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Guide of the applicant

1.The justification for launching this proposal:

Classification criteria for

industrial policy directions
An important economic role and
influence on employment

Competitive dynamics

Innovation, technological
development and
value added

Industrial policy directions

Tourism and ecotourism

Textile and leather
Wood and furniture
Creative Industries
Automotive and components
Information and
Communication Technology
Food and beverage processing
Health and pharmaceutical
Energy and environmental
Bioeconomics (agriculture,
forestry and fishing),
biopharmaceuticals and

2. Specific conditions:
The total eligible value of the project will be between: minimum - 500,000
EUR, and maximum -2,000,000 EUR.
3. Minimum contribution of the applicant:
The minimum contribution of the applicant is 5% and the maximum value of
the founding is 95%.
4. Conditions of eligibility:
- over 18 years;
- residence in implementing regions;
- the proof of membership in target group will be provide by a copy of ID;
-like the applicant, you have the obligation to respect the protection of
individuals with their personal data;
5. Eligible activities:

- Development and implementation of awareness information and

campaigns on existing opportunities to encourage entrepreneurship;
- Development aid schemes and incentives to support the start-up of
-Promoting activities dedicated implementing pilot interventions regarding
aid schemes and financial incentives, such as technological vouchers and for
professional training for people who starts a business;
- Integrated activities including counseling, support for business initiation,
professional training, assistance and post assistance activities for business
initiation and employment on their own;
- Professional training activities for the new areas of employment and
entrepreneurship development and consolidation;
-Assistance activities for business creation and employment on their own
through spin-off project;
-Innovative activities interregionals and transnationals for promoting
entrepreneurial culture
6. Eligible costs:
- Staff costs involved in project implementation;
- Accommodation, travel and subsistence;
-Costs for the project;
- Costs with outsourced activities;
- Another fees;
-Costs with renting and leasing;
7. Indicators for monitoring and evaluation:
Indicators for the program (this indicator is mandatory)
a) The applicant must to set a target of at least 400 students;
b) The applicant must to set a target of at least 10% of training
beneficiaries who initiate new business.
Additional indicators (this indicator is mandatory)
a) The minimum limit for this indicator is 40 start-ups per project.
b) Minimum of 2 jobs created for each start-up.
c) The percentage of business ideas developed by people, between 18-25
years old, from the target group must be at least 50%.

d) The percentage of persons belonging to the target group eligible,

between 18-25 years old participating in the training program must be
at least 50%.

8.Project objectives:
- Sustainable development;
-Innovation and TIC;
-Active aging;
- Interregional approach.