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Role of a Functional Consultant

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Role of a Functional Consultant

updated Mar 29, 2010 8:04 am | 85,064 views

As I receive a number of calls regarding what are the rolls and responsibilities of an functional
consultant during the Implementation of an Project or during Post live Application Support.
Considering it as an very important point for freshers I would like to share my experiences:


Here is a list of rolls and responsibilities of functional consultant during his assignment to
different types of SAP Projects. Please feel free to add to the list to make it more
comprehensive over time.
Another important consultation feature often overlooked or neglected is the unconditional
guarantee. Some believe that because a tangible product is not exchanged there is no place
for guarantees or warranties. This is not true- look for a consultant that stands behind their
advice and intelligence.

Role of a Functional Consultant in an End To End Implementation


The functional consultant has to understand the modules they are implementing and the set
up and configuration options available, the key skill is being able to map the requirements of
the customer to the capabilities of the ERP system. A mistake often made is to try and
configure or customize the ERP system to match exactly an existing business process, rather
than look to improve the processes.

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1. "A functional consultant is expected to generate knowledge about the current business
process, design current business flows, study current business processes and its
complication - in all we can say that this is getting through with the current business setup.
Flow diagrams and DFDs are prepared, all this forms the part of the AS IS document."
2. "Everything configured has to be documented according to their categories in the form of
predefined templates; these then have to be approved by the team leads or who ever the
consultant is reporting to."
3. "Mapping and GAP analysis is done for each module."
4. "Before starting configuring future business processes in SAP, the DFDs/ERDs are
prepared, this documentation is called TO BE, which can be also said as the result of
mapping and gap analysis."
5. "Sometimes Functional consultants are also expected to prepare test scripts for testing
the configured scenarios. Testing may also include Unit testing, System Integration
Testing, Performance Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing or any client
specific software testing."
6. A configuration document showing all the setting done by the consultant is also comes
under the area of role & responsibilities of consultant.
7. "End user manual and user training is also expected from Functional Consultants."
8. There will also be interaction with other modules consultants.
9. Updation of project status to Project Manager & other concerned persons.
10. Interaction with core team members, end users & other team members (consultants)
11. A Functional consultant has to be a good communicator he has to communicate with
Customer ERP core team, implementing team, Technical consultant and his project
leader.Written communication skill is to be demonstrate by a functional consultant to
e-mail to different groups, documentation about the erp, reports generation. Verbal
communication is to understand the requirement , interact with customer, to explain and
convince the customer.

Role of a Support Consultant


1. Primarily responsible for Handling tickets/tasks and application support to the end-users.
2. When an issue comes to diagnose, analyze and solve it.
3. Also responsible for enhancements.
4. Writing functional specifications and interacting with "ABAPers" to develop any user exits.
5. Raising CRNs and preparing Test Data & its testing.
6. Interaction with client/end users & updating the status.
7. Training the end users and preparing end user training material.
8. There will also be interaction with other modules consultants.
9. Creation of process documents & its updation
The main duty of a consultant is to transfer know-how to the external client. It is not
manpower that counts, but intelligence, the understanding of processes, a feeling for defects
and in general common sense.

4/2/2015 11:36 AM

Role of a Functional Consultant

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Quoted material above is from Role of a Functional Consultant in an End To End Implementation

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