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Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened

by Frogwares

Walkthrough by MaGtRo January 2007

Warning: This game has explicit gory scenes.

Gameplay: This is a first person game. The main menu has new game, load, save,
return, options, controls, credits and exit the game selection. During gameplay,
press ESC to access the main menu.

To save a game, click an empty square for a new save or a square with a picture to
overwrite a saved game. Then press 'confirm' to enter the saved game. The options
menu has video and audio settings. The video setup selections are for resolutions,
color depth, vertical synchronization (refresh rate), antialiasing, anistropic
filtering and gamma. The video settings are for graphics, texture, water quality,
water reflection and shadow quality. The sound setup is for master volume, voice,
music, effects and ambiance adjustments. Under preferences: subtitles, mouse and
camera sensitivity selections are seen. If any changes are done from the default
settings, press the 'validate' button to enter the changes.

Gameplay movement can be played using the mouse or keyboard. Press and hold of the
left button makes the character walk where you orient the mouse. Double left click
will make the character run. Right click accesses the portfolio that has the
items, dialogues, documents, reports-personal notes and the navigation map. If an
icon is seen at top right of screen during gameplay, which means something in the
portfolio has been updated. Be sure to check the item or the document taken by
right clicking to open the portfolio. This is important in the investigation.
Review the documents, dialogues, notes and reports for clues. The mouse wheel can
scroll through the documents too.

At the bottom of the screen is an icon that shows the position of the character,
whether standing or crouched down.

Press ESC key to skip cutscenes.


Dr. Watson is having a recurrent nightmare. He calls for Holmes to help him. He
recounts the story of what happened to bring him to this state.

London 6th of September, 1894

At 221b Baker St., Dr. Watson arrives to eat breakfast. Holmes is undergoing one
of his 'tedium' moods due to lack of a mystery to exercise his brilliant mind.
Watson mentions that he should visit Barnes Bookstore and leaves.

As Holmes, look out the window to see a newspaper boy. Turn to the writing desk
left of the window and pick up the matches. See that an icon appears at top right
to show that a new item is in inventory. Right click to open the portfolio and
then select items at bottom left. See a knife and the matches. If you click on an
item and then right click to exit the page, see that the item will be at top right
of the screen. To remove the item from the gameplay screen, go back to the items
page and click that item again and then exit. Look around to get familiar on game
movement - left click-hold move forward where you direct the mouse. Exit through
the door on the left of the room. Go down and exit the building.

Go to the newspaper boy, one of the Baker St. Irregulars. Face him and click to
talk to him. He mentions the latest news about a Scandinavian princess. Holmes
gives him an errand. A newspaper is placed in the portfolio. Read the Strand in
documents to learn about an event that will happen soon, an alignment of 7 stars.
In this event a mysterious 8th star known as Formahaut might be observed.

Turn around and walk toward Sergeant Rufles. Learn that Barnes Bookstore is right
and then left from Baker St. Go forward and turn right at Melcombe St. Talk to
Miss Fleming, the flower seller standing at the corner of Glenworth St. Take a
left and enter the bookstore on the left.

Barnes Bookstore: Go close to the ladder and click the eye icon. Holmes will
state that someone must have fallen off after seeing the scuff mark. Talk to
Barnes at the counter. He mentions what and where the books for Holmes are. Go
left of the counter to the table in front of the bookcases. Take the book on
underwater fauna-fishes and to the right, take the Desperate Pirate book. Read
both of them in documents. Go back to the counter and look at the flower on the
window display - it is a sorry sight. Talk to Barnes again. Watch Holmes'
brilliant deduction at work. Exit the store.

A mystery unfolds:

Capt. Stenwicks' house: Walk back towards Baker St. but get hailed by Dr.
Watson at Melcombe St. Talk to Watson and then enter the gate of his patient. Talk
to Capt. Stenwick and learn about his missing Maori manservant, Baowpa. Talk to
Sgt. Rufles twice to learn that this is just one of the cases of missing poor
immigrants and his thoughts about the case.

Shed: Go left of Rufles and go around to the back. See a shed that is the
living quarters of the missing manservant. Look at the door and see that it is not
forced. Look up to the lintel of the door and take a piece of cloth that got
caught on a nail.

Enter and check the Maori drawing on the ground. It is of a man escaping waves
that have flying fishes. Look close at the bowl at far wall. Zoom in and use the
magnifying glass to see a ball. Take the ball. Read Holmes' observation under
report in the portfolio. Exit the shed.

Grounds: Check the back of the shed close to the wall. Look down and see
footprints. Look close at the footprints. Use the magnifying glass and examine the
prints. Measure the footprint. Take note that the right footprint is missing a
nail. Move the lens to see and take a fish scale at top left of the prints.

Look up and see something caught in one of the twisted metal on top of the wall.
Go around to the front, exit the garden, go left and around the corner.

Go forward and look at the other side of the wall with the twisted metals. Look
down and see the footprints. Follow it to a gate that Holmes would say 'he doesn't
need to go there'. Take the ladder. Use the ladder on the broken metal above the
wall. Click on ladder to climb up and then take the fibre.
Go back to talk to Stenwick. Holmes deduces that there were 2 men; one of robust
size and a young Hindu that kidnapped the Maori.

Analysis: Automatically be back to Baker St. After ordering Watson to talk to

the newspaper boy, he should go to the book store to find information about Maoris

Click on the chair to start the analysis and get a close up of the table.

Piece of cloth - Take the piece of cloth in items and then click on the microscope
with the gear icon. Once in close up view, click on the piece of cloth and Holmes
will say 'interesting'. Right click to exit the scope view. Read reports to learn
what Holmes observed about the cloth. The cloth is now gone from inventory.

Fish scales - Take the fish scales from items and click it on the microscope. Use
the tweezers on the fish scales. Holmes will say that it is from a perch, a
saltwater fish that is good for commercial sales. Read the report and see that it
is now gone from inventory.

Plant fibre - Take the plant fibre from items and click it on the microscope. In
close up, use tweezers to get a piece of stained rope. Holmes says to check it for
the origin of the stain.

Place the stained rope on small plate of the analysis setup on the left. Take the
bottles of water, solvent, acid and spirit of alcohol from the table. Click the
solvent on the fibre on the plate and see it dissolve. The machine starts to
analyze the dissolved fibre. Read the report and learn that it is coal soot.

Ball - Take the ball from item and place it under the microscope. Use the scalpel
to cut it in two pieces. Holmes makes a comment that the mustard seed didn't
completely ignite. Use the tweezers to get compound from ball.

Place the compound from ball on the plate of the analyzer on the left. Use acid on
the compound from ball that is on the plate. See it dissolve. Use the match to
light the candle and heat the dissolved compound. Watch the analysis. Read the
report and learn that it is opium with some morphine and some unknown elements.

Click the chair to finish analysis. Holmes will now say to look for Watson.

As Watson: Talk to the newspaper boy and learn that the Scandinavian princess'
big bodyguard disappeared on the first day she arrived. After Watson tipped the
newspaper boy, proceed to the bookstore.

At the bookstore, talk to Barnes and get reprimanded about patient

confidentiality. Go to the middle bookcase and take the People at Earth's End from
the table. Read it under documents to learn that notable dreams are drawn on the
soil and that Maoris place significance to those dreams.

Go back to Baker's St. either by walking or use the map to jump from one point to
another. See that the points are labeled. Talk to Holmes.

Quiz - From what part of London does one of the two kidnappers of the young Maori
come from? Type using your computer's keyboard - Docks or Wharf or Thames. Click
arrow or press enter key.

Find the kidnappers: Open the map and jump to Wharf #13 by the river Thames.

Cursed Mermaid Pub: Enter the bar on the right. Talk to the bartender