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Lego Park Autodesk Maya

Final Project(Computer Graphics) in sub-degree programmes of Academy of Film(HKBU)
Three-Dimensional Animantion is a great
invention in media which the cartoon could
play closer to the reality. So I loved


animantion production to create my incredible

charaters and objects in film.

7-11 M21
The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Be Cameraman, Editor & Director

This topic means Seven-Eleven celebrates with our birthday

and I chose this topic to apply contest because Seven-Eleven
is always near with us. But it was hard to use picture and
motion to express this message distinctly. Because of the
actors cooperation, I handled the position easily and done
the first film succesfully.

- TV Drama in sub-degree programmes of Academy of Film(HKBU)

Be Set Designer & Lighting Designer
It was difficult to achieve this project because
there were lack of resource and materials in the
TV Studio. But the interest thing is I borrowed
the stuffs around the Art building to create
new sets with my teammates.

- Graduation Project in sub-degree

programmes of Academy of Film(HKBU)
Be Art Director
This film is about two kids who lived in old town and having

childhood dreams come ture. In this project, I

designed and built a Secret Grounds with my assistants.

We faced to many physical and logical problems but we
had solved all the difficulites with high teamworks spirit
and done with creative art worls finally.

Special Effects
Individual project in sub-degree programmes of Academy of Film(HKBU)
This is a simple story that a boy chasing a
car on the highway which produced with
visual effects. It was hard to use chroma
key function on the characters and objects
and the most difficult part was using photo
to be background because the foreground
was moving different speed with background. The making was complicated but I
was delighted to learn Computer Graphics.

Special Effects

- Project in sub-degree programmes of Academy of Film(HKBU)

It was hard to scale the characters with a

suitable proportion in the imgae background. I had designed a color tone that
likes nostalgic feelings and colorful candy

OX- Pulse Theatre (Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival 2014)

Be Deputy Stage Manager at Horizon Theatre
Deputy Stage Manger has prompt book to cue the
lights and sound. Besides that, I helped to decorat
the set like sticked the newspaper on the wall and
floor. I appreciated this Repertory Theatre was small
that we can exhibit our art works easily on the stage.

3Be Assistant Stage Manager at The Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre
Shingha Theatre
I helped build up sets and made props for this drama.
I learned how to do carpentry work but it is hard to
work as carpenter as a female. This production had
hundred of performers with different opinions but we
had good communication so the show went smoothly.

It-Is-Easy Ministries x Chivalry Creative Theatre x Joint School Brand New Show
Be Deputy Stage Manager (Hong Kong District) at Drama Theatre of HKAPA

It was a musical which had sixty actors singing, dancing

and acting on the stage and fourty of the workers worked
on the backstage. My responsibility were managed all the
actors and teammates especially as there are lots of
teenagers who came from different secondary schools.

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