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Worship Service

Welcome and Announcements

Julio Tabuenca
Angelica Prodan, Organist
Offertorio, by D. Zipoli

9:30 ~ 10:45!

Hymn of Praise
Reynir Gudmundsson
Don Benedicto, Pianist
Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Adult Sabbath School Leader

Intercessory Prayer
Shiphrah Fepuleai

Childrens Corner
Obed Asif
Returning to God What Belongs to Him
Edister Rojas

Jeevaka Weerasinghe

God Has a Plan

Kemi & Mariana Kebaso

Sabbath School Lesson

Book of Luke

Gabriel Katrib

Key Word: Baptism & Temptations

Class #1
Class #2
Class #3
Class #4
Class #5 Mothers Room
Class #6 North Wing Room

Jared Baptist
Karl McCalla
Steve Michel
Herb Shand
Tom Gibson
Dorothy Donesky
Rolland Crawford
Shannon OGarro


Julio Tabuenca

Pastoral Staff
909.771.4179 !

Senior Pastor

Cristian Iordan


Worship, Youth, & Media

Shiphrah Fepuleai


Young Adult, Women

Erica Rantung


Children & Family!

Gabriel Katrib


Visitation !

Judi Wright


Angelica Prodan

The Seven Last Words of Christ

by Theodore DuBois
First Word: O All Ye - Soprano
Second Word: Verily I Say - Baritone & Tenor
Third Word: See Yon Mother
Soprano, Tenor, Baritone
Fifth Word: I am Athirst - Tenor and Baritone
Sixth Word: Father, Into Thy Hands
Soprano & Tenor
Seventh Word: Christ, We Adore Thee - Choir
Soprano, Paulette Sheen Jumalon
Tenor: Dominic Chu
Baritone: Monty Joham
Conductor, Reynir Gudmundsson
Organist, Angelica Prodan

Julio Tabuenca
The Revelation of Jesus Christ

!Closing Hymn

Reynir Gudmundsson
Because He Lives

Angelica Prodan, Organist
Russian Song of Rejoicing, by N. Rimsky-Korsakov



A Warm Welcome is extended to you and, in a

particular way, to the Church Choir members and
guest singers. Their participation in todays program is
immensely appreciated.
A BIG thanks to all those who so graciously made
possible WEDNESDAYS t o g e t h e r . The six-week
seminars are over but multiple testimonies suggest the
Lord used the occasion to bless His people. PRAISE!
TOMORROW, a major outreach activity wil l
commence at 6:30 pm. VESPA Project has elicited a
great deal of anticipation. Dr. Ricardo Whyte and an
array of magnificent Adventist singers and Poets will
work together proclaiming the GOOD NEWS. From
tomorrow, Sunday to Sabbath evening, a quiz based on
the speakers preaching Genesis 1-3 and Daniel 5 will be
administered. SMS (Short Message Service) is required
to participate. Five new Vespa scooters donated by a
generous couple will be the prize given to each quiz
champion. Soup and Salad will be served in Linda
Hall from 5:30 to 6:15 pm. Invite your neighbors
and friends to attend. Register today.!
An exceptional and unique Revelation Seminar
will be conducted on Wednesday and Sabbath at 6:30
pm immediately after the conclusion of the Vespa
Project. There are only 70 sets of highly valuable
booklets. Come and invite your friends to attend.!
Todays Vespers from 4:30 to 6:30 pm will feature Dr.
Gil Solijon with an important message on how to cope
with daily stressors using resources the Creator has
given, and skil ls de veloped by the Community
Resiliency Model Program. You are invited.!
New Church Office Hours are Monday through
Wednesday, from 9 am to 5 pm.
Todays Health Tip: To sleep best at night make sure
your bedroom is completely dark. Even small amounts
of light cause a dramatic drop in melatonin, the sleep
Remember to sign up for sanctuary flowers. See
poster on bulletin board in the lobby. Please include
your contact number. Thank you.

Campus Hill
! Church

April 11, 2015

Todays Bible Gem

He himself bore our sins in His
body upon the cross,
so that, free from sin, we might live
for righteousness.
By His wounds you have been
I Peter 2:24

Sunset today, 7:16 p.m.

11057 Hill Drive!

Loma Linda, CA 92354!