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Oliveros, Joshua

BS Biology
Thesis Statement: Although Democracy is fair and nondiscriminatory, it relies mostly, if
not solely, on a majority to make an informed decision, and in the Philippines, that
unaware majority is too easily manipulated by capitalist politicians which can lead to
ineffective governance.

Democracy and Freedom are two different ideologies especially in the context of
the Philippine Government.
a) Freedom is not just a state of liberty.
1. The definition of freedom can be different if viewed in varying
2. Freedom is not a gateway to commit immoral acts.
3. Freedom can never be absolute.
b) Democracy is the type of Government in the Philippines.
1. The Americans instituted Democracy in the Philippines.
2. Democracy became the Philippines initial and staple administration
after it became independent.
3. Filipinos have integrated democracy in their culture.
c) Democracy is a part of the Filipino lifestyle.
1. Democracy is active and alive in the Filipino society.
2. Filipinos mostly depend on their leaders for support.
3. Managing Political propagandas is considered a money-earning job


in the Philippines.
Democracy is a type of government that best suits developing countries.
a) Democracy protects the rights of the citizens.
1. The government safeguards the rights and privileges of its citizens.
2. A democratic governments power comes from the citizens and their
3. Democracy promotes constitutional freedom.
b) Democracy emphasizes on constitutional and social equality.
1. The constitution considers everyone equal in the eyes of the law
2. The citizens have the power to elect officials and be elected as
leaders of their nation.
3. A democratic government grants the right to free media and
information to its citizens.
c) Democracy is a pillar of a stable administration.
1. A democratic government is instituted on unity.
2. The democratic people construct the administration.

Oliveros, Joshua
BS Biology
3. A democratic government promotes a harmonic communication

between its citizens and its leaders.

Democracy is not an effective type of government in the Philippines
a) Democracy doesnt seek out what is best for the citizens but simply does
what the majority of the people want.
1. It generalizes the fact that what the democratic people want will
always be what they really need.
2. People abuse their rights to speech and information
3. People step on other peoples rights in order to be free.
b) Abusive and Incompetent Leaders can be elected as officials
1. Voter turnout quantity is more than enough but voter profile quality
is overrun by the marginalized sectors.
2. GDP growth is stagnant ever since the Americans left the
3. Peoples votes can be bought by money.
c) Capitalism is imbued within the Democratic government of the
1. Market economy and Democracy
2. Money overpowers the democratic government
3. Wealth and Media pair up to influence the democratic government.