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How do I find a Submissive?

March 16, 2013 by Syed in Enslave her.

Are you one of thousands of men who type into Google the query, How do I find a
submissive?, every single day? If you are looking for a female submissive, there are
submissives all around you. Half the human species to be more precise. Women all
around you are dyeing for submissive training. So that they can return to living as a
natural submissive female. All girls are submissive, and want a man to be a
submissive for. Dominant and submissive dynamics are the only thing that can satisfy
you and her.
Dear Masters and slaves,

If you are new to art of enslaving women, and have yet to collar your first female
slave, you are probably wondering, How do I find a submissive?. The fact is that
all women are submissive. There are 4 steps to finding your first submissive female.
1. First you need to clearly define the type of female slave you want. This clarity will
make it much easier to find the right type of female submissive. If you walk into
Whole Foods clearly knowing you want some pears, then they will be easy enough to
find. Otherwise you mite wonder aimlessly. Think of North America as one huge
slave market. Do you want a loving Daddy-daughter dynamic? A metaphysical
Dominant-submissive dynamic? A historical Master-slave dynamic? Western culture
suppresses the natural feminine desire to display submissive behavior toward men that

they find attractive, and suppresses the natural masculine desire to display dominant
behaviors toward women that they find attractive.Various people sublimate these
behaviors in slightly varied ways.
This suppression of natural courtship and sexual behavior results in deep
unconsciousness drives for exaggerated forms of Dominant-submissive relationships.
All men and women in western culture experience this to various degrees. These
deeply unconscious socio-sexual drives are dammed up. Triggering them releases a
tidal wave of sexual energy. The trigger to the dam is embodying the specific
dominant role that you wish to occupy in relation to these women. Begin interacting
with society from that embodiment. Be the Dominant. Be the Master. Etc. Some
people will not like it. However, you will begin finding the type of women who you
2. Second you need to frequent the place where this type of girl can be found. Once
you are clearly embodying the Dominant role you want to play, it will quickly become
obvious to you the type of girl who likes to play the complimentary role. These girls
will tend to circulate in the same social circles, and hang out in the same type of
places. You need to spend more time in these places, embodying the Dominant role
you have defined for yourself. Here are some examples.
Guru-sanyasin (Go to the yoga studio)
Teacher-student (Go anywhere you know more about the main idea, then the females
who go there)
Master-slave (Any place with highly intellectual women who are educated about
3. Third you need to define the dynamic that you want to exist between this paricular
female slave and yourself.
4. Fourth you need to be able to learn how to get any woman to go into blissful
compliance, and trigger her Naughty Girl Complex. These two skills are
fundamental. The pear was designed to be eaten for its juices to run down your
mouth. You just need to know how to take a big bite.
How do I find a a submissive? Example 1:
1. A slave is a tool. And every tool is acquired and used for a purpose.
Say you just started a premed program at a University. Two years from now you will
be taking the MCAT. You are 18. You want a intelligent, preppy, gorgeous, well
connected, already accepted into medical school, sleeping dictionary who will tutor
you in bed.
Instead of spending hours with books or lectures, you want a beautiful girl
simultaneously flirting with you, and teaching you sciences. Of course you will still
have to do practice problems, but at least you wont be alone in the library. She cant
be a sophmore, she wont have been accepted yet. She cant a senior because she
wont be around when you take the test. A Junior will be just rite.
2. This type of perfect specimen of college student elite wont be caught in a coffee
shop, or in one of the more public part of the library.

She will be found with her nose in a book secluded in some isolated part of the
library. Though even there she will look glamorous.
3. Remember you want to have absolute power over her, but you also want to enjoy
her personality. You want flirtatious brilliance, not surrendered sex toy. At least for
this scenario. So you want her to be happy, expressive, flirtaioious.

hink Your Body is a Wodnerland, not Im a slave 4 you. I actually put a
soundtrack to my enslavements. It really helps set a dnamic. The fewer the songs the
better. Helps keep the dynamic more clearly defined. You want a very subtle collaring.
If any.
4. Here you want to maintain a type of youthful masculine dominance, but stay
playful and not so serious with her. Dont go full on dom. Yet she should now that that
your purpose in relation to her is to mutually enjoy her company, while she teaches
you the subject matter. Those are the clear parameters of the relationship. Nothing
more. Nothing else. In order to create this dynamic you need to become familiar with
power dynamics. You can check my Power Dynamics store, or RESOURCES TO

How Do I find a Submissive? Example 2:

1. Say you own your own a marketing company. You need an intern or assistant, but
dont have the budget to pay for one. Yet you are looking for the highest quality
assistant possible.
2. You need to frequent the more upscale coffee shops found in the business district of
your city, business networking events, or even hold interviews offering a ver lucrative
3. Remember in this situation you are asking a woman who could normally demand a
very high wage for her services to provide them for you for nothing. In this case you
want to have absolute power over her. You want a combination of surrendered sex toy
+ corporate secretary + fashionista. You want a subtle collar that can be worn
indiscriminately with her buisness suits. But you dont want the fact that it is a collar
to be pussy fooled around at all. She should now.
4. You want to the absolute source of power in her life that she is constantly seeking
to appease. She should have not other man in her life. No other male friends. Her
RAS should be constantly focused on fulfilling your desires. Using her body and her
mind for your purposes. She is an agent of your intentions.

How to find a submissive wrap up. I use this 4 step method casing an enslavement.
At any given time I have multiple cases that I am working on. Anything I want to
experience in life I find a female submissive to experience it through.
Syed Jillal Ali

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