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EVER SINCE THE WORLD BEGAN WORDS & MUSIC BY: F. SULLIVAN / J. PETERIK ARRANGED BY: JONJON TE Se 6 ANDANE ye ———— Ge SETI cox max wr on e rien i ay Ise +H uses a ee ost at = ee ("2 yrseems 1 wagOAty HAD 7D seae MY = se Won” ako Stun WE_TRY "% Te oan Se T I Se a ee ne Joe eas te 1 THE SS ———— a — = ae ial eo eer ne) ne Sek Sec —— = = RCH OUR BRERA. AW Gath —— CRON SIN AORN Gyr OW.LY FoR a moweNT THE © NOM 10 Gee uae kas Us Huo oT ca Eng A80 WERE JUST A-NO-THER prECE oF THE PUR fZLE GUST A_MO-TWER PART OF A PLAN yn Ent <3 a Toscues we 0 wee 175 90 MAKD 70 YN. DER.STAND. On, YEN LIFE et GEL) Pat Fon STW WE WAKE THE 0.66 He WE TRAVEL THRU AS mE AS WE vas] mower time: wee WE wom SUST 4 -NO-TER FART OF A PLAN: ~ mp, enn SESEEO Pes teeecete nit Au ue ae wor ep rae rue | MomeNr i TIME =f OF STOKE. A —GAIRST THE DN ee: et Es =| Bea na aT % gy @ ls P33.50 ‘x 300-6734 ‘UNIT PRICE,