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A Vessel Of Honor

Acts 9:15 states, But the Lord said to him: be on your way, because this man is a chosen vessel
to me to bear my name to the nations as well as to the kings and the sons of Israel.
Identity has always been an intriguing issue to each and one of us, servants of God. Issue on
who we really are seems to be just an easy query but is actually very difficult to ponder on and to
Who are we? Who are you? In terms of your own self assessment? In terms of your family, your
status quo, your work, your beliefs, your schooling, your neighbors or your friends? Who are you... not
just in the threads that ran through that shirt, or the stitches that were finely tied through your dress.
Who are you... inside those soles that cover you?
In the events of Paul and Silas preaching and going to jail in Philippi, there are many details that
catch our attention and imagination. Its a story that is relatively well known its an old Sunday
School favourite.
Of course, there was rumble, there was chaos, there was misorder all over the place, all through
out the story. But what makes it interesting folks is that, despite the commotion and the intense
emotions surrounding these two, they were as silent as a sailing boat, as still as the flowing river. There
is calmness and purposefulness in their identities that rooted to none--- but their connection to Jesus
Paul and Silas are arrested for being Jews who disturb the Roman customs of Philippi a fine
Roman town. With all their hollering and accusations, the slave owners attract a lot of attention, and
other people join the attack. Even the magistrates order a beating for Paul and Silas.
As they sit in the stocks and their backs ache and throb from the beating, their groans give way
to prayer and even songs.
Who can sing and praise God after a treatment like that?

It is Paul and Silas... because no matter what kind of treatment it was that was given to them, no
matter how hard the persecutions they were given to be into, and no matter how hard it was for them to
be treated as criminals, they never did forget who they are... they did not forget their identity in Christ.
Not even in the pain and gloominess of the prison cell can take away their belief in God's love and care
for them. That no matter what it was that they were currently facing, there will come a time that they
will wake up freed, and safe, and sound, through God's rescue and guidance.
And because of the unwavering efforts of these two in carrying and spreading the gospels of
Jesus, they were able to make a then non-believer like Lydia believe and have faith in God. Lydia's
faith becomes immediately active and she became one of the servants of our Almighty God.
What about us? What about you? Who are you?
You are the child of our creator, our redeemer. And that is your identity.
You are the chosen vessel to give honor and glory to God.
No matter what happens, let you be Paul or Silas, let us be, these two disciples of Jesus. Where
no storm and catastrophe can waiver our faith, where no circumstance or obstacles can stop us from
believing, where no one or no reason can take our identity away from us. Our faith shall always remain
no matter what.
I am the child of God. You are the child of God. We--- are the children of God... and that is our
And upholding this identity means, not just sticking to our faith, but sharing it as well to others,
especially the non-believers. Let us be an instrument like Paul and Silas, to share the good news to
other people, that God does exist, that he loves us, and is and will always save us from the pits of the
darkness. Let us be the children of God, from now, and until our righteous time.