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English Language

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10.45 am – 11.45 am (60 minutes)



7th September 2011

Enrolment :

27 pupils



Worlds of Knowledge



Living in Harmony.

Skills and Specification :

Listen to and repeat accurately the correct pronunciation of words, and the
correct intonation and word stress in phrases, expressions and sentences.

1.2.1Listen to and repeat the pronunciation of simple words and sentences

Use the dictionary

3.7.1Read and group words according to alphabetical order (second and third

Understand the function of guided words.

3.7.3 Understand parts of an entry.
3.7.4 Read and select the definition suited to the meaning of the word in context.
3.7.5 Read and locate the required words in the dictionary.
Teaching Points :

Keywords telegraph, echo, wonder, perch, conversation

Grammar –1) Nouns.
2) Verbs
3) Adjective.
Prior Knowledge :Pupils already knew how to find the meaning of a vocabulary
in alphabetical order.
Learning Outcomes

: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

Educational Emphases : 1.conversation 1. roof Keywords 1. 2. Improve their reflex on using dictionaries to find the meaning of a word. dodge 3. Thinking Skills – listing. 1. Teacher discusses about the tong twister and keywords in the tongue twister. Teaching Materials : Dictionarie s Shared reading . colossal 2. roof-noun) of the 3 words by using dictionaries. verb. adjective) vocabularies by using a dictionary.telegraph 2. Teacher explain the different (category of colossal-adjective.perch 5. dodge-verb. Teaching Materials :Dictionaries Contents Teaching – Learning Activities Notes Stage/Time Set Induction (5 minutes) Stage 1 10 minutes Vocabularies: 1.1. Teacher asks pupils to read paragraph by paragraph together in groups. Shared Reading .echo 3. 2. Categorizing (noun.wonder 4. Teacher asks pupils: ‘What is the different of these 3 words?’ 2. identifying main ideas and categorizing.

3.went 14.observe 8.hill 11. Teacher discusses the answers. Teaching Materials : Dictionarie s .aloud 2. 7.Stage 2 40 minutes Keywords 1.break Focused Word Work (Teaching Points) 1.colossal 12. 2.lift 4. Teacher drills the pupils to the pronunciation of highlighted words on the blackboard.communicate 9. Pupils search the meanings and the categories of the vocabularies and write down their answers on their exercise books.echo 3.previous 6. Teacher highlights the thinking skills: listing. 2. identifying main ideas and categorizing. Grammar: 1) Noun 2) Verb 3) Adjective Closure 5 minutes Summing Up In order to build a correct sentence we must first observe the chosen vocabularies.medicine 13. Teacher goes through the day’s lesson: In order for us to build a sentence correctly we must know the meaning and category of words that used I the sentence.