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Ballad Poem-Is a poem with short stanzas, each stanza having their own melody.

Tell Me
What is a few more tears worked into our cheeks?
What is one more lonely conversation added to the weeks?
What is one more fight smashed into the memories?
Tell me what is just one more sorry added to all the apologies?
Can you tell me what the meaning is to another hurt full day?
Neatly passed on but never truly gone away.
Tell me can you fathom the design to witch a heart is set to survive?
Tell me what is another injury to show we are still alive?
Can anyone tell me what is another path unfound, and whats another child's coffi
n added to the ground?
sonnet Poem:is A poem that is normally 14 lines long. A sonnet poems format is v
ery complicating. Follow the following rules, and you will complete a successful
sonnet poem.
-The first line of your poem rhymes with the third line.
-The second line rhymes with the forth line.
-The filth line rhymes with the seventh line.
-The sixth line rhymes with the eighth line.
-The ninth line rhymes with the eleventh line.
-The tenth line rhymes with the twelfth line.
-The last two lines rhyme with each other.
The depths of your eyes resemble the star less sky's frozen as far as the eye ca
n see.
The moist of your lips gives memory of a caressing mist that wonders in the shor
e line breeze.
Your smile warms me like the sun that i yearn for on a cold unforgiving day.
Your hands cross over me like an eclipse when the moon gets a slight taste of th
e sun.
Your love runs through me like a waterfall swift, and forever lasting.
Pleasing as a sunset you are so perfectly painted together.
The love that bonds us I hope to last forever.
Couplet Poems:Is a type of poem in which the first line in each stanza rhymes wi
th the second line in that same stanza.
Love Yourself
I love who i am, and everything in me.
I know i am strong, and can be what i want to be.
I love how i speak, i live to speak to you.
I love how i can dream, and more than often it comes true.
I love the feeling to smile on a warm and sunny day.
I love the things i most suddenly say.
I love to dance.
I am crazy about romance.
You can spend your whole life criticizing who you are.
Fighting your reflection, and watching from a far.
Just remember that only the people who learn to love the person inside...
Will push everything to there limits, and take life on its amazing ride.
simile poem:Is a poem that uses a simile in at least every stanza.
Heart Break
Like a deep and flowing waterfall my tears wont seem to pass.
Lonely as a drop of rain i count the days role past.

Now i long for you like a flower longs for its water, and its sun.
Like the season fall i pick the petals one by one.
Does he love me anymore or not a fight that cannot be one.
I love you like the mountains love the sun.
I love you like the moon loves its midnight run.
I love you in as many ways as a sunset can be loved.
I love you forever like my tears will run.
Metaphor Poem:A metaphor poem is a poem that uses a metaphor in at least every s
Nothing Short Of Perfect
I smile in a sort of whale way, very broad, and fresh i would like to say.
I jump in a sort of snake style You never see my legs leave the ground.
I laugh in a type of hyena way, once you get me started i wont be able to there
is no way.
My hair resembles mudusa's, each strand goes its own way.
I am afraid to brush it or my fingers may do the same.
My room gives off a jungle theme. i wouldn't look under the bed, the creatures a
re too mean.
My life is perfect, as you may know.
All except for the alien look of my third big left toe.
Ode Poem:An ode poem is a poem that is detected to one person. This kind of poem
is a poem of lofty feeling, bad or good.
Ode To You
I love you
It's a dare to count the ways.
I love You
Lets count the ways.
The way you hug me and i feel so safe.
The way you never seize to make me smile.
The way you stop all my tears.
The way you softly kiss away all my fears.
The way you smile when you know your rite.
The way you are so easy to dream of at night.
I love you, untill the day i die
I love you, and that is only one in a million reasons why.
Haiku Poem:Is a poem consisting of three un-rhymed lines. The first line is made
up of 5 syllables, The second line is made of of seven syllables, and the last
line consisting of five syllables. Thus your entire poem should add up to sevent
een syllable.
Sun Set
intercate patterns.
The blue rainbow stretched across.
Elegant night scene.