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Chapter 1 - Demon Lord, Working Hard For A Living

Their savings had run out.

And the reason for it had been quite simple. They had spent all their money.
First of all, they had spent it on a refrigerator that they desired. With summer coming up just ahead, it was
a necessary procurement in order to keep their food preserved.
Next was a bicycle. It was the cheapest city bicycle that lacked even gears, but it was enough for getting
to work and back.
After that was a washing machine. Initially, they had thought that they could manage by going to the coin
laundries, but that was surprisingly more cumbersome and time-consuming. And with summer
approaching, it was a necessary domestic appliance.
Since all these things had been paid for up front, their savings had begun to dry up.
Why dont we spend our money in a more restrained fashion?
Those sermon-like words slammed into his ears.
Then are you saying that it'd be fine if I got a stomach-ache after eating some spoiled food? Are you
saying that you'd be fine wearing the same clothes every day?
I dont mean it in that way,
The cool and low voice spoke in an admonishing way.
Even if our immediate funds are running a bit low, we have your wages. Since your pay cheque next
month has a reasonable amount, dont you think it would be more efficient if we pay in set instalments?
I dont like paying in instalments.
But even so.

We have to pay interest if we pay in instalments! I dont want to spend money on things that we dont
even need.
One must not pay more than what they have when they are paying for something. I dont want to be in
debt. If we have no money, then we wont spend any. So I wont accept anything thats not purchased with
one payment.
They were inside a six-tatami-sized[1] room that could be found anywhere. With a worn-out casual
kotatsu[2] between them, two males sat across from each other.
The tall and lanky one who was doing the lecturing slowly stood up, and placed his hand on the
refrigerator that was the subject of the argument.
Then allow me to ask you, Maou-sama,
The one being lectured, a young man both average in height and physique, was being referred to by the
taller young man as 'Maou', while the taller man opened the door of the refrigerator and glared at him.
How do you plan to survive on only some konjac, cucumbers and milk until your next payday?
Maou, the one who was being lectured to, could say nothing in response.
I-Its not like were completely out of money. We still have some money in our wallets.
The taller ones eyes were saying thats not enough.
O-Or, I could get some leftover food from my part-time job
Are we going Super Size Me[3] until your next payday for every meal? That really does sound like a
healthy lifestyle.
The large refuse bags lying around near the refrigerator were filled to the top with a certain famous fast
food restaurant's food wrappings.
Im still young.
If you eat meals with high calories and high cholesterol levels from a young age, I wonder what you
would be like 10 years from now. I just hope that you wouldnt suffer from a heart attack before we return.
More poignant words followed.
Our sense of time is different from our past. Living 10 years as a human could feel like a short time, but
itll also feel like its dragging on forever, and it will very hard to maintain our health... Do you have a plan
to avert that?
Shut up! I dont! Im sorry, I dont! Is that enough! Arggh! Its not like its entirely my fault!
I do apologize for my shortcomings. However, Maou-sama was the one who suggested that we hide and
wait for the right moment, when by your true nature, you should be the one greatest at maintaining your
health and well-being.
At that comment, Maou was at a loss for words. Just as it seemed like he was reflecting on his behaviour,
he yelled,

Its time for work!

He jumped up and fled the room. At Maous swift action, the other young man who was standing in the
kitchen lost his chance to stop him.
P-Please wait, Maou-sama! I havent finished.
Shut up, shut up, Alsiel! Ill listen to your lectures when I get back!
Had he followed after Maou, his nose could have been crushed by the door that was violently slammed
When this person named Alsiel shouted at the door, the door obediently opened. Maou was looking at
Alsiel straight in the face while extending his hands outwards.
Rain! Umbrella!
At Maous words, Alsiel looked outside and saw the low-lying clouds, even though it had been quite sunny
in the morning. The raindrops had only just started to fall. Feeling bad about having to delay Maou for any
longer, Alsiel handed him the old vinyl umbrella that had been propped up against the wall.
Thank you, then see ya!
The door slammed shut in front of his eyes again, and he heard stomping sounds as Maou went down the
Lets go! My beloved Dullahan!
The person named Maou, dressed purely in UNISLO[4] apparel, rode out from the alleyway, holding the
worn-out vinyl umbrella and ringing the bell on his new bicycle.
The one who was doing the lecturing - Alsiel - also fully dressed in UNISLO, leaned forward on the shared
stairs, and sighed after looking blankly ahead.
And he walked back into the single room with a worn-out nameplate that had Maou written on it in
permanent marker. As he did so, he shook his head and sighed deeply. Why did things end up like this?
The rain clouds and the sound of rain darkened both the room and his thoughts - perfectly reflecting his
feelings at that moment.
A dismal sound of a doorbell echoed around the old room. The doorbell. Yes, in this block of worn-out
units, the rooms did not have intercoms. Ashiya unlocked the door and spoke:
We dont have a TV in this room.
He was already telling the truth to the MHK[5] workers. In Maous opinion, the modern 1seg[6] fad would
have been enough, but the two of them did not have the luxury of buying the latest gadgets.
I came to see just in case. If you do buy one, please take this statement to the bank.
The worker handed over a thick envelope that appeared to contain all the official papers, and walked
away with nary a business smile.


Even though Ente Isla was an expansive world, there should be no inhabitant there who had not heard of
the Demon Lord Satans name. The name belonged to the leader of the creatures of darkness, a name
synonymous with fear and brutality itself.
He invaded the continent of the Holy Cross, the world known to be protected by the gods, and ruled the
human world with an ambition to build a sanctuary for all creatures of darkness.
Unfortunately for the humans, the great Demon Lord had four subordinates who were nearly as strong as
their master.
Alsiel, Lucifer, Adramelech and Malacoda. Those four made up the Arch-Demons.
On Ente Isla, there were four great continents arranged in the shape of a cross, with another continent
floating in the middle of the great Ignola ocean at the centre. It was the land where the gods watched over
the continents. Placing Alsiel in the East, Lucifer in the West, Adramelech in the North and Malacoda in
the South, the Demon Lord expanded his sphere of influence and had nearly wiped out all of humanity.
However, something happened to Lucifers army in the West.
The news of Lucifers army being wiped out single-handedly by a human reached the Demon Lords ears.
The human who had wiped out Lucifers army named itself Hero and started to revolt along with a small
number of human survivors.
Lucifer was a fallen angel from heaven.
The Western Continent was a great one with the organization closest to the heavens amongst the
humans- The Holy Church. The plan was to station the former angel Lucifer at the Western Continent so
that he could fight against The Holy Church, which was using holy powers; the plan was instantly reduced
to nothing by a single human with the name of Hero.
However, a few hiccups in long campaigns were to be expected. Lucifer was just unlucky, but the Demon
Lord laughed at the news, thinking that gathering the remaining Arch-Demons would be more than
enough to battle the Hero.
However, that was the beginning of their troubles.
Satan had thought the humans to be disposable trash.
But think about it. Was there a way to kill off every insect on earth? Even a great lion could die because of
a single poisonous bug.
After Lucifer, both Adramelech and Malacoda were defeated over the course of a single year. The leader
of the four Arch-Demons, Alsiel, gave up on his Eastern Continent and rushed to the Demon Lords aid on
the Central Continent. Ente Isla, which they had taken a long time to conquer, was now being lost within a
single year. Satan could not accept it any more.
Uniting under the name of The Holy Church, humanity built up their strength- raising up an army from who
knows where, and pushed the Demon Lord back, towards the Central Continent of Ente Isla.
The Central Continent was quickly captured. The Demon Lords army had looked down on the humans,
thinking that there was just a single Hero leading the revolt, but they were quickly defeated.

Satan and Alsiel fought with the Hero and its three companions at the Demons Castle at the centre of the
Central Continent.
Even if they were the Hero and the army, they could not end the fight so easily, as their enemy was the
Demon Lord and an Arch-Demon. However, it was clear that the Hero was overpowering Satan and Alsiel.
Finally, when the Hero broke off one of Satans horns with the holy sword, Alsiel made up his mind to
retreat and advised the Demon Lord, saying that at this rate, not only would they taste defeat, but that
they would be completely eliminated.
Satan bitterly agreed. Hence, they decided to flee from Ente Isla and wait for a day when they had
recovered enough powers to launch another attack.
Satan was still resentful as he jumped into the gate to another world, even after seeing the Heros furious
expression when he avoided the holy sword that was about to pierce his heart.
With a voice strong enough to reach the heavens and shake up the whole of Ente Isla, Satan let out his
last roar.
Humans! I will leave Ente Isla to you for now! But I will come back to make it mine once more!
However, a large amount of magical power was needed to manipulate the gate freely, and Satan and
Alsiel had not the strength to control it after sustaining injuries.
Swept up by the flow of the gate, the two demons arrived at a world with an astonishing civilization.
The tall buildings and mysterious lights that lit up the night were phenomena that Satan and Alsiel had
never seen before, and were beyond their comprehension.
It seemed like they were in a major city, but on a dimly-lit backstreet. Beyond the large buildings, they
heard a noise that they had never heard before. It was a place where it was impossible to discern the
ruler or the kind of local inhabitants. It happened just as they resolved to hide somewhere and tend to
their wounds.
A bright light suddenly shone upon them.
What are you two doing here?
It was a mans voice. The man spoke with such a surprised tone that even Satan could understand the
meaning. Looking at the source of the voice, he saw a humanoid creature, similar to those in Ente Isla.
Light shone out of a cylinder in the humans hand.
Are you two injured? Were the two of you involved in a fight?
It seemed like they were one of the ruling orders of this world. Another man behind the one speaking was
looking at them, as well.
To avoid unnecessary trouble, Alsiel tried to scare them away with a,
Scram! Do you know whom this one is!
in a menacing voice, but for some reason, the man wrinkled his eyebrows in a troubled manner.
Because of that, not only was Alsiel surprised, but Satan was as well. A demons voice carried power in
itself. There should not be a human who could withstand the words so easily.

A foreigner, huh. This is going to be a bother.

The man tilted his head, took out an object that resembled a black box, and started speaking to it.
This is Sasaki from the patrolling group. It seems like there has been a small fight. The victims are Asian
foreigners, and the place is
Inspecting the man, they saw that he was wearing a tough-looking outfit made out of either leather or
cloth, and on his waist, there was a bar-like object with a handle. On the mans head, he wore something
with a golden badge that appeared to be shaped after some plant [7]. Could this man be a knight of some
kind in this world?
The act of him speaking to himself was probably some means of long-distance communication. If this
man really was a knight, then they would be in danger if they got involved with him.
There were two opponents. Both of them seemed to be negligent in their guard. To take out their
observers, Alsiel tried to gather up some of his remaining magical powers to shoot out a magic bullet,
He could not gather any powers. Not only that, the harder he tried to gather power, the more he could feel
his magic leaking out, and he could not stop it. Alsiel turned around to report his situation to Satan.
M-Maou-sama. That look is?
His voice shook from the shock. Alsiel saw it. What the king of the Underworld looked like under the bright
Alsiel, dont use any of your magical powers. At least until we understand this world, that is.
Satan appeared to be calm, but he was clenching his teeth as if he was trying to resist something.
The Demon Lord Satan stood there in the form of a weak creature, human.
Anyways, misters, a car will be coming soon. Well let you go if theres nothing wrong, OK?
The two men were not scared of the two demons at all. Still in a state of shock, Alsiel looked down at his
own hands. He saw a humans hand that he had never seen before.
Suddenly, flashing light everywhere, a black and white carriage that they have never seen before showed
up. From the carriage, more men with the same outfit as the two men from before walked out and lead
Satan and Alsiel to the carriage.
Can you understand Japanese? Arent you hot wearing those clothes during the summer?
the man from before asked as he pointed at the clothes that the two demons were wearing. Before, they
had been two great demons who were a lot larger than the average human, so in their human form, they
looked like newborn babies wearing suits. Also, their clothes had numerous jewels to indicate their
positions as king and general.
Satan looked at Alsiel, but both of them could not reply to anything, and even if they did, their language
wouldnt be understood by the other two men.
Well, there are a lot of strange young people in this area.

The man mustve been satisfied with his own explanation, because he didnt say anything else after that.
In the end, Satan and Alsiel were dragged into a place called the police office, a place where the rule
keepers of this world were gathered.
When looking at how the two demons acted as they were being interviewed in separate rooms, one could
really tell that the Demon Lord Satan was different from Alsiel. Satan cast a spell on the policeman who
was interviewing him and gathered information about this world. The mental strength of a hard-working
pawn or an officer seemed to be insignificantly weaker than even arrogant royalty in any world.
According to the hypnotised policeman, the two demons had apparently arrived at a world called Earth
and they were on an island country named Japan. And in that Japan, they were in the capital city named
Tokyo and were near some Harajuku station on a railway network.
It seemed like magic or magical powers, demons or devils did not exist in this world. In the previous
world, magical powers were as plentiful as air because the people there believed in its existence, but if
the people here did not, then they obviously would not be able to gather any.
So youre saying that I lost my powers.
Alsiel was unable to cope with the shock and fell to his knees..
Ah, but your power has
I only have a small amount of power left. But its quite a burden to stop the leakage.
The capacity of the Demon Lords powers was very different from other demons, so even though he had
used up a lot of his power during the fight with the Hero, his power was many times greater than Alsiels.
That is why Satan was able to use a hypnotic spell.
I think I wont run out of power if I can control the leakage. However...
The problem was, if he had spent it all, then he would not be able to regain his powers.
Wounds can always heal, but at this rate, they wouldnt be able to regain their powers forever once it runs
out. Even if they opened up a gate, they would not be able to control it, and they could end up in a more
dangerous world, let alone going to Ente Isla.
It would be better to find a way to survive in this world for now, instead of gambling on another world.
Although the people of this world did not believe in demons or magical powers, they were lucky that the
people believed in gods and other deities. While there was a mentality that tended to believe in curses,
people did not have the ability to gather holy powers.
They should not be subjugated for being evil in this Japan. Making the policeman write down that there
were no problems, the two demons walked out from the police station.
Satan and Alsiel walked into a side street where the street lights did not reach them and started to plan
their next move.
For the time being, they needed to find a way to regain their powers in this world. And in order to do so,
they had to arm themselves with a long-term strategy.
And if they could not gather any magical powers, then they would be unable to perform any magic, and
that was related to their survival.

High-ranking demons did not need to eat because they could convert magical power to life energy, and a
world without magic was like a world without food for them.
Then why were there demons who ate? That was because they could also get energy from the food that
they ate, like any other living organism.
In a world without magic, the two demons had to eat for their survival. They heard that Japan was a
country operated by money, so they needed money to purchase their food.
Naturally, the two of them did not possess any money of this world.
Alsiel, let me just check. Do you think you couldve run away from those policemen if you wanted to?
At the question, Alsiel shook his head with a serious expression. Satan nodded his head to show that he
The two great demons who ruled the whole of Ente Isla and the humans on it, were now unable to run
away from a few humans.
It was not that the humans had become stronger, but that they themselves had become weaker. That was
how fierce their battle with the Hero had been.
This appearance is
Alsiel looked at his hand as if he was looking at something strange. The soft and thin skin. The plain face
and the choppy hair texture. The round, clean fingernails and weak muscles.
I know this sounds obvious, but we cant maintain our demonic forms when were lacking in magical
The appearances of demons reflected the power that they held. The claws to rip their enemies apart or
the leg strength that enabled them to leap over castle walls, the wings for flying in the sky and hair formed
out of snakes, were all maintained by magical energies.
To think that this is what I look like without all those things. Perhaps the human is the basis of all
What are you saying, Maou-sama. I would hate to think of myself as a human. Im sure this was caused
by the gate when we crossed over to this world.
Well, thats not the problem here.
They did not even have the strength to open a gate. They did not even have the strength to win against a
human of this world. Hence, they had to survive while living by the rules of humans in this country called
Obeying the human rules. For the Demon Lord and his Arch-Demon, that was like abandoning the last of
their pride.
However, reality was cruel and they had to abide by the rule of those who do not work shall not eat.
The Demon Lord and his Arch-Demon dragged their loose devilish robes and set out into this unfortunate
and unfamiliar world.
According to the information gathered at the police station, they needed something called a family

register and an address in order to maintain a minimalistic life in Japan. Without these two things, one
could not find a job to earn money.
They heard that they could get a family register and an address at a place called the ward office. So their
first destination became the ward office. They dragged their injured bodies from the Harajuku police
station to the nearest Shibuya ward office, but the place wasnt open until the next morning.
With dejected hearts, Satan and Alsiel spent the night waiting in front of the ward office doors.
When morning came to this city that was continuously lit up for the whole night, the city started to come
alive. While there were humans who were wearing colorful clothes, there were also male humans who
were wearing more simple colored clothes, such as black or navy, and when they started to appear, the
Shibuya ward office finally opened. As soon as it did, Satan and Alsiel ran towards the counter, surprising
the worker in the process, and were able to secure an official copy of the family register by hypnotizing
the worker.
The next place they had to go was the place where they sold residential addresses, the real-estate
Back in Ente Isla, Satan and Alsiel were able to master the human language in just three days. They were
burning with the enthusiasm to do the same with this Japanese up to a practical level.
In the end, the real-estate agent thought of the two as foreigners because of their rough Japanese and
their strange outfits, so he ended up providing a lot of useful information very kindly.
Satan told the hard working real-estate agent that they couldnt afford to live in an expensive place.
A hypnosis spell did not require a great amount of magical power, but they would have to use the spell
over and over again if they lived in an expensive apartment and couldnt pay the owner. Because they
would be kicked out if they didnt pay the rent. So when they mentioned that they had to rent a place
where they could afford it, and spend a minimal amount, the agent suggested a place with a troubled
But this units owner is a bit of a strange one.
It was a room in a unit building in a town called Sasazuka near the Shibuya area.
The rent at Room 201 of Villa Rosa Sasazuka was 45,000 yen [8] per month, without a deposit or a bond,
no need for a referee, 6 tatami big room in a 60 year old unit, no bathroom but a toilet in each of the room.
The owner said that she prefers people with an uncertain background like yourselves.
It was really unbelievable, but if there were no other suitable places, then this was their only choice.
Riding in the real-estate agents car (something that people rode in apparently), they arrived at the 2 story
high unit in a quiet neighborhood. The paint had already been peeled off on the walls, and tiles were
missing here and there from the roof. The gutter around the roof was covered in rust and the shared
stairway to the second floor wasnt straight. There were no signs of human life there, so all of the rooms
mustve been empty.
T-This is
Alsiel moaned.
Y-Yeah. Even I can understand.

The two of them whispered to each other in their Demon tongue. Even they could tell that this unit was
completely rundown.
The Demon Lord was the king of the underworld who ruled over the creatures of the dark. He couldn't
stand living in this rundown unit even if he was now powerless. And if all of the rooms were empty, didnt
that mean that even humans didnt want to live in this dump.
They couldnt possibly live in a place like this. They turned around to tell that to the agent when they saw
someone who wasnt their young real-estate agent.
Is that a human?
It was a mysterious organism that the two demons could only find to be strange even with their
uniqueness. It was something that was almost as big as Alsiel, who was considered to be fairly tall by
human standards. Calling her 'plump' wouldn't do justice to her body size, and the two of them were
finally able to recognize that the creature was a woman after staring at it.
On her towering hair dyed navy and silver, she pinned a hydrangea ornament and wore a light purple
shawl over her shocking purple summer dress. On every one of her fingers she wore amethyst rings, and
had a pair of spotless enamel high-heels. She had purple lipstick and purple eye shadow, with thick white
foundation that seemed like it was going to crack if one touched it and her cheeks were blinding with
make-up. Her entire look was somewhat reminiscent of a giant partially peeled taro.
Hello. You must be the new hopeful tenants.
I-It spoke!
The presence of the woman had already overwhelmed the two- enough for Alsiel to react like that by
I am the owner of this Villa Rosa Sasazuka, Miki Shiba.
The stunned Satan and Alsiel saw the real-estate agents car leaving over the purple creatures
Miki is spelt with beauty(Mi-) and shine(ki-). But please call me Mikity.
The two of them were now able to understand Japanese up to a certain extent, but their heads refused to
understand this mysterious Shiba person.
They shouldnt get involved with this person. They made up their minds, but when they came to their
senses, they were already inside one of the rooms in the worn out unit and were listening about the
structure of the rooms while signing various forms.
Then this room will be your shelter from today. I live in the building next door, so please do come and
visit if you have anything that you are not sure of. Then excuse me.
When the purple storm finally retreated, all that was left in the room was the speechless Satan, Alsiel and
their rent contract with a purple kiss mark on it.
Satan and Alsiel sealed the contract out of the spur of the moment. They were dazed out for a while but
they were barely able to recover and think about their situation critically.

The building was old and their landlord was someone who couldnt possibly be a human. However, the
two youths were unemployed and they had no address. By the rules of this world, would there be another
place that would accept someone as suspicious as them? Looking at the situation like that, they needed
to be grateful about having a roof over their heads.
The two of them vowed to live quietly and pay the rent on time, so that they wouldnt need to see their
landlords face ever again.
In this world, there seems to be a proverb that says one must endure unspeakable hardships for the
sake of vengeance[9]. This must be one of those cases.
Their bodies were injured because of their fight with the Hero, their magical energies were spent, and
they were swept up by the gates flow and deposited in a world that theyve never heard of. Even
someone like the Demon Lord Satan was losing his powers after using the hypnotic spell twice. Satan
experienced tiredness like hed never felt before.
To heal his wounded body and heart, the Demon Lord Satan slept for three days straight.
Sleeping for three days straight with his injured body without eating or drinking caused Satan to suffer
from malnutrition and had to be rushed to hospital. He couldnt even stand up straight because he was
dehydrated and was lacking in vitamins.
To save his pale and dying master who was staring blankly with unfocused eyes, Alsiel had to request
help from their landlord Shiba after just three days of moving in. Because they didnt have a clue as to
how medical attention worked in this world.
Something that Shiba summoned with a long distance communication system called a phone was a
white ambulance that shone out red light.
Watching his prone master who had needles in his arms, Alsiel cried out of humiliation, realizing that even
the Demon Lord had to adjust to this world not only in terms of his appearance but his material needs as
However, the reality was cruel for everyone.
The medical treatment in this world was very expensive. There was a healthcare system that reduced the
fee for medical attention, but naturally, neither Satan nor Alsiel were registered in that system.
Even Alsiel, who was still unfamiliar with the currency of this world, could see that the issued medical fee
was a complete rip-off. When Satan was allowed to leave, he had to use the hypnotic spell again in order
to pay the medical fee.
Anyhow, they needed the money. However, they couldnt be caught by the police nor could they waste a
lot of their magical power for it.
They also needed to register for the national healthcare system.
Deciding that this was going to be the last time they use the hypnotic spell, the two of them went to a
place called a bank and made a bank account and secured some funds. They cast the spell on the
banker and made the worker deposit 10,000yen[10] in to their everyday account.
It was an undeniable crime, but as demons they shouldnt distinguish right from wrong. Suppressing their
conflicting thoughts within their conscience, they were able to acquire some funds.

With the 10,000yen, they bought some food for their immediate survival and something called a resume.
They were told that they needed this resume in order to find a job and start earning money.
If they entered in the required information and submitted it to an appropriate workplace, then they would
be able to have an interview and if they passed that process, then they could start working.
However, neither Satan nor Alsiel had any skills that were useful in this world. They couldnt possibly write
down Previous work experience: King of Underworld, Hobbies/Interests: World domination, so they could
only apply for jobs in the amateurs welcomed section.
The two of them wrote out many resumes.
Putting up with their rage and humiliation, the two of them wrote down their names while dreaming of over
powering the Hero and conquering Ente Isla some day.
Name Sadao Maou
Name Shiro Ashiya. These names should be fine, right?
What are you saying now? We already made our family registers.
And so, the Demon Lord Satan = Sadao Maou and Arch-Demon Alsiel = Shiro Ashiya, decided on the
room 201 of Villa Rosa Sasazuka as their temporary Demons Castle and nurtured their ambition of
reconquering Ente Isla again.

The two of them had the minimum requirements of finding a job and maintaining their lives, but they
couldnt rest. They needed more money to maintain their electricity, plumbing and gas.
Satan shed tears, thinking about the past, when he had full control over lightening and hail.
Satan and Alsiel, called Maou and Ashiya right now, appeared to be just two youths in their twenties.
After looking through a few employment magazines, the Demon Lord and the Arch-Demon found out that
there were one time jobs.

If they register at this agency, then the agency would introduce them to one time jobs at various
workplaces. The daily pay varied from 5,000yen to 10,000yen. The difference was in the nature of the
workplace and how hard one worked.
Already running out of funds, they quickly threw in a 10yen coin to a public payphone and scheduled an
When they arrived at a branch office in Shinjuku, they found out that it wasnt really an interview, but more
like an introduction to the job, so they got a job on the same day.
Since both of them were amateurs, they received a simple job of assisting the set up of an event hall and
only worked for a few hours.
Looking at the 7,000yen that each of them earned that day, Satan made up his mind.
They could earn their living fees like this. When they earn a sizable amount, they could find a permanent
part time job.
However, that plan ended up going to waste in a fortnight.
It happened just when they were starting to remember the faces of the workers at the agency.
The agency received a notice of suspension from the government, so they were unable to supply any jobs
to their customers. It was a great disaster.
As the two of them received the news and came back home disheartened, they ran into a TV news crew
waiting outside.
Rumors of the agency deploying their workers into illegal workplaces and them taking some of the
workers earnings started to surface.
While the two of them were watching the news on street TVs, thinking why they, the two great demons,
had to be out of work because of a few humans who broke their own rules, Satan had an idea.
Hold on, Ashiya.
Please call me Alsiel.
Our goal is world domination, not barely surviving in this world in the first place.
Yes, you are certainly right.
You try to find a way to recover our magical power. I will work, since my life force and my magical power
is higher. I want you to use your good brain on finding a way to gather some magical power in Japan.
Its Maou. Anyway, we could be better off if both of us worked, but we must set our priorities right. In this
world, the concept of demons and magical power exists. If there is the concept, then there should be an
origin. If we can find that.
We can find a way to recover our magical power?
Satan nodded his head.
This should be better than both of us working. Why dont we recover our magical power and conquer this
world and launch an attack on Ente Isla.

Ashiya, no, Alsiel was moved by the Maous words and he knelt before the Demon King.
I understand, Maou-sama. I will put my life on the line to find a way to return to Ente Isla, and to recover
you magical power!
Stand up, Alsiel. Were at the crossing lights. Its embarrassing.
The people passing by around them looked down on Alsiel, who started to yell out something, with
uncaring looks and continued to walk on.
The Demon Lord Satan pretended to be a Japanese person named Sadao Maou and worked as hard as
he could. He worked at a lot of different places. They varied from a traffic officer at a construction site.
Packager at a factory. Assistant at a removal company. Maintaining order at the train station during the
morning hours.
Alsiel, under the name Shiro Ashiya, did his best with the housework so that Maou could concentrate on
working and being healthy- while spending his spare time on researching how to recover their magical
powers and maintaining a household account diligently.
And after around six months of their arrival in Japan, Maou was hired at a fast food giantMgRonalds[11] as a long-term part-time worker.
On his first day at work, he returned home smiling happily while hugging a bag full of unsold leftovers. To
transcribe what he said, he said With this, we dont need to worry about our food.
At the start, Ashiya was also happy about not having to worry about the food cost anymore. However, it
was only natural that he would get sick of eating burgers, fries and fried chicken that had high calories
every day. And after a week, his stomach started to rumble, so he never wanted to see it again.
Maou on the other hand, mustve liked the taste, because he continued to eat it.
So in the end, Ashiya had to step up and pay more attention to their diet. Thanks to that, he couldnt make
any progress on recovering their magical powers. To avoid eating junk foods for every meal, Ashiya had
to run to the supermarkets just before their closing time to pick up some discounted ingredients.
Maou mustve been accepted to be a good worker, because he received a pay raise in just two months.
Ashiya would never forget that day. The Demon Lord Satan was genuinely happy that his hourly wages
was raised by a whole 100yen and Ashiya could only cry seeing that sight.
Even after that, Maou continued to work harder and harder and received a promotion as a rank A crew
member at the MgRonalds near the Hatagaya station.
His hourly wages was 200yen higher than what he started at half a year ago. This was apparently an
unconventional treatment. Ashiya would be able to tell if Maou used a spell, because his magical powers
would decrease, so he knew that Maou achieved this by his efforts. Some customers sent emails to
MgRonalds headquarters about Maous excellent customer service, so he received a employee of the
month award as well.
Soon, Maou started to talk about things that were far from his original ambition of conquering the world,
such as how his manager valued him and how excellent his new junior at work was. The scale of Maous
ambition decreased day by day, as he started to say that he was going to be the manager and rule the
world one day.

For Ashiya, who took great honor in serving his master, he could only feel pitiful about his masters recent
Without opening the MHK envelope, Ashiya placed it in the mailbox. As a loyal servant, he buried his
complaints and unrest deep inside his heart and set off to art galleries and museums as usual.
After researching continuously, Ashiya was able to come to the conclusion that magical power existed in
some places in this world
There were some structures and civilization in the world such as the Stonehenge in England, the
Pyramids in Egypt or the Nazca Lines in Peru.
This was the result of his research on ancient cultures and artifacts at the library. In Maou and Ashiyas
Demon's Castle, they did not have the luxury of having an internet connection.
However, Ashiya couldnt determine which one was the real source.
They didnt have the money to go overseas, and even if they somehow got there with Maous hypnotic
spells, they wouldnt be able to tell until they actually reach the site.
It would be terrible if they actually reached the site only to find that they wasted their efforts and Maous
magical powers ran out at that moment.
So Ashiya decided to search around for artifacts that were easily accessible.
It seemed like artifacts from overseas were displayed at the state museums and art galleries on a regular
basis. He was inspecting the displays to see if there were any that held any trace of magical power
identical to theirs.
Today, he decided to go to a special exhibition at the National Museum of Western Art in Ueno.
It was raining outside, so he grabbed a vinyl umbrella that Maou had picked up before, locked the door to
their room even though they didnt have any valuables inside, and walked outside.
The scary thought of staying like this for their entire lives hit him, and Ashiya shivered at the thought.
However, he realized that it was actually him who was being shaken. It was an earthquake.
Over the last year, they learned that Japan was very prone to earthquakes, so he wasnt panicking.
However, living at a unit that was old enough for an honorable mention, the earthquake felt 30% stronger.
As expected, the earthquake settled down after 10 seconds or so. Back in Ente Isla, humans entered into
a state of panic whenever there was an earthquake, thinking that it was gods rage on them or an attack
by the Demon Lord's army, but in Japan, people didnt seem to worry at all.
Ashiya didnt catch a train when he traveled out to Shinjuku. Sasazuka was only a station away from
Shinjuku. It only took 20 minutes by walking. Checking that the door was locked, he pocketed the keys
and slowly walked down the shared stairway.
Ashiya didnt notice that he himself was starting to feel happy about saving on transportation fees.

Chapter 2 - Demon Lord, Going on a Date With His Junior In Shinjuku

When Maou and Ashiya woke up the following morning, Emi was nowhere to be seen.
The bath towel that Emi used was folded neatly on top of the laundry machine and on the floor below the
window was the key to the front door. Furthermore, in the kitchen next to the sink was,
What the heck is this?
A pickled dish, I suppose?
It was a serving of finely cut konjac and cucumber, dressed in bean paste and vinegar in a small bowl.
Ashiya had no recollection of making such a thing.
I dont suppose its her gratitude to us for letting her stay the night?"
"Lets see, I will taste test it.
Ashiya unwrapped the bowl and carried a piece to his mouth.
...Hmph, shes quite formidable for an enemy.
Is it good?
It isnt bad.
Ooh. Ive never really had a pickled dish before.
As he said that, he carried a piece to his mouth as well.
Now, why is the key on the floor?
She probably kept the window open and threw the key in after locking the door, right? Even if you kept
the window thats facing the hallway open, it should still be safe since it's barred off."
Thats the hero for you, such a goody-two shoes thing to do.
Ashiya gave a mocking snort as he picked up the key.
What would you do if it were you?
Isnt that obvious?

Id lock the door and take the key with me.

Youre a demon.
I am a demon, what of it?

Emi took the Keio Inokashira Line home. It was a seven minute walk from Eifukuchou Station to her
apartment, room number 505, at Urban Heights Eifukuchou. She was surprised at how she was able to
sleep in until the first trains began operating.
Although the apartment complex called Villa Rose in Sasazuka was rundown, it was still the Demon
Lords castle. She was careless. In addition to this, she had to use the Demon Lords money to take the
train home. She gritted her teeth in frustration.
It feels like I was defiled.
Emi, however, still had to head out to Shinjuku with the small change she had left. Its because Emi had
work today as well.
She had her bank book and seal with her so she could withdraw money but in the Eifukuchou area, there
were no manned booths for her bank.
Emi showered intensely and violently in order to get rid of the smell of the tatami floor from the Demon
Lords castle.
There was still time before she had to get to work but she felt that she would be corrupted by his evil if
she did not purify herself.
As she stood in the hot water, she suddenly touched her head. It was the area that the Demon Lord had
touched when he helped her from the attacking magic bullets. When she remembered how the Demon
Lord grabbed her head and handled it like a ball, she shivered.
She was glad to have bought new shampoo. She took a shower longer than usual and she was thorough
in using her shampoo and conditioner, followed by hair packs for treatment.
She scrubbed the entire area that was touched by the Demon Lord as if he was a mold of infectious
bacteria. Half of the slightly acidic, medicinal moisturizing beauty soap she had just bought was already
She left the bathroom and went into the living room while drying her hair with a bath towel. She picked up
the remote control atop the flowery patterned kotatsu and turned on the television.
Although these incidents occur in other countries, Japan in particular, was sensitive to these shooting
incidents. In reality, they were magical bullets and what resulted were holes in the asphalt, broken traffic
lights, and demolished building shutters. This kind of incident could only be seen as a shooting in the city
so there was no doubt that it would make the early morning news.
The MHK was flooded with information on the statuses of the railways and roads. Both the metropolitan
JR and private railways stated that services would run as normal, so Emi should be able to ride the Keio
Inokashira Line without any trouble.

In a short awhile, the incident became a part of the news. As expected, the incident went through the top
news and the intersection that she met with the Demon Lord last night was littered with the paparazzi.
The police had surrounded the intersection which was sealed off with yellow tape. The wrecked building
shutters, victim of circumstances, would occasionally flicker by in the television. In the report, it seems
that they only knew that a shooting took place but they could not pinpoint the reason and other details for
its occurrence.
The other news channel were generally about the same incident, but,
Wha! Those guys!
On one of the channels, the figures of Maou and Ashiya could be seen mixed in with the residential
onlookers at the scene.
Emi held back the reflexive urge to destroy the television. It was only a moment that they were filmed but,
it looked like they were having a serious conversation judging by their faces. It seems that Maou was
filling in Ashiya on the events that transpired yesterday,
A bike with both wheels punctured had been left in the middle of the intersection and the police are
working quickly to identify the owner of the bike who may be related to the incident.
As the voice of the reporter continued on, Emis eyes widened.
Those idiots
The reason for those serious faces was this! They probably had not expected things to escalate this far.
They hoped to come early and retrieve the bike only for the scene to end up like that.
With the bicycle in hand, the police will likely find the owner. The one who they will find will be Maou
Sadao who is living at Villa Rose Sasazuka.
Well, its got nothing to do with me.
Having said that, Emi kept the television on and went back into the bathroom to dry her hair.
Maou was a victim in any case, so even if he was found to be related to the incident, Emi did not sustain
any injuries at all. In fact, if Maou gets caught by the police, it would be more convenient for her.
Meanwhile, the news had changed. They reported that there have been frequent robberies in the area
targeting women, the elderly and late night convenience stores. Although Emi could only hear the news,
listening to it put her in a gloomy mood.
Good grief, it seems that on gloomy days, nothing but gloomy things occur.

Emis part time job was as a specialist telemarketing receptionist contract employee.
It was a ten minute walk from the east exit of Shinjuku Station to the business district, where the major
phone company Docodemo[1] was located as well as Emis office, which primarily handled troubleshooting
and customer advising.
The telemarketing field seemed to be short of capable workers, but this was the very first job Emi
acquired in this world.

The hourly wage was high due to the labor shortage and Emi was an asset to the workforce due to her
natural confidence and lovely voice.
Furthermore, Emi has the ability to understand the languages of this world.
Even if she has never heard the language before, her special ability allows her brain to process the
notions behind the words. If she replies with the same notion, the other party should be able to
understand her as well. Looking at it from a different perspective, whether it be English, French, Korean,
or Chinese; she was fluent in them all.
Having arrived to her job, she changed into her uniform in the locker room. The uniforms design
consisted of a grey vest, a tight skirt, and a blouse with a ribbon. She then clocked in and arrived at her
assigned seat. Since she was not a full-time employee, she did not have her own desk but due to the
shortage of workers, she usually gets the same seat.
Morning, Emi.
Ah, good morning, Rika.
Suzuki Rika, Emis coworker in the next seat over, called out to her. Her employee number was right after
Emis so whenever they come in on the same day, they sit next to each other. Her bright brown short hair
contrasted against the grey color of their uniform.
Hey, wasnt that shooting incident pretty close to your place Emi?
Emis heart momentarily jumped but her face showed no visible signs of that.
Its three stations away, you know.
Still, its really rare for there to be a random shooting in the middle of the city. I wonder if Japan is finally
becoming a little dangerous.
The morning news only considered the event as a shooting incident but it seems that Rika already saw it
as a shooting spree.
With so many earthquakes and robberies occurring recently, its like nature and mankind is spiraling into
chaos. Ah, did you know that a new curry shop is opening today?
Emi was already used to the whimsical nature of women conversations in this world.
Hmm, nope.
Apparently, the famous shop from Shimokitazawa is expanding down here. Want to give it a try for
Eeeh, wont it be packed if its so famous?
They said its really good, you know?
When Emi had first arrived to Japan, she was surprised by the abundance and tastiness of the food
available every day. Amongst them was curry which had a revolutionary taste that exceeded her
imagination; an impression that never changed even though she had adjusted to Japanese life. And so,
Rikas offer was incredibly tempting but she shook her head as her hair swayed behind her.
Sorry, I dont have time to wait in line today. I lost my wallet.

Eeh? Seriously!?
She gave an exaggerated display of shock that could have knocked over her roller chair.
My train passes, cash card, and credit card were all in it. There are also some formalities I have to go
through, and afterwards, I have to withdraw cash at a bank booth
Ouch, I guess waiting in line is out of the question.
Mm, its okay. So what now? Want to settle for MgD?
Sorry, anything but MgD.
To Emi, Rika was more than just a coworker; she was the very first friend she made when she crossed to
this world. The reason why Emi shortens MgRonald as MgD was because of Rikas influence.
Although Maou had ridiculed her for not having any friends with her, it was just that she did not have any
friends from the same world. In fact, she was able to make many friends at her workplace. If at least one
of them had lived in the area near Sasazuka Hatagaya, she would not have needed to put up with the
humiliation she received last night.
Still, itd be bad if you dont cancel your cards, right?
I already canceled them. Its temporary though. I was told I could do that over the phone.
I see. Then you can decide where we go. Ill treat our grief-stricken Emi to lunch today!
Thats okay. You dont need to do that.
As they conversed, the bell signaling the start of work rang.
Emi checked her company e-mail on the PC assigned to her. Notes for that day were on there.
There were already booths displaying incoming signals.
As a subsidiary of Docodemo, the queries received were undoubtedly phone related. There was an e-mail
from that morning stating that phone reception would be down in a part of the area near the citys center
because of electromagnetic interference.
If there were any issues, they would be sent here. It seems that the other booths were thinking the same
thing as Rikas sigh could be heard.
When Emi put her computer screen on standby, she immediately received a call. An elderly person was
having trouble understanding the terminology in the provided manual; the calls usually were related to
things like this. After politely explaining it to the person and ending the call, another call came in five
minutes later. It was transferred from another booth and attached was a foreign language code.
The unfortunate people in this department completely relied on Emi to handle foreign language support.
She picked up the phone and it seemed to be a Chinese person. The person stated that he could not read
the manual and called the number listed in it instead.
She continued to respond to these calls in quick succession and before she noticed, it was already
approaching lunch break. The number of queries trickled down as it approached noon,

Aaaargh, jeez, theres way too many complaints today!

In the next booth over, Rika groaned.
At least put some effort into understanding it yourself, you damn geezer!
Rika, who was engaged in an hour long battle with a middle aged man over a difficult manual, had a stiff
smile as she repeatedly banged on her desk.
So, aside from the bank, where else are you going?
Emi had rejected lunch invitations with her colleague due to her need to keep watch over Maou. She was
suddenly overcome with rage and so indignantly proclaimed.
No, just the bank is fine!
Kakui[2] as well, right? You need to cancel those cards too. After that, we can go to the okonomiyaki store
near Kakui! There shouldnt be a line right about now so we should be able to get in without having to
Roger, wait a bit. The closest bank around here is huh?
Another foreign language code call made its way to Emis booth.
Ugh. Talk about terrible timing right before the lunch break!
Nothing we can do about it. Time for work.
The timing and the number of people on lunch break was decided based on the number of people who
came into work on that day. If someone was unfortunate enough to be stuck with a customer, their break
would be delayed a little longer.
After calming Rika down, Emi put on her headset and answered the line.
Thank you for your calling. This is Emi Yusa Docodemo custmer support room officer. How
about your[3]
Yes? Ah, yes.
She unintentionally replied in Japanese.
It was a muffled male voice. The male voice that uttered only two characters of her name was clearly
speaking with Japanese notions.
I am Yusa, but...
Yusa you say. It looks like youve completely adapted your life as a Japanese civilian. Hero Emilia.
Emi gasped. Although she knew Rika may have noticed her strange behavior, her throat still quivered.
May I ask who this is?

Someone that knows of the Demon Lord and the Hero. Furthermore, someone that plans the elimination
of both of you.
Emi had no recollection of this voice.
I see, so the one who repeatedly tried to access last night was
It was beyond my expectations that both the Hero and Demon Lord would join forces.
It was indeed an unfortunate development.
Kukuku, I suppose so. Either way, you can think of me as an assassin from Ente Isla. Consider yesterday
night a little greeting.

While she could not carelessly pinpoint who the other party was, the man on the phone blurted out
something outrageous.
The elimination of the Demon Lord who crossed over to the other world and the Hero Emilia. That is the
mission bestowed upon me and the will of Ente Isla.
What did you say!?
Emi, Emilia, was unable to hide her shock.
Why would Ente Isla, which should have become peaceful under the jurisdiction of humans, want to erase
.W, we would have to investigate the matter before we can give you a reply
Kuku Investigation of the matter you say. Im interested in how you plan to investigate the matter of
the Demon Lord and Hero both fleeing with their tail in between their legs from that level of attack.
It was a dark, vile voice that reverberated from the depths of darkness. Emi had felt it. It was a demon.
She suddenly cooled her head and regained her composure as the Hero.
Emilia Justina replied resolutely.
All of the Four General Demons should have been eliminated save for Alsiel. If youre from the Demon
World, who are you?

Claiming that it is the will of Ente Isla will not shake me. I will not pay heed to the words of demons.
I see. Its a shame that you wont believe me. Whatever the case, well be meeting soon.
The line was cut without any further words.
Emi let out a big sigh and took off her headset.
Rika, who was sitting next to her, stared at her blankly, wondering what Emi was talking about and what
kind of call she had. Emi said just one thing to Rika.
There really are a lot of different kinds of people out there.

Although her eyes still looked confused, Rika evidently decided against prying any further.
And so, it was finally the afternoon. Emi smiled at Rika, who was still slightly confused from earlier, and
said this.
Sorry. So what now? Do you want to just go get lunch? The bank is probably packed by now.
Right If Emis fine with it, then, sure.
After heading to the locker room, Emi placed her cellphone, bank book, and seal in her small tote bag.
Just as she was about to go out, her cellphone began to ring.
Her heart skipped a beat. She put up a brave front but it seems that the mysterious figure who had called
earlier intended to cast a shadow over Emilias everyday life in Japan.
When she looked at her phones screen, it was a number she was not familiar with. It came from the inner
Not going to pick up?
Im getting a bad feeling about this.
The phone continued to ring. It looks like she will have to answer it.
Hello, is this Yusa Emis phone number?
Emi got less tense. It was a different voice from earlier and it sounded like a good natured middle-aged
Yes, this is her. May I ask who this is?
It was an unexpected reply.
I apologize for taking up your time as you are busy, but I am from the Yoyogi Police Department.

In the waiting room she was guided to, Emi waited in irritation. It looked like the wrinkles on Emis young
face were deeply carved in.
Emi's mood emitted an unpleasant aura, almost as if it was visible to the naked eye, that could have
reached the female officer stationed as the receptionist at to the front entrance of the Yoyogi Police
Thank you for the wait.
Before long, a police officer came into the room and greeted Emi. Because of her current mental state,
she did not return the officers greeting.
I apologize for having you take the time to come down here. For now, these are just formalities.

I see.
Eeh, please excuse me as I check your identification papers Okay. If you could write your address
and full name here and sign it
Why, of all days, did I have to bring my insurance card and seal today. I was supposed to only use them
for reissuing my cash card too.
The documents looked like they were going to rip as Emi signed her name. She twisted the seal on the
red ink pad without breaking it and with the force that could pierce through the desk, she stamped the
Whether he knew what was going on in Emis mind or not, as a citizen of good faith, he continued to smile
until the end despite noticing her slight agitation.
Now, the formalities for your background should be all set. Maou and Ashiya should be waiting in another
room, so you all are free to go home now. However, should something come up, we may ask you more
questions again.
Im not going home together with them!
Emi barked at the officer.
Weeell, sorry about that. We didnt have anyone else you see.
I really didnt want to depend on the likes of you for this anyway.
Maou and Ashiya shamelessly spoke out at the front entrance of the police station.
I was freaking out like crazy when the detective came to our apartment. To think they could track us from
just our bicycle, the Japanese police aint half bad.
But its like we thought, the Hero was lying about her age.
Right? If youre underage, youd need a guardians consent and two other guarantors to rent out an
apartment. If she was going to lie about something, I knew she would register herself as over twenty..
Still, dont you normally do a lower age for these things?
Rather, why mackerel in the first place?[4]
Who the hell cares about that!
Upon hearing her scream, Maou and Ashiya covered their ears and shrank backwards.
Why! Why do I Why do I have to!
Emi shook with rage.
Why do I, the Hero, have to go out of my way to be the Demon Lords benefactor!?
I-Idiot! Youre too loud!
Misplaced laughter floated about from the surrounding people watching them. Maou pushed Emi out of
the police station.
We couldnt help it! There wasnt anyone else!

We could have asked MgRonalds manager Miss Kisaki but although my Lord was a victim, itd be
problematic if he was fired because he was related to the police incident.
Well, Miss Kisaki isnt that kind of person but I didnt want to cause any trouble for her.
But Emi was not one to listen to those kinds of excuses. In the first place, listening to the Demon Lords
every complaint was not a Hero's duty.
Whats with that! So youre fine with causing me trouble instead!
Well, yeah, its common sense for the Demon Lord to trouble the Hero, right?
What do you think youre saying with that face; Emi thought as she scratched her head.
Howd you find my number!? You didnt look through my phone last night, did you?
Like Id do that! Your phone number was written down when we went to that police booth that one time!
Even so, would you normally call me for things like this!?
There wasnt anyone else, I said. We dont have any friends here so we couldnt help it. Cmon, we let
you stay the night and all.
Speaking of which, are those your work clothes? Its kinda funny seeing the Hero as an OL [5].
Who cares about that!
Emi tore off the ribbon from her blouse and held it against her head.
Calm down Emilia. As the Hero, this is very unsightly.
Look whos talking Alsiel! Its only the beginning of the month and your refrigerator is completely empty!
This coming from the Demon Lords most resourceful general! Why dont you try being more efficient at
Alsiel appeared to have been dealt a fatal blow to his being as he crumbled on the spot. Even though its
not my fault; he was mumbling things like this.
You guys should watch out too! I got a threatening call at work today! Youre being targeted as well,
Demon Lord! You better be careful, got it!?
Say what?
Ignoring Maous question, Emi, with her hand on her hips and her chest puffed out, pointed at him with
her index finger.
I warned you! But dont forget! The one that will defeat the Demon Lord and bring peace upon Ente Isla
will be me, the Hero!
Your spirit is admirable, but Id prefer that you keep in mind that were in public.
The flustered Maou, the crushed and sulky Ashiya, and Emis immature proclamation as she pointed at

With the cold gazes from the surrounding policemen and visitors, Emi instantly turned bright red from
neck to ear.
A-A-A-Anyways, just be careful! Thats all I wanted to say!
Thanks for the heads up...
Ignoring his dull response, Emi walked away with a quick pace in large steps while her small tote bag
spun in the air.
Theyre aiming for both of us? They even called her too.
Maou helped Ashiya, who was still in shock after being done in by Emi, back to his feet.
Hey, get it together Ashiya.
Its... not even my fault... Our house records should have been completely perfect too...
Get a grip! Cmon, lets go back. I have a promise with Chi after this.

Damn it, my day off went to waste because of the police.

Isnt this a good thing? We got to fix the punctures for free, after all.
On the way home from the police station, Maou complained as he pushed the bicycle that was returned to
Maou most certainly did get questioned by the police, but he was treated no more than just an innocent
victim and by no means a possible criminal suspect.
The reason why he abandoned his bicycle at the intersection was, consequently, this being his greatest
humiliation as the Demon Lord,
He didnt know what was going on and fled on instinct.
The officer had deduced the reason as being this and expressed his sympathies for him. It truly was
When the two arrived at their apartment, they were going to discuss how to deal with the problem from
here on.
On the night that Emi had stayed over, Maou received two texts from Chiho and an unknown sender
concerning the earthquakes.
Maou responded to both texts. The unknown sender did not reply but on the other hand, Chihos reply
Im not joking and Im not imagining it either, I think an earthquake is going to happen really soon.
It looked as if she was in a hurry and the content seemed oddly questionable. He did not comprehend the
meaning behind appending Chiho and a good amount of emoticons at the end of a message.

After that, she sent additional texts about how the earthquakes would come really soon and why she
thought that was the case. The reason why Maou was meeting her this evening was because he figured
that they would need to talk to each other in person so he could get a clearer idea of what was occurring.
So, in the end, what did Miss Sasaki say?
She could hear voices.
A mans voice was giving her a bizarre warning or something.
What could that mean? You couldnt possibly be saying that a young high school girl was at the right
place at the right time and became telepathic. This isnt an anime or movie.
I thought of it more as Chi having too many youthful delusions.
Maou smiled bitterly.
I was expecting something more exaggerated, but she said it started around when she first started
working at MgRonald.
In other words, youre saying that after getting in touch with you, abnormal incidents began occurring in
her vicinity?
Thats a weird way to put it but we can presume that to be the case. Apparently, the ringing in her ears is
getting worse and the earthquakes seem to be only getting stronger around her. While I might look like
this, I am the lord of the Demon World, right?
Youre right. Despite how you look indeed.
Besides, if I was how I was before, Id end up affecting the surrounding living things just by being
there, me being the Demon Lord and all.
If people, who were unaware of the context, were to listen in, they would find Maou to be the one full of
youthful delusions.
So why are the other MgRonald staff members unaffected?
Who knows? Its possible that the people in question just havent realized it or maybe what Chi said
could be a misunderstanding. A little after the magical bullets were shot at us, Emi also received a
threatening phone call as well, you know? We dont know who the enemy is, but its possible they may be
pressuring us while investigating who we are. In the worst case
Its possible that Miss Sasaki may a vanguard of the enemy?
I dont even want to consider that. Whatever the case, it just means we need to avoid missing any small
I understand. However allow me to accompany you. It would be more advantageous to have more
watchful eyes in the event that you are attacked again like last night.
So you say, but I bet you just want to see Chi.
Maou gave Ashiya a nasty look, but Ashiya snorted in disdain.

Indeed, because if I do not keep you in check, you will more than likely disregard the fact that our bank is
devoid of funds and try to show off by treating Miss Sasaki to various things. I also need to take speedy
measures against those who might appear and discover you. We cannot have our enemies spouting the
Demon Lord was on a date with a high school girl behind your back.
Even the almighty Demon Lord could only stand in silence before flawless logic.
So, where and when will you be meeting and when will you be going home?
What are you, my mom!? She said she had club activities today so were meeting at five at the east exit
of Shinjuku.
Looks like we still have time. Well then, let us be on our way.
Maou crocked his head sideways as Ashiya elatedly dressed himself up, ready to go out once more
despite having just arrived home.
Were going shopping and to the barber. You may be Demon Lord Satan, but do you plan on going on a
date as you are in your UNISLO clothes and unkempt hair?
Nothing wrong with my hair and my clothes. Were just going to talk a little over tea and itll be goodbye
after that! We dont need to go through the trouble
A high school girl at that age has worries that she wouldnt talk about outside her group of close friends.
Not even to her parents as well! Yet, she wants to talk with you so I hope you understand what I may be
getting at.
With him being so incessant about it, there was no way Maou could feign ignorance.
I-I understand, yes.
Good. I most certainly dont want some little human girl to think that my master doesnt pay any attention
to what he wears on his off time. You must keep your dignity in mind as well for any occasion. Your
clothes may be rundown but your heart is no less dignified. Clothes make a person.
Maou, who was facing Ashiyas back as he gallantly exited the front entrance, screamed at him.
Apologize to the number one growing apparel company UNISLO and me!
Emi works as the receptionist on the weekends and holidays up until five and clocks out thirty minutes
after that.
Because of Maou and Ashiya completely turning Emis afternoon upside down, Emi's brilliant exterior was
left in shambles in which the signs of concern did not leave the face of her worrying neighbor, Rika.
Hey, why dont you hurry on home and rest today?
Yeah, I think Ill do just that.
Im not sure what happened, but cheer up okay?
Thank you
Emis response was lackluster.

After Rika saw Emi off in the evening at the congested Shinjuku, Emi was swept along with the human
moving wave.
It was pathetic that she had to vouch for her enemys identity. She went along with the ways of society
and before she knew it, the Demon Lord was registered as a similar existence to her through official
It truly was a disgrace.
The ticket gate to the Keio Line was at the west exit of Shinjuku. Emi usually took the subways from the
east exit because she could avoid traffic lights and human congestion. However, for the entire day, Emi
could not help but see the immediate stairs leading to the subways as a gateway to Hell.
...No more.
When she descended into the subway, Emi was about to overlook the individual who stood at the pillar
past the line of shops and restaurants at the corner of eyes because she was so tired. However, this act
would only have served to trample upon her pride as the Hero. As she scolded herself for being so weak,
she approached the individual from behind and pulled his shoulder.
What are you doing at a place like this, Ashiya?
If one were to look at Alsiel's human figure in the middle of a city, he was one head taller than most.
Its Yusa Emi. Are you lacking self-awareness since youre calling my actual name in front of other
people? Mr. Ashiya?
G, grr.
Ashiya moaned with a complicated expression.
The way youre acting right now is obviously suspicious. Its almost like youre following somebody.
Ashiyas face froze.
Oh, bullseye? Looks like the police didnt wring you guys out hard enough.
Emi also noticed that Ashiya was doing the clichd act of poking his head into the hallway while hiding the
rest of his body with the pillar. Even children playing tag would be a bit smarter when they are searching.
This has nothing to do with you! Get lost!
Judging from that panicky response, it looked like Ashiya was caught at a bad time.
Emis intuition told her that she could not leave him alone.
Oh, is that something you should be saying to your benefactor?
Damn you! How dare you use that little act as leverage!
Demons sure are ungrateful. Besides, regardless of my generosity, do you think the Hero like me would
leave you to your own devices?

I dont, but at least spare me here!

You think Id spare you despite knowing your actual demon self?
Emi decided to ignore Ashiya, proceeding to check the hallway that Ashiya was peeking into.
Ah, h-hey!
Emi pushed the bewildered Ashiya back and when she took a look, directly in front of the position that
Ashiya was gazing from was a small caf. It was a chain caf that could be found anywhere, but at the
front window seats were...
Wait a mi...
Emi swallowed her breath.
Aaaaagh, my lord, I truly apologize...
Ashiya lamented behind her.
A-A-Alsi... Ashiya! Whats going on over there?
Who knows! Think for yourself!
What should I think about, huh!?
It was a shocking development. Maou and the MgRonald employee high school girl who he called Chi
were having a pleasant chat in the caf! This looked nothing more than a date. Maou looked like he had a
complete makeover into a trendy and stylish man from a featured male adult magazine. It was a rarely
seen transformation that looked like it came straight from an after-before variety program.
Y-You guys!
W-What is it?
Ashiya shrank back from Emis intimidating expression.
What do you plan on doing to that girl, you scum!?
Cruel words that normally would not be spoken by Emi, both as a woman and the Hero, left Ashiya
standing in shock.
The Demon Lord and a demon are taking out a high school girl around and keeping a watch on her? You
damn perverts!
Perve... E, Emili... No, Yusa! I ask that you liste...
I was stupid to think that you guys would start living a serious life after coming to Japan!
Y-You misunderstand! I dont know what you may be thinking of, but my lord is most certainly not thinking
of doing anything with ill-intentions.!
Like thered be a Demon Lord without any ill-intentions!
Emi was correct in all sense of the word.
Im begging you already, just listen to me!

Ashiya, in a half-crying state, began to explain the circumstances to a furious Emi.

The high school girl in question, named Sasaki Chiho, was a junior coworker at Maous part-time job who
asked Maou for advice. Hoping to gain more clues to restoring his magical powers, he accepted her
request. He most certainly was not planning to harm her in any way; for a demon, this was a sincere
Emi was not convinced of Ashiyas words, but she gave up on the idea of impulsively attacking the
Demon Lord.
L-Looks like you understand now.
Ashiya asked wearily while looking at her.
All I know now is that my nemesis has fallen into a pathetic state.
Mmgh... I-It is shameful.
Well, I apologized. But why a date? Wouldnt talking it over the phone or text have been good enough?
I thought that as well. But it seems they wanted to talk in person so we cant get around it. However,
having taken a look for myself, it seems that that Sasaki girl holds feelings for my lord.
Hm, you dont think anything of that?
For a demon like Ashiya, this important fact was readily accepted by Emi and when he asked her with a
surprised tone, her eyes had a resenting look.
Is there something about my normal response to be unsatisfying?
N-No, thats not the case... I just find it extremely arrogant of that lowly human girl to hold feelings of love
towards the Demon Lord...
I, on the other hand, dont understand why such a cute girl like her is taken in by that unreliable, lowly
Y-You dare speak ill of my lord!
I am the Hero after all. In any case, there isnt a woman out there who wouldnt understand whats going
on. Its a bit hard to understand why at this distance, but thats a one piece dress thats all the rage this
summer, her hair seems prepared just moments before, and those shoes are sparkling new.
W-What? I-Is that so?
Thirty minutes prior, Ashiya had not noticed any of this at all during his tailing.
I imagine men wouldnt understand. The material brings out the freshness of summer, and the well-fitted
dress emphasizes her body lines..."
Suddenly, Emi cut off her words. Staring at Chihos figure from outside the window, Emi muttered.
Whats wrong, Yusa?
...They sure are big.
Emi instinctively placed her hands on her chest.

What is?
Ashiya tilted his head to the side and inquired, bringing Emi back to her senses.
Eh? N-Nothing at all! Even if theyre big, they dont have any use in battle anyway!
Armor can be made cheaper if theyre smaller and they wont get in the way either!
...What are you talking about?
Nothing! P-putting that aside, that Maou looks rather good from here. Hes definitely wearing something
better than the usual UNISLO outfit!
She forcefully steered the topic in another direction in order to get her mind out of the gutter. Although
Ashiya had doubted Emis peculiar behavior, it looked like he was rather pleased in hearing his master
being showered with praises.

I arranged it based on a magazine I read. I wouldnt want some lowly human girl to think that my master
is out of fashion. I do temporary part time jobs for occasions like these.
Emi was exhausted to the point that she could have dropped her bag.
...So, how is it? Did you get anything from her story?
Who knows. Im only following behind them to check for suspicious people in the area.
Youre clearly the most suspicious person right now. Youre a demon so couldnt you listen in on the
conversation from here?
With all things being said, Alsiel did serve as one of the four generals under the Demon Lord. For Emi
who knew of Ashiyas true identity, it was a natural question. But,
What are you saying? My demon powers need magical energy. With no magical energy, I cant possibly
have a monstrous ability like super hearing.

At some point during Ashiyas boastful yet pathetic words, Emi had ignored him and was thinking.
It would be troublesome if the Demon Lord finds a clue to restoring his magical energy. Emi was still
looking for ways to replenish her Sacred Power and if they were to restore a large amount of their powers
back, then she was uncertain whether she could fight head on with him.
Even so, if she did manage to defeat Maou as he was now, she was not sure whether she would be able
to return to Ente Isla or hide the events from the officials of this country with her remaining powers.
After all, unlike Ashiya, Emi can sense the magical powers that identify Maou as the Demon Lord. It would
not be far-fetched to think that Maou was keeping his remaining magical powers hidden.
In that case, there was only one option.
Should the dangerous entity before her, the Demon Lord and his followers, come across the means to
restore his magical powers, she will destroy it before they get to it. It was the only option for her but it was
better than just standing around and twiddling her thumbs.
Theres no point in standing here and watching them. Lets go.
Go where?
Inside the caf theyre in, obviously. If youre suspicious of her, then you should at least pick a better
place to listen in on their conversation while you keep an eye on the surroundings. You have to do at least
that much to call it tailing.
W-What did you say!? How would I explain to my lord such a bold movhey WAIT!
With her slightly forceful logic, Emi dragged an unwillingly Ashiya by the neck into the caf.
This is thirty minutes prior to Emi finding Ashiya. The great Demon Lord Satan was going to meet with a
high school girl, Sasaki Chiho who was his junior coworker at work, in front of ARITA in Shinjuku.
Oh? Did you cut your hair, Chi?
Yes! I just went and got it shortened! How is it?
Maou, who had perfect attendance at work and who also trained Chiho, understood well enough the
delicate change in Chiho, but he had not the slightest idea of the determination needed to cut ones hair.
But, since Maou had only seen Chiho in her school uniform and MgRonalds uniform, her let-down hair
and the outlines of her one piece dress gave off a refreshing feeling.
Yeah, it looks good on you.
Chiho responded back honestly while making a guts pose.
I thought you were going to come in your school uniform though. You had club activities today, didnt
Maou stated so without much thought, but the guts posing Chiho blew up her cheeks.

Of course I wont be wearing it! Whatever the reason may be, there's no way I'd wear a lame uniform
when I finally get to have some tea with Maou! Also, if Im caught walking around in my uniform with a
well-dressed man, theres going to be some protective service trouble, you know?
Chiho gave him a warning with a suddenly upset tone. Maou's eye glossed over as he did not think
Chiho's uniform looked that bad.
I thought you were going to come clad in only UNISLO too, Maou, but you look cooler than usual today.
She did not mean any harm, but the way she had said it tugged at Maou, who gave a strained laugh.
My roommate was blabbering about how going on a date in UNISLO was no good.
Its not like UNISLO is bad or anything but you have to make sure you match your appearance from head
to toe! But, wait, you consider this a date!? Yay!
Whats with the yay!? Whats wrong with UNISLO? Is this really a date? Maou nodded vaguely without
knowing the answer to those questions.
Anyways, youll be going home around dinner time, right?
Well, thats true...
Chiho nodded grumpily. She was nothing more than a high school student so she could not help but
agree to it. Although she was with Maou, she realized that high school girls spending their time fooling
around in Shibuya and Harajuku was a very common thing to see.
So what should we do? We definitely cant just stand here and talk. I dont eat out often so the only place
I know where we can relax and talk is MgRonald.
It seemed that Chiho may have predicted that, but she gave it some thought and replied.
Okay, then lets go to the Dotouru caf. Its cheap and we can take it easy there.
If she was referring to Dotouru, then he at least knew that existed.
Dont worry! Since youre the one who accepted my request, Ill pay for you today!
They were words of consideration for Maou whose impoverished aura could be seen with the naked eye,
but, as an adult, and on top of that, as the Demon Lord, he had his pride as well.
Dont underestimate adults. I can treat you out no problem.
It was as Ashiya had predicted.
Well then, lets get going.
The nearest Dotouru was in walking distance past the Yasukuni crossroad in the subway shopping mall.
Ah... Ma, Maou.
Just as Maou was about to head off, Chihos voice stopped him.
Um... Err.
What? Something wrong?

Chiho casted a downward look momentarily and for some reason, she turned a little red and looked like
she was enduring something. Maou thought she was going to scream something out with a loud voice,
but it turned out to be just one thing.
Can... we hold... hands?
Despite being so full of energy earlier, her voice abruptly became bashful. Maou tilted his head.
Is that it? Thats fine with me.
Because he nonchalantly grabbed Chihos right hand, she was caught completely off guard, turned bright
red, and stiffened up.
Whats wrong?
Eh, ah, er, yay! Ah, its, its nothing! Thank you very...
The crowd is pretty big. Gotta do this much or else we'd get separated.
Chihos dynamically changing face made it hard for Maou to read into what her intentions were. Her range
of expressions hectically changed like a slideshow: an expression that looked like she fell into a coma, a
surprised expression, a happy expression, and an expression that indicated she had given up on
...I know, riiiight. Somehow, I saw this coming.
Maou took a glance at Chihos face. When Chiho opened her eyes, she tried to make some distance
between them. But, with their hands clamped together, it only helped to wind them back up together.
Youre acting pretty weird today, you know?
I-Im sure thats because I have a lot of worries!
She turned away frantically and pulled Maou along while walking.
Oh right, I guess thats true.
Maou just swallowed that excuse and,

As Maou listened to her complicated sigh, he observed her.
From a glance, there did not seem to be any magical phenomena occurring around Chiho. There were no
signs of the life around him mutating and despite being in direct contact with Chiho, there was no
response he could sense from the sensation of his hands to the remaining magical powers he had left as
the Demon Lord.
The only noticeable change was that her body temperature was greater than that of his own and her heart
beat was faster than normal.
Because of this, he had to consider the possibility that someone from outside might have been influencing
her. It may have been the enemy who attacked Maou and Emi or it may possibly could have been a
completely unrelated magical phenomena that was influencing Chiho.
If what all Chiho had said was true, supposing that this was the assumption,
In any case, at the moment, he could not inquire anything about her odd behavior until he heard what she
had to say.
At the east exit of Shinjuku, there was an underground shopping district in the heart of the JR Shinjuku
station. Having descended down the closest stairs, as the current time was in between the afternoon and
evening, the food district was not crowded.
Fortunately, the Dotouru caf was also near empty. Maou chose a seat next to the window, making it
easier for Ashiya to observe from outside, but it may have been difficult to be on the lookout directly in
front of the store with the shops in the district.
Small glimpses of Ashiya, who hid himself behind a pillar, could be seen some distances away.
So, just to get this going, I wanted to hear from you directly in detail about earlier.
Ah, yes.
After Chiho ordered her frozen latte and Maou his blended coffee, Maou started the conversation.

Remember how I mentioned that the ringing in my ears got worse around the time I began working at
MgRonald? At first, I thought it was accumulated stress that was building up because I wasnt used to
working. But, Maou, Mrs. Kisaki and the other people are really kind. There havent been any strange
customers and Im not worried about school either so I just thought that maybe Im not feeling too well.
Maou nodded attentively while keeping vigilant of his surroundings, making sure to pay special attention
to Chiho as well.
I also mentioned how there was this really strong earthquake at my place. I thought that was weird but
last night, out of nowhere I heard a voice despite no one being there.
About that voice, what did it feel like? Is it like how were talking right now and youll hear it directly in
your ear?
Chiho placed her finger on her chin and made a brooding gesture.
Umm, Maou, do you usually watch movies and anime?
As it turns out, since there was no television in his apartment, he had never actually seen them, but for
the conversation to proceed, he pretended to have seen them.
Theres an expression like telepathy, right? Its like you can hear an echo of the sort. I wonder if its
something like that.
It looked like Chiho had suddenly remembered something as she quickly followed up.
The voice seemed like it was in a rush and it sounded like a cheerful older man. It was like a badly tuned
radio but I could hear it normally through my ears.
Eh, yes...
Because Maou had reflexively responded, Chiho nodded in surprise.
The words the voice spoke were really simple too. Itd say stuff like Aah, can you hear me?
Usually people would panic just from hearing the voice of a man they did not know, but apparently Chiho
had lent the voice her ear.
I unconsciously responded, but it seems like my voice didnt reach them because they kept asking Can
anyone hear me?. Since I couldnt do much, I decided to just wait for the voice to say something again
and the voice quickly followed up: Well, thats fine, the people who can actually hear this are limited so Ill
just go ahead and say it. There should be a lot of natural phenomena occurring over in that world. There
might be a big one coming soon, so watch out. Well head over there as soon as the opportunity arises.
Chiho cut off her words at that moment and sipped her frozen latte.
...Is that all?
Thats all. Im not sure what that all meant and I definitely thought it was just a mistaken phone call. I
wanted them to at least know that it wasnt my address and tried telling them youve got it wrong, youve

got it wrong! but at the same time, it seems the tuning got mixed up again as the voice got quicker. Ever
since then, the ringing in my ears stopped.
So thats why you came to the conclusion that the recent earthquakes are the aforementioned natural
It took a while for me to come to that conclusion though. I was really surprised by that voice so I didnt
think about it for some time.
Chiho gave a bitter smile as she sipped on her latte that started to melt during the time she was
engrossed in her conversation.
On the other hand, Maou, who gave no thought to his lukewarm coffee, fell into deep thought. The voice
that Chiho had received was a type of mental induction called idea link. It was a technique that unified
the consciousness of humans who had varying languages in their respective worlds. This gave them
control over a conventional notion which allowed them to respond and understand each other through
their own individual languages.
When Maou and Ashiya had first arrived in Japan, they had not actually understood the actual meanings
of Japanese, but rather, they used their magical energy to convert the Japanese into notions that they
could understand.
Since this world contains a gate that allows crossing to other words, then the probing technique called
sonar must exist as well. Sonar is a technique that probes its destination by analyzing the reflected
magical energy wavelengths, which are produced by the invisible magical energy explosions upon
activation. The magical energy explosions tend to manifest in various forms and shapes.
It was more than sufficient to consider the earthquakes as the result of the sonar hitting Earth, particularly
The sonar likely originated from Ente Isla assassins looking to eliminate them. It turns out that the
explosions that resulted from the sonar were coincidentally near Chihos home, although the chances of
that were actually quite low. That would be the most probable explanation as to why only the big
earthquakes occurred around her home.
It was possible to deduce that the destination of the sonar was looking for Maou, Ashiya, and the Hero.
Thinking further, on the night he was with Emi, just before they were attacked, the floor had shook slightly.
Could it be that the assailant was actually hidden nearby and the reason why he shot the sonar was to
see Maous magical energy response?
It seems like things are going to happen faster than he thought.
As far as their appearance and life energies were concerned, Maou and Ashiya were thoroughly
Japanese people but at their very core, their existence as demons had not changed. Nonetheless, he
carelessly allowed the hidden enemy to get closer to him.
The words, a big one will be coming, that Chiho heard was likely referring to an individual with an
adequate amount of energy who plans on showing his real strength.
The enemy was nearby, waiting for some kind of opportunity.
But... Im really glad I consulted with you Mao.

Maou was absorbed in thought but snapped back to reality from Chiho's voice.
Thank you very much. For believing me.
Nah, its nothing much.
It is something. Normal adults wouldnt seriously listen to this kind of talk. Admittedly, I was afraid of not
knowing what to do if Maou felt the same way as well after seeing my mail.
I guess its something like that, huh. What about your parents or friends?
Theres no way I could talk to them about this. A high school student suddenly blurting out something like
this would go beyond laughing; they'd get worried instead. Theyd wonder 'whether this child could
differentiate between reality and fantasy or not?
Hmm, is that really so.
With Chiho looking down, Maou tried to offer her words of encouragement, but,
Well, if you need me at all, you can come and talUGUKYBUYU!!
A, are you okay? Whats wrong!?
Chiho extended a cup of water to Maou, who suddenly started coughing. While he drank his water, he
could not get his mind off of the scene that was looming in the corner of his vision with his eyes
desperately trying to rationalize the situation.
Why!? Why did Emi and Ashiya come into the store together!?
Uueoh, no, Im fine. How should I say this? I havent done anything wrong.
Nah, its nothing. Consulting with my junior is a very commonplace thing to do and theres no ill-will
behind it. I absolutely dont have any wicked thoughts here.
Ma-Maou, are you okay?
Hm? Aah, Chi, dont worry. Just a small fit.
Fossa Magna.
No, no, sorry, its nothing, nothing at all.
In the one second that his mind was in chaos, his mind had traveled seven and a half laps around the
globe at the speed of light only to return directly back from the opposite side after his realization.
W-Well, in any case, if we sum up everything Chi had said so far, the ringing in your ears and that
strange voice isnt a simple problem. The important issue is whether something bad will happen or not
and in this case, itll be whether a big one will occur.

Chiho nodded earnestly in response to Maous honest words despite his odd behavior earlier.
Luckily, it doesnt seem like the owner of the ringing noise has bad intentions in trying to communicate
with you. If it comes down to it, as long you warn the surrounding people, I think itll vary considerably.
Yes... I suppose so.
I dont think this solves everything, but this is all I can say at the moment.
Maou took a sip of his water after seemingly putting an end to the conversation.
Chiho held her melted frozen latte in both of her hands and made an expression that was deep in thought.
Eventually, she looked up.
Maou, thank you very much. You lifted some of the weight off of my chest.
Hm, thats good then.
How about it, Emi! While it was slightly out of the usual ball park for a Demon Lord, I havent done
anything wrong! No matter how you look at it, Im just being an awesome senior part-timer.
Deep in the depths of his heart, Maou boasted.
Speaking of which, why did you think to come talk to me?
It was a casual question on Maous part. Maou indeed did act as a proper senior coworker for Chiho at his
part time job, but it has not been two months yet. The social position of young individuals living off of part
time jobs was definitely in the lows in Japans society and he hoped to understand that.
Eh, that is...
Chiho averted her eyes, feeling a little embarrassed.
Umm, I wonder. I just knew that Maou would believe what I would have to say. Youre really kind and you
seem awfully different than your average person.
Kind; Maou wondered if a demon could possibly be given such complimenting words. And of course,
Maou as the Demon Lord was definitely not an average individual.
Well, I guess Im a bit stranger than the usual.
Ah, ah, no, I didnt mean it in a bad way.
Chiho seemed to be in a state of panic for some reason, making a scene. Maou laughed bitterly at her
I know, I know. Cmon, youll knock over your drink if you keep being so agitated.
Jeez! I didnt know you were such a bully!
With a mix between a troubled and angry expression, Chiho cleared her throat.
But, just having tea like this together, I wouldnt mind even if anything weird was going to happen.
A quiet voice escaped Chihos slightly, smiling lips and he could not pinpoint whether they were just words
for herself or whether she was talking to him. In any case, what she had just said was not something to
gloss over. Maou understood at least that much.

...Ma-Maou, um.
The voice Chiho tried to squeeze out trembled. Her face turned bright red when she looked at Maou with
a slightly distressed face.
About you Maou, I...!
Stop right there!
Suddenly, from the side came a forceful voice that stopped Chiho before she could start.
Maou cowered having heard that voice while Chiho, not knowing what was happening, faced the proud
woman who stood at the arm of the table, looking down on them.
If you get involved with this man, you'll only meet with misfortune.
E, Emi! You!
I wont say anything bad. This man will be ejected from Japan soon. You should avoid staying with him
because itll only be more difficult for you later.
Surprised by Emis sudden intervention, Maous mind stopped rotating again like before. Ashiya, who was
supposed to have sat with Emi, tried to stop her. He was left in a stiffened, half-rising posture from his
seat because he failed to hold her back.
On the other hand, Chiho was quick to retaliate.
Excuse me, but what kind of acquaintance are you of Maou, miss?
Just moments ago, the expression that looked completely lost intensified within moments and while
glaring at Emi, Chiho stood up.
That attitude, something that surprised Maou, was full of hostility directed towards Emi.
Whether Emi could perceive the hostility from Chiho or not, she kept a stern expression and returned her
Listen, Im saying this for your own good. Hes not the man you think he is. He is actually cunning and
Please dont say such horrible things out of nowhere. What are you to Maou?
Maou was surprised by Chiho who lashed back at Emi. He knew she was a bright girl, but to think she
was this strong-willed.
While this was happening, Ashiya who stood behind Emi looked flustered.
Im this mans enemy. Nothing more, nothing less. Listen here, Miss Sasaki Chiho. I warned you, if you
get mixed up with him, youll just end up unhappy.
H-Hey Yusa, stop it.
Finally Ashiya behind her stepped in to stop her,
You too, Chi, calm down for a bit.
Maou wanted to neutralize the situation as well, but,
Dont tell me what to do.

Please be quiet, Maou!

Sparks started to fly between the two women as they glared at each other and it did not look like the cold
war between them was going to end anytime soon.
Well, at this rate, were just going to be a bother to the store, so, cmon, lets get out of here, yeah?
Maou and Ashiya, the demons that they were, seemed to have thought it strange that only they noticed
the stares of the other customers and store employees on the unpleasant atmosphere between Chiho
and Emi. Maou desperately wanted to bring this to their attention, but,
Oh, I remember now, youre that lady from before, the one that came to our store.
...So whats your point?
But the two were not listening!
It looked like you tried to talk to Maou that one time too, but could it be that youre Maous ex-girlfriend?
There was no need to take notice of the impact those words of gossip had on Emi as she tensed up
instantly upon hearing them.
...! What are you blabbering about?
For Emi, she groaned slightly as she recalled the rage and humiliation from the time she was taken to the
police station, but for Chiho, she seemed to have hit a bullseye.
So thats how it was. In that case, you shouldnt have any problems with whatever approach I take with
Maou since it should be none of your business, right?
Could you stop with these stupid claims? This guy and I dont have that kind of relationship
Then, why are you always loitering nearby around Maou?
Our relationship isnt something that can easily be described in words.
Are you trying to say you have a more intimate relationship with him than I do?
How are you interpreting it that way?
Thats the only way I can see it.
Whether these two were listening to each other going back and forth or not, the tension undoubtedly was
reaching its boiling point.
Maous face stiffened up from all the cold stares that pierced his back and said this in a cold sweat,
You two need to calm
Down, or so he wanted to say to mediate the situation but he was cut off.
An abnormal rumble that could only be described as a thundering roar reverberated throughout the
interior of the shop.
Maou, Chiho, Emi, and Ashiya, including the other four present guests who watched their bloody battle
unfold nearby with bated breath, were bewildered as they did not understand what was going on.
In the next moment,

I-Its an earthquake!
Someone had screamed out.
Its a big one!
It was someone else who had screamed that time.
Within seconds, the screams of the people could no longer be understood as they were drowned out by
thundering roars in the oscillating subway.
The vertical shaking was so intense that standing proved to be difficult even though they were
underground. The tableware and furniture in the store fell to the floor and the windows facing the
passageway and lights shattered.
Watch out!
Both the screamers and the listeners who heard the yelling caught glimpses of the cracks running in the
The roaring and swaying continued as the cracks in the ceiling ominously spread to the pillars and then
the floors.
I-Its going to colla...
The ceiling above where Maou and Chiho had sat collapsed first, smashing the table.
Chiho yelled out, but it did not reach Maou. With the ceiling beginning to crumble, her foot was frozen in
place from fear, making it impossible for her to flee in this tremor.
The hallway began to cave in. Within the barrage of falling debris, Chihos fear went beyond critical mass
and her consciousness faded into darkness.
When she opened her eyes, her senses were still intact. However, upon opening her eyes, it was
completely pitch-black and she panicked.
It was the first time she had ever fainted, but, her memory moments ago vividly showed her engulfed by
her fear. As she cautiously moved her tensed feet and arms, the sensation at her fingertips were of
countless rocks and pebbles.
W-What happened?
Chiho unconsciously murmured,
Im glad, youve come to.
She could hear a womans voice next to her.
W-Who are you?
Its me.
It was the voice of a woman that could be heard from the pitch-black darkness. The echoing of the voice
made it difficult for her to understand clearly, but,

You are...
The illuminated face that suddenly appeared from the darkness belonged to the woman who boorishly
interrupted the tea time with Maou.
When she confirmed the womans face, she momentarily recalled their exchange before the situation
became like this, but then she noticed that the area near her brow was soaked with something black
flowing down her face and called out to her.
A-A-Are you okay!
Aah, this?
The woman casually wiped it off but it began to drip down again causing Chiho to let out a small shriek
that she kept in throat.
Its nothing much.
B-But, theres so much blood.
Its not as bad as it looks. Leave it alone and itll dry up.
The woman who shrugged it off had a cellphone in her hand. It looked like the origin of the light was from
that. Regardless, Chihos glance continued to follow the flow of blood from her eyebrow.
Still, this is a problem. Were completely trapped in here.
She shone the light of her cellphone on the surroundings. The debris of the subway had completely
blockaded the surroundings leaving only enough space for Chiho and the woman to stand.
U-Um, is this from the earthquake?
Yeah, the collapse of the subway, and a lot of people were buried alive. Its probably something like that.
H-How long was I?
It hasnt even been thirty minutes since the collapse. Since were not suffocating, that means theres an
opening with air flowing in somewhere.
Chiho moved her tense body and she was not particularly injured. Whether it was because of the
influence of the woman who was collected, Chihos fear slowly subsided and she exhaled deeply.
Youre very calm.
I suppose so. This wasnt unusual for me quite a while ago. You look pretty calm too for someone who
doesnt seem used to fighting at all.
Its because youre here, otherwise Id be crying for sure.
The woman smiled despite the situation they were in,
Im Yusa Emi. Ill say this now, but there really is nothing going on between Maou and me.
Im Sasaki Chiho. Ill leave it at that for now.
A handshake in the midst of bizarre circumstances. Despite being in this kind of situation, Chiho was
shocked at how calm she was. Her not being alone was a big factor, but, that was not the only thing that
enabled her to keep her wits.

Maou is...
At the very least, he isnt with us. He shouldnt be too far off though.
No, thats not what I meant...
He was just on the other side of the table moments ago, but now he was no longer there. That meant...
Aah, maybe he got crushed underneath all the rubble?
Chiho was struck dumbfounded by Emi who casually spoke out words that would normally be hard to say.
Well, itd be better for me if he died off here, actually.
What followed was a merciless and extreme proclamation. However, as trivial as it may have been, Emi
herself was not thinking that.
Hes definitely alive. Like Ill let him die in a place like this. Ill be the one to take him down. I wont
approve of him dying in such a pathetic way.
She boldly declared. For some reason, Chiho felt more courageous from the conviction in Emis words.
Youre right, hes definitely fine.
Right, he should be fine.
When Emi said that, Chiho sat down next to her. She shut her cellphone to save energy since she
confirmed their current position. Once again, the darkness enveloped the space.
Still, dont you think this is strange?
What is?
Here. The fact that theres a convenient open space for the both of us here.
Chiho had seen emergency rescues broadcasted before on television. When she thought about how the
survivors, who had waited countless days for their rescue, did not have any space at all to wiggle around
in, the fact that they were alive and had enough space to move around was truly beyond a miracle and a
bizarre sight to behold.
There seems to be a lot of them underneath all the rubble in this place. It looks like therere a lot of small
magical fields, so it must be the work of Maou.
Magical barrier?
Having heard things she was not used to, Chiho repeated it as a question, but Emi ignored it and
continued her talk.
Its likely that no one died. Also, the farthest barrier from here is about fifty meters away. The damage
wasnt as bad as I thought.
It was as if Emi was talking to herself half the time rather than actually talking to Chiho.
I should be thankful really, but for the Demon Lord to arbitrarily be saving the lives of so many people,
what is going on?
Maou is?

Chiho did not notice Emis odd pronunciation at all.

To be able to make such a number of fields instantly, it looks like he still had plenty of magical energy left.
I really shouldnt let my guard down. The Demon Lord probably created the barrier for this space as well.
This place? Maou created it?
Yes. He did it to save us. How annoying. Why is the Demon Lord saving the Hero? Its making me, the
Hero who couldnt make a protective barrier with my Sacred Power instantly, look like the bad guy here.
Within the darkness, Emi spat out the self-deprecating sensation.
Um... I dont really understand what youre talking about, Miss Yusa...
Dont worry about it, just talking to myself.

Emi smiled ironically.

So, what is it about Maou that you like?

Chiho jerked at the sudden topic change.
Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha-What are you saying!?
Chiho waved her hands back and forth in front of her despite being concealed in the darkness.
You couldnt stomach what I was saying and came straight at me because you like him, right?
Th-Th-Theres no way I could like him.
Chiho was really panicking. She was flailing her arms and feet while glancing at the dark surroundings
and finally after another minute of hysteria while groaning even louder,
I-Is it really that obvious?
She asked with a tearful voice. She was answered back with a strained laugh.
I suppose its that, the person in question is the only one who doesnt know. Anyone would know just
from watching you. Whether Maou noticed it or not is up in the air though.
Chiho could feel her face getting hotter.
H-H-How do you feel about Maou, Miss Yusa?
Although you said youre enemies, you two seem really close and familiar with each other.
...Id rather not be familiar with him though. Well, I suppose were acquaintances with a long history.
How long?
I was well aware of him beforehand, but its only been about two years since hes actually known about
Were you both graduates from the same middle school or something?

If that was the case, Id imagine our relationship to be a lot more amiable.
Emi gave a bitter smile.
But, youll definitely suffer if you come to like to him. Nonetheless, I did try to stop you.
I kinda dont understand too well...
Youll understand in time... No, itd be better if you didnt have to. But for now.
As Emi was talking, she accurately tapped on Chihos forehead in the pitch-black darkness.
Just sleep for a little. The Demon Lord has been acting really humane recently.
It was instant. A fleeting light appeared at the tip of Emis fingers which were placed on Chihos forehead
and after it disappeared, Chiho fell into a deep sleep.
Chiho was breathing quietly in her sleep and Emi carefully laid her down.
Im sorry for letting you hear my boring complaints. Youll forget everything when you wake up.
As she said this, she tapped her fingers on Chihos forehead again, glowing once more and then dying
Youre nearby, right? I put Chiho to sleep!
As if it was responding to Emis voice, a large amount of magical energy intensified in the direction of the
rubble nearby. Emis eyes widened because the amount of magical energy was more than she had
Mind your own business.
Maous voice was mixed in with the sound of falling debris. In addition to the sound of crumbling pebbles,
a new presence emerged from the darkness.
I suppose our relationship is pretty complicated once you think about it.
Right. We didnt even want to meet each other, so its quite the bother.
No doubt about that.
She could hear Maous voice from a higher location. Emi raised her eyebrows. There was an unfamiliar
power concentrated in Maous voice.
Take care of Chi. Were getting out of here. The damage was surprisingly small, but we cant wait here
leisurely for help.
A light emerged from the darkness. That ominous blood colored light caused Emi to remember her
dreadful memories.
De-Demon Lord!
It was an apathetic reply, but,
Th-That form...... Whats going on!?
No idea. It just kinda happened.

His face was undoubtedly Maou Sadao. However, the horns protruding from the crevices of his black hair
were the signs of a demon. The horns were left as they were when Emi had destroyed one of them.
That ominous magical energy that could be easily recognized surrounding the grotesque figure emerged
from the darkness.
The reason why Maous voice could be heard from a higher ground was a result of Maous legs having
transformed into the ligaments of a demon, much more sinister than any beast of this world.
That was the only part that transformed, but it was clear that Maou was slowly regaining his form as the
Demon Lord.
At least I was able to set up barriers and moving around the debris isnt a problem either. Relax. I didnt
recover enough power to control the gates.
She was told to stay calm but there was no way she could actually listen to him. In the short period
between the collapse of the underground tunnel and now, Maou was somehow able to recover his
magical energy as the Demon Lord.
Maous deep crimson magical energy permeated the surrounding rubble gradually.
The Demon Lord Satan harnessed his magical energy to protect Emi, Chiho, Ashiya, and the unknown
Japanese people. If Hero Emilia was faced with the situation where the Demon Lords defenseless back
was exposed right before her eyes, she would have struck him down with her Sacred Powers. But Yusa
Emi could only stare at her arch-nemesiss unguarded back.
With the overflowing sinister magical energy, she had a foreboding fear in her heart that demon wings
may emerge from his back. Without hesitation, should she muster all of her Sacred Powers, she could at
the very least manifest her Sacred Sword that can strike down the Demon Lord.
Mm... mmm.
Chihos sleeping whimpers eased Emis slight blood thirst that had emerged inside of her.
Right now, she could achieve her goal of killing the Demon Lord, but without his powers, the many
survivors would be crushed to death instantly. Both Emi and Chiho were no exceptions.
Emerging from Emis throat was a voice that no one could hear, a voice of resentment.
Why is the Demon Lord saving people?

When Emilia Justina finally began to be more aware of the world around her, the struggle for supremacy
over Ente Islas political infrastructure, spurred on by the human influence, was about to break out
between the Demon Lords army and Great Sacred Churchs army.
In the rural countryside of the west continent, Nord Justina, a farmer who grew his wheat with spectacular
efficenciy, had a single daughter, Emilia... Her father was her only relative and she had no memories of
her mother.
When Emilia was ten years old, from the center continent came the armies of the demon realm, having
advanced onto the north continent and eastern kingdom.

On the four continents, the forces of the Great Sacred Church, channeling the power of the heavens,
managed to protect the kingdom royalty well, but the Great Demon General Lucifer commanded the
western capture forces and staged unyielding assaults.
Nord was a pious believer of the Great Sacred Church and made sure to commute to the church every
day with his daughter.
The young Emilia did not understand the meaning of the prayers that the adults continuously recited, but,
she deduced that something big was happening and imitated her dad by holding her hands together and
praying desperately.
However, her prayers went unfulfilled and the western forces were yielding to the forces of the Demon
Lord who were gradually advancing.
Every day, Emilia would listen to the ominous messengers who roamed about town. She would spend
each night in anxiety, wondering when the ferocious demons would come to set the fields that were
cultivated by her father and herself ablaze.
Her father was merely a farmer. He was a man devoted to the art of growing wheat in the fields and had
no knowledge of the means to battle.
Whenever Emilia cried in her bed at night because she was afraid, her father would comfort her to sleep
by patting her head using his rough hands.
That was the father that Emilia loved. She respected and loved him for he was the best hero that was
reliable more than anyone else in this world.
And so, the fated day arrived when Emilia turned twelve.
When the aristocrats in the neighboring territory surrendered, a messenger came running.
What was waiting for her at her home were ministers from the Great Sacred Church.
At first, Emilia thought they were knights from the church that came to save them.
But her father suddenly claimed that only she was to go to the church in the carriage and that he would
stay behind.
At first, Emilia was puzzled at what her father was saying. She tried to persuade the village elder that
came to see her off as well as the ministers who came to retrieve her and her father so she could stay. I
cannot live by myself. It is because my father and the villages are here that I am myself.
Papa, lets go! Lets go together!
Emilia screamed out.
However, the words that came out of her fathers mouth were unbelievable to her.
Emilia, please go.
Papa! What are you saying, papa!
Everything was for this very day that I hoped that wouldnt have come. I protected you ever since. During
these twelve years, I was able to be a father who wasnt supposed to be blessed with a child of an angel.
I dont understand! What are you saying, papa!

Youre the child of an angel. You have inherited the blood of the heavens that will do away the darkness
of Ente Isla. You are the one and only being in Ente Isla that has the power to defeat the Demon Lord.
I do? No! Im papas daughter! The daughter of a farmer!
Thats right. But, you are also the daughter of your mother, an angel.
My... mama? Angel?
Her father had always said that her mother passed away.
Youll understand in time. Emilia. Please go together with the ministers. Your mother is still alive out
there. She is definitely keeping watch over you.
But, but papa is.
I promised your mother. In this village, in this house, us three will live together as a family. I have to fight
in order to protect my promise.
Nord intensely embraced his daughter as if she was a baby and upon, he looked into her eyes and leaned
With his large, rugged hands, he patted her head.
Dont worry. Please lend the armies of the church and everyone else your power to protect this village.
The day well be able to live together will come again.
Yes, Ive never told a lie. Ive never broken a promise either.
.Uh huh.
Emilia grumbled and nodded as she wiped her tears with her fist.
Good girl.
Her father smiled with a warmhearted face that looked similar to how he would air stacked wheat.
I pray that you will lead a life overflowing with the light in the world where demons are extinguished.
Emilia. My daughter. I love you from the bottom of my heart.
The memories following this were chaotic. The figure of her father blurred by her tears and the arms of
the ministers separating him and his daughter. Through the window of the carriage, the sight of her father
and the village gradually grew smaller.
Emilia tired herself from crying and fell asleep, and when she woke up, she was in an extravagant room
that she had never seen before.
On the day following the separation with her father, the caretaker minister informed her that they were
located at the Saint Ignold Temple of the Holy Church on the western continent. It was also the day that
she was informed of her hometown being reduced to nothing having turned into a battlefield.
The young minister who identified himself as the caretaker talked to her about many things.

Her mother was in truth an archangel. The power given by the heavens called Better Half was
something that could only be used by a half angel and half human being. However, at the time, this story
had no meaning to Emi.
But, suddenly being told something so outrageous was reality was not very convincing.
What Emilia wanted was the Sacred Sword, not false information about her mother. She craved power
that could be used to extract revenge upon Demon Lords armies who shattered her small, peaceful
On the following day of arriving at Saint Ignold, she begged them to train her how to use a sword. Even
now, she had not forgotten the sight of the adults easily swinging the iron sword around so easily and how
surprised she was at its weight. She continued conventional practices until she got the hang of it, ending
up with hands full of blisters.
One year later, the opportunity for her very first battle arrived. She participated in the defense of a remote
region. Even though the Demon Lords forces were comprised of mainly goblins and lower class demons,
the smell of blood caused Emilias feet to be frozen in place from fear, ultimately leaving her unable to kill
even at least one demon and being protected by the knights of the church.
She clearly understood her own weakness and how terrifying the enemy she attempted to challenge was
no matter how her distance. The tears that she swore to never shed ever again since the death of father
poured down readily.
And so, months and days passed and before she was aware of it, Emilia, who had gone through
countless battles, was commanding the knights of the church on the frontlines and laying siege to the
Demon Lords castle and headquarters.
The name Emilia Justina pervaded the ranks of not only the knights of the church, but also the various
kingdom armies and mercenary forces. The figure that became known to the people were of Emilia clad in
silver armor engraved with a crimson red and gold crest with a shield in hand, slaying countless demons
using the sword embedded with the symbol of the Holy Church, the Ignora cross. Emilia was unaware of
the various names, Battle Maiden and Holy Female Knight, that were given to her as the knight who
fought on the frontlines against the Demon Lords forces.
For a person such as Emilia, there were many reliable allies that rallied under her.
Orba Meiyer, a member of the most prominent group of clergymen in the Holy Church, The Six Great
Shinto Priests, was one of them. Emerada Etuva, a magician of the holy imperial royal family, Sento Aile,
from the western continent currently controlled by Lucifers forces. Albert Ende, a wizard who runs a
woodcutting business deep in the mountains.
There are times where these four fight as one and there are other times where they lead their own
respective troops against the Demon Lords forces.
And then came the day when Emilia turned sixteen. Having wielded the Sacred Sword and grown as a
knight, Emilia obtained the power of Better Half to defeat the Demon Lord.
The birth of Hero Emilia wielding the Sacred Sword blessed by the Heavens spread throughout the
continents, and the populace hailed her name. The day of the birth of the Hero was the day in which the
humans of Ente Isla would begin their retaliation against the Demon Lords forces.

However, Emilia only gazed ahead. There was no arrogance. As was there no ceremony. To her, the day
in which she obtained the power to oppose the Demon Lords forces had no other meaning.
The only things present in Emilias heart were her father and the dark desire for revenge against the
Demon Lords forces. With silent sympathies, her allies became her sword and shield, friends who would
entrust their lives to her.
Having crushed the three Great Demon Generals in quick succession, the deciding battle of life or death
took place at the Demon Lords castle. A shivering delight engulfed during the moment in which she
shattered a piece of the Demon Lords horn. She trembled with rustic colored rage when the Demon Lord
escaped using the gate to another world.
Ever since Emilia learned how to fight, she lived only for the sake of realizing the dream of the moment
where she kills the Demon Lord.

The surface was a beehive of activity.

Yasukuni Street was completely blockaded off and many emergency vehicles surrounded the scene of
the cave-in. The city night view was dyed with tension from the countless number of patrol lights and
outside of that circle were many cars of the mass media crowding the scene.
By the time the rescue team descended into the underground hallways, Maou had already rescued all the
victims from under the rubble. No one had any noticeable external injuries but conversely, the rescue
team, who stepped onto the scene with tensed expressions, were in an uproar at the surprising sight.
The Demon Lords appearance had reverted back to Maou Sadao around the time he finished rescuing
everyone. Maou was indeed exhausted and collapsed to the floor along with the other victims, but despite
the severity of the situation, it seemed no one suspected Maous condition.
It went without saying that Maou would not report his act of saving everyone to the rescue team. The
extent of the damage was as far as Emi having a scratch on her forehead but the other victims quickly
regained the conscience and managed to get back on their feet and started walking.
Emi tapped the sleeping Chiho on her cheeks and she quickly woke up. Chiho realized she was on the
surface and upon seeing Maous face, she looked like she wanted to say something but shut her mouth
Well, in any case, Im glad youre okay.
Chiho had a satisfied, giddy grin as Maou patted her head. Around them were officers and paramedics
rustling about in a hurry, guiding the rescued victims to a safe area.
Chiho glanced at Yusa Emi whose forehead was being patched up at one of the emergency vehicles. She
tried to remember the conversation she had with Emi before losing her conscience, but for some reason,
her memories were foggy.
Please excuse me a bit. You were one of the rescued individuals, correct?
Suddenly, a single police officer appeared next to them with a notebook in hand.

Im very glad that you two did not sustain any heavy injuries. Please excuse me, but we want to confirm
the identities of all the individuals injured, so may I ask you to write down your contact information here? It
will be necessary in the future for when we want to provide compensation and return any lost items.
So said the police officer and on the notebook that he held out to them, there were already numerous
amounts of addresses of different people written.
Maou dutifully scribbled his name down and he handed the notebook to Chiho. She did the same as he
did and wrote down her name.
Hm? Could it be that you are Inspector Sasakis daughter?
The police officer noticed something regarding Chihos contact information and inquired about it.
Uum, if youre talking about Sasaki Senichi from the Harajuku Station, then hes my father
She answered in surprise. Having heard that name, the officer nodded.
That is what I thought. Inspector Sasaki should be onsite somewhere. He should be contacting the
guardians of the minors, but I will go call him. I believe it would be better to let Inspector Sasaki know that
you are safe instead of him knowing you were a victim of the accident.
Ah, yes.
The officer made a sidelong glance at the nodding Chiho and said something into his radio. It was likely
that he was calling for Chihos father. Chiho looked at the officer and suddenly got fidgety.
U-Um, Maou
Maou was quick on the uptake at Chihos fidgety behavior and reassured her with a smile.
Er, aaah, your dad right. I got, I got it. Itd be a hassle if your dad found out you got involved in an
incident while on a date with a guy.
.Im sorry.
Chiho gave a sympathetic apology.
No worries, no worries. Im just glad were both safe. See you again at work. Ill be teaching you how to
maintain the soft cream machine this time. See ya.
As Maou waved his hands to the bowing Chiho, they separated. After walking a short distance ahead,
when he turned around, a different police officer hurriedly waded through the crowd of people to Chihos
Maou let his voice slip out after he looked at that officer. It was a recognizable face.
On the night that the Demon Lord and Alsiel arrived in Japan having fled from Ente Isla, the man who
discovered the two in the alley and took them to the Harajuku Police Station in for questioning was, in
fact, Chihos father.
Patrol officer Sasaki huh. It wasnt a coincidence after all. Could it be that our magical powers when
we first arrived reacted because of that old man.?
Wait, Demon Lord!

Maou was engrossed in recollecting his thoughts, but Emis loud voice pulled him back into reality.
Looks like its just Maou Sadao now, huh?
Although she had a bandage appended on her forehead giving her a pitiful appearance, she retained a
sharp look in her eyes and examined Maou all over. His horns had disappeared and what was visible
protruding from his denim jeans that were ripped by the monster legs were just his hairy, pale legs.
Can you see a bear or something?
This isnt the time for jokes.
Its just a coincidence that I changed back into my original form. I dont know the reason and after that
little stunt earlier, I turned back.
Because Maou was under the watchful glare from his speaking partner who apparently was never in the
mood for jokes, he answered honestly, but,
Even if you try to hide anything, it wont do you any good.
Nothing was getting across to her.
Thats not a line befitting a Hero. You can keep observing me, but I probably wont revert back, you know.
But, considering the incident this time, maybe therell be some action.
.What do you plan on doing?
Im gonna go around the underground hallways in town and eat while I wait for things to collapse.
Shaddup. Im tired today so Ill be heading off.
Blah blah, nothing else is going to happen today. It may have been a coincidence, but it looks like the
other partys attack failed, what with my magical powers coming back and all.
Maou annoyingly declared to Emi who would had driven people away just from looking in her direction.
But for Emi, these words were not something to be brushed off.
Failed attack? What does that mean?
Werent you listening in on Chis story halfway through?
Maou was shocked and shrugged his shoulders.
Its not a natural phenomenon. For the incident to occur at a place where were both at is evidence that
someone had it planned out. Im not sure whether it was because the Sonar had hit or if it was the
interference of magical powers, but at the very least, I can say that our identities are now known.
Emis eyes widened.
Then, the enemy is.
They should be close by. Its just that we never noticed. However, I imagine the reason why they didnt
finish us off was because I returned as the Demon Lord.

B-But, in that case, who in the world could it be? They managed to amass that much power in Japan
where magical powers and Sacred Power cant be restored.
Maou made a slightly complicated grin in response to Emis words and answered.
If youre talking about a clue, then I have something.
Emi twitched, but Maou kept a stern face,
However, I dont have any reason to tell you at all. Even if I did, you wouldnt be able to do anything.
He blurted out coldly. Emi wanted to object on the spot, but, it struck at home since Maou was correct
more or less.
Hm, should the time come though, itd be a bother if you get too panicky. Ill give you a hint.
Yeah. First, as long its in short bursts, they can use their powers as much as they like. Now think about
who in Ente Isla can do that. Hes basically flouting that he can kill us both at the same time.
Emi tried reasoning about who it could be. But, there was no one in particular that came to mind. Having
seen Emi deep in thought, Maou suspended the conversation in ironic fashion.
Got it? If so, Ill be heading home. I gotta think of a counterplan and Im sleepy.
Wa-Wait a minute, were not.
I know you want to say were not done yet, but a second time in means no game. (*)
As he said this, Maou pointed past Emis shoulder. Just slightly ahead of the ambulances were the entry
forbidden yellow tape and beyond it was a figure at the front waving her hands and raising her voice.
Huh, a friend or something? Shes totally calling your name.
Rika was still in her work uniform and when Emi recognized her, she exaggerated her hand waving.
Looks like you had friends after all.
Youre so nosy. It has nothing to do with you.
Maou intended to say those words, but Emi turned the other way and spat out that response,
How nice. Anyway, go on over there.
But, wont they attack again once we calmed down?
This was an honest expression of her mind. Unlike the magic ball shooting incident, the cave-in incident
now involved many unrelated people. Should they attack now, Rika would get involved too. However,
Maou who was brimming with confidence and with a smile up to his nose, he proclaimed.
Nope. They just wanted to declare to us that were both their targets. If one side attacks the other, the
other would be on alert, right? Believe me. Theres no one under my wing that would do these crimes.
Although it was not a particular praise worthy assessment, Maou was boldly proud,

Cmon, dont make her wait.

As he said that, he gave her a push and oddly enough, it was not a bad feeling for Emi.
Taking one step, Emi turned her head around.
Just for today.
Yeah, yeah. Sit tight and dont do anything, right. I got it.
Those insensitive words were not something Emi would take to heart, but she took her distance in quick
steps with a slightly distorted face. Her colleague that was waiting behind the yellow wept as she
embraced Emi. She was in her OL outfit and sandals that were not out of the ordinary. It looked like the
onlookers rushed out to check the commotion.
Maou smiled bitterly.
Show me something like that and even Ill lose my motivation.
He uttered and when he turned around,
Myyyyyyyyy Loooooord198.72.205.56.!
Whoa, Ashiya!
From behind his back standing unnoticed was a spirited away Ashiya who came crashing into Maou.
I apooologiiiiiiiiiiiiiiize!
W-Whoa, whats with you? Actually, where were you all this time?
Ashiya was in tears and while sniffing pathetically, he pointed at the ambulance in the other direction.
Not only did I allow Emilia to come within your vicinity, I let an enemy go unnoticed as well, and on top of
that, the Lord even saved my life as well, how could I ever repay youuuuuuuuuu!?
Suffocated by Ashiya who supported a dusty appearance and began bawling, Maou got steadily more
exhausted as he pushed him to the side.
Youre such a pain, its really unsightly for you to be crying so much in public. Lets go home, youre
not hurt, right.
Uuurgh, yes. Yeesss! Now I even have your concern, what am I doooooooing!
In the two hours that it took for them to get home, the two of them were stopped by officers three times to
confirm their identities, were compensated two times and led to the hospital, were caught by the mass
media who came to collect news, and after having run around all over and avoiding the train ticket fare
because they were dirt poor, they walked home from Shinjuku to Sasazuka.
Jeez, I was so surprised, you always go home using the subway, right? When I thought you were
involved, I couldnt just sit around.
Having confirmed Emis safety, Rika broke into tears as if she was the one who was struck with
I couldnt get to you by phone or text and when I thought there was the chance you were involved, I
came running here and when I saw that we couldnt interfere, I panicked!

Im sorry, I really got you worried.

No, it isnt Emis fault! If anything, its your luck thats at fault! Wait, if youre safe, then maybe it was
actually not. Did you get hurt anywhere?
Rika noticed the bandage appended onto her forehead.
It was only a small cut so not much blood came out and it isnt deep enough that requires stitching.
To Emi, this sort of injury to was very trivial, but in Japan, it was a serious matter.
Emi, can you go home now?
I already gave the police my contact information and I heard from the rescue team about compensation
and the hospital. Once the situation dies down, they said theyll give me a ride to the hospital for the time
being, but this injury isnt all that bad.
Then you shouldnt go home, make sure to get proof that you were examined at the hospital. Do you
have your phone or money?
I have my phone, but everything else is buried under the rubble in the bag.
Pressured by Rikas energy, Emi answered honestly,
Ah! My insurance card, bankbook and seal were in there too.
When she remembered that she carried a lot more important things than the usual, her blood pressure
shot straight down.
Okay, here. When youre done at the hospital, give me a call and Ill come get you.
Rika looked at Emi and quickly took out three 10,000 yen bills from her wallet and placed it in Emis
The world can be incredibly unforgiving! Itll be a pain if you get caught by the news too, so, make sure to
call me okay?
So she said as she pushed Emi back into the taped area. Since she was being so incessant about it, Emi
was going to go back and as she turned around, the figure of a man from the mass media sticking out the
microphone to Rika who was engaged in a conversation with one of the victims came into view.
She was not sure what they were talking about, but with a disgruntled face, Rika drove the man off and
disappeared into the crowd.
After witnessing that scene, she returned to the first ambulance that gave her medical treatment and
along with a few other victims, accepted the ride to the nearest hospital.
At the hospital, she received a detailed examination only to state once more that the injuries were only
minor, but the doctor still made a big fuss out of it by writing a medical certificate and smiled at Emi,
For a young woman to get an injury on the forehead definitely needs some compensation.
The doctor gave Emi a dull laugh.
By the time the medical examination was all done, it was already 9 PM at night.

Hello, Rika?
Within the perimeters of the hospital were the green public telephones that were rare in the middle of
town and Rika was quick to pick up on the first ring when Emi phoned her.
Hello? Emi? How was it?
Yeah, they had a thorough check up, but it really wasnt anything serious. They disinfected the cut and I
was given a small dose of medicine too, but if it doesnt hurt, theres no need to use it.
I see, Im glad it wasnt anything serious! Wheres the hospital?
In Shinjuku. Its the medical schools
Okay, got it. Ill be heading over right now, so wait a bit.
Eh, you dont have to do that, Id feel bad.
Huh? Could it be your familys coming?
This was an obvious question for these kinds of circumstances, but Emi had no choice but to answer it
with a lie.
No, um, my parents arent in Japan, so.
Eh? Like overseas!?
The surprised voice of Rika. The sound of changing clothes could be heard over the phone.
S. something like that, um, yeah.
Then, the more the reason to not keep my eyes off of you Emi! Anyways, Ill be coming in a taxi, so Ill be
there in about ten minutes, so stay put. Okay see you!
Ah, Rika, wait a se.
She cut the phone call short and left Emi staring at the green phone box in a daze.
Emi had no choice but to wait in the waiting room of the hospital and shortly after, her name was called by
the receptionist.
The expenses for the medical examination and the medical certificate would be compensated after the
necessary documents and the bill under Emis name were sent to the compensation agent, a process that
was explained to her.
Under the rubble was her new wallet she carried to work and when Emi was about to pay the invoice, with
the money that was forced onto her,
The world can be incredibly unforgiving.
Emi recalled what Rika had said.
Regarding Emi not having her insurance card, it seems that she could bring it in within the month and
they would accept it but, in any case, the total fees for the initial medical examination and medical
certificate was quite high.
Just as Emi received her receipt and prescribed medicine, a taxi pulled up outside of the lobby, and she
could see Rika coming. As soon as Rika found Emi, she came rushing over.

Emi, are you okay!?

Ah, yeah, thanks. Youve helped me in a lot ways.
As she said that, Emi showed her medicine and receipt.
Smiling, Rika,
Anyways, Im glad your injuries werent anything serious. Come to my place tonight. The taxis waiting
S-sure, but, is it okay with you?
Its fine already, dont think too much, and lets get going!
With Rika being so assertive, Emi could not help but let Rika guide her to the car. Before she had noticed,
she was standing in front of Rikas apartment located in Takadanobaba.
Excuse my intrusion.
Rikas mansion was approximately the size of Emis place, but the smell of paint lingered on the walls of
the room and the apartment building material as well.
Anyways, since you only hurt your head, you should take a shower first and then change into more
comfortable clothing. You can change into my sweats.
Rika held out the sweats that were neatly folded from the top to the bottom. In addition to that, she took
out a cover for her business suit,
You can put your clothes here. Make sure to not throw away the clothes even if it rips or theres a hole in
Eh, why?
Emi responded with a question while she undressed. The grey suit that she wore to work was not
particularly damaged, but there were drips of blood on her blouse.
The managing company of the subways might compensate you, of course. Itd be a good idea to have
solid proof just in case.
So thats how it works.
In Ente Isla, there was no conceivable system that invested in public agencies that would offer
reparations for the civilians, so Emi had trouble grasping the concept.
Ente Isla was under federal rule and at public shelters that housed civilians who were victim to some
accident or misfortune, they were given sparse compensation and were usually left alone.
Still Rika, youre really knowledgeable, you really helped me out.
Ive had my fair share of experiences after all. Ah, the bath is over there. For now, you can use my new
underwear. Your chest was about my size, I think.

Chihos probably a lot bigger though.

...Er, sorry, its nothing.
She sighed at the words that just slipped out of her mouth and when she checked the sizes of the
underwear, it was the same as Emis.
Thanks for everything. Ill be using the bath now.
As she took her shower, the cool water rained on her body and washed away the fatigue from the events
all day, enveloping her with very warm sensations.
Ill leave the bath towel on top of the laundry in the changing room. Also this, use this towel to wash your
body, and use the body soap on the far left.
Rika slipped a face towel through the opening of the door of the bathroom and pointed at the line of
Oh, have you eaten yet?
Im really hungry, I could fall over at any time now.
Rikas face softened and she could not help but smile broadly at Emis honest reply.
Ill whip up something real easy, so take your time in the shower. You dont have any particular
preferences, right?
Rika left the dressing room and Emi quietly took her shower, but,
...What is this?
Her heart felt light and this tranquility was very comfortable to her.
On her quest to defeat the Demon Lord, Emi would get hurt and collapse but she received the help of
many people along the way. A great number of people offered her housing and food.
But, there was never a time where she had felt this feeling before.
That is, she wanted the feeling of the relieving comfort of the warm water washing the body to last.
It was as if a fleeting light was dwelling inside of her. And her heart felt like it was embraced by the soft
wings of an angel.
Without further ado, cheers to Emis well-being!
With cooled mineral water in their glasses, Emi and Rika did a toast.
The food Rika had made was actually just meat and potato stew that was made the previous day and
heated up, but the hungry Emi thought this was the best treat. Emi acted like her usual self and extended
out her chopsticks.
With that kind of appetite, guess I wont need to worry anymore.
Rika felt relieved from the bottom of her heart and smiled.
But you cant let your guard down, okay? Injuries can come back to bite you any time.

I will be on the alert. Thank you really, Rika. Ill pay you back for sure.
You sure have some luck, losing both your wallet and your bankbook in this short interval.
As the irrelevant conversation continued, eventually, Rika casually switched the television on. The news
was only reporting the incident concerning the underground collapse that Emi was involved in, but Rika
shuffled through the channels until she finally stopped at a music program.
She was likely being considerate towards Emi. Because of that, Emis eyes wandered to the picture on
the television stand. Rika says something in response to what Emi was looking at.
Aah, that. Its my family.
The picture showed a factory in the background with Rika and Rikas parents who appeared to be a
married couple and a younger girl.
Is this your little sister? You look similar.
Oh you said it now. I dont see the resemblance at all though.
Rika smiled. Ring.
Ah, sorry, do you mind?
The sound of a phone ringing came from Rikas bag. Rika picked up the phone as soon as she got Emis
Hello. Yes, its me. Im the only one who would pick up ya know?
Emi was surprised at Rika. She was speaking in a completely different manner than usual.
Aah, did it arrive? Its not anything expensive. I drink it a lot and besides grandpa likes anything as long
its shochu.
She heard from Rika that she was originally from the Kansai region. However, the intonation was different
from the Kansai dialect that she knew of.
Ill come home on Obon. Todays accident? You dont need to worry, it was far off from where I work so
Im all fine and dandy. Pass it to everyone too, okay, okaaay.
It was a short conversation. Just as she was about to set aside her phone, it looked like she recalled
something as she reached for the cord plugged into the wall and inserted it into her phone.
It was from my mom. It sounded like she was worried about today, but if I talked about Emi instead,
nothing would start after al.
First time Ive heard you talk with a dialect.
Huh? Really? I usually talk like this with my family and friends back at home. Its in Kobe.
Thinking back on it, Emi felt as if Rikas speech was more different than usual when she met her at the
site where the collapse happened. Her true character emerged or so the saying goes. Emi smiled.
Ooh, its kinda refreshing. Ive never gotten outside of Tokyo before so I do want to visit the west region

Her hourly wage was indeed high but by no means was she living a financially healthy life, so it was
obvious that she had never went on a trip before. She was thinking that maybe should could go around
Japan if the Demon Lord was not here, perhaps if he was defeated as well. However, this was something
further down the road.
In the meantime, she focused on eating her food and by the time the music program ended, she had
consumed all of her portions.
Quite the eater, huh. Theres really no need to worry about you now.
Thanks to you. Ill rinse the dishes in the sink.
Emi gathered up the tableware. She separated the oily dishes from the non-oily dishes and dipped them
in water.
Thanks, you can leave them there. Ill wash it later.
Sure. Ah, sorry, can I see the news?
Hm? Sure, but will you be okay?
Regardless of the time, the news would probably be reporting on the incident. Rikas expression darkened
for a moment, but Emi shook her head with a Ill be okay gesture.
I want to check the weather forecasts and theres other things too, right?
Mm, I see. At this time, there might be news on the terminals?
Rika grabbed the remote controller and changed the channel. Emi returned to her original seat and
watched the news. The top news was, of course, about the Shinjuku underground collapse incident but
surprisingly, the news only spared some time for it until it switched to news about frequently robberies in
the city area.
Oh my. Feels like my luck hasnt been so great these days so I feel like I might get involved soon.
Rika stared at Emis profile as she vented out her thoughts. And then,
Aaah, jeez! I love you Emi!
Eh? Huh? Wa-wait Rika?
Rika suddenly embraced Emi from behind.
Wha, wait, is something wrong?
Nope, its just Emi is great! You just calm me dooown.
For a little while, Rika rocked Emi back and forth like a cradle while hugging her from behind. Emi had no
idea what was going on and Rika continued on until she spoke up.
You see Emi, it was such a pain for me when I moved to Tokyo because I had to learn the standard
dialect around here.

Emi tilted her head. There were plenty of people from the countryside in Tokyo. Even at the company that
they work at has a handful of people who keep their dialects while working.
I mean, if I learn how to speak around here, I wont have to worry about people noticing where Im from
Emi realized that she had only learned of Rika being from the Kansai region, but she had never heard her
talk about her home.
But, once I took a step out from my home town, it feels like everybodys really distant. No matter where I
go, as soon as I mention my family being from Kobe, the first thing they ask is about the earthquake. Its
like they cant think of anything else. Because of that, I dont befriend those kind of people very often.
But it seemed that she was unaware that she had already given up that attitude.
The more people I meet, the more most of them were the same, but if I keep getting hung up on that, I
wouldnt be able to get along with anyone. Thats why, I learned the dialect in order to hide where Im
from. Im sorry for lying to you.
Thats, its not like you were lying.
You were the first one Emi. Despite mentioning Kobe, you never asked about it.
Finally, Rika let go of Emi and took her glass to the kitchen. She filled it with another cup of mineral water
from the refrigerator.
When peoples sense of values become completely blank, who knows what kind of human theyll turn
Listening to those words caused Emis heart to beat harder.
There are people like that you know, the ones that take advantage of the chaos and do terrible things. On
the other hand, there are people who go out of their way to help people despite not knowing what will
come tomorrow. And then, I thought, it happens a lot you know? When conflicted, the person shows an
expression that looks like an angel and demon is fighting each other.
An angel... And a demon?
Rikas words were said innocently, but it stuck with Emi. She engrossed herself in thought.
And so, that picture is the manifestation of the ten years of hard work that my grandpa and father put out
in bringing back the factory from scratch. Even though were in a recession, they managed to move
forward with whatever they had left.
As she talked, Rika placed the glass in front of Emi.
It was really scary. I didnt think that kind of incident would occur again and not to mention my friend was
involved in it again, I didnt want to think about it.
Friend. Emi was taken aback by that word. Was she as close as the friends that Rika had lost?
Depending on the circumstances, Rika could have been the one that was involved instead. It's because
Rika had once experienced the fear born from a disaster that now she was an adult, she wanted to be of
assistance to Emi in any way possible.

Are you okay? Sorry for making you think about weird stuff like this.
Smiling bitterly, Rika quickly drank the entire cup of mineral water. It was as if she was trying to swallow
up all the gloomy feelings from the memories.
But, in the end, I turned out okay. Its because you really helped me out Rika. Im really thankful.
Oh stop it. Its a given to help out a friend. It feels kinda weird if you keep doing that."
At that moment, that feeling came flooding back. A fleeting light of the heart. A warm feeling. It was a
comforting sensation as if it was protecting her entire being.
Thats why I don't you about anything in particular.
Like where youre living, where you came from, all of that doesnt matter. Its enough for me that we can
say stupid things, eat together, and go out to play when we can as friends.
By the way.
Suddenly, Rika began grinning and got closer to Emi's face.
Who was that guy?
The guy that you were talking to at the scene.
Eh? Eh? Ah, that guy?
Indeed, they were likely referring to Maou.
You must be awfully close to refer to him as 'that guy', huh? He looked like a pretty good guy, so this is
making me curious!
Hey Rika, you said you wouldnt ask about anything. Besides, theres nothing going on with that guy...
Love matters are a different matter! All men who approach my angel are wolves!
Rika, your personality did a 180! Like really, hes only an acquaintance, or rather, hes lower than that.
Hes more like a demon than a wolf.
She had not uttered a lie. He was definitely nothing more than an acquaintance and was indeed a demon.
An angel... and a demon.
Maou had regained his original appearance back at the scene. At the place where that horrendous
incident occurred.
Is something wrong?

Emi looked at Rika's inquiring face. The face of Rika who called her a friend.
From the bath, the dining table, and the friend who embraced her, a warmth that resembled the wings of
an angel enveloped her heart.
The cause was,
The human... heart?