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Filey CAUSE NO. 1997-c- BMAP 30 py 9, 38 THE STATE OF TEXAS § INTHE 123rd JUDICIAL! ' . We vs. § DISTRICT OF CeO Bernhardt Tiede, II § | PANOLA COUNTY, TEXAS MOTION TO RECUSE AND APPOINT CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY. PRO TEM ‘Now comes DANNY BUCK DAVIDSON, the duly elected Criminal Distri Attomey for Panola County, Texas, and makes this his Motion to Recuse himself and any other Criminal District Attorney of Panola County, Texas as the Attorney for the State in this cause and in support thereof would show the Court the following: L Pursuant to Article 2.07 (b-1) of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, and due to the fact that I have become, through no fault of my own, a witness in the case, T can ‘not remain the prosecutor for the above entitled cause. Therefore, justice would be better served if the Criminal District Attomey and ll Assistant Criminal District Attomeys of Panola County, Texas were recused and the appointment of a special prosecutor be made. IL. The undersigned Criminal District Attomey has contacted the Chief of the Criminal Prosecutions ision of the Texas Attorney General’s Office, Adrienne McFarland, and she has agreed for her or a qualified attomey in her division to serve as Criminal Di ict Attorney Pro Tem in all matters involving the Defendant. NOW THEREFORE, for the above good cause shown, the said Danny Buck Davidson, Criminal District Attorney respectfully prays this Court to recuse him and any other Assistant Criminal District Attorney for Panola County, Texas as the attomey for the State in this cause, and further that Assistant Texas Attomey General Adrienne McFarland, or any other Assistant Attorney General designated by the Attomey General’s Office, be appointed Criminal District Attomey Pro Tem for all matters regarding the above entitled and numbered cause. Respectfully submitted, Danny Bi ay Davidson Criminal District Attorney Panola County, Texas