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Design and Fabrication of motorized coin separator

The object of this project is to separate the different coin in the various tray by using cam
method. The operation of coin separator machine is performed by using a A.C Motor, cam
Mechanism, and coin separator tray arrangement. The coin is held at a drill holes which is fixed
to the top of the tray. The every tray is having different diameter of holes depends upon the coin

Design and Fabrication of mini hydraulic press

0.Here we are fabricating the model for press operation and its known as hydraulic press
machine. Hydraulics is a topic in applied science and engineering dealing with the mechanical
properties of liquids. Fluid mechanics provides the theoretical foundation for hydraulics, which
focuses on the engineering uses of fluid properties. In fluid power, hydraulics is used for the
generation, control, and transmission of power by the use of pressurized liquids, here our system
to making of pressing operation. The hydraulic press depends on Pascal's principle: the pressure
throughout a closed system is constant. At one end of the system is a piston with a small crosssectional area driven by a lever to increase the force. Small-diameter tubing leads to the other
end of the system.

Design and Fabrication of hand powered hacksaw machine

The objective of this work is to automate the conventional power hacksaw machine in
order to achieve high productivity of work-pieces than the power hacksaw machine using
Microcontroller. The automated machine acquires two inputs from the user namely the number
of pieces to be cut and the length of each piece that is required to be cut. The inputs are given by
the user with the help of a keypad and an LCD display, which will help the user to verify the data
given by him. The operator need not measure the length of the work-piece that is to be cut and to
load and unload the work-piece from the chuck each time after a piece has been cut. After
acquiring the two inputs from the user, the machine automatically feeds the given length of
work-piece in to a chuck and starts to cut till the given number of work-pieces has been cut. The
machine feeds the work-piece with the help of a conveyor, which is driven by a DC motor and an
IR sensor ensures that the feeding stops when the specified length has been reached. A pneumatic
cylinder is used for holding the work-piece when cutting operation is done. An AC motor is used
to bring about the reciprocating motion required for cutting the work-pieces. There is a selfweight attached with the reciprocating mechanism to provide the necessary downward force
required for penetration of hacksaw blade in to the work-piece. When a single piece has been cut,
a limit switch will get triggered by the self-weight mechanism, which is sensed by the
microcontroller to start the cyclic operation again provided if the specified number of workpieces has not been cut.

Design and Fabrication of cam vice

In this project we are fabricate the cam vice. It works in the principle or eccentric cam
mechanism. The main features of the cam vice are promotes mass production, can hold irregular
jobs, more rigidity, reduce fatigue, etc. Cam was designed to hold the job at high pressure. The
other parts were designed to hold the job in rigid condition. Cam vice is suitable for mass
production. It is possible to hold irregular components also, and similar components can be very

Accident Avoiding System for Punching Machine

The aim of our project is to take a system-wide approach to preventing the machine
accident. The system includes not just the machine and the operator; but rather, it includes
everything from the initial design of the machine to the training of everyone that is responsible
for any aspect of it, to the documentation of all changes, to regular safety audits and a finally a
corporate culture of safety-first.
Design is the part of a machine's life where the greatest impact can be made in relation to
avoiding accidents. The designer should ensure that the machine is safe to set up and operate,
safe to install, safe to maintain, safe to repair, and safe to decommission.
Although safe operation is usually at the forefront of a designer's mind, safe maintenance
and repair should also be a high priority. Around 50% of fatal accidents involving industrial
equipment are associated with maintenance activities, and design is a contributory factor in some
32% of these fatalities.
In our project the IR sensors are used to avoiding the accident. The system automatically
stops, when the IR sensor detecting the any parts of the operator inside the machine.

Design and Fabrication of automatic rain operated wiper

An automatic hand washing and drying machine for automatically washing and drying
the hands and, optionally, moisturizing the hands. The machine has an enclosed hand washing
chamber wherein the housing has a front wall having first and second openings for receiving
there through the right and left hands of the user. The first and second openings are covered with
a first and second flexible rubber gaskets, respectively. The housing further comprises a sloped

top wall made of clear and transparent material to allow the user to visually inspect the hand
washing and drying processes.
Emission Control of 2-Stroke Petrol Engine using Multi-Spark

The two-stroke engine is widely used in motorcycle especially in motorcycle racing and
also for the kart engine. The mechanical simplicity of the two-stroke engine gives it great power,
and makes it a tempting target for tuning operations. The key to successful design, development
and modification is knowledge of the engine's operating principles itself. A firing of engine test
rig built specifically for high speed application is design for two strokes spark ignition engine to
allow further study and have better understanding of flow mechanism of the engine at high speed
condition. This project represents the experimentally testing for two-stroke spark ignition engine
and the method of measurement for the engine. The objective of this project is to design and
fabrication of firing test rig for two-stroke spark ignition engine. After the design have been
finalize, the fabrication process will take place to mount the engine and also all the equipment
needed during the testing. For fuel consumption measurement, the data will completely using a
gravimetric method and for air consumption measurement, the data will be are measuring using
the airbox method respectively.
Design and Fabrication of hydraulic press machine for foundry ramming machine
Nowadays the world is focusing into automation. Each and every work of human is
reduced by a machine. The main objective of this project is to reduce time , cost and human
effort by introducing the hydraulic system in the foundry ramming which is more efficient in
both production and economic basis. Here we are designing and fabricating the simple hydraulic
press for foundry machine

Design and Fabrication of foot press hand washing machine

A Rain sensor system Automatically controls windshield wiper action such as the length
of time between wind shield wiper strokes and wiper motor speed and is preferably integrated
with a vehicle antenna. The rain sensor system comprises first and second electrical conductors
spaced uniformly from one another and an electrical insulator interposed in between .A dual
network voltage divider circuit couples the first conductor is coupled to ground potential via
similar network. Airborne rain drops and moisture temporally adhere to the exposed surfaces of
the first and second conductive surfaces to lower the electrical resistance. The magnitude of the
applied voltage changes in relation to the intensity of amount of rain drops adhering to the
conductors to affect the rate of windshield wiper action. An rpm speed linearizing circuit may
also be employed to compensate the rate of windshield wiper action in response to vehicle speed.
The conductor has an elongated shape for providing self-clearing of raindrops from the sensor.


In material handling, the cranes play a vital role in modern manufacturing industries. In
our project we aim to fabricate a hydraulic operated floor crane for handling various kinds of
materials. The hydraulic floor crane consists of truck, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic tank,
hydraulic hoses, DCV, beam and hooks. The beam one end is fixed to the truck and another end
is attached to the hooks. The hydraulic cylinder is connected to the horizontal arm. The hydraulic
tank is pumping to the hose in upward direction. At the same time material is lifted with the help
of hook and hydraulic cylinder released to the pressure valve so the material is unloaded. The
material from one place goes to the other place with the help of hydraulic floor crane. The crane
reduces the workers fatigue and increases the overall efficiency of production processes with
good safety. The crane is fabricated with complete clear front, small compact frame, good reach,
high lift and with low center of gravity. The crane has the capacity of lifting 10 kg with wide
spread application in the shop floor. Thus the floor crane would serve as a safe and versatile
model for material handling operations.


The Air Driven Engine is an eco-friendly engine which operates with compressed air.An
Air Driven Engine uses the expansion of compressed air to drive the pistons of an engine An Air
Driven Engine is a pneumatic actuator that creates useful work by expanding compressed
air. There is no mixing of fuel with air as there is no combustion.
An Air Driven Engine makes use of Compressed Air Technology for its operation The
Compressed Air Technology is quite simple. If we compress normal air into a cylinder the air
would hold some energy within it. This energy can be utilized for useful purposes. When this
compressed air expands, the energy is released to do work. So this energy in compressed air can
also be utilized to displace a piston.

Design and Fabrication of pneumatic material handling equipment.

The proposed work describes the design and fabrication of prototype of automatic
punching machine controlled by PLC and shedding light on the working principle and the
hardware structure of the system. Punching or pressing process is one of the most important and
necessary processing step in sheet metal industry. By automating this process one can have a
greater control over the process. Programmable Logic Controllers are used for the control of the
system. This system can replace existing manual feed and operated punching and pressing
machines. By interfacing PLC controls with the conventional machines, it is possible to achieve
good results in the form of reduced manufacturing lead time, reduced cost and increased safety
of the worker.
Theater Building Planning Designing and Cost Analysis
Historic theatre preservation, restoration and adaptive reuse are all subspecialties of the
theatre project design. An historic theatre inevitably requires additional research, time and
expertise to produce and implement a successful rehabilitation plan. Consultations with key
community stakeholders (patrons and opinion makers), facility users (clients), and some form of
research into the market (customers) should be undertaken by objective, independent experts in
theatre planning, management and design. Site suitability is measured by many factors: size,
access, visibility, location, utilities and neighborhood services are some of the criteria. During
Building design, Sound transmission and room acoustics should be taken into accounts. Room
lightings, projectors and screen placements plays a vital role in theater design.