.D) Miss G Kelleway 5-9-4 D Brock (3) (4) /00-1 CADEAUX POWER 26 (D) T Easterby 4-9-3 D Fentiman B A Curtis (5) -0111 COLOURBEARER 9 (T. 16-1 Caspian Prince. 3. 14-1 Candy Boy.BF) S C Williams 6-8-6 Aaron Jones (7) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Handicap Hurdle (£3.CANDY BOY 146 (T) D Watson 4-9-0 M Barzalona 7 (7) 033-0 LONG RIVER 21 (T. It was not the first of his peripatetic life in racing but. Dubai Sheema Classic Presented By Longines C4 (Group I: £2. Trojan Rocket.D) R Cowell (GB) 4-9-0 (3) 12-25 KRYPTON FACTOR 21 (B.35 Ninjago.THORKHILL STAR 186 R Fahey 8-6 D Muscutt (3) S A Gray (3) D Nolan T E Durcan C Hardie (3) J Fanning T Eaves P P Mathers 7-2 Forest Maiden.V) M Keighley 8-10-13 B Powell 8 62-PP TIQUER 83 A Jones 7-10-3 5.D) Bob Baffert (US) 6-9-0V Espinoza 8 (8) 150-3 LUCKY NINE 41 (H.C. 7-1 Ojai.BF) T Vaughan 8-11-9 A Johns (7) 5-405 BLUE TOP 37 D Burchell 6-11-5 R Dunne 50033 SHIROCCO PASSION 16 (P) T Coyle 4-11-2 J Holliday (10) 16554 BARABOY 8 (T.D) C Hills 6-9-1 G Blackwell (7) 1500. 2. 10-1 others. 11-2 Maftoon.50 1 (1) 2 (10) 3 (4) 4 (7) 5 (9) 6 (8) 7 (6) 8 (3) 9 (5) 10 (2) 11(11) 12(12) 888Sport. 7-1 Amber Sky. 4-1 Horsehill. Rebellious Guest.05 Kitty Power 3.35 S Bowen 1 -4002 BIG JIM 49 A Hales 6-11-2 N Moscrop 2 00-F2 DESERT NOVA 283 M Campion 13-11-2 J Cowley 3 32-F3 GREENSALT 116 (T. A Pogson 1 35224 BALLYBOGEY 32 C Pogson 9-11-12 H Challoner (3) 2 04-26 PRET A THOU 9 (C) J Groucott 12-11-11 D C Costello 3 30021 SAFARI JOURNEY 14 (P) L Egerton 11-11-8 B Hughes 4 10663 RIVER PURPLE 12 (T. “It never troubled me that I might be forgotten.05 Rich Tapestry 3.B) S Ghadayer 4-9-0 M Barzalona 0-610 LIMARIO 21 (CD) D Watson 5-9-0 P Dobbs 1621. basically.00 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Maiden Stakes (£5.RICH TAPESTRY 147 (T.175: 7f) (7) S W Kelly (6) 4620.B. I just said we both knew he would win. 2. 5-1 Masamah.D) M Botti 9-9-4 S A Gray (3) 3 (12) -1405 ZAC BROWN 14 (H. 8-1 Jumeirah Liberty. Megaleka. 7-2 Lea. effectively. 7-2 Zampa Manos.B. 5-2 Greensalt. 6-1 Dolniya.231: 6f Dirt) (14) 4.C) D Simcock 6-9-6 S Levey 3-002 REBELLIOUS GUEST 24 (C) G Margarson 6-9-2 T Queally -3134 NOBLE GIFT 29 (C) W Knight 5-9-2 C Shepherd (7) 1115. 7-1 others. Marcus Tregoning faced a career crossroads.D) Mrs D Sayer 7-11-12 J Reveley 56-03 AKULA 47F (D. 5-1 Hector's Chance. 11-1 Blue Top. “Everything was right and Bronze Angel was in great shape.P. River Purple. but he made an exception for the Cambridgeshire last autumn.D) W Muir (GB) 6-9-0 Martin Dwyer R L Moore 10(10) 140-0 AMBER SKY 62 (T.20 1 T E Durcan (7) -1153 RICH AGAIN 12 (P. 7-1 Oh So Sassy.30 Handicap (£29.D) D Jacobson (US) 5-9-0 C Velasquez 6 (6) 601-5 BIG MACHER 56 (T. What made his 2012 dilemma starker was that. “At the time.B. 10-1 Polvere D'Oro.SPIRIT OF THE LAW 169 (D) R Fahey 6-8-10 G Chaloner D Allan (6) 3315.BF) K Burke 5-9-3J Haynes (3) S Levey (4) 02-06 NINJAGO 30 (B. Just as important.D) A Sherman (US) 4-9-0 V Espinoza 7-4 California Chrome.40 Solow 1 2 3 4 5 Rob Wright 4.D) M W Easterby 5-9-7 P Makin 1-146 TROJAN ROCKET 21 (P. 8-1 others.C. Flintshire.CD) C Wallis 8-9-0 S Donohoe (6) 56-33 ANGELITO 23 E McMahon 6-9-0 (3) 0-145 SPELLMAKER 10 (D) A G Newcombe 6-8-12 Hayley Turner Conditional Jockeys' Maiden Hurdle (£2.CD) D Shaw 4-8-0 P P Mathers 9-2 Oriental Relation. to have a bet. lost his father young and trav- elled to America and New Zealand in search of inspiration.” he said. 6-1 Red Galileo.20 Manballandall Going: soft (good to soft in places) At The Races Rob Wright Rob Wright 1. 6-1 Dark Ruler.C) M Botti 4-8-12 C O'Donoghue -0211 NEW YEAR'S NIGHT 14 C Appleby 4-8-12 Kevin Stott (3) 4056.D) A Bailey 5-9-3 (5) 43302 BRAVO ECHO 10 (CD) M Attwater 9-9-3Michael J M Murphy (3) (3) 0305. 6-1 Fabulous Flyer.OREGON GIFT 122 (D) M Johnston 8-9 (1) 01221 DARK WAR 10 J Given 8-8 (6) 5223. 4-1 Majeed.291: 6f) (12) C4 46-01 PERFECT PASTURE 67 (V. “It planted a seed. 10-1 Fiftyshadesfreed.C) M Johnston 4-9-10 F Norton 43-63 CASTILO DEL DIABLO 66 (P.05 2.C.” They also became extremely close.D) A Balding 8-9-10 Thomas Brown (3) D Muscutt (3) 2 (11) 0-334 MASAMAH 14 (P.15 (Group I: £769. 14-1 One And Only.00 Dubai World Cup C4 Sponsored By Emirates Airline (Group I: £3.D) D Simcock (GB) 6-9-0 Martin Lane 2 (2) 135-1 DOLNIYA 25 (D) A De Royer-Dupre (Fr) 4-8-8 C Soumillon 3 (3) 2-124 TRUE STORY 21 (P.005: 2m 4f) (8) 4-1 Barye. Doctor Parkes. 6-1 Mor Brook. he never expected a Derby victory to guarantee his future.55 Maiden Stakes (2-Y-O: £6.VALBCHEK 100 (P) Jane Chapple-Hyam 6-9-3 7-4 American Hope. 15-2 Red Avenger. Spirit Of The Law. Pret A Thou.BEAUTY PRINCE 134 Clive Cox 3-8-13 S Levey (2) 526. phoned and asked me to go back and help. 4-1 Regards.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 77 FGM Racing Sport Meydan highlights 3.ROMSDAL 196 (C) J Gosden 4-9-0 N Mackay -2423 SOLAR DEITY 21 (C) M Botti 6-9-0 C O'Donoghue 4-7 Romsdal.” He had been there only a few months when Hern suffered his hunting accident.946: 5f) (9) 2. 11-2 Main Sequence. 2006 Derby Worst season 13 winners in 2013 happily kill himself and that shocked me enough to say there was no point me being there unless we could be positive.D) T Coyle 9-11-7 6 423-0 PENSNETT BAY 36 (B.798: 3m) (7) -2536 THE HORSECHESNUT 21 (T. 7-2 Cerutty. 3.D) D Selvaratnam 6-9-0 O Murphy Dane O’Neill 10(10) 35531 SHAISHEE 21 (V.” he said. “He didn’t promise much but said I could come to West Ilsley and do my three horses. 20-1 others. “We had some awful times. largely through the deeds of Bronze Angel. he was conscious it might be the last.GOLD WILL 171 R Beckett 3-8-13 50 GUNNER MOYNE 24 (T) G L Moore 3-8-13 Cathy Gannon (8) 0STORYTALE 205 Michael Bell 3-8-13 C O'Donoghue (6) (3) 24. His employer on an Auckland stud. 9-1 Fire Fighting.40 Dubai Turf Sponsored By DP World (Group I: £2.E) H Dalton 5-9-2 Shirley Teasdale (5) J Fanning (1) 1-201 TOPAMICHI 12 (CD) M Tompkins 5-9-1 T Eaves (6) 1433/ MAJEED 527 D Simcock 5-9-1 (3) -5203 LORD OFTHE SHADOWS 24 R Hannon 6-8-7 Doubtful 7-4 Topamichi. too.CD) J Given 7-8-8 9 (5) 12101 ORIENTAL RELATION 12 (V.C) J Bridger 8-8-12 W A Carson 1004.20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ANWAR R Hannon 9-0 S Levey CLEVERCONVERSATION Jane C-Hyam 9-0 H Poulton (5) FABULOUS FLYER W G M Turner 9-0 E J Walsh (5) LADY NAYEF John Ryan 9-0 R Powell (3) LINGFIELD LASS John Best 9-0 K Fox NAG'S WAG P D Evans 9-0 Doubtful OJAI D Ivory 9-0 S Sanders RAH RAH M Johnston 9-0 F Norton WHAT A WHOPPER P D Evans 9-0 D J Bates (3) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (1) (2) (9) (5) (7) (8) (3) (6) (4) 5-4 Anwar.000 handicap at Ascot and heads the Lincoln weights today. at 53. 4. though after unpromising beginnings.55 Blue Smoke 5. 12-1 Like A Diamond.STEPPER POINT 174 (P. 5. Hern was infamously dismissed as the Queen’s private trainer.30 Handicap Chase (£5. Pied Du Roi. or quit training and do something else. 9-2 Maverick Wave.P.CD) F Nass (Bhr) 5-9-0 (4) 121-0 VIA AFRICA 21 (D) M De Kock (Saf) 6-8-9 C Soumillon P Hanagan (5) 211-6 FARMAH 21 (D. 100-1 Toast And Jam.50 5-1 Billy Cuckoo.25 Oh So Sassy Going: standard Draw: 5f-7f. “There was the option to take it on myself but the sheikh wasn’t promising to send me 50 horses. Colourbearer. 2.30 Zac Brown 5. Spanish Arch.T.469: 6f) (7) 1.55 Pied Du Roi 2. 7-1 Cladocera.C) R Hannon 5-9-3 F Tylicki (7) 4045.05 Cadeaux Power Going: standard Draw: 5f. Sheikh Hamdan al-Maktoum decided he no longer required him as salaried trainer at Kingwood stables. he had been fêted for winning the Derby with Sir Percy.307. 16-1 Desert Nova.CD) M Wigham 7-9-2E J Walsh (5) 300-2 BOOMERANG BOB 21 (C. 5-1 Solar Deity. Farmah. I worked hard. 5-1 Gayath. Kempton Park Chelmsford Uttoxeter 1.339: 2m 4f 110y) (9) 2 3 4 5 6 7 Handicap Hurdle (£3. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Handicap (£6.20 Sarhaan 4.C.CD. just six years earlier. he lost his job. low best Racing UK 2. Unlike others. Blinkered first time: Chelmsford City 5. “If we’d won a classic for him.C) John Ryan 6-8-7 Doubtful 7-4 Proofreader.B.307. Sennockian Star. 10-1 Arctic Feeling. 2-1 Imperial Vic.T. Personal Touch.25 Jazz Man.BF) D Simcock 5-8-10 F Tylicki 31-30 MISHAAL 30 (CD. 12-1 others.C) S Bin Suroor (GB) 4-8-13 James Doyle M Guyon 4 (4) 221-2 FLINTSHIRE 25 (D. “I bet all the money I had — several thousand — on Nashwan to win the Derby in 1989.” he said. 10-1 others.BF) William Mott (US) 6-9-0 P Dobbs 6 (6) 2236. born into a Cornish farming family.BF) R Fahey 7-8-13 S Bell (5) 0/00LOVER MAN 274 (D) K Dalgleish 6-8-12 J Fanning 5 (9) D Allan 6 (1) 0-410 MAPPIN TIME 21 (E. 9-2 Lean Burn.com Rosebery Handicap (£29. who owns the Whitsbury stables and stud. 5-1 Salutos Amigos. I think he just got bored with it. Yeeoow.P) D McCain 7-11-2 B Ffrench Davis (5) 4 21-44 HORSEHILL 80 O Sherwood 6-11-2 P LETSFACETHEMUSIC 26 R Dickin 7-11-2 J Palmowski (3) 5 A Johns 6 60-0P MISIRLOU 64 (T) T Vaughan 5-11-2 T Bellamy 7 11-33 MOR BROOK 20 K Bailey 7-11-2 8 P63O0 TOAST AND JAM 80 (T) Miss C Dyson 6-11-2 M Hamill (3) F Mitchell 9 461-1 PEGGY DO 309P N Henderson 7-10-9 15-8 Big Jim. Perfect Pasture. It had seemed a home for life. Kempton Park 4. Sir Maximilian. four years after being paralysed in a hunting accident.D) Rae Guest (GB) 8-9-0 (9) 4210. Stratford 2. Ninjago. Ruban.111: 1m 2f) (7) R Tart (1) 16-15 MAVERICK WAVE 35 (D) J Gosden 4-9-10 (3) -6000 SENNOCKIAN STAR 28 (V. From the outside.” he said.692: 1m 4f 11y Turf) (9) 1 (1) 116-2 SHEIKHZAYEDROAD 21 (H. Shirocco Passion. Chris Harper.D) K Sumii (Jpn) 5-9-0 C Soumillon 9 (9) 631-2 CALIFORNIA CHROME 49 (B. 7-1 Spellmaker. 9-2 Rich Tapestry.D) T Vaughan 7-11-12 M Byrne 33-14 BOWIE 265 (BF) N Kent 8-11-7 A Wedge 4-315 ROSA IMPERIALIS 36 R Walford 6-11-2 D C Costello 6505 SEYMOUR STAR 49 M Keighley 7-11-0 A Tinkler 04264 PIED DU ROI 64 C Longsdon 5-10-11 B Hughes 1140/ ON THE RIGHT PATH 975 (CD) B Leavy 8-10-11H Challoner (3) 30644 GOLDIE HORN 22 (T.BF) S Bin Suroor (GB) 8-9-0 W Buick 2 (2) 411-1 HOKKO TARUMAE 59 (D) K Nishiura (Jpn) 6-9-0H Miyuki 3 (3) 01-01 AFRICAN STORY 21 (CD) S Bin Suroor (GB) 8-9-0 James Doyle 4 (4) 3334.615: 5f Turf) (16) L Dettori (1) 14-22 GREEN MASK 49 Wesley A Ward (US) 4-9-0 J Moreira (2) 160-2 BUNDLE OF JOY 62 (D) D Hall (Hk) 6-9-0 Luke Morris (3) 36-12 HOTOTO 37 (V.692: 1m 1f Turf) (10) 5311.FLEMISH SCHOOL 128 (P) K Burke 5-8-10 J Haynes (3) 060-0 TOP DIKTAT 80 (CD) G L Moore 7-8-3 Cathy Gannon 4-1 New Year's Night. 5-1 Jaunty Journey.CD) C Appleby (GB) 7-9-0 14(14) 11-41 DISTINCTIV PASSION 33 (T. 7-1 Castle Conflict.C. Manballandall.” Tregoning’s betting is limited.” he said.10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Handicap (£5. one of his two contenders for the rites-ofspring Betway Lincoln today. “Other owners jumped ship. 9-2 Designs On Rome. I didn’t want to leave but I didn’t want to go bust. his future had seemed paved with gold but Sir Percy never won again and Tregoning slid towards obscurity.C.30 River Purple 2. Sole Power.LATIN CHARM 129 (P.D) Richard Baltas (US) 5-9-0J Rosario 7 (7) 224-2 SECRET CIRCLE (56 B. 3-1 Heronry.D) H Tan (Sin) 7-9-0 12(12) 60-41 SUPER JOCKEY 27 (D) A Millard (Hk) 7-9-0 R L Moore P Dobbs 13(13) 221-4 COOL COWBOY 21 (D) D Watson 4-9-0 Doubtful 14(14) 1-211 MUARRAB 22 (D) M Muhairi 6-9-0 11-4 Secret Circle. but his reflections remain raw.30 Spanish Arch. 4.ONE AND ONLY 90 (D) K Hashiguchi (Jpn) 4-8-13C Demuro J Moreira 7 (7) 51-11 DESIGNS ON ROME 27 J Moore (Hk) 5-9-0 A Atzeni 8 (8) 3313.CD) A Carroll (GB) 6-9-0 A Kirby W Buick 13(13) 0-612 AHTOUG 21 (P.30 Dubai Golden Shaheen Sponsored By Gulf News Al Quoz Sprint Empowered By IPIC (Group I: £384.FARRAAJ 104 D Selvaratnam 6-9-0 111-1 SOLOW 25 (D) F Head (Fr) 5-9-0 M Guyon 10(10) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) 5-2 Solow. I still love the life.BF) C Chang (Hk) 7-9-0O Doleuze (5) 11-11 SALUTOS AMIGOS 21 (B.EMIRATES AIRLINE 224 (BF) S Bin Suroor 3-8-11 T Eaves GAYATH R Hannon 3-8-11 C Hardie (3) 0. I’d probably still be at Kingwood now.DELUXE 197 R Hannon 3-8-13 FIRE AND PASSION J Gask 3-8-13 T Queally (5) S Sanders (4) 00.05 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Handicap (£6.35 Big Jim 3.15 Aussie Reigns 4. he would want Dick Hern to train them. Prince Bishop.983: 1m 2f) (5) C4 5-630 AFONSO DE SOUSA 14 (H) D O'Meara 5-9-0 Sam James 2-000 AUSSIE REIGNS 30 (V. 2. low numbers best At The Races 1.BF) M Herrington 5-8-8 F Norton 1040. 10-1 Mishaal. 40-1 Letsfacethemusic. 11-2 others. The Major was a terrible sight — a powerful man reduced to a slab of meat. 33-1 Side Glance. told me I couldn’t afford it. “We still only have 50-odd horses.” Tregoning regards his fate philosophically.D) C Fownes (Hk) 8-9-0 B Prebble 9 (9) -3352 UNITED COLOR 21 (T.560: 2m) (9) 05-0 ANNIES IDEA 318 Miss M Rowland 6-11-2 A Pogson KITTY POWER N Twiston-Davies 6-11-2 S Twiston-Davies LETS HOPE SO Miss E Lavelle 5-11-2 A Coleman 0 MISS TONGABEZI 29 P Webber 6-11-2 Tom O'Brien 5 SUPERFECTION 24 D McCain 6-11-2 A Lane BIGBURY BAY W Greatrex 4-10-9 D C Costello MAYBELL A Hales 4-10-9 Killian Moore (3) PRECIEUX S Hollinshead 4-10-9 A Tinkler WHATIKNOWNOW C Wallis 4-10-9 P Moloney 11-4 Superfection.” he said.15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Handicap (£29. 12-1 others. 4. “He told me that if he had horses in England.175: 1m 3f) (7) L Keniry (3) 36/31 PROOFREADER 3 (CD) N Mulholland 6-9-13 T Queally (6) 00-65 ARC LIGHTER 14 (T) S Durack 6-9-7 C O'Donoghue (4) 3312. Persuading owners and staff to come was difficult but we got through.CD) T D Barron 4-9-2 4 (10) 0014. “I remembered William Haggas telling me that nothing came out of Shaamit’s Derby.EPIPHANEIA 90 (T.FIFTYSHADESFREED 170 (P. Tregoning. 20-1 Sheikhzayedroad.00 Goldslinger 2. 15-2 Baraboy.C. It was a chipper Tregoning who met me at Whitsbury this week. Goldie Horn.

.. he keeps it to himself. 38 9 10 19 40 54 Cheltenham.... 38 Peterborough.... Bulgaria v Italy (7. Crawley Town v Gillingham... He would think.... Oxford United v Carlisle. what track session am I doing. South: Cambridge v Clifton. second leg: Cardiff v Belfast (6.. Gymnastics: Echo Arena......0). Sky Bet League One: Fleetwood Town v Preston (2. Cornish Pirates v Plymouth Albion.... Group B: Andorra v Bosnia-Herzegovina (7. League Two: North: Ampthill v Hull...30).... although Khan has not seemed too keen. Yorkshire Carnegie v Jersey. BT Scottish Premiership: Melrose v Ayr. you don’t know it’s there..0 unless stated Aviva Premiership: Leicester v Exeter. Dartford v Altrincham........ The queue to face Mayweather is a long one and contains many bigger names than the Yorkshireman.. Tynedale v Blackheath. “In training it’s not about..30..... Gainsborough v AFC Fylde. Tomorrow Football Kick-off 5. whom Brook has been chasing for years.. they don’t think they need someone with them when they go out... Peebles v Stewart’s Melville FP. which I intend to do hopefully this year......38 Walsall... the four-weight world champion from Mexico and the last man to beat Pacquiao...38 10 13 15 38 45 Carlisle... controlling his eating.. but Dominic Ingle.. Leamington v Stalybridge....... Nuneaton v Halifax. Kingstone Press Championship: London Broncos v Halifax (3... is the target tale of the tape Brook Dan 28 Age 33 Sheffield Home town Montreal 33 Wins 34 22 Stoppage wins 18 0 Losses 2 0 Stoppage losses 0 5ft 9in Height 5ft 9½in 69in Reach 70½in 10st 5lb 9oz Weight 10st 6lb 4oz Television Sky Sports 1 from 7..000 (0) 0 .15)... ‘Is he going to fight again. Rugby union Kick-off 3.38 16 10 12 43 42 Plymouth.. he believes...... Sedgley Park v Caldy (2. considering that last September.. P Bristol City. Notts County v Scunthorpe.....38 Leyton Orient.. National League: First division: Biggar v Jed-Forest.38 14 12 12 51 52 Northampton.. Sheffield. Surrey v Leeds (6... Fife v Sheffield (7.. Gymnastics: Echo Arena..38 17 12 9 44 35 Luton..... for the vacant European super-bantamweight title.. the home of Sheffield United..0).... East Stirling v Arbroath. of Ukraine... perhaps is a more likely option.. UCD v Old Belvedere.. East Fife v Montrose...38 16 9 13 42 28 Stevenage.. Sheffield v Hunslet (4. It’s as if he has stored it off in part of his mind as if it never happened... Brook’s recovery from the incident has been remarkable......0)... Macclesfield v Blaydon.” Ingle said.. What gives Brook an advantage..... Carmarthen Quins v Newport. Scarlets v Edinburgh (2... of Belarus... He is as hard a trainer as anyone.......... not a hero....15)..30).38 Scunthorpe. Scotland v Gibraltar (at Hampden Park). ‘Yeah... Northampton v Luton... Pontypridd v Llandovery..15).0).. is the IBF welterweight title that he defends against Dan at the Motorpoint Arena...... he is huge. Maidenhead United v Gosport Borough... Peterborough v Coventry.. three weeks after he won his world title by beating Shawn Porter on points in California... Terenure v Lansdowne. Concord Rangers v Ebbsfleet United.. but he looks down at his leg and knows that it did. he has a middleweight’s appetite’. Dunfermline v Morton..38 W 25 21 21 20 17 17 16 16 14 14 14 14 13 12 14 11 10 11 11 11 12 10 10 8 D 8 10 7 9 10 5 7 5 11 10 10 9 12 12 6 13 13 10 10 9 6 9 8 9 L 5 6 9 9 11 16 15 16 13 14 14 14 11 14 18 13 15 16 17 17 20 18 20 21 F 73 63 65 76 55 46 51 63 48 39 49 54 46 52 47 36 43 48 43 37 35 47 46 28 A 32 32 39 40 43 46 50 50 48 43 56 49 42 56 53 41 54 60 64 50 68 53 63 58 GD Pts 41 83 31 73 26 70 36 69 12 61 0 56 1 55 13 53 0 53 -4 52 -7 52 5 51 4 51 -4 48 -6 48 -5 46 -11 43 -12 43 -21 43 -13 42 -33 42 -6 39 -17 38 -30 33 League Two: Bury v Southend. Lydney v Taunton...300 (2) 3 Schar 17...... Boston United v Worcester. Whitehawk v Weston-super-Mare... however.15)... first leg: Braehead v Hull (7.. Darlington Mowden Park v Rosslyn. North: Barrow v Bradford Park Avenue.. Birmingham & Solihull v Huddersfield (2. 38 14 7 17 46 51 *Accrington.. London Irish v Newcastle.0..38 7 17 14 37 45 Tranmere ..45).15.... Heart of Midlothian v Queen of the South...38 Yeovil.. Saracens v Harlequins (3..38 21 8 9 56 28 Wycombe... ‘What am I having breakfast... Hyde v Stockport County..38 20 7 11 50 37 Southend..45).. Liverpool: British Championships. an unbeaten middleweight. in his home satiable appetite for food. Cross Keys v Bedwas.38 10 6 22 29 57 * does not include last night’s match GD Pts 24 76 28 71 21 71 13 67 9 63 8 58 1 58 14 57 6 57 -1 54 7 53 0 52 2 49 -3 49 -5 49 -16 46 -14 45 0 44 -7 43 -17 41 -8 38 -14 37 -20 37 -28 36 Vanarama Conference: Alfreton Town v Barnet..30)....... Ospreys v Zebre (7..38 11 11 16 51 51 Oxford United.... that guy looks like a middleweight’ and I said.... at Wembley Stadium)..... Rangers v Cowdenbeath. Launceston v Old Elthamians (2.. Dolphin v Ballynahinch. Ireland v Poland (7....37 Colchester........ I will be there to face him. ‘Man.38 Port Vale. There are some nutcases out there and you never know what is around the next corner.... Welbeck 45 Sterling 58... Dumbarton v Falkirk. Exeter v Morecambe.. Harrogate Town v Lowestoft Town.. second leg: Glossop North End (2) v St Austell (0). Watsonians v Aberdeen Grammar.. says that there have been seemingly no long-term physical consequences from the attack. Worcester v London Scottish..78 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times Sport Boxing Brook aims to make Mayweather bout more than idol talk Ron Lewis on the boxer in search of his dream contest months after the machete attack that nearly ended his career T hey say you should never meet your heroes.30). Hartlepool v Cambridge United.. Weiss 21 Pekarik 40 Spain (1) 1 Morata 28 Slovakia Spain Ukraine Belarus Macedonia Luxembourg Belarus (1) 2 Kalachev 44 Komilenko 81 Luxembourg (0) 0 9.30)..30).......37 MK Dons... Adam Etches.. FA Vase: Semi-final.... Leyton Orient v Port Vale.000 Slovakia (3) 3 Nemec 10...45).... Boxing: Motorpoint Arena. Ealing Trailfinders v Coventry.37 Doncaster. “He’s been at the top for so many years and no one has come close to touching him...0). Greene King IPA Championship: Doncaster v Nottingham (2. takes a step up in class against Sergey Khomitsky. Hednesford v Oxford City... Peterhead v Stranraer.. Xhaka 27 Seferovic 79 Estonia 14. Group H: Azerbaijan v Malta (5.. Belfast).. It has meant that Brook has shared a room during trainin training camp with his nutritionist to ensure tionis that he does not sneak snacks to eat after hours...0).. Sky Bet League One: Bradford v Oldham. Greene King IPA Championship (3...45).... “He has an in- Back in the spotlight: Brook returns to action against Dan. Bristol City v Barnsley.15)... Once I take out a big name.. one American reporter was going...0 unless stated European Championship qualifying: Group A: Czech Republic v Latvia (5.38 Notts County ... Hull v Braehead (6. Rugby league First Utility Super League: Catalans Dragons v Leeds (5..... Kazakhstan v Iceland. But Gavin has the chance to raise his profile on the Sheffield bill as he faces Oleksandr Yegorov.. Leicester v Plymouth (8...0)... Kelso v Selkirk..30). 87... Israel v Wales (5.0)..... Now Brook views Mayweather as a rival and believes that he has a chance of getting to the American if he beats Jo Jo Dan tonight.37 Crawley. Dagenham & Redbridge v Wycombe. Sale v Gloucester (2.. Belgium v Cyprus (7.... SSE National League One: Cinderford v Fylde (2. “But it doesn’t seem to have affected him.. “My first thought was not. P W D L F A Burton.. said.....37 Swindon... Leigh v Whitehaven (3.” Brook....0)........ I remember before the Porter fight. Solihull Moors v Gloucester.... Holland v Turkey (7........30)...38 14 10 14 49 49 Portsmouth.0)...524 Ukraine (0) 0 45.38 Rochdale. at Sammy Ofer Stadium...38 16 9 13 52 46 Exeter.45).. Munster v Connacht (5.0). Ice hockey: Rapid Solicitors Elite League: Play-offs.. FA Trophy: Final: North Ferriby United v Wrexham (1.30): Clontarf v Cork Constitution.” The biggest problem for Brook in training has been the same as always. Portugal v Serbia (7.0). ‘Who am I sparring today.. He is heading towards 40 and getting old and I think the time is right for a young lion like me to come through..000 P W 5 5 5 4 5 3 5 1 5 1 5 0 D 0 0 0 1 0 1 L 0 1 2 3 4 4 F 11 14 6 4 5 3 A 2 3 2 10 12 14 Pts 15 12 9 4 3 1 Group E England (2) 4 Lithuania (0) 0 San Marino (0) 0 Rooney 7..30)... “He never really opens up to anybody.0)...0). for a summer clash at Bramall Lane...38 Chesterfield. Chinnor v Bishops Stortford...38 23 7 8 56 32 Shrewsbury. Football European Championship qualifying Group C Macedonia (1) 1 Trajkovski 9 4...... Rugby league Kingstone Press Championship: Bradford v Workington (3.. Kidderminster v Braintree Town..38 16 5 17 56 49 AFC Wimbledon.. Dings Crusaders v Worthing (2..0). Chesterfield v Walsall.38 12 5 21 45 62 York.... Hartpury College v Loughborough (2. Dan is unlikely to roll over if Brook gets on top and has a reputation for coming Fixtures Results Today Football Kick-off 3. Coventry v Nottingham (5. Other sport Basketball: BBL Championship: Bristol v London (7.. Macclesfield v Bristol Rovers (12. am I having a bedtime snack?’ That’s all that’s on his mind.. Young Munster v St Mary’s.. Boreham Wood v Hemel Hempstead.0 unless stated European Championship qualifying: Group D: Georgia v Germany.... Group I: Albania v Armenia.. below.0). Liverpool: British Championships... Kampl 49 Struna 50 Novakovic 52 Lazarevic 72 Switzerland 8.40). Sheffield United v Crewe.. Haifa)....37 Coventry. 28....... Berwick v Queen’s Park.38 Preston. what am I having for lunch........ Kane 72 Slovenia (1) 6 Ilicic 10. Chester v Woking. Guinness PRO12: Benetton Treviso v Newport Gwent Dragons (7. Romania v Faroe Islands.. SWALEC Welsh Cup: Quarter-finals (2.... he was in a critical condition in hospital in Tenerife after being hacked on the left leg by a machete. he has always been that way.38 12 9 17 32 46 Cambridge... Hull Ionians v Luctonians. Richmond v Wharfedale..... it was is he going to live?’ ” Ingle said. Annan Athletic v Clyde. Eastbourne Borough v Sutton United.... “Once they become stars. Portsmouth v Shrewsbury.. Southend v Canterbury. Southport v Torquay..30). Sheffield v Fife (5... Broadstreet v Leicester Lions. Currie v Glasgow Hawks. Dover v AFC Telford.38 13 10 15 40 43 Dag & Red . ‘I’m a downto-earth Sheffield lad and I can fight.... Gateshead v Eastleigh... Lincoln City v Forest Green. Stockport v Otley.38 Oldham.... Tranmere v AFC Wimbledon... his trainer...... Esher v Old Alba- nian. Henley v Shelford... 36 Gillingham. 37 Crewe.0)......... Rugby union Aviva Premiership: London Welsh v Bath (2.. at Wembley Stadium). Bishop’s Stortford v Farnborough. Mentally I can’t see anything different and it’s not affected him in training. Ice hockey: Rapid Solicitors Elite League: Playoffs.... Group F: Hungary v Greece (7.... which will be the only one that Mayweather does not hold if he beats Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas on May 2. a former world lightweight champion.. There was a time when Brook so idolised Floyd Mayweather that he named his pet Jack Russell terrier Floyd...38 19 14 5 57 36 Bury.. Scottish Championship: Alloa v Livingston.... Croatia v Norway (5.37 Bradford City .. Dundee HSFP v GHA.0).. why do I need anyone with me?’ But you do...38 Fleetwood Town. Northern Ireland v Finland (at Windsor Park.. Other sport Basketball: BBL Championship: Durham v Plymouth (4. and Brandon Rios...38 16 10 12 45 37 *Newport Co....... the WBA bantamweight champion. Chester v Harrogate..... Sheffield: IBF Welterweight Championship: K Brook (Sheffield.. Ayr v Brechin. That such names can be talked about at all seems astonishing.. South: Basingstoke v Wealdstone. League One: Airdrieonians v Stenhousemuir..38 12 13 13 44 42 Morecambe....0): Bristol v Bedford.. Ulster Bank Irish League: First division: Section A (2....30)..38 8 13 17 35 55 Hartlepool. “I feel I have been overlooked in all of this.. Hillhead/Jordanhill v Marr...... but Kell Brook not only has ambitions to meet his hero but to punch him in the mouth. It meant that a planned first defence in December had to be scrapped. North Shields (1) v Highworth Town (0)... Welling v Grimsby. Chelmsford v Havant & Waterlooville. London v Worcester (4..... largely because he is the identical twin brother of Jamie McDonnell.” Part of the battle for Brook tonight will be to keep his emotions in check on a night he feared might never happen... Bath City v Bromley. Raith v Hibernian..... Glasgow v Cheshire (5..15)..... “He’s a target now...0)... Nottingham v Coventry (7. Mansfield v York..38 Sheffield United . what am I having for dinner.. what weight session?’ — it’s about...0). Chorley v Tamworth... Colwyn Bay v Brackley..... Rochdale v Yeovil. Dorking v Redruth..30): Bridgend v Merthyr.. holder) v J J Dan (Rom).. League Two: Albion v Elgin..45).” The ideal summer opponent would be Amir Khan..0).. Manchester v Newcastle (6.... “It is tough for him because he is a big welterweight. Instead Juan Manuel Márquez.38 13 7 18 47 63 Mansfield... Doncaster v Batley (2.. St Albans v Staines Town..... Forfar v Stirling..38 Barnsley. If you don’t see the scar.30pm Radio Radio 5 Live from 10pm 6 Gavin McDonnell has more difficulty than most in getting his face known..45). Cheltenham v Plymouth. Preston Grasshoppers v Stourbridge (2..

NR: Seraphima. 2. 4Kl. Team Sky) at 12s. Contador at 7s. Team Sky) at 8:40s. C Froome (GB. 1Kl.25 (3m hdle) 1. P Tiralongo (It. 3. 4. NR: The Orange Rogue.” Nicola Adams has disclosed that she boxed her way to a Commonwealth Games gold medal last summer virtually one-handed after suffering a serious shoulder injury. LottoNL) at 1:09s. his hero. 71.4%. Team Sky) at 46s. A Contador (Sp. Froome at 36:46s. 2. Women: Second round: S Halep (Rom) bt N Vaidisova (Cz) 6-4. 2. Dark Dune (5th) 3-1 jt-fav. Jockey Kevin Stott. 3 wins from 9 rides. 3. 8 ran. 70. My bicep had totally detached from the shoulder and my rotator cuff had detached too. Quadpot: £19. 3. M Walford. Conjola (9-1). B Ritthammer (Ger) 71. “Once you find yourself at the destination you want to be. 3.05 (6f 1yd) 1. 6l. 13 ran. P Larrazabal (Sp) 70. He said there was. matching Adams’ achievement in 2008. 6-2. 3. 3-6. Avidity (Lucy Alexander. Penny Dreadful (7-1). 3. Nk. 3. 3. Kl. 6. Knight In Purple (7-1). 4l. Doncaster: Trainers R Varian. D Drysdale 67. 1Nl. N Mulholland. E De Giles. With two arms I’m going to be unstoppable. 7-2 fav). 5 from 17. Placepot: £9. 2. 11 ran. A Kristoff (Nor. Lingfield Park Going: standard 2.20 (2m 110yd hdle) 1. 215.” It was an injury she had to keep quiet about as well. Shantou Village (T Scudamore. Lakefield Rebel (5-1). Bardiani) at 21s. “There is always going to be someone who takes your spot. Light Rose (14-1). Kl. Miss Giler (3-1). Frank The Barber (3-1 jt-fav). Aru at 27s.022. 9 ran.40 (2m 4f ch) 1. 69. 9 ran. R Green (Aus) 68. 17 ran. he can’t afford a slip-up or to take his foot off the gas.” Adams said. 8. P Chamings. 69. 6-2. 6-1. 3. “It’s not like athletics where you can say ‘I’ve hurt my hamstring. “It was horrible. AG2R). G Thomas (GB. Ol. Everyone in the national championships will want to get in there and beat Nicola Adams. Plus Jamais. Vasco D’ycy (7-2). 1Ol. Big Sound (12-1). Whichwaytobougie. 14 ran. 83. you are going to be a good boxer. S Benson 73. 3 from 8. Brother Tiger (A Kirby. B R Millman. S Stosur (Aus) bt P Parmentier (Fr) 6-1. Kingstone Press Championship: Dewsbury 28 Featherstone 38. 1l. 2-1 fav). “I wasn’t able to throw my left hand properly. 7. Down The Line (3-1). 4. B Tomic (Aus) bt A Krajicek (US) 7-6. 5-2). sh hd.00 (1m 1yd) 1. 3-1 fav). Lisa Whiteside.30 (1m 2f) 1. 6. Arabian Oasis (P Makin. 4. Chapeau Bleu (13-2). J O’Shea. 19 from 82.” Adams says she had to fight with one hand during her semi-final Yesterday’s racing results Group G Liechtenstein (0) 0 Austria 6. Tickenwolf (150-1). Kl. 70. 1N. 16-1). Shadows Lengthen (22-1). 5-2). 6-4. Maybelater (Danny Brock. 68. 10. 3. 3. 2. 3Ol. 2. 2-1 fav). 2Nl. Subversive (F Norton. 2 M Kvasina (Cro. W Kelderman (Neth. Greene King IPA Championship: Moseley 26 Rotherham 32. J Larsson (Swe) bt L Safarova (Cz) 7-6. 2. 4. Guinness PRO12: Leinster 34 Glasgow 34. 71. Tennis Miami Open Men: Second round: A Murray (GBr) bt D Young (US) 6-4. 2. BMC Racing) at 22s.” Win tonight and Brook will join all the other welterweights wanting a crack at Mayweather before the American retires. 72. 7-5. Hull KR 24 St Helens 22. 7 ran. 2. 139: B Evans 69. 3. 6 ran. 100-30 fav). Rosquero (7-2).15 (6f 1yd) 1. Grosmont (15-2). 2Ol. Ol. 39. 2. 4. 5. 1l. 1Kl. M Orrin 70. North America (11-8). N Mulholland. 2. Executive Benefit (Mr G Crow. NR: Bold Grove. He knows now that he is not a kid anymore and is probably in the last three or four years of his career. P Badosa (Sp) bt Zheng Saisai (China) 6-1.4km): 1. 2. K Anderson (S Africa) bt S Querrey (US) 6-7. 7-2). 100-1). S Bin Suroor. Mrs J Walton. Smidgen (F Tylicki. 7. matching her achievement in the London Olympics two years earlier. her longtime sparring and training partner on the GB podium squad. Adams made history by becoming the first female boxing champion at the Commonwealth Games. 8. 195. NR: Baywing. 3. Movistar) 4hr 25min 52sec. Available (11-1). “Now he has realised that he has got everything to lose. “In boxing.15 (2m hdle) 1. 9 ran. Leading overall positions: 1. Bobby Benton (7-2). Quadpot: £10. May 3. 2.30 (1m 5f) 1. Orica GreenEdge). J Ewart. M Trentin (It. Bongiorno at 54s. D Quinn. Her determination to compete in Glasgow meant she had to put off surgery and train through pain for seven months. NR: And The Man. D Gavrilova (Russ) bt M Sharapova (Russ) 7-6. Ulster 36 Cardiff Blues 17. Etixx-QuickStep) at 25s. 1l. 83 pen Montenegro (0) L Russia Austria Sweden Russia Montenegro Liechtenstein Moldova P W 5 4 5 2 4 1 4 1 5 1 5 0 D 1 3 2 2 1 1 L 0 0 1 1 3 4 (0) L F 10 7 6 3 1 2 Under-21 International Czech Rep (0) 0 England A 2 3 3 2 11 8 Pts 13 9 5 5 4 1 (0) 1 Carroll 48 League Two Accrington 1. Roche at 19:20s. 100-30). Lampre) at 1:13s.” Adams had surgery in September. Sonnythenavigator (8-1). M D I Usher. Kvasina at 41s. Janko 16 Alaba 18. Purple Harry (Nico de Boinville. 6-1. O Farr 70. Vejovis (10-1). 70. Chelwood Gate (G Baker. 62. D Atapuma (Col.80. 9. C Appleby. D Lopez (Sp. Astana). J Lagergren (Swe) 72. Kl. Wigan Warriors 52 Wakefield Trinity Wildcats 10. 72. F Bongiorno (It. 8l. When I am punching now I’m wondering how I could even get through training with it.5%. 6-1. E3 Harelbeke (Harelbeke to Harelbeke. Pozzovivo at 5s. Le Fin Bois (4-1 fav). Team Sky) 4hr 28min 10s. 4. Lupo D'Oro (4-1). Nebula Storm (9-4 fav). 6-5 fav). R Santos (Por) 69. Emral Silk (3-1 jt-fav). Rugby union Aviva Premiership: Northampton 52 Wasps 30. Big Casino (11-2).15 (5f 216yd) 1. Everylasting (9-1). South Korea 1 Uzbekistan 1.8%. but it was going to be really hard. 2. Morocco: Leading second-round scores (Great Britain and Ireland unless stated): 138: R Ramsay 72. 5 ran. Aristo Du Plessis (Dale Irving. Masirann (8-1).3km): 1. Reginald Claude (S De Sousa. 2. 2. 3. nk. 73. Selected: 15. R Valls (Sp. Uran at 18s. Every fight he has from now is a career-defining fight. NR: Rinnagree Rosie.” Adams suffered the injury in training in January and went for a scan after suffering pain during a sparring session. 33. J Campillo (Sp) 71. See The Legend (16-1). Looking Well (B P Harding. 30. 73. Ol. J Van Zyl (S Africa) 69. Coppi e Bartali. Evens fav). 1-12 fav). 3-1).00. “In the semi-finals it went completely and I had to win the last two rounds with one hand. Golf European Tour Trophee Hassan II Agadir.5%. “I knew I was as fit as I could possibly get myself.80. G Coetzee (S Africa) 67. Takafol (6th) 8-13 fav. J Ewart. 73. 2. I couldn’t sleep on my left side from the moment I did it and I was on painkillers. 66. Notonebuttwo (pu) 7-2 fav. R Cabrera Bello (Sp) 69. 4. Clarentine (10-11 fav). Honourable Gent (15-2). D Griffiths. Katusha). 3. 3Nl. P S McEntee. Placepot: £1. De Vous A Moi (7-4 fav).15 (2m 119yd) 1. 9. 6-2. I just focus on myself. I Stannard (GB. G M Moore. But the physios and doctors were very good and patched me up for the final and I managed to scrape through it. 70. 10-11 fav). 27. Woodbridge (5th) 13-8 fav. 6l. S Kuznetsova (Russ) bt A Riske (US) 6-2. 6-1). BMC Racing) at 15s. it could be the No 1 spot on the squad and the chance to get a head start on the road to the Rio Olympics next year. 6 ran. 5.40 (5f 6yd) 1. Kempton Park: Trainers M Herrington. 6-3. Kl. Porte 22hr 58min 20sec. 37. 72.45 (5f 216yd) 1. 70. 3. 6-4. D Howell 70. meaning she missed the World Championships in South Korea. T Fleetwood 70. 3 from 16. 2. Mossies Well (15-8 fav).50 (2m 6f hdle) 1. 9-4). even though he knows that it will not be up to him whether that bout happens. Finished alone. 1l. 11-10 fav). 2. Montoya’s Son (Craig Nichol. Wetherby Going: good (good to soft in places) 2. Opera Buff (9-2). G Muguruza (Sp) bt S Karatantcheva (Bul) 6-1. Lady Ra (80-1). 3. 13 ran. Go Nani Go (20-1). Investissement (Charlotte Jenner. 7-6. 2. Team Sky). Placepot: £25. D Martin (Ire. 7-6.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 79 FGM Boxing Sport ANDREW COULDRIDGE / ACTION IMAGES / REUTERS Adams reveals the pain that preceded gain in Glasgow Ron Lewis Boxing Correspondent town tonight with half an eye on a bout against Mayweather. 2. 3. “He does what he wants. Italy Second stage (160km): 1. 8. 140: A Wall 68. 70. “I just said to myself that ’t I didn’t want to let the fans down. 9 ran. 7 ran. P Butler. 4-6. 6-0. F Aru (It. Miss T Jackson. S Giraldo (Col) bt R Haase (Neth) 6-2. 2. 3. 9 ran. L Mayer (Arg) bt J Nieminen (Fin) 6-4. 4 from 13. 2Kl. Placepot: £227. 1N. 1N.500 Ibrahimovic 46. 4.3%. 2l. 5.45 (5f 216yd) 1. D Horsey 70. 3. 3. A Valverde (Sp. Atapuma at 43s.2%. 14 ran. 2. 23. 2.10 (2m 4f hdle) 1.” she said. 6-3. N Roche (Ire. Hd. because I had to totally change my style. “I suppose if you have got an Olympic champion to spar with.127 Harnik 14.20 (2m 6f 110yd ch) 1. Martin at 1:35s. Dream Ally (11-4 fav). R Porte (Aus.” Adams said. Kl. 9-1). 1l.” Ingle said.8%. Team Sky) 5hr 14min 57sec. 6. 2. but I wasn’t competing at 100 per cent. 2. 2 ran. Westerly (9-1).’ ” she said. Team Felbermayr) at 16s. Red Flute (Adam Beschizza. That’s why winning the Commonwealth Games was a bit more heartfelt. Reassert.80. R Uran (Col. 3l. the winner of Mayweather against Pacquiao and me.40 (2m 110yd ch) 1. I might not run as good. I was restricted to doingg six rounds of punching [in training] because the shoulder could just give way. S Stephens (US) bt M Keys (US) 6-4. C Paisley 71. 72. 7. took her place and won a silver medal. Team Sky) at 44s.15 (1m 1f 103yd) 1. K Dalgleish. 26.111 (0) 0 Newport Co (0) 2 O’Connor 65 Jeffers 90+1 Internationals: Costa Rica 0 Paraguay 0. 3. nk. M Johnston. 3. 6 ran. but that is the same when I box in an international tournament. Jockey J Fanning. 2.40. 4 ran. C Giorgi (It) bt A Van Uytvanck (Belg) 6-3. Cycling Volta a Catalunya Fifth stage (Alp to Valls. 2. 2. Warrington Wolves 10 Huddersfield Giants 29.68 carried forward to Doncaster today). 6. But I just had to get on with it. 1Ol. C Wood 67. 3-6. 1l. U Name It (11-2). D Pozzovivo (It. 5-4 fav).30 (2m 110yd flat) 1. Wolverhampton Going: standard 5. And that day there will be only two men with world titles at welterweight. 3Kl.45 (7f 32yd) 1. C Allen. but I don’t think about it that much. as the nature of the sport could have led to opponents targeting the injury if they were aware of it. 57 from 215. Did not finish: A Fenn (GB. Hd. Quadpot: £53. 66-1). 7-1). He has become more confi- dent and self-assured.60. 5 winners from 8 runners. Jackpot: not won (pool of £4. K Nara (Japan) bt C Garcia (Fr) 6-3. 3. 72.” Brook said. “I spoke to Dr Mike Loosemore [GB Boxing’s medical officer] and asked him if there was any way to make it to Glasgow. 1l. Jockey Mr S Walker. Kl. 7 ran.10 (2m 4f hdle) 1. 7-6. “People were saying I was boxing differently from how I normally do and I was. A Blythe (GB.50 (3m ch) 1. Japan 2 Tunisia 0. Cowslip (Joseph Palmowski. B Hills. Apollo Eleven (5th) Evens fav. G Muguruza Blanco (Sp) bt S Karatantcheva (Bulgaria) 6-1. 1Nl. 69. 9 ran. R Bland 69. The pair are likely to meet during the ABA finals from April 26 to 28 at the Echo Arena. 6-4. 5. 7. Quadpot: £3. “It’s a hundred times better now. 6-3. 2. Junazovic 73 Arnautovic 90 Moldova (0) 0 (2) 5 Sweden (0) 2 10. V Azarenka (Belarus) bt J Jankovic (Serbia) 6-1. Rouge Nuage (J Quinn. 2. Divine Call (3-1). “But the day after Mayweather fights Pacquiao is my birthday. Gigawatt (5-4 fav). 15-2). K Phelan 70. 7-5. B Swift (GB. D Thiem (Austria) bt F Lopez (Sp) 7-6. Rumble Of Thunder (14-1). Z Stybar (Cz. 68. Taws (Aaron Jones. 3. 6 ran. Lightening Rod (33-1). Return Flight (12-1). 8-1). if you say you have a bad shoulder. you always find yourself looking behind you rather than at who is in front. “I have got a very big target on my back. I had to do loads of rehab. Valverde at 16s. 3.00 (5f 6yd) 1. 29. 1Nl. Astana). J Portman. Gin Cobbler (11-4). 71. Team Sky) at 38s. C Longsdon. the first thing they are going to attack is your shoulder. Course specialists Chelmsford: Trainer J Gosden. He has to push for those bigmoney fights. Hills And Dales (7-4). 70. N Alexander. T van Garderen (US. 10. “If I focused on everybody who wanted to beat me I’d never get anything done. Highlander Ted (Jake Greenall. Etixx QuickStep) at 38s. 6l. 3. China 2 Haiti 2. T Berdych (Cz) bt Chung Hyeon (S Korea) 6-3.50. so Brook will have to be patient and not let the adrenaline of boxing in front of a packed arena push him into trying to force an early stoppage. Tinkoff-Saxo) at same time. 6 ran. Mr Burbidge (M J Quinlan. 6-2. From this point on. 3. Margot Rose (3-1 jt-fav). G Garcia-Lopez (Sp) bt Ja-L Struff (Ger) 6-4. 4. It’s shown me that if I really dedicate myself I can achieve anything. Greenlaw (N D Fehily. 3. 3. 2010 and 2012. Have You Had Yours (J Reveley. 2Nl. Gentlemen (P C O’Donnell.55 (2m 110yd hdle) 1. . Bigindie (14-1). 68. Swift 7hr 3min 3sec. Team Sky). 3. 3. 18. Van Wilder (T Hamilton. 6-3. Northern Acres (Lucy Alexander. 26. 3. Royal Acquisition (8-1).00. N Richards. Al’s Memory (10-1). Newcastle Going: good to soft (soft in places) 2. NR: Shadows Ofthenight. 141: S Kjeldsen (Den) 68. Etixx-QuickStep) at 5s.729. C Bellis (US) bt Z Diyas (Kaz) 6-2. Rugby league First Utility SuperLeague: Castleford Tigers 20 Hull 14. Cannondale) at 1:35s. Liverpool. 12 ran. it’s almost as if Mayweather is running boxing. It is not just the national title that will be on the line. 2-6. Leading overall positions: 1. 3. Benefit In Kind (10-1). 2. 70. 6-2. 5. 5-4 fav). Rennie Mackintosh (3-1). 3. 6-0.05 (3m 1f ch) 1. 3. should the American prevail against Pacquiao on strong late in bouts. NR: Little Big Man. R A Fahey. 5l.5%. Selected: L Rowe (GB. Copt Hill 6-1 fav. because I had gone through all that and made a little bit of history. 3Nl. 9 ran. O Wilson 68.

has the world No 2 had to endure the humiliation of such an early exit as her 7-6. 6-2. but so too will Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. and in Donald Young. Jonny Hay. Sharapova had been handed a firstround bye by virtue of being second seed and admitted that she knew next to nothing about her opponent. who once trained at the academy owned and run by Patrick Mouratoglou. was presented an initial opponent who could not have been more ideal. Steel will have her work cut out to contend against the leading African competitors .” Murray asserted his superiority immediately in both sets with a break of serve and in the first he did not drop a point on his first delivery for nearly four games. On both occasions he lost out to Murray but nevertheless said: “I find it a friendly place. Even his somewhat suspect second serve produced an ace and the inferiority complex that Young understandably showed after four successive straight-sets defeats by Murray was far too apparent for the home support. Bulgaria four months ago. China. could battle out the finish in the men’s race. the two-times champion of Crandon Park. despite her being a former junior world No 1. which is what most people aim to do. will be aiming for her third title in the women’s race. Not since her first visit to the tournament. while two more Kenyans. “I just want to run my best and give myself the best chance.” Exclusive to members Find out how Heather Watson fared in her second-round match in Miami overnight thetimes. “I was the fifth non-African and first European as a junior. his second home being just ten minutes’ drive away from Key Biscayne.” Hay said. Those who could be accused of being too demanding would say that Murray’s win could have been even more emphatic and. said. where the Scot does much of his pre-season training close to his second home Steel aims to show mettle Athletics Ron Lewis Athletics Correspondent How sports guru SteveBlack is helping toturn around football’s bad-boyBarton PLUS: ANDREW STRAUSS ON THE FUTURE OF TEST CRICKET Gemma Steel achieved a career highlight when she won the gold medal at the European Cross Country Championships in Samokov. he allowed his dominance to wane with an apparent lapse in focus. the conditions could not have been more different.” Steel. London.” Maria Sharapova has been forced to suffer more than her share of disappointments at the Miami Open in losing five finals.” Gavrilova said. this morning. “I like to be competitive and do the best I can do on the day against the best in the world. “She was my idol. though.” the Scot said. so I know what it can be like out there and I have played well against Donald the last few times we’ve met. just as he did in the Davis Cup meeting. who captains the Great Britain team. 6-1 to advance. as they have for the past three decades. of Kenya. It’s always great to play there. 6-3 defeat in the second round yesterday by Daria Gavrilova. completely different condi- THE BIGGEST NAMES FIRSTJONNY THENDANNY tions. a qualifier from Russia ranked No 94 in the world. Serena Williams. having competed three times in the junior event.uk/tennis CLIVE BRUNSKILL/GETTY IMAGES NOWJOEY Familiar territory: Murray overcomes Young. ranked 44 in the world. when I saw her win Wimbledon. Although the combatants were the same as in Glasgow. reaching the final in 2011 and the semi-finals two years later. so if I could emulate that in my transition to the senior team. Temperatures nudged past 32C (90F). So I just tried to play smart and it worked. runs in the senior race for the first time. the step up to global honours promises to be a tall order when she runs in the world rld championships in Guiyang. I spend hours. African nations are likely to dominate the podium. I’m looking to build on my performance at the last worlds and anything else from that is a bonus. “I have been dreaming about beating Maria since I was probably 12. 3-6. humidity was high and a strong wind swirled around the stadium that suited Murray more than Young. “Today it was just very tough weather to play good tennis in. his Davis Cup opponent. of the Netherlands. “The tactics that you go into the match with change because of the weather and the wind. Just three weeks after outplaying the American in a Davis Cup World Group tie in Glasgow.80 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times Sport Murray thrives in his home from home Tennis Barry Flatman Miami Aside from a pipe band and a few hundred of his Scottish fans at courtside. but the important thing is to get my level to where it should be so I can make the team. However. but Steel is confident that she can improve on the 31stplace she managed at the previous renewal of the championships in Bydgoszcz. The Colombian. “It was a very different match to Davis Cup. as a 15-year-old in 2003.” Emily Chebet. Murray repeated the trick with a 6-4. 29. Tsonga has long maintained that grass is his favourite surface and has twice progressed deep into the Aegon Championships at Queen’s. 6-2 win that served to reinforce his self-belief after the disappointment of last weekend’s defeat by Novak Djokovic at Indian Wells. The reverse is true of her conqueror. Bedan Karoki and Geoffrey Kamwo woror. beat Robin Haase. hundreds and hundreds of hours practising on that court. coach to Sharapova’s nemesis. things could hardly have been more conducive for Andy Murray as he revelled in conditions that may be even more familiar to him than those unique to Wimbledon’s Centre Court. Poland two years ago. But he did more than enough in 82 minutes to secure the opportunity in the next round to exact revenge on Santiago Giraldo. in Miami. 23. Murray does the lion’s share of his close-season training on the Miami Open’s stadium court. who beat him at last year’s Madrid Masters.co. So Murray may have been content with the news that the Davis Cup quarter-final against France a week after Wimbledon is likely to be staged on a grass court at Queen’s Club. She was just huge in Russia. I’d be extremely happy.

“I told Sebastian. the team rescued from oblivion by Stephen Fitzpatrick. The start could Turn 1 DRS Zone 1 be electrifying with a 650-metre 9 8 14 run to the first turn. The Spaniard is back in the cockpit of his McLaren for the first time since his bizarre crash in pre-season testing. finished last in Australia and the weekend’s omens are not good. The 84-year-old knew trouble was brewing when he switched on the television in his London home to watch the Australian Grand Prix a fortnight ago and saw there were only 15 starters. from cutting costs by abandoning the use of expensive wind tunnels that can cost £8 million a year to run to offering the smallest teams ready-made chassis and engine packages at a cut-price rate of about £10 million a season. which included missing the first grand prix of the season in Australia. The Sepang circuit is Lewis Hamilton 310. There are plenty of 15 chances for overtaking. He has also suggested revamping the race weekend to give points for qualifying but forcing the pole-position man and leading drivers to start from the middle of the pack.” he said.” John Booth.” Ecclestone said. themselves. a surgeon might say they’ve got to have their arm cut off. Small teams are being squeezed financially while the big spenders simply squabble among themselves. while Hamilton has more than 2. “It feels great to be back in the car. his account of the accident completely contradicted the evidence set out by his team to the FIA. Lewis is absolutely outstanding. can be exotic. After their false start in Australia. are not getting the job done. sets the example he expects of a world champion tion by a single team. both sides had decided to forget their differences and bury the hatchet to get on with trying to bring their sluggard of a car up to speed. his team-mate. . and I didn’t care. By last night. but we will see about that tomorrow at the conclusion of the Malaysian Grand Prix. “Disappointing.” Alonso says he is happier than ever. pictured during the second practice session for the Malaysian Grand Prix. is looking beyond the track and Hamilton’s extraordinary skill. fuelled by the sultry weather of Malaysia. in second place. A lot of them tend to be blaming the engine and perhaps its only 50 per cent of the problem. who has guided F1 from a gaggle of enthusiasts to a £1 billion sport over the course of almost 40 years. who went to ground after winning each of his titles. yet F1 is already swamped by negativity and complaints. They don’t have a meeting about it. the serial champions. the team principal. He admits that he is Sepang circuit guide Race The Malaysian Grand Prix is a truly 2014 winner distance exotic event. it was almost the start of the season. The German does not have a Twitter account. as long as we got the job done. He believes that Hamilton has done more to promote F1 than any other driver of his generation by engaging with fans and making public appearances. At least the McLarens have someone else to look down on at the bottom of the timesheets. “I have no complaints or problems about Mercedes doing what they are doing. Ecclestone said. “Somebody goes into hospital and they are sick. literally and figuratively. said.” But what are the answers? Ecclestone has offered a variety of solutions.” The atmosphere in the Sepang paddock is febrile. He says that he would bet his mortgage — not that the self-made billionaire needs one — on a Hamilton victory tomorrow with Nico Rosberg. are back in action. who drives like the gods of the sport and behaves like the world champion that Ecclestone and F1 badly need. yesterday as Ecclestone called on the teams to find solutions to the problems of declining television audiences and apathy among fans for a sport that seems to have lost its way. then the president of the FIA. Kevin Eason writes B ernie Ecclestone was in no mood for excuses last night as he lambasted moaning teams and held up Lewis Hamilton as an example to drivers too lazy to promote Formula One. the sport’s governing body.” is the tame word Ecclestone used to describe his feelings of frustration at seeing all that he has created in such confusion. Ecclestone.543km 4 ranging from searing heat to No of laps 3 extraordinary downpours. For Alonso. his teammate.” It appears an extravagant claim but F1’s chief executive. The season is only one race old. “The complaint I have got is the others not doing the same. too. “We are thrilled to be back on track again.30am Words Kevin Eason 12 11 Lap record 1min 34. “Finally. The bare red-andwhite Manor cars have been extraordinary blank canvases among the billboards that surround the Sepang track. and the stalemate goes on. F1 is now ruled by a committee of teams and the result is stalemate on almost every subject. “I knew then it would be a sh***y race. but I am fit enough to enjoy it.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 81 FGM Formula One Sport Ecclestone claims Hamilton is leaving rivals in his slipstream on and off track DIEGO AZUBEL/EPA Formula One chief says also-rans should take a lead from driver who is setting new standards. because of his month-long layoff. but he does with the moaners who want to clip Mercedes’ wings. It is completely wrong that the teams make the rules. [Sebastian] was the champion and got paid money for that and these guys think their only job is racing a car. the Manor Grand Prix team have finally taken to the track. “Maybe I am not quite 100 per cent fit after two weeks on the sofa and two weeks out of the car. Nevertheless. 7am GMT (8am start) Sky Sports F1.223sec Juan Pablo Montoya (2004) Alonso feels heat of transition from couch to cockpit Kevin Eason Motor Racing Correspondent Kuala Lumpur Fernando Alonso admitted the sofa workout had not quite prepared him for the blazing heat and humidity of one of the toughest grands prix of the year. though.” unable to wield his power in the dictatorial way that he used to when he reigned supreme in alliance with Max Mosley. Opti- mism abounds but speed and sponsors are in short supply.7 million followers. leading to a sport that appears rudderless as it drifts to the precipice. Ecclestone has no issue with domina- Guiding light: Ecclestone says Hamilton. regularly updated on every subject from his dogs to his fashion tastes. 56 the race had to be stopped as rivers 6 flowed across the track. It is no good blaming the people that are doing a good job. not least 7 into the first corner. The other 50 per cent is that they. They do it. ‘You should be doing what he’s doing’. In 2009. while Renault also joined the list of potential quitters yesterday. described Hamilton as the “finest world champion we have had”. He added: “As a driver. 6. Still.408km set among palm plantations that First GP 1999 stretch for miles in every direction. It goes a bit further than that.” Ecclestone’s frustration reaches into every corner of the sport he created in its modern guise. That would be a repeat of the Australian race. Jenson Button. Ecclestone flew into Kuala Lumpur yesterday to meet the ten team principals before the Malaysian Grand Prix. and that’s it. “It's the others who need to get going. we have seen all the hard work and determination paying off. Circuit length But the weather. Red Bull. “The trouble is we’ve got an old house and we keep repairing it. as good as there has ever been. 5. 5 Sepang is marked by long straights Start/finish 2 DRS Zone 2 and tight turns. However. Max didn’t care. who has seen world champions from Jim Clark to Sebastian Vettel. “Doing the job of world champion.” he said. 10 13 TELEVISION BBC One. have threatened to walk away from the sport if Mercedes continue to dominate. He reserved his most gushing — and only — praise for the young world champion. teams cannot agree. the energy millionaire. because they are doing a good job. the sport’s governing body. usually because of self-interest.” he said. Temperatures soared. Hamilton’s reign is a stark contrast to the four barren years of Sebastian Vettel.

They said it might be the end. It’s all wrong. England on front foot Rugby union England made a winning start to their campaign in the Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens. Ian Stannard and Sir Bradley Wiggins. He is the youngest MotoGP champion in history with four world titles in five years and more Twitter followers than David Cameron and Ed Miliband combined. Yet. learnt a lesson. remain in contention to secure a place at the Masters. They all said my career might be done.’ So I went to another. I spoke to doctors who said it was a nerve from my neck. suddenly. Indianapolis Aug 16 Czech Grand Prix. of England. Valentino Rossi. Last year. He is a striking Spaniard. his compatriots. Brno Aug 30 British Grand Prix. he did not just dominate. of Spain (Movistar). they will say something. the three-times winner from Switzerland. though. Scotland lost 26-7 to New Zealand. and four of us went down.” Eventually he had eye surgery. Le Mans May 31 Italian Grand Prix. That year he won the feeder Moto2 championship. In Britain there is periodic angst over Lewis Hamilton’s Monaco pad. Dan Bibby. said. the seven-times world champion in the premier class. Márquez. Illness hits O’Sullivan FGM Boy racer dries his tears and returns to living the dream Marc Márquez strives to resume his MotoGP hegemony after an emotional build-up. Whatever you do. The next year he became the youngest 500cc or MotoGP yo world champion. And now Marc Márquez was hanging his head and crying. when the marshal did not wave a flag to let us know a corner was completely wet. They need to win the Hassan Trophy at Golf du Palais Royal in Agadir to book a berth at Augusta and reached the halfway mark one and three strokes off the lead respectively. had to pay £26 million in backdated taxes after his move to London.” he says. Aragón Oct 11 Japanese Grand Prix. Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa.” Álex is his 18-year-old brother and also a world champion. and Valentino Rossi. Phillip Island Oct 24 Malaysian Grand Prix. he broke a leg six weeks before the start of the season and still won the first ten races and another title. Barcelona Jun 27 Dutch TT. “Each time I would slowly raise my eyelid. Plenty of other sportsmen have been there.82 Sport Harelbeke victory puts spring in Thomas’s step Cycling Geraint Thomas won the E3 Harelbeke race yesterday to boost Team Sky’s morale before their biggest spring goals. I went to seven doctors. embarrassed older heroes and been dubbed “piccolo bastardo” by the greatest of them all. Álex in Moto3) 6 Fourth man to win titles in three classes (Mike Hailwood. so it helps to keep some things the same. having been told that he should be able to see again but probably not race. Tom Mitchell. He tells of how he would wake up each day in the hope that his sight was restored. Spain Team Repsol Honda MotoGP wins 19 Records 6 Youngest MotoGP/500cc champion (20 years 266 days) 6 Most wins in a season (13) 6 Most wins by a rookie in the premier class (6) 6 Fastest crash in MotoGP (209mph) 6 Only pair of brothers to be world champions simulateously (Marc in MotoGP. I can’t have a normal life. were not down to the tax debate. Both races finish tomorrow.” Thomas. Fleetwood in frame Golf George Coetzee. I could not see. two of Fleetwood’s compatriots. That’s why I still live at home in Spain with my parents. Along the motogp calendar 2015 Mar 29 Qatar Grand Prix. below. Richie Porte took a five-second lead in the Volta a Catalunya after Alejandro Valverde. citing a recurrence of the glandular fever that has plagued him for three years. his breakaway rivals. Losail Apr 12 Americas Grand Prix. he had reinvented his sport. with four kilometres to go in the 215km Belgian cobbled race to win by almost half a minute. The tears. out of all the Spanish riders. Rick Broadbent writes T he public breakdown was unexpected. and Tommy Fleetwood. Márquez felt a bit unloved. aged 36 and surely a dog with most tricks covered. Austin Apr 19 Argentinian Grand Prix. Termas de Río Hondo May 3 Spanish Grand Prix. He lost 40. “There was a stupid crash in Malaysia. Andy Sullivan and Ross Fisher. Phil Read. Valencia way. I said. he says. Phil Burgess and James Rodwell scored tries. “It’s diffi- Snooker Ronnie O’Sullivan’s next competitive match will be at the World Championship in Sheffield after the five-times Crucible winner pulled out of next week’s China Open. ‘No. there was a bitter backlash. But the truth is I got that house because it’s a great place to get away and for physical training. are targeting the Tour of Flanders and ParisRoubaix next month. I can tell you that. while Ben Swift won stage two of Settimana Coppi e Bartali to establish a 41-second overall lead. I was OK. I refused to accept that. The two-time Olympic team pursuit champion raced away from Zdenek Stybar (Etixx-QuickStep) and Peter Sagan (Tinkoff-Saxo). including a crash at 209mph and another that nearly cost him his sight record collection Age 22 Born Cervera. . beating Wales 26-19 in their opening pool match. but you have to realise you are a reference for people. who fractured two vertebrae in a crash and will miss the rest of the spring classics. won the fifth stage. becoming the first rider to lean so far off his bike that he deliberately touched the track with an elbow. Wales responding with a Luke Morgan double plus one touchdown from Rhodri Williams. says that his waterworks were caused by mortality and not the mortgage. This was the man who knew no fear.” he says. “I can’t quite believe it. I’m at home with my parents and Álex. “I got emotional as I thought about my career and how I was really close to quitting in 2012. And it never was. in the Moto3 class. he also invented a new way of going around corners. “I felt pretty good during the second half of the race and committed at the end. Saturday March 28 2015 | the times Fast show: Márquez delights in his latest MotoGP triumph last year. It was so effective that even Rossi. after all. On a superb day for Sky. Jerez May 17 French Grand Prix. “We are all human. he has not looked back. the captain.000 followers overnight and more than 50. the one who had laughed off the record-breaking 210mph crash and shouted at the doctor to forget the painkillers and reset his dislocated shoulder. I’m the only one still living in Spain. This might be the day. Mugello Jun 14 Catalan Grand Prix. are tax exiles. Judd Trump remains on track for back-to-back titles after reaching the semi-finals of the Players Championship in Thailand with a 4-2 win over Martin Gould. the most exciting thing in motorsport is explaining what happened. Márquez is a multimillionaire but still shares a room with Álex. Assen Jul 12 German Grand Prix Sachensring Aug 9 Indianapolis Grand Prix. The race had been marked early on by an injury to Fabian Cancellara. But when news broke that he was moving to Andorra. Motegi Oct 25 Australian Grand Prix. “Your life changes and you cannot be a normal guy. Sepang Nov 8 Valencia Grand Prix.” he says. bigger than FC Barcelona if the Catalan sportsman of the year award is anything to go by.000 people signed a petition demanding his Repsol Honda sponsors drop him.” he says as he looks back at that PR appearance in Barcelona before the Qatar Grand Prix under the desert lights tomorrow. At the age of 22. England face the United States and Kenya today. The first said he would have to wait six months and then maybe operate. of South Africa. And another. but after 50 minutes s*** happened. it’s impossible. It’s tough at the top of a tax haven and.” Thomas and his Team Sky colleagues. had their Masters hopes dashed by missing the cut. Misano Sep 27 Aragón Grand Prix. Silverstone Sep 13 San Marino Grand Prix. Three months on from an astonishing press conference. Márquez) Season by season 2010 125cc world champion for Derbi 2011 Moto2 runner-up for Suter 2012 Moto2 world champion for Suter 2013 and 2014 MotoGP world champion for Honda Words by Rick Broadbent cult. but his career has not been without its close calls. all olive skin and jet-black hair. from there.

’ You can see it. but now he is learning something from me. That Rossi was involved in the fatal accident of his friend shows the courage and suspension of disbelief required. I said. but says that they still fight at home on the sofa. the Italian talent-spotter who discovered Rossi. but with my elbow on the tarmac it’s better. has come to redefine riding style with a cornering technique in which even an elbow makes contact with the track surface OSAMA FAISAL / AP and says. it takes four laps and I’m OK again. “It can happen. In 2013. “He calls me piccolo bastardo. The Corkscrew is an aptly named three-storey drop with a blind crest at Laguna Seca in California. he switched to the LCR Honda team for this year. You lose the front end of your bike and normally you crash. There is something else. Bradley Smith Has also finished on the MotoGP podium and was Britain’s best-placed finisher in eighth last year. He was world No 1 for 545 weeks between 1999 and 2010 and won 14 major championships. “The angle of lean is 62 degrees. “That is the same as [team-mate] Dani Pedrosa. “I ran to the medical centre because the more minutes pass the more difficult it is to recover. embarrassed by the female attention. it became normal. His bike and World Championship trophies are in the local museum in Cervera and everyone expects him to donate another at the end of the season.” he says. hitting the floor at Mugello in Italy at 209mph. Redding has a tattoo commemorating Tomizawa and is as tough as they come. inadvertently crashing into Shoya Tomizawa in a fatal accident in 2010. Carlo Pernat. with the telemetry clocking the maximum recorded energy at a staggering g-force of 25. but with Simoncelli the leathers and helmets did not matter. plus three Olympic gold medals.” He is a genuine superstar of sport. but you need to cope with the heightened risk. 200 metres and 4 x 100 metres and successfully defended all three of those titles at the London 2012 Olympics. like an extreme Fosbury Flop. when Marc Márquez. He became the youngest winner of any grand prix when he won the 125cc race at Donington Park in 2008. as well as dominating his divisions. aged 15 years. “The leathers. . I always put my knee down but one day. He holds world records at 100 metres. in 1981 in Sweden. Márquez proved he can do that when he dislocated a shoulder in the warmup at the British Grand Prix in 2013. My body is off the bike.” Amazingly. I find that really interesting. ‘Oh no. a friend of Gerard Piqué. and having the Moto2 title snatched from him when he broke a wrist in 2013. “I was scared. Woods bestrode golf in the noughties. but all weekend I lost half a second at that point. ‘Put it back in straightaway. These people have . Scott Redding At 22 the youngest of the Britons. said that was the moment the baton was passed. Serena Williams Winner of 34 tennis grand-slam titles (19 singles and 15 doubles). Eugene Laverty A veteran of the Superbike World Championship and comes from road-racing stock in Northern Ireland. the Barcelona footballer. he broke the record for the fastest crash in MotoGP.” he says before correcting himself and saying that “respect” was the right word. 170 days.’ It was painful but it was quick and there’s a rush.” Márquez says. But then I did it again. With the other riders it’s different — they are my competitors — with Valentino it’s special. That same year. but I said I had no time. too. Police investing fraud and money-laundering arrested 13 people and bailed them until September. . two years ago. Back on the Yamaha Tech 3. He says that the dream is to ride in the same team as Álex. at Barcelona in corner three. .” He finished second. You cannot imagine life without the bike. now I’m not. But when you crash it’s like bad medicine. morphing from the old man with one win in three years to second place in the championship. Showed his potential when runner-up in the 125cc World Championship in 2009. a rejuventated Rossi became Lazarus in leathers in 2014.” The development is sport-changing. The difference is I’m fighting. The race was in two hours. ‘Before you I was the only one who could make a moment like this. He dismissed it as a racing incident and lauded Márquez. “It is about moderating the pressure. “The doctor wanted to use painkillers and wait. He was my hero and. I was shy even to talk to him. accusing Rossi of recklessness.” Márquez says. This is his first season in MotoGP for the Aspar Honda team. but the present crop of home riders is edging closer to the two-time world champion. ‘For you I’ve completely changed my riding style. He is moderately good at that. On that occasion Stoner was apoplectic.’ ” In public Rossi made his feelings known: “We need to f*** him now because [soon] it will be too late. was eighth. Tiger Woods Now nearing the endgame.” he says. Whether that has any effect on the team remains to be seen. she has won grand-slam events in three different decades. The Gloucestershire man has been through several mills. “He says. “Normally. After a torrid time and 13th-place finish with Ducati. helmets and circuits are so good that you think something like that is impossible. only to hear that the London offices of title sponsors CWM had been raided this week. Márquez rode around the outside of Rossi and almost took both men down as he ran on to the dirt and cut the corner. So how did Márquez develop the breathtaking technique that saw Rossi rip up his manual. but Crutchlow could do without any distractions as he seeks a return to the form that brought him fifth place in 2013 with six podiums.’ pulled the bike up and slowed down. I touched my elbow.” he says. but he is on a factory-spec Honda and could ruffle feathers. Márquez now says: “When we speak of that race he calls me ‘bastardo’ again Lean machine: Marquez. I thought.” Part of it is a respect fomented on one of motorsport’s most exhilarating corners. then 16. Usain Bolt Nobody comes close to Jamaica’s demigod. Eventually. Rossi’s reaction was different. It was an audacious copy of the move Rossi had made on Casey Stoner in 2008. a league of their own Few people have destroyed fields as Márquez has.” The death of Marco Simoncelli in 2011 was a reminder that you do not always walk away. Cal Crutchlow Leads the way but has had a typically troubled build-up to Qatar.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 83 FGM Sport Holding out for a hero from Britain Rick Broadbent Barry Sheene was the last British rider to win a grand prix in the premier classification.

then had a chat with Lancaster.” Fast-forward five months until Tuesday of last week. “Four years as runners-up [in the Six Nations] is not acceptable and we are not happy with how that came about . England’s strength and conditioning coach. and Ritchie again. committed and passionate coaching group. but savvy? I’m not so sure. Farrell. Ritchie trumpeted the six-year deal. whose contract was up at the same time as Farrell’s. that if England were a soufflé you wouldn’t bank on the full rise. leaking five. asking after his situation. as he didn’t want to be anything other than entirely truthful. reckoning that England’s performance at the World Cup would be the determining factor in whether he was wanted by the union after the tournament. So it was that. Yet the reaction to his comments on social media and elsewhere was largely positive. As Ritchie acknowledges. . And that’s why he had every right to be so. Last year. a failure that earned a severe rebuke from Ritchie and we believe this is entirely the right decision for the future of England Rugby. nothing has moved to account for Ritchie’s chagrin. who wasn’t too bothered about his own future. didn’t do what we should have done. That’s why a fourth second was unacceptable. You’d struggle to find a more committed. for a nation with such huge resources (financial and playing). There is also a growing sense that Lancaster’s England are not rugby smart. his principal European rivals. the head coach. gung-ho. a man whose background is in tennis. By most acceptable performance criteria. starts to punt opinions on playing matters. not happy phase — that has risen slightly to 61. Farrell said that he would be happy to stay with the RFU. However. They are a team who learn their lessons late. Instead. England were ranked fourth in the world. we believe. That’s why Ritchie was unhappy. show their dismay at falling short in the Six Nations again. Graham Rowntree and Mike Catt. at the start of the Six Nations. But you also know that you’ve known both those things for a while. We simply didn’t take opportunities [across the five matches]. Coaching at international level is unique in that the time Stuart and the coaches have with the players is limited.” Two observations here. might get to hear about how good a defensive coach Andy Farrell was and tempt him to Toulon with a bucketload of cash. left the RFU to join Toulon. And second: what has changed to shift Ritchie from the delight in glueing a “special and stable coaching team” to a six-year term. to a place where second in the Six Nations is “not acceptable” and where “we are not happy with how that came about”? It is not as if there has been some precipitous decline. Ritchie called Lancaster back in. and in that regard it requires a special and stable coaching team. his team have been unable to string together five performances of quality in Europe to land a Six Nations title and there are still gaping holes in his first-choice side. his coaches and his squad deserved.5 per cent.” he said at the time. England are ranked fourth in the world. Lancaster. “I think it’s the right leap of faith. and Chris Robshaw. the RFU chief executive. In March. the England captain. In January. courageous bunch. Regular victories against the top southern-hemisphere sides continue to elude him. appraised him of the situation and told him that the RFU would contract all four men until 2020. Ireland and Wales. On the eve of that upbeat six-year deal. free-spending owner. and it’s a two-way commitment. Paul Stridgeon.84 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times Sport Comment Ritchie right not to accept second best Paul Ackford P ermit me to tell you a story. but wasn’t keen for the RFU to go public on the matter. “It’s a commitment to sustainable success. England were enjoying a 60 per cent success rate under Lancaster. namely at inside centre. Stridgeon was highly regarded by the players and Stuart Lancaster. We are lucky to have a talented. Ian Ritchie. MARC ASPLAND So near yet so far: Lancaster. across the back row and on the wing. but wanted to know what was happening with Lancaster. The first is that it is always a worry when the chief executive of a sporting organisation. Lancaster told his RFU bosses and they had a conversation with Farrell. England under Lancaster have managed second in each of the past four seasons. are more settled with a clearer identity. We therefore felt it important to secure their long-term future TIMES PHOTOGRAPHER. left. wasn’t as phlegmatic as Lancaster. he acknowledged that near the World Cup he might be asked about his future and. in October last year. Many felt that Ritchie was giving Lancaster the verbal kick up the backside that he. after a period of four years in post. You know they are in with a chance whoever and whenever they play. that. The day they get their attack (a relative weakness) spot-on against France with seven tries is the day their defence (a relative strength ) falls apart. who was contracted until January 2016. Nine games later — in the unacceptable. who knew that a notice period in the contract effectively made the six-year term meaningless. You know that there is more to come when their injured stars return. . signed the deal. at the end of it. though. We are at the stage now where Lancaster needs a good World Cup — semi-final or better — to dig himself out of a hole. There is plenty to be excited about with England. Frustration is building. Lancaster’s England should be farther down the road than they are. He sought greater security of employment and wanted to continue working alongside Lancaster and his co-coaches. were not clever enough during parts of the game in order to deserve to win. he agreed to the disclosure. Toulon’s wealthy. a team who discover a new problem the minute an old one is solved. who thought that Mourad Boudjellal. which is pretty much steady as she goes. the World Cup is six months away and there are just three warm-up games to go to get it sorted. .

73). the restart this time was a penalty for Northampton that Myler kicked to the corner. Wasps moved the play right and Lozowski shot through a gap. before passing for Wade to finish smartly in the corner. There was a clear advantage for Wasps after Wade’s second try. Even on the sidelines. Wasps: R Miller (rep: G Hughes. penalty try (36). Referee: C Maxwell-Keys. Gloucester give Brendan Macken. while Billy Twelvetrees returns for Gloucester. the lock. play at full back and scrum half. in the blink of an eye. C Wade. Dan Cole (tighthead prop). Dylan Hartley lost his cool. an award that was won by Brown last year. Mark Cueto makes his 300th career appearance for Sale. the scores had been levelled at 20-20. at No 8. 77). had to be restrained by his colleagues By half-time. 13-20. N Hughes (sent off. Rob Baxter. 5-17. L Dickson (rep: K Fotuali’i. 56). An attacking lineout won by Christian Day produced clean ball and Stephen Myler. Courtney Lawes and Kearnan Myall exchanged pleasantries. the Exeter head coach. every tackle Watch near-live highlights from this weekend’s games in the Aviva Premiership Download it at the App Store or via Google Play Brown told to rest after signs of concussion Alex Lowe North scores his second try last night. Myler kicked the converion and. the captain and lock. who captained Ireland to the Six Nations title. Conversions: Lozowski 3. 68). Corbisiero (40). C Day (rep: S Dickinson. which was promptly collected by Samu Manoa. Geoff Parling (lock). recalls his first-choice team after the AngloWelsh Cup final defeat by Saracens last weekend. 21 Wasps West Ham United C Cole 42. G Pisi (rep: D Waldouck. in what could be his final championship campaign. Tomorrow London Welsh v Bath (2. Sale Sharks v Gloucester (2pm. . C Lawes (rep: J Fisher.” gary fitzgerald previews the weekend action in the aviva premiership Today Leicester Tigers v Exeter Chiefs (3pm) Leicester have their England quartet. North suffered the injury in scoring his second try of the game. The leading England player on the 12-man list was Ben Youngs. the prop. Rob. T Wood. the scrum half. Tom Youngs (hooker). 60). E Shervington (rep: J Gaskell. BT Sport 2) The hosts make three starting changes from the defeat away to Bath. who is injured. After Wade had scored his first try. London Irish v Newcastle Falcons (3pm) George Skivington. when Ken Pisi trotted over. though. though. 62). scored two late tries against the weariest of defensive legs. his first Premiership start. Wasps: Tries: Wade 3 (5. They also welcome back Noah Cato and Gonzalo Tiesi from injury to fill their respective places on the right wing and at outside centre. Northampton had clinched a bonus point with another try triggered by a driving maul against Wasps’ depleted pack. the replacement wing. Conversions: Myler 4. S Tagicakibau (rep: W Helu. scampering down the right. T Stephenson. From a platform established by a maul on the left. 30-23. the 21-year-old fly half. S Myler. 40-30. you realise what a great honour it is. 6). C Clark. partnering Neil de Kock. as well as Joe Marler at loose-head prop. the Wales second row. London Welsh appear doomed bar a minor miracle. the new London Welsh head coach. 33-23. Lozowski created the wing’s second. S Ma’afu (rep: G Denman. Jack Nowell is at outside centre and Thomas Waldrom returns to Welford Road. with Ross Harrison (loose-head prop). Carl Fearns moves to blind-side flanker and Leroy Houston returns at No 8. who also bring in Conor Gilsenan to the back row for the St Patrick’s party fixture. He missed Wales’ game against Scotland during the RBS Six Nations Championship. Wasps were 20-8 ahead. E Daly. who plays his 150th Premiership game. The full back missed the RBS Six Nations Championship 19-9 defeat by Ireland at the Aviva Stadium after he was concussed while attempting a tackle on Andrea Masi. and Wade had completed his hat-trick with the try of the game in the meantime. A Johnson. giving Alex Lozowski. Brown returned to play in the final two matches of the tournament and is not thought to have received any concussive blows against either Scotland or France. 19. Remarkably. the Ireland centre. T Young (rep: G Thompson. by the 34th minute. North’s try had come when Wasps failed to get a hand to a restart. having suffered two blows to the head and controversially completed the game against England the previous weekend. Brown has been given this weekend off and will go away on holiday next week with instructions to rest before going through the official return-to-play concussion protocols in the build-up to Harlequins’ match at home to Gloucester in a fortnight’s time. 52-30. K Pisi. K Myall. 56). 61). after his Six Nations exploits with England. makes six changes for his first match in charge. where he found North’s midriff to provide a straightforward score. M Mullan. tried to pull down and Maxwell-Keys awarded a penalty try. Seb Jewell returns at full back and Tom May fits in at inside centre. courtest of Wasps winning turnover ball on their own 22. Northampton Saints: J Wilson. but their evening was marred by a head injury to George North that led to the wing being taken off on a stretcher in the 35th minute. and Ben Youngs (scrum half) back to bolster their bid for a top-four place. 27-23. Rugby union Sport Exclusive to members Times Sport Every try.30pm) Rowland Phillips. the fly half. in second place with 19 per cent and Robbie Henshaw. Saracens v Harlequins (Wembley. forcing Wasps to play the last 45 minutes with 14 men.15pm. the Wasps No 8. with Juan Pablo Socino moving to the bench as Newcastle drift towards the end of a disappointing season. 49). 5-10. J Downey. makes his 200th club appearance. G North (rep: A Tuala. Billy Vunipola (No 8) and Alex Goode (full back) start and Charlie Hodgson. Penalty goals: Myler 3 (29. a first start and Billy Burns and Callum Braley. Then came North’s second try and Hughes’ red card. caught as he dived to ground the ball by the leg of Nathan Hughes. who sent North galloping into the corner. hits a century of Premiership appearances in a hugely important contest. P Northampton 17 Exeter 17 Saracens 17 Bath 17 Leicester 17 Wasps 17 Sale 17 Harlequins 17 Gloucester 17 London Irish 17 Newcastle 17 London Welsh 17 W 13 11 11 11 11 9 9 8 7 5 4 0 D L 1 3 0 6 1 5 0 6 1 5 1 7 0 8 0 9 1 9 0 12 1 12 0 17 F 474 527 492 447 336 505 378 329 414 324 330 162 A B 307 8 330 9 332 6 307 7 329 5 367 10 354 7 359 7 420 7 416 9 397 7 800 1 Pts 62 53 52 51 51 48 43 39 37 29 25 1 Scorers: Northampton Saints: Tries: North 2 (10min. who won one cap for England against Australia in 1984. The episode was particularly troubling given North’s recent history of head injuries. The Munster lock secured almost 27 per cent of the public vote with Alun Wyn Jones. In between those tries. Adam Powell moves to inside centre. Scoring sequence (Northampton Saints first): 0-7. Mako Vunipola (loose-head). the fly half. made an eye-catching start to the game. 68). 35). Craig Maxwell-Keys. The incident changed the game last night. D Hartley (rep: M Haywood. and the league leaders were not at their sharpest. 35). returns from injury to boost the home team. Hughes was rushing across as cover and appeared to try to get a boot under the ball. in third. North had scored his first of the night for Northampton. Bath have Micky Young back at scrum half while Kane PalmaNewport replaces Henry Thomas. has been named player of the tournament. 8-17. J Simpson (rep: P Weepu. but he has been suffering from headaches since returning to Harlequins.” O’Connell said. 43). the Leicester Tigers scrum half. Because of Hughes’s foul play. 8-20. 55. skipping a gear to find space behind Northampton’s defensive line. 33-30. but ended up making contact with North’s head. extending their lead at the top of the Premiership to 14 points. 61). 20-20. Andrei Ostrikov (lock) and Josh Beaumont (No 8) joining the pack as they attempt to keep alive their faint play-off chances. George Kruis (lock). Newcastle are boosted by the return of Kieran Brookes. now a man short. 5-7. 34. 3. Koree Britton returns at hooker and Ben Cooper at tighthead. son of the former Wasps centre. A Corbisiero (rep: A Waller. Dan Baugh. who was sixth. this time Alex Corbisiero was the man spinning off to score and the home side led 27-20 at half-time. his tenth Premiership try of the season. It had been a noble effort in adversity from Wasps. Lozowski. launched a cross-field kick to the left wing. but had to be carried off on a stetcher after being caught by the leg of Hughes James Haskell was rested for Wasps last night after starting all five Six Nations games for England. “When you see the names that have gone before. the junior World Cup winners. S Manoa. his old home. the Italy centre. Nick Wood returns from injury at loose-head and Elliott Stooke comes in at second row. at tight-head. There had been a real edge to the game throughout the first half. J Cannon (rep: J Cannon. Noble 90+3 Aviva Premiership TONY MARSHALL/GETTY IMAGES 52 0 2 30 1 John Westerby In the end this was a comfortable win for Northampton. Lee Dickson and Joe Simpson were constantly niggling at eachother. picking out his target precisely. From leading 20-8 before North’s second try. Northampton did not score another try until the 72nd minute. Wasps conceded three tries in six minutes. with Alafoti Faosiliva starting at open-side for the first time this season. 35). Saracens turn to pressing Premiership and play-off matters. The home side launched another maul that Wasps. Dean Schofield starts in the second row with Carl Kirwan at openside flanker. L Cittadini (rep: P Swainston. Mike Brown has been forced to sit out Harlequins’ Aviva Premiership match against Saracens today after displaying symptoms of concussion on his return from international duty. 55). Tuala 2 (74. K Pisi (72). 27-20 (half-time). Harlequins rest Mike Brown but include Chris Robshaw and Nick Easter. Penalty goals: Lozowski 3 (13. Although Christian Wade scored a fine hat-trick of tries for the visiting team.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 85 FGM North injury mars fine display Cardiff City Northampton Campbell. the former Canada flanker who is now Wasps’ conditioning coach. Northampton made their numerical advantage count by finishing with seven tries. while Andy Goode was resting an ankle injury. but Ahsee Tuala. 47-30. “I’m delighted to receive the RBS Player of the Championship trophy. changing the complexion of the game. ruled that Hughes had been reckless and showed him a red card. sent on his way by a brilliant back-handed offload from the richly talented Elliot Daly. 73). 49). Tom Fowlie switches to the left wing and Eoin Griffin comes in at outside centre. Ugo Monye (left wing) and Kyle Sinclair (tight-head) start and George Robson. BT Sports 1) After lifting the Anglo-Welsh Cup. Myler and Lozowski traded penalty goals and. 41). Julian Salvi makes his 100th appearance in the back row and Freddie Burns. in England’s previous international. makes his 100th club appearance. the centre on loan from Leinster. the referee taking charge of his fourth Aviva Premiership game. 60). Day dropped a kick-off and Ken Pisi was equally butter-fingered. A Lozowski. Paul O’Connell. Both teams can call upon the majority of their England players after the Six Nations.

Stephen Brown. Jevans withdrew from an official engagement on Thursday at short notice and yesterday announced her decision to leave England Rugby 2015 with immediate effect. it does sound a long shot but we can turn only to Stuart Lancaster. The first to make the England senior team was Nowell. The World Cup. “This is the right decision for me to make at this time. now Newcastle Falcons). “What Stuart’s been saying to me all year is. recruiting a number of her former London 2012 colleagues. too. although they declined to specify what “personal reasons” refers to. He has read the relevant nervous-young-man passages in Wilkinson’s autobiography and can relate to them. Jevans replaced Paul Vaughan as ER2015 chief executive in September 2012. were painfully fraught with nerves. Ross Moriarty (Gloucester). Lancaster has given Slade every hope. the flanker. Jevans is known to have been exploring her next job opportunity. Slade is favourite to be next. where Lancaster was openly sharing such complimentary feedback about the 22-year-old that it seemed he might pick him. in an England shirt. of the two strains of youth. The early Wilkinson years. Tom Smallbone (London Irish).” Jevans said. ‘Play well for Exeter and you’ll get a shot. Callum Braley (Bristol. Wilkinson was so uncomfortable around them that. and stood up to the traditionalists by pushing for the use of Britain’s largest football stadiums. Dominic Barrow (Leeds Carnegie. expected to follow. but in their slipstream a battle royal is under way and the question is: if Exeter Chiefs have managed to swim with the big fish up to this stage in the season. really? So late in the day? Still uncapped yet genuinely a World Cup possible? Indeed. who is more of a Wilkinson than a Watson. bizarrely. Lancaster has long been a fan of Slade.’” he says.86 FGM Sport Rugby union RFU declines to expand on reasons for Jevans’ exit Saturday March 28 2015 | the times England search for DAN MULLAN/GETTY IMAGES Alex Lowe England’s preparations for hosting the World Cup have been rocked by the sudden resignation of Debbie Jevans as chief executive of the tournament’s organising committee. Harry Wells (Leicester Tigers. with the RFU and World Rugby concerned by a lack of urgency in the tournament planning. with CowanDickie. Northampton Saints are the runaway leaders. Look at the England Under-20 team who won the junior World Cup in 2013: the first to graduate from there into the England senior squad were Jack Nowell and Anthony Watson. will take over the responsibility of delivering the tournament. “but I am working on it. he would try to time his day so he would be eating in the team dining room when the others had finished. Owen Slot says that Henry Slade should get his chance if he remains at the heart of Exeter’s progress T he top of the Aviva Premiership could hardly be more intense or more exciting.” In Wilkinson’s day. “The organisation is strong. among many in the Chiefs’ team of young tyros. now Exeter Chiefs).” he says.” Jevans said.” And he is succeeding in it. Ollie Devoto (Bath). She is vice-chairman of Sport England and on the board of the Football League and it is undestood she will continue in those roles.3 million tickets to cover the £80 million hosting guarantee. Harry Sloan (Harlequins). Jack Clifford (Harlequins. the Dallaglios — who he had grown up watching on television. his guidance and cunning has made such a contribution that not only have Exeter risen to the top. Replacements: Scott Spurling (Saracens). but Nowell was selected for his debut nine months ahead of Watson because. now Gloucester). but he has advanced high on to the list of possible England World Cup players. is that he is too much like Jonny Wilkinson. Danny Hobbs-Awoyemi (Northampton Saints). On the eve of a World Cup. Luke Cowan-Dickie (Exeter Chiefs). Henry Slade (Exeter Chiefs). much appetite for it that he never stopped to doubt himself. Matt Hankin schoolboy reserve does a young man no favours. not because he was concerned he was not good enough. The doubts are obvious. here. capt). Watson followed him last autumn. the Rodbers. “I am immensely proud of the team and all that we have achieved in the time that I have been chief executive. She is a highly respected sports administrator and was appointed CBE in the 2013 new year’s honours list for her contribution to the success of London 2012. The next graduate from that class of 2013 is Slade. initially. Alex Day (Northampton Saints). Sam Hill (Exeter Chiefs). before the Scotland game. Watson was the one who found the big world slightly intimidating and Nowell was the one with so (Saracens). the chief financial officer of the RFU. the hooker. “Everything is in place to ensure that this is the best Rugby World Cup ever and I am confident my team will deliver an exceptional tournament. Brown is the third official in less than three years to be charged with leading the organisation. Anthony Watson (Bath). With fewer than six months until the World Cup begins. less than a year later. citing “personal reasons”. Sir . why not stay afloat all the way? We turn to Henry Slade for the answer because. The one element holding him back. including Wembley and the Olympic Stadium. In their private conversations. pending any returns over the next six months. Ben Howard (Worcester Warriors). “I don’t know if I am that bad. The more time up there the better. as the new managing director of ER2015. particularly with regard to the selection of the tournament venues. David Sisi (Bath). I feel more comfortable. including the sale of 2. Alec Hepburn (Wasps. Tom Price (Leicester Tigers). there is a great team in place and I am really looking forward to watching the Rugby World Cup as a fan. with 38 of the 48 matches listed as sold out.” Brown has leadership experience having taken over as acting chief executive of the RFU at the end of 2011. the England head coach. and Clifford. having previously been the director of sport for the London Olympic Games. “That’s what I am trying to do. Scott Wilson (Newcastle Falcons). the more time he had him spending in the England camp and it got to the stage. but because he was a teenager who was in awe of the big beasts of the England squad — the Guscotts. A total of 1. The longer the RBS Six Nations Championship went on. ER2015 is responsible for the day-today operations of the World Cup. Jevans was recruited by ER2015 after the Olympic and Paralympic Games to give the organisation a “new impetus”. which kicks off with England’s game against Fiji on September 18. Every time I’ve been into camp.” The cancellation of Thursday’s fanzone launch was put down to illness. but ER2015 officials have said that Jevans is Jevans has cited personal reasons for her departure not leaving for health reasons. this Junior champions stepping up for senior service England Under-20 (junior World Cup winners by beating Wales 23-15 in 2013): Jack Nowell (Exeter Chiefs).9 million tickets have been sold so far. Henry Purdy (Leicester Tigers). now Bedford). She instigated a structural overhaul.

that it is the leadership he needs to work on. at a push. as he says. these are five high-pressure fixtures. many dreamers are accepting the “unacceptable” and that you cannot concede nine tries at a would-be fortress against Italy. winnin that’s an unbelievthat able feeling.” It is hard not to feel sympathy. “The most competitive person I’ve come across. There is so much to be positive about. he says there is no gap at all between the hemispheres. The memories of his bleeding face and crimson shirt made the back pages after the win over Australia. will be performing in the knowledge that while there is everything to play for with Chiefs. not having the No 12 shirt on his back should not really matter because he often stands at inside centre for Exeter. They see us as very talented with a support staff with top credentials doing the utmost to get us to the next level. possibly the missing link. Slade’s take on the question of his preferred position is straightforward: “I don’t really mind where I play. We’re probably better equipped to deal with different situations. the defensive linchpin might have pondered d the irony of it all. the former England captain. in different formations and different roles. “With Exeter. and the northern hemisphere is just as competitive. ve but I won’t shirk anything. Wasps. Barritt hides any disappointment well. England will go back to their hard one. but for much of this season. but Lewis Moody. it’s purely about the building phase. Scotland and France and hope to win a World Cup. with the dust settling on the Six Nations. it is in the one position that Exeter do not pick him. If he convinces Lancaster that it is not. but for a side who have just lost a Six Nations on defensive fragility. Today he is at fly half. The centre remains a dilemma for Stuart Lancaster. Hence the boot and his suffering on the sidelines as Joseph made his creative claim for the No 13 jersey. Now.” he says. “Every time I speak to people in South Africa they fear this English team. He expects to play without one in a week or two. the clash of heads and the sofa cringe of his closed eye. Having that multifaceted approach helps. Julie.” Slade says.” Slade says. And then there to was that effort against Australia with its two trips to the blood-bin. heroically committed and.” Is it all just a bit too brutal in light of the Six Nations concussions? “The biggest change is getting players to own up. “That is what we say when we speak about England at the club with the coaches: if we can stay up in the top four. I’ve played against all the international teams. Gareth Barry. but Test-match rugby is so attritional now with defences so well drilled and so well prepared.” Barritt says. He has told him that his game is fine. Starting with Leicester Tigers. The medics can’t see inside your head. says he should not be playing international rugby. the Saracens director of rugby. It is certainly hard not to warm to his passion. Bath have the least demanding run-in and Exeter have the most. All those try-fests and doyens of debonair had us wondering how to bottle the stuff. It was a boost given his injury. I’m an adapted version of what she wanted me to be.” Barritt watched the France game with his mother. “Obviously we are doing something right.” he says.” says Mark McCall. I feel more comfortable bossing people about because I’ve played with them for a while. and sister.” It is hard. with a pair of crutches and a surgical boot. then the selectors are going to have to look at us. I can play at 12 or 13. he has played at outside centre. That’s where I’ve got to improve. and the evidence is bountiful and bloody. as long as I am on the pitch. just a bit dull. but he picked up a calf injury in that game. while Dean Ryan. Yet he possesses the exact skillset that England are looking for in their inside centre: a second playmaker who can kick. He is the organiser. they took the scalp of Northampton at Franklins Gardens. he damaged his ankle ligaments. saying that Lancaster’s team ethos is such that any newcomer is welcomed. Leicester today? “They’re another team to go after. the Worcester Warriors director of rugby. And then Ian Ritchie. Will Manu Tuilagi make the difference if he is ever fit for long enough and. but he gets picked for his defensive ballast. then. Lancaster is doing the same with Slade. when he is nominally playing No 13. Brad Barritt is not the sortt of rugby player who sets the heart aflutter. away today. to those now hooked on Jonathan Joseph. by their coaches.” You suspect Barritt would play with his surgical boot if he could get away with it. in November. There was the lacerated eyeball that became detached from its socket in South Africa in 2012 and meant he had to wear make-up for we his wedding photos. the RFU chief executive. the thing I have to do is forget about all that and get comfortable. where? Will Joseph end up shunted to the wing? And just what has happened to Kyle Eastmond? Barritt and Tuilagi have been the most used combination since 2003. he is well placed to assess how others judge England. It’s day to day. “I played Super 14 rugby. “My wife’s had to change her opinion of the person she fell in love with. “When I go up to the England camp. He did score a tasty try against the All Blacks in 2012. t was easy to get carried away last week. said no to gung-ho and people sobered up and realised that England had conceded their record number of Six Nations tries. A month ago. Britney. though. As someone born in South Africa with a father who played for Rhodesia and a grandfather for England Universities. if so. “I think I did get credit in the autumn. It may be that in trying to erase the soft centre. It segued into the knee ligaments strained in January and then. to conceive of a better opportunity for Slade than the next five weekends of Premiership rugby. because I don’t look like that any more. “You can very easily get pigeonholed as a certain type of player. when he was earmarked to replace Luther Burrell for the Calcutta Cup match.” And.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 87 FGM Rugby union Sport their perfect No 12 Henry the first: Slade possesses the ingredients to make him a strong contender for inside centre Barritt may be dull but he has hard edge to replace soft centre Rick Broadbent says the Saracens player has the defensive skills that are urgently needed by a brittle England team I Clive Woodward would work hard to prise him out of his shell.” If Slade does have a sniff for England honours at this World Cup. pointed out that finishing second was “unacceptable”. but if the three-month absence proved the distance. therefore. Play in the southern hemisphere and you’re used to dry conditions. Up in a box at HQ watching the France game. It would be no surprise if Slade was standing outside George Ford at No 12 in the Six Nations next year. maybe having more to say. but here you’ve got all the obstacles.” Lancaster sees more than one facet in Barritt and possibly the perfect foil for Joseph. the intense conclusion to the Premiership will be as much about how he leads as how or where he plays. “When you put your body on the line and you know it’s for a winning cause. “That’s how we are going to attack it. as a whopping opportunity. A bloodied Barritt shows the commitment that the team lacked in conceding nine Six Nations tries at HQ .” Slade. Exeter beat Bath for the first time in the Premiership. make a break and defend. The World Cup may just have been a year too early for him. You can play a flowing game until November and then you adapt and it becomes more a territorial tussle. Clearly this has all been sold to the players. They live in South Africa but were flown over by Marriott Hotels as part of its #ReuniteWithMe campaign to get expats back for World Cup matches. You can’t use the Six Nations as a benchmark for what’s to come. Of those scrapping for the top four places. they have Northampton Saints. in training. “They know that we are a team that’s hungry for success. there may be further rewards for him. Saracens and Sale. where he played for that junior England team. If he were a football player he would be James Milner or. After Tigers today. has dubbed the Saracens man as a “stopgap”.” he says. in meetings. but my strength is my ability to adapt.



Saturday March 28 2015 | the times


‘Little brothers’
aim for revenge
at the scene of
Chappell crime
Richard Hobson
Deputy Cricket Correspondent

Australia and New Zealand may just be
staging the best of the 11 cricket World
Cups. The performances of Ireland and
Bangladesh lifted the first phase from
the tedium feared. Records have been
broken, batsmen have scored quickly
but good bowlers have still shone
through fielding restrictions biased
against them. Games have been played
in the right spirit and watched avidly.
All the tournament needs now is a
final between the co-hosts tomorrow
(4.30am BST) that is worthy of the
occasion. Victory for Australia on
home soil would be celebrated long into
the night in Melbourne, while the
scheduled finish time in the early minutes of Monday across New Zealand,
two hours ahead, would be no sleepy
deterrent to the joy sure to follow a first
success for the Black Caps.
They have been the best two sides in
the tournament. According to Michael
Clarke, the Australia captain, the sets of
players get on well off the field. This
may well be true, but to many followers
of sport in New Zealand, the opportunity to beat their neighbours over the
final hurdle would bring even greater
satisfaction to success at a world event.
“The rivalry between Australia and
New Zealand covers every sport,” Tim
Southee, the New Zealand swing bowler, said yesterday.
“It is massive. We are probably seen
as the little brothers from across the
ditch. We do quite well to compete. Australia have had the wood on us in cricket over the past few years, but we are
slowly starting to even that picture.”
Historically, New Zealand have felt
that Australia could and should have
done more to help their development.
Although New Zealand gained Test


crunch numbers


Wickets taken
by seam
bowlers in
2,786.5 overs
(average 30.55,
economy 5.66)

the Westpac
Stadium in


Fours in
47 matches

147 58
Wickets taken
by spinners in
1,298.2 overs
(average 47.41,
economy 5.36)

Sixes in
47 matches

Most sixes —
Chris Gayle

Most sixes at a
single ground,

Most fours —
Martin Guptill

Most fours by
Cricket Ground

Victories batting

bowling first

Words by
Richard Hobson

status in 1930, Australia did not play
them until 1946, and not again until
1973. More recently, they have contested only six Tests in the past decade and
not fought a bilateral one-day series
since 2010.
When Greg Chappell instructed his
brother Trevor to bowl underarm as
New Zealand needed six runs to tie a
one-day game in 1981, he could not
have imagined the furore it created.

Deep in the psyche: Trevor Chappell’s underarm ball on its way to McKechnie at the MCG, sparking outrage in New Zealand

Thirty-four years later, the photograph of Trevor Chappell preparing to
bowl forms the central focus of a cricketing exhibition in Auckland loaned for
the duration of the World Cup.
To quote the accompanying panel, it
was “a day that lives on in ignominy . . .
our Prime Minister Robert Muldoon
noted that it was
appropriate the
wore yellow”.
The ball
is on display
Museum in Wellington,
signed by Brian McKechnie, the
batsman who patted it back, then
tossed away his bat in disgust.
So is a copy of the subsequent letter of
apology from Greg Chappell. The original gathers dust out of sight in the
national archives.
This background is poignant
because the venue then just happened to be the MCG. The incident
is ingrained deeply into the cricketing psyche of New Zealand and if
they reverse the result tomorrow, in
more sporting circumstances, it is sure

to be viewed as revenge at the scene of
the crime two generations down.
Bookmakers rate that unlikely, no
matter that New Zealand
won the low-scoring game
in the group phase at Eden
Park in spite of a brilliant
late spell of swing bowling
by Mitchell Starc. Australia have home advantage this time,
which Clarke values
very highly, but New
Zealand have had an
extra two days to
recover from their
“Mentally, we
have been ready
for a while,”
Clarke said after
Australia beat
India on Thursday. “It is just
making sure that
our players recover
well physically.”
Southee, New Zealand’s
opening bowler, has been
one of their key players
in their march to the final

Bowlers are unlikely to dominate in
the same way as at Auckland. If forecasts of a warm afternoon with only
thin clouds prove accurate, the likes of
Starc, Trent Boult and Southee will
have to work harder to generate swing,
although they are good enough to do
Australia have the extra pace of
Mitchell Johnson and more explosive
batting in the middle order, but will be
tested by the short ball. New Zealand
have the spin of Daniel Vettori, which
Brendon McCullum will not be afraid to
use in a powerplay. Like Clarke, Vettori
is expected to be making his last oneday international appearance.
Win or lose, Australia are certain to
be back, strong, confident and
powerful, in England in 2019. For New
Zealand, tomorrow may be the chance
of a lifetime.
Over the past seven weeks they have
kindled a unique magic, forging bonds
in the dressing room and with their own
Martin Guptill and Grant Elliott
have made reputations for life. To
McCullum, the captain, it has been “the
best ride of our lives”.
They need to play with the same
freedom one more time.

the times | Saturday March 28 2015




Neutrals can savour fitting climax
Mike Atherton
Chief Cricket Correspondent

Almost two months, nearly 50 matches, hundreds of thousands of miles
covered across a mighty continent and
the best two teams will grace the final.
That in itself is a good result for the
sport, given that both bring the strongest, most incisive bowling attacks and
the brightest, most innovative and most
attacking captains.
When the sides met in Auckland during the group stage, the fast bowlers
dominated and in this age of the
batsman, the presence of both these
teams is a good reminder to the game
that bowlers, more often than not, win
matches. Trent Boult and Mitchell
Starc have been the two outstanding
fast bowlers of the competition, and
they will be complemented by Tim
Southee, Matt Henry, Mitchell
Johnson and Josh Hazlewood. A terrific
battery of pace and skill.
As Michael Clarke and Brendon
McCullum stand next to each other at
the toss tomorrow, the spotlight will
also fall on one of the more intriguing
aspects of this final. In an age when
captains in one-day cricket are
straitjacketed more than ever, with
field placings increasingly restrictive,
McCullum and Clarke have shown that
the tactical side of the game — the
thinking game — still counts.
On the face of it, there would appear
great similarities between them:
tattooed, hair-gelled and adorning an
array of advertising campaigns as they
are — very modern cricketers. But,
from the outside, there are differences
too: Clarke is more media-savvy,
McCullum more reluctant in the spotlight; Clarke has been made to measure
for leadership, fitted to it, as an ambitious businessman would be fitted to a
Savile Row suit, from a long way out,
whereas leadership came to McCullum
out of a crisis involving others.
Both are aggressive in outlook, and
their first thought in the field is how to
take wickets rather than how to contain, but McCullum has taken this to an
extreme. In this tournament he has
redefined one-day strategy (almost
taken it back to its Test match roots),
asking his swing bowlers to bowl Test
match lengths to Test match fields,
often with three, sometimes four slips
and no third man. Inner-ring fielders in
the middle overs are often posted to

2015 World
Cup final:
how the


33 (248 caps)
Eight matches
Won the toss three times
328 runs @ 41.00
(strike rate 191.81)
Two catches

33 (244 caps)
Six matches
Won the toss four times
145 runs @ 29.00
(strike rate 92.94)
One wicket @ 14.00
Four catches

when the teams met in the group stage,
a wily, canny, experienced spinner can
be priceless when the ball is flying
around and the captain
needs a change of pace.
Vettori, and his team’s
win in Auckland that will
have bolstered their confidence, stand
out to New Zealand’s advantage.
Australia have three advantages of
their own: if Aaron Finch’s semi-final
innings of 81 suggested any sort of
return to form, Australia have more
batting strength in depth. David
Warner, Finch, Smith, Clarke himself,
Shane Watson, followed by Maxwell’s
fireworks, James Faulkner, Brad
Haddin and Johnson, who blazed to
such good effect in the semi-final,
represents a stronger, classier line-up
than New Zealand’s.
Second is the death bowling of Starc
and Faulkner. Starc’s brilliance with
new ball and old gives him good claim
to being the tournament’s outstanding
bowler, his excellence during the
“death” overs in contrast with the dross
served up elsewhere. Faulkner also
excels with cute combinations of slower

Australia v
New Zealand

Tomorrow, 4.30am
Melbourne Cricket Ground

unusual catching positions, rather than
in orthodox single-saving ones.
Clarke can be showy, often standing
in a batsman’s space and gesticulating
grandly, making changes designed to
be seen. McCullum, shorter, squatter of
stature, prowls at mid-off mostly. To
watch him carefully is to see a man
whose mind is constantly whirring, but
his adjustments and instructions are
made in more low-key fashion, a quiet
hand signal here or there, demanding
Probable teams: Australia: A J Finch, D A Warner,
SP D Smith, M J Clarke (captain), S R Watson, G J Maxwell,
J P Faulkner, B J Haddin, M G Johnson, M A Starc, J R Hazlewood.
New Zealand: M J Guptill, B B McCullum, K S Williamson,
L RP L Taylor, G D Elliott, C J Anderson, L Ronchi, D L Vettori,
M J Henry, T G Southee, T A Boult.
Umpires: H D P K Dharmasena (Sri Lanka) and R A
Kettleborough (England). Third umpire: M Erasmus (South
Africa). Fourth umpire: I J Gould (England).
Match referee: R S Madugalle (Sri Lanka).
Television: Live on Sky Sports 2 from 3.55am
(match starts at 4.30am).

that his players do not let their eyes or
their minds wander.
There are obvious differences in their
batting. McCullum opens and is all belligerence; Clarke sits comfortably in the
middle order, silky of touch. McCullum
has the highest strike-rate in the tournament (191.81 runs per 100 balls) and
has hit a staggering 59 balls of the 150 he
has faced in the powerplay overs to the
fence, so that 308 of the 328 runs he has
scored in the competition have been
made during the mandatory powerplay. He has the ability to set the tone
from the outset, as he did memorably
against England and South Africa.
McCullum’s all-out aggression
underlines a similarity of approach
between the teams. Unlike the rest,
New Zealand and Australia regard the
mandatory powerplay (the first ten
overs) and the batting powerplay (often
taken between the 36th and 40th over)

as advantageous to the batting team.
Most other sides — South Africa being
the prime example — have sought to
keep wickets in hand for a late charge.
So four common factors have separated these finalists from the rest, and
provide a reliable template for England
(personnel issues notwithstanding) as
they ponder the way forward: aggressive batting in both powerplays, attacking captaincy, outstanding fast bowling
and brilliant ground fielding, especially
in the inner circle, where the likes of
Glenn Maxwell and Steven Smith, for
Australia, McCullum himself and
Martin Guptill have excelled.
How to separate them? New Zealand
hold an ace in Daniel Vettori, upon
whose outstanding international
career the curtain will fall after this
game. Australia have no specialist spinner, and use Maxwell’s off spin in the
middle overs, but as Vettori showed

balls and yorkers. Witness the way New
Zealand (and especially their fifth
bowler) began to be torn apart by AB de
Villiers and Faf du Plessis before the
rain came. Advantage Australia.
Finally, home advantage rests with
Australia. Throughout the competition, New Zealand have been sheltered
in their island fortress, buttressed by
incredible home support, on smaller
grounds and in conditions where the
ball has swung. The MCG will offer
markedly different conditions. Four of
New Zealand’s players have never
played there, whereas those of Australia know the ground and its dimensions
McCullum and his team have won
the hearts of spectators but, forced to
choose, Australia look stronger. Peeking in from the outside on what often
feels like an unseemly domestic squabble when these teams meet, neutrals
can savour the contest.



Saturday March 28 2015 | the times

Sport Comment

Help is also needed for the biter bitten
Oliver Kay Chief Football Correspondent


ave you heard the one about the
footballer who bites? No, not
the Uruguayan who felt the
English game misunderstood
the street-fighting instinct that
he calls picardia, but a Croydon-born
journeyman whose actions were never quite
so likely to arouse public condemnation
from the prime minister.
His name is Joss Labadie and he plays for
Dagenham & Redbridge in Sky Bet League
Two. This week he was charged with violent
conduct after what the FA called “an
incident during their game on March 21”.
According to Graham Westley, the
Stevenage manager, Ronnie Henry, his
captain, “nearly lost his finger” in the
It is for the FA’s independent regulatory
commission to decide whether Labadie is
guilty of that most extreme form of violent
conduct. The video footage does not look
good, it must be said, and Labadie, like Luis
Suárez, has previous where biting is
concerned. Twelve months ago, while with
Torquay United, he was banned for ten
matches by the FA for biting Ollie Banks, of

Chesterfield — a charge that he denied at
the time, only later to accept the
punishment in what Chris Hargreaves, the
Devon club’s manager, called “a sign of
Nothing has been heard of Labadie since
this latest incident at the Lamex Stadium
last Saturday. In a brief statement on
Thursday, Dagenham said that no comment
would be made, by player or club, until after
6pm on Monday, which is the FA’s deadline
for a response to the charge. All we know
for now is that, according to Steve
Thompson, the club’s managing director,
Labadie “has denied biting anybody” and
“has said he didn’t do anything”. He could
even feature against Wycombe Wanderers
this afternoon.
So far, it all sounds startlingly similar to
what happened in February last year after
Labadie was accused of biting Banks.
Because this incident took place in the
hinterland of League Two, where not every
incident is immediately replayed from
several different angles and scrutinised
across both mainstream and social media, it
went unnoticed until Banks took to Twitter

to post a photograph of bite marks on his
Labadie denied any wrongdoing and
planned to appeal against the ten-match
ban, with Torquay’s tentative backing. Then,
suddenly, the appeal was dropped, the
suspension served and, by the time he
turned up at Dagenham last summer, after
an enraged Torquay board declined to
renew his contract, it was a case of saying it
had been “difficult, but the FA came to its
decision” and “it’s all in the past now”.
He probably thought it was. After all, the
past does not tend to stalk you so doggedly
when you have moved from Torquay to
Dagenham, rather than from Ajax to
Liverpool to Barcelona. Until last Saturday’s
incident and the minimal media coverage
that has followed, Labadie had returned to
relative obscurity, wearing the No 10 shirt
at Dagenham and earning a few decent
write-ups but struggling, nearly five years
after his release by West Bromwich Albion,
to avoid the creeping feeling that he has
found his level in League Two.
At West Brom and Notts County, two of
his former clubs, he is remembered as a

If the case against Labadie, right, is proven, he deserves a long ban, but the FA should learn from the past that corrective therapy is required

Leeds reap benefit from humbling of Cellino


t is now 154 days since Massimo Cellino
has sacked a manager. There are two
explanations for this. The first is that
Leeds United are progressing well under
Neil Redfearn, winning eight of their past
13 matches in the Sky Bet Championship.
The second is that Cellino — known in
Italy as Il mangia-allenatori, the
manager-eater — has been disqualified
from all football-related activity after

failing the Football League’s owners and
directors test over an Italian court’s
judgment in a tax evasion trial.
In Cellino’s absence, Elland Road has
become a saner, more stable place, which
admittedly is not saying much, and
Redfearn has been able to get on with the
job. For the club’s exiled owner, this may
just be a wake-up call. He is one of those
owners who has always, at Cagliari and at

Leeds, seemed intent on turning clubs into
a set for an absurd soap opera in which he
is the monstrous hero. Funnily enough,
Leeds seem better off without the endless
hiring and firing, the erratic input on team
selections and transfer strategy and the
perils of the number 17. Maybe, just
maybe, this humbling experience will
teach Cellino that he is better off leaving
the football to those who understand it.

talented, energetic footballer with a lot of
the basic attributes but whose game lacked a
certain substance. For a month or two,
under Tony Mowbray, he was regarded as
one who might be on the verge of a
first-team breakthrough at West Brom, but
the moment passed. If Suárez tried to
attribute his worst excesses to picardia — a
word whose English equivalent would be
somewhere between slyness, devilment and
mischief, a spirit fostered while learning his
trade on the mean streets of Montevideo —
it might be even more of a stretch for
anyone to suggest the same on behalf of the
kid from Croydon.
Ideally, we would know how Labadie
attempted to justify or deny or excuse what
happened with Banks last season, but
unfortunately there is no record of this.
Whereas the FA released a 21-page report of
its commission’s findings with regard to
Suárez’s bite on Branislav Ivanovic, of
Chelsea, in April 2013, there was no such
publication in the Labadie case last year.
FA officials suggested last night that this
was because neither of the two parties —
the FA nor the player charged — had asked
to see the written reasons, which for a
player who had denied any wrongdoing is
rather strange.
The FA’s stance on biting is well known.
The commission that punished Suárez
called it “alien to football”, “deplorable”,
“completely unacceptable”, adding that
“such truly disgraceful behaviour could also
lead to possible health issues”. As with the
recent spitting case, which resulted in seven
and six-match bans for Papiss Cissé and
Jonny Evans respectively, the size of the
sanction was intended not to reflect the
danger to the opponent but the exceptional,
repellent nature of an offence that sets a
dreadful example.
Another thing known from the Suárez
case is that the FA commission saw no need
for any corrective, educational aspect to his
punishment. More is the pity, because the
cases of Suárez and now Labadie leave the
overriding impression that biting, on a
football pitch, is less the “intentional” act
that the FA commission suggested than a
disturbing, animalistic instinct that is not
going to be cured by a ten-match ban alone.
If Suárez can reoffend by biting Giorgio
Chiellini in a World Cup match against
Italy, having served long bans for previous
offences while playing for Ajax and
Liverpool, it is hardly surprising that
Labadie, too, should be a repeat offender.
If the latest FA charge of violent conduct
is proven, Labadie deserves to be suspended
for a long, long time, but he also deserves,
or rather he needs, help of some sort. Can a
player who bites be “cured” of the instinct to
do so? That remains to be seen, but there
were those at Liverpool who felt that, by
finding Suárez guilty of a “deliberate and
purposeful” attack, rather than an extremely
dangerous instinct, they showed a
misunderstanding of what had happened.
The morning after Suárez bit Ivanovic —
not to be confused with when he bit Otman
Bakkal or Chiellini — David Cameron was
asked about the incident in a BBC interview.
He called it “appalling” and said that, “as a
dad and a human being”, he felt that the
Uruguayan should be heavily punished.
He was right, just as he would be if he
were to propose similar of Labadie.
Biting is vile and has no place in football,
but the mistake that the FA could make,
indeed, has made before, would be to think
that it can eradicate the issue with a
suspension alone. If you bite an opponent
once, you are probably at risk of doing so
again unless some form of corrective
therapy is offered as part of the
rehabilitation. If the FA did not learn that
with Suárez, it can surely work it out in the
case of a player from closer to home.

Dr Mark Latham Israel aiming to leave Bale without room for manoeuvre Final Cup winner 80% 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 and Dr Dinesh Vatvani before this year’s quarter-finals shows Real Madrid as the best attacking side.5 per cent chance of winning the trophy. Let’s say you were in charge of a team and had all the money you could possibly want. as the sole noteworthy absentee. so we welcome it. B Davies (Tottenham Hotspur) — C Gunter (Reading). a noexcuse philosophy where the difficulties of club form can be put to one side.3 per cent and Real on 16. are in Israel on Tuesday and play Wales again in June. the key is presenting Ireland as a contrast to that toil.” O’Neill said.” Gap between attack and defence is a Real problem Fink Tank Daniel Finkelstein Champions League progression percentage probability Semi-final Bayern Munich Barcelona Real Madrid Atlético Madrid H ere’s something I don’t understand. you can talk until you’re blue in the face. “This is a better pressure to have than being at the bottom of the pile. the bruised confidence. regarded as natural starters for tomorrow night’s home match against Poland. though he might have been a bit disappointed in Scotland. Ward. Juventus are the best defensive side. which ended with his job in question and the dropping of Yossi Benayoun. So the relative change in win probability for Bayern was 8 per cent. David Forde. O’Neill and Roy Keane. otherwise he’ll kill us. Coleman accepts the atmosphere will be hostile but hopes for fair play. After it. L Refaelov (Bruges) — T Ben Haim (Maccabi Tel Aviv). encouraging players to shake off their frustration in duty for their country. the two best sides overall who are left in the tournament are Bayern Munich (second in both attack and defence) and Barcelona (third and fifth). we are going to play as a team. when the Fink Tank team model the Champions League. We won’t lose concentration for one minute. if players were coming in here on the back of having played the last couple of weekends but you always sense it’s never going to be that way.5 per cent chance of reaching the semi-finals and a 28.3 per cent chance that it will not be Bayern. “If you boil it all down. Wales (3-5-1-1): W Hennessey (Crystal Palace) — J Collins (West Ham United). However. N Taylor (Swansea City) — G Bale (Real Madrid) — S Church (Charlton Athletic). O Damari (RB Leipzig). not to give Game for a laugh: McGeady sees the funny side of life with Keane in training with Ireland where he has found recognition after being omitted by Everton change of environment for the week might just give him that lift.” Although he will lean on the more sophisticated tools in his armoury. Gutman encountered Ronaldo in Israel’s previous campaign when he asked Sheran Yeini to try to nullify the player.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 91 FGM Football Sport O’Neill hopes that national service can give players respite George Caulkin Dublin As a long week draws to a close and a list of players return to full fitness. albeit that he has been troubled by a knee injury. while others have been irregular performers. we gave them a 76. E Zahavi (Maccabi Tel Aviv). the unexpected leaders of group D. his assistant. have set about creating an environment of togetherness and pride. which will be filled to its 30. before the draw. Thus. a similar debate took place in Wales about the position of Chris Coleman but both coaches have since given their teams their best chance of qualifying for a tournament in decades.” Gutman has finally settled on a starting side after using 35 different players in the previous campaign. simulation.000 capacity. it is also reaching the point where the great necessity is getting on with it. Your aim would be to be the best all over the pitch and not just in certain areas. O’Neill was asked about the example of Aiden McGeady. What is the role played by luck of the draw? We ran the model once before the draw and once after it. Stephen Ward and James McClean. who has withdrawn with a groin problem. who are unbeaten. “He did not answer the phone. said that he had phoned Cristiano Ronaldo. Every year. practically kicked Bale off the pitch in October. It would be great.7 per cent chance of being champions. Favourites though they are. They need it too. B Natcho (CSKA Moscow). put club football aside if it’s trials and tribulations. “It’s a disappointment from this side.” Coleman said. absolutely fantastic. Muhamed Besic. I’m right. it comes with an old lament. matches that are likely to determine the order of the three sides. his Madrid team-mate. He is happy. We sometimes don’t have that particular choice in hand for players in that position. I think the DAVID MAHER/SPORTSFILE/CORBIS Gary Jacob Haifa Everyone else has had something to say about his troubles this week except the player himself.2 per cent. have been fighting against relegation in their respective divisions this season. Referee: M Mai (Serbia). have real serious confidence about it. all of whom have a strong case for playing. E Tibi (Maccabi Tel Aviv). Belgium. whose chance declined by 17 per cent. so pivotal for Ireland but out of favour with Everton. J Allen (Liverpool). and we can measure the luck of the draw by the difference between these two results. Based on their training. the Everton player. And the unluckiest were Paris Saint-Germain. the Bosnia-Herzegovina defender. have recovered from ankle injuries. I was involved with Northern Ireland as a player and we would have players coming in who hadn’t played regularly at club level but suddenly they got a lift from playing international football. How they stand in group B P W D L F A Pts 3 0 0 9 2 9 Israel 3 2 2 0 4 2 8 Wales 4 2 0 2 9 5 6 Cyprus 4 1 2 0 7 1 5 Belgium 3 0 2 2 2 6 2 Bosnia & Herz 4 0 0 4 2 17 0 Andorra 4 space. aren’t I? That’s what you would do. although having options is not the same as having quality. the Israel coach. Around the same time. “I feel focused. It was his second such remark. for whom he has started 14 league games this season and none at all since January 31. there is (obviously) a 69. Juventus Monaco Porto PSG So what I don’t understand is why Real Madrid don’t do that. asked how best to stop Bale in the European Championship group B qualifier. playing catch-up. “There are positions up for grabs. “We must keep it tight with Bale and not give him a lot of space. the lack of minutes with clubs.” Coleman said. It was with characteristically dry humour yesterday that Eli Gutman. that’s entirely up to him. get that shirt on and go for it.” His side battled for a draw in Belgium in November and he would gladly take the same result. This leaves Bayern as strong favourites on 30. Aiden is very. after saying recently that Bale’s poor club form was down to him saving himself for his country. “We don’t have enough strong players to kick Bale out.” . O Ben Harush (Maccabi Tel-Aviv) — S Yeini (Maccabi Tel Aviv). T Ben Haim (Charlton Athletic ). Israel (4-3-3): O Marciano (Ashdod) — O Dgani (Maccabi Haifa).” Gutman said. we have only talked about Wales. As a result. Israel drew twice and stopped Ronaldo from scoring. but the seventh-best attacking side.8 per cent chance of reaching the semis and a 30. we gave Bayern a 67. You can pretty much afford any player you wanted to buy. A Ramsey (Arsenal).” Gutman said. What would you do? I think it is a safe bet that what you would do would be to look at your squad and strengthen the bits of it that were weaker. very important to us. the analysis and the data. with Barça on 23. J Ledley (Crystal Palace).7 per cent. the captain.” O’Neill said. I find that baffling. level on points with Gordon Strachan’s side and Germany — relatively sluggish since the World Cup — and three behind Poland. the probabilities are very spread so the winner is hard to identify. a 1-0 defeat by Scotland in November was painful and they are fourth in their group. one unit. He had a great start against Georgia and I thought he continued that on. but I’m not in charge of their club commitments. A Williams (Swansea City). excited and any manager who says he is relaxed is telling a lie. A shallow pool of talent has been the bane of Ireland managers in recent years and while O’Neill’s squad is bolstered by the availability of key personnel before a pivotal fixture. The luckiest side were Barcelona with an 11 per cent improvement. leaving Darron Gibson. but only the sixth-best (out of eight) defensive one. Predictably. Without question this is reducing their success. “We’ve a different aspect here. Martin O’Neill is presented with both welcome news and a familiar dilemma. the Maccabi Tel Aviv captain could perform a similar role on Bale at the Sammy Ofer Stadium in Haifa. “The difference in international football is that we have to put up with a bit of play-acting. just go for it. the work done by Dr Henry Stott.” O’Neill said. before he alluded to Bale. “We have not mentioned Real Madrid. “Roberto Martínez is absolutely entitled to pick whoever he wants. unfortunately. “If he doesn’t think Aiden is playing well enough to merit a place in his team. nervous. How they stand in group D Poland Germany Scotland Ireland Georgia Gibraltar P 4 4 4 4 4 4 W 3 2 2 2 1 0 D 1 1 1 1 0 0 L 0 1 1 1 3 4 F 15 7 5 10 4 0 A Pts 2 10 4 7 4 7 3 7 7 3 21 0 For O’Neill. for advice. “but go into the game with confidence. McClean and Stephen Quinn. it reveals a Real Madrid strong in attack and weak in defence. after a heartening start in their European qualifiers. John O’Shea. Television: Live on Sky Sports 5 (kick-off 5pm). And pretty much any player you wanted to buy would agree to sign for you. Gareth Bale has remained silent about the latest shenanigans with Real Madrid but there will be little hiding place for him when Wales play in Israel tonight.

of course. If Kane was entitled to feel frustration as he had to wait for his debut. A superficially outstanding record of one goal conceded in six qualifiers has erased some memories of the shortcomings exposed during the World Cup. All that dull stuff that managers have to concern themselves with. Most concerning is that a defence that has strolled through qualifying matches without breaking sweat will be denied a rigorous workout as a collective unit. Kane must start. While there may be compelling reasons for each individual withdrawal — particularly that of Raheem Sterling — taken together they will rob what should be a prestigious fixture of much of its meaning. England’s players would benefit from testing themselves as a unit at a higher level. however promising. First name on the teamsheet. even when they have a young striker who seemed to have undergone a Clark Kent transformation this season. In a city famous for a shroud. who have been responsible for their elimination from the past two tournaments. A goal will raise expectations to unsustainable levels which. but we should note that he was deservedly man of the match for a lively performance.” it said on the tickets — at least it had started to feel that way more than a Euro 2016 qualifier against Lithuania. In a cakewalk of a Euro 2016 qualifying campaign that sees England justifiably checking out hotels in France with 40 per cent of their fixtures remaining. not so long ago. the visiting team’s potential is likely to remain hidden from view. we have followed quite a few. Rickie Lambert had scored on his England debut with his very first touch in international football (three touches. sitting behind only two goals behind Sir Bobby Charlton. professional performance is in danger of petering out in Turin next week. but that opportunity will be denied to many of them owing to Roy Hodgson’s indulgence of his Barclays Premier League peers. but in the event of a chastening night on Tuesday they will be only a fleeting memory. as Chris Waddle pointed out on the radio. “An Evening With Harry Kane. Italy will provide that. Of course Kane is a thrilling prospect — being young. hard-fought friendly matches should be even more important. But let us also remember that a top football nation. or expectation. You could pick Kane but only at centre-forward. or ever going to match the Tottenham Hotspur man as a regular goalscorer. Welbeck was in the thick of both England goals which is not to say that he is as able as Kane. it appears that one step forward may be followed by two back.) But. star performers do. from his attitude never mind his movement and knack of being in the right place as last night proved. As a result. Given the velocity with which his career has travelled this season. we can be hopeful that it will be a rewarding journey. twice striking the woodwork aside from his goal. building a team rather than just chucking all the most in-form players on the field. it might also have been for reasons like the system and. And we have to remember that he is only 21. Michael Caine and Citizen Kane would have fancied bagging a hat-trick. Sterling work: the Liverpool player adds his name to the scoresheet at Wembley Missed opportunity to build on promise in Turin Matt Hughes Deputy Football Correspondent As ever with England. when injuries and rotation will leave England facing Italy with a shadow side. leading goalscorer and. Having impressed against these modest opponents. he delivered for his audience like. Yet it has been clear all week that Hodgson has prioritised this fixture over the match against Italy. it was only because there were so many goals to be plundered. English and thriving in a top 10 Premier League club could hardly mean anything else — but that does not mean you just throw your plans in the bin. England and St George — but mostly for Harry. Grown-up football countries do not go quite so weak at the knees.92 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times Sport Football Hodgson suddenly spoilt for choice Matt Dickinson says England manager finds himself with more attacking talent at his disposal than most predecessors I t took Harry Kane all of 79 seconds and three touches of his international debut to score for England last night. but with a much changed side revenge will not be in the Alpine air. There were plenty of positives for an impressively sold-out Wembley to cling to last night. A chance for building has been squandered. More than Hodgson was entitled to think about the needs of the team. you would have to go 4-4-2 with Raheem Sterling stuck out on the wing. ‘Kane must start — first name on the teamsheet.uk/sport Hodgson is clearly relishing working with so many England attacking players at the peak of their form It was not like we are running out of time given that Euro 2016 is more than a year away and there was also that chap Wayne Rooney — England captain. with much still to learn about his consistency. but not against England’s first-choice back four as Hodgson is planning wholesale changes. Frankly. Never mind that his debut goal came against opposition so limp that. for the senior team and also when he leads the line for the under 21s in the European Championships in the Czech Republic this summer. well. one with serious hope of winning major trophies. while Leighton Baines is expected to return to Everton despite England’s firstchoice left back being yet truly to excel at international level against top-class opponents. He had become the latest saviour of English football and. Kane had scored 18 goals since England had last played in November. And after waiting 72 minutes to see him come off the bench. and even taking into account Kane’s headline-stealing debut. Welbeck showed signs of forging a productive partnership with Rooney . it had all got a bit over the top. you know. It was all too easy to read into that decision proof of Hodgson’s caution (and he must have known it could be a stick to beat him with Gary Lineker noting. but England cannot be said to have improved until they are properly tested. pah!) Nodding in at the far post will only serve to increase the clamour around a young man who had stirred a rare thrill around Wembley simply by having his name read out over the public address. Kane will get his chances. But we also know international football is not always so easy – not because the opposition are great but because England are so fitful. the Liverpool winger is expected to return to his club today so will not be able to torment Italy as he did during the World Cup. there was a sneaking admiration here for Roy Hodgson’s curmudgeonly decision to make Kane — and the crowd — wait more than an hour for his debut. much of the momentum and understanding could have dissipated by the time his squad next convenes for matches against Ireland and Slovenia in June. it was tempting to ask what took him so long? They came to Wembley last night for Harry. which may be interrupted by Harry Kane’s full debut. Build a team around him’ Hodgson did not have a bad night at all in picking Welbeck and Rooney to start with Sterling in an attacking trident. England have plenty of previous against Italy. with Kane scoring off the bench. Build a team around him. a willing young player suddenly matching Diego Costa goalfor-goal as joint top-scorer in the Pre- mier League.co. While Sterling revelled in the free role he was given. Rooney could have surged past Charlton’s record in the first half. Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck showed signs of developing a productive partnership. Chris Smalling and Phil Jagielka will start against Italy. with sarcasm: “Roy throwing caution to the wind and putting Harry Kane on the bench”. online Scotland get ge readyy to rock against Gibraltar thetimes. and unless you are wasting Rooney out wide in Danny Welbeck’s position. These facile victories will provide scant consolation if England are caught short in France. as of last night. you know. It was not that Kane needed protecting from hype. We have a lot more to discover and. who was chosen to lead the attack. We are not spoilt for talent which is why there is so much yearning for Kane. is always the danger when talent like this does not come along as regularly as it should. The promise of this polished. Never mind that. Much as it went against the popular grain. So for all the pre-match complaints. or at least sideways. as the disciples say in Life of Brian. does not get fixated on one player.

then Stones had a header tipped over. also looked at home. J Zmrhal. their goalkeeper. J Jugas. England (4-2-3-1): M Bettinelli — C Chambers (sub: C Jenkinson. M Keane. 62) — C Woodrow (sub: D Ings. half time lasted 30 minutes. T Carroll (sub: W Hughes. Czech Republic (4-4-2): J Pavlenka — T Holes. of Watford. as Jesse Lingard missed from just outside the six-yard box. In October a political banner was flown into the stadium during Serbia’s game against Albania which provoked a mass brawl on the pitch. but determined England still prevailed. Spain’s impressive run of form at home continued however. There were straightforward wins for Slovenia and Switzerland over San Marino and Estonia respectively as England’s group unfolded as expected. albeit against opponents who were sorely lacking in defensive knowhow Russia match marred by Akinfeev injury Alyson Rudd Russia’s 300th competitive fixture was marred by a dramatic injury to Igor Akinfeev. 48 Noble 90+3 Arindam Rej 0 2 1 Gareth Southgate intended for this to be a night of acclimatisation for his England Under-21 players in the Czech Republic. one from the penalty spot. Eight seconds into the game Akinfeev was struck on the back of the head by a lit flare thrown from the upper tier occupied by Montengro’s ultras. J Forster-Caskey — N Redmond. both teams having dropped points by losing to Slovakia. Calum Chambers’s cross was not dealt with by the home side and Carroll reacted to finish in the penalty area but suffered an ankle injury in the process. Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored both goals. leaders of group G. Vicente del Bosque’s team are now unbeaten in 30 competitive games at home. He was subsequently carried off the field on a stretcher and Deniz Aytekin. Belarus defeated Macedonia 2-1 in the first meeting between the countries in a competitive fixture. R Hruby. 83) — M Vydra (sub: T Prikryl. Elsewhere in group C. 70). coming on in the final half an hour in an experimental selection. Carl Jenkinson and John Stones. ordered the players into the dressing room. in Sweden’s 2-0 defeat of Moldova to maintain Erik Hamren’s side’s unbeaten start to the campaign. Play resumed after 35 minutes after an announcement that further trouble from the stands would result in abandonment. midway through the first half. the German referee. M Targett (sub: L Garbutt. MARC ASPLAND Carroll seals battling win as Southgate experiments CardiffRepublic Czech City Campbell. and Ukraine began the evening level on nine points in group C. M Frydek.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 93 FGM Football Sport after Kane enters the fray TIMES PHOTOGRAPHER. 70). last night during a display in which his dazzling footwork was again often to the fore. but England were looking sharper. This was the second major incident of crowd trouble to blight the Euro 2016 qualifiers. winning courtesy of a first half goal from Juventus’ Alvaro Morata. The best of them fell to Matej Vydra. Cause for concern: Akinfeev is treated by medical staff before being carried from the pitch after being hit by a flare in the opening moments of last night’s game . the reigning champions. T Kalas. Southgate’s men could have added gloss to the scoreline. 21 England West Ham United Carroll C Cole 42. P Stronati M Hanousek — O Petrak (L Takacs. The squad had been using the same training base — and staying in the same hotel — as they will be using for the tournament. 62). The first half was a tight spectacle with few clear chances. 62min). A Pritchard (sub: J Lingard. Slovakia’s excellent campaign was continued as they recorded a 3-0 victory over Luxembourg. 52). and the visiting team had a comfortable night after Tom Carroll. The game was abandoned with Serbia awarded a 3-0 walkover. where June’s European Championships are being held. Southgate’s men needed to show more threat in the final third and they livened up proceedings by snatching the lead. which led to the group G qualification match against Montenegro being suspended for 35 minutes. but his effort was cleared off the line by Carroll. and some of the spirit on the pitch would also have given them comfort. Substitute not used: J Bond. 70). A strong Czech Republic team worked hard to find an equalising goal. Yuri Lodygin came on in place of the stricken Akinfeev who was taken to hospital for tests and in a further twist. M Travnik (sub: D Houska. with Jiri Skalak skying over after a counter-attack. 46) — J Ward-Prowse. J Brabec. recorded a comfortable 5-0 victory in the Rheinpark Stadion with Stoke City’s Marko Arnautovic scoring the fifth in added time. the captain. J Skalak. Substitutes not used: T Koubel. scored their winning goal. L Moore (sub: J Stones. Spain. Liechtenstein have been one of the surprise packages of the campaign but Austria. Two high-profile players. Debate has been going on over how strong Southgate’s team should be at the European Championships and the involvement of those two players was a welcome sight after Tom Ince’s withdrawal from Under-21 duty.

to Roy Hodgson’s visible delight. Noble 90+3 4 0 2 1 0 It is not only in name that the irrepressible Harry Kane is beginning to resemble something from the pages of Roy of the Rovers. That’s what I’d like to see. Sterling 58. there is arguably the most unselfish striker in world football. Miroslav Klose was playing for them in Brazil. where a shortage of young. In Danny Welbeck. it was only the fourth and final goal in a stroll against the minnows of Lithuania. so Manager must show bravery to make use of attacking talent Tony Cascarino Commentary E ngland are not suffering from a dearth of talented footballers. Again the woodwork denied him and Jordan Henderson’s follow-up was blocked. Theo Walcott and Alex OxladeChamberlain. the point is more that his 73rd-minute header underlined the progress he has made over the course of his wonderful season with Tottenham Hotspur. in addition to putting his team ahead. but his shot hit the inside of a post and bounced away to safety. for managers. particularly over the last few tournaments. then it is now. As a player for Ireland. I’m not talking about bone-crunching tackles. That is before we mention Harry Kane. Steve McClaren and Sven-Göran Eriksson. in Greg Dyke’s attempts to promote the number of English players in the Barclays Premier League. his present injury aside. In attack. A lull followed as Lithuania. which has looked a formality from the moment they beat Switzerland in Basle in September. Rooney. but I don’t agree. Phil Neville has spoken of a black hole in English football. We think about England as being blood and guts and 100mph. If England need explosive pace. I could always sense that pulling on an England shirt seemed to produce a bit of fear in our neighbours and it was the same (swap the shirt for a blazer). for developing that aggression. That argument has been posed in recent days. Use it. but if ever there was a time for expansive football. . but it was also notable that. especially. power and something different? Andy Carroll. That he scored so soon after his introduction as a substitute should not have told anyone anything they did not already know. The opening goal arrived in the sixth minute. At that point. but attacking aggression. True. Four minutes later. although he was guilty of it at the 2014 World Cup. The captain certainly looked as if he meant business. For all Hodgson’s pre-match warnings about the need for patience. ebullient talent has been such a concern. England’s quickest at Wembley since September 2010. if ever. but he and Kane were joined on the scoresheet by Danny Welbeck and Raheem Sterling. the Kane story feels like a refreshing antidote to the usual cynicism. we saw them push men forward into the 18-yard box. Lithuania’s reprieve was short-lived. Shortly after. Rooney and England started with a real air of urgency. and alternatives such as Raheem Sterling. Welbeck surged past Tadas Kijanskas and stung the palms of Giedrius Arlauskis with a fierce shot. He feinted as if to shoot to the goalkeeper’s left before aiming for the other side instead — a nice idea. but the point here is that England do not need to fall back on anybody. 21 Welbeck 45. Welbeck and Sterling all scored against Lithuania and for me. The 21-year-old’s extraordinary season continued at Wembley Stadium last night when he scored just 79 seconds into his international debut on an uplifting evening for England. Rooney 6. England’s forward line is second to none (without even looking down into the under-21 side). pages 92-93 Match stopped after flare hits goalkeeper go ep Page 93 Lithuania. The talent is there. but the consistent failure of the national team. Sterling spread the play to the right side where Welbeck. reached the byline and sought out Rooney at the far post. they have Wayne Rooney. developed by Joachim Löw. but a reflection of a common theme under Fabio Capello. Barely a minute had gone when Fabian Delph’s clever pass sent him clear of the visiting defence. but they have rarely. Both of those players filled a role. from Raheem Sterling’s layoff in the inside-right channel. There may not be that depth all over the field. accelerated past his marker. in the context of English football. The result extends England’s 100 per cent record at the top of their qualifying group for Euro 2016. it looked like a trainingground exercise. but. Their next test is a friendly against Italy in Turin on Tuesday — an opportunity for Hodgson to look at Kane from the start in what will be a more experimental line-up. has had less to do with a lack of quality than a lack of brave management. Rooney reacted quickly to open the scoring with a header past the stranded goalkeeper. Kane 73 West Ham United Lithuania C Cole 42. they can look to Daniel Sturridge. While the opposition defenders froze. That Wayne Rooney scored for the seventh time in as many international appearances was no great surprise. as he moved to within two goals of Sir Bobby Charlton’s record of 49 for England. Look to 1998. Even had Kane not scored against Inside today Seventy-nine seconds? What took him so long? Matt Dickinson. the type that Jürgen Klinsmann implemented with Germany all those years ago and which. Kane. turned them into World Cup winners. done that against the leading sides. Against Lithuania. If they need technique and goals. but then consider Germany. This was England’s seventh consecutive win since that miserable World Cup experience in Brazil last summer and. This time Rooney went for a looping header. there were elements of this performance that were pleasing. Not up front. when Stéphane Guivarc’h played regularly for France.94 FGM Saturday March 28 2015 | the times Sport Football Kane strikes immediately in recording storybook England start Oliver Kay chief football correspondent Cardiff City England Campbell. The interplay between the front three — both before and after Kane replaced Rooney — was slick all evening. the joint leading goalscorer in the Premier League and one of last night’s great stories. it would have been tempting to say that his emergence had had a positive effect on the England squad. England have an abundance of options. at 36. but the approach of their managers has actually been very conservative. This is not a criticism of Roy Hodgson. They have been insipid when it matters because they sit back when they should join. Need strength. from a standing start. because they play the ball sideways when they should move it forward. while victory over Lithuania is never likely to bring much by way of excitement. but have lacked the aggression of the very best teams. with Welbeck arguably the greatest beneficiary among the starting XI from his position on the right of a front three. Rooney struck the woodwork twice in the opening 20 minutes.

the second slot is open. Kane is becoming a one-off. while Clyne surges forward in an impressive performance that kept England’s 100 per cent record in their qualifying group intact repelled by Arlauskis. 7 gary cahill (chelsea) Like Hart. but not past Arlauskis. Offered thrust and imagination. Surprise he didn’t score with first touch. 67. for Rooney. Kane and Ross Barkley. which he diluted by tumbling too theatrically for the referee’s liking. 77). Barely a minute later. 71min). 6 Booked: Sterling. 7 phil jones (man utd) That Cahill is first choice is not in question. for Henderson. vulnerable in the early stages. before Kijanskas diverted it into the net. 6. for Welbeck. top. it was wonderful. his fellow substitute. “Are there more Harry Kanes out there?” he asked this week. Kane was celebrating a far-post header that the sprawling Arlauskis could not keep out after excellent work by Sterling down the left. in first-half stoppage time. 6). T Kijanskas (Hapoel Haifa) 6. You could almost sense the Lithuanians thinking that if they could hold out at 1-0 until half-time. where Welbeck’s header was going on target. Deserved his slightly fortunate goal. and his assist for Welbeck’s goal hints that he can provide creativity. They even managed to break forward on a few occasions before the interval. raheem sterling (liverpool) Seems to be developing a fine understanding with Rooney and Welbeck and capped the evening with his first England goal. and one penalty appeal. Kazlauskas. 7 Theo Walcott (Arsenal. Ceahlaul. but did not offer much of an attacking threat. a television camera focused on Greg Dyke. MARC ASPLAND England 4-3-3 rory smith 6 joe hart (man city) There may be no easy games in international football. though. briefly stabilised. M Zaliukas (Rangers) 6. was looming. but through the composure of Michael Carrick and the energy of Henderson and Delph. hitting the woodwork twice — a reminder that he is quite good up front. 6. and if he’s lucky is allowed to stride out with the ball from the back. looking to use the threat of Fiodor Cernych and Saulius Mikoliunas on the wings. they would be in credit. A second England goal. Louis. 6. Rooney had a free kick saved and Welbeck. Welbeck’s eagerness to run at opponents yielded one shooting chance. Fits in well. struck a shot just over the crossbar.the times | Saturday March 28 2015 95 FGM Football Sport TIMES PHOTOGRAPHER. GRAHAM HUGHES Lithuania (4-4-1-1): G Arlauskis (Steaua Bucharest) 7 — G Freidgeimus (Zalgiris Vilnius) 6. 83) — K Chvedukas (Suduva Marijampole) 6. suggesting that a belowpar club season has taken its toll on his confidence. . the inevitable third England goal arrived. sub: V Slavickas. Booked: Zaliukas. 8 TIMES PHOTOGRAPHER. Wasting no time: Rooney heads home England’s first goal at Wembley last night. given Phil Jagielka’s travails. Sterling attacked the ball. 7 jordan henderson (liverpool) There have never been any doubts as to his industry. 6 nathaniel clyne (southampton) A little edgy. the one member of England’s otherwise untroubled backline who looked occasionally vulnerable. but he amply proved worthy of his place. 71). 8 danny welbeck (arsenal) Popular opinion would have had Welbeck omitted for Kane. but. Mikoliunas tumbled in the penalty area. Then. V Andriuskevicius (Cambuur. unable to contain his delight at a debut goal for the youngster he had described as a totem for home-grown talent. 8 wayne rooney (man utd) Could have had three in the opening 20 minutes — scoring once. after a collision with Nathaniel Clyne. England’s midfield seemed strangely disjointed at that point. On this evidence. As the crowd went wild. 7 fabian delph (aston villa) A busy evening shuttling the ball forward. Jones did enough to be in pole position. sub: S Stankevicius (Leicester City. before Vytautas Andriuskevicius broke forward on the left. As for what happened thereafter. S Mikoliunas (Shakhtyor Salihorsk. after dribbling away from Georgas Freidgeimas. On 58 minutes. 6 leighton baines (everton) Hardly tested defensively. A Zulpa (Aktobe) 5. 88) — F Cernych (Gornik) 5 — D Matulevicius (Pandurii) 6. Rooney’s right-wing cross was directed into the area that defenders dread and while Welbeck hung back. 7 michael carrick (man utd) Dictated play well from deep. producing a cross from which Phil Jones made a timely block. Substitutions Ross Barkley (Everton. this time from Sterling. T Mikuckis (Torpedo Moscow. he was denied his first goal for his country only by a truly outstanding save from Arlauskis. Referee: P Kralovec (Czech Republic). Provides a natural counterpoint to the hustle and bustle of Henderson and Delph. 6 Harry Kane (Spurs. a short-corner routine allowed Henderson to drive the ball into the six-yard box. the FA chairman. Lechia Gdansk. they re-established control towards the end of the first half. sub: D Kazlauskas. but there seem to be plenty where the goalkeeper doesn’t have to do anything. rarely tested in games such as these: he gets an occasional header. He needed three. had to wait several minutes on the touchline for the ball to go out before they were allowed to replace Henderson and Rooney respectively. Did little wrong. side-footing past the goalkeeper from close range.

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