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freud's lectures

# First Lecture
Dr Breurer & his hysterisis patient
symtoms of hysterisis
solution by absence and hypnosis
An example : Scene 1, of hydriphobia & dog
Psychic trauma
Scene 2, of snake hallucination and paralysis
Dr Freud and his patients
Ladie and tic
Formula for hysterisis
" All hysterical patients suffer from reminiscenes"
Other memory symbol
memorial & monuments
Example of; gothic pillar & pillars in fire memory
neurosis and fixation of mental life
observations which lead to psychological theory
1. supression of emotion
reproduction of emotion in front of physician
2. Altered condition of consiousness
absence, confusion,
splitting of consiousness
consious and unconsious state
Hypnoidal states & Bruere' theory
# Second Lecture
jeanet theory of hypnosis on heredity & degeneration
search for another method to cathratic
somnambulic experience & resistance & repression
Repression Theory
what are the forces and conditions of repression?
An example; Of a girl and sister's death
An analogy: Hall of audience and disturber
cause of hystersis and neurosis
psychoanalytic treatment base- overcoming resistance
way of happy ending
Correction to incorrect statement of lecture twos
# Lecture Three
- presurization ideao
Two oppsing forces
Consious strive & resistance
An example: Of two bussiness man
Complex : group of idea with common emotive tone
Problem in practising psychoanalysis:
An example of Getting Blank
Methods to get Repressed Complex
Jung's association experiment
Dream interpretation
Evaluation of Unintended acts
Interpretation of dream


Royal road to unconsious

method to be psychoanalyst is study of own dreams
why we forget dream so quickly and completly?
Drean are for wish fulfillment in dream day
manifested and latent dream content
Distortion of dream; caused by same psychic forces as in hystersis symptom; by
defences of ego
Dream work; Condensation and displacement
Bungling of acts
Like temporary forgetting names; mistakes in speaking;mistakes in writting;
mistakes in reading; automatic execution of purposive
Lecture 4
Nature of pathogenic wishes
- erotic impulses most dominating
- its not theoretical but experimental
Experimental results
- patients try to hide sexual life
- repressed wishes of childhood
- child born with sexual desire
- which firther develope into adult sexuality
Is there infantile sexuality?
- Dr sanford bell article in 1902
" A Preliminary study of emotion of love
- First Phase
Auto erotism
erogonous zones (none genital part)
thumb sucking ( work of Lindner)
- second phase
impulse-components of sexual pleasure
presuppose second person as Object
Active & passive pair of libido
Sexual life of child
rich but dissociative
in puberty they correlate and
determine sexual
object choice prevail over auto erotism

between sexes"

organized to

energetic repression
before puberty impulses undergo repressio
-pleasure with excretment & attaching
to person of primitive
Problem with sexual development
process of devepment bring with it the germs of pathalogical disposition;so is
disconnected impulses not lead to normal sexual goal
initial imp. to both sex equally; may lead to homosexuality
caused by injury to development of sexual life
same impulse wich causes perversion get repressed in uncounsious

overstrong expression of impusesin early life