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IV B.Tech I Semester Supplimentary Examinations, February 2008 PRODUCTION PLANNING AND CONTROL (Mechanical Engineering) Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80 Answer any FIVE Questions All Questions carry equal marks

1. (a) Define: i. Production ii. Production Planning iii. Production Planning and Control (b) Write about the Principles of Production Planning and Control. 2. Explain product - focused organizational structure.

[6+10] [16]

3. (a) How is econometric forecasting different from regression analysis. (b) Fit the linear regression model for the following data and forecast the demand for the period 9. [8+8] Period 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Demand 820 835 830 815 800 810 805 800 4. (a) Explain the various selective inventory control techniques. (b) Find the Economic Order Quantity from the following data: Average annual demand = 30,000 units Inventory carrying cost = 12% of the unit value per year Cost of placing an order = Rs. 70 Cost of unit = Rs. 2.


5. (a) What are the informational pre-requisites of an MRP system? (b) What are the materials planning techniques available as to direct and indirect materials? [8+8] 6. (a) Explain the terms forward scheduling and backward scheduling. (b) Explain with a neat sketch how Gantt chart is used to show schedules. Explain the symbols used in drawing Gantt chart. [6+10] 7. Explain: (a) Line balancing (b) Expediting. 8. (a) What is meant by Dispatching? (b) Enumerate the duties of a Dispatcher. (c) Give a list of records maintained by Dispatching Department? [16]


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