Uncle Tony English Soccer League

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FA_Premier_League http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_League_Championship

Each owner will own 2 Premier league teams during the season. After the season ends, Owners must announce which 1 team they will keep for the following year. Every 5 years the teams are re-pooled and a random draft order will be determined. The next time this will occur will be prior to the 2011 season. If a person is so crestfallen that their team is no longer in their fandom after this re-pooling, they may bribe and/or trade without penalty or sanction. At the conclusion of a season and the keeper teams have been announced, the leftover teams will be available for that next year’s draft. The bottom 5 owners in the standings will take part in a draft lottery for draft positions 1-5. Reverse order of finish will round out the slots (1st place gets the 10th pick, 2nd 9th, 3rd 8th, 4th 7th, and 5th 6th). After the Premier League team ownership has been resolved, the drafting of the Championship league will occur. There will be no keepers in the Championship league and the draft order will be randomized each year. The second round of selections will be in reverse of the first round (10th pick will be 1st pick of second round). 4 teams in the Championship league will be left undrafted and will be called the X-Man’s teams. Losing to an X-man owned team will incur penalties to be detailed below. Owners with a Championship League team that has been elevated to the Premier League MUST keep the elevated team in addition to the team they have already kept. For example, if Jack had Derby City in the Championship league, he would have already have Liverpool and now must also keep Derby City as they had been promoted. This will mean that the Premier league leftover draft will always have only 7 selections (There are always 3 teams promoted each year). To sum up, Each owner (there are 10 owners) will have 2 Premier league and 2 Championship League teams. The X-Man will be the 11th owner and will have 4 Championship League teams. Standings will be determined by the point schedule detailed below. Rule Changes must occur in the offseason. A 7-3 vote is needed for a rules change (any addition, subtraction, or edit).

After the teams have been allocated and the season starts, UT Premier League Standings will be updated by the league statistician weekly per the following schedule: Winner of a League match: 3 points Drawn match: 1 point Loss to an X-Man controlled team: -5 Season End Bonuses
Team Team Team Team with with with with Top Individual Goal Scorer: 5 Points Top Actim Rated Goalkeeper, Midfielder, Forward, Defender: 5 Points each Most Goals Scored: 5 Points Least Goals Scored: 5 Points

1st Place Championship League Team: 10 Points 2nd Place Championship League Team: 7 Points 3rd Place Championship League Team (determined via Playoff): 5 Points

Relegated Premier League Team: -20 points Relegated Championship league Team: -10 points FA CUP Bonuses* FA FA FA FA Cup Champion: 10 points 2nd : 7 Points 3rd : 5 Points 4th : 5 Points

* Point bonuses are doubled for Championship Level teams

Special Rules:
Trinket Rule: Each owner must acquire a merchandise item or trinket representing one of their football clubs. That item must be worn or shown at any league gathering. Digital photo of purchased item required for archives. The merchandise committee will determine disciplinary action if an owner doesn’t purchase merchandise in a commercially reasonable time. GARY’S RULE: If you have 3 (changed from 2 with the addition of the Champ League) teams that have been relegated, you will select in the worst possible positions in the following drafts. ***Gary Ruderman is a former Uncle Tony participant who was creative in finding new and exciting ways to finish last in fantasy sports.

Grand Champion: After every 5th season, the total points from each season will be tallied and a ‘Grand Champion’ will be crowned. A ‘Grand Champion’ must be reverse or waterfall toasted once in any league gathering (3 or more owners). Once a Grand Champion, always a Grand Champion. Newcastle Rule: The owner of Newcastle United must always drink Newcastle Brown Ale when available. Any beer winnings owed to the owner of Newcastle United must also be paid out in Newcastle Brown Ale. * Commissioner’s discretion will be used in determining Newcastle Rule violation and if any disciplinary action is required. Uncle Tony Premier League is in no way affiliated with Newcastle Brown Ale. X-Man Rule: If one finishes behind the X-man in the final standings, that owner(s) must write a Haiku about the X-man. The owner must post the Haiku to the group within 30 days upon season close. The acting Commissioner may use any means necessary to enforce the Xman rule.

Winner of the UT Premier league each season will be awarded a Trophy. (The League Champions shall receive a trophy which it shall return to the Secretary in good order and condition not later than 3 weeks before the final League Matches of the next Season.) That is all. Note that hooliganism will only be tolerated while watching English Football at Larry’s house. Any and all recommendations are welcomed by members of the league. This is a work in progress that will need tweaking in all likelihood. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------