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OM-CP-RFC101A Windows
Software for the OM-CP-Series
Dataloggers and OM-CP-RF
Series Wireless Transmitters
Part of the NOMAD® Family
Basic Software
 Real Time Alarm
 Multiple Data Set
 Real-Time Recording
 Data Exporting
 Statistics Calculations
 Graphical Cursor
 Digital Calibration
 Automatic Time
 Data Annotation
OMEGA’S data recorder software
is an easy-to-use, Windows-based
software package allowing the user
to collect, display and analyze data
effortlessly. A variety of powerful Windows software provides a time-based graph of data
tools allow the user to examine, It offers a straight-forward, user- Setup” command from the toolbar
export and print professional friendly tool to provide a complete to set up the alarm limits and type
looking reports with just the click of monitoring and reporting system for of notification. The real-time
a mouse. Our cutting-edge software all of your needs. Let Omega’s alarming feature is available for
is designed for the continuous software make quality control easy virually all of the OM-CP series
monitoring and alarming of all for you. The logical evolution from dataloggers.
Omega’s OM-CP Series the existing strip chart recorders,
dataloggers and OM-CP-RF Series Omega’s software allows you to The alarm messages can be
wireless transmitters. The software efficiently monitor critical systems displayed in a window in the
can collect and display real-time continuously without having to leave software, the software can send
data from any OM-CP Series logger your desk. an email to a user-specified
directly connected to the user’s PC, address, or it can dial a phone
a local area network, or even Alarm Notification: Omega’s number using the PC modem
remotely through the use of software offers a real-time alarm and leave a numeric message
Omega’s OM-CP-RF Series radio notification function which lets the code (e.g. “911”). The OM-CP
frequency transceivers. user monitor user-defined alarm software real-time alarming
limits. Alarm messages can be sent functionality is not intended to be
Omega’s software offers a real-time in real time to your desktop or sent used as the sole reporting
alarm notification function which lets remotely via email or pager. The mechanism in mission-critical
the user monitor user-defined alarm alarm notification feature is applications, or in situations where
limits. Omega’s software is ideal for available for the Real Time Chart personal safety may be at risk.
applications when notification of Recording mode only (the logger
out-of-range conditions is required. must be connected to the PC, and Overlay Multiple Graphs:
Alarm messages can be sent in the PC controls the collection of Simultaneously analyze data from
real-time right to your desktop or data). Before starting the recording, several units or deployments; easily
sent remotely via email or pager. the user can select the “Recording switch to a single data series.
Automatic Time Synchronization:
Automatically aligns and
synchronizes data from multiple
loggers on a single graph.

Export to Excel: The Excel button

on toolbar allows simple one click
data export to Microsoft Excel.
One click of the Excel Icon will
automatically open Excel and format
the data into a spread sheet. This
command will automatically
synchronize, in time, data from
multiple dataloggers and store the
data in an Excel spreadsheet.

Export Data: Data may be exported

in the following formats:
*.dat - This is our own internal ASCII
data format which can be viewed by
most text editing or word processing
*.txt - Files stored in this format Windows software displays data in
contain tab delimited text and can tabular, graphical and statistical formats
be viewed by most word processing Engineering Units: Define the type
and spreadsheet programs. of units to be displayed on the
*.csv - Files stored in this format graph using the Engineering Units
contain comma separated values Wizard. User defined engineering E
and are directly readable by units may be applied to voltage,
Microsoft Excel and many other current, pulse, event and state
spreadsheet programs. loggers.
Real-Time Recording: Collect Menu Accessibility: Right click on
and display data in real-time while the graph for easy access to all Logger Configuration: Easy
continuing to log. formatting, measurement units and set up and launch of dataloggers
graphing tools menu options. with immediate or delayed start,
Statistics: Automatically calculates preferred sample rate, and
averages, minimum, maximum, Annotation: Easily annotate device ID.
standard deviation, and mean specific data points on the graph
kinetic temperature. with a click of the mouse. Calibration: Fully digital calibration
function automatically stores
Summary: View statistics and Graphical Cursor: One click parameters in device. A calibration
alarm information in a simplified displays readings by time, value, Wizard is provided in the software to
report format. parameter or sample number simplify the calibration procedure.
Data Table: Instantly access tabular Printing: Automatically print Uninterrupted Data Retrieval:
view for detailed dates, times, graphical or tabular data. Data may be downloaded from the
values, and annotations logger without interrupting the
Communications: Automatically operation of the unit as it continues
Zoom: Magnify data of interest with sets up communications port or lets to log data.
powerful zoom and drag tools. user set configuration. AVAILABLE FOR FAST DELIVERY!
Supports multiple zoom in and
zoom out. Features extended zoom To Order (Specify Model Number)
capabilities; box zoom, vertical Model No. Price Description
zoom, and horizontal zoom as well
as point and click. OM-CP-IFC110 $99 Windows software and 1.2 m (4') RS-232
interface cable for all OM-CP Series
dataloggers except OM-CP-MICRORHTEMP
Formatting Options: Change
colors, line styles, plotting options, OM-CP-IFC102 99 Windows software and 1.2 m (4') RS-232
show or hide channels in an instant. interface cable for OM-CP-MICRORHTEMP
Scaling Options: Autoscale OM-CP-RFC101A 199 Windows software and 1.2 m (4') RS-232
function fits data to the screen or interface cable and receiving antenna for all
allows user to manually enter their OM-CP-RF Series wireless transmitters
own values Complete operator’s manual is included with the OM-CP-IFC110, OM-CP-IFC102
and OM-CP-RFC101A Windows software.
Ordering Example: OM-CP-IFC110 Windows software and RS-232 interface cable, $99.
One Omega Drive | Stamford, CT 06907 | 1-888-TC-OMEGA (1-888-826-6342) |
Manchester, England

1-800-TC-OMEGA Guyancourt, France
Stamford, CT. 088-466-342

Laval(Quebec) Karviná, Czech Republic
1-800-TC-OMEGA 596-311-899

Deckenpfronn, Germany Amstelveen, NL
0800-8266342 0800-099-33-44

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