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Table of Contents
Chapter One - Laboratory Testing

Crushing and Grinding

Crushing and Grinding Work Index and Grindability Methods
Comminution - Standard Amdel Laboratory Tests, PDF 32 KB
Laboratory Crushing and Screening Services
Magnetic Separation
Magnetic Separation, by Brian Povey, PDF 7 KB
Laboratory Magnetic Separation Services
Specific Gravity Determination
SG determination by density bottle, PDF 24 KB
(reproduced by permission from Amdel)
SG determination using measuring cylinder, by John Millar,
Gravimet Services
SG determination using volumetric flask, by John Millar, Gravimet
Flotation - General
Laboratory Flotation Services
Flotation - Locked Cycle Tests
Locked Cycle Test paper by Peter Tilyard - PDF, 43 KB.
Locked Cycle Test Analysis by Peter Tilyard - MS Excel, 206 KB.
Laboratory Cyanidation Services
Mineral Sands
Laboratory Mineral Sands Services
Specific Minerals
Laboratory Tin & Tantalum Services
Laboratory Iron Ore Services
Diagnostic Metallurgy
Diagnostic Metallurgical Services
Sample Preparation
Size Analysis
Heavy Liquid Separation
Moisture Determination
Gravity Separation
Laboratory Gravity Separation Services
Diagnostic Gold Leaching

Description of Heavy Liquids

Particle Size Terminology
Australian Mineral Processing Laboratory Capabilities
Metallurgical Testing Methods - Gold Plant (provided by John Millar)
Metallurgical Testing Methods - General
Ex-Renison Tin Manual, provided by Ron Goodman, PDF 303 KB.
Metallurgical Testwork for Plant Design
Metallurgical Process Development for Plant Design by David Lunt,
Ian Ritchie and John Fleay, PDF 183 KB. From proceedings Mindev '97,
included with the permission of The Australasian Institute of Mining
and Metallurgy.
The Scheduling, Costing and Importance of Metallurgical Testwork
Programs in Process Plant Feasibility Studies by W Anderson, PDF
291KB. From proceedings Minprex 2000, included with the permission
of The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.
Australian Standards for Classification, Analysis and Testing of Coal
Particle Size Measurement
o Method for size distribution only
Laser Sizing Procedure (from Michael Young)
o Method for size distribution and sized samples for assay and
Screen Sizing Procedure (from Michael Young)
Cyclosizer Procedure to C7 (2-5um)(from Michael Young)
Cyclosizer Manual (thanks to Metcon Laboratories)

Chapter Two - Equipment Selection - Rules and General Information

Metso 2002 Handbook

Introduction, PDF 153 KB.

Minerals in Operation, PDF 630 KB.
Size Reduction, PDF 1,065 KB.
Size Control, PDF 865 KB.
Enrichment, PDF 1,014 KB.
Upgrading, PDF 1, 478 KB.
Materials Handling, 1,056 PDF KB.
Slurry Handling, PDF 306 KB.
Wear in Operation, PDF 523 KB.
Operation and Environment, 82 PDF KB.
Process Systems, PDF 943 KB.
Miscellaneous, PDF 62 KB.

Tabling, by John Millar, Gravimet Services, PDF 241 KB

Grinding Media Data
Magotteaux Grinding Media Information, PDF 588 KB
Grinding Mills - Sizing
Mill Calculations v2a, by Brian Povey, PDF 443 KB
Mill Calculations v3a, by Brian Povey, MS Excel 472 KB

Slurry Pumping, by Tony Griffiths, PDF 66 KB

Cyclones, by Linatex Australia, PDF 42 KB
Magnetic and Electrostatic Separation
Small Pump Hopper Design, by John Millar, XLS 28 KB

Nordberg Crusher Redbook, ZIP 2MB

Polysius High Pressure Grinding Rolls for Minerals, PDF 2.4MB

Chapter Three - Reagents

Cognis Redbook - The Chemistry of Metals Recovery using LIX Reagents,

PDF 711 KB.
Cognis North America
Nalco Handbook - A Practical Introduction to Flocculation Technology and
Application in Mineral Processing PDF 1.4MB.
Cytec Mining Chemicals Handbook Revised Edition 2003, PDF 2.2 MB
Nasaco International Reagent Information, PDF 89 KB

Chapter Four - Element, Mineral and Rock Information

Mineral Index (Reproduced by permission from Don Berkman, Field

Geologists' Manual - Fourth Revised Edition)
Bulk Factors for Expansion of Common Rock Materials1, PDF 37 KB
List of Common Minerals in Order of Density,1 PDF 48 KB
Periodic Table, PDF 63 KB
Alphabetical List of Natural Elements and Common Values
Mineral Database
o http://...
o http://...
Physical Properties of Unweathered Rocks1, PDF 9KB

Chapter Five - Metallurgical Accounting, Mass Balancing and General

Metallurgical Calculations

Mass Balancing for Design

Spreadsheet material balances
Solving Mass Balances using matrix algebra by Alex Doll of, PDF 2.5 MB.
o Software links:

JK SimMet
Mass balancing for Metallurgical Accounting
o Calculation methods [presently empty]
o Software links:
JK MetAccount
General Metallurgical Calculations
Pulp Density Nomogram, Nomogram by Philip Clark and Pulp
Density Formulae by John Millar, Gravimet Services.
Drawing a Nomogram, by John Millar, Gravimet Services, PDF 280

Chapter Six - Sampling

Sampling of slurries, by Outokumpu Australia, PDF 328 KB

Chapter Seven - Financial and Statistical Analysis

Statistical formulae
Design and Analysis of Industrial Experiments, PDF 7 KB
Glossary of Statistical Terms, by Philip Clark, PDF 89 KB
Glossary of Statistical Terms1, PDF 25 KB
Summary of Compound Interest Formulae1, PDF 45 KB
Table of Compound Interest Factors1, PDF 46 KB
Financial Functions by Philip Clark, PDF 38 KB

Chapter Eight - Water, Fluid Flow and Hydrology

Water Discharge Quality Limits

Approximate Water Supply Requirements for Homes and Farms
Flow from Various Diameter Pipes1, PDF 130 KB
Circular Orifice Meter Discharge Table1, PDF 77 KB
Rectangular and V-notch Weir Discharge Table1, PDF 11 KB
Pressure Corresponding to Head of Water1, PDF 4 KB

Chapter Nine - Conversion Factors and General Formulae

Trigonometry Functions1, PDF 7 KB

Conversion Factors for Units of Pressure
Conversion Tables1, PDF 52 KB

Chapter Ten - Cost Estimation

Chapter Eleven - Classification and Separation Efficiency

Training Module on Classifier Theory, Performance and Data Analysis by

Mathew Magee (with kind permission from Xstrata Copper), PDF 1.4 MB

Chapter Twelve - Smelting, Refining, Shipping and Treatment Terms

Revenue Calculations and Marketing
Reproduced from Cost Estimation Handbook for the Australian Mining Industry
(Editors Michael Noakes and Terry Lanz) 1993, by permission from the AusIMM. Note
that although the document is 10 years old the underlying fundamentals have not
changed. Smelting terms change from year to year. It is intended to update these
within the document. Anyone able to provide current information is asked to contact
Peter Tilyard.

View the chapter, PDF 360 KB.

Chapter Thirteen - Spreadsheets*

*Note Regarding Use of Spreadsheets: The spreadsheets provided in this chapter
of the Mineral Processing Handbook have been provided in good faith by practicing
metallurgists. The Metallurgical Society does not guarantee their integrity. If anyone
finds an error in any of these would they please contact Peter Tilyard. Numerous
sophisticated spreadsheets have kindly been provided in relation to equipment
selection. However they are not accompanied by notes on either their use or their
basis and The Metallurgical Society is reluctant to make them available, caveat
emptor notwithstanding. Some of them may be proprietary.

Flotation Kinetics, XLS 97 KB

Media Charge Analysis, XLS 28 KB
Solids Determination, XLS 21 KB
Tank Fabrication Costs, XLS 47 KB
Line Velocity, XLS 26 KB
Pipe and Launder Design, XLS 180 KB (This document contains macros,
which are not harmful.)
Size-Assay Distribution, XLS 27 KB

Chapter Fourteen - Flotation General

An analysis of the theory and industrial practice of flotation:some aspects

of the theory and its application to coal flotation, by Robert Seitz, PDF 2 MB.


Free online mineral processing tools from Alex Doll in Edmonton

Archive of mining equipment photos

Australian Standards

Magnetic and electrostatic separation characteristics of selected minerals

British Standards (BSI)

Summary of the method used by Krebs and Weir to do "first pass" sizing of

Pipe launder slope determination

Best practice tips for spreadsheet development of material balances

Second Hand Equipment

Mining Technology and Equipment Suppliers Index

1. Reproduced by permission from Don Berkman, Field Geologists' Manual - Fourth

Revised Edition.

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