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[On company letter head]

Certified True Copy of Resolution passed by the Board of Directors of M/s__________________________________
(The Company) in the meeting held on________________.
At a meeting of the board of Directors of the Company (the Board) was held at the Registered Office / Principal place of
business at ______________________________________________________________ on____________.
During the meeting, the Board discussed the financial arrangements to be made with Askari Bank Limited,
____________ branch, consequent upon which the following Resolutions have been passed by the Board.

The Company obtain and avail finance facilities (fund based/non-fund based) by entering into arrangements with
Askari Bank Limited, through any of its branches in such amount or amounts as may be required from time to time
by the Company and upon such terms and conditions as may be agreed by Askari Bank Limited from time to time
including terms regarding the amount of liquidated damages which would become payable by the Company in case
of default under Finance Agreement(s).


Mr.___________________________________ and Mr.______________________________________ the directors

of the Company (the Authorized Directors) are authorized (singly or jointly) to negotiate and finalize on behalf of
the Company, all terms and conditions of the finance agreement(s) in respect to the finance facilities as aforesaid
and to sign and execute on behalf of the Company, the Finance Agreement(s) (including renewed / supplementary
agreement(s) and all ancillary Agreement(s), security/charge documents in connection therewith as required by
Askari Bank Limited from time to time.


The Authorized Directors are authorized (singly or jointly) to arrange and sign on behalf of the Company any security
documents, from time to time, as and when required by Askari Bank Limited of securing any present or future
liabilities of the Company towards Askari Bank Limited on account of such finance facilities.


The Authorized Directors are authorized (singly or jointly) to do all such acts, deeds and things as may be necessary
and / or incidental for carrying out the purposes aforesaid and to affix the common Seal of the Company upon any or
all the documents referred herein.


The Company shall ratify and shall be bound by whatever the Authorized Directors will do by virtue of the authority
conferred under this Board Resolution.


A copy of this Board Resolution duly certified by the Chairman / Company Secretary and duly affixed with the
common seal of the Company shall be provided to Askari Bank Limited.


This Board Resolution shall remain in full force and effect until an amending resolution shall be passed by the Board.

I certify that the above resolutions have been duly entered in the Minute Book of the Company and have been signed
therein by the Director/ Managing Director/ Chairman/ Chief Executive and are in accordance with the Articles of
Association of the Company and that the Company is a _____________ Limited Company.
I further certify, interalia, that the following are the specimen signatures of the Authorized Directors named above.
Names of Authorized Directors






On behalf of the Company we agree:

i. To accept full responsibility for all liability incurred and actions taken in pursuance of the above mentioned resolutions.
ii. To comply with and be bound by the rules of Askari Bank Limited for the time being in force.
Certified true copy:
Signed either by Chairman or Company Secretary

(Common Seal)