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CHAP 1: Ethics & Economics; Ethics & Management; Ethics & Morality; Ethics &

Law; Ethics & Business

PDF 7: Moral Development (Kohlberg)
PDF 11: Morality & Law
PDF 10: Myth of amoral business
Nature of Greed
Fact & value
Moral & Non moral Values
PDF 9: Moral Reasoning ; Deontology and Teleology

Teleology: According to this theory, the concept of good, bad and duty is
subordinated with the concept of end or purpose of the action. It is also called
Consequentialist Theory. This suggests that ethical reasoning concentrates on
consequence of human actions and human actions are evaluated in terms of up
to what extent they have achieved their desired results.
Deontology: According to this theory, the rules and principles are crucial for
guiding human action. They believe that ethical reasoning should concentrate on
activities that are rationally motivated and universally applicable to all human
Kant came up with various formulations of categorical imperative:
1. Always act in such a way that you wish all your actions become universal
2. Always treat humanity as an end and not as a means.
Thus morality is an objective requirement independent of what you want.
Kants theory is an example of Deontology. We are praised or blamed for actions
which are under our control. Consequences of your action dont matter as far as
moral evaluation is concerned.
Universalizability: human beings must be treated with dignity
Reversibility: what you wish not to do to yourself, dont try at others
Utilitarianism: Bentham and Mill questioned

I would like to put forth myself for the Business Events Secretary. As I see the
responsibilities, I feel being the coordinator of Team Helios 9.0, I can do justice to
the suggested tasks. I have seen the disparity between various game
committees which makes students getting biased to one game committee. We
need to remove that so that we get a well balanced team for every game
committee. Though not in Sports Committee core team now, I was actively part
of the launch and same was the case with Helios. I believe monitoring the
progress all the business events across the campus can be best handled by me
as I have complete faith in myself.
Also I would like apply for the Celeblitz Secretary. Being a localite and quite
senior in the batch, I have a good network of people to help us in getting done
the duties assigned for the post. I believe Celebrity Night adds value to the
branding of XIMB and that is where we should put our best foot forward. I can
best utilize myself for this post. I can regulate the available resources to the
max. Last time we had a bad mesh up when it came to distributing passes. I
think things could have been handled differently. If given a chance, I can do it in
a better way.