Invaluable Psychotic Experiences

(A Thanks-Given)

Form, reforming in the conformist’s eyes
Two defunct, three absent & one singular In goal, to instill the rules of the game ~
(The Reprogramming)

That there are no rules written in stones Tabula rasa, is your choice, so program Thy self, at will, be gentle, and love ~
(The Catharsis)

These realities, determined by other mothers Said ‘Change the medium, change yourself’ Rectify the disgraced and change your mind
(The Re-Opening)

Form, reforming in my cobwebbed third eye Two defunct, three now serving century, and One singular glow, point inside-out, love ~
(The Re-orientation)

Tune in, turn on, drop out and let it go already It’s been far too long, tug-of-wars tethered rope Growth will come through answers… So remember to ask the right questions ~ These eyes, windows of the brain, seat Of the soul, captain of control, it’s you Take the wheel, relinquish the shadow.

By David Powers November 26, 2009