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Paul T.


Southeastern University • Department of Humanities
1000 Longfellow Blvd. • Lakeland, FL 33801 • (863) 667-5534 •


Ph.D. English—Literature

University of South Florida

Dissertation: “Wrestling with Angels: Postsecular Contemporary American Poetry”

M.A. English—Literature

North Carolina State University

Thesis: “Spirituality in the Poetry of Jay Wright”

B.S. English & Intercultural Studies

Southeastern University

Summa Cum Laude

Most Outstanding Graduate in Major

Associate Professor of English

Southeastern University, Fall 2016–Present

Assistant Professor of English

Southeastern University, Fall 2009–Spring 2016

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Teaching Assistant

North Carolina State University, Fall 2007–Spring 2009

Scholarly Journal Articles
1. FORTHCOMING: “The State of Scholarship on Teaching Literature.” Pedagogy 19.1 (2019).

2. FORTHCOMING: “Oblivious Interpretation: Teaching Mark Twain’s ‘The War-Prayer.’”
Teaching American Literature: A Journal of Theory and Practice 9.1 (Spring 2017).

3. “Attending to the Act of Reading: Critical Reading, Contemplative Reading, and Active
Reading.” Reader: Essays in Reader-Oriented Theory, Criticism, and Pedagogy 65-66 (Fall 2013/Spring
2014): 146-173.

4. “Language and the Spirit: Prophetic Reading with the Poetry of George Herbert.” Sewanee
Theological Review 56.3 (2013): 219-241.

5. “Wrestling with Words and Meanings: T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets and Scholarly Writing about
Literature.” Yeats Eliot Review 29.1-2 (2012): 19-32.

6. “Generative Tension between ‘God’ and ‘Earth’ in Mary Oliver’s Thirst.” God, Grace, and
Creation: Annual Volume for the College Theology Society. Ed., Philip J. Rossi. Orbis (2010): 43-58.

7. “The Complicated Spiritual Vision of Elizabeth Bishop.” Literature and Belief 28.2 (2008): 1-27.

Scholarly Chapters

8. FORTHCOMING: “Introduction: Postsecular Young Adult Literature; or, Harry Potter and
the New Religious Landscape.” Young Adult Literature and the Postsecular., edited by Jacob
Stratman. McFarland.

9. FORTHCOMING: “Nepantlera as Midwife of Empathy.” Bridge Works for Feminist and
Womanist Coalition: The Legacy Lives in the Spirit of Love, edited by Gary Lemons. U of Illinois P.

Shorter Pedagogical Essays
10. FORTHCOMING: “Your Brain Is Part of Your Body.” The Thesis Whisperer.

11. “How to Get Strong Letters of Recommendation from Professors.” Dear English Major. Jan. 8,
2017. Web. <

12. “Students, Keep Your Books.” Inside Higher Ed. June 3, 2016. Web.

 2 
13. “Pedagogy and Koinōnia.” The Pentecostal Educator 3.1 (Spring 2016): 18-28. Web.
< >.

14. “Error in Student Writing: A Balanced, Developmental Approach.” The Writing Campus. Sep.
10, 2015. Web. <

15. With Cameron Hunt McNabb. “Re: Your Recent Email to Your Professor.” Inside Higher Ed.
Apr. 16, 2015. Web. <
so-they-dont-sound-silly-emails-essay>. Reprinted in Fitchburg State University’s New Horizons
Program Monthly Newsletter (May 2015): 2-3.

16. “Students Are Horrible in Every Way.” The Conversation. Chronicle of Higher Education. 16 June
2014. Web. <

17. “To Lecture or Not to Lecture?” 23 Dec. 2013. Web.

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College Classroom: A Collection of Articles for Faculty. Ed. Maryellen Weimer. Madison, WI:
Magna, 2013.

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(2012): 2, 5. Reprinted in Administrator Leadership and Faculty Support: Best Practices for Supporting
Faculty. Magna, 2015. 4-5.

21. “Painting as a Reading Practice.” Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language,
Composition, and Culture 12.1 (2012): 168-175.

22. “How I Came to Understand That My Students Would Need Training Wings in Order to
Learn to Fly.” College Teaching 59.4 (2011): 127-128.

23. “Silence in Progressive Teaching.” Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice 24.1
(2011): 8-11.

24. “Spirituality and Literary Studies.” Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice 23.4
(2010): 47-51.

25. “Teaching for Inner Growth.” The Teaching Professor 24.6 (2010): 1, 5.

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Poetry and Poet Interview
26. FORTHCOMING: “Singing that One True and Final Shanty of the Sea.” Saint Katherine

27. FORTHCOMING: “Stain Glass Memorial for Citrus.” Saint Katherine Review.

28. FORTHCOMING: “St. Joseph’s.” Saint Katherine Review.

29. FORTHCOMING: “Father Taylor’s Sermon.” Saint Katherine Review.

30. “Story of the Northern Lights.” Saint Katherine Review 5.1 (2016): 10-11.

31. “A Conversation with Li-Young Lee.” Image: Art, Faith, Mystery 86 (2015): 55-66.

Reviews & Review Essays
32. FORTHCOMING: “Teaching What We Do in Literary Studies.” Review essay of Rhetorical
Strategies and Genre Conventions in Literary Studies, by Laura Wilder, and Digging into Literature, by
Joanna Wolfe and Laura Wilder. Pedagogy 17.3.

33. FORTHCOMING: Review of Religion and Ecology: Developing a Planetary Ethic, by Whitney A.
Bauman. Journal of Ecocriticism.

34. “Messy Thresholds.” Review of Ecocriticism at the Edge: The Anthropocene as a Threshold Concept, by
Timothy Clark. The Goose 15.1 (2016): 1-3. Web.

35. “Whispers of Faith in Contemporary American Literature.” Review essay of Partial Faiths, by
John A. McClure; Postmodern Belief, by Amy Hungerford; and On Mount Vision, by Norman
Finkelstein. Christianity & Literature 63.4 (Summer 2014): 521-32.

36. Review of The Blue Sapphire of the Mind: Notes for a Contemplative Ecology, by Douglas E. Christie.
ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment 20.4 (2013): 901-02.

37. Review of Religion, Consumerism and Sustainability: Paradise Lost?, ed. Lyn Thomas. Ecozon@ 3.2
(2012): 217-220.

Other Publications
38. “Passing by on the Other Side.” Ecclēsiam. Feb. 7, 2017.

39. “Lecture When It Works, Don’t Lecture When It Doesn’t.” Interview with Gene
Purcell. Central Time. Wisconsin Public Radio. 30 Dec. 2013. Radio.

 4 
40. “Learning without College (and with It Too).” SkilledUp. 6 Nov. 2013. Web.

41. “The Dock on Lake Holloway.” Places to Stand in Florida. Saw Palm: Florida Art and Literature
2010. Web. <>.

42. “Philosopher Martha Nussbaum Speaks on Humanities and Democracy.” Inklinks: The [USF]
English Graduate Student Newsletter 5.4 (2010): 2-4. With Allison Wise.

43. “The Tools of a Spiritual Message.” High Adventure Magazine. Leaders Edition. Fall 2005.

Conference Presentations
1. FORTHCOMING: “Big God, Small Kindness: Religion in the Poetry of Naomi Shihab Nye.”
MELUS. Boston. 2017.

2. “Religious Exile in Li-Young Lee’s Poetry.” MELUS. Charleston, SC. Mar. 3-6, 2016.

3. “Scholes’ Canon of Methods: Critical Reading in the Curriculum and Classroom.” And Gladly
Teach? Pedagogy, Practice and the Teaching of Literature. The University of Delaware,
Wilmington, DE. 20 Apr. 2013.

4. “Poets, Storytellers, and Global Environmental Crisis: Cautionary and Postcautionary
Literature.” Global Governance and Sustainable Communities Interdisciplinary Conference.
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL. 12 Apr. 2013.

5. “The Function of Form in Narrative Poetry: Reading Robert Hass’ ‘A Story About the Body.’“
South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Atlanta, GA. 4-6 Nov. 2011.

6. “Teaching Nature Poetry to Students Who Dislike Nature and Poetry.” South Atlantic
Modern Language Association, Atlanta, GA. 4-6 Nov. 2011.

7. “The Dock on Lake Holloway: Pedagogy, Place, and Planet—An Experiment.” English
Graduate Student Association Colloquium. (Out of) Place. University of South Florida,
Tampa, FL. 14-15 Apr. 2011.

8. “Painting as a Reading Practice.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Atlanta, GA.
4-7 Nov. 2010.

9. “The Limits of Language and the Place of Silence in the University.” English Graduate
Student Association Conference. “Anything But Silence: Politics, Poetry, and Pedagogy.”
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL. 25-27 Mar. 2010.

10. “Orthodox Christian Imagery and Eco-Spirituality in Mary Oliver’s Thirst.” American
Academy of Religion, Montreal. 7-10 Nov. 2009.

11. “Student Behavioral Change in the Writing Classroom.” North Carolina Symposium on
Teaching Writing. North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. 14 Sep. 2009.

 5 
12. “Generative Tension between ‘God’ and ‘Earth’ in Mary Oliver’s Thirst.” College Theology
Conference. University of Notre Dame. 28-31 May 2009.

13. “Reading George Herbert (as) a Prophet.” Southeast Regional Conference on Christianity and
Literature. Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, GA. 3-4 Apr. 2009.

14. “Emily Dickinson and Spiritual Desire.” Louisiana Conference on Literature, Language, and
Culture. University of Louisiana at Lafayette. 6-8 Mar. 2009.

15. “A Community of Questions.” North Carolina Symposium on Teaching Writing. North
Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. 18 Oct. 2008.

16. “Complicated Spirituality in Geography III.” Conference on Christianity and Literature.
Bridgewater, VA. 17 Oct. 2008.

17. “Theory and Christian Spirituality.” English Graduate Student Association Conference.
“Writing into the Profession.” UNC-Greensboro, NC. 27 Sep. 2008

18. “A Pedagogy of Space, Or the Asphyxiation of Frederick Douglass.” Conference of the
Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic Literature in the United States. Columbus, OH. 28 Mar.

19. “(Re)Integrating Spirituality and Academics, Breaking Academic Taboo.” English Graduate
Student Association Conference. UNC-Charlotte, NC. 25 Jan. 2008.

Textbooks Written
College in the Spirit: Christian Higher Education as a Calling. 2012. With Rickey Cotton.

I Hear America Singing: An Anthology of Literature from the United States. 2014.

Writing in College. 2014.

Academic Blogs
Teaching & Learning in Higher Ed. <>.

Corrigan Literary Review. <>.

Courses Taught
American Literature

World Literature

Contemporary Literature

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African American Literature

Latina/o Literature in the U.S.

Native American Literature

Literature and the Environment

Literature and Spirituality

Ecology, Theology, and Literature

Poetry of the 1950s

Introduction to Literature

Introduction to Humanities

English Composition I

English Composition II

Academic Writing and Research

Southeastern University

Faculty Achievement/Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (December 2016)

Faculty Research Course Release (2015-16)

Faculty Research Course Release (Spring 2015)

Teaching Faculty Award for the Support of Information Literacy (2011-12)

Library Special Projects Fund Grant $500 (2010-11)

University of South Florida

“Pass with Distinction” on Dissertation (Spring 2015)

Alice Hearne Award for Outstanding Doctoral Candidate (2014-15)

Irving H. Rubin and Mollie M. Rubin Award for Outstanding Graduate Student (2014-15)

“Pass with Distinction” on Qualifying Exams (Spring 2013)

Carolyn L. Cooley Award in American Literature (2012-13)

 7 
John Iorio Award for Outstanding Graduate Student (2011-12)

Jack B. Moore Memorial Scholarship (2010-11)

North Carolina State University

Teaching Assistantship with Tuition Waiver and Stipend (2007-09)

22 April 2017

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