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Observing The Illuminatus



Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ordo ab Chaos, Rationalising the Irrational
In thirty-two mysterious Paths of Wisdom did Jah, the Jehovah of hosts, the God of
Israel, the Living Elohim, the King of ages, the merciful and gracious God, the Exalted
One, the Dweller in eternity, most high and holy--engrave his name by the three
Sepharim --Numbers, Letters, and Sounds. ------ These twenty-two letters, which are the
foundation of all things, He arranged as upon a sphere with two hundred and thirty-one
gates, and the sphere may be rotated forward or backward, whether for good or for evil;
from the good comes true pleasure, from evil nought but torment. The Book of Formation
(Sepher Yetzirah)
A commonly found symbol of the Illuminatus System is "The Double Headed Eagle". It
is oft seen with either a "32" or a "33" encoded above the double head. A quick search
will enable you to find numerous "mystical" or "esoteric" descriptions as to why the "two
headed Eagle", however, a rational and pragmatic analysis shows that one should view
the "double head" as evidence of "motion", or of "looking this way and that". The Eagle
(the Illuminatus) sees things as they are, written from Left to Right and from Right, often simultaneously, and one cannot rule out
"from center out", for as is known, "If truth be found, it will be found in the Center."
When viewed further as a physical "artistic representation" of the Sepher Yetzirah (Book of Formation), the "32" can be viewed as
"the 32 paths" and the double heads seen as a representation of the "spinning heads" as trying to read words as they are written within
the Sphere. However, as the introduction to the Book of Formation clearly intimates, the System is based on
"Letters/Numbers/Sounds" (be careful of the "translation you use"), we can also represent the double headed eagle simply as a
recognition that the Luciferian System contains an element of "reading from Right to Left", of reading from "Left to Right", and of
reading from "the Center - out".
All of this will make more sense as you become familiar with the Luciferian System.
However, there is still an even further clue to the "32" or the "33", and this clue takes us back to "the Word", which is Pi, and what
one soon realizes is that a part of "returning the Word" requires a full comprehension of Pi - to 32 decimal digits. Wherein Pi is a
wholly "Irrational Number", what soon is revealed is that Pi is wholly "rational" through the first 32 decimal digits. It is these 32
decimal digits which are the "skeleton" or "the wire frame" to the larger Luciferian System.
In order to grasp Luciferianism, it is critical to understand that there are two systems in play: one that reveals and brings forward
enlightenment, and a second which conceales and spreads ignorance. The first invites you to partake in the essence of "the God",
while the second seeks to deny all aspects and knowledge of "the God".
The "God" is the "Alphabet", set against a 26 Letter representation. It is not based, even
remotely, on the 22 of the Hebrew, and Continental Masons are clear in this. Godfrey
Higgins writes on page 34 of "The Beginning of Masonry",
This system was based on a 26-letter alphabet answering to the 26 of JHVH, with alpha
was the first letter, mu or mem, we the middle, and omega the last, philosophically
referring to the beginning, middle, and end of human life.
Where Pi, wholly irrational, never ending and never repeating, once created reveals itself
to be without beginning and without end, remains timebound and yet timeless, can be
viewed as a form of chaos, utilizing the 26 and the 32, we can create Ordo ab Chaos.
Observe the Word. The 32 decimale digits or the 33 digits, including the 3 to the left of
the decimal point reveal themselves as follows:
3.14159265358979323846264332387950...32 decimal digits.

A quick observation reveals that at the 32nd decimal digit the very
first 0 appears. This 0 becomes the "0" of the Fool of the Tarot, and so is the "start", and so we return back to the 1, or the Magi, at
the beginning of the decimal sequence. This can be viewed as written on a sphere, the 32 digits thus beginning with the Fool of the
Tarot at "0", proceeding to "1", and counting out forward
Contained within this sequence is a series of paired digits, each will later be fused to various "mythological philosophies". However,
the first task is draw order out of the chaos that is Pi.

The first paired digit to repeat in Pi is the number 26. Between the two 26's rest 13 letters. The sequence, again, "ends" but "begins"
at 0, yet appears to begin at the "alpha" or "a=1", contains within its center
a series of 13 digits (m = 13). Another way to view the Order appearing
out of the Chaos is to establish the Sun's "marking points", which are
based on the 26 as there are 26 weeks from Solstice to Solstice and
Equinox to Equinox.
The Winter Solstice is 1 and 26 inclusive, as is the Summer Solstice, hence
there are "13 weeks" to the halfway point (Equinoxes) between the
marking points of the Solstices. It soon becomes apparent that Earth's
cycles are modeled against an image of Pi. Outside of the two 26's (not
including the 0) are 14 digits.
What this reveals is one of the first of the "constructs", where it is said that
the Pharoahs (Fair O's) derived their power and upheld the laws of Ma'at.
M = 13
A = The Scales
AT = 14 (See Isisian Codes at bottom of the page)
13/14 = 1314 = A Diameter of 1 has a Circumference of 3.14.
Ordo ab Chaos.
Pi itself is representing the seasonal cycles of the planet (26 weeks from
Solstice to Solstice with 13 weeks between to arrive at the secondary marking points (Equinox to Equinox). What lies within the 26's
is the Letter M at 13, and what lies outside the 26's are 14 digits (revealing Pi again in a transdimensional presentation). 13 inside/14
That the Letter A can and is (was) used within the Illuminatus
System as "scales" can be see in this picture called "the
Congressional Scales".
However, in Western Occultism, at the inner core of the Illuminatus
it was always understood that there were two systems in play.
Aleister Crowley, a "guru" to some of the more modern systems
affiliated with the OTO and "the Black Lodge", hinted at this reality
in his work called "The Book of the Law" , where he stated at "50":
There is a word to say about the Hierophantic task. Behold! there
are three ordeals in one, and it may be given in three ways. The
gross must pass through fire; let the fine be tried in intellect, and the
lofty chosen ones in the highest. Thus ye have star & star, system &
system; let not one know well the other!
That is because Pi itself has two sets of harmonies, one defined as
"MA'AT", or the totality of the whole, and then another system
designed purely around the second 26, we we find another set of
paired digits.
close observation shows that there are 12 digits that are paired in 3
79 on the left is mirrored against a 79 on the right.
32 on the left is mirrored against a 32 on the right.
38 on the left is mirrored against a 38 on the right.
The Center is 462642. The 26 is the FATHER.
FATHER = 6+1+4+8+5+2 = 26
46 and 43 reveal first 4+6+4+3 = 17 = 3+14 = SN
The Holy Ghost becomes the revealed digits (12 total) of 79 32 38 ---- 38 32 79.

17 and 26 are critical numbers, for their sums from 1 to themselves reveal that they are palindromes, and a palindrome when read as
left or right are seen as to be the same. Q, resting at 17, when summed from 1 to itself is 153, while Z, resting at 26, when summed
from 1 to itself is 351.
153 = 351
That Jesus says, "I and the Father are one hints at this element of the larger code and brings forward the "7 broached candlestick of
the Hebrews", but in reality, the "candlestick" or MN or AH are simply encoding elementary attributes to Pi. The Symbol of the Sun,
a circle with a dot in the Center, rests squarely on the 26/17. Each of the other symbols are representing the respective 2 sets of the 6
paired digits.
Note too that "the Ghost" on the Right side of the 26 (Father) shows a "33" and this "33"
is said to be when Jesus ends his ministry and is "crucified" (becomes the Holy Ghost).
The very mythologies are crafted around Pi. Pi is the framework, the skeleton, and the
omnific Word that keeps the whole of the system together through time and space.
Utilizing the "Great Key", or the "mythical Word", Pi, we are able to reconstruct the
forces set in play against and with humanity, and ascertain what is useful and beneficial,
and what is a danger and hence to be shunned or neutralized.
Ultimately, however, all things must return back to "the Word", and in the case of the Double Headed Eagle, we may use either the
"32 decimal digits" or the "33 digits, the 3 to the left of the decimal and the 32 decimal digits" as the beginning of our search point.
Ordo ab Chaos

Pi and the "Pagan" Calendar

One of the most important elements to deciphering Luciferianism is the ability to first come to a realisation that "reality" is based on
a Construct, and second, to synthesize the manner of how this is so into one's personal essence. The ability to achieve this state of
awareness is known as "an apperception of the conceptual". Plutarch says of the "apperception of the conceptual" in Moralia V, "But
the apperception of the conceptual, the pure, and the simple, shining through the soul like a flash of lightning, affords an opportunity
to touch and see it but once.For this reason Plato and Aristotle call this part of philosophy the epoptic or mystic part, inasmuch as
those who have passed beyond these conjectural and confused matters of all sorts by means of Reason proceed by leaps and bounds
to that primary, simple, and immaterial principle; and when they have somehow attained contact with the pure truth abiding about it,
they think that they have the whole of philosophy completely, as it were, within their grasp."
However, it is exceedingly difficult to attain an apperception of the conceptual if for no other reason that humanity at present is
deluded through the use of academic and scientific formulae intended to obscure and deny. "Reason" has been co-opted as an excuse
to deny all that cannot be "proven", even as proofs are simple and plain to see.
That there was and remains an agenda to decieve and create false realities should be self evident to even the most simple of citizens,
but still, as tends to be human nature, the citizenry will defend their beliefs doggedly rather than deal with the obvious reality that
certain matters cannot be explained away, regardless of how hard the authorities try.
That the "authorities" engage in willful deception and falsehoods has always been true. Godfrey Higgins, writing in "The Beginning
of Masonry", states, "When the period approached that the average citizen knew more than the heirophant of former years, he was
not encouraged, but repressed, and instead of being admitted to the Mysteries was driven back by curses, so that the priestly caste
might maintain its ascendancy. Notable exceptions to this were the examples of Egypt and Greece, where enlightenment was, at
certain ages, almost Universal. It was the oppression of the Mysteries that enslaved Europe for centuries."
It should be no small wonder, then, that the current ruling Elite, aligned as it is to Setian Kabballah, holds dear such works as Torah
and Talmud, works that vilify Egypt and glorify the destruction of the Greeks via the political message of "Channukah".
Yet just as powerfully, we are entering a period where the "average citizen" has the capacity to know far more than the current
"heirophants" (Rabbinical Kabballists), and so we find ourselves entering a period where all means and manner are being deployed to
"beat back" the citizenry through all manner of insult and assassinations, using such forces as "science" or "academia"; yet, all the
while, we can reduce the nature of the denial to basic and simple ignorance coupled with an agenda to enable the ignorant to
persecute the knowing.
History's cycles repeat themselves. Hence there is a need and a measurable benefit to the release of the conceptual upon which basic
and inherent truths aid in the cutting through ignorance and denial. Basic "knowing" helps to seperate out "those who know" from
"those who do not." If you inherently "know" the system and how it is crafted, you will be able to recognise negative and destructive
formulae when these negative and destructive formulae are injected into the emotional and intellectual environments.
A very simple formula that highlights this willful crafting around Pi is "the Pagan Calendar'.
Setian (Jehovian) systems, to this day, especially as one trends to the fundementalism, is inherently ignorant and oppressive of
anything remotely "PAGAN". Why? One reason is that because Western "PAGANISM" is a system derived wholly outside of Judeo
constructs, the system contains information far more rooted in the actual design of the Construct (Pi) than can be found in the Judeo
systems. Consequently, in order for Judeo systems to arrive at and maintain a supremacy, it too must "beat down" and otherwise must
drive back the information contained within so as to maintain its ascendancy.
So how did the "PAGANS", the "Osirian" and "Isisian" systems, imbed Pi into the Pagan Calendar?
They made no secret that their system is based on the 26. If we divide the 26 in half, the center digits are 13 and 14, or Pi.
If we divide the 26 in half again, we arrive at the following:
The Pagan Calendar revolves around 8 major "Sabbats",
Courtesy of Celtic Knot
Samhain - October 31st Yule - December 22nd (Winter Solstice) Imbolc - February 2nd - Also known as Brigid or Candlemas
Eoster - March 21st (Spring Equinox)
Beltane - May 1st Litha - June 22nd (Summer Solstice) -

Lughnasadh - July 31st Mabon - September 21st (Autumnal Equinox) The Calendar is broken down into the major marking points of the Sun, the Solstices and Equinoxes, and then there occurs holidays
"6 weeks" after the major marking points. One can wax on the philosophics as to why this might be so. For instance, at the time of
the Spring Equinox, "spring" (the Sun "springing into the sky" or the phonetic of "SBRING") brings the promise of new life, and
indeed, new life is becoming prevalent, but it still takes some six weeks before the full effects of Spring appear to be vibrant
(Beltane). Same as the Summer Solstice. Although the Sun is at its peak on the Summer Solstice, the full effects of the Sun's heat can
be felt towards the dog days of August (Lughnasadh).
This formula of "7" and "6" as in "1776", can be found all over Ancient Mythology. It is a basic formula encoding Pi, and it is rooted
explicitly into the Pagan Calendar where "the start" of the Year" starts with the "Birth of the Sun God" (later "Jesus") on December
25. Manley P. Hall writes in "The Sun, a Universal Deity" as part of his larger work, "Secret Teachings of All Ages",
The pagans set aside the 25th of December as the birthday of the Solar Man. They rejoiced, feasted, gathered in processions, and
made offerings in the temples. The darkness of winter was over and the glorious son of light was returning to the Northern
Hemisphere. With his last effort the old Sun God had torn down the house of the Philistines (the Spirits of Darkness) and had cleared
the way for the new sun who was born that day from the depths of the earth amidst the symbolic beasts of the lower world.
Concerning this season of celebration, an anonymous Master of Arts of Balliol College, Oxford, in his scholarly treatise, Mankind
Their Origin and Destiny, says: "The Romans also had their solar festival, and their games of the circus in honor of the birth of the
god of day. It took place the eighth day before the kalends of January--that is, on December 25. Servius, in his commentary on verse
720 of the seventh book of the neid, in which Virgil speaks of the new sun, says that, properly speaking, the sun is new on the 8th of
the Kalends of January-that is, December 25. In the time of Leo I. (Leo, Serm. xxi., De Nativ. Dom. p. 148), some of the Fathers of
the Church said that 'what rendered the festival (of Christmas) venerable was less the birth of Jesus Christ than the return, and, as
they expressed it, the new birth of the sun.' It was on the same day that the birth of the Invincible Sun (Natalis solis invicti), was
celebrated at Rome, as can be seen in the Roman calendars, published in the reign of Constantine and of Julian (Hymn to the Sun, p.
155). This epithet 'Invictus' is the same as the Persians gave to this same god, whom they worshipped by the name of Mithra, and
whom they caused to be born in a grotto (Justin. Dial. cum Trips. p. 305), just as he is represented as being born in a stable, under
the name of Christ, by the Christians."
However, Osiris was said to have died on the Winter Solstice, The god-man/savior Osiris died and was entombed on DEC-21. "At
midnight, the priests emerged from an inner shrine crying 'The Virgin has brought forth! The light is waxing" and showing the image
of a baby to the worshipers." 1 [source]
The "death" and "rebirth" of "3 days" of "Jesus" begins to make more sense once one realises that the whole story is a fusion of
earlier myths. The "rising again" previously dealt with Osiris at the Winter Solstice, and from the 3 days of mourning brings one to
the rebirth at the 25th day of December, "December" being part of such words as "deceased" and "descent" as an aside to the crafting.
Just as "Jesus's symbol" is "the Cross" (really the lower case letter t), Osiris can be equated to the Ankh of the Egyptians, for the
Ankh is representative of "eternal life". We may view the "ankh" as a is a fusion of two archetypes:
1) The Letter T, showing the Sun lifted up on the Horizon (exalted at noon zenith)'
2) The Vulva, or Isis giving birth to "the Baby Horus" as the new Sun god"
Since this cycle repeated itself annually, it can be understood how such could have been equated to "eternal life". However, there is
more to the "puzzle". The very word SOLSTICE is a form of cryptogram that reveals the nature and design of the word and helps to
establish T as the basis of our beginning.
SOLS = Sol's = Sun = Summer
T = Sun "lifted up on the horizon, exalted at noon Zenith" (a "Tee" in golf)
ICE = "frozen" = Winter
Solstice says, Sun's T and Winter's T, with T being the "key".
Back to the Alphabet, itself a representation of Pi.
As we can see, it is the 7th letter of the second half of the Alphabet. Yet its key day is "the Winter and Summer Solstice", which can
be established as 21/22 of December and June.
22/7 = 3.1428571 = A Recipricol 7 representation of Pi.
Since there are 13 weeks from the Solstice's to the Equinox's, we simply count out our Letters.

Again, we arrive at March and September 21/22.

G is the 7th Letter.
So the Letter G becomes apparent as to its design. The C (sphere of the Earth) plus the T (equator) shows that the Sun is at the
Equator at the time of the Letter G, and this date is 22 day over 7 letter = 3.1428571.
Recipricol 7 Pi.
Through a shifting of the Pagan Calendar by "6 weeks", we find the that Beltane (May Day) and Samhain (Halloween), are too,
directly fused to Pi.
MNO = 13145 = Pi = The Word
Hence there is a code in AU TO MN still to be solved and revealed, but it is inescapable that Pi is the foundation to the formation of
the Pagan Year

The Alphabet as a Hyper-dimensional Representation of Pi

As we have seen in "Ordo ab Chaos", the first 32 digits of Pi comprise what is known as "the mythical Word", "the Omnific Word",
etc. However, the 32 decimal digit sequence of Pi only represents the framework, or backbone, upon which the Luciferian System is
Pi is the skeleton. 3.14159265358979323846264338327950....
"The Acroamatic Cipher" reveals that the mythologies themselves are but word pictorials of a hidden Alphabet, of which the
constituent components are part of a "divine Alphabet", and wherein the individual letters are worshipped by the unknowing as
"gods", while the Initiated understand implicitly the archetypical nature contained within each of the same said alphabetical letters.
The Letter A, for instance, represents such gods as Odin, the One Eye'd God, Osiris, Horus, Able, among others. The Letter A is
known as "the Pyramid Letter", the "Ladder of Jacob", among others. Geometrically, the Letter A is the outer form to the Hexagon,
Pentagon, Octogon, etc., while each of its constituent angles and points is fused with numbers and mathematical formulae that reveal
a part of the Conceptual.
The Letter B is the goddess Isis, "pregnant with Horus" (note that you make the "bottom bigger than the top" when instructed to draw
the glyph), while when turned 90 degrees to the left, the letter B is as the Bird on the Horizon. It is 2 B and not 2 B equally, for it is
derived from the Sum of 1 to 2 = 3 (1+2=3), and so the glyph utilizes the mathematical formula to derive its shape.
That letters are fused with archetypical significance is oft traced back 'to Jesus', wherein evidence can be found that supports the idea
that Masonry derives its knowledge of Letters back to Jesus. In "Protevangelion, Infancy I", we find this curious passage of Jesus
explaining to a Master the hidden nuances contained within the Letters,
4 So they brought him to that master; who, as soon as he saw him, wrote out an alphabet for him,
5 And he bade him say Aleph; and when he had said Aleph, the master bade him pronounce Beth.
6 Then the Lord Jesus said to him, Tell me first the meaning of the letter Aleph, and then I will pronounce Beth.
7 And when the master threatened to whip him, the Lord Jesus explained to him the meaning of the letters Aleph and Beth;
8 Also which were the straight figures of the letters, which the oblique, and what letters had double figures; which had points, and
which had none; why one letter went before another; and many other things he began to tell him, and explain, of which the master
himself had never heard, nor read in any book.
9 The Lord Jesus further said to the master, "Take notice how I say to thee"; then he began clearly and distinctly to say Aleph, Beth,
Gimel, Daleth, and so on to the end of the alphabet.
So just as the Letter B and D are crafted utilizing the outer forms of their mathematical expressions (1+2=3 = B and 1+2+3+4 = 10 =
D), or letters as M and W are 13 and 23 respective to form 36, etc., the speculative side of the Illuminatus has always been and
remains an esoteric study into the nature of the Letters.
Above and beyond all of this, the Alphabet remains a hyper-dimensional representation of Pi. As such, it is necessary to resolve, at a
fundemental level (as scales on the musical scale), the precise location of the Letters as they are fused to Pi. In order to accomplish
this, we must treat the Alphabet as a form of code, break it into its constituent components, and resolve the pattern as they too must
be representative of precise patterns found in Pi.

A clue to the system is found in the MN or AH,

or menorah, or the "7" or "9" broached
candlestick used by Setian worshippers
(Hebrews). Surrounding the "lighter candle",
where the ...462643... are 6 paired digits per side, consisting of ...793238...383279...while in the English alphabet, we can show the
The Alphabet is crafted around two distinct forms of Letters: Symmetrical, and Assymmetrical.
The Symmetrical are as follows: AHIMOTUVWXY
The Assymmetrical are as follows: BCDEFGJKLNPQRSZ
What is immediately revealed is that the Alphabet itself has two sets of 6 digit (letters) 'per side' occuring unbroken in sequence,

This "mirrors", in design, at least, the 3 pair of 6 digits that form mirrors of 3 pair against each other as seen in Pi. By placing our
"Key at Z", or the final digit before the "0" in Pi, the Alphabet lays down as follows:
From this point, one need still to place the final digits/letters into place. This is accomplished through a thorough knowledge of "The
Isisian Codes".
The Isisian Codes places English into a phonetic equivalent based on the numbering set
of 1-9. In the above, A=Q, B=R (same design/shape), C=S (same phonetic), D=T (same
phonetic), etc. Utilizing the Isisian Codes against Pi reveals the following pattern:

The Number 26 then reveals itself to be completely exalted around "the 26", for the sum
of A as 1 and Y as 25 = 1+25 = 26, etc.
The 26 Letter System of English reveals itself to be a hyper-dimensional representation
of Pi. The door to the philosophy to the Illuminatus stands ready to be pryed open and
its secrets revealed.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Gematria, Language of the Illuminatus
We have seen that Pi is the "Omnific Word" as used by Western Occult Systems. Specifically, the first 32 decimal digits of Pi.
So what is Gematria? It is the willful encrypting of a word fused to a mathematical value in order to provide the word with an
encoded significance. This definition is a radical departure from profane discussions on this subject, but the definition is far more
accurate and clear. Furthermore, the "encoded significance" is further comprised of two primary encoded realities: words that have an
absolute truth encoded into them, and words that are encoded to reveal "esoteric significances".
An "absolute truth" may still be compound in nature, meaning that the word has an "esoteric significance" even as it encodes a literal
truth. An "absolute truth", often will be set against some astronomical calculation, or some mathematical constant. This principle is
set forth in "The Beginning of Masonry, page 24",
If the ultimate and all sustaining secret of Freemasonry may be openly expressed in a few words, it will be these:
The entire course of nature is manifested in cycles. Some of these are scientifically real, others are but appearances based on the
presence and position of the observor upon the Earth, away from which they have no true existence. For instance, there is no night
except as we are temporarily on the shadow side of our globe during its diurnal rotation. There is this movement of the Earth upon
its axis; there is the annual revolution that we term the year; and there is the stupendous cycle called the precession of the equinoxes,
which requires nearly 26,000 years for its accomplishment. There are relative velocities and courses of the planets, the axial
revolution of the sun, their angles of inclination, the atomic weights of metals, the phenomena of light, color, crystallization, and
gravitation. When the results are expressed in their simplest forms, the latter prove to be some rudimentary geometrical figures that
supply the structure of crystals, and all blend together into the marvelous triangle (pythagorean theorem or "golden triangle") that
caused old Pythagoras to cry "Eureka!" when the beauties burst upon him."
By careful computation we are able to reconstruct this really divine system, and we find that the exact proportions relating to the
celestial correlations in question were lavishly and exclusively employed in the architecture of the temples of old, in all the culture
lands of the world, both east and west.
He goes on to explain at the beginning of a Chapter entitled "The Letter/Number System" on page 33: "The next step beyond that of
embodying the sacred proportions in architecture and art was to contrive their vocal expression."
"To contrive their vocal expression" is the encoding of particular constants into the words, returning the words back to "the golden
triangle of Pythagoras", or Pi. This is the reality of what is "gematria", and hence the definition as defined to start this article is that
"gematria" is "the willful encrypting of a word fused to a mathematical value in order to provide the word with an encoded
Hence "Gematria", provides us with literal hidden essences into the words not contained within the dictionary. This reality, too, is by
design, for contrived nature of the words reveals their esoteric, or hidden, meanings, such meanings being either "absolute truths" or
purely "esoteric significances" based on a conceptual truth via the process of observor location and observed phenomena.
For example. Higgins mentions "the stupendous cycle called the precession of the equinoxes". This cycle is the primary purpose to
the Royal Arch Degree. However, this cycle is purely illusory. Observing the Sun at its location at the Equinox, the Sun appears to
traverse in reverse through the Zodiac, forming a "circle in the sky". This "circle" is oft referred to as "the pie in the sky", yet "pi" and
"pie" really are encoding the same thing - a Circle, hence the ration of this circle to its diameter.
So the word ZODIAC can be inferred to then be a part of the "contrived vocal expression", and indeed it is, for the anagram of
ZODIAC is CADOIZ. Return the Letters to Numbers, and C=3, A=1, D=4, O=15, I=9, Z=26
ZODIAC = CADOIZ = 3.1415926
We can refer to this "contrived word" as both an "absolute truth" and an "esoteric truth", depending on our purpose for the encoding.
By revealing that ZODIAC is an anagram for Pi = 3.1415926, we begin to formulate "the structure of crystals" that "all blend
Absolute truths, for all intents and purposes, however, we define as words that encode particular constants based on observable
astronomic phenomena. For instance, the word EARTH reveals E+A+R+T+H = 5+1+18+20+8 = 52 Weeks. This is an "absolute
truth" that clearly defines the Earth relative to its position in the solar system. The word says, "I, the planet Earth, maintains an orbit
of 52 weeks around the Sun."
Esoteric truths are really quite different. An overly simplistic analysis of "esoteric truths" assumes that words of same value as
"added" together necessarily imply an esoteric equivalency to other words. Many quack analysts assume this to mean "pseudonumerology" equally, but most quack analysts, themselves, are not educated or versed enough to comment on such matters and are in
generally wholly clueless that there is a contrived constructed element to the language.

Bernard Pick, as quoted in "the Ancient Cipher", a Masonic inspired text released in the 1930's, said, "The art of discovering the
hidden sense of the text by means of numerical equivalence of the Letters" was an apt definition of what was "Gematria". In this
manner, which really is what "profane Gematria" as been reduced to, Letters are given values based on their "ordinal placement in the
Alphabet", and words are then added to find their total value, and words that have the same value are said to have esoteric
equivalencies. This process is extended to whole phrases.
Examples of this might be, "The Ancient Word of God = 206 = The Word of Numbers", or "The Number Within the Letter = 302 =
Written Beneath Visible Word = 302 = Wisdom Hidden Under the Letter", or "Miraculous Cipher = 191 = God's Spell in Cipher =
191 = The Supreme Miracle = 191 = The Pure White Magic = 191 = Words as Numbers = 191 = The Super Words = 191 = The Silent
Words = 191 = Written in Cipher = 191 = The Letters Double = 191 = Letters-Numbers = 191 God-Word Revealed = The Word of
Some of my students have even come to me to reveal that the phrase, "I, Fetch, speak the words of the Gods." = 314 (3.14) itself has
an "esoteric significance" in that indeed, what is being revealed is the underlying nature of Pi as the framework to the English
Initiated (Illuminatus) System.
However, what is important to note is that contrived or crafted words set against numerical equivalencies is a critical component,
indeed, THE CRITICAL COMPONENT, to understanding the nature of the Construct, a construct wholly based on, and set against,

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Gem in I, or "The Secret of the Twins"
"I will find
Where truth is hid, though it were hid indeed
Within the center."
- Hamlet, II, 2
Without getting into the mythological details, here is a fun little code you can try yourself. I call it, "The Gem in I" or "The Secret of
the Twins".
If you are like me, you have read a fair amount of Occult literature. One of the main peculiarities you will find in work as it pertains
to Qaballa (Kabballah), Gematria, etc., is that words are spelled sometimes with all "upper case" letters.
Example, from Manley P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages:
Ex. 1 The name Solomon may be divided into three syllables, SOL-OM-ON, symbolizing light, glory, and truth collectively and
Ex. 2 Accompanied by his retinue of planets, moons, and asteroids, this Divine King (SOLomon), whose glory no earthly monarch
shall ever equal, passes in stately pomp down the avenues of space.
Notice that in each of these examples, the word "Solomon" has been recast and set into "capital letters". SOL-OM-ON, as shown in
example 1 and SOLomon as shown in example 2. There are many reasons to do this, not the least of which is to convey some form of
code, including codes that are "numerically designed", i.e., "Gematria", or to show some partial exposing of a hidden value, be it
archetypical, as in "Light, Glory, and Truth, respective", or to show some numerical code. Furthermore, the use of CAPITALS is
designed to set all the letters on the same footing, or power, so that words can more readily be viewed "this way" or "that", meaning
from Left to Right and from Right to Left, or from the Center outward.
There are numerous rules to this "artform", not the least of which the casual observor may find as "finding whatever one wants to
find and proving whatever one wants to prove." In King Henry IV, one of the rules to many used ciphers (including Gematria coding)
is the phrase "I will find where truth is hid, though it were hid indeed within the center." This phrase represents a view to analyzing
words from the "center" out.
An easy example of this form of coding is the word SOLSTICE. Just as the word SOL-OM-ON was shown above to be broken into
its constituent components to mean
SOL = Light
OM = Glory
ON = Truth,
so, too, is the word SOLSTICE broken into its constituent components.
If truth be found, search for it when hid in the center. This is clearl a "center out" word. The Letter T, as we have seen in "Pi and the
Pagan Calendar" is a "god", or "letter" that is "exalted" at Noon Zenith of the Winter and Summmer Solstices.
The Ankh, as a symbol of the birth of the Sun God, means "everlasting life", a reference back the enduring solar pattern (love affair)
between the Earth and her Sun. Hence Isis is giving birth to Horus at the Winter Solstice, which maintains and contains all the
attributes of the "father", Osiris. Then you simply have to solve the equation. The Letter T is that which "lifts up the Sun" and is
essentially a geometrical glyph akin to a measurement. It is no secret to any golfer that one "tee's
up the ball". The Letter T, and the drink T (awakens you with caffeine) are all part of the basic part
of the Isisian Codes.
The Letter T, in this case, represents the noon zenith of the Solstices.
T = Noon Zenith Measurement
From here, you should be able to reason your way through to the solution. The word "SOLS" is "SOL'S" = Summer T and the word
ICE is that which is "frozen" intimating Winter T.
SOLS = Sol's = Summer
T = Noon Zenith

ICE = "frozen" = Winter

Sol's T and Winter's T.
Now here is where it gets interesting. The period between the Winter T and the Summer T goes from the beginning of Capricorn
(cap/cornerstone/eye of pyramid as winter solstice/Horus/Osiris) and the end of the Sign of the Twins.
The Sign of the Twins is called "Gemini", but agaim, but again, the GEM IN I is that the sign is a Letter, which is the Greek Letter II
Each of the "I's" of the Gem in I is that the Winter Solstice is represented by the Letter A or Osiris
and the Summer Solstice is represented by the Letter "I", or Seth.
Each of these Letters has a value of 1. A is located at 1 and the Letter I is the Roman numeral 1 and
the first letter from the 9 in reverse.
The Winter Solstice is "the god of darkness" (Letter A)in that he is born on the darkest of days, but
with his arrival, the days get brighter and brighter and longer and longer and death and darkness
(Dece-ased and Dece-mber are afterall, sharing roots)are making way for the life of Spring. At the
same time, on the other side of the planet, is being born "the god of light", who, however, "brings
These parallels become the idea that Osiris is "dark", or "Lucifer" is "the bringer of light", and come to mean too that when Seth is
allowed to become "overpowering" and "brings about draught", that too knowledge and the benefits accrued from knowledge recede,
while "Lucifer" being light and hence knowledge as symbolic of the days getting longer.
This is the mythical and trans-dimensional battle between "light" and "darkness" and hence the confusion as to who is light and
beneficial and who is dark and and disastrous.
More clues lie in the words TWINS and WINTER.
The Letter T, essentially, is "the Sun" as represented by its marking point at the Summer T and Winter T. T is, in this case, "the Key".
At the Sign of the TWINS, the Sun is at its maximum height, so the Letter T is placed at the forefront of the word T-WIN(s), while at
the Winter solstice, the Sun is at its lowest elevation in the sky, and so the letter T is moved "to the bottom of the word" to reveal the
word WIN-T(r).
T-WIN(s) = Sun at Summer Zenith
WIN-T(r) = Sun at Winter Zenith
Simply show that the Letter T is the 7th Letter:
-------7------This reveals again Pi, or the Omnific Word, as 22/7 = 3.1428571 = Recipricol 7 Pi.
Voila. The "word" revealed.
"TWINS" and "WINTER" are "GEMATRIA" or coded words to reveal the Omnific Word. These words are critical keys to the
System of the Illuminatus, which I refer to as "the Isisian Codes".

Friday, July 20, 2007

Shifting Sands, The Morphing of Mythologies
Plutarch states in Moralia V, On Isis and Osiris "Therefore the effort to arrive at the Truth, and especially the truth about the gods, is
a longing for the divine. For the search for truth requires for its study and investigation the consideration of sacred subjects, and it is
a work more hallowed than any form of holy living or temple service; and, not least of all, it is well-pleasing to that goddess whom
you worship, a goddess exceptionally wise and a lover of wisdom, to whom, fas her name at least seems to indicate, knowledge and
understanding are in the highest degree appropriate."
A practical way to read the above statement is to, well, be practical. If you view the world through one eye, how is your ability to
perceive depth and perspective? It is completely impaired. So what is necessary is to have "two eyes" so that one can form a
triangulation upon which depth perception can be perceived. In otherwords, your ability to percieve and gain perspective to the larger
contruct is greatly impaired through the focus on any given particular system: the Construct is not contained in any one given system
and instead has been purposely shred and torn and spread across multiple systems.
Plutarch states this equally when he refers to Jehovah/Typhon/Seth when he states the following in "Moralia V, On Isis and Osiris",
"For Isis is a Greek word,6 and so also is Typhon, her enemy, who is conceited, as his name implies, because of his ignorance and
self-deception. He tears to pieces and scatters to the winds the sacred writings, which the goddess collects and puts together and
gives into the keeping of those that are initiated into the holy rites, since this consecration, by a strict regimen and by abstinence
from many kinds of food and from the lusts of the flesh, curtails licentiousness and the love of pleasure, and induces a habit of patient
submission to the stern and rigorous services in shrines, the end and aim of which is the knowledge of Him who is the First, the Lord
of All, the Ideal One."
Isis as "The Owl" (two) in close proximity and communion with "the Ideal 1".

The process of analysing and placing mythology into a comprehensive global system is akin to "collecting up all the pieces" and
placing them into the hands of "the initiated", who can then proceed to piece the puzzle that has been torn asunder by Seth. The
various myths can be construed to be interlinked (hence the common themes), each shifting depending on the local significances.
Furthermore, since the myths are acroamatic ciphers, what we find is that various myths are imbedding archetypical information
regarding specific Letters, who are themselves worshipped as "gods", who together comprise the "the Ideal One", which becomes the
Alphabet as a "hyper-dimensional representation of Pi."
F.D. Buck, writing in "The Symbolism of Freemasonry"explains, "The modifications or transpositions of sacred nomenclatures as
they passed from one race to another, were generally cleverly accomplished as to assimilate their esoteric qualities with symbolif
formulae of local return to the alphabetical relations of these three isolated letters. We are compelled to recognise
them as the first, the thirteenth and twenty-sixth letters of a twenty six letter alphabet..."
What remains is solving for elements of "truth", propensities of "truth", measurements of "truth", preponderances of "truth", etc. This
can only be fully comprehended by an understanding of the mythological framework set against a master "archetypical Key".
For instance, there are two primary tales of the "Deluge" used within the Illuminatus, one, the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Story of
Noah. Each tale describes in detail a flood that destroyed humankind. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, we read the following:
Tablet XI, Column iv
From afar the lady of the gods (Isis/Ishtar) came down.
[From the corpses] she raied up the [iridescent] fly which anu made for love-making.
'Gods, let me not forget this, by the power of the lapiz lazuli on my neck.
These [evil] days I will remember and never forget.
Gods, approach the offering.
But let Enlil not approach the offering,
for without discussion [in the assembly of the Gods] he brought on Flood,
and my people he numbered for slaughter'
As soon as Enlil arrived
he spotted the ark. Enlil was furious.

He was filled with the wrath of the gods, the Igigi.

'Has life-breath escaped? No man was meant to live through the devastation!"
Ninurta shaped his mouth to speak, saying to warrior Enlil:
'You, shrewd one of the gods, warrior.
how is it - how could you - without talking it through, send the Flood?"
Needless to say, the evidence of "other gods", or that Enlil/Jehovah/Typhon/Seth was seen to near criminal if not completely careless
and lacking in forsight, is wholly missing from the Judeo versions. Without this persective, the Judeo versions gain wholly too much
importance and relevance that when takin into perspective, become wholly unjustified: there is more to the myth that is not being said
in the single eye (Bible/Torah analysis) only.
The Lakota speak of Unkehti, a water monster (female) that fought the humans and caused the Flood, while the Apache story of
northern New Mexico states that "When the rains came, only a few people made it to the mountain tops and shut their eyes. Those
who looked at the flood turned into a fish or frog (as did some who were caught in the flood); if they looked at the sky, they turned
into a bird. The people sitting on the mountains were told, when they got hungry, to think of food, and Dios would feed them.""
All of these are important clues to understanding the current Construct.
When children are sent to "school", and fish that swim together are called "a school of fish", each of these archetypes is fused to the
Deluge in mythology, with the implication that it is humanity that is "drowned", still, or as stated in the Epic of Gilgamesh, "Forever
my people shall be as fish in the sea!"
Understanding the various Mythologies aid in the crafting the current Construct is critical to getting passed the spell of the crafted
reality. A "rampage" makes more esoteric sense when compared to the idea of Noah leading the animals ark via 'the ramp', or that an
"error" and an "error rat" hints at the differnces between Illuminatus associated with Noah (Noahidism) and those associated with
That mankind lives in a state of "delusion" hints strongly at the archetypical ideal imbedded into "the Deluge". Following the
morphing mythologies aids greatly in gaining insights into how this is all so.

Towards a Comprehensive English Qaballa, Part I

I have studied the world of Qaballa in all its varied spellings for nearly 2 decades. I will be the first to admit that the space is filled
with alot of religious lunatics. From Ginsberg and his Noahidist crypto-Jewish fascism, to Crowley and his tortured attempts to fit
square pegs into round holes, I have seen it all.
To begin, it is necessary for the aware seeker, and "seer", to be acutely aware that there are two "Qaballas" in play: the profane
Rabbinical "kabballah", a system predicated on the "cube" and an "underworld" component, and a secret and sealed "Hermetic"
Qaballa, itself based on "two cubes", or what Crowley of the OTO hinted at but never revealed, "the Star on Star, and system on
Furthermore, it is helpful to understand that the Illuminatus System has been refined for literally thousands of years, and before any
"book" ever hits "the bookstore", these works are often fused to numerical formulae and confused enough to hide their esoteric
significances. This means that quite often, the various religious texts, be it "Torat", or "Qu'ran", or many other tales, have gone
through a form of "tincturing", imbedding specific truths so as not to fully destroy "the Truth", but obscuring it quite enough so as to
make it undistinquishable to the untrained and unsuspecting eye.
An anonymous author from the Hermetic Arts described this reality as follows:
Let a Lover of truth make use of few authors, but of the best note and experience truth; let him suspect things that are quickly
understood, especially in Mystical Names and Secret Operations; for truth lies hid in obscurity; for Philosophers never write more
deceitfully - than when plainly, nor ever more truly - than when obscurely. - Source
To begin, perhaps it might serve to understand Occult metanumerics. Taoist Metanumerics teaches that there are 7 metanumerics:
The Point
The Line
The Plane
All creation is contained within this whole. What is beyond "divinity" is of a realm that is not privy to the human creation. These
Taoist "metanumerics" are essentually the same thing as was taught by the Pythagoreans, wherein we find the following set against
The Point (the dot) is the power of the 1
The Line (the line) is the power of the 2
The Surface (the plane) is the power of
the 3
The Solid (time) is the power of the 4
To save time, you can view work from
Manley P. Hall, catalogued here: Entry
Level Pythagorean Metanumerics
You will find the same basic patterns of
thinking in "Rabbinical Kabballah", but
essentially, what it will be breaking down
to is rendition of a "cube" as it spins on
the 6th sepherah called "Tip"eroth. At the
end of the day, whether one is seeking
after the Rabbinical Tree of Life, the
Ka'aba of the Qu'ran, or the "cross" of the
Christians, what a person is seeking after
is the outer manifestations of the inner
esoterics of the cube.
Here we see the cube as it has been
unfolded, forming both the "Tau" or the
Letter "T", and the "cross" of the
In this diagram, we can view the upper
portion of the Rabbinical "kabballah".
Note that what we need to do is turn the
cube slightly to the right, and fold it down

on a diagonal, to reveal the upper 6 "sepherah" of the Rabbinical "tree", which is really not a "tree" at all, but a revolving "cherub", or
cube. Note that the numbers are placed juxtaposed as if it were a cube equally, with 1 being opposite of the 6, and 2 opposite of the 5,
and 3 opposite of the 4, hence the source equally of such mesmer spells as "777", and its significance as part of the "slot machine"
What this reveals is this shape. The "Magen" of the "Hebrews" or "Jews". This shape gives way to this as its upper portion or half.
This symbol would give way to this: And of course, this is all "just a game" this
"worship of the cube"...
And so you think you understand the power of the Illuminatus as it crafted a system
based solely on the cube?
However, the "dreidle" and the "cherub", in which "cherub" thinly veiled the word
"cube", held a specific and damning clue:
DREIDLE = 4+18+5+9+4+12+5 = 57 = 3+8+5+18+21+2 = CHERUB
The past 1000 years have been devoted to creating a "Western Mystery System"
predicated on the sole worship of the "flaming sword and the "cherub", or the "cube",
but as we move towards a "comprehensive English Qaballa", we will be able to move
beyond the mesmer of the "flaming sword and Cherub" and return back to the
"philosophical Garden of Eden".
This is Towards a Comprehensive English Qaballa, Part II

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Sample Preface to Gematria, Language of the Illuminatus
One Basic Truth
truth can
be used as
a foundation for
a mountain of lies,
and if we dig down deep
enough in the mountain of lie,
and bring out that truth, to set it
on top of the mountain of lies; the entire
mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of
that one truth, and there is nothing more devastating to a
structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which
the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of
the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to
reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to
follow, awakening even those
people who had no
desire to be
+to the
This tale, ultimately, is the story of a God; nigh, the God. His name is Osiris. He is wedded to perhaps the most endearing of all
the gods throughout time, the Lady of the Heavens, Isis. She who is known by 10,000 names, who is all there was, has been, and
will ever be. She who nursed the child Dyctis with her finger.
ISIS = 9+19+9+19 = 56 = 19+16+5+5+3+8 = SPEECH
OSIRIS = 15+19+9+18+9+19 = 89 = 18+5+12+9+7+9+15+14 = RELIGION
This tale deals with the esoteric construct behind the Speech Religion of the gods. The rules within the language including the
rules of grammar would conveniently and effectively encode Gematria. This hidden religion would become the Philosophy and the
Language of the Illuminatus. Yet it is a story, nonetheless. A story of a Code. The Isisian Codes, or the Speech Codes. The tale
gives witness to the vilified "spoken word traditions" and shows how these traditions became fused (wed) to the Alphabet and then
woven into the language.
Specifically, this story is the esoteric reconstruction of Philosophy within the English Alphabet as based on the 26 and how to find
imbedded within the Letters and Order and Shape and Sounds distinct layers of knowledge. These layers were designed to enable the
Initiates into the Mystery Schools, or Illuminatus Systems, to come to know the God.
This is the tale of an incredible cipher imbedded into the Letters of the Alphabet, and it is intended that those who seek into the
matters of these things will come to know of the esoteric meaning of the word set, the Truth.
Ultimately, the Alphabet tells a story of a great war between two brothers, one who sought to bring knowledge and light to the world,
and the other which sought to bring darkness and caste humanity into the shadows of ignorance. As we write this today, in the year
2007, the brother who seeks to bring ignorance and darkness has the upper hand.
This brother was known as the tearor, for as it is written by Plutarch around AD 351
in Moralia V, On Isis and Osiris, For Isis is a Greek word,6 and so also is Typhon,
her enemy, who is conceited, as his name implies,6 because of his ignorance and selfdeception. He tears to pieces and scatters to the winds the sacred writings, which the
goddess collects and puts together and gives into the keeping of those that are initiated
into the holy rites,
The Tear-or brings TEARS, TERRORISM, and hints at all things TERRIBLE. It is
no secret that his ark landed on ARARAT, which too contains the hidden code of
Error Rat and Tear-Or just the same.

The myths and fairy tales hide the story, and reveal it too just the same. The study of Gematria, and in particular, English Gematria,
provides humanity with a channel to ascertain the Truth, and as there is nothing more dangerous to the mountain of lies built upon
this One Basic Truth, hence this Work is directed at the hinge upon the door that keeps open that great house built on lies.
It is with great gratitude and admiration that I marvel at what was accomplished in the creation of the English Language. Contrary to
popular academic belief, what will become clear is that this language enjoyed and spoken by some 690,000,000 truly does tell an
incredible story, a story that has the power to unite, even as those who currently dominate the language seek to use it to tear and
It is time to realize that when Osiris (religion) was to arise again, that this Resurrection would be complete when his body, the
Alphabet, was complete and revealed anew. Let us take the truth and lay it firmly upon the mountain of lies.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

322, Skull and Bones and the VW
The ultimate expression of the Language of the Illuminatus can be broken down into two numbers:
The Diameter of the Moon is 6*6*6*10 Miles, or 2160 miles in diameter.
The Diameter of the Sun is 6*6*6*4*1000+1000, or 865,000 miles in diameter.
Each sign of the Zodiac has a slotted time period of 6*6*6*10 years, or 2160 years.
The "intelligent design" of Earth relative to the its position in the cosmos would need to take into account this mathematical anomoly.
Was the relationship of the Earth to the Sun to the Zodiac based on 666 purely by chance, or were these numerics imbedded into the
life force of Planet Earth?
Pi is represented as the Feminine, in that it is the circumference of the circle. Its traditional "goddess" was the Egyptian goddess
MA'AT, or a number that reveals 13 1 14. 666 is regarded as "the diameter" set against the circumference of Pi. However, there are
two systems in play. The English, and the "rabbinical", which is an inverse representation. This key becomes critical in "establishing
philosophical truths" as you learn to grasp the larger philosophical construct (apperception of the conceptual).
An example:
The EARTH travels around the SUN in 52 weeks. Hence the time from SOLSTICE to SOLSTICE and EQUINOX to EQUINOX is
26 weeks. These 26 weeks are each assigned a Letter, starting at T for the Sol's T Ice, and the G for the EQUINOX. Note that all
capital letter words are themselves forms of codes, literally.
The easiest form of code is the "ordinal code". This code essentially says to take the Letters and use their alphabetical placement, add
up the words and arrive at its "numerical value". In the case of EARTH, these are the letters 5+1+18+20+8=52. The 52 can be related
back to the number of weeks in a year, and since it is represented as a circumference, it is Feminine, or "mother Earth".
GOD, on the other hand, is a complex code in its entirety when set philosophically back against Pi (the Omnific Word), but
remarkeably simple when set against its Ordinal Set. GOD = 7+15+4 = 26. The 26 can be set back to represent the 26 weeks to the
major marking points of Solstice and Equinox. This number is referred to as "the correlational diameter in time", for its theoretical
philosophical representation is as a diameter set against a full orbit.
Since the word GOD is a "Diameter", the word is regarded as a "correlational 1", while the actual orbit is the "correlational 0". The
Female O cannot exist without the Male 1. This is where the male and the female are in constant "union".
GOD is Male
EARTH is Female
However, we can also express the Feminine GOD as the word GODDESS. Since the Female always surrounds the Male (Fe-male,
He-r, S-he, etc.), we can surmise that the word GOD is the MALE and the word DESS is the FEMALE, just as surely as the word
MALE is encompassed in the word FEMALE.
GOD = 1
(S*S) (19*19) = 361 + D = 361 + 4= 365 Days = Circumference in Time of Year = Feminine
(S*S) (19*19) = 361 + E = 361 + 5= 366 Days = Circumference in Time of Year = Feminine
This is very basic encoding of particular truths fused to solar timing. The
results are very transparent. Clear. Lucid. There is no need for further
transpositions and reasoning to return the formulations back to a clear
representation of a truth, for the truths are self explanatory.
However, there is an inverted form of this code whereby "O's" are linked to
1's and 1's are linked to "O's".
As stated the article "The Acroamatic Cipher", the various Letters are

acroamatic ciphers which are hiding archetypical information which the non-Initiates (mass humanity) worship as "gods". This
information is going through a series of transpositions and modifications to encode information of local cultural significance. F.D.
Buck wrote in "Mystic Masonry",
"...the modifications or transpositions of sacred nomenclatures as they passed from one race to another, were generally cleverly
accomplished so as to assimilate their esoteric formulae of local significance..."
For instance, take the Letter M. If I reverse the Letter EM, it reads "ME". If I cipher the E to an O (special properties of E), I reveal
the Sanskrit Letter OM. The Sanskrit Letter Om appears thus. Image source
Regarding OM it is said:
I am Om, the Word that is God. (Bhagavad Gita 7:8) So declared the infinite Satchidananda
through the lips of the avatar Krishna. Also: I am Om. (Bhagavad Gita 9:17) And: Among
words I am the sacred syllable Om. (Bhagavad Gita 10:25) Long, long before that the Vedic
Seers had declared: In the beginning was Prajapati [God the Creator], with Him was the
Word, and the Word was truly the Supreme Brahman. (Prajapati vai idam agra asit. Tasya vak
dvitiya asit. Vag vai paramam Brahman. Krishna Yajurveda, Kathaka Samhita, 12.5, 27.1;
Krishna Yajurveda, Kathakapisthala Samhita, 42.1; Jaiminiya Brahmana II, Samaveda,
So there is a descriptive definition of OM, and there is the artistic element of OM (the glyph itself), and yet we know that OM is "the
Word", and that the word is Pi, and that this philosophy is set against the Number 26 (GOD), which cannot exist without the
GODDESS, and you begin to get a glimpse into the idea of transpositions and modifications.
So if OM is the Letter M, there must be a logical way in which the transposition was made, and the answer was encoded into the
Hebrew where the Letter M will become the story of ADM and EVE.
The Transposition of the Letter M
Take the Letter M and divide it into its constituent components.
Reorder them:
M = I V I = V II
The V is symbol of the Femine while the II is the Letter Pi, or ADM = 1413 = 3.141. Reverse the Letter V(EE) to reveal the Feminine
V = Femine = EVE
II = Masculine = ADM = 1413 = 3.141
Now compare to the Glyph of OM.. Image source
The Male Phallus of ADM is penetrating EVE. The TUSKS above are representative of the
"elephant", which form the Letters LF ANT, where in L is 3 and F is 6 to reveal 36 and the sum
of 1:36 = 666.
EVE shows the Letters 565, but since the SUM of 1:5 of E's placement is 1+2+3+4+5=15 = O
Letter = 6 (see Isisian Code Cipher at bottom of, then EVE
is really a code for 666, just as surely as OM is a cipher for Pi and 666, and the Letter M is a
code for Pi and 666, and the number VII shows S-EVE-N shows EVE SN = 666 3.14.
This provides an example of the way in which transpositions and modifications are taking place,
but the base code is not changing.
M = OM = V II = . Image source
Since we know that the Feminine must encompass the Male, we can surmise that M is pure and
correct and that "ADM and EVE" is inverted, for ADM as Pi is make when it should be
female, and 666 is female as Eve when the number should be male.
322, Skull and Bones and the VW
The Number "322" is an apparent 'key number' for the Skull and Bones. Said to have been
formed as "Chapter 322" of a German secret society, while its "sanctum sanctorum" is said to
be known as "room 322". What is of interest here, though, are the links between the Skull and
Bones and Adolph Hitler, and specifically, the VW and the Beatle.

Image Source
The Illuminatus goes to great length to record their symbolism in corporate art. The Gimmel as
Camel cigarettes, the Vesica Piscis as Kool Cigarettes, The Two "X's" as "Dos Equis", or the
Symbol of Mars imbedded into the Volvo. The "all Seeing Eye" can be found in many
corporate logos, from AOL to CBS. Yet none appears to have been more successful than the
VW beatle.
The Scarab is a beatle that is instrumental in Egyptian funerary rituals. The scarab begins its
life cycle as a lowly worm and transforms itself into the "scarab beatle" where it can take flight
and leave its original lowly existence, hence it is a solid symbol to represent resurrection. It
does not require a female in order to procreate, and so is further enhanced as a symbol in
Setian systems where the feminine is vilified and sought to be removed from the larger Occult
force in play.
That the Scarab Beatle is highly regarded in Eqyptian magic, and by default, any given number
of Illuminatus societies should regarded a given.
That the Beatle is an Occult Symbol that is well understood should not be underestimated in the formation and marketing of the
Beatle as a car, and its latent success as it became a mass market tool. The Occult Symbol works.
But what of 322 and VW?. As one on my students so adroitly pointed out: Change the Number
322 to 3 "22's". The Letter V is 22. The Symbol of the VW is comprised of two interlocking V's
to form a third smaller V at the center. Thus is is comprised of 3 "22's", or VVV = 666,
surrounded in a circle of Pi, and VW becomes Pi and 666.
Fuse it to a Beatle, and you have the most successful selling car in the history of Mankind...
Pi and 666.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

F and V, The Swastika and the Dreidle
The Letters "F" and "V" are the "labials of the language". From the Book of Formation
(Sepher Yetzirah), we find (and there are numerous translations), "The two sounds of
each letter are the hard and the soft, the aspirated and the softened. They are called
Double, because each letter presents a contrast or permutation;" - Source We can
deduce that there is a design to the sounds. In the case of the Letters F and V, we can
infer that the "F" is modeled on the "hard" and the "V" is modeled on the "soft". In
addition, as "F" and "V" are labials, wherein a "labial" is defined as a sound that is
made by partially closing the lips, it can be inferred that the mechanical process of
speech will be encoding particular archetypes that will be shared with like sounds;
hence, the Letters "B" will be closely related to the Letter "V" (as in the Latin coding).
M and W will share in the archetypical coding, but in B and V we can see design
parallels as in the words GRA(V)ITY and the statement GRA(B) IT.
By shifting the G to a C, as G is a model of softness while the hard sound of C is a
model of hardness (Gimmel-G = 3 = C), the word GRA(B) becomes the word (C)RAB,
which is the sign of CANCER. CANCER, as you can see from the Isisian Codes below,
The A of the CN is the scale, hence CN = 3.14
CER = 352
314+352 = 666
Hence CANCER will be our "HOME" as we move further into isolating and illuminating the Construct of Luciferianism.
For now, note clear the design of the English sound sets modeled on forms of hardness and softness:
B=2=R (design parallel, Be and Are)
D=4=T (a model of hardness and softness)
F=6=V (a model of hardness and softness)
Controlling the Esoteric Construction of the Language
Perhaps one of the greatest kept secrets going is the literal crafted and controlled creation of the language. Through hundreds of years
now of forced education on "Darwinism" and "evolution", a prevailing mass cultural belief is that "language" "evolves" in a near
random unfathomable fashion that "etymology" and other linguistic sciences set out to explain and prove. The knock is that the
various "sciences" become "realities by concensus", difficult to change once believed, and doggedly determined to both impose and
preserve its beliefs until overwhelming firepower (evidence) destroys the previous beliefs.
The Occult world has never been constrained by such thinking, and more to the point, should be considered by the pragmatist to be
instrumental in the fomenting and funding of such thinking. "Science" and "academia" tend to form a comprehensive buffer and
defense against the masses coming to understand how the inner code is crafted and functions.
The goal of the Setian Elite (those aligned with Jehovah/Typhon/Seth), is to control the code so that it may be manipulated for self
serving purposes. In short, the goal is to "define and control" "The Truth".
The result is a mass conciousness malleable to mass brainwashing.
Since ultimately, what is said and heard and read IS the weapon of mass reach in the process of mass brain washing/programming,
then the major tools of the trade become the mass media industry, be it print, electronic, religion, education, etc. The tactical
simplicity is to reduce the arguement to focus on "points" (talking points), and thus deny periphery vision.
Periphery vision provides coloration, context, and even opposing and countervaling opinions. In a Setian Luciferian system, such
periphery vision is to be denied and destroyed at all costs.
This is done conceptually through the Letters F and V.
The Center Point of the Illuminatus System

The center point of the Illuminatus System is set at 6 (F and V), yet there is a clear design parallel between what is 5 and 6, what is
E(5) and what is F(6), what sounds as "eff" and what sounds as "vee/vuh", etc. (see chart below). That the Letter V is 5, yet is placed
at position 6, or that the word FiVe is set at position 6, produces an immediate confusion into the equation. Deeper studies into Setian
systems would reveal this, but a hint of how this knowledge is known and encoded can be found in "the Golden Dawn", a Setian
Initiatory System aligned with former Crowley constructs.
The aspirant is admitted first into the grade of "5=6 degree." - SourceNone of this should be
underestimated, for it is critical to the larger Key.
FiVe = 6 location and V as 5 is located at the 6 position.
The Letter F located at Number 6 is 1/4 of the glyph for the Solar Wheel, or the Swastika. The
Number Word FOUR says, OUR F, which is 6. Four (our F) is complete when there are 4 F's. Note
that the Letter F and "f" contain within it elements or designs around the Letter T, located at 4. The
4 F's, are 6*6*6*6 = 1296. The four squares in the middle become the 1+2+3+4 = 10, so 1296*10
= 12960 YEARS, or the "correlational diameter in time" of the Earth's Wobble on its Axis.
The word AXIS reverses to reveal SIX A's, or the Star of David.
What begins to unfold is a mutually significant truth. The Swastika as a representive of the Solar
Wheel (6*6*10*6*6) is representationally equivalent to the Star of David. The two symbols are
simply dimensional representations of this dreidle. The V is looking at the Dreidle from the front
(the V of the Star of David", while the Four (F's) is looking at the Dreidle from the top down. The
two symbols are not exclusively distinct.
They were originally designed to be "one and the same", and each deals first and foremost with
the "gyroscopic nature" of life, wherein planets spin and then spin further on its axis creating the
Precession of the Equinox, which is the original archetype for the All Seeing Eye.
The All Seeing Eye, needless to say, has always been a key part of the Masonic world. It is
encoded into the US Dollar Bill and is an integral part of Western culture. The "mysticism" can
really best be understood as being a representation of the
Precession of the Equinoxes, an esoteric set of knowledge
that would become the "Royal Arch Degree" of various
Masonic systems.
The words "SEE" and "EYE" are but codes for the
Precession of the Equinoxes, or the Number 11011. This
concept is simply reduced to the Letters F and V, each
representing a distinct set of permutations.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Enigmatic Robert Baird, Portrait of a Truth Teller
It is not easy being a "truth teller", to "go against the prevailing winds". Cutting through "reality by concensus" is indeed, often a
professionally suicidal undertaking. Yet, without the efforts of they who have challenged the status quo, humankind would be quite
retarded in its access to knowledge. Afterall, the goal of a ruling Elite based on Setian systems is the destruction of knowledge and
the submersion of the human creation further and further into ignorance.
There is a reason why delusion shares phonetics with "the Deluge".
Humanity, it is said, is "drowned beneath the waves of Typhon", or the Sea. From this Occult reality would give rise to "academic
theories" of "mankind rising up out of the Sea". Lots of silly academic theories exist, all part of the effort to occlude the truth of
human advances, falls, timeframes, etc.
Enter "the Truth Tellers", those rare souls willing to go against the prevailing winds. Often, their work is met with an iron fist from
the establishment. History in general has not been kind to Truth Tellers; we all recall what happened to Copernicus. Apologies from
the establishment sometimes comes centuries later. The "truth tellers" know this. Inherently, they understand this. Still, they persist.
Setting an ounce of truth upon a ton of lies tends to have repercussions through time.
The "truth tellers" understand this too.
Enter the enigmatic Robert Baird. You have not heard of him? Oh. Not surprising. Humanity is not programmed, in general, to accept
the heeds and calls of the "truth tellers". Robert Baird is one of these souls who has an acute awareness of the fraudulent nature of
history by concensus, and a willingness to go against the grain and well, tell the truth as he sees it.
Robert Baird's knowledge covers a diverse span of human history and specializes on the intrigues of Ancient Esoteric Societies: The
Druids, Hibernians, BEES, Cathars, Templars, NWO, Bilderbergs and Rising Roman Empire of the Hapsburg/Rothschild continuum
including the De Medicis agent St. Germain and Hitler. He is a recognized expert on pre-Colombian brotherhoods in America. He is
not afraid to deal with the topic of "the war on women" through the ages, a staple of Illuminatus ritual assault on the Sacred
Says Jim Marrs, the best selling author of the book "Crossfire", which was used by Oliver Stone as a source for his film "JFK", says
of Robert Baird on Robert Baird's latest Release, America's Assassinations, "I have been following Robert Bruce Baird's work with
great interest. It is obvious that he has accumulated much knowledge regarding the older secret societies."
America's Assassinations and Aspirations is just the latest work to come from this prolific truth teller. In total, Robert Baird has
released over 80 works with such titles as "Diverse Druids", while his "Collective Works" covers 20 titles, including "Who is a Jew",
"Hitler vs. Frabado", and "Bacon and the Bard".
Robert Baird is an enigmatic truth teller. History is a form of propaganda that can only be pierced through the efforts of the truth
tellers who are willing to risk all to do a simple noble gesture: tell the truth when lies are the reality.
I highly recommend Robert Baird's work. His numerous offerings will stretch your vision as to what is possible, and what has been.
The future is most difficult to change if we first do not come to grips with how the past has been crafted and controlled to the
detriment of the collective.
Robert Baird. Enigmatic. Truth Teller.
Edited note:
Jim Marrs and many others have used Robert Baird's material as inspiration for their own work. If you can support a
writer and want to learn of information not taught in the mainstream world, Robert's work will stretch your
imagination and provide numerous insights into the intriques of history and its fabrication."

The Deluge of Mankind, an Insight into the Apperception of the Conceptual

This article deals with the heart of what is called "the Construct", or in a more traditional sense, an "apperception of the conceptual".
Says Plutarch in "On Isis and Osiris",
"But the apperception of the conceptual, the pure, and the simple, shining through the soul like a flash of lightning, affords an
opportunity to touch and see it but once. For this reason Plato and Aristotle call this part of philosophy the epoptic or mystic part,
inasmuch as those who have passed beyond these conjectural and confused matters of all sorts by means of Reason proceed by leaps
and bounds to that primary, simple, and immaterial principle; and when they have somehow attained contact with the pure truth
abiding about it, they think that they have the whole of philosophy completely, as it were, within their grasp." - Source
Mankind exists in a state of confusion. Delusion. Truth has been removed. Euphemistically, this is
referred as a "removal of the Word"; the myths are creating the reality, and the reality blends with the
mythology to create the basis for perceptual realities, even as the mythologies are encoding esoteric
"secrets". That secret is simple: Pi is forming the underlying esoteric basis for the "reality".
The Lost Books of the Bible, Adam and Eve, Book 1, Chapter 1, reads, "God said to Adam, "I have
ordained on this earth days and years, and you and your descendants shall live and walk in them, until
the days and years are fulfilled; when I shall send the Word that created you, and against which you
have transgressed, the Word that made you come out of the garden, and that raised you when you were
fallen. 2 Yes, the Word that will again save you when the five and a half days are fulfilled." This
statement mirrors closely to what is being said in the Masonic craft,
"The mythical history of Freemasonry informs us that there once existed a WORD of surpassing value,
and claiming a profound veneration; that this Word was known to but few; that it was at length lost;
and that a temporary substitute for it was adopted. But as the very philosophy of Masonry teaches us
that there can be no death without a resurrection,no decay without a subsequent restoration,on the same principle it follows that
the loss of the Word must suppose its eventual recovery." - Source, The Symbolism of Freemasonry
Illustrating and Explaining
Its Science and Philosophy, its Legends, Myths, and Symbols.
Editon 1882
The Apperception of the Conceptual is a recognition of the crafting of the reality as it is set back against "the Word". What is
"drowned" is "the knowledge of the Word", which the Hebrew branches of esoteric schools says was given to Noah and tranmitted
"orally" through "Noah's" line.
The Destruction of the Knowledge of Pi
The Flood Story is a Universal Archetype. Most in the West are fed the Hebrew version of Noah and the Ark. This is a fatal flaw in
Western cultural elite tendencies as the Noah story is the least truthful of the stories: a cursory check of most flood stories shows that
the bringer on of the deluge was a negative creation. Gnostics referred to this as "the Demiurge"; purists in the early Western mystical
systems understood this creature to be "Satan", "Jehovah", "Typhon", "Cain", "Seth" and numerous other manifestions.
The Hebrew construct can only be seen as "altered history" serving an Elite aligned against the Western construct. But such details
will need to be sorted out at an Elite level. English in its traditional sense could be seen as a protest and fight against these Setian
traditions; the true "Mason" was setting into concrete the "Ancient Word" of "Pi", even as it held and put forward "no creed"
The "Flood" could be seen as the unleashing of a mass of humanity such that it would be impossible, when combined with the
various creeds and beliefs, to fully return the "Word" and have it understood by humanity which is and was its rightful owner.
Says the bringer of the Flood, Enlil, in "the Epic of Gilgamesh", from Tablet XI
"As soon as Enlil arrived
he spotted the ark. Enlil was furious.
He was filled with the wrath of the gods, it IGIGI.
"Has life-breath escaped? No man was meant to live through the devastation."
Ninurta shaped his mouth to speak, saying to warrior Enlil,
"Who but Ea can create such things?
Ea knows all the Word."
Isis (Ishtar) would say earlier,
How could I cry out for battle for the destruction of my people?
I myself gave birth to my people!
Now like the children of fish they will fill the sea!"

And so the Construct is being crafted upon varying mythologies, but the Western construct is relying often on alternative, and not
purely, Judaic systems as the Construct was put down into conceptual reality.
For instance, when children go to "school", it is no secret that a "school of fish" "swim in the Sea". This is a crafted archetype to hint
at similarities between fish swimming in the Sea and humanity as "fish swimming in the Sea".
"School" is the means through which the fish are taught to swim.
Consider a "school of fish" as being a "community", a "country", etc. They are swimming in a large tank. They are "drowned", while
the Initiated Systems are now "arisen" and are "outside of the tank". If they want the fish to swim to right, someone bangs on the left
side of the tank, and the fish, hearing the sound from the left, instinctively swim to the right. When it is time for the fish (humanity)
to be pulled or pushed to the left, an unseen hand "slams the tank on the right", and the fish swim to the left.
Humanity understands not the forces that force it this way and that, from one war to another, from one creed of beliefs to the next,
and on and on.
The Drowned Race called Humanity
All that is necessary is that Noah and his Ark exist, for the archetype is clear: if one believes in the Ark, one finds that one is by
necessity drowned, for they know not the underlying reasons for the "CRAFTING". It is all based on the Word, and the Word is Pi.
The C is the Occultation of the Moon/Sun via an eclipse. The RAFT is that which rides above the waves. The C-RAFT. AFT-ER.
Those who "survived the Flood", those people who held the flicker of flame as in the Torch of Isis (the Statue of Liberty). It is the
Occult that allows one to "rise above the waves".
But the secret lies in the Epic of Gilgamesh. There are two key players: Gilgamesh and Utnapishtim. Gilgamesh swims down into the
underworld to meet with Utnapishtim, who is "the Great Father", for it is said that UTNAPISHTIM understood the "secret of the
gods" and was thus spared via his own form of "arc". Gilgamesh was considered "the Greatest of them All".
These words, though, are "sacred nomenclatures", so they are being fused with an esoteric coding.
UTNAPISHTIM as the "great Father" reverses to form
UTNAPISHTIM = MITHS (IP) ANT U = Myths, Pi, and You
GILGAMESH is a bit more complicated but easy enough.
So what swam down to "learn of the secrets of the gods" was "English as "gilgamesh", while what English learned from was "Myths,
Pi, and You", or UTNAPISHTIM.
Rising Above the Waves
Image Source
With humanity drowned, it is easy to start to comprehend the conceptual, or to gain an
"apperception of the conceptual". What are the properties of ICE? Ice in its natural state "rises
above the water". ICE is a simple code for I SEE. The Letters IC become the Thelema
introduction of "93", or the Letters "IC" = I SEE. When the soul has been "perfected", it is said
to "rise above the waves". What rises above the waves? The FIN of the FISH. Hence words as
FINISH encodes apperceptual concepts besides "that which helps to guide the fish". THE FIN IS
H, or that which rises above the waves (the drowned human creation. The code of "The Fin" is
the "end", or the soul perfected and it is this which frees itself from the karmic wheel and rises
above the "Wheel of Fortune" of "10", the basis of the Hebrew/Setian "occult system".
The Fin is Pi (H) = FINISH.
To find eternal peace, or as what is intimated in the word PACIFIC Ocean, the soul can "find
peace" if it "can see", or be as "ICe", hence "PACIFIC = PASS IF I C = Pass if I See", meaning
having risen above the waves of delusion and ignorance.
All this am more is clearly encoded into the language, an entire philosophy encoded to preserve
what Setian forces continuously seek to destroy. The apperception of the conceptual allows one to advance in leaps and bounds....for
the Torch of ISIS is that which rises above the waves.
ISIS = 9+19+9+19 = 56 = 19+16+5+5+3+8 = SPEECH

All Seeing Eye, Gimmel, and Camel Cigarettes

The efforts you see are intended to enable you to piece together the Philosophy of the Illuminatus, and since
profane "Occultism" is as subtle and yet monstrous a fraud as recorded human "history", the exercise oft
revolves around providing a plethora of patterns such that when patterns present themselves in the real
world, you, too, if you are able to comprehend the patterns, you may exclaim, "aha! I get it!"
And so another illusion falls.
And, seeing how reality has been called an "illusion", one should not be so quick to discount the very
revelations as to how such illusions could be crafted. If you are moderately educated into the ways of
Gematria, do you really think that a power strong enough to rule over a planet is going to have a system in
place that merely "adds up the numbers" to arrive a value, and in the process reveal a series of "esoterically
unique significances?"
Seriously. Everything is not so simple, and only the fool, as opposed to the Fool, would presume to come to comprehend the whole of
the Construct. Says Plutarch, in "On Isis and Osiris"
"But the robes of Isis they use many times over; for in use those things that are perceptible and ready at hand afford many
disclosures of themselves and opportunities to view them as they are changed about in various ways. But the apperception of the
conceptual, the pure, and the simple, shining through the soul like a flash of lightning, affords an opportunity to touch and see it but
once. For this reason Plato and Aristotle call this part of philosophy the epoptic or mystic part, inasmuch as those who have passed
beyond these conjectural and confused matters of all sorts by means of Reason proceed by leaps and bounds to that primary,
simple, and immaterial principle; and when they have somehow attained contact with the pure truth abiding about it, they think
that they have the whole of philosophy completely, as it were, within their grasp."
The highlights are mine. Understand clear if you wish to proceed. The patterns revealed are as the "Robes of Isis"; each pattern
affords a glimpse into the Construct. The ability to grasp clear what is being said is as attaining an "apperception of the conceptual",
for the whole is set upon a "conceptual". Once an aspirant is able to see past the confused and befuddling realities that present
themselves, and through effort and exercise become able to see the truths that are being contained within, the next step is that it
becomes natural for the seeker to believe that he has come to an understanding of the Philosophy and so have it (the Philosophy)
"within their grasp".
Just as you think you have achieved such, another permutation presents itself, and you soon learn what little is known of the whole.
However, fortunately, there are numerous manifestations and usages of the Robes of Isis, and these guide us to the primary and
simple immaterial principle. The Construct is set and crafted against Pi.
Let us begin.
The Robes of Isis and Gimmel as the Camel
Gimmel is the third letter of the Hebrew and Greek Alphabets. That Gimmel is 3 shows us a small part of the larger reality. From a
pure Western Occult sense, we really do not care whether the Gimmel is Greek, or Hebrew, or Aramaic, etc. All that matters is the
word GIMMEL, for in the Gimmel rests the lock and the key to the secret of the larger primary and simple "immaterial principle",
which is defined herein as "the Construct".
What we know is that there were a series of modifications and transpositions involved in the formation of the Letters and the
mythologies upon which the Letters serve as the backbone or framework. Again we return to F.D. Buck who wrote in "Mystic
"...the modifications or transpositions of sacred nomenclatures as they passed from one race to another, were generally cleverly
accomplished so as to assimilate their esoteric formulae of local significance..."
GIMMEL is the esoteric "transposition or modification" of the word CAMEL. It should be phonetically obvious to even a basic level
of Occult inquiry, but still you must "prove it", meaning establish precisely how the modifications and transpositions were being
effected. The process of doing so provides the aspirant a glimpse at "the apperception of the conceptual" even as the process involves
working with "the Robes of Isis", wherein the "letters" are the "robes" of the more hidden and still to be revealed imbedded
philosophical reality.
Let's first solve for the "transpositions and modifications".
The "Isisian Codes" are like "the Master Key" as hinted at in "the Matrix Reloaded". In order to have a series of ciphers, it would
make sense that you would need a series of keys. A Master Key intimates "all the keys". Remember the vast number of keys in the
possession of "the Keymaker"?
Merovingian:Oh yes, it is. The Keymaker is mine and I see no reason why I should give him up. No reason at all. - The Matrix

The Merovingian, representative of the Merovingian bloodlines: the Illuminatus. Possessing the Key, and being but a broker of
knowledge, surely such a priestcraft would have no need to release "the Key". A series of modifications and transpositions hints at a
Key, but failing access to the Key, and being taught that the Key cannot possibly be "the Key", how do you arrive at the Key?
Gimmel. Located at 3, while the Letter G is located at 7.
The code is hidden in tumblers. One position opens a lock. Another position opens one of these doors. - The Matrix Reloaded
The Code is hidden in tumblers. One position opens a lock. Gimmel is one of the locks, which I call a "hinge point" for it fuses one
system to another.
Keymaker:If one fails, so must the other.
In otherwords, the various Alphabets must be properly placed and oriented in order for the larger system to work. Once you remove
the proper order, the whole system fails. Gimmel is located at 3, but the first clue is that technically, it is not a Letter": it is a "word".
Something is amiss. It's esoteric value is that it is a Camel.
Gimmel = Camel
Phonetically clear enough. The Letter G is located at 3 and shares with it a phonetic equivalent to C. The shape of Gimmel reveals
nothing. It's revelation is seen in the "English" in that the Letter C shares a clear design parallel to the Letter G.
Each is made of the Letter C, with the G having but a T located such that the horizontal of the T is set at the middle of the C. As per
the Isisian Codes, the Letter C is 3 and the Letter T is 4.
C(3)+T(4)=G. The Glyph G is encoding the mathematical formula. The CODE is in English. The clue is in Hebrew, wherein the
"clue" is but one of the many "robes of Isis" that lead us to the primary and principle truth, which may lead us to an appercetion of
the conceptual.
Phonetically, the hard C (kuh) is modified by the "T' to arrive at "G". Energetically, this is akin to adding Cyan to Magenta to arrive
at a different color, Blue, or adding any given note to color any given scale or chord.
The reason for the shapes are clues to the Philosophy, or "the Construct". The Letter C
is 3, yet it is "one", as in the "triune god", for its shape is that of the Occult, or the
"Occultation" via the process of "solar" or "lunar eclipses". The Mel Gibson produced
movie "Apocolypto" used this archetype very well as shown in here.
The Letter G, on the other hand, is adding a dimensional reality of
time, as set against the T as representative of the Sun as it crosses
the Equator at the time of the Spring and Fall equinox's. Hence the
Letter G is the sign of the Spring and Fall Equinox, while the G
spun 180 degrees on its axis reveals the Hebrew Letter Pei.
We can return to the
Matrix Reloaded and say
that The Code is hidden in
tumblers and that one position opens a lock.
Pei is another of those locks. Since we know
that Gimmel is G is 3 in the Greek/Hebrew, we
can simply "tumble" the G if "g"immel to a C,
to create the word CIMMEL. We then tumble
the I if SIMMEL as the I is a 1 is an A and
reveal its esoteric code of CIMMEL =
The Secret of Humpty Dumpty, Gimmel and
the All Seeing Eye
So we have shown the mathematics, or the
"transpositions and modifications" of Gimmel
into "Camel" set against a local archetype of
regional or local significance, but there is still
far more to Gimmel as Camel as the All Seeing
Eye and the best way to understand this is to
understand the secret of Humpty Dumpty.

The Egg is the Sun, which has "fallen". Some say that its knowledge was "LOST", which encodes the SOL and T, while some say
that it is STOLEN, which too encodes the SOL and T. What was LOST was STOLEN, and became the negative attributes of the
Illuminatus even as the positive attributes encoded the knowledge for all to see and "decide for themselves" as to what was true and
what was false.
In the story of Humpty Dumpty is a tremendous clue to the Code.
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the Kings horses and all the Kings men
Could never put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
The "wall" is the graph of the Sun over time (a year) as measured at noon zenith. At the "winter solstice", this is called "the dump T",
while at the Summer Solstice we have the "hump T". Hence Humpty Dumpty is the philosophy of the Sun as set against the T's, or
noon zenith exaltation at Winter and Summer Solstices.
Now. Transpose that knowledge to the Gimmel = Camel. The camel has one or two "what"? HUMPS. So the shape of the "camel" of
G is being referenced back to the humps and dumps of T. Afterall, they are not mutually exclusive.
The T and the G are the major marking points of the Sun as it is measured "on the wall", each being
the 7th letter of each respected halves of the Alphabet, and each first full day traditionally falls on
the 22 day, forming the Omnific Name of Pi, or 22/7 = 3.1428571, or a recipricol 7 Pi

So the clue is that it is the Sun that is the All Seeing Eye. The Camel is representative of the Wall of
Hump T and Dumpt T, the two "pillars" of light and dark being the Summer and Winter Solstices,
which are only in balance on the day of the Spring and Fall Equinoxes, and only for a very brief
moment in time on those days. Hence Gimmel as "a King in the desert", and the Pyramid, and the
Camel, and Hump T Dump T, are all simple representations of "the Robes of Isis".
The principal and primary truth is that the whole is set against Pi, and that the Construct is Pi, and
the purpose is to create a "creation" set against Pi, where there is a harmony and a balance. This is
the hidden secret and desire of those who put this knowledge into concrete even as they had "no creeds".

How to Wage an Occult War

A couple years ago, while on a trip to Montreal, I was smashed by an unseen assailant into the cold wintry icy cement. Sliding some
12 feet away and lying half in the gutter, with light snow flakes falling onto a ground with trickles of water sliding along a thin layer
of ice, I was completely immobilized, lying in pretty intense pain under a black Hummer. As I discussed the attack with a former
special operations officer , he told me that it appeared that the hit was a professional military hit designed to incapacitate. The second
strike is a blow to break the neck.
I was lucky. With a leap as I felt the hands grab my winter jacket, I managed to get one leap in and the resultant throw resulted in
more of a slide and I managed to keep my head from hitting the freezing concrete.
After calls to the US Embassy, I managed to get myself admitted into Hotel Dieu. It as here that I was introduced to "morphine",
which I refused at first. Finally, acquiescing, I accepted the morphine, and sorta laughed at the name. MORPHINE. MORE FINE.
I shared a double room and in two days I received a visitor coming in for his own medical problems. It took a bit to for us to speak,
but we did. His was then in his middle 70's and introduced himself as Father Bidgras, the semi-retired head of the Sulpecian Order of
the Catholic Church. As I learned, it is the Sulpecian Order that is responsible for setting up seminaries the world over. Father
Bidgras felt that the Catholic Church was well placed in Latin America and in parts of Asia, but he was lamenting the fate of North
Inevitably, however, the conversation turned to religious matters. He shared his views of the "god head" and I shared the Isisian
Codes. I listened much, and he listened much. On about the 3rd day, Father Bidgras said, "When I was in Seminary, we devoted some
time to the information you are speaking about it. I did not understand it. We were told that it was the language of the devil."
I sorta chuckled and said, "You know. You may be right. But if you want to defeat the devil, it might make sense to understand how
he thinks, and since he thinks in number, it might make some sense to learn of what it is I am doing so you can fight back on a level
playing field." He thought about it for a minute and slowly, shaking his head said, "Yeah. You might be right."
Now here is where it gets interesting.
Strategize for a second and picture yourself a daimonic element and you want to overtake this world and make it your own. For
whatever reasons, having humanity "worship" you and sing praises to you is of paramount importance. How are you going to
accomplish this if the existing order is quite established and the race is thriving?
Afterall, the Pyramids of Egypt, Avenbury in England, Machu Pichu, etc., all point to a fantastic level of spiritual and technological
development. And what if, per chance, the religious system of these Ancients is predicated on Pi set against "number", and an esoteric
or hidden Alphabet that contains the whole of the philosophy? How are you going to alter the reality such that your views become the
dominant and primary belief system, even as the existing order has already imbedded the codes that prove that you as the negative
daimonic creation remains anything but a highly corrosive, caustic, and destructive creature?
It is not so difficult.
You first break off a strand of the existing human race. You call these people "the Chosen Ones", for you are "chosen" to destroy
what previously existed. The tales state that
During his absence the tradition is that Typhon attempted nothing revolutionary because Isis, who was in control, was vigilant and
alert; but when he returned home Typhon contrived a treacherous plot against him and formed a group of conspirators seventy-two
in number. He had also the co-operation of a queen from Ethiopia who was there at the time and whose name they report as so.
Typhon, having secretly measured Osiris's body and having made ready a beautiful chest of corresponding size artistically
ornamented, caused it to be brought into the room where the festivity was in progress. The company was much pleased at the sight of
it and admired it greatly, whereupon Typhon jestingly promised to present it to the man who should find the chest to be exactly his
length when he lay down in it. They all tried it in turn, but no one fitted it; then Osiris got into it and lay down, and those who were
in the plot ran to it and slammed down the lid, which they fastened by nails from the outside and also by using molten lead. - Source,
On Isis and Osiris, PlutarchNow think about the above for a second?
1) The company was much pleased at the sight of it and admired it greatly, whereupon Typhon jestingly promised to present it to the
man who should find the chest to be exactly his length when he lay down in it. They all tried it in turn, but no one fitted it; then Osiris
got into it and lay down...
Does this remind you of any Occult rituals of import? No? How about that of the Skull and Bones? "According to rumor, initiates
engage in strange bonding rituals such as lying in a coffin and reciting their sexual history in front of all the members. The object of
such rituals is to create intense loyalty among members of the society. Some critics allege that these rituals contain satanic
overtones." - Source
If a "laying down in a coffin" is part of the ritual, then it is being linked back to the story of Osiris, and then it is merely a matter of
having access to the balance of the ritual to determine whether the ritual is a promise to grant the Initiates "this world, in leiu of
Osiris", meaning to further the destruction of the planet. That the ritual is being peeled off of the Osirian story should be a pretty
obvious play from an Occult perception.

2) and those who were in the plot ran to it and slammed down the lid, which they fastened by nails from the outside and also by using
molten lead.
Those who were in on the plot sealed the coffin with lead. Can we not say, then, that those who were in on the plot were "the
leaders"? Think hard about the channels. The "leaders" are those who were in on the plot, meaning that the "Chosen Ones" are "the
leaders", for they are the ones to seal the knowledge out of mind from the masses to whom the knowledge remains their birthright
and gift as they manifest into the courser planes called "life".
3) but when he returned home Typhon contrived a treacherous plot against him and formed a group of conspirators seventy-two in
number. He had also the co-operation of a queen from Ethiopia who was there at the time and whose name they report as so.
Now. Think about THIS ONE. What is the importance of this? Have you ever wondered why "the leaders of Israel" have this belief in
"Jews from Ethiopa"?
"Approaching the crisis in a way strikingly different from that of all other parties, the government of Israel has focused its attention
on a single small Ethiopian community, the Falashas, whose identity as 'black Jews' has long been a matter of controversy in Israel.
"Using funds estimated at $300m, contributed by well-wishers, mainly in North America, the Israelis have sought to pluck this whole
community out of its natural environment and to transport it wholesale to Israel, there to embark on a new life in circumstances as
different as they could be from the ones they leave behind." - - Source
Perhaps, more importantly, there was and remains "an Occult reason" for the repatriation, for the conspirators, or "leaders" were in
alliance with "the Queen of Ethiopia", hence as part of the mythology, the Ethiopians have a unique relationship to the success of "the
Chosen Ones" as Osiris murderer as by repatriating the Ethiopians, the "leaders" are voicing their unilateral support for "Seth", or the
negative spiritual forces.
Now we know that the Isisian/Osirian schools were spread the world over, so there would need to be a new creed to destroy the
former ways. This would become "the Ten Commandments", wherein all doctrines the existing would be henceforth caste in a light
that called for unilateral death sentences. So terms as "idol worshippers" would be used to define the open face of the inner secrets to
"the God".
For instance, the Letter Y is as the Letter X, wherein the upper V is the Feminine and
the Lower I is the Masculine, to create "the child Horus". This stone reminder of the
spread of the Isisian/Osirian Mystery Schools lays silent as a testament to the inherent
nature of the Letter Y.
In the new paradigm, the "leaders" simply defined such possessors of knowledge of the
God as "idol worshippers", and then turned the ignorant masses onto the defenseless
The initial blow was swift and deadly, resulting in an effectual decapitation of the
Mystery Schools. "These are nearly all the important points of the legend, with the
omission of the most infamous of the tales, such as that about the dismemberment of
Horus and the decapitation of Isis." - Source, Isis and Osiris, Plutarch
Overtime, there were two sides racing: the Osirian Systems as those aligned with
Masonry who would work to imbed the knowledge of "the Gods", resulting in America,
and the Setian forces, the "dark Illuminatus", which has been one step behind sweeping
the knowledge of the Ancient ways out of historical view.
The long road of man's descent into ignorance has been nearly complete, even as
mankind's technological feats marvel many. The choice stands: will technology be used
to advance mankind, or will it be used to complete the agenda of the "leaders" so many
aeons ago?
With Osiris arisen, the knowledge is now open and available to illuminate the
Illuminatus for what it has become, a tool of Setian black magic.

Thursday, August 16, 2007 Superman and the Relationship of N to TEN (10)
In the world of gematria, one of the basic accepted truths is that words of equal
value share a necessary esoteric significance. What this means is that if we add
the value of any given word, and if another word shares the identical value, then
this means that there is an esoteric significance.
- Image Source
The fact that words have shared mathematical values becomes a mystical reality
and so the words are seen to be mystically connected". A word of caution: Do not
buy so easily into this simplistic definition.
In truth, although words may surely be interconnected via simple Gematria (ordinal addition), or adding up the ordinal
placement of the letters, the assumption that this exercise reveals an "esoteric" or "hidden significance", is grossly in error.
The very act of taking a word like the, which has constituent letters of T, H, and E, with each having respective letter
placements of 20, 8, and 5 respective, adding up these constituent components to arrive at 33, and declaring that "voila!", you
have mystically come to the great mystical esoteric significance of the word "THE", is really a nave simplicity.
One may search for connections and meanings between words of similar value, but one cannot be assured that one has been
able to ascertain the precise designed esoteric value. The ascertainment of the designed mathematical underpinnings of the
language is far more an artform than a hard science. There is a whole series of rapid and yet rational observations one must
execute before any particular word can be broken down and esoterically reconstructed.
In the case of the word THE, it is the root to a pretty deliberate key known as mono-the-ism. Since the is being
equated to a singular god, as opposed to a pantheistic reality, perhaps it would make good sense to solve for the esoterics
of the word the before leaping to conclusions as to precisely what mono-the-ism truly is.
Trust NOTHING that is clearly defined by the Illuminatus systems, either white or dark, for each hides their own or
creates their own codes to hint of or ridicule the other.
In the case of the word The, since it is being linked back to the word god as a singular as opposed to a plural, then
logically, and rationally, where did the word the imply multiple or many gods to begin? Sometimes it just takes a small
amount of logic and reasoning to smell that something is not aright.
So what one must do is guard against unilaterally twisting and turning words needlessly such that one destroys the truth that
is encoded within. It is often wise to take critical sacred nomenclatures as the, seeing how it is the very root being equated
back to god, and seek for parallel numerical concepts in other words.
In the case of the word the, as in mono-the-ism, we can link this word to such words as DIOS, ZEUS, INRI, ABRAXAS,
etc. In the word ABRAXAS, one must use the Greek alphabet, and its value adds to 365, or the number of days in the year. In
the case of DIOS, we must use the summative value of the letters (summative being the value of the letter from 1 to itself or
ordinal position), and so DIOS is 10+45+120+190 = 365 days. The same holds true for INRI, which shows a value of
45+105+171+45 = 366 days.
So in the case of THE, we must break it out into its constituent components. The Letters T and H are located at 4 and 8
respective. The summative values of T and H are 10 and 36 respective, with E being placed at ordinal 5. The formula (T*H) +
E = (10*36)+5 = 365 days reveals the esoteric code of THE, and so THE is placed back into esoteric relationships to DIOS,
NOW that we have placed all these words back into their proper esoteric values, we can make the final necessary
transposition back to the primary source, or the SUN. (see the Isisian Codes below): S is 3 and N is 5, hence U is utilizing its
summative value from 1:6 to form 21, or the U letter. SUN is but a code for 3(sum of 1:6 = 21 = U) 5, or 365.
This is the proper way to go about solving for esoteric values, wherein esoteric simply means hidden. Words indeed
may be esoterically predicated on simple reading and adding the letters together, but this cannot be assumed.
SUN = 19+21+14 = 54? Anyone with a third grade education can do that equation. Do you really think that an illuminatus
system is so simple, even though it does from time to time and indeed quite often, rely on such simple measures? Even the
very word read can be seen to be the word set re-add.
Reading or re-adding, is a very basic component, but in no way can
contain the whole of the system. This next section teaches a basic cipher
relationship between N and the number 10, and for this, we shall use the
Occult Code of Kryptonite, the only substance known to be able to destroy
super man.
Superman and the Relationship of N to Ten
At the end of the day, this article is really a lesson in the language of the

Illuminatus. It is designed to teach the relationship of N to 10. We will use "Superman" as the means to teach the
Section 1. In thirty-two (1) mysterious Paths of Wisdom did Jah, (2) the Jehovah of hosts, (3) the God of Israel, (4) the Living
Elohim, (5) the King of ages, the merciful and gracious God, (6) the Exalted One, the Dweller in eternity, most high and
holy--engrave his name by the three Sepharim (7) --Numbers, Letters, and Sounds.(8) - Source
When you break it all down, all that is being said is that there is a construct in play, and that construct is based on "letters",
"numbers", and "sounds". The "letters" represent 3 primary archetypical constructs and so remain "letters", "numbers",
and "sounds" at all times. The idea that the "Greek" and the later "Hebrew" were "mystical" in this regard is again, naive.
The Letter B clearly shows you that is comprised of the mathematical formula of 1+2=3, and so it is designed from the outer
characters of 1 and 3 which are then contracted to form the letter B. B is a mathematical formula based in it summation from
1 to itself, which is 2, and so 1+2=3 = B. It is a Letter. It is a "Number". And it is a "Sound". More, it is an entirely
constructed and designed "reality".
The Letter D is placed at Number 4. It, too, is a "Letter", a "Number", and a "Sound". It is designed against its
mathematical formula set into a dimensional reality, wherein the "4th dimension", or the Taoist metanumerica of "time", or
the Pythagorean model of the 4 = "the Solid", can too be revealed by the mathematical formula of 1+2+3+4 = 10 = D, wherein
the D is derived from the rising Sun on the HORIZON.
Even the word HORIZON is telling you precisely its inherent code.
H = The Greek Letter Pi
ORIZ = ZIRO = Zero
HORIZON = H, the Greek Letter Pi, is comprised of the ORIZ (Zero) and the ON(e). The Egyptian Glyph for the shared
phonetic of T is the English Letter D simply rotated 90 degrees to the left (counter clockwise).

So when we peer into Letters, the joke is

not to become numb when you peer into
the numbers. Rationally analyze what lies
before you. Take this chart, for instance, of
the Egyptian numbering system:

Do you see anything in particular that appears to be

a "letter/number/sound"? How about the glyph for the Number 10?
The lower case letter "n" is crafted or linked to the Egyptian number "10", which
is to say that the larger Luciferian system is imbedding the larger code into the
Egyptian even as it must later be fused to the larger Alphabet philosophy.

Now how is "n" = 10? Here is a Key Word: TON.

How much is a TON? It is 2000 pounds, correct? Since T is the 20 Letter and O is O, the letters TO reveals 200(n). What must
"n" equal? It must equal 10 just as surely as the Letter T must equal 10. After all, how much is 7(T)? 70! This is what is
known as setting up the transpositions. The Letter N is set at 14. The Sum of 1:4 reveals 10. D is located at 4, hence the sum of
1:4 is 10. D, being the glyph of the Sunrise, clearly reveals the 1 and the 0 as the word HORIZON hints. The Letter T is the
dental (Letters/Numbers/Sounds), and too is phonetically linked via the Egyptian as being the Letter D turned 90 degrees,
and so the DNT(als) are all 10!
The DNT's are all 10! What this means in a cipher pattern is that all of them may be used interchangeably, and so you must
be aware of this reality. Now analyze the mechanics of the language.
Notice where your tongue is when you sound out the letter D.
Notice where your tongue is when you sound out the letter N.
Notice where your tongue is when you sound out the letter T.
Is not the tongue at the exact same location?
Yes? Of course. So why do you think that they will not too have clear designed mathematical precisions and hence the same
values? Always, always, always, rationally work your way through solving for the mathematics of the sounds based on many
factors, including the physical mechanics.
If you understood this "lesson", we can move on to revealing the Secret of Superman.
The Secret of Superman
Superman is really a code for "higher spiritual man". His chest is emblazoned with a gemstone. That gemstone is a two
dimensional representation of this: How that is so is another story. However, what "destroys" "Superman", or a higher
developed spiritual mankind is an element called "KRYPTONITE".
The word is obviously crafted. It is an anagramic play.
KRYPTONITE is simply reshuffled to ET-KRYPT-I-ON.
Now that you know the relationship of "n" to 10, and that D's and N's and T's can
be used interchangeably, the T in ET-KRYPT-I-ON is changed to an N, to reveal
Mankinds entire CODE is ENCRYPTED, and it is the lack of an ability to
understand how this is so that prevents mankind from becoming "SUPERMAN",
or a higher spiritually developed creation.
Through learning the nature of how this encryption works, and how it is designed,
mankind is able to elevate himself above the dogmas and creeds that keep it perpetually arrayed in darkness.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Volvo and the God of War
There is a simple reality in play. What is up is down and what is down is
up. Show me a word that is being vilified and I will show you where the
inherent good lay imbedded in the word. At the end of the day, "the
leaders", those who "sealed the chest wherein Osiris lay", are sworn to
destroy the past in order to create their own future. Those who "serve the
Goddess" work just as tirelessly to preserve the knowledge and transmit
its inherent philosophical meanings for the present and the future.
But that gets into the world of "conspiracy", doesn't it?
Let us focus on the Acroamatic Cipher. wherein Manley P. Hall states in
"Secret Teachings of All Ages",
"The religious and philosophical writings of all nations abound with acroamatic cryptograms, that is, parables and
allegories. The acroamatic is unique in that the document containing it may be translated or reprinted without
affecting the cryptogram. Parables and allegories have been used since remote antiquity to present moral truths in an
attractive and understandable manner. The acroamatic cryptogram is a pictorial cipher drawn in words and its
symbolism must be so interpreted."
- Source
However, there is more to be understood about the Acroamatic Cipher, from its inherent oral transmission of basic form,design, and
intent, to the fact that the Acroamatic Cipher is the primary means to transmit a particular knowledge about a "divine Alphabet".
Continues Manley P. Hall,
"The creation myths of the world are acroamatic cryptograms, and the deities of the various pantheons are only
cryptic characters which, if properly understood, become the constituents of a divine alphabet. The initiated few
comprehend the true nature of this alphabet, but the uninitiated many worship the letters of it as gods."
- Source
The Nature of Nature

What is the "nature" of Nature? The word hints clear. NATURN = A TURN. What "nature" does is "turns over the elements", reusing
them in a purpetual dance of life and death. Nature, as "the Goddess", is both a "nurturing" force, and a force of war. Nature, in short,
can too be very cruel. Survival of the fittest is an order of the realm, and balance is the key to the beauty. Too much of anything
suffocates the inherent balance, and so Nature corrects "herself".
EARTH, being but the constituent numbers of E+A+R+T+H = 5+1+18+20+8 = 52 Weeks, and being but a representation of the
"Goddess", in that the number is a co-relational circle, too is set against a series of turns, from the day to the night to the turn of the
seasons, Nature cannot beget without the admixture of revolving in a manner set against principles esoterically referred to as "Pi", or
"Ma'at". Gyroscopes keep the vehicle in balance and the inherent sounds of GY, found in "gynecology", all hint at a deeper mystical
code within the words.

The revolving nature of Nature, and the sounds "vulva" are all sounds that elevate the Feminine. So too does the word "vulture",
which comes to feed one last time on "Her creation". In "The Encyclopedia of Masonry", we find under the heading of
"Development" this interesting insight into the use of "volvere",
"The Ancients often wrote their books on parchment, which were made up into a roll, hence called a "volume" from
volvere, "to roll up". Thus, he who read the book commenced by unrolling it, a custom still practiced by the Jews in
the reading of their Sacred Law, and it was not until the whole contents were unrolled and read that he became the
master of its contents. Now in the Latin language, to unfold or unroll was "devolvere" whence we get our English
word "to develop".
- Source
Here is where a bit of added insight into the "Masonic double-headed eagle" may be helpful

If the word "devolvere" is being used as a philosophical construct for the word "develop", then how does the word "devolve" share a
philosophical equality to "develop", when each certainly could be said to be eminating from the same Latin word, "devolvere"? The
word "develop" means "to build up" while "devolve" means to "to bring down". For this reason we hold that you cannot simply peer
into words in a linear fashion, for letters are being spun as on a sphere and their usages in identical linear derived mannerisms may
have seeming opposite linear meanings.
In otherwords, you cannot make any single literal assumption as to how to view any given set of letters at face value, and must view
words and symbols in their context, aided greatly by the revelation that the Construct is based on Pi and 666 as ADM and EVE. The
Double Headed Eagle reminds us to view words "this way or that", as written forward or in reverse, and having meanings that mean
one thing, and its complete opposite all contained within itself.
The Letters take precedence.
So just as 322 can or may reveal "3 22's", or VVV of the VW, and hence the CODE of EVE in the
Garden of Eden (with "god" in Illuminatus mythological systems), then the "Occult symbol" of
VW as "322" is that it reveals the Circle as ADM = 1413 = 3.141 and EVE as 666, to reveal Pi
and 666.
Utilizing the "double headed eagle", the first step is to simply
look for any hints in words as spoken in reverse. VOLVO can reverse quite readily to the word
OV LOV, or Of Love, the "vulva", the "feminine", etc., and it is this potentiality that must too be
considered prior to a philosophical deconstruction of any give symbol. Clearly the corporate sign
of "VOLVO" contains the readily obvious sign for "MARS", and so VOLVO as "ov lov", surely
hints strongly that it is merely a code for "Venus, the Goddess of Love", and hence Volvo the corporate signia is really a pretty self
descriptive code for

Volvo. Venus and Mars.

The patterns are the self explanatory truths to the imbedded Occult signatures.
More on the acroamatic nature of Venus and Mars in a future posting.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Venus and Mars as Acroamatic Cryptograms
Cryptograms as the Underlying Formation of Philosophy
Manley P. Hall wrote in Secret Teaching of All Ages regarding the "Cryptogram as a
Factor in Symbolic Philosophy",
If the art of deciphering cryptograms could be made popular, it would result in the
discovery of much hitherto unsuspected wisdom possessed by both ancient and
medival philosophers. It would prove that many apparently verbose and rambling
authors were wordy for the sake of concealing words. Ciphers are hidden in the most
subtle manner: they may be concealed in the watermark of the paper upon which a
book is printed; they may be bound into the covers of ancient books; they may be
hidden under imperfect pagination; they may be extracted from the first letters of words
or the first words of sentences; they may be artfully concealed in mathematical
equations or in apparently unintelligible characters; they may be extracted from the
jargon of clowns or revealed by heat as having been written in sympathetic ink; they may be word ciphers, letter ciphers, or
apparently ambiguous statements whose meaning could be understood only by repeated careful readings; they may he discovered in
the elaborately illuminated initial letters of early books or they may be revealed by a process of counting words or letters. If those
interested in Freemasonic research would give serious consideration to this subject, they might find in books and manuscripts of the
sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the information necessary to bridge the gap in Masonic history that now exists between the
Mysteries of the ancient world and the Craft Masonry of the last three centuries.
He then says,
With reverence the wise pierce the veil and with clearer vision contemplate the reality; but
the ignorant, unable to distinguish between the false and the true, behold a universe of
symbols. It may well be said of Nature--the Great Mother--that she is ever tracing strange
characters upon the surface of things, but only to her eldest and wisest sons as a reward
for their faith and devotion does she reveal the cryptic alphabet which is the key to the
import of these tracings. -emphasis mine
This above statement can be found to be linked into the Osirian/Isisian Mystery traditions
via Plutarch, who says in On Isis and Osiris,
For Isis is a Greek word, and so also is Typhon, her enemy, who is conceited, as his name
implies, because of his ignorance and self-deception. He tears to pieces and scatters to the
winds the sacred writings, which the goddess collects and puts together and gives into the
keeping of those that are initiated into the holy rites, since this consecration, by a strict
regimen and by abstinence from many kinds of food and from the lusts of the flesh, curtails
licentiousness and the love of pleasure, and induces a habit of patient submission to the
stern and rigorous services in shrines, the end and aim of which is the knowledge of Him
who is the First, the Lord of All, the Ideal One. Him does the god urge us to seek, since He
is near her and with her and in close communion. The name of her shrine also clearly
promises knowledge and p11comprehension of reality; for it is named Iseion,8 to indicate
that we shall comprehend reality if in a reasonable and devout frame of mind we pass
within the portals of her shrines.
That Manley P. Hall references "...but only to her eldest and wisest sons as a reward for their faith and devotion does she reveal
the cryptic alphabet which is the key to the import of these tracings.", can too be seen as a direct parallel in Plutarch, who says
that Typhon "scatters to the winds the sacred writings, which the goddess collects and puts together and gives into the keeping of
those that are initiated into the holy ritessince this consecration, by a strict regimen and by abstinence from many kinds of food and
from the lusts of the flesh, curtails licentiousness and the love of pleasure, and induces a habit of patient submission to the stern and
rigorous services in shrines..."
Each speaks about an initiated elite that is possessing of certain keys, wherein the primary key is clearly said to be a "cryptic
alphabet". In Plutarch, the "cryptic alphabet" is simply inferred, for Plutarch deals with "the letters" as "gods", hence when he refers
to "gods", it is clear he is speaking about "letters". In "On the Letter E at Delphi", from Moralia V, Plutarch says of the Letter E,
"That the god is no less a philosopher than a prophet, Ammonius proved to the satisfaction of all by adducing his titles one by one,..."
And if you are still not convinced that "the Mysteries" are revolving around the eluecidation of the inherent philosophy within a
"cryptic Alphabet", there is this regarding the "acroamatic cipher", as spoken by Manley P. Hall, "The creation myths of the world are
acroamatic cryptograms, and the deities of the various pantheons are only cryptic characters which, if properly understood,
become the constituents of a divine alphabet. The initiated few comprehend the true nature of this alphabet, but the uninitiated
many worship the letters of it as gods."

The Alphabet is the Code of ISIS, wherein ISIS is a cipher for SPEECH.
ISIS = 9+19+9+19 = 56 = 19+16+5+5+3+8 = SPEECH
Yet so, too, do the glyphs of the Astrological signs make up its own "divine Alphabet" to be worshipped, even as the inherent designs
remain for the safe keeping of the Initiated few. Venus and Mars are examples that can be readily revealed.
Venus and Mars as Acroamatic Cryptograms
Venus and Mars present a clear example of a situation wherein the "wise" may
"penetrate the veil", while the "ignorant" are confronted with a "universe of symbols".
In effect, the eleucidation of the symbols for Venus and Mars provides for a clear
example of how various glyphs/letters are fabricated upon larger philosophical truths.
To begin, do not be intimidated if you have never heard of any of this written in any
book. Since the transference of the inherent nature of the symbols in done through an
acroamatic channel, meaning through an oral explanation within controlled channels in
the Initiatory (Illuminatus) systems, it stands to reason that in general, one should not
expect the that the clear manner of the constructing the glyphs would be found to be
committed to writing and so would not be available in any book. You can infer that knowledge is tucked away in this story of Jesus,
who is removed from birth and taught from birth into the Mysteries.
This account inProtevangelion, Infancy I, Chapter XX, suggests of the hidden nature of letters wherein it is said of Jesus,
"So they brought him (Jesus) to that master; who, as soon as he saw him, wrote out an alphabet for him. And he bade him say Aleph;
and when he had said Aleph, the master bade him to pronounce Beth.
Then the Lord Jesus said to him, Tell me first the meaning of the letter Aleph, and then I will pronounce Beth.
And when the master threatened to whip him, the Lord Jesus explained to him the meaning of the letters Aleph and Beth;
Also which were the straight figures of the letters, which the oblique, and what letters had double figures; which had points, and
which had none; why one letter went before another; and many other things he began to tell him, and explain, of which the master
had never heard, nor read in a book."
Needless to say, there is a whole hidden body of knowledge, both surface, and subsurface, regarding all the letters and astrological
signs. Following revealins the nature of Venus and Mars.
Basic Occult Constructs in Venus
VENUS maintains a precise timing code as to its name. Being the second planet from the Sun, it maintains its relationship to B in
that B is the profile of a pregnant woman, or in mythological particulars (acroamatic ciphering), the Goddess Isis pregnant with the
baby Horus. It's secondary relationship in the Isisian Codes is that of "R", wherein when a woman's water "BR-ACHES", or breaks,
the linkage of BR is manifest as in BRth, BRn, BRed, BReed, BRing, BRought, BReast, etc.
As an astronomic phenomena, the planet VENUS maintains a synodic orbit of 225 days, hence the Letters V as placed at position 22
and the E as placed at position 5 encodes the actual synodic orbit of 225 days around the Sun/
VE = 225 around the NUS (SUN)
It characteristics are that the planet is enclosed within a blanket of CLOUDS, wherein the word CLOUD serves as an anagrammic
code for OCCULT, and so VENUS serves as a perfect example in "nature" of a condition to represent the attributes of the Mysteries.
OCULT = CLOUT = CLOUD - (for a comprehensive example of letter transpositions, see the blog entry "Superman and the
Relationship of N to TEN (10)".
There is much more you can glean from any research into the properties of "the Goddess Isis", but the above serves as simple
Basic Occult Signatures to the God of Mars
In the Illuminatus System, letters often act as whole words. This technique is oft noted as "notariqon", but the actual system was
highly developed in Heliopolitan Druidism, from which much of the current Illuminatus System is derived. In the case of the word
"C", this can act as both "see" and "sea", as in 93 = IC = I see. In the case of the Letter R, it can have a value of "R = are" and be
"pre=positioned", as in a "pre-positioned" phrase.

In the case of MARS, we can see that we have a sequence of M ARE S, wherein the gematria can be established into the larger
system via summative coding.
M = 13 = 1+2+3+...13 = 91
S = 19 = 1+2+3+...19 = 190
What you will see is that M and S are sharing palindromic coding in that each can be viewed as being both 19 and 91, hence M's are
Other observations shows that MARS is the 4th planet from the Sun, and so can be related back to the Letter D, which is as the Sun
coming up on the HORIZON. The planet is the "RED" planet, which is linked to the element FE at 26, or the Chemical Element
number for IRON, from which the "red sun" derives its color. Too, much can be gleaned from researching into the properties of
MARS, such that it exists in a "perpetual state of drought", in that it has no water, etc.
All of these are used to fuse together the larger the Construct.
The Spoken Word as the Sword
Joseph Hall, in critiquing Sir Francis Bacon, wrote a poem criticising the usage of compounding of words (taking two words to make
one), wherein he says,
"He knows the grace of that new elegance
which sweet Philsides [Phillip Sidney] fetch of late from France,
That well beseem his high-style Arcady (Arcadia)
Tho others mar it with much liberty
in epithets to join two words in one".
In the case of cryptograms in words, we then must take into account the compounding of words, such as "to get her" to create
"together", or "no thing" to create "nothing", but we also must be cognizant of the use of singular letters to represent whole words, as
in the letter C used for both "see" and "sea". An example of this is too intimated in Shakespeare, "Hearkens after prophecies and
And from the cross-row plucks the letter G."
- Richard III, I, 1.
The "alphabet" was known as "the cross-row".
"Like all of the great poets and dramatists of the time, Shakespeare learned his basic reading and writing skills from an ABC, or
horn-book. Robert Speaight in his book, Shakespeare: The Man and His Achievement, describes this book as
a primer framed in wood and covered with a thin plate of transparent horn. It included the alphabet in small letters and in capitals,
with combinations of the five vowels with b, c, and d, and the Lord's Prayer in English. The first of these alphabets, which ended with
the abbreviation for 'and', began with the mark of the cross. Hence the alphabet was known as 'Christ cross row' -- the cross-row of
Richard III, I, i, 55. A short catechism was often included in the ABC book (the 'absey book' of King John, I, i, 196). (10)"
Hence as one must "hearken after prophecies and dreams" and "pluck the letter G", a more pragmatic way of viewing this is that if
you are to seek after the hidden cryptogram within, as the naming of things was oft done through astral channels, it too might be
necessary to remove a single letter, solve for the letter, and then place the sequence back into its constructed channels.
In the case of the word SWORD, we have to include all the "energetical channels",
meaning established Occult and esoteric symbolism, before a full understanding of the
meaning (hearkening after prophecies and dreams) can be fully established.
The primary symbol of "swords" is that it is one of the four primary suits of the
TAROT, comprised of Pentacles, Wands, Cups, and Swords. Each of these suits is then
fused to larger archetypical codes that then link back to astrologic or "deity" attributes.
In the case of the SWORDS, the sign is associated with the Air and to all things related
to thought and words and communication. In this way, the suit is associated directly to
Isis, even as it is oft associated traditionally to Hera with Isis associated to "earth".
As AIR is associated with SPEECH and THOUGHT, the SWORD would need to be
broken down into its S-WORD, for the WORD is PI is the ALPHABET. Thus the S, as
being associated with AIR and COMMUNICATION AND SPEECH, becomes
associated with the SPOKEN WORD TRADITONS (again linking back to ISIS) as the
Veil covering the Eyes of in the "two of swords" hints of the Scales of Liberty equally.
Now that we have connected the dots, we can "hearken after prophecies and dreams"
(solve for the cryptogram) and bring out the code of SWORD.


Now we begin to link back all the symbols. The Spoke is the radius of a circle. Hence the Sword is as the radius
of a circle equally. When we speak, and we have finished, then we have "spoken", or we "have spoke". The
"spoke" of speaking is linked to the "spoke" of the wheel" which is linked to the SWORD via the "spoken
word". However, the archetype is that the SPOKE is the radius, and so what is "the Word" but the CIRCLE or
So the code is simple.
The "SWORD" contains both the idea of a RADIUS (and an implied diameter), and with it, the "omnific Word, or Pi." Hence, the
SPOKEN WORD contains the whole of the esoteric code.
Ingeniously crafted and hidden away from view.
Integrating the SPOKEN WORD into VENUS and MARS
Now consider the "letters" of "Venus" and "Mars" in light of the Acroamatic Cipher. In
the case of MARS, Mars is regarded as "the god of War" and so is linked back to Seth.
When we consider the "birth of Seth", we read the following:
"On the third day Typhon was born, but not in due season or
manner, but with a blow he broke through his mother's side and
leapt forth." That is all we are told. That is all we needed to be told.
The third day we can equate to the SEA and C as Typhon, and if he
was born with a "blow from his mother's side", what this is
describing in an acroamatic fashion is the very sign for the "god of
The "sword" is piercing with a blow through "his mother's side".
This is key. For we then must link the story of "Jesus" to the "Father". John 19:33-34 But when they came to Jesus, they saw that he
was dead already, so they didn't break his legs. One of the soldiers, however, pierced his side with a spear, and blood and water
flowed out.
What is wrong with the picture? "Blood and water" is the sign of giving BIRTH, and so the acroamatic cipher of
Jesus is symbolic of "the Goddess" at time of giving birth, and so this statement is an acroamatic cipher for
What is being born with a blow from the mother's side is "MARS" and when the side is pierced and "blood and
water came out", such is describing "VENUS".
The operative element is "the Sword". The Spoke and the Word. The Diameter as inferred by a radius and Pi as
the WORD or circumference of the wheel.
From here, one can peer into the mysteries further to reveal more of the construct and the letters upon which this story is further

On the Nature of Fetches

I remember when I was first developing the Isisian Codes. I knew I
had something, and I worked tirelessly in those early days of the
Internet to find a way to communicate what was essentially an
astrally driven insight: the challenge is to not appear as if one is too
insane even to the point of keeping one's sanity. Many fail. Witness
Dee, Crowley, to mention two of the more obviouss, each dying in
on the fringes of madness and abandoned by all.
It is no secret that the Occult world has oft used the tools of the
shaman. Meditation techniques, breathing techniques, focus
techniques, and the use of hallucinogenics oft come into play. This
was not much different for me. I grew up in a time when
Christianity was still a strong and overt power play on the society. A
former high school teacher slaked in darkness in her own residence
to share "The Secret Teachings of All Ages".
Jung's work on archetypes provided an intellectual reason to escape from the Christian injected fear of the unknown. The "devil" was
indeed, very sly and deceiving, and any delving into the then "Occult" was sure to bring a wrath. Evil was everywhere, except where
it was obvious; the Christian mythos could never see itself has being the third little pig that devoured the wolf and hence had become
likened unto it.
The Occult, if you are not familiar with some of its mechanisms, relies heavily on the astral. Hence the oft discussions of "ceremonial
magic" and "protection spells", and "astral beings", and even the "elemental" or two. What some call "guardian angels", other view as
dedicated guides on the souls path.
There is another name for these entities. They are called "fetches".
On the Nature of Fetches
What is the nature of a Fetch? Being one, I have always known, but how does one relate an inner knowledge to an external source?
Why, in many ways, that is what a Fetch does, it seeks that which is required for a continued advancement of an esoteric nature to
benefit any given series of Spiritual Essences. In this way, if you look, you can find Fetch's everywhere, for without them, the current
world could not exist. Fetch's are servants to the individual, the clan (family), and the volk (community), and when you can see with
the vision of a Fetch, there are Fetch's for Planets, Solar Systems, and even Galaxies.
Fetch's are not of this world, yet exist within it. Their tools are the symbols that make up the very nature of Archetypes, and can
communicate through dreams or, for the more spiritually attuned, even in a waking state. Sit back and relax, and for the first time,
The Fetch shall use information from the "world" to explain just what a "Fetch" is. It might come as a surprise to many of you.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fetch's can be found sprinkled throughout Nordic Pagan, Celtic, and Wiccan philosophies, but it is in the Realm of Asatru that Fetch's
find their highest degree of manifestation. Wicca, on the other hand, seems to relagate Fetch's to the most basic of tasks. According to
"Grace Watchers Ministries"(1) which presents a Dictionary of Pagan and Wiccan Terms, a Fetch is defined as "A Male witch who
acts as a messenger and general assistant to a Coven's High Priestess and High Priest." This position is also known as a "Summoner".
Gardnerian Wicca places a more etheric value to Fetch's, where "Summoners" are spoken of in "The Old Laws", a work released in
1961 (2): (...40)..."It be Ardane that each Coven shall not know where the next Coven bide, or who its members are , save the Priest
and the High Priestess, that there should be no communication between them save by the Messenger of the Gods, or the Summoner."
Indeed, most of what we learn about "profane Fetch's" can be found in Wicca, for here is where a Fetch is at it's most humble of
representations, and the term "Summoner" is most often used in this manifestation. However, not all traditions of Wicca make use of
a Summoner, or a Fetch, but where these traditions exist, we find the purpose of Fetch's quite varied and central to the operation of
the Coven.
In "Wicca 101", "Goddess Spirituality 101: Coven Structure, Section 4, A-D "(3) it is said that a Summoner is also known as "A
Puck", is responsible for acting as the private messenger of the High Priestess, may be a Priest in training or simply someone capable
of being seen without arousing suspicion. Equally, he is usually the only one who knows the whereabouts of all witches in a Coven
with the exception of perhaps the High Priest, and is responsible for the mundane matters of the Coven such as contacting Coven
members as to upcoming meetings, overseeing Coven finances, buying ritual supplies, coordinating gatherings, and providing light
for the High Priestess and High Priest as needed during the circle."
It is said in the Celtic ways that to meet one's Fetch is a very bad thing indeed, for a Fetch is your dream double, and if you meet your

Fetch, you are no longer of this world, but of the world beyond. In the end, you can never avoid your Fetch, for you can never avoid
your fate."
If you have ever had rich pictured and sensation dreams where you are met with a member of the opposite sex or an animal, and in
some cases, geometric charged shapes, then chances are, you have had a brush with your "fetch".
The fetch is an independent form that is attached to the person though not actually a part of the person, in a sense. It can some times
easily be confused with the fylgja but it is actually a splintering of the fylgja that is done in order to accomplish some particular task.
It comes generally in the form of an animal or of the opposite sex of the person it is attached to. It's purpose is to assist the person it
is attached to in other realms. Most people never see or have need of their fetch until death, at which time it will generally guide
them to the after-life. It can and often is passed along ancestral lines. - source
In Nordic Pagan shaman systems, the soul is seen to be divided into constituent components. Generally, these classifications fall into
5 primary forms: 1) The body, 2) Mind. 3) Soul, 4) Fetch, and 5) Orlaeg. Western esoteric traditions such as Masonry typically set
forward a basic system 3 parts to the soul: 1)Mind, 2)Body, and 3) Spirit
Fetch's are equated to Woden or the Letter L in higher systems, and are primary dwellers in Asgard. Asgard as an esoteric construct,
and the "Garden of Eden", are quite comparable in design and construction, hence to return to "Asgard" or to the "Garden of Eden"
can be viewed as simple cultural transpositions of a shamanistic reality.
An anonymous author had this to say regarding Asgard and The Fetch:
Asgard. This is the highest realm of consciousness, this is almost pure consciousness and so Asgard is a realm of almost pure being.
This has been described as a divine state of being. The central hall of Asgard is ruled by Odhinn the god of inspiration, the God
whose very being is the Wode state. This realm relates to the those aspects of the soul known as the Wode and also that of the Fetch.
The Wode is a state of divine inspiration which can be bestowed upon consciousness when the intellectual faculties are brought into
harmony. In achieving the Wode state the intellectual powers open themselves to the most productive and fertile manifestation of the
mind, the highest state of being - the state of frenzied inspiration - whilst the Wode is a principle which is connected with Asgard we
must also recognise that its true home is Midgard or the self - one of the aims of rune work is to bring the Wode home - to reach that
state of perfect integration that is truly Hailagaz and so while we have to discuss the Wode in relation to Asgard we must also
acknowledge that its destination is Midhgard or the Self.
The Fetch, is the element of the soul which is truly at home in Asgard. The Fetch is that being who holds within its consciousness
every thought, every act and every moment of your own conscious life and more besides. The Fetch is also the collective repository of
all that has ever been in the mind of all your previous incarnations - hence it also carries with it the totality of your ancestral
consciousness. One of the aspects of this is that the Fetch has knowledge of the realm of Hel, this is a transcendent knowledge as
whilst the fetch's home is in Asgard its nature is to follow the soul through all of its incarnations - this leads one to posit an intimate
connection between the Fetch and the seed of the entire soul structure known as the shade or Sal - this intimate connection implies
that the Fetch even understands that state of being which occurs between one life and the next - a from of being which is not a being.
The Fetch is the most complete form of personal consciousness. Through exploring this level of the cosmos one can gain a better
understanding of the nature of the Wode and its inspiration as well as gaining insights into the nature of the Fetch for this is the
realm in which consciousness opens up to embrace more than mundane consciousness - in this realm we can gain access to ancestral
consciousness a form of consciousness which links us directly with our mythical ancestor Odhinn. Alternately through exploring the
Wode and trying to attain communication with the Fetch one can begin to understand the nature of Asgard. Either way the result of
this exploration will be an intimate understanding of the highest states of being and the highest states of consciousness. The vowel
sound which corresponds to Asgard is A the rune of divine inspiration. Through intoning this sound we activate Asgard in our
personal sphere and hence give power to the Wode and to the Fetch.
The Letter A as an intonation carries with it a harmonic (as expected) and this
harmonic has been identified through a new science called Cymatics.
Cymatics appears to be linked into knowledge of Pythagorean metanumerics and
the concept known as "frozen sound". But all of this is for another post. For now,
let's return back to the nature of Fetch's, and Sir Francis Bacon, regarded as the
single most influential personages in the development of what we now call
The idea of astral project carries with it an archetype known as "the Abyss". This
is what could be considered a dark area of nothingness as one makes ones way to
any given realm in an astral sense. This region is spoken of in the Epic of
Gilgamesh, and plays a prominent role in esoteric work, both modern and
It is not my point to make this mystical, but rather to simply point out the nature
of what is being said. Regarding Sir Francis Bacon, this interesting piece appears
regarding the potential use of Cannabis.
Cannabis, appetite and "compounds"

In Sonnet 118 there is a potential cryptic link between "compounds and Cannabis which is known to be an appetite-stimulant
(Conrad, 1997, Thackeray, 2003) :
" Like as to make our appetites more keen
With eager compounds we our palate urge "
In this poem, "compounds" would relate more directly to chemical compounds. This is supported by the fact that the word "drugs"
occurs at the end of the sonnet in the context of homeopathic principles. Cannabis is known to have been used in homeopathic
medicine, and the line "a healthful state, which rank of goodness, would by ill be cured" brings in use of the word "rank", itself
closely related to "weed".
Cannabis, "weed" and writing
The fact that Cannabis was accessible in England in Shakespeares time is certain. It was used for clothing (as indicated by
Shakespeares "what hempen homespuns have we swaggering here?", in A Midsummers Night Dream), as well as for canvas, rope
and paper. Furthermore, chemical analysis 17th century clay pipes from Stratford-upon-Avon indicates that Cannabis was smoked,
and may have been associated with creative writing (Thackeray et al, 2001".
An association between "weed" and writing, particularly sonnets of the kind associated with Petrarch and Phillip Sidney, is reflected
not only in Shakespeares Sonnet 76 ("invention in a noted weed)", but also in a satirical poem by Joseph Hall, criticising a poets
"filching" from the work of others :
"He can implore the heathen deities
to guide his bold and busy enterprise;
or filch whole pages at a clap for need
From honest Petrarch, clad in English weed".
Perhaps this satirical poem was directed at Shakespeare who "lifted" ideas from elsewhere, and who may have used Cannabis as a
"source of inspiration" (Thackeray, 2003). - source
The point here is that the word "Cannabis" may be itself a classic case of an imbedded code.
An "elixir" to help aid the soul into the realms of Asgard and hence to an understanding of how the Construct was crafted. Perhaps
this, more than any other reason, is a primary cause of the Illuminatus as an elite to vilify the "plant" lest people come to understand
the manner in which the Construct was grown, and through which things can be perceived and understood relative to how it was all
No matter how you find your way to "your fetch", and no, this was not my channel or direction, understand that there comes a time
when practical work needs to be effected in the astral.
This is the realm of "the Fetch".

The Matrix Reloaded and the Isisian Codes - Part I

I began my work on the Isisian Codes around the start of the popularizing of
the Internet. Originally, I set the information into various "Wiccan" forums,
one being "Ask a Witch Society". Those were the rough and tumble days of
the Internet, and markets were still as fluid as plasma and formulating online
niches were in the earliest of communal phases.
It was clear from the outset that the development of the Isisian Codes was
going to be a difficult "sell", even as the formula was cleverly constructed
against Western esoteric knowledge sets. Indeed, the development of the
Isisian Codes has a unique history in that much of its development occured
"online" and in total public view. There has never been an attempt to hide it,
for the subject matter is difficult even as the premise is simple.
The first premise is the Alphabet is itself a hyper-dimensional representation
of "the Word" as spoken of by various Initiated Systems, but especially those
at the fragmentation period of Mdme. Blavatsky and the muddling of "white"
Masonry with its darker, and more Setian influenced "Illuminatus" Bavarian
systems such as the Black Lodge and O.T.O.
Two years
before the
release of the
Reloaded, I
had met up
with the
author Robert
Baird, an
expert on the
Schools. I
recall that he
was not
thoroughly convinced in my early presentations, but over time, as my efforts at
communicating improved, and his efforts to understand what I was doing began to pay
off, he slowly began to see that what I was doing was truly emulating from the depths
of various Initiatory Systems.
I was not going to come in from the cold, and I had every intention of returning a birthrite to any interested in hearing.
So Robert Baird and I began an informal collaboration that continues to this day. Two years prior to the release of the original
"National Treasure" by Disney in 2004, Robert Baird and I were trouncing into friendly territory or otherwise, he
speaking about the Merovingian bloodlines, and I speaking about inherent codes set against Pi controlled by these same bloodlines
and used as means of control mechanisms against mass humanity.
Funny then when the site came out for "National Treasure", the entry point was set against a set of cipher wheels, and I recall much
play about Oak Island, a subject Robert and I were working on ourselves some two years prior.
Film and Art as Disseminators of Hidden Knowledge
What we have seen in the past half decade or so is a rising tide of success for art, especially film and literature, that speaks with a
subtle mystical clarity as to the nature of the Construct.
The Da Vinci Code scored a remarkable success hinting at the Kabballistic
nature of the design, and yet with remarkable persistency, even as the inherent
nature of imbedded ciphers in English are shown, so many people ignore what
is set before them and presume that the only mystical truths are to be found in
the Hebrew.
People do not stop to think that "just maybe" there is a whole body of thought
and concious construction that has gone into English, all of it based on
"cypher wheels". For instance, when we intonate the Letters D, T, and N, our
tongue touches the identical region in the mouth.

With D located at 4, we can show that the sum of 1:4 = 10

With T located at 4, the same, the result is of course the same.
And with N located at 14, this same pattern of summing the constituent digits in a correlational factor reveals yet the same again. It
makes rational sense that a people imbedding ciphers into language constructs would too take into account the actual physiology of
the design as the sounds are intonated.
Where better to hide the knowledge than in the sound itself?
Then who could forget "A Beautiful Mind", directed by Ron Howard, where a genius
is tormented by codes inside his mind that of course, are but the result of
schizophrenic ramblings? The message sent is clear. There are of course "codes", but
beware if you seek to come to understand them. Another film hiding this little
anomoly tells clear this message.
One is left to wonder if that is an intentional or a coincidental approximation of the
Sanskrit glyph for OM in the upper left window pain, even as Theta = Pi.Delta. Even if
true, you would only be hearing "voices in your head", for plausible denial is
everywhere, even as some messages are more overt than others.
Like, the movie "The Number 23". A man goes mad seeing the patterns of numbers
appearing in all things, and especially the number "23". His fascination turns on his
soul, and he appears to go more and more mad as the numbers from the Universe
invade his conciousness and the connections become manifold within his personal
23. The Number of the Black Widow. The Spider and the Owl. The Sparrow = 110. 2/3 = .666. When does it end? Can it ever end,
seing how all things are ordered really against 1-9 as a numbering system, with these ultimately reducing to non-linear 1's and 0's?
Yet to deal in the reality of reality becomes a bit unsettling, so reality is simply inverted on its head: what is rational and sane is
irrational and insane, and what is insane and irrational is seen as perfectly normal and ordinary.
The warning is clear. Do not conciously seek to enter "The Matrix" if you value your sanity.
And yet, who really does not find an allure to the very temptation of precisely doing so?".
"Passing through the two dimensional sheet of code that formed the main title we enter a three
dimensional world of code.
Drifting through a universe built of entirely phosphorescent characters, we begin to sense
"I'm in."
"Suddenly, Trinity and the courtyard behind her disintigrate, overtaken by the frenzied
mass of code as before. It shifts and seethes, a twisting digital mercury snakebed.
"We rush along the writhing landscape, ripping through the green arteries of the
building, space and time --"Entering a code built elevator shaft, rocketing straight up, gaining on the rising elevator,
passing through its bottom carriage --"Sizzling lines of code shoot through the body of a man, sending an electronic spasm
through the code of his body, changing it, overwriting it.
"The Code world reforms." And so is told another story eerily comparable to a form
associated with "kabballah" as taught in the Initiatory Systems. Rising up (astral
projecting), gaining on the rising elevator passing through its bottom carriage (the
Sepherah to Tipheroth). So the experiences can be seen in the film idiology.
But see where there is a Catch 22? Plausible denial is everywhere, even as it taunts and
toys. This is simply the way "the Beast" plays, providing itself with a perfect knowledge
and forcing upon you an imperfect foundation from which to try to solve the puzzle.
So everything I say is false, even if it incredibly lucid and true.
Neo stands at a window looking out over a sea of darkness gleaming with urban light.

Keymaker - Exactly three hundred and fourteen seconds.

Ghost - Five minutes.
Keymaker - That is the length and the breadth of the window.

Corporate Logos as Occult Symbols, The Vesica Piscis

The "Occult", in a tinctured sense, has always controlled "vice". First, it is incredibly profitable, and second,
the various vices of the world remain but temptations upon which rewards and punishments can be meted out, and thus a ruling elite may remain
focused on ruling through controlling the avenues of corruption upon which the people may come to believe that "order" as provided for by the
ruling elite is necessary.
The Opium Wars offer but a small window of the use of drugs to destroy cultures and create conditions to imbed particular philosophies, not the
least of which is the very Alphabet upon which English is predicated. Today, the world of narcotics can best be viewed as being entirely controlled
by Setian Occult forces within cellular national security blankets. It is no secret that the United States was in Vietnam partially to control the opium
of the Golden Triangle, and that American military might is used to protect or otherwise control the cocaine fields in Colombia and the massive
heroine being produced in Afghanistan.
Where in the previous generations, drugs were used to destroy foreign cultures, very much as alcohol was deployed against the native American
Indians, today, with control nearly absolute, drugs are used to prey on the domestic populations, with the intended effect of both weakening the
society and strengthening the police powers.
There should not be any aversion to the simple truth that CO-Caine implies "with Cain", or they who gladly murder their fellow Brothers.
This control of "vice" extends into all manner of society and manifests itself nearly everywhere - if only one is willing to but glimpse and
Vice as Natural Human Behavior

It can be said that "if a person has no vice, then he is a novice, and thus has not experienced what living has to offer." Vices are, essentially,
everywhere. They squeeze on the individual and hold the individual tight, and if properly fastened to the subject, never ever lets the person the go.
Such are the nature of vices.
Vices, at the end of the day, can be defined as virtually any focused interest by the individual, and this definition can further be fused to arbitray
religious constructs and turned into being of the "devil himself". Vices are difficult to understand for the laity, for ultimately, all focused thoughts
are vices - it is only the cultural moral influences that provide vices with coloring and admixtures.
So long as there is this form of Earthly living, there will be vices waiting to grab and latch onto the person. There is a universal component to
vices. So it should not be surprising to hear Manley P. Hall comment in Secret Teachings of All Ages, "Man's evil habits therefore actually became
the unconscious perpetuators of his philosophical precepts. "We must admire the wisdom of the Initiates," writes Papus, "who utilized vice and
made it produce more beneficial results than virtue." Does not this act of the ancient priests itself afford proof that the entire mystery of the Tarot is
wrapped up in the symbolism of its zero card? If knowledge was thus entrusted to fools, should it not be sought for in this card?"
Thus it is the use concious acknowledgement of what is vice and how it works that lends the idea so skillfully to the Craft. By simply imbedding
the Codes into materialism, the very habits that make up materialism become the progenitors of the ancient symbols and inherent energetical
designs crafted into them. Hence it is only natural that corporate logos, to they who are in the know, be used as symbols of the Occult for these
symbols are the very foundation to the archetypical construction of Western constructs.

The Vesica Piscis as an Occult Foundational Symbol

Yarker references in his work "The Arcane Schools", "It was in these
prehistoric times that the symbols of the two creative forces of nature
developed, represented by crux-ansata, lithoi, or lingam, and the vesica piscis,
or yoni. They are equally the signs of a dogma which lay at the root of all
religions in regard to fire, not the fire burning upon the altar, but the fire which
that symbolised and was termed "divine darkness," a spiritual or magical fire,
seen by gifted seers, of which the earthly symbols are the pyramids, the obelisk,
and the church spires.<<"The Rosicrucians," Jennings.>>

Theodosius Obelisk, Istanbul

With such a statement, in context, does one really think that the Obelisk as the Washington Monument rising up through the Vesica Piscis, does not
carry with it some significant occult meaning? If you believe so, how would you organize your thoughts surrounding such? But no matter, for if the
Pyramids, the Obelisk, and the Church Spires are but earthly symbols, what then of the Vesica Piscis?

The Vesica Piscis, two interlinked circles, is also known as "the Yoni". The name "yoni" refers to the
middle portion of the interlocking circles, is derived from the Sanskrit meaning, "divine passage".
That the yoni is the feminine, the yoni should be viewed such that the divine passage becomes a
correlation to sex, or male/female union. It is this correlation, and its relation to rebirth and
regeneration that remains a basic truth at the very core of Occult structural foundations.
And seeing how "vice" is used as a means to advance and preserve the philosophy, what better vice
than that of "materialism", and what better symbol of "materialism" than that of "the MasterCard",
which enables materialism beyond many a person's economic means?

However, this symbol is found in many a corporate logo. How about Chanel or the famed Sedars Sinai Medical Center?

The famed Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California?

And of course, KOOL Cigarettes

It is all very cool when you begin to see that things are not as they appear, and the reality of the
Construct begins to burst open like a bud before your eyes.
Imagine a clever code for G-d hidden here, in the corporate symbol for Gucci? And some would only
see the Vesica Piscis!


Saturday, September 1, 2007

Jack Fell Down and Broke His Crown
Why is it that so many of our "nursery rhymes" share a melancholy theme?
Chicken Little and the falling sky, the Three Little Pigs, and Rock-a-bye
Baby hint at some tradgedy. For a falling sky, or a falling crib with child, or
kin eaten by a wolf, all speak of some tale that that hints perhaps at a larger
Yet none tells of a tale more real and tragic than that of Jack and Jill.
Historically, the nursery rhyme of Jack and Jill came out around 1795:
"Jack and Jill referred to are said to be King Louis XVI - Jack -who was
beheaded (lost his crown) followed by his Queen Marie Antoinette - Jill (who came tumbling after). The words and lyrics to the Jack and Jill poem
were made more acceptable as a story for children by providing a happy
ending! The actual beheadings occurred in during the Reign of Terror in
1793. The first publication date for the lyrics of Jack and Jill rhyme is 1795 which ties-in with the history and origins."
"Jack", as a name, however, has far more esoteric significance to be simply
relegated to a pun on King Louis XVI and his wife, Queen Marie Antoinette.
As discussed in "The Ever Mystical 11:11", it is often best to aggregate the
basic allegorical and archetypical constructions and usages of a word prior to
trying to solve for any esoteric underpinnings.
In the way of the word "JACK", we find that it is the 11th card of the deck of the playing cards,
even as it has a value of 10 (its letter placement), that it is a game played by children, as in "a
game of Jacks", that it is a name to describe the male of some species (the ass), and that it is used
as an informal address to describe "a person whose name is not known." The name also appears in
such tales as "Jack in the Beanstalk", where the famous line reads:
"Fe Fi Fo Fum.
I smell the blood of an Englishman.
Be he alive or be he dead,
I'll have his bones to grind my bread."
Of course, there is much more to be gleaned from additional observations, such as "a Jack O'Lantern",
or the word "hijack", or the game "Blackjack", but this provides a glimpse into aggregating the
correlations in order to effect a "piercing of the veil".
The Coroner and the Crown
Our Western construct, in order to be truly and accurately understood, must entail a thorough study of
mythologies far above and beyond that of the "semitic" traditions so many of us were fed as we were
children. It may be difficult for some to understand today, but not too long ago, say a couple decades ago, it was all well and good in
a highly Zionised Christian America to put "all things Jewish" relative to religious constructions as "literal truths".
Even to this day, there are strong quarters in America that are so doggedly filled with their dogmas that Jewish religious constructs
such as "creationism" in a "literal sense" are still being debated in courts of law. But few understand the inherent workings of the
metaphysics in play precisely because they are not fully versed in the totality of how the Construct was crafted, and there is a
presumption that the Construct is crafted around "semitic traditions".
However, this makes no rational sense seeing how Northern European traditions comprised their own sets of mythological
information that can only be viewed as being in contradiction to "Semitic traditions". Consequently, if one is to begin to piece
together the puzzle to solve for the nature of English as a concious construct, and admittedly, many do not believe that such is even a
possibility, then it is imperative that one begin to rapidly acquire alternative information and begin to aggregate the data and effect a
more reasoned and rational understanding.
As regards our Western Construct, the idea of "The Coroner and the Crown" might provide a bit of insight.
Roots in Words
In the craft of Gematria, which is regarded as a willful and concious encoding of esoteric information into words (to include
mathematical and allegorical information), words themselves are divided into all their various components. There are the prefixes,

the suffixes, the root words, the syllables, the vowels, and the consonants, to name the primary elements. In order to begin to effect
more hidden linkages, it is naive and clearly nowhere near enough to simply "add words" to arrive at values and then allow for the
mind to begin to effect the various implied, encoded, or otherwise, esoteric connections.
This whole process is akin to the larger act of "piercing the Veil of Isis".
In the case of simple gematria, or the adding of ordinal placement of letters to arrive at a particular value with esoteric linkages, a
simple one as put forward by Continental Masons in the late 1920's is the formula:
ISIS = 9+19+9+19 = 56 = 19+16+5+5+3+8 = SPEECH
Hence "piercing the Veil of Isis" is akin to "piercing the Veil of Speech", or having an ability to see the more hidden meanings of
words as they are encoding the larger esoteric or philosophy of the Illuminatus.
Although the use of ordinal adding of words has value, in no way can it be seen to be "the whole of the system", and anyone who
intimates such is either fooling you, themselves, or both. An example of alternative views into words is to utilize "the root of the
word" as espoused in "rabbinical Kabballah". In "rabbinical Kabballah", the consonant sounds of the word are regarded as "the root
of the word", while the vowel sounds are what add the colorations to the word. By viewing at the "roots of the word", or the
consonants, it is logically reasoned that there are links to the various words.
Of course, in a larger sense, the Hebrew Kabballah is the public rules to the more hidden Qaballa of the Illuminatus, which as Crafted
was set against English. Hence the easiest way to study "rabbinical Kabballah" is to simply "hijack" the rules and apply them to
"English", since the reality is, the rabbinical rules were themselves the product of hijacking from a more hidden source.
When we utilized the "root of the word", or "the consonants", we find that the letters CRN are used to form such words as CROWN,
If you are able to "feel" the linkages, your essence (intuition) should tell you that "something" is vibrating in what is called
"dissonance", meaning a bit "out of phase". If you are using this Blog as a way to help you learn to "pierce the Veil of Isis", which is
what it is intended to help you do, then surely the physiological changes should be seen as "cues and clues" from which the source is
solvable by "Why".
Why is "CORONATION", or the "annoiting of a King" being linked to a "CORONER", or one who comes to "retrieve the dead"?
In the same way, THRN can be linked to such words as THORN, NORTH, and THRONE. Again, if you are attuned, a sense of
dissonance should transpire.
WHY does "Jesus" have a "CROWN of THORNS", is titled as "INRI. KING OF THE JEWS", yet "dies" and so is annoited as a
"King of Kings and Lord of Lords?" And so when people die, they are greeted by the "Coroner", and yet it is the "corona" that is the
outer aspect of the Sun even as the "Core" is the "center" and it is the "cent" that is "the Penney", which is "the One", which is Osiris!
Osiris and the Crown
So if "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water", and if "Jack fell down and broke his crown, with Jill tumbling after",
would it not make sense to understand the nature of Osiris FIRST before seeking to solve for Jack and Jill as Osiris and Isis? Afterall,
ultimately, this is the game that is "in play". The Semitic traditions make no "bones" about this when it is said in Isiah 65: 11-12
"But some of you have deserted me. You no longer worship on my holy mountain of Zion. You spread a table for the god that is called
Good Fortune. You offer bowls of mixed wine to the god named Fate. 12 So I will make it your fate to be killed with swords. Each of
you will die a horrible death. That is because I called out to you, but you did not answer me. I spoke to you, but you did not listen.
You did what is evil in my sight. You chose to do what does not please me." - New International Readers Version
What was in England and surrounding lands were Initiated Systems dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the esoteric knowledge
of Isis and Osiris. The North would be seen as the land of ICE (I See). By simply reversing the word NORTH to "Throne", the
inherent truth of the concept could be preserved. By recognizing that Isis and Osiris's crown had been
broken, it could intimitated that they had been "thrown" from their "throne", which was to say that the
former knowledge of the Precession of the Equinoxes was being ground asunder and forgotten.
A new heaven and earth was in the making. Isis sometimes could be seen depicted with a "throne" as a
"head dress", and a reference to Her is found in the "Book of Revelation. And a great sign was seen in
heaven: a woman arrayed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve
stars; - Source
The Precession of the Equinoxes is, too, the Crown of Osiris, but he too had been
"thrown" from his "throne", wherein "throne" could too be said to be a clue as to where
to look for his "crown", which would be in the North.
Jack and Jill went up the hill (the North)
To fetch a pale of water (the Earth). Jack fell down (Osiris) and broke his crown (the
Royal Arch and a religion or philosophical thought set against the Precession of the

- and then began the slaughter.
A New World Order
In truth, there were two movements in play regarding a "New World Order". One was the more positive elements of "Continental
Masonry", a group of people who truly did share the ideal of a better human race based on mutual respect and understanding, and
whose ideals became the foundation for what was loved in America the world over. This ideal could be esoterically fused to "Osiris",
or the Letter A.
The second parallel movement was a movement dedicated to "Jehovah". This
movement does not believe in any respect nor care for anyone in the world save for
their own beliefs and views and aspirations, and these ultimately can be viewed as a
"foreign element" linked to rabbinical Kabballah and Setian Worship, even as they
have grafted their ideals to the former. These systems are dedicated to
Jehovah/Typhon/Seth and so are esoterically linked to the Letter I.
Their views are held in Isaiah 65:17 "Behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth. The former things will not be
remembered, nor will they come to mind. But be glad and rejoice forever in what I
will create, for I will create Jerusalem to be a delight and its people a joy." - New
International Version
Thus one can begin to get an understanding of the hidden geostrategic and esoteric
meaning to the song sung so often in England called "Jerusalem".
And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England's mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England's pleasant pastures seen?
And did the Countenance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among these dark Satanic Mills?
Bring me my Bow of burning gold:
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear! O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire.
I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England's green and pleasant land.
From Milton, a poem in two Books (1804-1808) by
William Blake. - Source
Jack and Jill went up the hill
to fetch a pale of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown
- and then began the slaughter by they who have sought to build Jerusalem in English's fair and pleasant lands.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Vampires and the Empire of Vah - Part I
The Vampyre. Every bit as real as it is imagined, it
remains an archetype of extreme power precisely
because it dwells within the primordial roots of the
human soul, hard wired, as it were, into the very
fabric of human conciousness.
As a mythological creature, it must avoid the light
of the sun as it comes to suck the blood of its
victims in the dark of the night. Female victims are
oft portrayed caught in a web of contradiction;
first, she wishes to repel the Vampyre yet
succombs to the allure of a primal sexual desire
and attraction. As lust grows, she becomes more
and more submissive until she is no longer able to
defend herself from the increasingly lengthy
advances until she is vanquished.
Such is the world of Vah.
Each day this scene plays out hundreds of millions
of times in a waking state dreamworld. The
dynamic of male/female relations lends itself to the
female slowly giving of herself to the male who
requires her energy for his sustenance until in fear
she is no longer able to free herself from the time induced spell.
Of course, too, the roles are oft reversed, and the woman, in order to feed your psyche, drains her mate of his energy till such a time
that he is helpless to defend himself from the encroaching darkening of his spirit.
Carried further, the Vampyric energy extends into the work force, employer/employee relations.
The empire of Vah is very real indeed, even more so as oft what is imagined is far more real than what is "real". Imagination feeds
Vah, and Vah is very thankful indeed.
The Vampyre as an Illuminatus Construct
In 1982, author Michael Talbot came out with a book called "A Delicate Dependency, A
Novel of the Vampire Life". It was reviewed by the Grand Lodge of British Columbia
and Yukon as "The Delicate Dependency" contained a large number of comments that
linked "vampires" to "Masons" and other Initiatory Systems.
Of import and note was that the reviewer wrote a simple two word thematic statement of Masonry,
"The work
The knowledge of the vampire was written in code in cypher in the common Gospel books."
The reviewer then references the location of the reference in "The Delicate Dependency" as follows:
"He told me the Unknown Men were engaged in a very special work." [p. 261.]
He then references another insightful link: "There are those who say they are tampering with history." [p. 328.]
That these references are seen as "referencing Masonry" reveals much about the Va component of the Initiatory Systems for clearly
those forces aligned on Earth with "Va" clearly are seeking to alter and rewrite history.
Hence we can infer that within the Initiatory Systems there are those elements, infiltrators to the former Osirian and Isisian Systems,
who clearly are dedicated to the destruction of the former "life" in an attempt to perpetuate its own.
So that this hints at is that Initiatory Systems are the hidden battleground of a great war for the minds of mankind. The reviewer
closes by referencing the following:
"Our only weapons are misinformation and confusion. Our only battlefield is the mind.

infinitely superior to the mortal world in body and science, duty bound from using physical aggression." [p. 396.]
Let's proceed to the nuances of the game in play.
The Two Illuminatus Systems and the Underlying Philosophics
As shown above, a widely held theme across various Initiatory Systems revolves around the idea of "doing the Great Work", or
colloquiolly, "the work". This "work" has two primary functions, depending on the source of the higher power being worshipped or
"believed in" by any given lodge system within the larger Initiatory global infrastructure. Another way to view this is to say that those
who are drowned seek after and follow Jehovah/Typhon/Seth, and those that rose above
the waves are associated with Osiris.
However, the basic premise is that mankind is drowned in a deluge. Deluge is but a
cipher for "delusions". Humanity are as fish swimming in the sea. However, the "sea" is
"the C" is a state of corruption as well as delusion. Hence what humanity is swimming
in is a state of delusion and corruption as a process of being immersed into the C, or a
world of Jehovah/Typhon/Seth.
"And thus among the Egyptians such men say that Osiris is the Nile consorting with the
Earth, which is Isis, and that the sea is Typhon into which the Nile discharges its
waters and is lost to view and dissipated, esave for that part which the earth takes up
and absorbs and thereby becomes fertilized." - Plutarch, On Isis and Osiris
So essentially, there are, from a practical and macro sense, essentially two higher
powers that we can trace the energetical channels as used by the Initiatory Systems:
A) Osirian Systems, and
I)Setian, or Jehovah/Typhon'Seth systems.
There are two general esoteric principles in play. Osiris, who is slain, is said to have never been immersed or corrupted in that he was
nailed inside a casket, floated out to the Sea (Typhon) and washed up on the shores of Byblos. From there, his casket settles into
clump of heather.
"The heather in a short time ran up into a very beautiful and massive stock, and enfolded and embraced the chest with its growth and
concealed it within its trunk. The king of the country admired the great size of the plant, and cut off the portion that enfolded the
chest (which was now hidden from sight), and used it as a pillar to p41support the roof of his house." - Plutarch, On Isis and Osiris
This should explain to you why "Jesus" was a "carpenter", for the systems are already hidden away by this time and yet had not been
wholly re-released and perfected. This is what "the work" was all about.
On the other side of the divide are the Setian forces. Those aligned with VAH from a purely technical esoteric construction. The Vah
forces are primarily dedicated to the removal of all things "Osirian" and bringing about a "New World Order" dedicated to the
worship of Vah (Jehovah/Typhon/Seth) while the Osirian systems believed that be creating a language and fusing it with Osirian
knowledge, they would win by uniting the planet under a single beneficient language which taught a form of harmony and respect for
It was said of Osiris, "One of the first acts related of Osiris in his reign was to deliver the Egyptians from their destitute and brutish
manner of living.68 This he did by showing them the fruits of cultivation, by giving them laws, and by teaching them to honour the
gods. Later he travelled over the whole earth civilizing it69 without the slightest need of arms, but most of the peoples he won over to
his way by the charm of his persuasive discourse combined with song and all manner of music. Hence the Greeks came to identify
him with Dionysus." - Plutarch, On Isis and Osiris
Yet, even as Osiris is busy "civilizing the world without need for arms", we find in the above references from the Grand Lodge of
British Columbia and Yukon the statement, "Our only weapons are misinformation and confusion. Our only battlefield is the
mind. -- infinitely superior to the mortal world in body and science, duty bound from using physical aggression [pg. 396.]
Just a coincidence, I am sure, that such a phrase was found on 396, which is 66*6.
The Esoteric Construct of Osiris and Vah
As seen above, what is life is constructed around the conceptual of Osiris commingling with the Earth (Isis) to give life. The effuse of
Osiris (left over parts not used by Isis) then flows into the sea as "Typhon". The Sea may be equated to transient unconcious
existence, an unconcious existence being defined as that which precludes the soul from becoming conciously aware of the Construct.
This is the mass of humanity that is said to be "drowned", or in other philosophical systems, to be "dead". On the other side of the
Construct are those that see themselves as "Illuminated" and hence have a thorough grasp of the Construct and are either beholden to
Osiris as their "higher power", or to "Jehovah/Typhon/Seth" as their higher power - this group often euphemistically terming the
word simply "higher power" so as not to confine it to a definition set against "God".

It is the Jehovah/Typhon/Seth group that is the "vampire" element within the larger Initiator Systems, and at present day, it appears as
if these people are thoroughly in the majority seeing how the Construct has been built and those responsible for it having faded from
the public scene.
Those who "carry the Olympic Torch", as it were, have been traditionally aligned with Osiris. Those that seek to resurrect Jerusalem
as the center of the Universe are seen to be aligned with Vah.
Building a Mystery
Those systems predicated on Vah worship trend to be "rabbid" in form and and mannerism. Once "bitten", the human capital (soul)
often needs to keep coming back time and time again in order for the soul to find value and a basis for "being elevated above the
waves", or the word "saved". The Empire of Vah. Vampires, cloaked in a mystery.
Building a Mystery
You come out at night
That's when the energy comes
And the dark side's light
And the vampires roam
You strut your rasta wear
And your suicide poem
And a cross from a faith that died
Before Jesus came
You're building a mystery
You live in a church
Where you sleep with voodoo dolls
And you won't give up the search
For the ghosts in the halls
You wear sandals in the snow
And a smile that won't wash away
Can you look out the window
Without your shadow getting in the way?
You're so beautiful
With an edge and charm
but so careful
When I'm in your arms
Cause you're working
Building a mystery
Holding on and holding it in
Yeah you're working
Building a mystery
And choosing so carefully
You woke up screaming aloud
A prayer from your secret god
You feed off our fears
And hold back your tears, oh
Give us a tantrum
And a know it all grin
Just when we need one
When the evening's thin
You're a beautiful
A beautiful fucked up man
You're setting up your
Razor wire shrine
Cause you're working
Building a mystery
Holding on and holding it in
Yeah you're working
Building a mystery
And choosing so carefully
Ooh you're working
Building a mystery

Holding on and holding it in

Yeah you're working
Building a mystery
And choosing so carefully
Yeah you're working
Building a mystery
Holding on and holding it in
Yeah you're working
Building a mystery
And choosing so carefully
You're building a mystery - Sarah McLachlan
End Part I

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Clock and the Circle
Here is a very fascinating code. I call it "the Clock and the Circle", wherein "the Circle"
is inferred, then, to be, Pi. In order to properly effect this code, you need to be working
with the right "substrate", meaning "representation" relative to the design.
Let's break down the numbers of time.
A day is divided into 24 hours. This is the Letter X. The 24 hour day is divided into 12
hour halfs, roughly equated to "night" and "day". The X can be divided in half as shown
in the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. If you do not wish to accept Dan Brown's
demonstration of the X being comprised of the inverted "V" as being male and the "V" as
female, then consider this scan from "Starshift: 1948", a Masonic piece released in 1948.

In the above example, the X is being divided into two components. First, there are 4 "V's created off the emination from the center
point, and second, two "V's" as shown in The Da Vinci Code, representing Male and Female. In the case of the 4 V's eminating from
the center point of the "X". The points were given "arbitrary" values of "6" such that the 4 "v's" times 6 = 24 = X Letter position.
Nowhere did the author support "why" they would be "6's", even as he released the very code as to why indeed they should be
counted as such. Second, the rationale provided by this author, a "Pickett", sets each of the V's in the vertical set (the upright and
reverse V) as a value of Roman number "5", and so V as 5 plus V as 5 (reversed or mirrored on the upper V) arrives at the Roman
value of ten.
It is not our position to provide "arbitrary values" to anything, as we hold that the design of the Alphabet is the key and a rational and
logical analysis of this key reveals the Construct in a precise and predictable fashion. In the case of the "V's" having a "value" of "6",
this is well established by the Isisian Codes, which as shown here reveals that V is located at number 6.

In addition to the labials of F and V holding the position of the 6 column, the very phonetic of the word FIVE (FV) too is located at
number 6. This core truth is key to understanding the entire Illuminatus system:
Hence the V as Female "5" is added from 1 to itself to reveal the 15th Letter of O, which is the Feminine "egg", "o-varies", "o-penis", etc. Five is 6.
The A as Six, The Secret of the Serpent Master Key
Here is another Key to the Illuminatus System, and indeed there are many "keys", but they are far different from "Keys". Note that
the word KEY contains 2/3 of the word EYE. It is often necessary to have the "keys" before you can truly "see". This "key" is
The Master Number is 11011. This is formed by the rhyming pattern of A, J, and K, wherein the A is placed at 1, the J is placed at 10,
and the K is placed at 11. I recommend you write these out as you go along. Each of these numbers are "the Ordinal Values", or their
regular placement in the Alphabet.
Turn now to Genesis, Pi (3:14):The LORD God said to the serpent, "Because you have done this, cursed are you above all cattle, and
above all wild animals; upon your belly you shall go, and dust you shall eat all the days of your life. - Revised Standard Version
What this means is that whenever you have a "1"s showing, or "6's", it is oft necessary to consider the possibility that they may be
either "1's" if 6's, or 6's if 1's. The reason for this is again in the summation tables of the Letters.
1= 1=A
10 = 55 = J
11 = 66 = K
When you have AJK, it has a declared value of 1,10,11, as a process of its ordinal letter
placements. Set them up as 11011 as a single unit, "go the belly of the Serpent", aka,
"snake eyes" when playing "craps", and you will arrive at the 6's on the belly, or what is
resting on the table of the "crap table".
That "1's = 6's" from a "Kabballistics" sense can easily be inferred through studying the the Kabballah as
practiced by Setian centric forces, which is the work of Rabbi Ginsberg at At this site is an article that
seeks to deal with "Kabballah and String Theory",
"The full spelling of the letter yud is: yud (10), vav (6), dalet (4). The two additional letters, the vav (6) and the dalet (4) themselves
equal the original yud (10). The full spelling of the yud is thus to be understood as an equation: 10 = 6 plus 4. The 10 dimensions of
reality divide into two categories, one of 6 and the other of 4.
In Kabbalah, the vav (6) is considered the "male" element of reality whereas the dalet (4) is considered the "female" element. The
"female" principle of reality is "revelation" whereas the "male" principle is concealed within the "female."
These are literally false conclusions as the Isisian Code System so readily reveals, and a subject that we will seek to deal with at a
later time after more foundational material is provided to aid in the ascertainment of the esoteric codes in play, however, suffice it to
say that Rabbi Ginsberg is using (essentially) the precise number patterns we are using relative to the X (10).
The "vav", 6, is considered a 1.
The 6 and the 4 (used in an additive formula 6+4=10) are being linked together to arrive at 10 (X), while Continental Mason systems
attributed to the 4 V's as eminating from the center of the X to have values of 6 and hence 4*6=24=X Letter Placement. In addition,
the "summative formulas" of letter placements from 1:X is too revealed as being "in play", i.e., C = 3 = 1+2+3 = 6 = 1 as C is the
alignment of the Sun, Earth, and Moon in a perfect line to create an eclipse.

The "1's" as "6's"

It is critical to understand intuitively that nature of V's as "6's" and "1's" as "6's". What Dan Brown did not reveal when he inferred
that X's are both male and female, that the rising (convex) chevron (reversed V) is male and the ascending (concave) chevron (V) is
female, is precisely where the upper or rising chevron as an inverted V is precisely "the male".
This is so because the "the male" is "Osiris" who "is the Sun" as it "arises" on the
horizon. The Letter A is oft referred to as "the Pyramid Letter", "the One Eye'd God",
etc. The number sequence as shown is taken from Plato's Timaeus,
After this he filled up the double intervals [i.e. between 1, 2, 4, 8] and the triple [i.e.
between 1, 3, 9, 27] cutting off yet other portions from the mixture and placing them in
the intervals, so that in each interval there were two kinds of means, the one exceeding
and exceeded by equal parts of its extremes ----This entire compound he divided
lengthways into two parts, which he joined to one another at the centre like the letter
X, and bent them into a circular form, connecting them with themselves and each other
at the point opposite to their original meeting-point; and, comprehending them in a
uniform revolution upon the same axis, he made the one the outer and the other the
inner circle. - source
There is a whole philosophy regarding Pi, the Letter A, and the Letter H, imbedded
within those phrases, but for now, understand that the "1" is the tip of the A, yet it still
maintains a hidden base (6) (2*3=6=3+2+1=C)
Hence this is the "1" while the V is a "five" and 1+2+3+4+5 = V = the O letter is the
Feminine, to arrive at the Letter Y as the child as a product of 3^2 + 4^2 = 5^, wherein
the Letter Y is placed at 25, thus revealing the formula.
Solving for the Clock and the Circle
Now that you have a rational basis to understanding the relationship of V and inverted
V to either being "5" or "6's", and that each could be said to have a value of 1, and that
1's are "6's", we can now solve for the "Clock and the Circle".
Study first this clock, and then the subsequent clock.

What is the difference? Notice how the

clock on the left uses IIII to represent 4,
while the clock on the right used IV to
represent IV? Which one is right? Why one
or the other? Here are some observations.
Hickory Dickory Dock
Here is a tale that is perhaps too, a "key".
Follow along.
Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the
The clock struck one, the mouse ran down
Hickory dickory dock
it goes on till
Hickory dickory dock, five mice ran up the clock
The clock struck five, the mouse ran down
Hickory dickory dock
Now study the two clocks. If V's are 6's and 6's are 1's, how many "1's" are in the first clock? What is the pattern?
If V's are 6's and 6's are 1's, how many "1's" are in the second clock? What is the pattern?
The Key is "through 5", or the V.
Answer for Clock 1

II = 2
III = 3
IIII = 4
Answer for Clock 2
II = 2
III = 3
IV = 2
Which pattern appears more correct? This is really a basic "IQ" form of "pattern recognition test". Obviously, if the KEY is 5, and the
patterns are as follows:
Pattern 1 = 1,2,3,4,1
Pattern 2 = 1,2,3,2,1
And the SONG speaks about "running up and down the clock", does 1,2,3,4,1 run up and down the clock or does 1,2,3,2,1 run up and
down the clock?
Obviously, the latter "runs up and down the clock", so it would be necessary to utilize the second clock for our analysis.
So here is how it is done.
X = 11 = 66 = (2)
Now watch what happens to our "clock".
II = 2 = 66
III = 3 = 666
IV = 2 = 66
VI = 2 = 66
VII = 3 = 666
VIII = 4 = 6666
IX = 3 = 666
X = 2 = 66
XI = 3 = 666
XII = 4 = 6666
How many "6's" are there? 30 sixes.
6 times 30 = 180 degrees, or half the circle.
30 times 12 = 360 degrees, or the full circle.
Hence the Code reveals Pi in either conceptual 180 degrees of the division of day and night, or if we allow for the "30" to be
multiplied by the 12 hours, we arrive at 360 degrees of the circle.
PS. So why would the IV be changed to a IIII? What would such reveal? Why, 32, of course. The decimal digits of Pi, of course. I bet
you never saw this little ingenious code before.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9-11, the Ultimate Illuminatus Code
If there is an "emergency", dial 9-11.
The Mythological Foundation of the Deconstruction of Mankind
There is a tale that eminates primarily from Jewish mythology, although parallels can be found in many cultures. The myth in
question is that of "Adam and Eve" and the expulsion from the "Garden". The myth goes something like this:
And the Lord God said, "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his
hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever." So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the
ground from which he had been taken. After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a
flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life. Genesis 3:22-24
This story has a close parallel to the Popul Vuh of the Mayans, the story most likely eminating from the same priest line that was
behind the story of "ADM and EVE". In the Popul Vuh we read,
"Then the Creator and the Maker asked them: "What do you think of your condition? Do you not see? Do you not hear? Are not your
speech and manner of walking good? Look, then! Contemplate the world, look [and see] if the mountains and the valleys appear!
Try, then, to see!" they said to [the four first men].
"And immediately they [the four first men] began to see all that was in the world. Then they gave thanks to the Creator and the
Maker: "We really give you thanks, two and three times! We have been created, we have been given a mouth and a face, we speak, we
hear, we think, and walk; we feel perfectly, and we know what is far and what is near. We also see the large and the small in the sky
and on earth. We give you thanks, then, for having created us, oh, Creator and Maker! for having given us being, oh, our
grandmother! oh, our grandfather!" they said, giving thanks for their creation and formation.
"They were able to know all, and they examined the four corners, the four points of the arch of the sky and the round face of the
"But the Creator and the Maker did not hear this with pleasure. "It
is not well what our creatures, our works say; they know all, the
large and the small," they said. And so the Forefathers held counsel
again. "What shall we do with them now? Let their sight reach only to that which is near; let them see only a little of the face of the
earth! It is not well what they say. Perchance, are they not by nature simple creatures of our making? Must they also be gods? And if
they do not reproduce and multiply when it will dawn, when the sun rises? And what if they do not multiply?" So they spoke.
"Let us check a little their desires, because it is not well what we see. Must they perchance be the equals of ourselves, their
Makers, who can see afar, who know all and see all?"
Thus spoke the Heart of Heaven, Huracn, Chipi-Caculh, Raxa-Caculh, Tepeu, Gucumatz, the Forefathers, Xpiyacoc, Xmucan,
the Creator and the Maker. Thus they spoke, and immediately they changed the nature of their works, of their creatures.
"Then the Heart of Heaven blew mist into their eyes, which clouded their sight as when a mirror is breathed upon. Their eyes were
covered and they could see only what was close, only that was clear to them.
"In this way the wisdom and all the knowledge of the four men, the origin and beginning [of the Quich race], were destroyed."
- Source, Popul Vuh
These two myths are critical to gaining an apperception of the conceptual, or an understanding of the Construct as designed and held
to be truth with the highest of levels in the Initiatory System.
The Apperception of the Conceptual and "9-11"
The mythological construct shows that "mankind" has been "removed" from some state of pre-eminent knowledge, so much so that
people are only able to "see near" and "not far". They are not able to view the totality of reality and their eyes are as covered in a fog
or a myst. Some have clearer vision than others, while others are so deficient mentally that they are mentally retarded. So much can
be said on this subject, but we must move along.
The Book of Formation is literally what it says: a Book of Formation.
Here is how it works.
If Adam and Eve have been expelled from the Garden, and there is a flaming sword and cherub guarding the way to the Garden of
Eden, there still must be some code left within the Occult world that captures the essence of just what was being inferred in some

manner of understanding such as to serve as a guide to the "Illuminatus", both Osirian and Setian, to bring themselves back to the
Garden of Eden.
Surprise, surprise! The "number" for "the Garden of Eden" is...
Here is how the apperception of the conceptual works. Since we know that Adam and Eve have been "removed" from the Garden of
Eden, their condition is dire, and hence there is an "emergency". Dial 9-11 to find your way back. Since Adam and Eve have been
removed from the "Garden of Eden", it can be said that they have "emerged", and hence there "emergence" is noted, and this
"emergence" creates the "emergency". Dial 9-11 to return to the Garden of Eden.
The "knowledge" is what has been "removed". The Cherub and Flaming Sword guards the Garden of Eden in the East, while in the
Popul Vuh, the clues are less clear: "Let their sight reach only to that which is near; let them see only a little of the face of the
earth! It is not well what they say. Perchance, are they not by nature simple creatures of our making? Must they also be gods?
In each case, the knowledge is being guarded, one through the Cherub and the Flaming Sword, while the latter through a
"deconstruction", wherein "the eyesight" allows them only to "see a little face of the Earth". The designs have been changed.
Here is the practical aspect of what is being said.
The Illuminatus are "the gods", while the "profane" are those whose sight is being deliberately marred. The mechanism of this
"marring" are your own beliefs predicated on formulas controlled wholly by the Illuminatus. For instance, if we write out the glyph
"A", this is an example of what when it is said to "let their sight reach to only that which is near". If we give you what is far, perhaps
we share the philosophics in the following pictures:
By showing the Letter A set against the Sun as a formative archetype, what we are doing
is allowing you to get a glimpse into the deeper philosophy, which is akin to "seeing far"
as opposed to seeing a "letter A" and being satisfied that you are seeing a "letter A".
To be able to come to understand the totality of the construct within the Letter A would be
akin to "seeing far" and "becoming likened unto the gods", for the gods are themselves
considered to be as "the letters", and so to come to an ability to see the Letters is akin to
becoming as "the gods", a subset of knowledge wholly removed from humanity by the
Initiated Systems, or "the Illuminatus".
The idea is to control the Key to return to the Garden of Eden.
Dial 9-11.
9-11 and the Book of Formation
Just as we can point to Adam (ADM) and EVE (Pi and 666) as being present at the very
beginning of the Construct, which may be inferred as being present at the "foundation" of
all things, then too we can point to a document called "the Sepher Yetzirah" as a primary source to seek to understand the nature of
the Construct.
Again. A word of caution. The Illuminatus System is imbedded into the profane Jewish Kabballah. One cannot assume that such a
profane system is actually taken seriously within the Occult save for those systems predicated soley on Setian metaphysics (Jewish
systems): Osirian systems were far more pragmatic and rational when viewing Setian systems and kept everything in perspective. It
is wise if you are able to maintain such a balance, for deception is everywhere, and confusion even more so.
The Sepher Yetzirah has many translations. I utilize the one highlighted as it is clear in the strength of the primary foundation.
Section 1. In thirty-two mysterious Paths of Wisdom did Jah, the Jehovah of hosts, the God of Israel, the Living Elohim, the King of
ages, the merciful and gracious God, the Exalted One, the Dweller in eternity, most high and holy--engrave his name by the three
Sepharim --Numbers, Letters, and Sounds.(8)
The key here is that the Illuminatus System is based on "Numbers, Letters, and Sounds." This is critical and you cannot assume as is
oft taught profanely that this refers only to established "gematria alphabets" as Greek and Hebrew. Hebrew gematria is actually
antecedent to the Greek, and it is the Greek from which our "western traditions" stem. That is being generous.
That A is the letter A and that the the Letter A is a Number is just the beginning. It is also a "sound", in so much as the philosophical
construction of the Illuminatus is concerned, a sound that can be modified by either a long or a short "Ahh". Each point can have a
number, each corner a secret to be pried open and revealed.
This is the story of Odin and the Runes.
But the Sepher Yetzirah is the Book of Foundation. It provides us with the root code to build the Philosophers Stone.

"Ten is the number of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven. Understand this wisdom, and be wise by the
perception. Search out concerning it, restore the Word to its creator, and replace Him who formed it upon his throne."
Ten, and not nine.
Ten, and not eleven.
X not IX
X not XI
This is the Gateway to the Garden of Eden, for if you can solve for the nature of 9-11, IXXI, and if you understood that the Isisian
Codes are clear and to the point, then you would have understood that the Word FIVE is located at the "position 6" for a reason.
The Pentacle (5 Pointed Star) is to be set into the Hexagon.
But IXXI is the FOUNDATION. It is the Ultimate Occult Code that represents the paths to the Garden of Eden.
In a Setian world, it is designed to sow chaos and an apocolyptic scenario.

Thursday, September 13, 2007Illuminatus. Illumine Not Us.

There is a basic understanding in various Masonic circles that
words have layered levels of definitions. This means that there
are the profane definitions, the ones that can be found in any
given set of dictionaries on the language, and then there are the
more occulted definitions that are held in confidence and
passed with knowing winks amongst the Initiated who were
behind the crafting.
For example. The Letter L is EL. EL is "the", and "los" is
"the", and "los" is "sol", so how is El "the" when transposed
back into English?
T = 4 = 10
H = 8 = 36
(T*H)+E = (10*36)+5 = 365 = SOL = 3650 = SUN = 365
This is a very basic demonstration of "transpositions and modifications" utilyzing what could be regarded as "esoteric
Baconian ciphers", wherein the "esoteric significance" is being passed on from "one race to another". In truth, languages as
Spanish and English are using, essentially, identical letter sets, and since the "letters" comprise the primary philosophical
basis point, one should assume that the elite behind Spanish were every bit as focused on encoding the larger philosophical
construct based on "the 26".
An example of a hidden meaning in a word might be that of "COACH". The operative letter of COACH is the Letter H
(ACH), so the prefix to the word is that of "CO" "ACH", wherin H is Pi is "MAN", and so a "CO" "ACH" is someone who
is working on behalf of the "ACH", or the "man", for "man" is 13/1/14 is Pi. Many words have these forms of gematria
riddles. When the "ACH" is transposed to Spanish, the word for "man" becomes "muchACHo" as masculine and
"muchACHa" for feminine. It makes one think that the fabrication of such words are as self evident "jokes" and "puns"
when set back against English.
That there was cooperation between various languages and that this cooperation was controlled through small bands of
Initiates is inferred in a work called "Traces of a Hidden Tradition in Masonry and Medieval Mysticism, by Isabel CooperOakley, [1900], at In a chapter entitled "The Troubadors", we find the following references to core esoteric
significances being split and divided into fragments and then released into various languages. The reference given here is that
of "triple languages".
"It is always the case that these importers of the triple language are divided into three
bands, having each their own idiom; to one was allotted the south of Europe, to
another the north, to the third the part of Asia and of Europe occupied by those who
are now called Greeks, quos nunc Grcos vocamus, as if they did not bear this name ages ago. But let us explain: here it is a
question of the refugees of the sect, of the Sinon of the party, whom we have seen so ill-treated in hell, who are also spoken of in
the Monarchy under the name of Greek pastors. These hold to white and yellow, as one of the
aspects of Lucifer; they have one foot on the European soil of the Catholics, the other on the
eastern land of the Manicheans, and, which is very disturbing, they understand for the most
part the artifices of the conventional vocabulary. The three idioms were then subdivided in
each of the regions mentioned; but those of the north, such as the Hungarians, Slays,
Teutons, Saxons, and English kept the monosyllable is as the sign of their common origin.
For the rest of Europe there was a third idiom, "though it may not be perceived that it is
triple, licet nec videatur trifarium." Among the inhabitants of this region, "some say, as
affirmation, oc, others oil, and others again si; that is to say, Spaniards, French, and Italians.
But what proves the common origin of their idiom is that they use some of the same words to
express many things, such as Dieu, ciel, amour, mer, terre, vivre, mourir, aimer, and others
besides. [God, heaven, love, sea, earth, to live, to die, to love.]"
The Language of the Birds
The term used to describe the symbolic means by which the Ancients encoded their
"omnific Word" and underlying philosophy has come to be known as "the Language of
the Birds". Essentially, "the Language of the Birds" is akin to the roving "tale tellers" of
old. Examples of this are as the Rishis of India, those who sang the Kalevala of the Fins,
the Poetic Eddas of Northern Europe, etc. The knowledge was encoded and weaved into
the fabrics of the songs and poems and plays.
It is no small wonder that with the rise of "Setian worship", loosely associated as
"Abrahamic worship", the war of the Illuminatus became between those of the "Oral
Traditions" and those of "the Written Traditions". This is a loose definition, but one that

bears itself out as one begins to understand the underlying dynamics at play within the higher Initiatory systems.
The "Language of the Birds" can best be seen as the conglomeration of the world's "folk tales". Within the world's folk tales
is a larger, global, woven tale that hints at the fall of the human race, a loss of knowledge, and oft contains warnings from a
spiritual and pragmatic persective such that mankind can raise itself back up by turning away from the very forces that
brought about this fall.
The "language of the birds" can be understood to the totality of the philosophy as it has been encoded into letters, numbers,
sounds, symbols, allegories, etc. The term "language of the birds" is derived from a Russian folk tale called "Language of the
Birds", wherein we read,
'"How I wish I could understand the meaning of the different songs of all the birds! I would give half my wealth to the man, if
only there were such a man, who could make plain to me all the different songs of the different birds."
"Ivan took notice of these words and no matter where he went, no matter where he was, no matter what he did, he always thought
of how he could learn the language of the birds."
The "birds" we may liken unto that of the Bards, the Troubadors, the Rishis, and all the other "minstrels" and "players"
through time who have encoded the wisdom of "the Goddess". What Ivan is looking for is someone versed in the various code
sets of the different languages such as to be able to understand the totality of the language. These languages consisted of
Hermeticism, Alchemy, Astrology, Tarot, Qaballa (in its purest sense and not the current "Jewish" sense), etc.
All of this knowledge and more would be, essentially, "suffocated" as Setian dominance began to prevail over the various
arts. As the "mysteries" began to be "committed to writing", it was an acknowledgement that the "war" between the Setian
forces was being won against "Osirian/Isis" Initiatory systems, and so the committing of the folk tales to writing, coupled
with one final push to mold the letters and the language to the "design of the Word", was done so as to preserve the
underlying philosophy directly into the language we now call "English".
The "church" was established. What was "iglesia", or "church" in Spanish, would become "inglesia", or English, the same,
while the home of they who dwelt in the land of the ice (the North) would build their dome shaped "igloos". The
transpositions and modifications could be said to be "EVErywhere".
The Veil of Isis was "the Language of the Birds" all the same.
The Hidden Code of Illuminatus
From a purely technical sense, the primary code of the Illuminatus is "Pi". The phrase "In
God We Trust", for example, is a multi-dimensional word to represent this core
foundation. To begin, we can say that GOD = 7+15+4 = 26 weeks = the Diameter in Time of
the Earth around the Sun, which is thus a "Pi proportion". The word is far more textured
than such, however.
Since we know that the digits of Pi in use are the first 32 decimal digits 3.14159265358979323846264338327950...
There is a song by an artist called Andrew Bird called Masterfade that hints at this Pi
proportion. The lyrics mention the Pi Proportion very clearly as well as a numerical basis
to reality.
if the green grass is 6 the soybeans are 7
the junebugs are 8 the weeds and thistles are 11
and if the 1's just hold their place the 0's a smiley face
when they come floating down from the heavens
The fact that Pi is the Key, or "1's" and "0's", should be seen as being a basic building block of the Illuminatus system. It
makes sense, then, as a "test" against such a theory, that the very word ILLUMINATUS would encode Pi in a very acute and
unique way, which of course, it does.
By analysing the word Illuminatus, we can see that the word is rich in "Roman Numberals".
I, L, L, M, I
By converting these letters back to "1's and 0's", we reveal the following formulation:
L = 50
L = 50
M = 1000

By adding the (50+50), or the (L+L), we can convert the "50's" back to 1's and 0's as the sum of 50+50=100. This then creates
the following number:
L+L = 100
MI = 1001
When we set these back against themselves, we create the following:
I(L+L)MI = 11001001 = 11.001001
Why is this a critical number set? Because 11.001001 is equal to Binary Pi. It is up to you to determine if a system wholly
predicated on Pi preserves for itself the very presentation of Binary Pi when the word is ciphered from its letters back to its
This example provides you with another key point. Words are crafted to encode particular realities relative to the Construct.
In the case of the word "ILLUMINATUS", we can remove all the Roman numbering, thus revealing Binary Pi, and then we
are left with the following "letters/digits".
Hence the usage of the word ILLUMINATI and ILLUMINATUS has distinct
concious variations, including as used here. Robert Anton Wilson, author of the
"Illuminatus Trilogy", clearly uses the keyword ILLUMINATUS, while many
another authors can be found to use the word ILLUMINATI. Why the difference? Simple. Gematriatic construction can and
does often play a critical role or key.
In the word ILLUMINATUS, we can easily craft Binary Pi, leaving us the letters UTANUS, while in the word ILLUMINATI,
we are left with the letters UNATI. From here, you may infer various links.
UNATI, for example, may be the primary underlying source for "United Nations", or the mechanism and vehicle through
which so many dark Occultists seek to create and manifest their "One World Government", while in the letters UTANUS, a
simple formula can be derived.
U divided by U is 1, and thus creates an A. So if we rewrite the formula as follows:
we can then arrive at the traditionally recognised "god" of the "Illuminatus", or "Illuminati". Once we have created the Pi
Proportion (proof of hypothesis), we can then begin to decipher the phonetic equivalents.
ILLUMINATUS = Illumine Not Us
Illuminati = Illumine Not I
A most interesting one is the term ILLUMINATUS = ELIMINATE US. Here we have a "double entendre", for is the word set
intended to subliminally convey that the "ILLUMINATUS" is here to "eliminate us", or is it really a function of a command,
wherin the "ILLUMINATUS", hiding deep within Setian (Judaic teachings) worship, understand at a concious level that it is
they who are the problems for mankind and hence would require being "eliminated" if the world is to usher in "the 1000
years of peace" as is set in their own mythological bluepring, the "Book of Revelation".
Here is where the Isisian Codes become an intuitive tool. Are all those claims about "they are trying to genocide us" a more
hidden reality within the Universe, that indeed there are and remain a force on this planet so dangerous and so out of touch
with reality that it will do anything to preserve its own pre-eminence even to the point of creating the conditions necessitating
the removal from a "Universal Sense" of this energy?
Hence even as it screams "they are trying to annhilate us and drive us back into the sea!", that indeed, this is not what is in
motion but what is needed to become in motion so as to cleanse the earth of they who have stolen the Mysteries and userped
them for their own dark needs?
So even as they declare "Illumine Not Us", they too are the ones who promote the idea of "genocide" and "never again" to
preclude their losing their status of "kings on Earth"?
In a world at war with the Tearor, those in the light should be able to see the inverse duplicity of the phrases in play.

Sunday, October 7, 2007Deciphering the Tree of Life Is the "Tree of Life" really a "Tree of Life"?
Is the "Tree of Life" really a "mysterious construction", or it is a fraud yet to be revealed?
Is the "Tree of Life" really "Jewish", or is it the face of a more occulted system wherin the flag or banner, so to speak, has
been attributed to and controlled by the rabbis in a near dictatorial and oppressive manner?
This article will reveal the fraud of Kabballah, and with it, all the implications that come about when a people who believe in
absurdities seek to impress to convince you as a human family to commit atrocities.
Herein is an insight into Setian metaphysics.
32 Mysterious Paths
We have already commented on the number "32". The
Omnific or Lost Word is Pi, specifically the first 32 decimal
digits. In addition to the "Omnific Word", or "the Lost
Word", there is a geometrical representation of the "32".
There is a "set" of "32", one visible, and the other invisible,
making a total of 64 steps encoded within the Philosopher's Stone.
The Tree of Life as noisily taught by the rabbi's is but the outer half of the total whole. That such is plausible should come as
no surprise to any serious students of Western occultism. The last to come along to gain mass acceptance, as well as critical
core mass acceptance within Initiatory Systems at large, was
Aleister Crowley. Said Crowley in his rambling obfuscation,
"the Book of the Law",
"47. But they (the Jews) have the half: unite by thine art so that
all disappear."
The Tree of Life is the "half". Seeing how it is "the half", it is
certainly not "the whole", and seeing how it is rather obvious
that Jewish mystics through time have not even understood
that they do not have "the whole", it can safely be surmised
that their teachings, likewise, will be skewed and filled with
false information. There is an occultation in progress with the
said occultation benefitting the tinctured Illuminatus who have
control of the whole system.
Releasing the half (the Tree of Life) to the public, while
holding the keys to the whole, while equally releasing wording
as to the nature of the whole while affixing this information to
a false mirror as the Tree of Life essentially creates a situation
where generations are led on a fraudulent and wild goose
chase without ever really achieving a comprehensive
knowledge of the full system in play.
That is not to say that we cannot find, or that there is not
indeed, useful information within the words they are speaking;
rather, it simply means that we must dig further if we are to
successfully navigate through the confusions to arrive at the
inherent truths cryptically sealed within.
Here is what we mean.
An oft noted source work for this occultation (using a half
truth to hide a full reality) is known as "the Sepher Yetzirah",
or the "Book of Formation". In this work, we find the
following in the first paragraph:
"Section 1. In thirty-two (1) mysterious Paths of Wisdom did
Jah, (2) the Jehovah of hosts, (3) the God of Israel, (4) the
Living Elohim, (5) the King of ages, the merciful and gracious
God, (6) the Exalted One, the Dweller in eternity, most high and
holy--engrave his name by the three Sepharim (7) --Numbers,
Letters, and Sounds.(8)" - Source
Ignoring all the rabbinical fluff, what we find is that at the
core we have a concept wherein we have a matrix based on 32

paths which too are fused to Letters, Numbers, and Sounds. As shown here, there are 10 "sephira", which are akin to their
own paths, and equally, there are an additional 22 paths between the 10 sephira, making a total of 32 "mysterious paths".
The manner in which a "sephira" becomes a "path" can be explained in many ways. For instance, if we take a word such as
"bad", as in, "that singer is bad!", the word "bad" can have a connotation of being "really really good", or the word "bad"
can have a connotation wherein the singer is really "bad" to the point where the singer literally "stinks" and is an annoyance
to the ear. In this example, the word serves as a channel for multiple paths or definitions, wherein each definition has its own
set of connotations and nuances such as to become a path unto itself.
Another way that "sephira" are used as paths can be demonstrated as follows:
The sephira is acting as a visual point that his hiding a cipher wheel. This cipher
wheel is no different than what might find on a slot machine. Spin the wheel and
the slot machine changes to reveal other shapes and numbers and letters as it
comes to rest. This principle was demonstrated in Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci
Code".In this way does, then, "tipheroth" is "tipheroth", while it is also "6, and
equally too, "the
Sun" in the
shown above.
Each of these
values creates its
very own path or
channel into the intuitive side of the human psyche. Even as
the above is demonstrated, you should not make any
assumptions that I agree with the "Tree" as represented, for
clearly the attributions are false. Designing a system on a half
truth is bound to lead to critical and foolish errors, as indeed
the above does. The Tree example is provided such as to give
you an idea in the concept of "sephiroth" being merely a way
to say that there are multiple intuitive channels into the human
psyche at any of the encoded points.
Most important: the goal is merely to grasp and synthesize the technical knowledge of how a "sephera" is working, not to
provide your spirit to the half truths that are crafted upon the larger basic technical knowledge sets.
Ten, not nine. Ten, not eleven
So we have determined that the "Book of Formation" is "a"
source document to the fabled "Tree of Life". Never mind all the
history of the Tree of Life in other cultures, and that this symbol is
nearly Universal as an archetype, what we are dealing with here is
the decrypting, or the "de storying", of an Illuminatus mesmer
symbol, aka, the Tree of Life.
The Sepher Yetzirah is the purported information needed to
create the "tree of life". We know that there are "32 paths", and
that these 32 paths consist of 22 paths between varying cipher
wheels (sephira), plus the 10 cipher wheels acting as their own
So far, the "rabbinical tree" appears to make some sense.
But we know that the "rabbinical tree", which is more accurately,
behind the scenes, the Setian Illuminatus Tree, is literally half of
the equation, and hence any of the information coming out of
their system must be taken with a grain of salt and filtered
immensely if we are to get to the refined secrets being discussed
by the earlier occult writers.
Our next really good clue comes in the 3rd and 4th paragraphs:
3. The ineffable Sephiroth are Ten, as are the Numbers; and as there are in man five fingers over against five, so over them is
established a covenant of strength, by word of mouth, and by the circumcision of the flesh. (11)
4. Ten is the number of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven. Understand this wisdom, and be wise by the
perception. Search out concerning it, restore the Word to its creator, and replace Him who formed it upon his throne. (12) Source

Here is where the "rabbinical" or "Setian tree of life" rapidly falls apart and loses its "mysteriousness". The above words are
really giving information as to how to build the Philosopher's Stone. Since it, the Sepher Yetzirah, is a "Setian", or Jewish,
document, the encoded message contained within the words require a conceptual 90 degree turn.
Setian energy is always cardinal to Osirian from a metaphysical perspective.
In essence, what we have to do is to "cut down the tree". When we "cut down the tree", we must cut down the tree such that
it "falls to the left", and when we do so, we are now viewing the tree at a 90 degree angle as shown here.

When the tree is "chopped down", we begin to reveal the

word depiction within the Sepher Yetzirah.
"The ineffable Sephiroth are Ten, as are the Numbers; and as there are in man five fingers over against five,"
When you view the "tree" in its upright position, what
becomes revealed is nothing pertinent to the instructions,
or the Book of Formation. The wording is referencing a
"five over five" and a "ten, as are the NUMBERS".
The NUMBERS inferred are Roman numerals, wherein
the number 10 is X, which when broken down at the
center horizontal, reveals V over an inverted "V". Thus
you have "5 over 5" and "10" as "X", equally.
This constant turning and twisting of letters is key to

understanding the nature of "the Construct", specifically as it applies to Illuminatus occlusion of the original formulas,
wherein Illuminatus is inferred to be Setian systems seeking to dominate the thought or Osirian systems seeking to hide the
information in such a way as to utilize Setian systems in the perpetuation of the core knowledge, with the balance filled out
through spoken word, or Oral Traditions such as occur and occurred in the Masonic Lodge networks.
The Cipher of Da'ath
What is now revealed is that "Da'ath" becomes but a hidden cipher, for its "sephira", or "paths", which
can be defined as its varying "definitions", are that it is the Uranus, Da'ath, the "glyph" for "Uranus",
among many others. However, upon closer inspection, the glyph for Uranus is really a ciphered Letter H,
which is the English transposition of the Greek Letter Pi. In addition, the word URANUS reverses to
form SUN AR U, or "you are the Sun", which is being defined as "Da'ath".
However, since we have the Isisian Codes, we can simply cipher the D to an M as each are number 4's.

Thus Da'ath becomes a cipher for MA'AT(H), or

the Scales of Ma'at. We then revert back to the
Hebrew for a definition of Da'at(h), just to
"check the math", as it were, by going to the
Setian "illuminatus" primary spiritual site,
At there is a page called The Eleven
Holy Names of God. Yet when we read about
these "11 holy names", what we find is really
there are only 9 "holy names", while the 10th
and the 11th are as scales. 10 is called "akvah",
or "the right side of Da'at", while the 11th name is called "Ehevi", or "the left side of Da'at".
Hence Da'ath is being equated to "scales" (as it should), because it is really a cipher for Ma'at(h), and Ma'at is a cipher for Pi.
The whole of the "mysticism" is beginning to become unwravelled and we are becoming able to see clear.
Not only have we solved for the V over V as X, hence 10 as are the numbers (X), and 5 over 5 as V over V, but we have
revealed that when the tree is chopped down, Da'ath becomes more likely a cipher for Ma'ath, or Pi, and since we know that
Da'ath is its own "cipher wheel" that is critical to the key of it all, we can now cipher back URANUS, or U ARE THE SUN as
a code for PI.
We also reveal that the "11 names of G-d" remain itself a conceptual code for "9-11", or as revealed in the Book of
"4. Ten is the number of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven. Understand this wisdom, and be wise by
the perception. Search out concerning it, restore the Word to its creator, and replace Him who formed it upon his throne."
Of Tips and Tipheroths
Now that we have solved for the inherent deceptions of Da'ath and the Setian
"tree of life", we may continue to solve for the Book of Formation, which when
followed through to completion will reveal the formation of the Philosopher's
When we go back to the Setian Tree of Life, we find the following "numbering".
1 is opposed to 6
2 is opposed to 5
3 is opposed to 4
Yet the primary code as presented is that of "9-11" written in an inverted
Ten and not 9
Ten and not 11
The numeral presentation of this would then be as follows:
X and not IX
X and not XI

Yet, because we are dealing in deliberate deceptions, we must spin the letters again to reveal the actual code intended. This
then reveals
IX and not X and
XI and not X
We then utilize this code and set it back into a visual representation on our "fallen tree", to reveal the following presentation:

We have now formed the code of IXXI, but we need to contemplate on a critical
key issue, that of "Understand this wisdom, and be wise by the perception. Search
out concerning it, restore the Word to its creator, and replace Him who formed it
upon his throne."
The "throne" is the North, or the Polar Star. When it is dark, where does one look
for guidance to find one's way but to the North Star. We have returned Pi to its
proper position at "Da'ath", and have given this its proper astrological symbol of Gemini as Gemini is the Greek Letter Pi in
line with the ciphered glyph of "Uranus", or Pi, You are the Sun.
What is left is to begin to solve for the "him on his throne". The Key word here is "Tipheroth".
TIP = Point
HER = HER (the Goddess)
Tiperoth is Her Other Tip.
In the fallen Setian Tree, "tiperoth" is not the "tiperoth" in the fallen state, but is the "other tip", or the original position. So
we must remove the "tiperoth" from the fallen Setian (rabbinical) tree and move it back to its other position, which now
would be the lower middle sephira as shown here.

Now here is a key part of the conceptual formation. When we

view the Setian "Tree of Life", what we are looking at is really
portions of the back matrix as is being revealed from the
"fallen tree", and how this is linked to the Setian Tree itself.
Sephirah's 4, 5, 7, and 8 should be properly viewed at a 90
degree angle, or as a plane to sephira 6. In addition, sephera 4
and 5 are part of the vertical cube which is rotating on the TIP
to create the illusion of the Sun as it is precessing through the
equinoxes or as a simple representation of the sidereal view of
the stars as they rotate around the polar North.
It is akin to this representation:
It is the "tip of the Dreidle", or the "Dried El", or Seth, as represented in this case,
that is now "spinning" on the "tip" of "tipheroth".
Thus Seth, being of the lower realms, is that which is the cause of corruptions and
falsehoods and all other manner of deceptions as oft spoken of by Gnostics,
continental Masons, and other followers of the Goddess through these Piscean
Hence Jehovian religions are focused around a worship of "the Cube", even as
they steal the inherent meaning of the Q'b as being that of the Fertilized Egg and
hence the beginning of "life". Hence the Ka'aba of Islam is really little different
from the Dreidle of the Hebrews from the Cross of the Christians in that all of
them are modifications of this same said principle of the "Cube".
Gematria supports this concept for the word DREIDLE is akin to the CHERUB.

DREIDLE = 4+18+5+9+4+12+5 = 57 = 3+8+5+18+21+2 = CHERUB

Once the cube as an archetype for the Illuminatus begins to make further sense, the link between the Ka'aba and the
Kabballah are really quite esoterically close.
Quick Glimpse at the Philosopher's Stone
To close this article, we will provide a quick glimpse into the making of the Philosopher's Stone. When we chopped down the
tree, we laid the foundation for a new matrix. Essentially, as you study the above, what you find is that really we are dealing
with two interlocking hexagons. These two interlocking hexagons are as two 6's.
We must then create two sides of 11 paths each to create the 22 paths. It is 11 and 11 that is the Master Number, the number
which creates "life". In addition, since the hexagon is a 6 sided figure, and the Isisian Codes tells us that we must incorporate
the word FIVE within the Six, what was necessary was to make a pentacle inside of the hexagons.
What Crowley "secreted" was the "locking points" of where to put the Setian Tree (Flaming Sword and Cherub) against the
back matrix of "the Garden of Eden".

When we lock in or fuse the Setian Tree of Life to the Garden of

Eden (it will afterall guard the way), we reveal the following

When you understand that it is the Cube spinning on the cipher

wheel of "Tiperoth", then you will understand why the "square"
is placed where it is, and why the compass is what it is. The
symbol is a compound expression of the Philosopher's Stone
which arrives in the shape of a diamond.
When we draw an unbroken circuit from "Tiperoth" to "Tipheroth", we reveal that the numbers eminating from "tiperoth"
are the numbers
0+5+6+19+18+21 = 69
Hence "tiperoth" is not "the Sun", even as it is, but it is the Sign of Cancer, which has a value of 69. The spoke eminating
from Cancer to Gemini is path number 6, which is the number of the card for "the Lovers", which is another representation
for the sign for "the Twins", for surely Isis and Osiris were born together and hence are "Twins" just the same.
This provides you with a complex glimpse into the frauds that are Kabballa, and an insight into still more hidden knowledge
that can only come from a de-storying of the Occult as only a master of the Craft can do.

Macroprosopus, Reflections, and the Isisian Codes

"As above, so below."
The Symbol of Macroprosopus provides us with an
intuitive guide into the manner in which what is above too is as below. It may also be used as an
intuitive guide in the creation of the Garden of Eden, the hidden matrix that is guarded by the
Flaming Sword and Cherub, or the rabbinical "tree of life". Ultimately, reflections, or mirrors, lie at
the very heart of the Illuminatus system.
This article will provide some reflections on "reflections" and mirrors as used by the Illuminatus
and within the Isisian Codes.
Mirrors and Reflections
We have already discussed the nature of IXXI, or "9-11 ", and how this is used as a foundation code
for what is regarded as "The Garden of Eden". 9-11, or IXXI, provides us with the formation
pattern, but provides little in the way of the archetypical coding of the various cipher wheels
(sephira) and pertinent paths. In the diagram of Macroprosopus, for instance, we can see that the
IXXI is encoded into the picture, and that there is a division of the letters running along the center
horizontal and thus making a conceptual "mirror" or "reflection".
In addition, what is floating in the sky, as in half the Star of David and the full Tau or letter T, is
being reflected in the water.
This "mirror", or reflection component is necessary if we are to solve for the archetypical
foundation of the Philosopher's Stone, or, more accurately, the "Garden of Eden". IXXI allows us to
form the proper geometrical matrix only. However, it is not enough to merely secure the actual
geometric matrix; rather, since the geometric matrix serves as a roadmap of the human psyche in
classic Jungian thought, it becomes critical and necessary to properly place all the symbols within
the various cipher wheels (sephira), as well as to properly number the channels between the various
cipher wheels or sephira.
Even after all this is done, it is necessary to go back through the work and do all the double
checking "of the math", as it were. My original matrix for the Garden of Eden, for example, had one
error that was not resolved for nearly 2 years. So solving for the archetypical or occult framework
requires much work and double checking prior to release so as to ensure that the answers intuited
are indeed accurate and correct.
This is all precisely so do to the inherent nature of the Construct, and the way in which immersion
into the Construct creates conditions whereby it is easy to be deceived.
Mirrors, or reflections, play critical roles in the
formation of reality. For instance, when we view
the Moon, which is a symbol of the Occult, is
stronger than the Sun because its light can still shine during the day when even the Sun reigns
supreme. What this implies is that the Moon is able to reflect the light of the Sun and shine even
when the Sun too shines as well as when the Sun does not. Conceptually, the Moon, as a symbol of
the Occult, has light that is stronger than the Sun because the Occult is using the Sun and the
reflection of the Sun equally. It is not using one exclusively over another, but uses the direct light of
the Sun, but more importantly, the reflected light of the Sun.

For the dark side of the Occult (the left hand path), their reflection is that of the CLOUD. Within the
word CLOUD is the annagrammic play of the word OCULT. Since T=D, we simply cipher CLOUT
and CLOUD and OCULT (occult). In this way, the Occult acts as a cover or a seal which blocks out
the Sun and the Moon, or may gently wisp by and not effect the light of the Sun or the Moon at all,
or may obscure partially the Sun and the Moon. Yet stronger still is the anagrammic play of the
word OCCULT to form the word CLOUD. The word CLOUD shows a reflection of LOUD, and yet
clouds are silent, and so we are reminded that the strength of the "cloud", or the Occult, is stronger
still as it can blank out the light of the Sun at its highest point.
From a conceptual point of view, we simply
recognize that our existence here on Earth is
subject to many influences and occluding forces,
of which "clouds" act as a beneficial or
detrimental force depending on the strength and
duration of the influence. Clouds, or "the occult",
may change the colors of the light reflected from
the Moon as it reflects the Sun's light, while the
moon changes phases and reflects ever increasing
or decreasing shades of light.
It is only the left hand path that seeks to obscure
entirely, even as we recognise that all things are obscured in some way.
If we imply that being loud is as "overpowering"
what others can hear, then we have a reflection
of the power of the Occult in this world and so
should take heed of strength and learn from its
reflections, for in the end, it is only the
reflections we can see, and not the actual
working as the words and works were set into
Mirrors as an Occult Staple
The picture of "Macroprosopus" is designed to
hint at the use of reflections and mirrors as part
of the primary conceptual foundation and that these reflections and usages thereof must be
thoroughly understood if you are to acquire an apperception of the conceptual.
All the "gods" partake of the essence of Osiris, and Osiris, as the Letter A, manifests as himself in a
"material form" akin to the mythology of Christianity. Osiris as the Letter A provides us with the
conceptual tools to begin to de-story the fabrication of "reality", occult or otherwise. Pi is "the
Word". This means that there is a division and seperation in that 1's are males and 0's are females,
that each has its own unique and seperate existence, but that the 1 and the 0 are not mutually
exclusive to the other, in that the the 0, female, is created by the 1 of the male. This is basic
"intercourse", or "sexual union", or "the Letter X".
X's = SEX, yet the X is a reflection of female
over the male. This reflection provides the
intuitive insight to understanding the nature of
Geb and Nut of the Egyptians. Geb and Nut are but an artistic representation of the Letter X, of the

sun rising into the womb of the Earth, or the sky.

Yet all of this is linked "technically" or "fundementally" back to Pi.
If you contemplate on the design, and in this we imply the design of the human body, for it too is
designed around the idea of Pi, or the "Word", the visual shape of the vagina shows a correlational
"1" when "closed", while the shape of the male phallus shows a correlational "0" when viewed from
"the tip". It is through the cardinal conceptual turning of the two dimensional design that we are
able to arrive at the proper perspective 3 dimensional reality wherein in this case, the "1's" as males
are appearing in mind properly as "males" and the "0's" are appearing conceptually in mind as being
properly designed as "females".
In this way we may begin the process of conceptualizing the inherent design and begin to
understand what is "true" and what is "false", what is the "mirror" and what is the "actual".
Another way to view this is to use Occult reference material, which today is needlessly and
intentionally confusing and "mystical". For instance, the Sepher Yetzirah, or "Book of Formation",
states the following:
"These twenty-two letters, which are the foundation of all things, He arranged as upon a sphere with
two hundred and thirty-one gates, and the sphere may be rotated forward or backward, whether for
good or for evil; from the good comes true pleasure, from evil nought but torment." - Source In this
example, the sphere can be turned this way or that.
Imagine it as a ball sitting on the ground. I write
the number 6 and then turn the ball 180 degrees.
You see my 6 as a 9. I then write a number 9 on
the ball and turn it again 180 degrees. Now you
have two 6's or two 9's, depending on how you
view them AND assuming you knew to view the
numbers "this way or that". If I say that the
number is a 6, and I wrote the number as a "6",
AND you tell me that the number is a "6", and
hence we both agree that the number is a 6, then
what is discussed is "true", and hence "good".
However, if I write the number 6, and you tell me that the number is a "6", and yet I purposely
mislead and say that the number is a 9, then I have reversed the number and hence "evil", or a "lie",
proceeds forth. Since there is no additional context points for you to view the reality as it exists at
that point in time, you have no way to really know if the number is a 6 or if it is a 9.
Now expand this concept to multiples of glyphs (letters, etc.) and spin the multiples of glyphs as if
on a sphere while you are sitting in the center of the sphere while immersed in a total vacuum! This
is how complex and complicated it can all get.
The Universe is incredibly complex in its simplicity.
Context as a Critical Component
Hence "context" is critical to understanding the preciseness of what is being viewed relative to a
Letter and especially as to how one views and de-stories occult insignia and mythologies. For
example, in the above view of Macroprosopus as shown above, there is a "T" reflected in the water,

and yet there is an "upside down T" floating in the air, and hence reflecting in the water is the Letter
T derived from the reverse T in the air.
This view is "true" from an Occult sense, but why? Hence the principle of "know thyself" means
that certain truths you should focus on and ascertain for yourselves, even as guidance is provided
along the way.
In otherwords, it is not enough to understand that what is "above" is "as below": it is critical that a
person understand to reverse the image of above and
analyze it as if it is reversed or upside down. Ideas
and images must therefore be turned "this way" and
"that", meaning rotated 180 degrees or flipped 180
degrees, shifted 45 degrees and flipped 180 degrees,
read forward, but interpreted in reverse, center out,
or in various combinations of the above
How "the God" manifests cannot be so easily
controlled by simplistic formulations, and to arrive
at willful and intentional codes too cannot be
assumed to be a simple and straightforward process.
In the end, we are limited to the tools available to us
through the restrictions of the design (material
existence), and so a wide range of tools utilizing a
wide range of interconnections is wholly necessary
to effect an understanding of the whole
When Plutarch says that Typhon tears to pieces to the sacred writings and scatters them to the
winds, this is a very ample and accurate depiction, and so we must view the Construct as a giant
puzzle, that, like Humpty Dumpty, we try to piece back together again so that we may beat back
ignorance and delusion and create for ourselves a world and society where our spiritual foundation
is rooted in a form of reason that is impermeable to ignorance.
The primary point to remember is that the Illuminatus utilize and utilizes a vast array of reflections
and mirrors in their system, and so if you are to penetrate their philosophical system (a system that
belongs to all of us), it is critical that the idea of mirrors and reflections be understood completely.

The Esoteric Formula of the Heart

When we deal in "esoteric
formulas", we are dealing with
acroamatic ciphers hidden in
either "art" or "words", wherein
the "words" oft comprise that of
"myths" and hence, still, remain a
part of the arts. In this way we can
refer back to "On Isis and Osiris"
by Plutarch and show that his use
of the words, "On the third day
Typhon was born, but not in due
season or manner, but with a blow
he broke through his mother's side
and leapt forth." - source is thus a
set of words used to describe the
planetary sign for "Mars".
So when we read various mythologies, said mythologies to include that of Setian, or
Rabbinical "kabballah", we read the various texts as being encoded acroamatic
representations hiding a clear and lucid underlying philosophy that traces back to a
literal acroamatic cipher.
Since this article is dealing with the "Esoteric Formula of the Heart", we may use the above statue of Isis, or we may use Setian word
formulas, as a means to gain insight into the Occult formation of the word HEART.
Why Solve for the word HEART?
As the mythology of the Illuminatus goes, there was once a word of stupendous power, a word that was removed, and its return and
lucid comprehension remains the domain of they who are of the "initiatory class", and it is they who really control this word and use
this word to perfect their own essence so that they may "rise again", or be "resurrected" from the decay and morass of the lower
world, said "lower world" really being a simple code for "mass humanity".
When we peered into the rabbinical "tree of life" in the article "Deciphering the Tree of Life", what we learned was that the "Tree of
Life" is really not a "Tree of Life" at all; rather, it is best to be understood from an esoteric construction to be that of a cube spinning
on a more hidden matrix known as "the Garden of Eden". In order for the "Tree" to be formed, "Da'ath", or Ma'at, or "the Feather"
had to be removed. Da'ath, or "Ma'at" is but a cipher for Pi, and so we have just another
"myth" of "the Omnific Word", or Pi, being "removed" and thus needing to be
It becomes "recovered" in "the Garden of Eden" as the Zodiacal sign of the Twins, or
Gemini, which is but the Greek Letter Pi.
So the "Heart" is really a cipher for "reason", or the "intellectual faculties" set against
moral standards. Afterall, upon the death of the Pharoah, the "heart" is "removed" and it
is "weighed" against the Feather, or Ma'at, wherein both the Feather and Ma'at are but
ciphers for Pi.
Lower Pi (the Heart) as a material manifestation is weighed against Upper Pi (spiritual
or eternal existence) as represented by Ma'at or "the feather", and "validation" is
inferred or denied to the Fair O (pharoah) and the soul either joins the company of "the
gods", or returns to the "Wheel of Fortune", or the world of ever incurring incarnations
set against an ever devolving existence.
Having said all that in quick summary, it can be inferred further that, needless to say, "the Heart" plays such a crucial role in the
formation of the Illuminatus System that, to proceed without a concious and rational understanding of its formation, is tantamount to
(Image Originally Sourced at
The Setian "Esoteric Formula of the Heart"
Essentially, there are two "hearts": the Setian "Heart", which must necessarily be traceable back to the "spinning cube", and the
"Osirian Heart", which will be based on the acroamatic cipher as inferred by Manley P. Hall in Secret Teachings of All Ages.
Through studying the oral traditions of English and the "written", or Kabballah traditions of the Hebrews (as these traditions are
literally the written code sets of the Osirian systems adapted to the Hebrew Letters), we are able to gain a lucid insight into the nature
of the Illuminatus and their philosophy.

A very good written rendition of the "Jewish Heart" can be found at "" wherein there are four primary rules or foundations
to the construction of the "Jewish Heart". They are as follows:
1) The "Jewish heart" "is composed of a pair of the Hebrew letter lamed ( )facing one another. In Hebrew, the holy language that
holds the secret of all creative power, the word heart is written
, a lamed ( )followed by a bet ()."
In other words, what they have done is taken their letter "lamed" and spun it 180 degrees on vertical center so that it is mirrored
against each other. Thus the two "lameds" are "face to face" to each other.
2) The "Jewish heart", being comprised of a lamed mirrored on itself, must then include a definition of their "lamed" in order to set
their system up back against the Omnific Word, or "Pi". Consequently, this second clarifier should come as no surprise:
"It is stated in the Midrash (Otiot d'Rabbi Akiva) that the name of the Hebrew letter lamed stands for Lev Meivin Da'at: "the heart
that understands knowledge." The same idea is expressed in the form of the letter lamed ( ), which depicts the aspiration of the
heart to ascend to the highest level of consciousness, the understanding of knowledge. Knowledge (da'at) is the power of the soul
which forges the connection between man and God, between man and his fellow, and especially between husband and wife, as it is
said at the dawn of creation: "And Adam knew his wife".
As descibed above, Da'ath is Ma'at is Pi, and so there is a union or joining between lower Pi (material existence) to that of "Upper
Pi", or "eternal spiritual existence". What the "rabbi's" are stating is but a corrupted view of a known Occult reality within the Osirian
mystery systems.
Da'ath = Ma'at = Gemini = Knowledge = Communication (between lower and higher conciousness) = Heart
These are merely archetypical transpositions of a very basic and simple system.
3) "The word for "heart" in Hebrew, lev, is spelled lamed-beit (). The letter beit ( )equals 2. According to the great medieval
kabbalist, Rabbi Abraham Abulafia, the word lev itself alludes to its actual form: two (the numerical value of the letter beit) inverted,
face-to-face lameds. The two lameds facing one another form an image of the heart, the form drawn by God, the Divine Artist."
Since the Divine Artist is Thoth, and the Alphabet is the material representation of Osiris, we can see that the Jewish or Setian
Illuminatus system is appearing more and more to be a fraud (again). The actual "shape" of the "Heart" requires no "lameds" at all,
rather, it requires TWO J's mirrors on each other, such as to form the traditional shape of the "Heart" as shown here.
4) "Both of these faces united, in the form of the Jewish Heart, aspiring upward to the invisible, infinite Divine essence. This union
was like the union of a bride and groom, aspiring upwards together to receive the blessing of God, the "third partner" of marriage."
Again. This was already well known and solved. By removing Ma'at (Pi) which they called "Da'ath", what was removed from the
equation was the 3rd sign of the Zodiac, but the 6th card of the Major Arcanum, or "the Lovers", which is comprised of "male and
female", from the larger archetypical matrix within the "Garden of Eden" as the Tree of Life
became "constructed". Hence the above is simply alluding to this portion of the larger
"Philosopher's Stone" wherein it is simply dealing with the Gemini/Ma'at/Pi component of the
larger system.
The lamed is composed of a "neck" (a vav, whose upper tip is a yud) situated on a "body" (a
chaf). The two "necks" of the two lameds ascend out of the heart (formed by the two "bodies" of
the lameds) as do the two major blood vessels, which channel the life-force from the heart to the
brain and from the brain to the heart. The two yuds at the tops of the lameds signify the two
brains (i.e. the right and left cerebral lobes) of chochmah ("wisdom" and insight) and binah
("understanding" and integration). In addition, these two yuds allude to the two eyes, the two
"antennae" of the heart,
And so you have it: two "antennae" protruding from "the Heart", yet the Heart is said to be "lev
bet", or 2, and yet 2 is Isis.
So what was this clever rabbi encoding? Nothing all that "esoteric" at all. He was describing the Suit
of Spades.

Solving for the Esoteric Formula of the Heart

So how is "the Heart" really crafted? Essentially, a "heart" is comprised of the letter J mirrored on
itself. JJ, reversed 180 degrees on center, with one J mirrored against the other creates an acroamatic
cipher describing the Letter J.

Further, the use of such terms as "hooker" to describe a female can be derived from a
"single J", as a single J is that of a "fish hook". For the more astute here, I am sure you
can see that the shape of the Letter J can then be seen in the walk of the female from
behind and that further, although there are many "phallus symbols" the world over, in
truth, the "HEART"
is a female sexual

The "heart's" design

in Nature is "the
Goddess", or "the
Sacred Feminine".
When set against
Isis, the "antennae"
are as the "horns",
with the phonetic
parallel of "horns"
and "whores" rather closely linked. The two "horns" are thus divided in the center on the crown of the head of Isis, hence creating
"two J's".
What this is saying is that the "headdress" is an artistic representation of the larger Occult craft of "1's" and "0's" representing "males"
and "females". The TWO J's are as the two "parents", or the "male and the female" as spoken of by our rather deceptive and
misleading rabbi.
The inference is that to "make a U", or a "you", it is necessary to have "two "J's" mirrored on each other, or a union of male and
female. Furthermore, the combination of one J mirrored on itself creates the letter U, and it is from this letter that is derived such
words as "uterus" (U T R US), UTTER, meaning "to speak", with a reference back to Isis and Speech, etc.
In otherwords, what we have is the Heart is a code for the Sacred Feminine. The Sacred Feminine is linked back to the head dress of
Isis, which shows two J's mirrored on themselves.
When the rabbi says that only Hebrew has words of creation and power, he lies, for he describes merely the letters used to formulate
the Suit of Spades, while our system is used to craft the Suit of Hearts.
Furthermore, we recognise that the Heart and the Spade are uniquely different in that the Heart is the Sacred Feminine, while the
Spade is that of the Male and Female in sexual union.
It is no secret that to "neuter" a pet is to have it "spade". This is but another glimpse of reflections and mirrors and opposites and
directs being used in the formulation of the language via an oral tradition.
This does not conclude the totality of the Esoteric formulation of the word HEART, for the word HEART too has a number of
"power" in that its number is 85124. The way this formula works is to recognise that numbers are used correlationally. This means
that decimals and other parts of the mathematical equation may or may not have value, but rather, the numbers being used are the
totality of the value.
For instance, on St. Valentines Day, the number is 2/14, meaning February 14. The Number 2 is summed to 3 to create the hidden
equation of 3.14, or Pi and the Holiday surrounding the Heart.
By utilizing the formula as shown in the Bicycle card above, we can see the number 808. This is important because the number 8
sums to 36, so 808 is a code for 11011, or 36036 or 66066, which then leads you back to the number of years of the Earth's
precession cycle.
By taking the number 808, and transposing it to 884 (36*36*10), we create the following formula:
884 = 36*36*10 = 12960 = LIFE
884 as LIFE + the following formula creates the word HEART:
884 + (6*6*6*10)+(6*6*6*10)+(6*6*6*10)+6*6*6*6*20)+(6*6*6*6*20)+(6*6*6*6*20) = 85124 = HEART
Again, this formula is crafted. There are precisely 21 (U) 6's in the formula, and the sum of 1:6 is 21, or the Letter U. There are
multiple dimensioned channels going on.

Each 6*6*6*10 has a total value if 1/12 of the Precession Cycle of 25920 Years.
Each 6*6*6*6*20 has a total value of 1 Precession Cycle of 25920 Years.
Thus if we have 3 units of (1/12) of a cycle, then the value for this portion of the formula is 3/12, which reduces to 1/4.
And if we have 3 Precessions Cycles as represented by the 6*6*6*6*20, then we show a new formula of
3 1/4
Which correlationally is what? Remove the "/" from the formula, and we have remaining 314, which is what?
Pi. The Omnific Word. Pi and Life.

The Circle of Rhymes and A JacK O' Lantern

The Rule or Form of the Alphabet

After this manner we compose and dispose our alphabet:
We begin solely with history and experiments. These, if
They exhibit an enumeration and series of particular things,
Are disposed into tables; otherwise, they are taken separately
And by themselves. - Sir Francis Bacon, Alphabet of Nature
Analysis of
the Letters
of the
Let us go
into the finer
nuances of
In a craft
dedicated to a revelation of "the Letters", it obviously becomes quite necessary to observe and study the Letters in every possible
connection that one can think of and at the same time, peer into the patterns that provide for the connections and correlations of one
letter to the next, and so on. This means that letters need to be analysed against "shape", "sound", "phonetics", "mathematics",
whether they are written forward or backward against a natural archetype, whether they are turned this way or that (at 90 degree
angles), etc.
Nothing can be left to chance as nothing was left to chance in the creation of the same said letters.
There has always been a rational input, a philosophical reasoning into why one letter comes before
another, or why one letter is shaped as it is, etc.
So as Sir Francis Bacon stated as referenced above, "if
They exhibit an enumeration and series of particular things,
Are disposed into tables..." meaning that the Letters are broken down into their various constituent
components and designs. These are then categorized (set into tables), and if the Letters do not
appear to fit into any given set of "enumerations of particular things", then they are dealt with
accordingly and individually.
However, the very basic point to start is through observation of those things that exhibit a high degree of "peculiar enumerations".
One such basic observation was covered in the Alphabet as a Hyper-dimensional Representation of Pi . Here we dealt with the design
of the Letters as set against symmetrical and assymmetrical design.
It was revealed that the design itself reveals "the Word", or Pi.
The Letters are further broken down into a myriad series of mathematical ciphers. The Superman and the Relationship of N to Ten
provides but one key insight, wherein the various numbers that cipher into co-relational "10's" is explained in expanded detail. In this
way we can show a rapid transposition set between various letters that all share a value based on the "number 4 or 10 as a product of
the summation from 1 thereof".
This knowledge aids us in the effecting of transpositions and modifications.
The Circle of Rhymes
Another way in which the letters can be seen to exhibit "peculiar enumerations" is to break out the Letters into their constituent
"rhyme sets". This "table of rhymes" I refer to as "The Circle of Rhymes" in that always the patterns reveal Pi or some correlational
equivalent thereof.

What this means is that we sequentially work our way through the Alphabet and place all letters that rhyme with each other into their
own unique sets. Having completed this, we look for any patterns that exist; afterall, we are not crafting the language, we are merely
observing what has been crafted and seeking to understand the thought processess as these processes have gone into crafting the
totality of "the Word".
AJK, The Primary Rhyme Pattern
Since the Letter A is the first letter of the alphabet, we will place all
letters that rhyme with A after the A. This is the first rhyme set. The
letters that rhyme with A are the letters J and K. For my friends in
England, I do respect that you say the letter J as "J-eye", and so view
the Letter J as more accurately reflecting a rhyme sequence to I more
than A, but we are working on the Continental Mason's model and it
is clear that the pattern mathematical should indeed be AJK.
AJK, being the first, is known as "the Primary Rhyme Pattern". It is,
of course, far more significant than that, for it clearly reveals "the
Master Number" as further shown in the article called "The Ever
Mystical 11:11".
AJK = 1,10,11 = 11011 = The Master Number
The way the Master Number works is we simply sum from 1:11 to
reveal what lies on "the belly of the snake".
We thus transpose the 11011 of AJK to the "belly number" of 66066, wherein the game of "Craps" and the "dice" remain the basic
archetypical framework for the mathematics, and thus we arrive at this representation.
The numbers 66066 are then set into the following formula:
6*6*10*6*6 = 12,960. The number 12,960 is the number of years
to 1/2 of the Earth's wobble on her axis, and so is a correlational
"Pi Proportion", as it is representative of the diameter in time of
the Earth's wobble.
A Platonic Cycle = 25920 years (PLATO GREAT YEAR) =
25920/2 = 12,960 Years = Pi Proportion or "correlative diameter in

The numbers 12, 9, 6, and special cipher of E (its sum of 1 to itself is the number/letter O) reveals the word LIFE.

Thus "AJK" is known as "the Primary Rhyme Pattern" for it reveals the cipher for the Platonic Cycle of 25920 years.

You might now surmise that there is more to the code of A J K O'lantern equally. A Jack O' Lantern reminds us that is the Sun that is
falling further and further in the sky, to die again and be born anew on Christmas day. Isis as Baset is there as an "omen" and a key to
the whole of the Ancient Mysteries.
So let's light a lantern to "Jack", Osiris, and be wary of the Goddess Bastet (Isis) and spread some cheer to the children who dare us
to trick or treat!

Leo the Lion, A Lesson in Transpositions

This article, literally, is a lesson in the art of Occult transpositions. Occult
transpositions take many shapes and forms, from morphing mythologies to literal
mathematical ciphers encoded into seemingly "everyday" words. The idea of
transpositions is very well understood in the Initiated Systems and it is further well
known and discussed that there are various transpositions occuring between "sacred
nomenclatures" as these nomenclatures are being "passed", or "encoded", from race
to race.
The "Goddess Isis", for instance, is known as "the Lady of 10,000 names". Her
primary name is "Isis", which some equate to as "throne", but we can transpose to
"North" as it is Isis whom we seek to guide us through the darkness for when we
require guidance while walking in the "night", we first seek out "the North Star" in
order to gather our bearings.. She is also known as the OWL, which we can
transpose to the number TWO - if you understand the nature of how to effect the
It is all incredibly simple further once you are able to grasp into the nature of the apperception of the conceptual. For instance, when
we view the picture of Hathor, a transposition of Isis, we note many things, but draw your attention to the design of the "hair". Not
only does "Isis" maintain as her suit the "Swords", themselves a sign for the "air", while Pentacles represent Earth, Wands as fire, and
Cups as Water, we note that within the word "hair" is the word "air".
The word AIR we may reverse to form the word RAI(SE), for it is the Mind as Intellect as Isis that "raises us up from darkness and
ignorance". Within the phonetics of "raise" may be found the phonetics of "reason" equally, and so it becomes no secret of basic
scholarship into "Shakespeare" that oft "raisen" was used as a phonetic code for "reason".
Everything is interconnected. This should, too, come as no surprise save for failure of the education system to properly teach the
design. Sir Francis Bacon stated ever so clearly in "The Alphabet of Nature",
"Now, for the sake of perspicuity and order, we prepare our
Way by avenues, which are a kind of prefaces to our
Inquisitions. Likewise, we interpose bonds of connection,
That our inquisitions may not seem abrupt and disjointed." - Sir Francis Bacon, Alphabet of Nature
The Master Number 11011

If you understood the "Secret of AJK", or the playing cards, you would fully comprehend by now that what is being encoded in the
Ace, Jack, and King (AJK) is the Master Number, or 11011, or in short, "11:11". This number is known as "snake eyes" on the "craps
table". When you have "snake eyes" showing, you simply have to go "to the belly of the serpent", for the cube or di remain one of the
primary encodement "stones".
When we sum the value from 1:11, we arrive at the following digits:

This is a basic transposition. 6's may be 1's and 1's may be 6's.
Hence in the logo for "FOX", the F is a "6" as it is clearly set at number 6 of the Alphabet, while X is placed at number 11 of the
second half of the Alphabet. Never mind that it is essentially a glyph of two "1's" set on diagonals to each other: the obvious you are
not supposed to be able to see.
Since X is "11", and F is 6, and since "11" may be "66", then the code of FOX has a gematria value of 6066, or 6*6*6*10=2160.
6*6*6*10, or "2160" (note this number in the formation of "The Esoteric Formula of the Heart" wherein there are precisely "21 "6's"
in the formation of the word HEART from 884) is a basic "astronomic constant" used by the Illuminatus in encoding various hinge or
foundation points.
This number is the diameter of the moon in miles or the time period of 1 sign of the Zodiac. Hence "6" of these numbers relative to
the Zodiac would be the time period of the Sun's precession through 1/2 of the signs of the Zodiac, hence the formula of 6*6*10*6*6
= 12,960 years.
Again. The number 12960 when placed back against the Alphabet reveals the code of LIFE. There are special properties to "E" as it
is the "5th Letter" or the "5th Amendment", and hence has a "right to remain silent".
5 = 1+2+3+4+5 = 15 = O Letter or 0 Number and hence "no sound".
That E can be either a "5" or a "0" number is just another part of the larger transposition logic in play.
The Sun as Masculine or Feminine

Another interesting transposition is the morphing of the Sun from a "feminine" energy to a "masculine" energy. The astrological sign
for Leo, for instance, is really but the outline of the hair of "Hathor".
Many cultures have regarded the Sun as being of the Feminine, although in Masonic constructions, it oft becomes necessary to
formulate the Sun as being Masculine. As late as 1861, there was a magazine in publication called "Blackwood's Edinburgh
Magazine". In Volume LXXXIX (89) (you can find whate'er esoteric meaning you wish for this number), on page 715, in a piece
titled "From the Fatherland", the author states:
"My Dear Irenaeus - I think you will agree with me that that useful luminary, the sun ought to always be of the masculine gender. I
happen to inhabit at present a country where the sun is feminine. The Germans gallantly say, that because the sun is more beautiful
than the moon, their chivalrous forefathers inverted the classical notion of their genders and made him a lady and her a gentleman."
Aside from the obvious view of the Sun as a feminine energy being held in Western constructs quite late in the historical trail, there is

still further insights that indeed, females may sometimes be caste as male and male be caste as female in so far as the esoteric coding
is concerned.
The word SUN provides us with a rather unique insight into the above statement.

The Letter S is located at number 3

The Letter N is located at number 5
The Letter U is the missing part of the mathematical cipher, for it is placed at position 5 under this cipher pattern. However, we also
know that the Letter U is the 21'st letter of the Alphabet, and the sum of 1:6 = 21, or the U letter, hence we can reason pretty
confidently that the proper formula for the word SUN is as follows:
U=6 (1+2+3+4+5+6=21=U letter)
Note, again, the use of the "21"-"6" sequence. This is used so often that it defies why it has not been discovered before.
So we can see that the SUN is simply a CODE FOR 365, or the number of days that the EARTH revolves around "the SUN". 365 is a
"corelational circle number", and hence is a feminine number, and thus this would make the word SUN a "Feminine deity".
The Sign of LEO mirrors that of the Hair of Hathor. Yet there is more to the code of LEO.
LEO the LION and The Sun
Let us now complete the exercise or lesson by showing the precise transposition of the word LEO and LION. As shown in the Isisian
The Letter L = 3
The Letter E = 5
The Letter O = 6
The Illuminatus has a very practical cipher known as "5=6". Take column 6 of the Isisian Codes. What word is revealed? FV? Five. It
is a "favorite". 5's are 6's. Note the design similarity between E and F (5 and 6), as well as "5" and "6" equally. Even the words FIVE
and SIX are showing precise design parallels.
The word FIVE, too, is a cipher for 69.
5's and 6's are interchangeable. So if we have a word as LEO with a value as follows:

And, we know that 5's and 6's are interchangeable, we can simply show that LEO is a CODE for
LEO = 365 = SUN
So all that is left is to solve for LION. Here again we have the mathematical formula already half evident. LI is "1/2" of the word
LI(FE). Since E = O = N, we can simply cipher these letters to reveal the following:
So the code LEO the LION is simple a code that says "The Sun is Life"!
Very simple. Very clever. And indeed, incredibly ingenious.
This is how you begin to de-story the signatures of the Occult and bring the beauty that was encoded into the system back to "life".

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Zodiac and Pi
This will be a whirlwind example of some of
the logic found within the Isisian Code
First, we have our Alphabet, set against the
26. Each of these Letters have their unique
and specific letter placement. These
placements are every bit as a numbering
system as you might find if you count from
one to 26.. If you doubt this, then go to the
library, or read a dictionary. A follows B, so
the word ABSTRACT will come before
BALL. There is a precise mathematical logic
to the categorization of words every bit as
found in a numbering system.
Setting an Alphabet against a numbering
system is basic common sense: there is
otherwise no other way to tabulate the words
as formed within a language.
This basic idea of setting the logic of an
Alphabet against a precise mathematical
counting pattern is further encoded into "the Occult" at an introductory level in what is known as "gematria". The name for this is
called an "Ordinal Code". A = 1, B=2, C=3, etc. This is a basic form of cipher, and not very sophisticated at that, and yet is sold to the
masses in so many "leading edge Occult systems" as Kabballah, OTO, Thelema, etc., as being filled with volumes of "esoteric
Although there are indeed many many "esoteric significances" to be found in various words, often times it is all just pretty silly.
Crowley's mathematical system supports "Crowley's occult channels" of black magic, but does very little to arrive at the larger
encoded truths set into the language by Continental Masons and other workers across the globe. A basic example of an Ordinal Code
is the following:
ISIS = 9+19+9+19 = 56 = 19+16+5+5+3+8 = SPEECH
That Isis and Speech equal the same is said to be "esoterically significant", and when you add in the mathematical numbers as "56",
ad nauseum, you quickly can find the various channels intended in the crafting.
When we reduce the "56" to "5+6=11", we call this a "reduced ordinal code", meaning that we reduced the original ordinal code to
the value of its integers. There are so many rules "out there" that cover this knowledge set, but most of the time, the esoteric code in
the word is totally destroyed when the word is reduced, so I never recommend that any words be reduced to double or single digit
The rules are akin to sending one on a wild goose chase with no hope of arriving at the destination: the trail having been totally
swept. Take the word ZODIAC, for instance. The letters of the word ZODIAC has ordinal coding as follows:
Z = 26
O = 15
A= 1
So ZODIAC would take on the formula of 26+15+4+9+1+3=58. This could then further be reduced (reduced ordinal code) to
"5+8=13" and "this means that because of this and that", or the digits can be further reduced to "and 1+3=4" and "this means that
because of this and that", and on and on.
You can find this form of "gematria" everywhere on the "net", on the bookshelves, and promoted on talk radio shows in various
forms. The idea is popular because it is so easy: any third grader can take a set of digits and add them up and then reduce the answer
to a single digit.
Hardly a form of "highly advanced" coding system and utterly useless if we are to seek out the hidden codes and philosophy of the
Thus the development of the Isisian Codes became necessary in order to help others pierce the veil and cut through all the static and

white noise.
I have no doubts that the "higher power" behind this planet is a bit more educated and sophisticated than to follow the rules as set
forward by some Rabbi's wholly unfamiliar with the Letter Set and the Language as an esoteric construct.
So lets go back and take a look at the word ZODIAC again.
Z = 26
O = 15
A= 1
Now Dan Brown, the author of the Da Vinci Code, touched on something, and for which is again rather "self evident". In any
Gematria system based on simple addition, any word and any anagram derived from the original word will necessarily be
"esoterically significant" whereby the term "esoteric significant" simply means that word A will have the same value as word B and
hence these two words take on some "mystical significance".
Hence words as BUT and TUB are esoterically connected, as both BUT and TUB have values of T=20, U=21, and B=2 to arrive at
The real esoteric significance is to realise that the first thing to become submerged in a TUB is ones BUTT. That BUT and TUB have
values of 43 really is not material without a huge amount of context.
However, again, the Illuminatus (and its higher power), to include "the Woman", the "Owl", "Isis", etc., are clearly far more
sophisticated than such and besides, one still has to solve for "the Word", or Pi.
Failing to solve for "the Word" becomes as trying to run on a rubber sheet with your bare feet with the rubber sheet covered in oil.
Either that, or you can admire a dog chasing its tail. Humorous. A nice distraction. But you are not going to pierce any veils anytime
So let's again return to the word ZODIAC.
Do you see it yet? The anagram is always esoterically connected; the manner in which you make the connections is the key.
ZODIAC = 26154913 = CADOIZ = 3.1415926 = Pi
CADOIZ is but an anagram of the word ZODIAC. Therefore, "the anagram is necessarily always esoterically significant to the
original word". No system of Gematria can deny this because it is a basic staple of most of their "beliefs" and esoteric channeling. In
"popular" or "mass market Gematria", the word ZODIAC would appear as follows"
ZODIAC = 26+15+4+9+1+3=58=5+3=8 and this means "blah blah blah".
However, the Anagram is always esoterically significant to the original word.
The ZODIAC is the "big pie in the sky", and so an anagram derived from ZODIAC is CADOIZ.
This reveals the Ordinal Code of:
CADOIZ = 31415926
Or we can reveal CADO-IZ = 3.1415 IS
SO CADOIZ = 3.1415929 = ZODIAC
Which word was the ORIGINAL? Cadoiz? Or Zodiac?
Surely it was Pi = 3.1415926 = CADOIZ = the Anagram ZODIAC.
DON'T ADD in blind trust of the rules set about and taught to the public.
If you do, you lose the absolute clues and hence the absolute answer. In this case, the word ZODIAC is a clever little cryptogram for

the first 6 decimal digits of Pi.

This is only the beginning of Pi encoded into the Zodiac. Such words as Pisces, Scorpio, and Gemini reveal and whole entire code.
Trust me. If you add the Ordinal values of Pisces, Scorpio, and Gemini, you are going to miss the entire point of the encoding.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kabballah as a Literary Form of Ka'aba
Let us delve further into the metaphysics of "Kabballah".
Kabballah in its purest sense may be seen metaphysically as the worship of the
cube as opposed to the cone. Hence you will see in various plates from the
medieval period concerning the Inquisition wherein the victims of Jehovian courts
are forced to wear "dunce caps". The word "dunce" is to imply "being stupid", but
as the Setian Occult world is often flipped on its head in a most vicious and oft
sadistic bent, what is a "dunce" would have meant a "highly advanced and
knowledgeable" soul whose only crime was not to bow down to the ever
encroaching imposition of the sadists who make up the core of Setian
philosophical thought. Surely such a soul would be viewed as a "dunce", or a
foolish soul, to the sadists who sought to destroy Western Europe and subjugate
same to Jehovian or Setian metaphysics.
However, in spite of the terror that reigned throughout Europe under the yoke of
Setian metaphysics, it is clear that the institutions previously built by Western
elites (Osirian and Isian occultists), although smashed, were able to retain much of
their core symbols. The "Christmas Tree", for example, renamed to appease the
barbarian Setian infiltration, remains still to this day a symbol of power and
choice for a large mass of todays humanity as a symbol of peace and life. A
complex and yet incredibly simple symbol, the "Christmas Tree" brings life and
happiness to an otherwise dreary and dreadful December in much of the Northern
The "Christmas Tree's" shape is that of the cone, derived from the "sphere", while the pyramid is derived from the cube.
Kabballah. The Gold Standard?
Lets turn our attention to the "Gold Standard" of the Occult: Kabballah.
It is strange how little the mass public understands of this Craft, and even more amazing precisely because so many of the worlds
"elite", and surely those who could be considered "the Illuminatus" in whatever names they wish to affix to themselves, are indeed
either versed in or "respectful" to the traditions of the knowledged contained within "Kabballah", even as the manner and form in
which it is taught is essentially a half truth, and hence an obfuscation and mystification.
Even without such, have you ever considered that noone really knows how to spell it? How many variations can you come up with?
I am sure you can add a few more without too much effort or search, but you should ask a very simple question:
"If "Kabballah" is such a "Gold Standard", and this "Gold Standard" is ultimately fused to Letters/Numbers/Sounds, then why is this
supposed "Gold Standard" so confused as to precisely how to spell its own "Gold Standard" name?"
Just more irrationality to solve when immersing oneself into Jehovian or Setian Metaphysics.
Kabballah (Single Die) and Qaballa (Pair of Dice)
There are two systems. A Hermetic Qaballa based on two dice, and a Rabbinical
Kabballah based on a single die. Each of the systems will utilize the variations of
numerous mathematical ciphers to try to prove it's "preeminence" and "truths". The
former has been given a 1000 year head start, the latter is just being revealed to mass
human consciousness.
Each has its own geometric matrix that reveals instantly the underlying "sanity" of the
"truths" upon which each is based. The two matrices are really broken halves of a
composite matrix known as "The Philosopher's Stone" as shown here.
----The Single Die, Kabballah

The fastest way to ensure that you are operating with the right "Qaballa" is to
study whether you are using a single "cube", aka, a "die", or two cubes, or a
"pair of dice".
The Isisian Codes are clear on this:
A system based wholly on the "single cube", or "the die", pretty much says it
all: it is a system predicated on death. The Serpent did not lie. Such a system
cannot truly elevate the soul in any form or fashion, and its disjointed method
of operation and reliance on an out of balance mechanism ensures ultimate
failure and false conclusions.
Another way to view the Kabballist's "Tree" is to understand the German rules
to the game of hop scotch. More to the point, as the above picture from England
(image source) shows, the Setian Tree of Life as an absolute occult system was
in a way "ridiculed" into the the game of hop scotch whereby "Earth" or
"Malkuth" was set at the bottom and "Ain Soph" as "Heaven" was set at the
The game, however, remains predicated on hopping on one foot (the dreidle or
jack) and so by inference the system lacks balance and stability and as a matter of course, the participant in the system is destined to
lose one's balance and "land on two feet", which means that the person is going to fail. Being in balance is tantamount to failure
within Setian metaphysics because the goal of the system is to keep humanity and souls "out of balance" where it is easier to
manipulate and force into ever progressing failures.
Hence the die of the "dice" hints at ever more complex philosophical realities linked to Setian metaphysics. Without some external
force to "spin the Dreidle", the person will fall and hence "die". Failure, ultimately, is assured, at least from a spiritual sense. The
"single die" as a spinning unique energy has inherent flaws, hence it is aptly representative of all the death that a system based on this
philosophy brings.
It is all the flaws and the inherent death that such brings that enamors so much the Setian Illuminatus.
Fortunately, there is, and has always been, a hidden and competing Qaballa, that based on English and the Vesica Piscis and a "pair of
dice". This is "the Hermetic Qaballa" and the Isisian Codes.
---The Hermetic Qaballa, or a Pair of Dice
The Hermetic Qaballa represents a dimensional shift in the Craft
and is far more in alignment with archetypical constructions. It
also is designed literally to the information found within the Book
of Formation.
As a representation of the 22 Major Arcanum of the Tarot Cards, it
can be shown that the Hermetic Qaballa is in perfect sequential
representation, as opposed to the later "Illuminatus" renderings of
the Setian Mason's who sought to link the Tarot to the Setian tree.
The absurdity of the exercise was only compounded by the
absurdity of the mass of souls who bought into the exercise. No
one seemed to want to resolve the fact that it was Setian systems
who sought to destroy the knowledge and, failing to do so,
themselves sought to fuse the archetypical knowledge to their own
system that was simply half of a larger system hidden further still.
Later we will deal with the Hermetic Qaballa as a foundational matrix, but lets move forward with the Setian analysis.
A Numerical Basis to Language
Perhaps the reason why so few people can see the Nature of the
Construct is precisely because the Construct has been caste
against fused philosophy set against numbers, letters, and
sounds. These sounds can be caste and passed from race to race
and culture to culture over a period of time by an occulted
priestcraft and the latter never ever being able to suspect the
inherent intent to craft a reality based on a more occult

The hidden philosophy, based on "the Garden of Eden" is "guarded" by a veil: guaranteed
So, it could be argued: the reason why you and indeed, the vast majority of humanity cannot "see" through this veil is because there
has been a literal "HEX" placed on you in a literal and trans-dimensional sense: "reality" was crafted against a NUMBER, and yet
few see that "NUMBER" is trans-dimensional.
A reality based on NUMBER makes you NUMB-ER. Or, more to the point, "numb" and "number" just as you have "dumb" and
"dumber" you have "numb" and "number": each are literal states of existence.
The crafting of "reality" around "numb" and "number" is a precise Occult science, the practitioners of which you should learn to take
heed and respect and understand. You do not defeat an enemy without understanding same. If you move right, and right is into the
heart of the enemies defenses, you will be mauled for the effort. If you move left, and the enemy has abandoned his position, you will
be left with a mass amount of expended effort and energy and nothing to show for your time in the exercise.
Hence the need, as it were, for the Isisian Codes.

At position number 8 may be found the

Letters H and X, yet the sum of 1:8
(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36) reveals the square
of 6, wherein the square of 6 is known as a
cube. Hence a HEX and a Hexagon are but
words based on precise mathematic clues
found in the sounds (Alphabet).
What this tells us again is that the
Rabbinical/Setian tree is "the Hex", or what is
"guarding" the "garden of Eden".
So we return to the original thesis: there are two systems in play.
We recognize these as "Kabballah" and "Qaballa".
Qaballa = Osirian, or Hermetic, Qaballa, in that the system precedes rabbinical Kabballah and is a purer and more direct form of
Qaballa. However, the two systems are actually not exclusive to each other and deal with two seperate aspect of the human creation.
It is only in the manner and form in which the latter Kabballah has been foisted onto humanity that it is necessary to treat such as a
uniquely different "animal" relative to an Occult perspective.
In truth, the two are not mutually exclusive at all, but the manner in which modern "kabballah" is being sold and taught is mixing
aspects of Qaballa (Hermetic) to the rabbinical format as if the rabbis are akin to the sole arbiters of the crafting. That Western elites
(Illuminatus) have allowed such to happen in the manner that they have, even to the point of creating a system of rational absurdities,
is a testament to the level to which the secret of the whole is being protected at the expense of humanity as a whole.
Furthermore, that there are two systems in play again should not be a surprise to anyone who ventures into the philosophies used by
those who term themselves as being part of "the Illuminatus" in whatever term they wish to attach to themselves. One of these break
off branches that seeks to rewrite the esoteric of English is that of Aleister Crowley and his
OTO/Thelema offshoots.
How many Mason's and related elites were ciphoned into tortured twisting of Crowley's
Setian (Jewish) centric obfuscations cannot really be measured, but suffice it to say that there should be a presumption of a critical
density in core control systems of the planet.
Said Crowley, who termed himself "the Beast", yet died a withered drug addict, had this rather cryptic hint at the two faces of
Kabballah and Qaballa:
"46. Nothing is a secret key of this law. Sixty-one the Jews call it; I call it eight, eighty, four hundred & eighteen.
47. But they have the half: unite by thine art so that all disappear." - Source, The Book of the Law, Aleister Crowley
If "the Jews" have the half, then they cannot have "the whole". This is such a simplistic and self evident statement that it belies logic
as to why anyone gives a pass on the craft of "kabballah" and does not call into question the very individuals who are teaching the
system in a manner that oft comes across as demanding blind obedience.
The half is not the whole. Ever. We can oft surmise the hidden half if we have the
visible half, but one can never be so certain unless the other half is exposed completely.

Kabballists as Ka'abists
The Kabballists are "ka'ab"ists. They worship the Cube in the Hexagonal form. It is no secret that the word "to put a Hex" on
someone is seen as a form of evil. If you want to estimate the power of their crafting, witness the power of the Ka'aba, a signature of
their Occult operatives.
Try as you may to rationally explain the Occult forces in play regarding the Ka'aba and the reaction is really not much different than
you might have found from the Medieval inquisitioner, and this is precisely how the Kabballists want it.
Hence the Ka'aba and the Kabballists are far more interlinked than the masses dare to peer into and understand.
In the mind of the "kabballist", mankind will bow down to the Cube. What they seek is a form of slavish obedience in a classic
Orwellian sense is the only reality that Setian forces understand and will accept.
They go to great lengths to craft religious constructs that hint at truths, cause pauses and delays, all while achieving their ultimate
goal of total domination of the material realm.

Of Libraries and Librations

The Library.
A curious place.
Save for traditional churches or morgues, perhaps no other place in the world
is sacrosanct as to preserving silence than libraries. There is a traditional layer
of respect within Western society that upon entering a library, respect and
silence are deemed proper and expected. And just as one would not loudly
shout and speak in disrespect at a local church or morgue, so too does no
cultured and civilized individual violate the sanctity of a library.
What few know, however, is that a library is a form of morgue: it's shelves,
containing rows and rows of books, are therefore stacked with the very
embodiment of Osiris.
This article will delve into the philosophical underpinning of libraries and
with it, send you into a journey of mythological decoding.
The Interconnectedness of Nature
Material existence we refer to as
"nature". When capitalized as
Nature, we refer to Isis.
Philosophically, in a literary
sense, we create "oscillations"
upon the material through the
use of 1's and 0's set against
concepts and sounds. This is a
simplification, yet a truth. As an
example of this, we may invoke
the letter M or the words ADM
and EVE. The capitalized
spelling informs you of a latent
or hidden code.
Such a technique should be well established for the studied student, but so as to educate the interested, we provide this example:
Liber B vel Magi sub Figura I
Line 3 - Now then shall He end His Speech with Silence? For He is Speech.
Line 21 - And in the word CHAOS let the book be sealed, yea, let the Book be sealed.
Note the form and usage of the capitalizations. One line uses a single letter capitalization, as in the words "He is Speech" (reference
line 3), while another uses an all capitalization technique, as in the word CHAOS as referenced in line 21.
Now since they who seek after Seth lie, there are multiple ways to check the "work". For instance, when Crowley writes, "for He is
Speech", Crowley lies, for "He" is clearly "not Speech".
SPEECH = 19+16+5+5+3+8 = 56 = 9+19+9+19 = 56 = ISIS
ISIS is SHE and SHE is "speech". How could Crowley make such a foolish and glaring mistake?
The Alphabet is Osiris. The sounds eminating therefrom, which are impressed as sound upon the material (air), remain the domain of
Isis. She is "Speech". What Isis preserves is the body of her beloved Osiris, or the written word as proceeding forth from "the 1",
which is the Alphabet.
Since all things proceed forth and "emanate" from the Alphabet, or "the God", who is Osiris, it would stand to reason that there
remains an interconnectedness to all things, an interconnectedness viewable and available to all - if only people would dare to look
up and see the splendor before them.
In this way does the SPIDER WEB prove to be symbolic of the Mysteries and of Nature equally. After all, it was Isis who fashioned
her venomous snake from the spittal of the god "Ra" mixed with the dust so that she may learn the secret name of Ra, or when the
truce was honored between Odin and Thor, all the Gods spit into a bowl and created the Giant Kvasir who was a sign of peace and
prosperity and brought inspiration to poets.
So the "spittal" of Ra, and the "spit" of the "Gods", and the "Spider Web" become subtly and powerfully interconnected, oscillating
on and off but emanating from the same phonetic archetypical source.

The "spitter" tells the tales over fires and in the theaters. The spitter weaves the stories orally that become the beliefs of the society,
the nation, the religion.
Libraries are not for "the spitters": libraries are the sole domain of the "Weaving Spiders".
Archetypical Components of the word LIBER
If we are to seek out a philosophic regarding the word "library", we must seek out the past
references woven into the phonetics, or the "root" of the word, or the letters LBR.
El Be R. Rebel. A magic spell of extraordinary genius too simple to be seen for what it is.
So we go deeper into the material, into the generated stories from all the spitters and spiders
through time. Dictionaries are a good place to start, but dictionaries, like the agenda's of they
who make them over the breadth of time, change just as sure with the shifting sands of time.
At one era a truth might be revealed, while in a latter era, unscrupulous heathens oft wipe
and edit the knowledge from the earlier scripts.
Such are the traitors humanity must deal with as it seeks to rise above the waves: the very
people that most of humanity come to rely upon to aid in the rising are the very same people
charged with immersing humanity further under the waves. Fortunately, enough has
remained to piece the whole back together.
LIBER. Consider.
The word "liber" is used to describe the part of a plant from which some of the earliest forms of paper was derived. From this paper
comes the recording of knowledge and information, and so the word "liber" becomes known as a word to describe a book of official
records. Yet there are two "gods" associated with the word, Liber and Libera, and one astrological sign, Libra. Within the Arts may be
found more symbols such as "the Scales of Justice".
A most concise description comes from "The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets" by Barbara G. Walker:
"Astrological Lady of the Scales, from the Goddess Libera worshipped in Carthage a Astroarche, Queen of the Stars. Like the
Egyptian Maat, she represented the balancing process of karmic law. Her figure-eight glyph of "equilibrium" (now the mathematical
symbol of infinity) signified action and reaction under the rule of Fate.
In astrology, Libra is still "ruled by Venus", because she was identifies with the Roman Venus-Aphrodite of the ius aturale - natural
law, matriarchal justic. The blindfold on today's Goddess of Justice was unknown in antiquity. She not only held the scales of every
man's fate; she also had the All-Seeing Eye."
Librations and the Moon
We must then consider the form and manner within which we may reconstruct
or destory the links between the words "libration" to that of "Libra", signifying
"the Scales", all the while keeping in mind that the "scales" are every bit as
linked to the tides, and the tides to time, and so forth.
The word "libration" deals with an astronomic reality: just as the Earth
"wobbles" on its axis as it spins in its orbit, so too is there a "wobble", or an
oscillation to the moon as it revolves around Earth. As referenced in Wikipedia,
In astronomy libration (from the Latin verb libro -are "to balance, to sway", cf.
libra "scales") refers to the various orbital conditions which make it possible to
see more than 50% of the moon's surface over time, even though the front of the
Moon is tidally locked to always face towards the earth. By extension, libration can also be used to describe the same phenomenon
for other orbital bodies that are nominally locked to present the same face. As the orbital processes are repetitive, libration is
manifested as a slow rocking back and forth (or up and down) of the face of the orbital body as viewed from the parent body, much
like the rocking of a pair of scales about the point of balance.
In terms of observation from planet Earth, this means that roughly 59% of the Moon's surface is visible in total over a period of time,
and thus a total of 41% of the Moon's surface remains forever unobservable relative to Earth observation. The Moon, appearing to
"rock" from side to side, becomes then the astronomical archetype for the scales that as a balance on a beam, come to rest.
The "Scales" as "Libra" and the "Torch" of Isis become "fused" in Libraries, where books, comprised of the physical embodiment of

Osiris (the Letters manifest as words and so forth), and thus in silence (wherein the Moon is named "Silene") may all things
contained in the Library (the Balance) may be considered.
The Philosophics behind the word "Library"
All life is a web. The rituals and the stories enrich or ensnare, build or destroy in a
manner equivalent to their spiritual source. Whether one accepts the Sword or the Flaming Sword and Cherub, it could be said that if
one does not come to have an absolute firm grasp of the reasons why one does "this" or "that", that one can be said to be "ensnared".
This is, of course, a "philosophic". Formulas are crafted all the time from both sides of the Occult aisle (the Dark and Light paths)
such as to ensnare so as to lead in a path that leads to light and thus a growing of the soul, or in a path that leads to a devolution or
literal "ensnaring" as in a Web.
Thus even the term WEB must be carefully scrutinized so as to understand the essence of the philosophics.
Libraries as an institutional presence before humanity eminate from the Occult crafts dedicated to "Isis and Osiris", or they who seek
to lift humanity in a positive way. The destruction of Libraries falls under the spell of they who seek after the Flaming Sword and
Cherub. They (libraries) represent in their purest form the aggregations of frozen minds who have penned their thoughts to paper
(liber) so as to preserve these thoughts for present and future generations. Those who seek the destruction of Libraries seek to destroy
past thoughts so as to plant seeds contrary to rational truths and logic.
Again. Philosophics.
As Libra balances this way and that, so too does the planet rise and fall from glory to depths of ignorance, the level of the destruction
(ignorance) equal only to the decay of the transmission of knowledge typically reserved through Libraries.
It is the responsibility of they who know to secrete to they who do not in a manner as to preserve and enlarge the space for the growth
of the Craft set against Universal Principles that guide life.
Those who dare to torture words dare to torture humanity.

The Tau, the Ankh, and the Anchor

The Winter Solstice. The longest night of the year and the shortest day of the
year. For 3 days, the Sun will appear to hover in the sky as measured against
its noon zenith, neither falling nor rising as measured from any series of
marking points on the Earth. After 3 days, the Sun will be visibly moved about
1 degree on the ecliptic.
Hallelujah! The Sun is Born!
Manley P. Hall, in Secret Teachings of All Ages, speaks of the Winter Solstice
in this way:
The pagans set aside the 25th of December as the birthday of the Solar Man. They rejoiced, feasted, gathered in processions, and
made offerings in the temples. The darkness of winter was over and the glorious son of light was returning to the Northern
Hemisphere. With his last effort the old Sun God had torn down the house of the Philistines (the Spirits of Darkness) and had cleared
the way for the new sun who was born that day from the depths of the earth amidst the symbolic beasts of the lower world.
Concerning this season of celebration, an anonymous Master of Arts of Balliol College, Oxford, in his scholarly treatise, Mankind
Their Origin and Destiny, says: "The Romans also had their solar festival, and their games of the circus in honor of the birth of the
god of day. It took place the eighth day before the kalends of January--that is, on December 25. Servius, in his commentary on verse
720 of the seventh book of the neid, in which Virgil speaks of the new sun, says that, properly speaking, the sun is new on the 8th of
the Kalends of January-that is, December 25. In the time of Leo I. (Leo, Serm. xxi., De Nativ. Dom. p. 148), some of the Fathers of
the Church said that 'what rendered the festival (of Christmas) venerable was less the birth of Jesus Christ than the return, and, as
they expressed it, the new birth of the sun.' It was on the same day that the birth of the Invincible Sun (Natalis solis invicti), was
celebrated at Rome, as can be seen in the Roman calendars, published in the reign of Constantine and of Julian (Hymn to the Sun, p.
155). This epithet 'Invictus' is the same as the Persians gave to this same god, whom they worshipped by the name of Mithra, and
whom they caused to be born in a grotto (Justin. Dial. cum Trips. p. 305), just as he is represented as being born in a stable, under
the name of Christ, by the Christians."
But ours is a Craft of Letters, and our Letters become woven into the tales that are the
mythology. Although I have tried to express clear the nature of the Tau, the Ankh, and the
Anchor before in so many certain ways, on this Yule festival, where Osiris has been
placed into the log and the log set ablaze, where the Trees of Life (the Christmas Trees)
are presented with gifts, let me try again to speak clear of the Tau, the Ankh, and the
The Order and Placement of the Alphabet
When we view our 26 Letters, we view our Letters as the embodiment of "the God". We
must place the Alphabet into precise balance and orders before the philosophy will reveal
itself. To accomplish this, we have many tools at our disposal, much of it emanating from
the Spoken Word traditions.
If we say that everything is OK, we mean that the Letter O is located at 15 and the Letter
K is located at 11 and that the design of our Philosophy (the Alphabet) is only "OK" when
its constituent components are based on 15 and 11. Clearly it may be noted that the
numbers 15 and 11 sum to 26 (15+11=26), but how do we know that this is OK? Because
the Letter O is a Symmetrical Letter and the Letter K is an Assymmetrical Letter and our
Philosophy has a precise order and value and design set against the 15 and the 11 when
set against Symmetrical and Assymmetrical Design.
The Symmetrical Letters are as follows:
AHIMOTUVWXY = 11 Letters = K
The Assymmetrical Letters are as follows:
Just as there are designs based on Symmetry and Assymmetry, there are designs based on linear progressions, time progressions,
archetypical progressions, phonetic progressions, and so forth. Various progressions, when set against various correlational
progressions (they are all correlational) appear as wheels of a cipher wheel, each being turned a requisite amount to set the ciphers
into their proper placement to begin the counting.
In this way, we can turn the assymmetrical letters into position, starting at J, and show that the hidden design is set against the Word,
or Pi.

JKL=3 (paired letters)

N=1 (letter)
PQRS=4 (paired letters)
Z=1 (letter)
BCDEFG=6 (paired letters)
The Assymetrical Letters are paired to form Pi, or 3.1416 = (JKL)(N)(PQRS)(BCDEFG).
Pi is the "Omnific Word".
"If you got it, do you have it?"
One of the cipher patterns of our Philosophy is the "standard
lay of the Alphabet". The ALPHA is a code. H is Pi. Remove
Pi (H) to reveal ALPA. What is our pattern within the Isisian
Codes? The cipher goes from A to P, breaks and shifts at Q,
then reorders from Q to Y sharing the same values as the
letters A through I. Even still, we consider and primary 9
numbers to in general their ordinal value, while we consider
the "7-up" letters of JKLMNOP to have either ordinal or
reordered values from 1 through 7 (hence 7-up).
Under these conditions, the letters ALPA are respective 1, 12,
16, and 1. A, L, P, and A. This is the APPLE, or the "fruit of
knowledge". It is also a mathematical formula.
L-A = 12 - 1 = 11 = K
P-A = 16 - 1 = 15 = O
To solve for the BET of the "Alphabet" requires more study, but let us focus on the "standard lay of the Isisian Codes", or the ABC's.
If you "got it, do you have it"? Yes. I have "got" this, therefore, I "have" this. If I G-T this, I must "halve" this.
Divide the Alphabet in HALF.
The Alphabet divides at the letters M and N, or the numbers 13 and 14.
MN = 1314 = Pi
Still, you have not "got" it yet, so you must HALVE it again in order to "get", or "GT" "it". Divide the Alphabet in half again.
The Letters G and T are now resting at number 7 (this way and that) from the beginning and the ends of their respectived "halves" of
the Alphabet. That you must have something if you got it is but an oral code attesting to the fact that you must HALVE the Alphabet
in order to arrive at the proper center placements, which will then have the phonetics of G and T, is but a another form of overt code
set against homonymns.
Got it? Good!
And still, we are only getting started!
The Tau, the Ankh, and the Anchor

Here is a riddle. If I "teach" you something, do I

not invoke the Letter T? And if you are "taught"
something, is not "taught" simply a past tense
for the Letter TAU? You see how cleverly the philosophy is woven into the language? Whether I used the letter T as in TEE(CH) or
the same said letter described as the letter TAU, as "TAU-GHT", still, it is the Letter T that is the primary root factor.

If this were "division", one might equate this to "reducing everything to the least common denominator", which in this case, is
"merely" a "letter", the Tau, or the letter T.
In John Yarker's "The Arcane Mystery Schools", one can find a near Universal Reference to the Tau symbol, and to St. Francis of
Assissi, we find an absolute reverence to this "god" of the God". From the Franciscan Order website,
"The early biographies of Francis tell us that he used the Tau very often as an expression of his devotion to the Cross of Jesus. We
have copies of some of his letters in which he made the sign of the Tau in his own hand. On the wall of the little chapel of St. Mary
Magdalen at Fonte Colombo the usual design used by the Poverello traced in red is to be found."
What is oft not told is that St. Francis of Assissi was an initiate into the Egyptian Mystery Systems and was, by and large, as his
actions and deeds prove, wholly beholden to spreading the esoteric values contained within the Letter T.
So what is the Letter T?
To simplify, we may equate to the Letter T as a geometrical measurement, meaning that it represents the height of the sun at noon
zenith as measured on a daily basis. Esoterically, the Letter T becomes "exalted" at two primary days: the Winter Solstice and the
Summer Solstice.
This can be further inferred by breaking out the oral tradition code word of SOLSTICE.
SOL'S = Sun's = Summer
T = Measurement at Noon Zenith
ICE = Winter
SOL's T as Summer and Winter T as ICE becomes then a very effective code to reveal the astronomical value latent in the Letter T.
That the "T" is designed to act as a "lift up" of the Sun on the horizon can equally be inferred by the simple yet incredibly difficult
game of golf: to raise the ball up is said to place the ball on a "tee".
As symbolic of the Ankh, we have the Letter T and the "vulva". What this is representative of is the "birth" of the "Sun god" at the
time of the Winter Solstice (ICE T).
As you can imagine, it all gets sorta difficult to explain and express as it all gets tedious when one seeks to directly represent the
concepts into "words".
Now we know that the Winter Solstice is traditionally set on the 21st day of December. This means that the first full day of Winter is
the 22. We know that the T is the key letter, and its placement is at 7 of the second half of the Alphabet.
22 day over the 7 Letter = 22/7 = 3.1428571 = Recipricol 7 Pi.
Yet the Ankh means "eternal life", and so too does "the Tau" when set against Christian mythology (itself copied from Osirian
The Anchor
And what then is "the Anchor"? The anchor is but a symbol of the MOLD SET of the
Letter T in serif form. The upper portion of the Anchor is the Tau, while the bottom
portion is as the Letter spun 180 degrees and set as a mold. The "Anchor" is what would
then be released from the "mold" after being "cured" or solidified in the mold.
Here is where you begin to understand the idea of "baptismos", or an "immersion" in
water. The immersion is really dealing with the birth process and the subsequent
immersion into an aqueous atmosphere. It is through linking back to the Sun (MIND is a
key code word here) that you are able to "rise above the waters" and hence "rise again".
That "Jesus" would later be said to "walk on water" remains but a simile to they of his
initiates (modified Osirian schools set against Jehovian infiltrations) that Jesus was able
to rise above the waters so much so that he was not immersed in same.
The first and the foremost becomes then the Letter T, another code for Pi.
The code set is an acrostic crossword puzzle comprised of ORION, INRI, and ZION.
Study clear.
The T is comprised of the Letters ORION, a code for PI.
The Anchor (inverted T) is comprised of the Letters ORION.

The IRON CROSS is comprised of the Letters ORION.

If you peer outside of the ORION matrix, what remains are the letters ZIRO. What this
tells you is that the ZIRO is ZIRO and the TAU is "the One". All this and more is encoded
into the Illuminatus philosophy over thousands of years, as shown.
But for now, it is sufficient if you come to grasp that one of the cipher wheels reveals that
the T is "the One", or the "start" of the Pagan calendar set against Pi, or the Omnific
If you get that far, the eye-wareness may be a very special "Christmas gift" indeed.
And to all, a good night.