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The Rich and Famous Always Think Out of The Box. That’s How They Became Wealthy!

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The Harry Houdini System of Attraction
** Believe in the voice inside of your head and follow it.
** Be daringly your authentic self. Daringly.
** Bring something original to the marketplace. Make it art.
** Work day and night. If you love it, it never becomes dull.
** Be a consummate self-promoter. Build your own brand.
** Learn how to draw humongous crowds!
** Turn who you are into what you DO— and then a lifestyle.
** Work on your worst possible self to locate your own Genius.
** Watch the DVD movie, “The Prestige.” Learn the Method.
** Get paid for being who you are vs. earning on a job title.
** Get wealthy earning from 1,000’s who want to watch you.
** Let OTHER self-promoters earn a piece of what you sell.
** Do what you do so well strangers will stand and stare at you.
** Give free shows in order to attract paying customers.
** Challenge the status quo. Be a fringe dweller. Don’t conform.
** Make what you do your competitors nightmare.
** Become wealthy giving away what you love to do.

** Create a life that GIVES EVIDENCE to what you believe.

Joe Schroeder / Creator of The Spellbound Method.
Un-Lock The Combination. “The Method” is The Solution.
34 17 2 9 21

The Tao of Pooh
Effortless Calm / Utter Authenticity / Daringly Himself
Pooh always ate well. His level of attraction was immense
and the entire forest circled around him because in contrast
to everyone else, he appeared very important. And strong.
Eeyore was negative. Piglet was such a nervous little fel-
low and always hesitated. The Rabbit “hustled” people and
was calculating, while the Owl pontificated and never
walked his talk. His words therefore had no value. The
study of Pooh proves that SELF commitment always wins.

Our Program Starts For Just $19.95 (site) and $97 WARRIORS NEST 1-2-3 System Pg. #1
L ist-Zen
Most junior Internet victims get
that way because they are
assaulting each other with
spam, stalking themselves
within their own home-grown
“cold calling” boiler rooms
(anyone home?) and acting
more like the Hulk—Bam!—
than using the graceful styling
of Bruce Lee. If you study the
striking power
of a Joe Schroeder, a Diane
Hochman or say our resident
“Boy Wonder” Dennis Ka-
ganilla, it’s more of a quit
power that is lurking and still
dangerous, but with a
stunning grace that is both
elegant and relevant, which
renders most observers numb
with anticipation. It’s List-Zen.

“Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to
the object, and you shall find a way round or through it. If nothing within you stays
rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.
Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a
cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle.
You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash.
Be water my friend.” Bruce Lee (see “Bruce Lee’s Famous Quotes” ) Google.

You Hulk Yourself into Obscurity Choking on Leonardo
You sacrifice your long term with short term Your long term equity nests within your short term
aggression and try to obliterate each other ability to nurture identity and mobility into others.
** The Mind-Set is this: “Full-time in 90 days.” ** The Mind-Set is this: “Brand myself. Be relevant.”
** The actions are fast and furious. But go nowhere. ** Patience is the striking Tigers prayer into himself.
** All programs suck next to yours. ** You become a walking reward for 1,000 lives.
** Be like David Berkowitz. Create victims. ** You sow, you never sell. You are water. You flow.
** Begging for dollars. Buy leads and call strangers. ** People CALL you. Your ads are everywhere.
** You can’t get even 10 people to buy your Kool-Aid. ** Use sensory equity: Sound, touch, sight, heart.
** You have no identity. Your Guru is god. ** You have no competition. You “take” from no one.
** The company is the Ruler and you tow the line. ** Matra: “To get more, give more give value.”
** No hip “My-Space” or WHOIS identity. ** You become a RESOURCE vs. being a recruiter.
** You quit, join, quit, join until your credibility is shot. ** You pick-n-choose who you play with.
** You’ve branded no one. Except your Guru upline. ** I AM + BE + Share + Resource = Rolls-Royce.
** Quick, hurry, mail out 10,000 post-cards. Hurry! ** You are everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Calls MONDAY / TUESDAY / WEDNESDAY Live Coaching Calls
TIME can show you what you are doing is non-productive. Spend 2 years doing it wrong = no growth.
Mediate over each lesson. Use Discipline. See the truth. Truth, over Time is Always Revealed. Pg. #2
Charles Manson Used This Technique and John F. Kennedy
Flaunted His Mastery of This Mind-Control Over a Nation.
Oprah Winfrey is a Walking Billboard For This and
Used Properly, This Technique Levels People’s Ability to Resist!
By Joe Schroeder / 34 Miles Due West of Manhattan
Skill or “brains” doesn’t separate us. TIME does and the only reason I made over 10,000 individual
sales last month (often it’s more) and perhaps if you didn’t, is because I took the TIME to “work out”
the HIDDEN ORDER of how such a feat is executed. Do as I suggest here and your life will change.

TIME is what God gave you to trade for everything you ever wanted. I used TIME to work this for-
mula out and now if you have the TIME, all that you ever wanted can also be yours. It’s magical.
First and foremost though, understand that there is a perfect order
behind everything. Even with a deck of cards! But no one ever
notices or even THINKS to ask, “why are there only two colors in a
deck of cards” and few—–if any, ever asks, “how come there are four
suits in a deck and not six?” But I took the time to “work it out.”

Pays $80 / Manual / 2 CDs
The Warriors Way is a discipline about refining ones character by seeking the truth from within. In modern
terms, I call this, as I am sure by know you have guessed, the Alpha State. It’s attention pressed towards your core
being (the cause) which then inspires (the effect) action without a denying ego.

The Alpha State is a discipline of mind. A way of life. So start to see yourself within an elite group. And know
that the Samurai often exercised in a group or a (DoJo) special place where together, Warriors soldiered each ot h-
ers “can do” spirit and refined each others ability to dominate their own personal will. Environment is key. It can
change your life and heighten your total expression. So locate like minded people.

Her Discipline of Obligation is Her Honor into All
The burden of the (Samurai) person who uses her Alpha State to achieve prowess, posture and social superiority,
sets into motion an intrinsic mode of service back to the society around them. Why? Because those who have
reached this mental piling of “can do” also believe that elevating everyone around them, who is clearly struggling, is
part of the true honor that the Warrior casts back into society.

The TAO of Non-Resistance —–The Ladies VIKING PRINCESS CALL Tuesday 10:07 PM
In Networking people seek to “get” each other and they ask, “how do I get people?” That never worked for me. In-
stead, I subscribed to the TAO PRECEPT of non-resistance. Which means you get UNDER people and you
subjugate your ego which is fact, leaves you on top.
Example. You can cut down the tallest tree and yet, the stump is left. The first shall be last and the last
shall be first. They answer for me was to be a RESOURCE to an industry. To be more to more people = more people .

Hint: More Life Always Seeks More Life.
Hint: You can’t GET people until they GET you.

Call The Great Rebecca Johnson (213-785-2352)
You can learn THE ALPHA CODE method. It’s $597 within the Spellbound Course. Page 3
No One in Our Industry Has Showed You This Because
No One in Our Industry Can See This Except us

People Say, “Join So and So Program.” Not Me. I Teach, “Build a Business.”

The Hidden Economy of The Beautifully Rich
The Dave Mathews Band

Free = Radio Play
Be Relevant Gather Customers
Free = Internet downloads / You-Tube

Retail #1: Audio CD at the Store ** Induce Loyalty
C Retail #2: Concerts ** Exceed Expectations
O Retail #3: Fan accessories at Concerts ** Get Paid Daily
R I Monthly Residual Income
C N #1 90K Fans @ Site X’s $34 Annually
Corresponding Philosophy #1
I #2 Publish Other Artists Music
“Truth Will Always Reveal itself,
T Even Through a Lie.”
Y #3 Invest in Real-Estate / Buildings
Meaning. . . If you ignore this formula
of the rich, you will fail and lose
money. Truth always reveals itself.
American Idol TV Show

Free = Weekly Television Air-Play
Be Relevant Gather Customers
Free = Radio and Download of Artists

Retail #1: Text Message Vote / .99 ** Induce Loyalty
C Retail #2: Purchase CDs at store ** Exceed Expectations
O Retail #3: TV Commercials ** Get Paid Daily
R I Monthly Residual Income
The Warriors Nest
N #1 The Show owns Songs copyrights
D I #2 Show owns the Live Tours & Ring Tones
Y #3 Simon Cowell Books / Artists Books Focus Society
The Warriors Nest Focus Society

Free = Live coaching calls at 9:27 PM
Be Relevant Gather Customers
Free = Webinars, eBooks & MP-3

C Retail #1: Chaos to Cash / $14.95 ** Induce Loyalty
O Retail #2: Warriors Nest / $97 ** Exceed Expectations
F N ** Get Paid Daily
O Retail #3: Spellbound / $597
C N Monthly Residual Income Mondays and Wednesdays 9:27 PM (est)
U #1 Your Primary Program 1-218-486-1200 PIN 600088#
T #2 Earn 2nd Time = Lead Program #1
Y #3 Earn 3rd Time = Lead Program # 2 Page 4
An “Opportunity” is a Game of Chance. A Fortified Business Model Builds Brands.
Consumption Marketing is When What You
Supply A Market for Free Induces Multiple Sales
and Threads Customers into a Monthly Purchase

Free = TV shows “She’s do Raven.”
Be Relevant Gather Customers
Free = Cartoons with Mickey Mouse

Retail #1: Theme parks ** Induce Loyalty
C Retail #2: Clothing Stores ** Exceed Expectations
O Retail #3: Movies at $9 per Ticket ** Get Paid Daily
R I Monthly Residual Income
N #1 Disney TV Network / Shows Wisdom Key #1
U Big Companies Like Disney, Google and Microsoft
D I #2 Disney Time-Share / Florida Turn Their FREE USERS into Retail Customers
#3 Disney Internet Kid Sites Who Then Convert to Monthly PAY-TO-PLAY FANS

Rachael Ray TV Cook

Free = Daily 30 Minute Cooking Show
Be Relevant Gather Customers
Free = Free In-store Cooking Demo’s

Retail #1: 17 Books = 46 M sales in “07 “ ** Induce Loyalty
C Retail #2: Pots, Pans and Cutlery ** Exceed Expectations
O Retail #3: Her OWN Magazine! ** Get Paid Daily
R I Monthly Residual Income Wisdom Key #2
E #1 Magazine Subscriptions For a System to Be a “System” it Has to
D I #2 Use of Her Image on products Convert Free Lookers into Multiple Retail
T Sales Which Then Induces a
Y #3 List Building /
Paid Monthly Relationship!!!!!

All Internet Millionaires

Free = Podcasts, eBooks and Training. ** Costco’s, BJ’s and Sams
Be Relevant Gather Customers
Free = Tela-Seminars ** OPRAH WINFREY
C Retail #1: Affiliate course #1 ** Induce Loyalty
O ** Ipod / Apple PC / auto-ship
Retail #2: Affiliate course # 2 ** Exceed Expectations
F N ** Get Paid Daily ** Michael Jordan
O Retail #3: $5,000 GURU seminars!
R I All Big Names
C N Monthly Residual Income
E U #1 Their websites are monthly subscriptions
Use This
T #2 Their COACHING is a monthly auto-ship Predictable
Y #3 MLM. Even “Chicken soup” is now MLM. Money Formula
#4 They sell leads and/or a 2-Up Program. Page 5
Have Fun. See if This Model is In Fact Universal

Test Your Own Level of IQ and Aptitude
You Can Experiment Test The Theory / Have Fun!
As I Did With ...
Free =
Bruce Springsteen Be Relevant Gather Customers
Free =
Steven Spielberg
P C Retail #1
Domino’s Pizza R O
E Retail #1
McDonalds D N
I S Retail #1
Barnes & Nobles C U
Donald Trump T M
A Monthly Residual Income
Paramount Pictures #1
Pepsi Cola E I #2

Dominos Pizza O #3
Richard The Bruce “The Science of Getting Rich” (1924) By Wallace D. Wattles
“All riches are a result of things done in a CERTAIN
Larry The Cable Guy way. Therefore if you can locate that certain order you
can also become rich.”

Albert Einstein and The Principle of Relativity
Gravity IS the Attraction Between Two Bodies, Which Increases with Their Mass and Near-
ness To Each Other. It is this attraction between the EARTH and every single piece of matter
on the earths surface that makes things FALL downward.
Light Path
Velocity =
Time Interval
The Joe Schroeder Theory of Equity Consumption
My theory needs no education of man to prove it’s predictability. Heretofore, I, an uneducated truck driver used
this theory of consumption, based in reciprocity, intuition and retail, to build a $100,000 per week business. My
theory became visible through much media exposing my theory throughout trade magazines.
I then double confirmed my theory and tested this on other nerr-do-wells—–like myself—– who ALSO
become Millionaires. My consumption theory is founded in a relevant product that can FIRST be distributed
for FREE at no cost to the consumer (Like HBO, AOL or any brand is first introduced) and then
systematically woven into a model of mass consumption on a centrifugal monthly basis. BAD people
have taken my theory and also made Millions. As with all principle, it knows no boundaries of man.

I did NOT INVENT anything. Like Einstein, I only uncovered what already existed and humbly had the ability to
ask the Universe a Question (is there a 1-2-3 SYSTEM for wealth?) and I patiently WAITED for the answer.

Freedom Calls Within The Warriors Nest Focus Society
Page # 6
Joe Schroeder / Monday 9:27 PM (est) and Diane Hochman Wednesdays 9:27 PM (est)
How To The Poor Bring Their Failure to MLM
Many People Ask For Success and Prepare for Failure
(1) How many times have you witnessed someone else (one of your prospects probably ) say, as
they were about to join you, “What is the base minimum to get started? I will order JUST enough to
get started and then buy everything AFTER I start making some money?” Have you ever seen that?
(2) People who fail to mentally COMMIT to something successfully commit failure upon
their subconscious. You can argue this fact if you can afford to. However TRYING is a
commitment to FAILING. (see, “Science of Getting Rich” —Wallace D. Wattles)
(3) Another sad precursor to business poverty is the man who tries to make a business while saying,
“I have to make money before I spend any, please let me start at the bottom.” The reason is
because he has already mentally admitted defeat. People actually PROGRAM their
subconscious minds to fail. The poor wear poverty, like clothes, on their entire being.

POOR people try to POSSESS what isn’t theirs. That is why they gather debt. Because they try to con-
sume and buy things on credit that they have not earned or have the money for.

Universal law says that you can’t out earn your lips. In other words, you can’t speak poverty “Oh I will just
start at the bottom and see if this thing makes money” and then try to SELL the plan to strangers. The people
who are uncommitted to themselves and their upline can’t hide. Their indecision is woven into their words.

Things to Do While in Texas!
(1) LOCATE a community, a program and a SYSTEM that you actually love. Oprah and Bill Gates
(2) Lose your ego and allow yourself to quit the programs that you uncovered were not what you thought.
(3) Actually commit to something whereby your actions = your words. 100% vs. 55%.
(4) Try being authentic and actually promoting something that you actually are 100% into.
(5) Join the WARRIORS NEST community and resist PREPARING to “try.”
(6) You tele -graph to us and your subconscious FAILURE if you refuse to 100% commit.
(7) Give yourself permission to START-OVER a few times. Lincoln and Edison did.
(8) Teach the poor within your downline to stop SPEAKING their poverty.

A Persons Lack of Integrity is Visible When Uncommitted People Try To Gather
Other People Into a Business That They Themselves Are Not Certain of.
Earning on The Entire Consumption Model Makes People Wealthy:
When I built my two (2) separate downlines, my combined annual sales were $6,000,000 collectively.
Everyone spent between $50 and $100 per month to remain active in each MLM. But OUTSIDE of the plan,
they always spent upwards of $200 to $300 per month BUYING leads and paying for ads and I got nothing.
Your earning potential compounds the closer you shift to earning on the entire consumption model.

Primary Program If You Didn’t Earn $15,000 Last Month It’s
Because You Failed To Promote and earn On
2 Tools and Leads The Entire Consumption Model Like the Pro’s Do

3 Systems and Retail
Does your program properly SET-UP the people you send to it? ( ) Yes ( ) No Why not?_______________ Page # 7
Magazine Covers Who Heralded Joe Schroeder’s STAR-LINK System
Cutting Edge (HBC), Six-Figure Income, Profit-Now and UPLINE
Without a Predictable Funnel Your Failure Persists
This Precise and Predictable System Creates Residual Income

Inquiries / Leads / Opt-Ins / Enter Funnel Here

1-800-772-9781 Ext: 43

Nightly Live Calls
Classified ads

Free eBook


2 Audio CD
Earn $10

FREE $97
The closer you “Warriors”
Move to free on Earn $80
TOP of the The System
funnel the
more paying 1) Retail something
customers 2) Get Customer Hooked
3) Bill them monthly
circle around $597
whatever Spellbound
you sell. 2-Level Pay
Who Else Uses
This Model?
It’s easier to sponsor 3-8 Monthly Time-Warner
new people per month into Residual HBO
your primary program Income Oprah Winfrey
when you have 15-30 new New York Times
people each month as Time and Newsweek
casual retail buyers who Donald Trump
you then convert to paid iPod (Apple PC)
monthly members. Verzizon Phone
Costco / BJ / Sams Club

You Collect and Harvest 1,000’s of Monthly Repeat “Auto-Ship” Repeat Buyers
Retail Buyers Convert to REPEAT MONTHLY Customers
Direct Sales Without a Repeat Monthly Residual Income is Just a Job!
Copyrights 2007 Joe Schroeder Audio Explanation (24 Hrs) 1-800-772-9781 Ext: 40 Page #8
Each sales pays out $400. The seller earns $200 cash and their sponsor earns $200.

What Your Customers Receive for $597
Ten (10) Audio CDs. We will give you THE METHOD SYSTEM. My goal is to serve and to show peo-
1 ple things——as I did as a magician——– that they have never seen before. Ten hours of CD!

Alpha Code Manual: This 129 page manuscript is the back-bone of “The Method” and will teach you
2 how to ATTRACT people. Fifth year psychology degree not needed. It’s easy 1-2-3 to understand.

Post-Card and Booklet System: Master originals will be given. USE these to HOLD your prospects
3 Spellbound. This extends your leads INCUBATION with you from MINUTES to weeks into months.

Media Platform: Media / MP-3 Files / Audio Post-Cards: Use these to keep your prospects glued to you
4 and to BRAND yourself. Without these you’re just a “distributor.” With these use become THE NAME!

Voice -Shot and Banks of 1-800 Lines: For a fee of $37 and only for $597 Spellbound and paid members
5 YOU can have Joe Schroeder or Diane Hochman MAKE your own 1-800 lines and/or VOICE-SHOT.

Branding eBooks (2): Your name, your program, your phone ON and inside the eBooks. Those who control
6 the CONTENT and who soak, bathe and INCUBATE prospects with relevant training always sit on top.

BRANDING WEBSITE: Use our 100% Generic Website to collect CASH (pay-pal) payments, add your
7 FACE to the site and your BIO. Branding yourself is the genius hidden variable of all Mega-Earners.

117 Pre-Written Auto-Responder Feed: If you can’t hold, entertain, INCUBATE and retain your list
8 for weeks on end who actually OPEN and READ your letters you have nothing. No one has this. No one.

WEB 2.0 / WEBINARS: For those who are serious within our downline organization we have multiple
9 live internet seminars on line. We teach personal branding, LEAD development and MY-SPACE design.

Five Income Streams + Two (2) Residual Back-Ends: Attached to THE SYSTEM is five affiliate courses
10 and two LEAD PROGRAMS. You save $125. Order $597 Spellbound and get $14.95 and $97 course free!

The Hidden Economy of The Filthy Stinking Rich is . . .
They Connect You To Monthly Pay-To-Play
Verizon Wireless Bills People Monthly For At Least (3) Different Services.
Car Dealerships Earn On You MONTHLY for at Least (3) Services
The Rich Make You Pay Them Monthly To Participate In Their World
DANCE SCHOOLS (kids), Karate and Landscapers Bill You Monthly.

From Truck Driver to $50,000 Per Month. I Used (4) Simple Rules.
(1) Brand and build my own business. I survived bad “MLM Odds” by building me. Not an MLM company.

(2) Earn $200 to $500 cash in retail sales BEFORE you sponsor someone into any certain MLM plan.

(3) Earn 3 to 4 DIFFERENT ways on the SAME people PER MONTH just like Costco, BJ’s and Verizon.

(4) Earn monthly residual income on people even if they QUIT the big MLM they joined with you. Page # 9
What “The Spellbound Method” Can Teach You in Ten (10)
Hours Can Erase Two Years of Future Struggle and Lost Money
$200 Per Level THE TRILOGY
$597 Earn $200 From
“Alpha Code ”
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Warriors $97

The Warriors Nest Focus Society: Level III
Spellbound Method
$97 Warriors and Chaos NOT included in $597 if purchased at an earlier time. BOTH are free if you START at $597.

Included with $14.95 “Chaos To Cash” + double CD set + book + eBook. (Earn $10)
Audio CD #1: “Internet Death Match and How The Little Guy Gets Hosed.”
Learn why without 1-2-3 easy duplicatable systems you will never go F/T. This CD alone is considered a classic
and alone worth $597 and comes in the $14.95 package .

Audio CD #2: “Discplines of Doership” and “THE METHOD.”
Learn eight (1-8) things Joe Schroeder did in easy 1-2-3 fashion to shift from MLM retard with three years of failure
and disgrace behind him to OVER-NIGHT shift into $100,000 per week. This METHOD is why magazines flooded to
Schroeder to FEATURE him on their cover. (Cutting Edge, HBC, Upline Mag, Six Figure and Others)

Included with $97 “Warriors Nest” + double CD set + 178 page Hurcules / Warriors Manual
Audio CD #3: “Speed Enrollers System” Level 101 Training.
Learn the hidden RECRUITING economy of people like Schroeder who enroll 100+ people [per] month.

Audio CD #4: “Speed Enrollers System” Level 2nd Semester
Learn about the FULCRUM LINE (mathematical equation) + VOLUME domination that anyone in any program can
fuel into their thriving business to add a quantum change into $10,000 to $20,000 per week sales volumes!

Included in The $597 Spellbound Method:

Audio CD #5: “The Alpha Code” for Amazing Silent Power
Learn the amazing communication link that Alpha Hurclues recruiters (Male / Female) use to create fans and Zealots
who BLINDLY FLOCK into whatever is shown to them. Once you MASTER this SECRET communication ORDER of
SPEECH you will deftly be of the one who INFLUENCE Vs. the one influenced.

Audio CD #6: “Your Mess is Your Message” Learn the Madonna & Bill Clinton Variable
If you LISTEN to the stage of MASTER-TRAINERS at Star-Link USING “The Spellbound Method” you CAN hear them
using a SYSTEM of LEADERSHIP; it’s obvious to hear and this will now become yours to manifest instant leadership
into your TEAM, your life and wherever you are. PRESIDENTS and Rock-Stars use this technique YOU can too!

Audio CD #7: “NO WONDER” eMail Marketing on Crack Cocaine.
If you knew what was being done TO YOU on-line you’d lose sleep for a week. No more “behind closed doors” be-
cause this SECRET audio CD will astound you with USABLE 1-2-3 tips and tricks to profoundly change your business.

HOUR (8) Audio CD: “Digital Cowboys” with Marketing Lord ROBERT BLACKMAN!~!
Together SCHROEDER & BLACKMAN reveal unabashedly the BANKING secret—–used in marketing—–that has lead
to their COMBINED $1 Million per month downline. This single tape on the FUNDED PRPOSAL that Schroeder in-
vented and taught YANIK, DILLARD, HOCHMAN, LEDOUX has changed the industry. YOU WILL BE STUNNED!

HOUR (9) Audio CD: “Think & Sow Rich.” Law of Attraction. Makes The “Secret” seem dull.
Add it up. Run the math. Joe Schroeder was a street magician from age 19 to 26 then SOLD 10,000 different homes
(like Tony Robbins, Zig and Dexter Yeager) DOOR-To-DOOR + built sales org. bigger than some towns. Do you think
SCHROEDER is working on an average level or USING A MENTAL TECHNOLOGY that YOU can learn also!!!

HOUR (10) Audio CD : “The Conquering Chief.”
This audio CD is all “METHOD” conditioning. It’s stunning in it’s easy delivery and magnificent in content. Learn the
technique of Marketing Mastery from the side of an UN-FAIR advantage. You’ll listen to this tape until you wear it out.

$597 = 312 Pages of 8 X 11 TEXT + TEN (10) Hours of Joe Schroeder on Audio CD Pg. # 10
Everything Great Can Be Broken Down To a Simple 1-2-3 Formula.
Everything. Especially in The Invitation of Wealth and Good Food.

“The Worlds Greatest Buffalo Wings”
The Effect: You serve a blackened tray of wings to your crew Learn The Hidden Order
and they uncontrollably SCREAM, “Oh My Lord, Where Can I
Get This Recipe, These Are The Best I Have Ever Had!” And Secret Steps to Making a
The Set-Up: Please buy MORE wings than you think you need. Bucket of Wings That Your Friends
Even my petite 14 year old daughter can pile dive into a dozen Will Utterly Freak Out Over!
of these treasures!
Buy a truck load because your fans will gobble these up like a
all-you-can-eat ho-down in Kentucky specializing in pulled
pork and Fritters! GET the proper seasonings that I suggest.
Jamaican Jerk Wings
Skill-Level: Easy as Pie. The secret is in the process, cook
time and implementation of steps. Follow the 1-2-3 system and
your wings will level your guests and render them speechless.
This is a messy meal. Make SURE you have scads of napkins.
(Not good for FIRST dates!) I eat with ROOT-BEER just for kicks! Step 1: Remove and cut off the “tail” of wing.

The Precise Seasonings You Will Need: Step 2: Boil and cook the wings 90%

** Jerk powdered seasoning. ** “Adobo” brand seasoning. Step 3: Now add your seasoning DRY-RUB.
** Jerk sauce. All stores. 8 oz. ** Garlic salt.
** Onion powder. ** Pepper. Step 4: BBQ five minutes per side.
** Salt and OREGANO. The Jerk Sauce is in All
** Seasoning salt. Stores / Use The 8 Oz. Size Step 5: DUNK in bowl of sauce. BBQ again.

BOILING: The secret is to BOIL your wings to 90% cook. This Step 6: Your 2nd BBQ time is again 5 Min.
seals in the juices. Plus, to fully BBQ a wing takes too long and
as such, DRIES them out and tortures the little suckers. Make Step 7: Remove. Drizzle excess sauce. Serve.
sure you remove the “tail” piece of your wings. Makes lie flat.

How To Season After You Boil and Cook Them
BY SEASONING your wings with all of the dry rub (see seasoning list above) and then grilling them, the RUB becomes
stuck on the wings and will sit UNDERNEATH the wet sauce. AFTER boiling, plate your wings on a large platter and of
course SEASON liberally. It’s akin to “shake-n-bake” where you are coating the wings. Season well while sipping a beer.

BBQ Your Seasoned Wings with NO-SAUCE
BBQ (with NO SAUCE) until the top side of wings is pretty much blackened. Turn side by side but FAVOR the top side and
blacken. What you are doing is SEARING the seasoning into wing. You are also fully cooking wing. NO SAUCE YET.

Take Blackened Wing / Dunk In JERK Bowl of Sauce / BBQ a 2nd Time
(Do this prior to grilling) Get a large bowl and put 8 oz. bottle of JERK SAUCE in. Add all of your spices. The same spices
that you peppered your wings with ALSO goes a SECOND TIME in Jerk sauce. AFTER wings are almost blackened re-
move wings and DUNK in this bowl and BBQ now again for another 5-10 minutes. YES, you are grilling wings TWICE.

How To Drizzle and Why?
When you are done and ready to eat, you will be left with about 3 ounces of JERK sauce in your bowl. After you plate the wings on your
platter, as you removed them from the hot BBQ, take a BIG soup spoon and DRIZZLE the excess sauce all over the pile-o-wings. Let
this SIT for five (5) minutes so the EXTRA sauce “stews” into the wings even more. Let me know:

The Recipe That Took Me One Year To Weasel Out of My Pal Nick
I begged my buddy Nick for ONE YEAR for the low-down on this recipe and all he said was, “use the Jerk sauce and
add the seasoning.” I tried and the wings sucked. Then I asked again six months later and he STILL held out. Now after
our last BBQ I insisted and he said, “The secret is to BOIL first and then BBQ without the sauce to sear in the spices.”

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