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Munich State Court's Verdict on Silvia Stolz

Case Validates Blasphemers?
Criminalization and Profanities' FelonyDelinquency; Establishes SAARC Post-doc
Academician Dr. Zaki.
Dr. Zaki has profoundly synthesized the issue of Holocaust-denial and Blasphemy in the
perspectives of Munich State Court's verdict of last month. Dr. Zaki has quite eloquently and
amicably established that blasphemies and holocausts arise from the abuse of charter of
human values given by all religions and by the United Nation? both baselines of violation are
essentially going to become the 'two bombs of destruction of civilization'.
Special Correspondent// News Monitoring Desk, Pakistan.
Lahore, Pakistan, March 31, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ - The recent sentencing of 51-yearold former German attorney Sylvia Stolz by the Munich State Court, adds a new chapter in the
implementation of universal laws against the Holocaust denial can justly and rightfully be
embedded with blasphemy on fairly legitimate and impartial accounts, in keeping with the
spirit of U.N charter for human rights.
History has not forgotten the hanging of Thomas Aikenhead in 1697 in UK charged with
blasphemy crime. Sacrilege-irreverence has become the perceived priori base-line in Sylvia
Stolz, since it is inherited in Holocaust denial, on account that the Germans considered the
other ethnic entity inferior to them.
Blasphemy is internationally defined as any expression by word, sign, gesture, that is
insulting to the religion. It impairs man reverence for religion which includes blasphemes
libels, pictures, caricature, which convey a blasphemous meaning. The Old Testimonials, for
instance the Leviticus (24:13-16) prescribes a criminal charged with blasphemy to be killed.
Muslim creed-scripts also prescribe the same measure of punishment for blasphemy. The
Muslim artifacts of definitions, in principle agree with the definition given by union of
international connotation-inferences.
Blasphemies and Holocausts arise from the abuse of charter of human values given by all
religions and by the United Nation, establishes Dr. Zaki. The abuse of most human values
given by philosopher Shalom Schwartz, is the root cause of holocaust including blasphemy,
where, power, achievement, security, benevolence, trust and culture and conformity are

abused to humiliate prosecute and systematically destroy a group to establish technical

superiority of the oppressor.
Several brutal acts, such as massacre of six million humans by Nazi regime, are embedded in
bloody pages of history and not accepting this fact amounts to be a part of the crime
perpetrators. The German justice deserves support from all over the world. It remains to be
argued, if the bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, leading to the death to the tum of 200,000
innocent citizens are killing of German civilians over 4.1 million was an act of holocaust and
does it deserve the same punishment. The bombing of Iraq falls in the same category and
highlighting the same issue.
The decision by the German court is the reminder to several countries to intact laws and
implement at them to raise the level of brotherhood and understanding between nations with
cultural and economical and religious diversities, maintains Dr. Zaki in his uprightly judicious
About Dr. Zaki:
Professor Emeritus Dr. Zaki serves as the co-chair at United Peace Constituency (UPC). The
UPC was constituted by the academicians of SAARC Post-doc Academia, in the wake of the
deadliest brutal attacks at Peshawar Army Public School, last year.

Dr. Zakis basic expertise-area is metallurgy and nano-technology, for which he has
ingeniously worked for King Fahd University of Petroleum and Metals (KFUPM), for over two
Lahore, Pakistan.
SAARC Anti-blasphemy Commission
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