The point cupping generally was to alleviate the disturbance to the organ and nerves when in-cupping to the place of the disturbance, especially because of the disturbance of the blood surplus or dirty blood or both of them. The blank cupping that was liked by Rasulullah SAW, that is: cupping on two veins of the neck: prevented the headache. Prevented was sick on the face. Prevented toothache. Prevented earache. Prevented was sick the nose. Prevented was sick laring / faring. cupping in back neck: prevented blood pressure in back neck. Overcame dim. Overcame the bump in the eyes of. Overcame the difficult feeling to the eyebrow and the eyelids. Overcame the other eyes illness. Treated leprosy. Treated various illness sorts. Related by Bukhori and Muslim that: “Rasulullah SAW had used hijamah (cupping) on three body parts, the upper part the backbone and above two veins of the neck. cupping to the temple: treated the headache. Treated was sick on the face. Treated earache. Treated was sick the nose. Treated was sick laring / faring. cupping to shoulders: treated the illness on shoulders. Treated was sick in the neck. Related in Shohih Bukhori and Muslim from Ibnu Abbas r.a., that Rasulullah SAW had done cupping totalling 3 times to 2 temples and his shoulders. cupping on the hip: Eliminate very stiff. Eliminated the fatigue. In Sunan Abu Dawud was named from hadist Jabir that Rasulullah SAW had done cupping on the top of his hip because of being sick very stiff that was suffered by him. The other part the body might in-cupping in accordance with the place of the illness during not the area that was banned in-cupping. Must a month very much we incupping? If we want to freest from the disturbance of the illness that was resulted in dirty blood or as the guarding action and our vigilance on the illness, then very good cupping was carried out a month very much. And so that our body is again healthier, then better every day we drank the capsule herb of Antitoxin Plus or the other herb that was linked with the disposal toxin (poison) from inside the body.

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