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Grammar I Prof. J.

Magdalena Arévalo

Universidad Nacional Experimental

“Francisco de Miranda”
Área de Ciencias de la Educación
Departamento de Idiomas
Gramática I

Long Test Practice

I PartTheory.
1. Answer the following questions.
• Name the Characteristics of the Traditional Grammar.
• Name two different features between English and Spanish.
• Define the Adverbs and say its main features.

II Part Practice.
1. Consider the following sentences. Put an “X” after those that seem
ungrammatical for you and say why.

• Robin forced the sheriff go.

• Napoleon forced Josephine to go.
• The devil made Faust go.
• He passed by a large pile of money.
• He came a large sum of money.

1. Words can have different uses according to the context where they are. Build
sentences with the following words following the instructions.

• Can (Verb)
• Can (Noun)
• Pretty (Intensifier)
• Pretty (Predicative Adjective)
• Clean (Verb)
• Clean (Adjective)
• Swimming (Noun)
• Swimming (Verb)

1. The following paragraph was written by a learner. Identify and explain any
mistakes in forms of the adjectives.

I am a person very working-hard and seriusly. I am tall one metre thirty

nine and I have blonds, longs hairs, blue eyes and a nose little and
crooked. I like to wear clothes with brigtly colours so you can always
see me and easy recognise my smilingly face. I wear make up with lipss
brightly reds and I am ussualy a carácter with passionately.
Grammar I Prof. J. Magdalena Arévalo

2. In the following text underline all the parts of speech. Underline nouns red,
adjectives blue, adverbs green, verbs brown, pronouns pink, prepositions yellow,
conjunctions purple.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the son of Joseph Patrick Kennedy and Rose
Fitzgerald, was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, on 29th May, 1917. His
great grandfather, Patrick Kennedy, had emigrated from Ireland in 1849 and
his grandfathers, Patrick Joseph Kennedy and John Francis Fitzgerald, were
important political figures in Boston. Kennedy's father was a highly successful
businessman who later served as ambassador to Great Britain (1937-40).
Kennedy was elected to the Senate in 1952. The following year he married
Jacqueline Bouvier, the daughter of a New York City financier. Over the next
few years four children were born but only two, Caroline and John, survived
infancy. Kennedy continued to suffer from back problems and had two
operations in October 1954 and February 1955. While recovering in hospital
he wrote the Pulitzer Prize winning Profiles in Courage (1956).