The Moderation Corporation A Tract Book Essay By Anthony J. Fejfar, J.D., Esq., Coif © Copyright 2007 by Anthony J.

Fejfar Some people argue that ordinary Corporations have a duty to maximize profit for the shareholders. People who say this then assert that

Corporations should not be socially responsible or ethical because the only certain standard for them is profit maximization. While I have argued elsewhere that ethical corporate decision making utilizing the principles of reciprocity, utility, proportionality, and equity, will result in greater profit maximization than selfish profit maximization, as such, here I want to make a different argument. I argue that if a Corporation really wants to maximize profit ethically, then the Corporation should have a Corporate charter which provides that the Corporation seek as an end “moderate profit using moderate means.” Such a Corporate charter provision would ensure that Corporate management could engage in humanistic, ethical management. Many “borderline” management decision making areas such as tuition for employees to pursue graduate degrees, etc., would clearly be allowed or


even encouraged even if the graduate degree did not directly relate to the employees employments tasks. Christmas gifts to employees would be permissible. First class, total health insurance for employees would be permissible. Environmental conservatism and recycling would be

encouraged. And more. I encourage any Corporation interested in getting the “ethics edge” as a profit maker to consider changing to a “for profit” moderation Corporation, seeking moderate profit.